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Tonight - about face the

Coalition calls for a troop

surge in Afghanistan. Anger in

the ranks over charges against Australian soldiers. The

National Gallery's multimillion

dollar face lift. It is a real

milestone. It's almost like

we've been waiting 60,000 years for this moment. And Tour de France champion Alberto

Contador tests positive for a banned substance. Good evening,

Virginia and welcome to ABC News, I'm

Virginia Haussegger. Afghanistan dominated Federal

Parliament today. For the first

time the Opposition has

publicly questioned Australian troop levels in Afghanistan

suggesting more hard ware and more soldiers are needed on the

ground. And while the fighting there intensifies, the

Government announced it will

lift the ban on processing Afghan asylum seekers

suggesting more will be suggesting more will be sent home. Some things haven't

changed. The member for Sturt

will leave the chamber for one

hour. Some things have. You've

got to look out the window

parliament question - And unlike the last

parliament question time

generated genuine news. After close and careful consideration the Government has formed the

view that we should lift this

that suspension and I'm announcing

immediately. The Government

imposed the freeze 6 months

ago. Afghan asylum seekers have

been in limbo since then. Their

claims will now be processed

although the Government doesn't

expect a spike in arrivals. The

percentage of successful

lower than in the past. Those refugee claims is likely to be

Afghans who are found not to

warrant protection will be

returned to Afghanistan consistent with Australia's

obligations. Nearly 5,000 international

asylum seekers are in detention, around half are

Afghan. This was a ridiculous

policy that has filled up our

detention network, putting it into crisis at significant expense for the Australian taxpayer. It was neither practical or humane and was

never going to work in the long term. Afghanistan's still

deadly dangerous. This year 10

Australian troops have died.

The Coalition thinks the

Government should increase its commitment. I've suggested commitment. I've suggested hell

I've suggested tanks to provide kopt tors provide air support,

armour on the ground. I've

suggested combat engineers,

I've suggested another mortar

section. In other words, 300 to

think that's very many really. 400 extra troops. And I don't

But it gives me confidence to

know that I think we are

providing them with level of force protection. We

have relied on the advice of

the Chief of the Defence Force

that our troop commitment is

appropriate to get the mission

done. Cracks seem to be

appearing in what's been a bipartisan approach to the war. The Coalition isn't just criticising the Government, it's challenging the military's

top brass.

There's anger within Defence Force ranks after Australian

soldiers were charged over the

deaths of civilians in

Afghanistan. 6 people including

4 children were killed during

an Australian raid in February

last year. A senior commando colleagues as incensed and

dismay ed that 3 of their fellow soldiers will face

court. Thooez those feelings

are shared by a recipient of the Victoria Cross. When

charges were finally laid this

week it caused an uproar in the

ranks. Some of them closer to the blokes are probably

incensed, I suppose, is a

word. This officer has served

for many years in Australia's

special forces and knows the

accused men very well. They

knew it was inevitable, given it had taken so long. In

February 2009 a man suspected

of being a Taliban insurgent

and a woman and 4 children were

killed in a night time raid by

Australian special forces. One

charged with manslaughter. I of those soldiers has now been

understand that the maximum

penalty is some 20 years in

prison or something like That's astounding for what the circumstances are. The events

turn on a single fire fight.

After coming under sustained attack a commando threw a

grenade into the room when the

gunman didn't respond to calls

to ceasefire. They then

realised he was going to keep going, he was intent on it so

in and he stopped and that was they put a second hand grenade

when I believe they entered the

room, as you would then do room, as you would then do and

unfortunately the small they found that the civvies and

veteran children had died. A decorated

soldiers were following their veteran says he believed the

training. A split second

decision and it's wrong, it's wrong that they should be

charged. 2 of the soldiers have said they will strenuously

defend the charges and this

officer says they will be

backed by all their colleagues. It's not blind support, it's support on the

basis that they're good

soldiers. The trial will begin

early next year. There's been a new development in the David

Jones sexual harassment case. New documents released today in

the Federal Court detail a

series of text messages sent by

the company's former boss Mark

McInnes to publicist Kristy

Fraser-Kirk. In them he apparently begs her not destroy his life and to drop her sexual harassment

complaint. She's suing David

Jones and McInnes for $37 million claiming he made

unwanted sexual advances at

company functions. The words of

Mark McInnes in these text and voice messages reveal how high

the stakes must have seemed in

the eyes of the then chief executive. In one text message to

to Kristy Fraser-Kirk he says

"I am pleading with you to show

some mercy or everything I have

worked for and earnt has gone.

I will be totally destroyed.

Please call me to understand

what is about to happen. I know

my attempt to kiss

and I'm so, so, so, so sorry

but I'm about to lose

everything I have in my life. Please, please, please, please

have some compassion on me and

we will settle this as you wish." Mark McInnes later

admitted to conduct unbecoming

of a chief executive and

resigned from his position with

David Jones. Kristy Fraser-Kirk

then launched her multimillion

dollar lawsuit against Mr

McInnes and David Jones for the

sexual harassment. Now many of

the allegations made by Kristy

Fraser-Kirk were hotly disputed

in a statement of defence

recently filed with the Federal

Court. Some of the Court. Some of the allegations

were described as unsauced and unsubstantiated so the hearing

obviously has a long way to run

and there are no doubt going to

be more details and allegations

of the behaviour of both Mark

McInnes and Kristy Fraser-Kirk

emerging from the court. 2 more

Australian athletes have pulled out of the Commonwealth but they insist health and

security fears have played no role

role in their decisions.

Hurdler Hayley Butter and

discus champion Scott Martin

are both citing niggling injuries. Most of the Australian team has now arrive

ed in Delhi just as the Games'

organisers deal with another problem. This problem. This time it's the

city's monkeys. Michael Rowland

is in the Indian capital.

Speculation had been rife, some Australian swimmers wouldn't

make the trip to New Delhi because of health and security

fears. In the end Games

organisers had nothing to worry

about. All 52 team members

arrived here overnight and the

head coach is a very relieved man. There's been concerns right before we came, right to

when we were here but not

enough to stop them from coming. Most of the track and

field squad is also in place

but some have decided not to come including discus champion

Dani Samuels. It's up to everyone to make about whether to attend or not. I respect her decision not to come. Whether that's a decision

she will regret in the future or not that's something she's

got to deal with herself. The

main stadium final rehearsals

were under way, even as the construction and clean up continues. We have got there

and so it was

see the media and see the whole

world saying that we are not

ready when we were all working

hard to make it happen. New Delhi's problems with wild

animals continues. It's not

only deadly snaix and stray dogs causing a problem authorities are trying to do

something about the city's large population of pesky

monkeys. The monkeys are

creating havoc stopping

creating havoc stopping traffic

and even stealing things from

rooms in the athletes' village.

So Games organisers are deploy ing

ing a large army of Thiess fierce and extremely

territorial lan Gurr monkeys to keep their mischifous cousins in check. The Federal Government's core economic

policies have received a tick

of approval from the International Monetary Fund.

The IMF's latest report on the Australian economy praises the

Government's handling of the

global financial crisis and the planned introduction of a

resources rent tax. But the

report says the tax should report says the tax should be

extend tended to other minerals

beyond coal and iron ore. The

Government reached an

agreement, a break through

agreement with the mining companies. That is being

implemented. I don't like the

mining tax, I think it's a bad

tax and we woun go down this

path at all. The IMF path at all. The IMF also suggests the GST rate could be

lifted and inefficient State

taxes abolished. If you're in

the market for a loan now more

than ever it's important to

read the fine print. A growing

number of people are taking out

so-called low doc loans they

can be easier to get than

standard lons and are unregulated but

encouraging people to take on

more debt than they can afford.

Pensioner Margaret Cole is

blind and lives on her own in a

house she can't afford to keep.

From the bank again. She

relies heavily on friends for

help and struggles to afford

the basics. I am scared. I need

a new stove, my oven's not working, hasn't worked now for

9 years. In 2002 Margaret Cole

claimed she was tricked into

signing documents for her

brother. Challenger Financial

Services gave her a $290,000

low-doc loan against her home. She's

She's now faced with losing everything. The 74-year-old

claims she had no idea she even

had a mortgage until she received a late payment notice

from the bank. Ms Cole says the

bank's never called her or did the appropriate the appropriate checks. They give people a loan where if they'd done any checks

whatsoever or acted prudently

in any way they would have

known with absolute certainty

she couldn't repay it and this

is the case here. The consumer

credit legal centre says loans

like this one are still leaving some people homeless. Every person who person who has lost their home

is a serious matter and it was

all because people - lenders

were giving loans where the

people couldn't afford to repay

it. This particular case is due

to go to court here in 2 weex.

Challenger declined to the

comment to the ABC but said in

a statement that Margaret Cole won't be evicted from her home

and it's likely the lenders

will lose hundreds of thousands

of dollars. New laws governing

responsible lending practices

come into place in January next

year. Australian scientists are

about to begin a world first

trial they hope will eliminate

dengue fever. They're releasing mosquitoes infecked with impossible for them to pass the disease on to humans. 15 years

of study and research have led

to this - a mosquito infected with a common bacterium

Wolbachia which means it can't pass on dengue fevers. The

Aedes aegypti has been the

biggest collaborate or now it could be an assassin. They

can't support the growth of the

virus in the mosquito. An

estimated 2.5 billion people

are exposed to dengue fever

every year and thousands die.

This trial in two suburbs near

Cairns is trying to establish a

way to eliminate it without

using pesticides which the mosquito can become resistant to. So this could be something

that can be extremely helpful

for a lot of disadvantaged people in the

tropics. Scientists say in laboratory the Wolbachia

infected mosquitos outbred and completely replaced other

mosquitos within 2 months. The

first goal of these experiments

is to see how well the bacteria

is able to invade the

population. One woman died and

1,000 were affected by dengue in North Queensland in It's an added threat to the

Commonwealth Games in Delhi but

if this ambitious experiment

works the anti-dengue mozzie

could quench the disease even

when it's brought in from

overseas. When people bring

dengue in it's like throwing a

match into a swimming pool,

it's going to go out

instantly. The specially bred

mosquitos will be released in

Cairns in January, after that

Vietnam. The National Gallery

is celebrating a major

milestone tonight the opening

of its new wing. The building

houses 11 gal r and doubles the amount of exhibited at any one time. The

development also marks the

beginning of a new eare for

beginning of a new eare for the way indigenous art the

exhibited in Australia. Joining

me now pr the launch party it's

my great pleasure to welcome Gallery Gallery director Ron Radford.

Thank you so much for your time

tonight. Take us through what

this means for the National

Gallery and how will it change how visitors how visitors interact with the

Gallery? Well first of all you

can see a giant sign so you

know where it is and you also know where there's a front door

so you don't have to go up the

ramp and when we have big

exhibitions we don't have to employ people as human signposts because people will be able to be able to see the door

themselves so. We have a new

entrance, a wonderful new

foyer, shop, a great hall for

great events and openings and

schoolchildren can use. But

more importantly we have 11 new

indigenous galleries showing

Australian indigenous art in tremendous

ask you about that. The 11 new

galleries, does this herald a

change of philosophy or

thinking about the place of

indigenous art in an Australian collection? Absolutely. They

are in the front gallery they

are illuminated by natural daylight and we have special

galleries for each geographic

region or aspects of Aboriginal

art. And normally indigenous

art is in a more generic space

but we have specific spaces for

each kind of Aboriginal art each kind of Aboriginal art and

it tells a story, the actual

arrangement of the rooms tells

a story. Ron, we've been

looking at some pick churs as

you've been talking and it

looks absolutely sensational.

Today's opening of the new wing

is stage 1, so what happens

next? Well, stage 1 was four

indigenous, stage 2 is for non-

indidge nus to bring it down from

the cultures of the world which

is quite appropriate for our

own culture for the National

Gallery of Gallery of Australia. Ron, congratulation, it looks

stunning and I'm very, very excited about getting down

there and having a good look myself. Thank you for your time

tonight. Thank you. Ron Radford

there down ant the National

Gallery of Australia live where they're

they're having the launch party

of the new wing. Now to finance

and a series of weaker than

expected economic data has made

financial markets reconsider the

the prospect of a rate increase

next week. The local share market took a battering as

well. There's certainly no boom

in lending anymore. Private sector credit growth in August

was just 0.1%. The slowest in 9

months and building approvals

fell 4.7% against expectations

of no change. But I suppose the

good news is that that means

house prices are likely to hold

up because there's still no supply. Speaking of house prices, city values slightly in August according to

RP Data and Rismark's index

which was out today. Here are

the individual cities with

median prices beside them and I

know there's a fair bit of information information there so I will

just let you have a look.

Sydney's rose a bit although the the median price h price has

been steady for 5 months. Perth

values down the most in

Australia. And at $485,000 the Darwin median price is still higher than Melbourne's.

Canberra and Hobart both rose

more than 1% in August and there's quite a lot of difference as you can see

between the various States as

there is with housing approvals

and the surprising thing is

that the resource rich States

of WA and Queensland are doing

the worst. Now here's a graph

of house prices around the world. From today's Financial

Stability Review from the

Reserve Bank which I found pretty interesting. Australia

has not had the biggest rise in the the past 8 years, New Zealand has. The United States and

Ireland have both seen house

values crash back down to where

they were 8 years ago. German

houses are still worth the same

as they were then and values in

France and Spain have fallen

but not nah match. The local

share market dropped 1.2% because of that weak economic

data. Telstra was sliced 6

cents after yesterday's

investor presentation. It's now

fallen 9% in 3 weeks to a

record low. And the Australian

dollar has slipped back a few

points to below 97 US cents. It

got as high as 97.3 overnight

and that's finance. Laws

governing prostitution in the

ACT are to be reviewed for the

fir time in two decades. The

Government says there are 33

registered brothels in Canberra. The Attorney-General

says the review has been partly

prompted by advice from the

coroner following the death of

a teenager in a Fyshwick

brothel two years ago. There were no were no adverse findings to be

made in relation to that tragic death of that young woman. death of that young woman. That

the issue of proof of age was

one that was worthy of further consideration by the

Government. The ACT Opposition

and the peak organisation

representing ACT sex workers

have welcomed the review. A

legal glitch has allowed

Canberra Raiders star Josh

Dugan to successfully appeal

against his driving disqualification. Dugan was fined and banned from driving

for 15 months after he pleaded

guilty to reckless driving and

driving while suspended. But

part of that sentence was

overturned today because Dugan's suspension notification

was invalid. An error, which

was revealed in a separate test

case in July. Dugan will be

able to get his licence back

next month. A multimillion

dollar class action has been

launched against an Australian

soy milk company after people

who drank it became

ill. Lawyers say the milk

contained 7 times the safe

level of iodine. It was

eventually recalled but victims

say they've lives have been

devastated. Erin Downie can

play with her toddler now but when

when her daughter Mirakeye was

a baby the 29-year-old was a baby the 29-year-old was bed ridden after twice being hospitalised with heart

palpitations and blackout. He

said Bonsoy milk robbed her of

the precious first years of motherhood. They've taken away something I

something I can't get back. I

don't know if ki have more

kids. My body is still very

sick. I couldn't hold my baby

as a new born. I'd like them as a new born. I'd like them to

walk a day in my shus. Ironically the health

conscious mother had drunk

Bonsoy to help with breast

feeding. She's one of 25 people who have

who have already joined a class Court against Bonsoy's

distributors. Some of them

critically ill, some lost their

jobs, some lost their businesses. Victims include AFL

footballer Will Minson although

he hasn't joined the legal

action. Lawyers won't put an

exact figure on the lawsuit but they say there could be hundreds of consumers who

developed thyroid problems long before Bonsoy was recalled last December. We described the

company's conduct as illegal.

They're in breach of the Trade Practices Act and they're in

breach of their duty of

care. I'm pretty furious this

could happen. It's an easy test to find out whether there's

high levels of iodine in a

product or not. But that test never happened. Bonsoy's distributors say the product is

back on the shelves and is now

safe for use. 3 days out from

the NRL grand final

celebrations are already well

under way. The Dragons had

session today. The Roosters are

itching to complete their

fairytale climb from wooden

spooners to premiers. Both

sides briefly came together

this morning for the traditional grand final

breakfast. From their faces it

seems the Dragons and Roosters think Sunday can't come soon

enough. But with a grand final

comes hoopla and with an all Sydney affair comes hype. I've

never seen a scramble for

tickets like I've seen in the last couple of days. Grand

final week is like no other. Players praise the referees. Two of the best

referees this week, can't wait

to work for them. And

everyone's an exp ert. Any advice to them? Will the

Dragons should pass the ball

around a bit more. Wayne

Bennett's been here before, a

man of many trofies buffet

mousely few words. Have you

second guessed yourself at any

stage in the past 2 seasons and

thought maybe I might let them

use use the ball a bit more at times? Not really. Criticism of

the Dragons' defensive style

doesn't faze him. We know what

we do well and we know the

football we play is enjoyable

and other people have got their

opinion and opinion and their perceptions,

that's up to them. Brian Smith's coached in 3 grand finals and never won. He's lost

twice to Wayne Bennett so he's

taking no chances. I'd like to

think we could score some great

tries on the weekend but I'm

just as keen to make sure we

don't let them score some great

tries. The good thing about us

is we don't even know what to

expect. Expectation is what

this week is all about. Who

knows what will happen on

Sunday afternoon. One thing I

can promise you is we won't be

coming back next week. A victor

and a vanquished at least is guaranteed. 3-time Tour de

France winner Alberto Contador

has been Cycling Union. After testing

positive to a banned substance.

The Spaniard has blamed food

contamination for returning a

positive test to the banned

steroid during this year's

Tour. Cycling has had its share of

of dark days, this might another. Few who follow the

world's premier cycling event

will forget Spaniard Alberto

Contador surnling into what was

his ultimately winning break in this

this year's Tour de France.

During the rest day before the

decisive mountain stage the

3-time winner tested positive

to a weight loss and muscle

building drug. The rules are definitely we have to wait

until the B sample and then

people can talk and discussion

can be going on. You have to

understand these things can be

quite complicated an it's a

shame it's out there when it

could be something completely

innocent. If the evidence against him is sustained, 27-year-old his Tour title and face a

2-year ban. On the road the

elite men's time trial world

crown was won for a 4th time br

Switzerland's Fabian

Cancellara. Great Britain's David Millar came second and

German Tony Martin was third.

Australians Richie Australians Richie Porte and

Michael Rogers were placed 4th

and 5th respectively. Australia

remains well placed at the

women's world basketball titles

despite an 8-point defeat

against the United States. The

Opals conceded 18 unanswered

points during the first half

but fought back to go down

83-75. Australia meets hosts the Czech Republic in the

quarter finals. Away from grand final fever in Melbourne

the next crop of young Aussie

Rules players have been put to the test at the Australian

Institute of Sport here in

Canberra this week. A host of

coaches and recruiting managers have descended on the capital to catch a glimpse of

the future stars of the game at

the AFL draft combine. I think

this is a really good field. We're really excited about it. We've

We've got 9 of the first 15

picks so it gives us a real

opportunity to lay a really good foundation for our club

. Today the players took part

in kicking drills and in kicking drills and former Essendon Bombers great Matthew

Lloyd introduced a new drill

he's designed aimed at testing hand/ball efficiency.

Obviously the first ever draft

combine back in 1994 and it was

all abfitness testing and over

the last 4 or 5 years really

developed the AFL clubs want to

see the more playing side of it. The combine concludes

tomorrow then the young players

await their fate in the

national and rookie national and rookie drafts

later this year. And now with a

look at today's weather here's

Mark Carmody. Thanks, Virginia

and good evening. I was talking

to a lady in a

morning who was terribly upset

that the new foliage on her

tree turned black this morning

and no wonder after if minus 2

we got. But after that doozy it

was fine and sunny with light

winds. They freshened a bit

this afternoon and turned more

northerly and our top

temperature today was 15. Currently it's fine and clear

with light variable winds and a

rising barometer. Around our region today there were

widespread frosts across the Tablelands and the south-west

slopes, even Griffith in the

Riverina dipped to minus 1 but

Cooma had a real doozy, minus 8. After they cleared it was

fine and sunny. Yass reached

15. Around Australia today:

Cloud moving through WA and

South Australia is part of a deepening trough which when it gets closer to

will produce some showers. As

the high that's given us such great weather moves into the

Tasman it will direct moist north easterlies into that trough which will result in

shower an sheer expected around

here over the weekend. Nationally tomorrow: There's those winds rotating

anti-clock wise around the high

as it moves into the Tasman.

But while we're still under the

influence of the high, it

should be frosty, then fine and

mostly sunny across our region

tomorrow. The winds will again

be light but they will

strengthen on Saturday becoming

more easterly. It will be

perfect holiday weather ton

coastment The holiday weather in

Canberra will be good as we.

There will be areas of frost

again and there could be fog as

well. Then lit be a little

cloudy but fine. Our top

tomorrow will be 18. On

Saturday a different story.

Frosts and fogs again followed

by possible showers along with

moderate north-easterly to south-easterly winds and could be more showers on Sunday

which includes Sydney so we

could have a possible wet grand

final. It will be beaut in the mountains tomorrow as well.

Fine and sunny with light

winds, minus 7 to 9 in

Perisher. Show rers expected to

develop on Saturday. Virginia,

I got this flou er from the

botanic gardens who will soon

celebrate their 40th

anniversary. It's a Grevillea

caleyi and is one of the rarest

plants in Australia. Coming

from a dwindling habitat around

Terry Hills in Sydney. You are

a font of fascinate ing

information. That's ABC News.

Stay with us now for the '7:30 tonight at the National Gallery which is right now celebrating

its new wing by allowing

visitors to see some of the

collection in a new light. And

I'll be back with an update at

8:30. Until then, enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI