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(generated from captions) Controversy as Greenland is given the go-ahead to hunt whales. Lleyton Hewitt into the fourth round at Wimbledon. Coming on! Good evening, Craig Good evening, Craig Allen with ABC News. It may be the fresh start Labor was for. Government MPs awoke to news of a significant jump in party support today, an early positive sign positive sign for Australia's first female Prime Minister. Julia Gillard the opinion poll, but the opposition declared opposition declared it to be predictable. Tony predictable. Tony Abbott told his party that judgment is more important urging voters not to give a government a second chance. Political reporter Political reporter Hayden Cooper. Military leader meets coup leader. The PM spent the day in the bunker. I've day in the bunker. I've kept you from bike riding this morning. Swotting up with the defence chief on the war effort in Afghanistan. Down to business. Some long hours in the office to come. Across town, her enemies gagted town, her enemies gagted for their own war cabinet Our Opposition Leader's family, even his parent, were on hand to hear a timant call to arms. You have secured the scalp of a PM. APPLAUSE You now have another task, and that is to do it all again. The second around looks a taller task. instantly handed Labor a instantly handed Labor a big poll bounce, up 14 point on primary votes to primary votes to surge back to the government is now 10 ahead of the Coalition. Even so, ministers are faking indifference Look, the honest position is that the government is not focused on the polls. Much of Julia Gillard's new-found support comes new-found support comes from her home state of Victoria and from the Greens. She leads Tony Abbott by more than 20 point as preferred PM. That was to be expected. But Liberals expected. But Liberals say it's just a it's just a predictable after-glow The end of Kevin Rudd could prove to be the worst possible result for opposition. It had and a ready campaign. Now it's trying to adapt in the little time left before the election. The PM's presence in the Rudd conclave is the new target. She can execute a cannot execute a government program. But some old faces are withholding judgment. are withholding judgment. You never know what people will never know what people will be like. It amazed me that people thought Kevin Rudd was a while, I thought he would a while, I thought he would be hopeless. As it turned out, he was. Saviouring the taste revenge. The leaders of world's richest economies are gathering in Canada to gathering in Canada to discuss ways of ways of preventing another global financial meltdown. The key sticking point is whether to keep economies to promote growth economies to promote growth or tackle ballooning public deficits. Wayne Swan is there performing one of his first duties at Deputy PM. Kim Landers reports. The G8 and G20 summits drawn more than world drawn more than world leaders. Thousands Thousands of protesters have come face to face with riot police in Toronto. But the heads of state from the G8 nations were tucked away at an exclusive lakeside resort, getting a much warmer welcome from Canada's PM. There is friction here too. The leader differ over companies from slipping back into recession. The US into recession. The US wants more stimulus more stimulus spending to boost economic restraint. Before he left Washington, Barack Obama was urging others to urging others to follow America's lead and adopt sweepinging sweepinging financial regulatory poised to pass the toughest financial reforms since the we created in the aftermath of the Great Depression. It is a topic he will promote tomorrow at the G20 meeting. While at the G20 meeting. While most attention will be focused on the economic issues, the British PM has delivered a message on Afghanistan, which could make Washington We cannot be there for We cannot be there for another five years, having been there for nine years already. Security is tight for the world leader, but Australia only country without its at the G20, a group Kevin Rudd fought so hard to make Australia a part of. Instead, Julia Gillard has sent Treasurer Wayne for the first PM. Kim Landers, ABC News, Toronto. The first meeting has wrapped up amid more controversy. Greenland controversy. Greenland has won the right whales. The decision has caused deep divisions, with deep divisions, with some nations arguing it's a nations arguing it's a basic cultural right. Others, including Australia, say Danish territory doesn't need the meat to feed its population. Sarah population. Sarah Clarke has the story Morocco. Outside kept the message alive. But inside the mood was again divided. Denmark, on behalf of Greenland, requested to add hbs to its quota for to its quota for its indigenous people It people It is part of the food supply and supply and contains a cultural element. element. The European Union, the US agreed, Latin America countries, Australia and Monaco took offence. They are not starving, they enjoy one of the highest average household incomes in the world. That triggered an angry exchange. This is a right This is a right that these countries adjourned, with the chair appealing for peace. I'm asking, if those countries asking, if those countries who are not in favour of are not in favour of the proposal on the floor, if they will not block an effort to adopt this by consensus. endorsed the request, granting Greenland nine hubs for its cull. Denmark and cull. Denmark and Greenland understood our understood our concerns and have said they will undertake to address the concerns in the future. Greenland's indigenous whaling has questioned, with this video showing whale meat being sold at top price in supermarkets and hotels. There is absolutely no increase the whaling quota for Greenland. Despite a push by the first for consensus, fragile For the fragile For the first time, the solid anti-whaling camp has collapsed. Meanwhile, of the see shepherd anti-whaling group Paul Watson has been put on an international wanted list at the request of the request of Japan. Interpol has issued a blue notice on the cap caps cap caps for allegedly conspiring to hard Yass whaling ships earlier this ships earlier this year. Police will be asked for information on his whereabouts and activities, but not activities, but not his request. Paul Watson says he is not concerned. They have wasted our time, they could have just gone on our website. We are getting to them, cut the kill quotas in will be will be back there in December in the Southern Ocean hard Yassing them again. The Yassing them again. The Greens leader has challenged Julia Gillard to act. Why Interpol isn't hunting down the captain of the whaling fleet, instead of Paul Watson, I don't know, except that Canberra hasn't asked for it. Another 'Sea Shepherd' member Peter Bethune is on trial in Tokyo for trespassing on a whaling ship. A Sydney charity plans to have Australian designed goods made in China, amid concerns Foundation says every Chinese manufacturer it recent trip used child labour or had sweat shop conditions. Experts say the problem is widespread and is not to China. products we buy come from places like this, Foxconn's Shenzhen factory complex is Shenzhen factory complex is a city within a city, live and work on site, spending long hours churning long hours churning out parts for Apple and Dell for Apple and Dell products that end up that end up in Australia. In the past month, a the past month, a dozen employees have jumped to deaths. Some workers are in desperate conditions and suicide may be the only way ute for them. It's for them. It's a dire situation that has had impact on the Sydney charity Street University. young people design young people design training and jobs. More than just how it is may, but how it promoted and marked and how the ideas are brought to life. When they went to When they went to China to look for a manufacturer, all six they visited employed child labour and conditions It was completely distressing, we saw distressing, we saw young people working next to their parents, one girl parents, one girl aged 12 working in her pink They have opted to have made in an Australian factory at 8 times the price. This month there have been protests and strikes at Honda and factories. As conditions improve for Chinese workers the exploitation heads to other parts of Asia. From there to Africa. The choice of low locations continues to locations continues to shift. On Professor On Professor Green's recommendation, Government is considering creating a quality mark, indicating products made and sourced entirely from supply chains. There has been a strong information session about the proposed redevelopment of car parks near the Hawker shops. The Land Development put forward two designs, two 4 storey buildings would be built on the site, with a mix of residential and commercial properties. There were feelings about the proposal among residents today. among residents today. It's not about option 1 or 2 or the car park, it's about car park, it's about the community community knowing before having option, whether they go ahead. We have no outdoor seating areas at the seating areas at the moment. Some residents and shop Some residents and shop owners are concern the development would limit the number of car spaces If we don't have car parks, businesses will us. A us. A lot of the community thinks it's cast in not, we are here to have the discussion and debate. The public can comment on the proposal until next month, but the government says there be more consultation in the future. The bodies of three Australian commandos killed in Afghanistan are back on home a helicopter crash in

soil. Relatives and soil. Relatives and colleagues of privates Benjamin Chuck, Tim James Aplin and Scott Travis Parker Parker greeted their bodies this afternoon at Richmond this afternoon at Richmond air base, west of Sydney. It's satisfying thing, but of course it's a event, especially for the close family. The procession was given a police escort given a police escort through town. The men were held killed on Monday when they to a mission no Afghanistan's south. Hundreds of dogs south. Hundreds of dogs and their owners have gathered in South Australia to pay their Afghanistan earlier this month. Herbie, Herbie, his handler Sapper Darren Smith and Sapper Jacob Moreland were improvised explosive devices. Today the canine was by some of his own. They say dog is man's best friend. truer. We commend to you the trainers trainers and handlers whose love and care of their dog absolute and who battle a burden of responsibility for this canine warrior. collie husky cross, remained by Sapper Darren Smith's side to the end. Last last plays. Hundreds of his canine friends remembered remembered Herbie at a war dog memorial on the banks of River Murray They lived together day and night and worked day and night and worked very hard long hours, they together, eat together. So it's Herbie is the fifth Herbie is the fifth explosives dog to be killed since the war began soldier relies on the dog his life. It's a life and situation. The shrine was erected a few years ago to erected a few years ago to pay tribute to tribute to all service dogs. Vietnam veteran Chris O'Neill organised organised today for dog lovers. I had a tracking team in Vietnam, and while I in Vietnam, and while I was there we lost a dog, there we lost a dog, and I still those years. For some it was an emotional time. For the chance to quench their thirst. For all, it was a time to remember the role of the brave animals in conflict. Thailand is trying business and tourists back to Bangkok, a month after the capital was rocked by anti-government people died of demonstrations, most moment protesters shot by soldiers. While the soldiers. While the city's physical damage is being retired, it's clear divisions in the community will be harder to fix. Zoe Daniel reports. In Bangkok's a come back. To bring back the trademark smile, trademark smile, local government has launched a marketing campaign to unite Thais, after the worst civil unrest in recent history. Just a few weeks ago, fighting, it burned. These cinemas were torched, cinemas were torched, along with hundreds Now vendors move their and out daily to temporary stalls next to the burnt-out complex. TRANSLATION: Many old customers saw us and helped customers saw us and helped us buying stuff, they felt sorry for us. The for us. The government has compensated businesses and helping fund construction of temporary shopping areas. The situation is no different at the big end of town. the big end of town. This 5-star hotel next Doctor to the Central World Shopping Centre was damaged only by was damaged only by smoke and the loss the loss of confidence amongst its customers has hit occupancy hard. Now we have about 20%, from a from a year ago we would have been 80 per cent. Reconciliation has captured imagination of a number of Thai singers and actors. Song writer Nitipong Honak wrote this to be sung by nine people, to be sung by nine people, but 300 300 stars wanted to give his message a voice. message a voice. They said, please take me back to the happiness, take me back to happiness for us, the same happiness, I don't want more. Thailand's government is pushing for reconciliation but its commitment is being questioned as authorities questioned as authorities hunt down red shirts and pursue terrorism charges against the movement' leader. movement' leader. While the city has been cleaned up, there are still of the division that exists the violence that could reignite if it's not resolved.

To sport, St George Illawarra and Penrith have reinforced their standing as the league's best teams, with big wins over strong opponents in round 16. Top of the table St George slayed the wests Tiger and the Bonn kos and Eels are locked at 6-6. Panthers 6-6. Panthers thrashed Manly. Penrith tribute to the role of women Rugby League. But Jennings may be wearing blue State of Origin 3. State of Origin 3. Everywhere the Sea Eagles looked they saw pink, as the bawl went 10 sets of 10 sets of hands and travelled 60m. When Manly looked 60m. When Manly looked to attack, claim his second try of the night. He sent a final reminder to Blues selectors when he

conjured up his third. conjured up his third. He has a hat-trick! A has a hat-trick! A bad night got worse for Manly when Glen Stewart injured When they score first, they have won 9 from 9. The Tigers have have their own wept yons, Jason Nightingale couldn't stop Laurence. The drug Anzac had a at half-time. They tried to claw their way back into the game. Lote Tuqiri, scores. The Tigers attack Tigers attack didn't trouble the scorers and crossed for three more tries to retain their 2-point buffer at the top of the ladder. Not all good news for Michael wayman could miss Michael wayman could miss the third State of third State of Origin after this tackle. Darren this tackle. Darren Lockyer set a new record for most games with with a single club and wasted little time making his presence felt. Parramatta resembled the knights, but there was mistaking Jarrod Hayne. The match was locked at 6-6 match was locked at 6-6 at half-time. In the AFL, St Kilda coach Ross Lyon Kilda coach Ross Lyon says last night's impressive win reigning premiers Geelong is irrelevant. A 5-goal to nil third term set up the third term set up the 24-point win, but Lyon says the measure won't come until September. Not much has changed, Geelong lost the battle but favourites to win the war. Half their midfield was out, Kelly and cory and Chapman, with on the ten. with on the ten. We understand next time what it will be about. The Saint have some big names to come matches that matter in spring. In conditions that would encourage anyone to move the Gold Coast, Gary Ablett had the Cats up and Cats up and running much A bewildering 50m penalty put Mackie in range. By the long break, the Cats A Jack Steven cameo helped the Saints blow the premiership quarter. A hat-trick at the MCG! They booted five booted five majors, while Geelong's scoreless third Geelong's scoreless third term was their The Cats went goalless in second half for the first second half for the first time since the MCG hosted the Olympics. James Gwilt blanketed James Podsiadly, while the Cats were haunted by the goal past. Steve Johnson and staged a contest within a contest. He could have earned himself time on the sidelines. the last 16 at Wimbledon the 7th year in a rosh after straight sets straight sets win last night. Defending champion Roger Federer also won Federer also won comfortably, and Justine Henin continued progress through the draw. Australia's Jarmila Groth is through to the fourth round for round for the first time. Hewitt's victory showed he could be a genuine contender for the title. Hewitt's grass court pedigree was on court pedigree was on show from the start as he claimed the first break of the match. Come on! He's got the on! He's got the break. The first set shortly Beautifully played. Beautifully played. Monfills had a spring in his step earned three set point in the second set tie-break, but the Australian held the tie-break 11-9 and with it a strongle hold on the Well done, Lleyton Hewitt. Monfills threw in fault on match point and was through to a fourth was through to a fourth round meeting and I have had some matches, and it will be a good one. Jarmila Groth has matched her further roind finish at Angelique Kerber in straight sweats. She will batting through his opening round, Roger Federer found form against French veteran Arnaud Clement. He will Austrian Jurgen Melzer in the fourth round. Justine fourth round. Justine Henin cruised past Nadia cruised past Nadia Petrova to set up a clash with set up a clash with fellow Belgian Kim Belgian Kim Clijsters. After winning the longest match in tennis history the day John Isner was put to rest in less than an hour and a half by Dutchman Thiemo de Bakker. Dutchman Thiemo de Bakker. The rigours of an 11 hour rigours of an 11 hour match took its toll on the took its toll on the American, who didn't serve a single who didn't serve a single ace, after serving more than 100 round one. round one. Pretournament favourite Spain has avoided World Cup elimination after a with one win with one win over Chile. The scoreless iland Portugal ended the Ivory Coast's campaign. Spain's knocked suiteland knocked suiteland and Honduras out as the most talented team as the most talented team in South Africa, Spain needed beat Chile to advance to the knock-out phase. Their slow start to the World Cup meant little after a opening goal. What a goal! The keeper was caught badly out of position but of position but there was little he could do little he could do to prevent Spain's second goal. Delightful, Delightful, absolutely delightful Essex ex- delightful Essex ex- Reduced to 10 men, Chile took the fight to Spain in the second half. He's found the goals! Chile are back. Spain's failed to break his World Cup goal drought. goal drought. The European champions failed champions failed to capitalise on their advantage, but qualified for a sudden clash with Portugal. The Portuguese were fortunate not to give up an to give up an early goal in their Portugal's best opportunity. The 0-0 result was enough put both teams through eliminate the Ivory eliminate the Ivory Coast, which ended its campaign in style against North Korea. 3-0 to Ivory Coast. 3-0 to Ivory Coast. The knock-out rounds kick off tonight, with Uruguay to play South Korea and Ghana up against the US. against the US. In men's basketball, Australia scored basketball, Australia scored a comprehensive win over Argentina 97-58 The Argentina 97-58 The home side set up its victory with a clinical first half display The boomers led 51-26 at main break and were never seriously challenged. Argentina was without its NBA players, than experienced side, minus For the first time, seeing young guys, it young guys, it was excellent and the crowd became the first two indigenous players to boomers at the same time. Game 2 of the will be played in Melbourne tomorrow. It's one of those traditions of the great Aussie outdoors, but in the top cowboys are rodeo riding indoors for the first indoors for the first time. Gone are the dust and flies and rikty fencing. Instead, spectators grandstand view of the and spills in theatre style comfort. The national anthem and a dramatic ring of fire heralded the start of the Darwin international rodeo. # As a celebration unbolts, the celebration begins. This is not your typical rodeo ring, it's within the gleaming Darwin convention centre. That means spectators on curbed spectators on curbed chairs in air-conditioned comfort They will see riders from the will see riders from the US, Canada, Brazil, NZ, around the rodeo worked. Despite that, Despite that, there was far from a from a full house on the first night of competition. Can a rodeo with carpet underfoot justify the $89 ticket justify the $89 ticket price? We would love prices down, but then you can't bring in worked class acts. There was equal opportunity for animals of smaller stature to endure 8 second of action. It's a contact sport that would leave some parents on edge. This is usually the arena for conference and there the rodeo the rodeo wouldn't happen. The tons of dirt dumped here raised questions integrity of the building. After all negotiations, the organisers have spread the organisers have spread the load widely. Care has been widely. Care has been taken so the animals are not put off by the fake flooring. On to the weather, the official rainfall total overnight was 9mm at the airport. The frontal cloud The frontal cloud that brought the overnight rain has moved through to the and another cold west. A weak ridge through New South Wales coming from pressure system in WA, will see fine weather continuing fine weather continuing with cold nights. The oncoming krofr cold front could bring showers in the coming week, then will return to fine weather. Before we go, a brief look at the top story: Julia Gillard has boosted Labor's showing in the Gillard has a over Tony Abbott as preferred PM. That's the news for now. We leave you tonight with a taste of the national capital dance sport championships at the AIS arena this weekend. Thanks for your Thanks for your company. Goodnight. . Closed Captions by CSI.