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as twin blasts rock Live. Tonight, scores killed

metro. Shanghai judgment, delivers its verdict metro. Shanghai judgment, China

Hu. The Federal public service delivers its verdict on Stern

set for a major overhaul. could mean better services for Handled properly it actually Handled properly it

the Australian community and better jobs for members. And why our for New Zealand wine the for New Zealand wine could be evening, welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia

have been picked up on way to Australia. The latest have been picked up on their

pair set a new for boat arrivals and unless pair set a new monthly record

some people Christmas Island, the detention some people are transferred off

centre Leaping back to work after his centre will soon be full.

ironman triathlon, Tony Abbott attacked the Prime Minister allowing 100 since coming to office. allowing 100 boat arrivals

for office the only way he Simkin. Tony Abbott's running

knows how. After nearly 14 hours of running, hoe hours of swimming, biking and

Exhausted but exhilarated. running, hoe finally finished.

Margaret Thatcher was the lady of British politics, Margaret Thatcher was the iron

shouldn't Australian lady of British politics, why have an iron man? Even if the shouldn't Australian politics

iron man iron man was feeling a little rusty he raced back to work. This really is a Government which has completely lost control of Australia's This a Government comprised of border protection navy intercepted two more boats overnight, the 100th to arrive since Kevin overnight, the second is the

shame according to the Rudd took office. A century of Rudd took office. A century

Opposition. This a 100-fold indictment of the Rudd

this month, Kevin Rudd accused Government's policies. Earlier

the Howard Government winning the gold medal for unauthorised arrivals. In November 1999 there were 14 boat arrivals, the highest month on record. These number of boats in any one number of boats in any

arrivals break that record. month on record. These latest

There are still 80 spare beds on Christmas recent on Christmas Island but the asylum seekers are on the way. The Government

room by shipping more detainees to mainland Australia. It's already sent some to although the deputy prime There's no suggestion minister didn't know it.

transferring asylum seekers facility to that detention from the Christmas Island

but blamed the operator for a separate but blamed the centre's

Three Chinese Three Chinese detainees escaped from the facility managed by morning. This facility is

good money to manage it and managed by Circo. They are paid

is their responsibility to good money to manage it and it

making sure people who are in manage it properly including

detention stay Seven detention stay in detention. recently and order an urgent public investigation. The Federal public service could be set for a massive shakeup review recommended a massive shakeup after a changes to its review recommended sweeping

direction. The report by the changes to its future

head of Prime Cabinet, Terry Moran, has taken head of Prime Minister and

six months to including a review of come up with 28 recommendations

Federal Government's efficiency divdpnd the number of senior reports. executives. Julie Doyle reports. The review into the Commonwealth public sets out a detail udgend the future. Handled properly sets out a detail udgend a for

it actually could mean better services for the Australian community and better jobs for our members and exciting to our members and that's really

right to the heart recommendation are broad and go exciting to see. The

public service including a revision of public service values to make them more meaningful, a cap on executive staff meaningful, a cap on senior

numbers executive staff levels while

review of the Federal Government's efficiency dividend. The report also calls for a regular survey. We don't know enough for a regular community

about what the public thinks and one of the proposals is that we do, probably every three years, a major national survey on citizens' experiences with Government. Other recommendations call for a new Australian Australian public service streamlined leadership group and different agencies. current system is wasteful, it's duplication and there's a false competition Moving towards common pay issues would attract that. There's There's a whole market within the APS which is based differences the APS which is based around union says the review also addresses the public service particularly addresses the politicisation of

under the former Howard got nervous about telling Government. The public service

Government thought were the best Government what it actually

It's great to see Government thought were the best outcomes.

recognising the importance of that funk. But says the big says the big issue workload. That load is so says the big issue is

heavy that in some cases led to people being burnt out. We hear of people working long hours and being asked We hear of people working very

do an enormous Government will respond to the do an enormous amount. The

recommendations later in the

year. Terrorists have heart of the Russian capital. Terrorists have struck the

More More than 30 people have been killed in two blasts

Moscow metro system. Russian authority authority are blaming suicide bombers. The bombs went off at two different stations while they were Hermant reports. The exploded during the morning peak hour commout when the metry was at its busiest. first blast rocked Lubyanka metro

metro station located under the former services of former services of the KGB. A bomb exploded in the bomb exploded in the second carriage of a train stopped at the station, killing people platform. About 40 minutes later another blast struck Park Kulturi station That bomb is also believed to have exploded in carriage of the train. As soon as I got downstairs members started urgently evacuating people so that meant probably that probably that they knew about the first blast at station and so all I as soon as I got upstairs I heard the blast. So far heard the blast. So far no group group has claimed responsibility attacks but say they

say they suspect both blasts suicide bombers. carries millions of people a day and has several times. In 2004 another bombing in the metro more than 40 people. more than 40 people. The Australian businessman Stern Hu has been sentenced to 10 years jail. A court in Shanghai found him him guilty of accepting bribes and and stealing commercial secrets in his role as the in his role as the head of Rio Tinto's iron ore operations China. His three Chinese colleagues were colleagues were also found guilty of both charges. They received sentences ranging from 7 to 14 years. A short time ago Foreign Minister Stephen Foreign Minister Stephen Smith offered the government's offered the government's first response to any measure this is a very tough sentence. It's

tough sentence. It's a tough sentence by Australian standards. I'm advised far as practice is concerned it's within the ambit or within the range but by any measure I think this is a tough sentence but on its face I'm advised that there were - there was evidence of acts

The Australian Government does not condone acts not condone acts of bribery, indeed we condemn them wherever they occur. Barack Obama delivered a rousing speech to American troops on his American troops on his first visit to Afghanistan as President. The trip President. The trip comes as the United States escalates the fight against the Taliban. In a message to his Afghan message to his Afghan corn part, part, President Obama warned military gains should be matched by progress in stamping out corruption and drug trafficking. More from ABC correspondent Craig McMurtrie. When he left the White House everyone expected it was presidential retreat in Maryland but instead Maryland but instead he boarded air force 1 for air force 1 for a secret trip to Afghanistan, his first as commander in chief. He was commander in chief. He was welcomed by the US ambassador and US and inate er general Stanley McChrystal and given a rousing reception by US Coalition troops. There's no visit I consider visit I consider more important than this visit I'm making right now. Earlier he'd flown by helicopter to Kabul and nighttime meeting in the presidential palace presidential palace with Hamid Karzai. It and was described by American officials as productive and business-like. We also business-like. We also want to continue to make progress continue to make progress on the process production, good governance, rule of law... The US President pressed his counterpart to do more more to tackle corruption more to tackle corruption and narco traffickers. He President Karzai to Washington in May. Last year Barack Obama order an additional 30,000 troops into the country and as they and Afghan forces Taliban stronghold in the south, he wants authorities to do their authorities to do their part. Our intent is to make sure the provide for their own security. Coming on the back of a torrid week in Washington after his health care changes capped off by a reduction deal with Russia, the Palm Sunday visit was Palm Sunday visit was a surprise. He was only on ground for a few hours. NSW police have set up a task force to investigate indecent assault allegations against the 'Hey Dad' star Stern Hu. Sarah Monahan played Hu's Monahan played Hu's young daughter on the Channel show which aired from 1987 to 1994. She's told media he touched her inappropriately. Police say they information to set up Strike Force Ruskin to Force Ruskin to investigate the claims claims against Robert Hughes. They say they'll alleged victims and winces but warn it will be a protracted investigation. Robert Hughes, who's living in Singapore, has

calendar has been calendar has been overshadowed by outwardly calm Pope Benedict led the Palm Sunday but he and the Vatican are Vatican are under pressure over claims the former Cardinal Ratzinger was involved in covering up crimes by paedophile cusers are demanding the Pope's resignation but the Vatican is hitting back. Cardinal Ratzinger pushed substantial changes, who had committed abuse, he limitations in church law. In his Palm Sunday sermon, Pope Benedict made no direct reference to did speak of the courage of not allowing one's self to be intimidated by the petty

intimidated by the petty gossip of dominant opinion. Young of dominant opinion. Young or old, millions of old, millions of people are being encouraged to being encouraged to get a free flu vaccine. The jab will protect against other strains of the influenza virus. James Wilkinson doesn't look like someone at risk complications from the flu complications from the flu but because he For the first time, people with serious health problems and serious health problems and pregnant women can get the pregnant women can get the flu vaccine for free. People the age of the disease, lung disease including including severe asthma, can kidney disease, diabetes or people whose immune system is suppressed for any reason, Indigenous population always over the age of 15 influenza can do is destabilise their condition and it can destabilise it very

severely. Doctors told pregnant mother Melinda Hickin mother Melinda Hickin she should also get the jab. With my asthma, my 3-year-old my asthma, my 3-year-old son who attends childcare three days a week can and my pregnancy now, that I pregnancy now, that I should definitely be vaccinated. While many people While many people over 65 get their flu shot, many people with chronic health problems have avoided it. year the year the vaccine will against swine flu as well as common strains of influenza but people who've already had the swine flu vaccine still need to get the seasonal get the seasonal flu shot. There is There is a influenza train out there that belongs to there that belongs to the family which has its greatest impact in older people. impact in older people. The swine flu last year had its greatest impact in younger people so we may well have a season where we've got season where we've got two viruses viruses affecting largely different groups in the and complications from virus.And still to come on ABC News, Queanbeyan's Formula News, Queanbeyan's Formula One ace Mark Webber accused of undermining Australian safety messages. The Reserve Bank Governor is warning home buyers not to borrow too much as interest rates as interest rates are about to climb again. Glenn commenting after a record-breaking weekend of house sales in a market that shows no sign of cooling. Michael Rowland Michael Rowland reports. Glenn Stevens usually limits his committees and business gathering s. He's now flicked the switch to vaudeville. I sit here at the uncomfortable spot where the tables join. spot where the tables join. The RBA governor has given his first TV interview to drive home the home the message interest rates are on the way up and also express his concern about escalating house prices. A record number of homes sold at weekend sold at weekend auctions with frenzied prices through the roof. Despite the Reserve Bank's efforts to slow down demand, Australians seem love the feel love the feel and ownership love the feel and ownership of property as an investment and as a place about to about to climb again, Glenn Stevens is warning Stevens is warning people about the dangers ohefty mortgages. I think it is a mistake to assume that guaranteed way to prosperity just to be leveraged up into property. The mad scramble for property comes amid heightened warnings of an shortage in the years ahead. In a report about to be released the forecasting body will point forecasting body will point to an ever widening an ever widening gap between supply andom. The numbers be a surprise. & they will be a matter of some concern matter of some concern and there will be quite lot of debate about it. The Government's moving to ease the squeeze, million to speed up housing million to speed up housing developments around developments around the country. This investment will deliver lots and and 14 otherwise have been the case snOmp a lot more policy spate work will be needed to work will be needed to avert a looming crisis. To and markets were and markets were flat today after last on a rescue package for Greece. Here's Alan Kohler. There Here's Alan Kohler. There were allot allot of details allot of details about the Greek bail-out on Greek bail-out on Friday except Germany, France International Monetary Fund would provide backup loans if Greece can't raise the money it needs from the Athens share market jumped more than 4% on the news, suggesting invests about Greece's prospects and Wall Street also rose fairly strongly in the morning but then was sunk near North Korea back to be square on the day before it was realised before it was realised there was nothing in it and there were no North Korean warships nearby. The other thing to be boosted by the Greek bail-out deal on Friday was deal on Friday was the Euro which bounced sharply on the news, although as you can see, it has a long way to climb back from its pre-Greek crisis from its pre-Greek crisis levels. Since December 1 dollar has gone up 12% dollar has gone up 12% against the Euro while remaining the Euro while remaining dead flat against the yen and Australian Dollar which is what roughly happened today. The Australian Dollar-US dollar exchange rate has been trading around 90 US cents for around 90 US cents for six months now having gone up the low of 60 US cents it hit in September 2008. reflects the fact global

reflects the fact global the investors who made the punt on recovery last year are for it to move into the next phase. Today the dollar was down but stayed above 90 down but stayed above 90 US cents. cents. The local share market was up just 2 was up just 2 points, highlights were hard to find. BHP and NAB BHP and NAB up slightly, CBA and Woollies down. Telstra was steady after the announcement of senior management changes now to now to China and the jail sentence sentence handed down to the Australian Rio Tinto executive Stern Hu in Shanghai. Mr Hu and three Chinese three Chinese colleagues were convicted of accepting bribes and stealing commercial secrets. China Stephen McDonnell was in court as sthrurkt was handed down. as sthrurkt was handed down. It was widely predicted the four Rio Tinto Rio Tinto executives would not get much jail time because they made certain court but Australian Stern Hu has received sentence. His colleagues will also join him in getting 7 years, 8 years and years in jail. We heard years in jail. We heard the judge blame for the collapse of the iron ore price negotiations.

The judge said the Rio team had seriously damaged the Chinese steel companies. Shanghai, Tom Connor, Shanghai, Tom Connor, spoke about the verdict tonight. In the case of all four of the persons sentenced sentences will start from 5 July 2009 which I understand was the date on which they was the date on which they were initially initially detained. The four defendants left the court in separate vans in presumably on their way to jail. They have 10 days in which to lodge their appeal starting from tomorrow. Qantas flights could be disrupted over Easter with senior meeting this week to meeting this week to consider walking off the job over walking off the job over safety issues. The engineers issues. The engineers already have overtime and on-call have overtime and on-call work bans in place bans in place as part of bans in place as part of an enterprise bargaining battle with Qantas. They're worried picking up the slack, picking up the slack, putting passenger safety at risk. A 737 aircraft was cleared to fly with a crack in a window on the flight deck and it flew flight deck and it flew a number of number of segments, moaning that several hundred that several hundred passengers were were effectively exposed to an increased risk of cabin decompression. Qantas decompression. Qantas reject the claims outright and calls on the union to stop making claims. All they're doing is scaring the public and criticising the work criticising the work of their own members. The civil aviation safety authority is Police have accused the Queanbeyan Formula One star Mark Webber of undermining road safety messages. Webber called Australia a nanny Australia a nanny state because of its speeding and parking laws. He spoke out after British driver Lewis was booked for doing burn-outs in Victoria on Friday in Victoria on Friday night. Senior officers say both drivers have set a poor example and should know better. This Grand Prix weekend might be Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton hope to forget. hope to forget. The Formula One drivers made poor drivers made poor decisions on and off the track. After Hamilton burn-outs on Friday burn-outs on Friday night, Webber had this to say. He went on to say he felt like he needed to instruction manual before getting out of bed. Yiets certainly changed since I certainly changed since I left here. It pisses me off to come back here to be

made in a private conversation. Police say Police say the comments couldn't have come at a couldn't have come at a worse time as the state time as the state recorded seven road deaths over the weekend. These people really do have a role to play to support the road safety message. I know message. I know that there's lots of young people out that look up to these two people. It's the same group being targeted by a string of new online safety ads. Don't be a dickhead, don't use your phone. don't use your phone. The Roads Minister endorses wouldn't repeat the term. Did you call Lewis Hamilton a dickhead? More importantly folking on the key folking on the key message and that is the behaviour that is the behaviour is unacceptable. The State unacceptable. The State Opposition says the derogatory language used in the $100,000 campaign is Australian has taken a Australian has taken a firm grip on the second Test against remaining. A patient entry from Simon Katich and solid contributions from most of top order has Australia top order has Australia at 4/333 lead of 300. Michael Clarke and Marcus North have put on 86 the 5th wicket. 10th Test 100, Simon Katich 10th Test 100, Simon Katich was the heart of Australia's slow burn approach to New Zealand hopes. The portents for Black Caps weren't good, losing out to the video umpire on out to the video umpire on the first ball of the day. The beneficiary, Shane Watson, opened opened the shoulders only to misjudge one on 65. Chances a local revival rose when cheaply. What a catch. But doused by the Western Australian pair Australian pair who'd played juniors Michael Hussey celebrated their respective 50th Test with 50s. Katich was in his aggression and went on to

to make a determined century. Katich pumps the air fist. Before both lost their wickets in identical fashion. I think that's gone I think that's gone as well. The outside edge. With time their side, Marcus North... That's one of the shots of the day... Michael Clarke methodically built on their team-mates work. They nudged Australia's lead to precisely Australia's lead to precisely 300 by the end of day think that will go all the way. It does. On top two years out from the London Olympics. Olympics. Australia's track cycling team has made an impressive impressive statement by finishing well clear on the medal table at the world championships. The championships. The success here, we're going to make sure that coming months because it's all about the real challenges and the nitty-gritty the nitty-gritty that it takes to win Olympic Games gold. Two Victorians took silver on the final night. Shane Perkins was final and madison gold medallist Leigh Howard came second in the omnium. Australia won 6 gold, two silver bronze, Great Britain was second. At 34, the former

has his heart firmly set on coaching. The A-League's newest club, the Melbourne Heart, embraced his ambition embraced his ambition but only after he committed to a full season upfront. It's a great step for me to get into to do and I'm lucky that the club sees that. Adelaide-born, much-travelled Aloisi, who famously penalty against your your in 2005 for a World Cup place, the Heart's 8th signing. Aloisi's been Aloisi's been promised a Youth Team coaching role at the of next season. Wine buffs are calling it a Sauvignon blanc now accounts for one in three bottles of white wine sold in Australia with 70% produced in New Zealand and that's meant a big boost to boost to the New Zealand wine industry. Liv Casben industry. Liv Casben reports. It's as picturesque as it productive. This New Zealand vineyard is reaping the rewards of sauvignon blanc. Sauvignon enjoying the style we make and so are other people decided to continue on with it. We're picking in 20 million bottles of sauvignon Zealand last year. In Australia, 70% of the drop consumed is from New The sales are rocketing ahead in Australia and I taken the wine-makers on sides of the Tasman by surprise. It's all muse took the ears of the New Zealand wine industry, with export sales hitting the mark last year. There's been a long-term trend over the last five, five, six, seven years for greater sales of our wine greater sales of our wine in Australia production that's taken a real jump up in the last jump up in the last couple of years. These soon to years. These soon to be harvested grapes will in the next few weeks with much of the Australian market. Australian market. But some wine experts say New wine experts say New Zealand's success is also its downfall with a glut of cheap New Zealand wine threatening the industry's industry's reputation for quality. In fact they quality. In fact they are really not delivering really not delivering in that the wines that I have tasted really are not of the standard you would expect of a well-made New New Zealand sauvignon blanc. It doesn't appear to have had a negative effect so far. New Zealand wine sales in Australia were up by 42% in the last financial year. Now with a look at today's weather, here's Mark Carmody. Carmody. Thanks, Virginia good evening. How's your good evening. How's your day been? Mine was been? Mine was pretty ordinary but the for the garden allowed me to get a much. Since it started, much. Since it started, our gauge here at Dixon had 6mm it. Hull has had 7 and down in Tuggeranong only 8 has The figures on the screen from 9 this morning.

There's extensive cloud over the Top End the Top End associated with Cyclone Paul while belonging to a frontal system is crossing the southeast. That system is a trough and cold front and brought today's and possibly more tomorrow. After After that moved through by Wednesday, a will give us, by this stage, a fine Easter. Parts of the Snowies Snowies are getting 15mm or more and Bathurst got 25mm


Virginia, Virginia, my ordinary day picked up considerably when I found this red flowering UK growing just around the growing just around the corner from our studios - euch. Thanks very much, Mark. News. Stay with us now for the '7.30 Report' coming up next. Enjoy your evening. Closed Captions by CSI

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