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(generated from captions) Live. Tonight - what difference a PM makes. You Live. Tonight - what a

consult, you talk, you have blunt conversations and you take the nation forward. Not everyone is happy - election will to the people. The next on tax. More bad news for the on track to win clean-up. And Serena Williams

Slam title. Good evening and welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. A Gillard has dug the Government became Prime Minister, Julia

out of a hole. She the hatchet out of a hole. She has buried industry and struck a new deal on resource taxes. But Government has had to make some major concessions, changing breadth of and even its name. The breadth of the tax, its rate

breakthrough opens the way an August election. A poll Tony breakthrough opens the way for

Abbott wants to turn into referendum Abbott wants to turn into a reports. Whey different a Prime moves breakthrough agreement that

will be a moves Australia forward. There

profit-based will be a negotiated there will be no resources profit-based tax regime, but

super profits tax. The their peace treaty in the Cabinet room. something to celebrate as the empty wine bottles is how you get reform done. You think, you work, you consult, you talk, you have blunt conversations and you take the like a swipe at Kevin Rudd's Following the Prime was a marked change of tone and Minister's intervention there

willingness to discuss these issues. The Government just change its leader to make issues. The Government didn't the applied to super the deal happen, if the old tax

new tax targets peg ga It's no longer new tax targets peg ga profits.

only applying to iron ore It's no longer industry-wide,

coal, while the existing petroleum tax will to cover all oil and petroleum tax will be extended

projects. That will reduce the to cover all oil and gas

number of from thousands to hundreds and rate will be slashed from 40% most dramatically, the headline

to 30%. The deal is a breakthrough, but also a backdown, have said we want a 40% rate. Treasurer's past assurances. We

We are committed to a 40% rate. The concessions will cost $1.5 billion over the forward no longer afford a 2% cut Estimates. The Government can

deliver a company tax and will only

are swings and rount abouts. The major miners happy. Rio Tinto called it important step forward. BHP said it is a material improvement. Xstrata revived the project it is had put on hold. This is a positive outcome for Australian minerals industry. A outcome for Australia and the

healthy compromise for some, a capitulation for others. This is an force by the mining barons is an unprecedented tour de

against the interest. Labor will need Greens' support to get interest. Labor will need the

legislation through the Senate given the Opposition is tax. The next election will tax. The next election will be Government wants a new tax, a referendum on tax. The

Coalition doesn't - it's as Government wants a new tax, the

simple as that. That referendum will be a lot more complicated for the Coalition if the miners and keep themselves and their money on the sidelines. The Government but Julia Gillard appears have landed on her feet, making an more likely. The new tax has split sections of industry. Smaller better off, but aren't happy they were excluded negotiations and they were excluded from the

is feeling short-changed negotiations and big business

because company tax cuts be tripped to pay for the breakthrough. Jennett. Always correspondent Greg heard... ..and finally ignored. I speak to you today more in than in anger. Andrew Twiggy Forrest led the resistance to the tax, but when the serious rank outsiders. It is a shame that it's cut people who might describe Prime Minister only days people who might describe the

settlement hasn't won I recognise and I concede it is Barnett previous proposal. Colin Court challenge, and can't understand why the tax man likes coal and iron ore, but nothing else. If the price of uranium rises in coming years, presumably that's going to be which it probably will, drawn suddenly surges or price, are they going to be suddenly surges or the gold

drawn in? In Queensland, happy days are here again. Frankly, I am relieved and we can get on and get those projects running. Regional projects up and stood to take a running. Regional Queensland

the stood to take a hammering under has been restored for billions the Rudd regime. Now certainty

of dollars projects. Lurking within settlement are the makings of projects. Lurking within this

an all new dispute. Businesses still have to pay higher workers' superannuation, and isn't taking workers' superannuation, and it now have less capacity to fund lightly. Australia's employers

what will be a $20 billion hit on industry. Heather Ridout was on the Henry Review that wanted a 5% drop in isn't settling for just a 5% drop in company tax. She

deeply disappointing. The isn't settling for just 1. It's

company tax changes weren't tax cuts as much as tax reform and they now seem to be put off the agenda vowing to fight for more after agenda indefinitely. They're

the election. An soldier has been wounded roadside soldier has been wounded by The Defence Department says soldier was on operation in the northern province when the northern province of Kandahar

soldier's injuries when the attack took place. The life-threatening and he will be sent home in the sent home in the next few days. The new US in Afghanistan insists NATO is making headway even as casualties rise to record levels. Last month was the bloodiest for coalition bloodiest for coalition forces since the war in Afghanistan began. General David briefed NATO members in Brussels on Brussels on his plans while en route to Kabul. The Taliban responded with responded with a message of its own to allied commanders. own to allied commanders. Here is Europe correspondent Phillip Williams. General David Petraeus, the third commander in Afghanistan at NATO headquarters ahead of the hardest month has been the most deadly for NATO forces. 102 soldiers killed, but while he says the a war they are slowly winning. The Taliban had momentum h the initiative, if you will, coming into this year and indeed one of the real areas of focus has been to reverse think that has think that has been reversed in certain areas of Afghanistan. There are hopes that more moderate strands the Taliban maybe convinced to top fighting, require negotiations, something that simply isn't happen, according to BBC reporter John Simpson who has received received a message from the Taliban's senior Taliban's senior spokesman in Afghanistan. We do not want to talk to anyone, not to President Karzai President Karzai nor to any foreigners until the foreign forces withdraw forces withdraw from Afghanistan. For now, there Afghanistan. For now, there is the the political resolve to continue in continue in Afghanistan, but the increasingly high paid by NATO soldiers may, over time, erode community support. BELL TOLLS . On Tuesday, the bodies of brought home. The troops have increasingly the war they're asked to fight does not. asked to fight does not. The Taliban has been blamed for at least two suicide bombings in Pakistan which killed at least 37 people. CCTV footage shows one suspected bomber one suspected bomber being pursued outside pursued outside a crowded Islamic shrine in the city of Lahore. Moments later the bomb into panic. A second explosion ripped through the basement. Police say were heavily packed with ball bearings which caused shrapnel wounds. Emergency services were treating more than 170 people for injuries. In the US, for injuries. In the US, one of the group accused of being Russian spies has been released on bail and placed under arrest. Spanish language journalist Vicky Pelaez, on the left in this courtroom sketch, will be monitored electronicly. One of her lawyers said he was confident she was innocent. There is no question that she is not any that she is not any spy, Russian or otherwise. However, prosecutors say her husband confessed and bail confessed and bail hearings for him and five other people were remain in jail, while suspect who was on suspect who was on bail in Cyprus has Cyprus has escaped. Heavy seas whipped up by Hurricane Alex have efforts to clean up the massive oil spill Mexico. Workers are reportedly close to finishing a relief well that could ease well that could ease f not stop the flow of oil into the ocean, but the bad weather has but the bad weather has halted skimming efforts and more polluted water onto the US shoreline. correspondent Craig McMurtrie reports. Hurricane Alex roared into Mexico as storm, packing winds of 160 km/h. We didn't have any plywood for the plywood for the windows, so wasn't much protection for our house, so here. Sheets of rain lashed southern Texas. Drove about

1,200 miles from to 1,200 miles from to Georgia to try to get away from the oil. The threat of strikes disrupted operations of the site of the the site of the damaged Deepwater Horizon wellhead. Heavy seas halted oil skimming in the Gulf. On in the Gulf. On shore and near-shore recovery operations have been significantly weather. Drilling operations continued. 23,000 barrels of oil was captured, oil was captured, but officials say they're still some way off capturing 90% of the leaking oil, Barack Obama's target. At 3,500m below the sea floor, deepest relief well is deepest relief well is slowly closing on the bore. Thad Allen says bore. Thad Allen says there is another 200 to 250m to go and unlike other attempts to kill the well, he says this the well, he says this one is proven. Relief wells proven. Relief wells are things that these companies before, not just BP, before, not just BP, but all the companies. A the companies. A super tanker refitted has joined the effort. Named 'A Whale' and it has the capacity capacity to swallow up half a million oil-contaminated water a day. The public gallery of a Sydney Sydney court broke into applause today as applause today as a former Catholic priest was sentenced for child sex offences. John Denham will serve at least Denham will serve at least 13 years' jail for 135 involving 39 schoolboys. In sentencing, the judge sentencing, the judge described Denham's offences as sadistic and persistent. Brigid Glanville reports. For father and son, the trauma still taking its toll almost three decades on. My only hope from the result that we have achieved today is that he and other abused victims have the strength and courage to forward and achieve justice as we have seen today. Matthew Oakley Oakley is one of the 39 boys John Denham sexually John Denham sexually abused between youngest was 5. youngest was 5. The oldest 16. For these offences, the Catholic priest was sentenced to a maximum of 19 years jail. A Sydney court heard most of at bus happened at St Pius High School in High School in the Hunter Valley. There was a degree of planning. Some of the complainants were particularly targeted as targeted as vulnerable children... Victims court heard graphic details about how he abused the boys at school, on outings, and in their homes. Denham's own lawyer expressed disgust. The offences that Father Denham committed can only be described as repulsive, repugnant abhorrent. His behaviour was apparently apparently well-known. Students would often call out, "Bums to the wall. Denham is on the crawl." I can't believe I sent my children to a school like that, a hierarchy of the Catholic Church it is disgusting. It took the judge almost three hours to go through the 135 offences. The judge said that John Denham was lacking in remorse and that he was confident that he would confident that he would never be exposed because none of the victims would ever want to come forward. Denham will be eligible for parole in 2022. The family The family of an American woman who died after being operated on by Michael Patrizzi wants him Jay ant Patel. Wants extra dieded to the US. The disgraced surgeon was sentenced to 7 years behind bars Supreme Court jury in Brisbane found him found him guilty of three counts count of grievous bodily Portland resident Sandra claims her mother bled to death her mother bled to death after Patel severed an artery during an operation on her in 1997. Every report that I have read on other cases, he did read on other cases, he did the same thing every single same thing every single time he has bled them to dogt death. She is death. She is unhappy with Patel's sentence and wants him to stand trial in the like slapping you on the face and saying, "Wow, look what got away with." Patel's legal team against his convictions. A been found safe and well Sydney. A massive air search was mounted to 28-year-old Pirjo Kukk who 28-year-old Pirjo Kukk who had been camping at Elouera in Cronulla. Lifeguards called police on Wednesday police on Wednesday when they found her belongings, found her belongings, but no sign of her. Now sign of her. Now the backpacker has turned up at a house. And still to News - not America, but Australia, one of the Under. In Indonesia, there are concerns the concerns the country's Family Planning program isn't reaching those who need it most - those who need it most - the poor and uneducated. Contraception isn't forbidden for married couples under Islam, but health workers say some Muslim leaders are advising couples not to use advising couples not to use it. ABC reports. Every day is a battle for 58-year-old Eros. given birth 25 given birth 25 times. TRANSLATION: I say to Indonesian families don't have so many children. It is so tiring. There is never enough money. Six of her children sick and still alive have begun having their own their own children. There are so many mouths to feed and TRANSLATION: They TRANSLATION: They work as ojek drivers. One sells plastic bags. One sells roof tiles. In Eros's case, contraceptives made her sick, so she taking them, but health taking them, but health workers say there are a number of reasons why the Family Planning message isn't getting through. TRANSLATION: don't do birth control because their knowledge is low. Sometimes their husband says no. Midwife Yeyet Suliawati knows of 20 families in her area who have been advise dz not Government is now worried because in because in poor families children are missing out proper food and education. TRANSLATION: After the TRANSLATION: After the Soeharto regime fell down, people seemed like they had forgotten all about birth control. Now there are a lot of people who are beginning to use birth control again. Eros worries about all her children, most for her daughter working in Saudi Arabia. She left their village five years ago and no-one has heard her. They believe she has her. They believe she has been sold into slavery. Police ministers from across the country meeting in Canberra have thrown their support behind a national strategy aimed at preventing crime. The scheme encourages states and territories to share successful initiatives. Australians initiatives. Australians aged 12-24 make up a country's population, but are overrepresented in statistics. The ministers today agreed to a national initiative that aims to curb re-offending and prevent young and prevent young people becoming crime. There are already existing initiatives that doing a jurisdictions. We really need to pick those best initiatives and apply adapting them to local communities. Underage drinking and identified as the identified as the key areas of concern nationally. To finance now and any bounce shares had petered out by the time the afternoon. They closed flat, afternoon. They closed flat, as did the market as did the market as a whole. Here is Alan is Alan Kohler. BHP steady, down a couple of cents, Rio Tinto went up a Rio Tinto went up a bit, Centennial Coal also went up Centennial Coal also went up a bit and although boss Andrew Forrest said he was disappointed with the deal,-the-shares went up 2%. Goldminer dropped 3% in New York overeight. Patchy perform mapss mapss across the rest of the market market meant a very small rise by the All Ordinaries which broke an 8-day broke an 8-day losing streak, and that followed pretty hefty losses in Europe where the major markets and some of the minor ones fell minor ones fell between 2 and 3%. 3%. Rises in China, Japan and Singapore. Now there has been a lot of talk about the lot of talk about the prospect of a double-dip of a double-dip recession in the United the United States and that's clearly the reason that global share markets have been weak lately. The lately. The transmission mechanism for this, as it were, is through profit downgrades by analysts. This graph analysts. This graph shows the net position of downgrades and upgrades upgrades by all listed companies in the world, and just lately it has tipped just lately it has tipped back into negative territory which means there are more and upgrades for the first time in 18 months. The Australian dollar bounced back dollar bounced back today, unlike the unlike the share market, putting on 1 cent to 84.5 US cents. As it happens today is the third anniversary of the third anniversary of the dollar dollar hitting 86 US cent s for the float. On 'Inside Business', an interview with the head of Elders Elders Malcolm Jackman. Until then, that's then, that's finance. Lawyers for the clients of Storm Financial Storm Financial have launched a class action against the Commonwealth Bank. At least 300 people are represented in the action which was lodged in the Federal Court in Sydney.

Townsville-based Storm Financial collapsed last year, owing investors owing investors millions of dollars. dollars. Some have already settled with banks involved the collapse, but there are claims that process moved unsatisfactory for many others. The banks take while the punter, the investor is left out in the cold, exposed, left substantially people who put all their savings, all their superannuation in these I want every single that has been negatively affected by banks in affected by banks in this situation to be restored to the situation that they rightfully should be should be in The Queensland police officer says he police officer says he and his wife have lost millions of dollars as a result of dealings with the Commonwealth Bank. The defending champion Serena Williams is through to the Wimbledon final the Wimbledon final where she will meet Russian Vera defeated Tsvetana Pironkova and Williams Williams overcame a spirited game from Petra Kvitova. Serena Williams is Williams is an intimidating prospect, but someone forgot to tell Petra Kvitova. The 20-year-old Czech played some inspired tennis in her first appearance in a Grand semifinal. But her lack of experience told in experience told in the first set tie-breaker. The champion produced the big when she needed them and dominated the second set to move into her sixth final at Wimbledon. On paper is looks like I should win, like I should win, but veer remarks I've played her several times and she is a really good player. She can also be player. She can also be a cranky player. Earlier this year, Vera Zvonerava took out her her frustrations during a loss to Samantha Stosur but she to her shot-making as she fought back against Tsvetana Pironkova It is very exciting, one of my dreams to be out there. It dreams to be out there. It is a united team which for now united team which for now it seems to have unified seems to have unified a continent. Ghana is the last African team in the first Africa dwran World Cup. All the African countries are behind us and Ghana. We have everyone pr Cape Town, everybody is behind Ghana. Uruguay could be on the menu in quarterfinal. I will just capture them and put them in capture them and put them in my pot and I will make them like fire! The Dutch are trying to shed the tag of the best football country never World Cup. The nation most titles stands in the way. We want to win the World Cup and that means that we have to beat Brazil. About but the locals in ri row believe there is a higher power looking over Brazil's quarterfinal prospects. The Tour de France starts with a 9km prologue starts with a 9km prologue in Rotterdam tomorrow night. Is the weather always Holland? It will be the Tour for the 7-time Lance Armstrong I'm almost 39 years old and I can't go on forever. Fabian Cancellara laughed off allegations of him being on a bike with an joke. Robbie McIeuans will hoping his cycling linguistic skills. The will cover 3,642km. One of the most successful musicals of all time is coming to Australia. It's the Broadway It's the Broadway classic 'West Side Story', and six we took a look at the casting call. One of the performers we met then made the final cut reporter Awais Rashid discovered. Reporter Adrian Reporter Adrian Raschella reported. The Romeo musical is set against a backdrop of gang warfare and racism. Its co-star says that makes 'West Side Story' as relevant today as it was when it debuted more than 50 years ago Kind of sad but true, ago Kind of sad but true, but racial issues always seem racial issues always seem to be prevalent in society, even our society. So people can relate to got great news when he made the cut after an arduous audition process. Only a process. Only a handful made it. I am living the dream. It's such an honour to be a part of this this musical. I wake up every day smiling. And has been hard at it. He thought the envy of many of his peers, going feel like this is just another step towards my ultimate dream to be just like a to be just like a worldwide entertainer. Director Joey McKneely says he is aware of the huge popularity movie version, so he has tailored emments of the stage show to pay homage show to pay homage to the Hollywood hit. We do a lot of slide projections in slide projections in the back so it feels as if the film is coming to life on stage, just a little bit every here and there. One thing that needs there. One thing that needs no altering is the soundtrack with 'West Side Story' one of the most successful albums most successful albums ever released. Now, all-dancing Mark Carmody with our weather. Thanks, Virginia. I might do the weather in song one day. Good evening. There wasn't wasn't much to get excited about except I suppose that here to experience it. frosty start - minus-4, that's six in a row. Overcast all day and cold, only reaching 8 in Tuggeranong but that's Tuggeranong but that's not within coup-ee of the coldest July ever. That was 3 degrees in 1949. Dridzle fell in 1949. Dridzle fell this afternoon. If you go outside now you will probably feel drizzle. Cold, 4 degrees, humidity is surprised if you feel a rumble early in is still expected. Around is still expected. Around our region today, overcast, region today, overcast, wet and cold everywhere: There is a massive cloud band over Queensland and New South Wales as a result of pool and upper level The high that has moved northwards alone this cold pool to pass will return to to pass will return to our region tomorrow. The will still be will still be frosty but the days warm and days warm and sunny and thankfully warmer. Areas to thankfully warmer. Areas to our south west doing better than this this region. It will ease overnight. Nationally Then on Sunday, a for a pickny to the Cotter to check out progress. Fine check out progress. Fine and sunny, minus-3 to 13. In the mountains tomorrow, early snow showers, becoming sunny later. Virginia, the highlight of today was today was finding this hebe smothered in flowers at the Calvary Hospital. You stay warm over the weekend. Thank you, Mark, Mark, I will certainly try to stay warm indeed. You, too. Before we go, a recap of our top Gillard has Gillard has managed what Kevin Rudd couldn't and reached agreement with the mining industry over resources taxes. The Government had to make some major concessions changing the breadth of the tax, its rate and even its name. That's ABC News. Stay with us now for Stateline with Chris coming up next. We leave you tonight in Darwin soldiers of the four-legged variety have been preparing for a tour of duty in Afghanistan by abseiling with their handlers. Have a great

Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI.