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(generated from captions) observes haven't been in -- to have opened fire overnight bringing least 12 people were killed

it as a threat. was a similar emergency give the demonstrators

Vice-President see him hand power to his call on our deal, opposition to join us in this to keep unity third long serving Arab leader Kapyong outside Seoul Gillard

crossed the line into North from taking a tough line. Accusing

Pacific. The North Korean regime is a dictatorship,

battle them. It's all there. The Australians held off it's time more know their story. Some veterans War. Does that here - China. Thailand to remember those died working ceremonies at Hellfire where busy Bangkok meets Hellfire Pass. On this river,

Siam, four diggers float towards a

ones thinking of food

mongrels! At 90,

tropics are very hard on

it and memories of it burn within, even after

week's where a

being killed in Afghanistan sanitary products. Late this While the 22 men be held here continuing into last shooting dead including women and children. custody but came simply to do moment is stark. A lone one. He releads and tries to protect his I remember seeing them around. I was told that all

in the bank would be I should here in the hills where a graveyard warning that follows. Christ's tomb before

world gathered Christians from around the the faithful There was Christ rose from the dead .

today, not everyone is free to know that in dozens of countries in

mixed with sadness. If conflict times. Mother nature another deluge of campers to flee. You talk frightening memories of the son. We were cooperation across

middle of the city. If I was here by West January here by West Creek on 10 the city has shifted here today. City a 12-point lead against the Knights. Newcastle put on 22 unanswered points And when the scores were running away with scoring first. But Parramatta responded by heaping eventually

charge. Chris an ankle

halted Souths' momentum. Barber

Kurtley premium. Quade Cooper and

brought a premature end to what shaped as his best

a new referee in the second half the ferocity of the was played in the Reds' half, more than 80% of the 40 minutes

Queensland's scrum defence turned back wave More was denied after video replays. almost the classic day of competition.

coast. In

2001. He opening wave.


third deciding play-off. It with a 3-point bomb of own. with a 3-point bomb of their the

the win. The grand final

is final game in the series will year's Queanbeyan backdrop for the 2,000m race.

bitter overnight 38 laps. A lot of rocks

let the fast people go. managed let the fast people go. I on the course and I just was competitors. But in the end, a bath and a

others got

on the around the exception of the Obamas. I'm surprised that off the list, Sarah her omission appears at the wedding. But workmates. I say it's

exciting event for all

invitation is

don't care with an invitation, one of will be out one of the billion-plus


Brisbane, 26.

That's the will That's the news for now. I in Canberra from tomorrow. Followed