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(generated from captions) unleashes a monster and forced to flee their homes Japan declares a forced to flee their homes as

watches emergency. And as the world worst natural disaster full extent of damage is known but here's most powerful on record. The than 600 to rise significantly. Here apparent still put a huge strain on the being revealing the obliteration quake. In Miyagi whole tracks. community. Those who tried to outrun this lasted 2 long minutes and was the earthquake 10 ground. Those people have threat, emergency crews zone while soldiers TRANSLATION: There to express it, we just about their missing loved As to their TRANSLATION: Today it and passengers to life. The which existing in something to help. Now Japan is receiving reports from here in Tokyo. and universities. evacuated students, and the other side. There were the much of its energy as it roared devastation there sent We'll stand by them and we'll assist. The United States out of Japan are simply major concern for finance sending the economy and Sony have down and precautionary. So long environmental damage power plants. I've heard of impact there will have are major concerns it looks like adding to its we'll need so see whether they projects. But Japan on the infamous Pacific ring takes a closer look at takes a closer look at the region. Japan unfortunate position, unfortunate position, it sits where sits precariously grind earthquakes frequent in Japan but as yet but it takes at least 2 hours tsunami to reach our shores. Australia will ever see waves or Japan. When we on and rips which are dangerous for people in

That's all from Japan, I'm Mark territory. Rebel no-fly zone will The one sided demonstrations again, plenty of revelation but calls for a no-fly zone to deplete ability and there's some fear now too because Island detention asylum seekers broke out of centre. They're about the time returned to the facility but be monitored and kept under

through one of North Queensland are at flooded. That's the highest ends. I can't resurgent Warriors in New it down. While the rabt os loss is likely to be out effect. They came effect. They came from 22 points down. best heads came

James Tamou showed good Thurston put Parramatta got the Eels first two It's been Canberra Raiders were formed. this year form which took them to the years. Their last trophy came in 1994 and although they've club and around premiership? Look, I even great that it's 30 years but again we need perform will be the army, going down by just two points to the Sharks. import Danny Cipriani Sharks showed why they're at the final

this morning. Eoin Morgan Jonathan Trott target with 6 balls to Canberra Capitals will be aiming to win looking to win title in 26 years. chance you've got is a new season, day. Tip off will be at 3:00 more silverware to its trophy take out the AFL's had to lift the tempo celebrations were more subdued foundations as last year. Dale Leon Davis the pies back into the game. 2 goals to Michael Hurley early in the final quarter had the Bombers' counterattacking won him the at drawing in tourists buildings. held them as a partner to open and not much rain in it.

Temperatures peaked at 28 degrees after 13

A cloudy start and a

latest from Japan. The Government declared a nuclear Thanks