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(generated from captions) Program is Captioned Live. This Tonight - devastation Tonight - death and but the tsunami barely monster earthquake. On alert

our shores. A but the tsunami barely reaches

to lift his game. And going our shores. A humble PM pledges

green - the festival without carbon footprint. Good evening. green - the festival without a Craig Allen with ABC News. one of the Craig Allen with ABC News. It's

earthquakes in modern recording a massive magnitude. recording a massive 8.8 almost 100 kilometres off Chile

in the Pacific ocean. communities have been devastated as has the expect Santiago. The death toll is at 300 and climbing. The struck at 3:30 in when most there have been up to 45 shock recorded so there have been up to 45 after

million people have been affected across the country. There shortages, buildings and bridges have collapsed,

Highways have been cut. While the one that the quake is far stronger than

weeks ago the damage and death the one that rocked Haiti six

toll suspect expected to be as extensive mainly because of what an #.8 magnitude monster strict building codes. This is feels like and this is what it leaves behind. the air and leaves behind. Cars tossed in

bridges and roads buckled, buildings were buildings torn apart. My hands the door. I was trying to rescue my son who sleeping. Tremors rescue my son who was uncommon here sleeping. Tremors aren't owner uncommon here and Santiago is the epicentre but shocked owner 300 kilometres away from

witnesses smoke floors undulating for over a witnesses smoke of walls and

minute. TRANSLATION: I don't know got out. I don't know. building just fell completely. I heard people upstairs talking and they were trying out. Chile's President declared and they were trying to get a stator catastrophe. The country's second largest city off a huge bridge power and phone lines are off a huge bridge is gone,

buildings have collapsed. Others are on the brink. TRANSLATION: We want to call for calm and patience and I the want want to assure you that working. With an 1.500-0000 home across Chile buildings and hospitals and damaged, along with historic

with Santiago airport closed, international offers came quickly. The United constantedst ready to assist in came quickly. The United States

the rescue and efforts. I've asked our diplomats in Santiago to convey to the Chilean Government our assistance. The offer of any possible substantial aftershocks and assistance. The quake triggered

tsunami warnings around the Pacific coast and nearby islands, a Pacific rim. Along the Chilean

tsunami that pounded beaches, sweeping several people away. And tosses boats around like toys. Hawaii, holidaymakers and boats around like toys. In locals were woken by ordering them to higher ground. We can't control nature but question prepared for disaster when it strikes. Astonishingly it's earthquake. But the building codes are SUV tougher here while z was one a monster it was much deeper. The is the first in more than years to trigger a Pacific-wide is the first in more than 40

tsunami warning. About 50 countries and territories ang arc stretching from ABC News to Japan braced for waves. The tsunami struck the small Islands in the Pacific and Australia after the initial and Australia about 15 hours

New Zealand recorded over a metre and

over a metre and a time aleft was downgraded by the while it never delivered the disaster many had anticipated, all precautions were taken and most beaches along the coast of most beaches along the east

warnings. From Brisbane Bondi and beyond, told to stay away. The man down there said there's a warning so we need to get off the beach. beach. Some weren't We're getting off the

Others hadn't got message. Heard about Others hadn't got the tsunami message. Heard about the all. That's why the beach. 8:15 going to be all. That's why they're closing

potential lay tsunami here? That's right. Ite beard run The message wasn't to seek higher ground but simply to keep out of the water Got a weird look it

weird look it to today, don't know if you noticed looking out there. The water just looks a bit weird. Got a weird sort it's very deep. The most bit weird. Got a weird sort of,

question do is warn people. It is disappointing that people don't take the advice and just in case something is going to happen The kilometre ace way tsunami reached Australia 15 hours later, Queensland, NSW, hours later, southern

Victoria and Tasmania were put Queensland, NSW, parts of

on alert. It was deemed a marine threat and not expected there's been some degree of to inundat land. We detect that

frition that a giant event that frition that there hasn't been

been able to see a huge wave a giant event that people have

move through on to the coast, but that was never ever our expectation. On the Gold Coast, centimetre. It the sea level surged 20

centimetre in Port Kembla. The warnings were centimetre in Tasmania, 14 at

cancelled late this afternoon. We've had no harm of damage to property or indeed

Obviously we our message has not always been Obviously we are concerned that

heeded. The rest of the Pacific is also been on tu watch. Japan feared is also been on tu tsunami

but so far they watch. Japan feared 3m waves

but so far they haven't arrived. Parts of New arrived. Parts of New Zealand had a reports of damage. The PM conceded the Government deserves to take a whacking deserves to take a whacking in the polls the polls and not just over the bungled home insulation Kevin Rudd says his performance hasn't been up to the mark and he needs to lift his game. Even in those years thought to be Labor's and education. After a disastrous few week disastrous few week s. Home insulation... Promised the prime ministerial mea culpa. We're taking a pounding because we haven't been up to the mark so the mark so far The home insulation have left its mark on Labor's support in NSW at least. A poll in that State shows Tony Abbott's Coalition is level pegging with starting to figure out that action. We are taking a whacking in the sure we'll take an even bigger whacks in the period ahead whacks in the period ahead and the bottom line is I think we deserve it. Both not just terms of recent event bus more broadly. Kevin Rudd has admitted he didn't realise how hard it would be to deliver on his election promises like the Kevin 07 pledge to reform the health and need to lift our need to lift our game, I need to lift my game in terms of delivering on these undertakings. It's undertakings. It's nine months overdue overdue and counting. The PM's indicated the Federal Government may still bigger role in the funding and planning of the hospital system, but it's highly unlikely to take over running the hospital. Actually operation of the hospital system in my experience is best done by local hospitals themselves. What themselves. What I suspect he's going to do is come up bureaucratic fudge. Whatever comes up with it's expected to be be outlined within weeks. We ain't bit. But such was the rush walk away from walk away from his morning interview, Kevin briefing note bes hind.

folder was Federal Government has now convinced a direct terrorist threat to sporting events in India is without substance. Foreign Affairs Minister India next week to discuss security arrangements Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Senior Delhi. Senior DFAT figures meant players in Christchurch following threats following threats made by aterrorist group with links aterrorist group with links to al-Qa'ida. The Cup, the Commonwealth Games and the Indian Premier the Indian Premier League. We have assessment of that and the conclusion players is we don't record that threat as a credible threat It's backed up by the Australian cricketer's cricketer's associations own security experts but it may security experts but it may not be be enough to convince some players to take part in

players to take part in the IPL. Less than two weeks out from the start of the competition, the IPL is competition, the IPL is yet to respond to a list of players. We are know the plans are solid evidence that they'll be implemented as implemented as laid out. Security at Saturday's cricket one-dayer between South Africa and India in Ahmedabad was certainly visible. But security experts say IPL venues such as this

the only targets. Be the only targets. Be more the kind of thing that we saw in Pune recently which is an IE de. In a ruck sack left in de. In a ruck sack left in a cafe, that can... There's sense that aye a reliance on Indian agencies for security may not be enough.. We may not be enough.. We should provide Australian Federal Police personnel with that travel overseas and I think should also personal protection The Foreign Affairs Minister will Affairs Minister will discuss Commonwealth Games security with counterparts in India this week. As well hockey World Cup in Delhi. We're using hockey can cup as in essence a dry run Commonwealth Games security arrangements. He'll discuss recent attacks discuss recent attacks on Indians in Indians in Australia. Something that's made it tough for Australia Australia to claim the high moral ground. We

not lecturing India else. Australia place India at the hockey World Cup on Tuesday in a meeting being billed as a goodwill match. Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has celebrated his 86th birthday calling on the West to lift international international sanctions against his regime. He used the lavish celebration celebration in the stoif Bulawayo to also defend his controversy policy localising control of foreign businesses. And he had a message for the West. Leave us West. Leave us alone and drop this evil sanctions that they have imposed on us. Zimbabwe's PM Morgan Tsvangirai did not attend. Villent video games and emedia have for a rise in anti-socially behaviour. Not some experts say it's compelling Government is considering the classification for video games. Currently excessively violent games are banned in Australia, one psychologist is one psychologist is in no doubt that media violence that media violence is linked to anti-social behaviour? I the erfgs in the laboratory and I see it in every day I see it in every day life and I see effects in the people who we've studied for 50 years or more and so, you know, as parent and as a person concern me. A House of Representatives inquiry Representatives inquiry into the impact of violence on Australians is meeting in yearses since World War II came to to Australian shores. Now one historian is questioning many of the about the bombing of Darwin. The Darwin Security Council

The Darwin Security Council has enlisted his help to set the report straight. The report straight. The movie 'Australia' shot the bombing of the bombing of Darwin but some are angry at what they a blurring of the facts but it's not just Hollywood, estrength commemorative plaques be wrong. 247 be wrong. 247 is pretty well itself. I can't really see a figure of

figure of much in excess of 2 90 being acceptable for the raid Estimates of the number of casualties have ranged from 240 to over 1,000. to over 1,000. Historian John Bradford says he's trying to separate separate fact from fiction by recording the names and exact number of people exact number of people killed. He He says too much of what's been written about the bombing is wrong. And while there's no dispute the

by Japanese air raids, he some people exaggerate what happened including the makers of 'Australia'. To make comparisons people have done of the bombing of Darwin with that occurred at Pearl Harbour is completely veterans believe the truth will never be known. They had never be known. They had a royal commission here royal commission here into the deaths and there was supposed to be 243 which is a lot Council has given John Bradford a grant to help with the important that the credibility of the information is soundly based on fact The council is also planning council is also planning to put together a collection of historical records as a resource for resource for the public and will replace will replace any plaques around the city which prove to be inaccurate. They came, they marched and then they Last night's Mardi Last night's Mardi Gras parade has organisers say 300,000 people lined Australia's famous gay Australia's famous gay pride parade. The usual starters reved up the time for Sydney's big party time for Sydney's big party to roll through town for the 33rd time. The theme for time. The theme for the celebration was the history celebration was the history of homosexuality and contribution to the world. Many floats kept up the political lobby. It's a time to engage with the entire community and get people aware that legislative discrimination still exists against same couples and their fam disglis others took others took aim at religious targets. targets. But there were also points to be made by the believe ers and non-believers alike. Some perm favourites. Dykes on savers. Dykes on Bikes! Others were undecided. It's so for me coming down there from Norway. There was a strong police presence in more ways that one. Wicked morning. While some were having all the fun. Happy Mardi Gras! Other officers made sure there was no horsing around. More barricades and a new parade route and a new parade route are being being credited for less crowd problem than last year.. When you consider that there were about 300,000 people there, the strategies that we put in place with the police worked. Lucky there's a whole year to clean up this mess before they all come before they all come out again. Thousands again. Thousands of aircraft enthusiasts travelled to Point Cook in Victoria today to watch the show featured from yesteryear including those world wars. The rumble of machines built for war. Today the RAAF put on a free air show of vintage fighters including famous planes from the second world war lake the Spitfire and the Mustang.. We're very with the with the turnout. We've actually believe we've got about 25,000 people on the base at the treated to a range of modern and classic aircraft but it was the old war birds that were the old war birds that were the clear favourites. I like the sound of the Merlin engine, nothing better to me. Fantastic engine. For who had served in past wars, the show brought back message ownerories. I like seeing the old ones tiger moths, and the DC 3, that brought me home at the end of

attended for entirely different reasons. When they rear up and they lose they lose flight speed and they just fall down to earth and then they regain control and zip across zip across the thing. One of flight of the sabre jet, it flight of the sabre jet, it was the first time this been seen in Melbourne for almost two decades. It was our first jet fighter that was designed for air su peer

and the aircraft itself and the aircraft itself was synonymous synonymous with victory in the key kran war. I actually like the loop the loops and I like the really low where they touch the trees He's certainly the only Canada will finish the Winter Olympics medal tally after another successful successful day in Vancouver. It's a remarkable effort considering Canada didn't win a single gold when it hosted the summer games in 197 v and summer games in 197 v and the winter Olympics in 1988. Canada has lived up to its pregames policy to own the one day to go tally is 13, and can't bettered with only two medal events

events to come. Noe now the add a gold medal. In the metropolitan's Jasey Jay Anderson overcame a significant significant point 76 of a second deficit run. He's bursts on He's going to Anderson the Canadian has won an amazing gold medal. Not finishing last was almost as good as a medal for Ghana's first Winter known as the snow He's been selling the spots on his suit to try and get here The 34-year-old finished 4 # seconds behind the gold medallist, Razzoli and his efforts impress everyone. This biggest stage in the world and Eddie the eagle, Eric and the snow leopard to com-Peting. In the women's 30 kilometre cross country, Poland's Justyna Poland's Justyna Kowalczyk was desperately tried the challenge of Norway's Marit Bjorgen who fourth gold of the games. It's a battle for the line and again. Justyna Kowalczyk cow is the first polish women the first polish women to take a Winter literally a scram nl for Germany to get Americans in the semifinals of the women's the women's team pursuit. An amazing finish. And Germany win. The Germans went win. The Germans went on to beat beat Japan in the gold medal race. in the men's final, the two nations were will fighting for gold again tomorrow in the anticipated final of the men's ice hockey. A stunning century from New Zealand opener Brendon McCullum has given Australia a tough run chase in the second twunt international in Christchurch. McCullum produced the second highest score in 20 history as the Blackcaps posted 4 for 21 #. As their chasing their Fir win over Australia in this form of this form of the game. Intimidated in game. Intimidated in their first clash first clash the Black Caps were on the back foot this time as well with Shaun Tait but Brendon McCullum balanced the ledger. McCullum goes extra cover, that will be six . 28 deliveries McCullum had dominated a 50 run partnership with Martin Guptil before a couple of slowed down the run rate.. Should be Should be out. Will be out. Yeah. It picked up again as McCullum tormented the bowling with his array of tricks, in comparison the shot that took him to his century was rather orthodox. Yes, what a hundred. And all it took was 50 deliveries. There was more to come of course. McCullum finishing unbeaten on 116. This could be six. It is six! The Australians lost chief batting blarser David Warner in blarser David Warner in just the second over the second over with Tim Southee Southee camping under the high ball but didn't go to New Zealand with other options. That's six. a big one to boot.

monster. With a constant diet of boundaries required of boundaries required losing wicket was inevitable although Cameron White didn't think Cameron White didn't think the task of winning was impossible. The New Zealand dominance of Australia's women was Australia's women was under threat in their 2020 series agencies the White Ferns were reduced for 5 after electing to bat. That's close too. That's very close out. But Amy Satterthwaite led the recovery with 4 # off with 4 # off 47 deliveries as New Zealand posted 9 for New Zealand posted 9 for 115. Shelley Nitschke Shelley Nitschke led the Australian Australian reply top scoring with 45. That's a seatbelt blow. New Zealand struck all the telling blouse after that though as Australia lost a dismal lost a dismal five for 11. What all out off the final ball of a catch. The Australians were

the match, beaten by 17 runs. And remarkably in the men's New Zealand's score of the two teams are currently engaged in a bowloff to engaged in a bowloff to decide the disappointing results disappointing results for Australian teams in the Super 14 last night. In 14 last night. In Brisbane, the Reds nostalgic return to Ballymore was gate crashed by the Blues while the Western force remans winless. In South Africa the highlands beat Africa the highlands beat the cheetahs and the Bulls withstood a courageos challenge from the Waratahs in a ten try thriller. With two tries in ten minutance upset around to be in the makes when the Tahs locked horns fact it was fact it was flanker Ben Mowen but amid-the confusion the Waratahs had raced away to a 1 #-nil lead. The Bulls responded with the next two tries and it was anybody's game at half-time. Francois Hougaard. As the Hougaard. As the pendulum swung a second half try to Lachy Turner put NSW back in should have been enough to put the Tahs away but With ten minute

With ten minute res maining they scored they scored from Septemberm out. Away to Mitchell, Mitchell steps inside, is there steps inside, is there anything there, can the Waratahs armoury. The answer was no. armoury. The answer was no. The Bulls scored again off a delightful chip kick. Queensland's Queensland's return to Ballymore started Wallaby halfback Will Genia opened the scoring but the home side lost the plot. side lost the plot. The Blues scored the next leaving the crowd leaving the crowd and seemingly the the commontators speechless. The chances but a late try chances but a late try to the Blues sealed the match Blues sealed the match and to compound night for the home side, winger Rod Davies has a infrastructure turd cheek bone. It's his turd cheek bone. It's his on man Fullback Peter Hynes a broken finger. broken finger. And hearts were broken in Perth again last night as the Force stumbled to a third loss in a role. a third loss in a role. The chiefs were brilliant scoring four tries to get there. The get there. The Force ha have a bye next could do them the world of good. A 1-point victory has put the AFL's preseason competition. The competition. The Saints two supergoals got them supergoals got them over the line against Sydney at the dock laensd

quarter, the Swans had a chance to score their own nine pointer, Mark Seaby was given 50m penalty by by 50m penalty by by running over the mark his kick was only award six points. What have you done? S and cost them three points. It also victory. Steven Milne kicked four goals including three in the last quarter. Port Adelaide quarter. Port Adelaide will meet the Western Bulldogs meet the Western Bulldogs next weekend weekend after thrashing West Coast by 7 # night's other match at Subiaco. Cameron Hitchcock kicked goals . Manchester City has thrown League wide open by handing leader Chelsea a 4-2 defeat. The club's first home loss The club's first home loss in 38 games leaves it one point ahead of Manchester United and three clear of third placed

Arsenal. The game also gave City's with Wayne Bridge an opportunity to deliver a perm snub and exact some revenge on John Terry. Terry John Terry. Terry was stripped of the England captaincy after his alleged affair with his former team-mate's girlfriend. Frank Lampard put the league leaders ahead in minute but by half-time Carlos Tevez had leveled the scores. Oh he squeezed scores. Oh he squeezed it in. Chelsea finished the match with nine players. The visitors score the first three goals the second half. Chelsea's defeat at Stamford Bridge was in November 2008. Eco-poetry, bicycle jousting and solar powered pizza were festival outside Canberra. That's quietly winning blaze and approach. The Corinbank festival is now in its third year and its popularity is growing. When a group Canberrians decided to organise Corinbank forest, a festival in the leafy

to introduce patrons to new ideas, new people, new music and new activities. That's beautiful. One of the novelties on offer on offer this year was the rather spectacular art rather spectacular art of bicycle

bicycle joursing. There's a green suspect of composting toilets to careful rubbish collection. Most of the food served food served at the festival is grown in the Canberra region which benefits and taste buds. Pnchts in kitchen today we've got Kofta meatballs and zucchini slice and then we've got capsicums. And for anyone craving something a craving something a little greaser even the pizza is to perfection in a solar powered pizza oven.. You've got the after taste of the after taste of the smugness. The attracted record crowds this year with 2,000 year with 2,000 campers and day visitors taking in the action.. We hit capacity last night, ran out of kafr parks The biggest challenge for the green festival on the of Canberra is how of Canberra is how to minimise the huge carbon impact from all the traffic that travels there. So next year, they want in the masses. It's 90% of our carbon footprint is want to want to try and cut that out. That determination to make a difference has festival goers. For festival goers. For sure, the whole whole festival is pretty much waste and carbon neutral. People are trying to live what they're preaching. It seems like a message the ad ready to hear. Turning to the weather now and it's been a sticky showers and on and early in the di and pretty warm weather too, more like Brisbane weather.

There's cloud on the satellite image from a trough and cold front over monsoonal trough to the north. There's a There's a trough over central NSW providing showers isolated storms as it passes over the region. There'll be more early more early showers tomorrow before before a high pressure ridge brings a return to mostly weather for most of the upcoming week. upcoming week. Around the capital city centres tomorrow -

A preef look back at story tonight - the death toll from Chile's powerful earthquake is 300 earthquake is 300 and climbing. Buildings and with more than 2 million people affected across the country. And that's the news for And that's the news for now. We'll We'll leave you at the royal Canberra show which has wrapped up for another year. your company. Captions by CSI.