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Live. Tonight - and then there

were two. Thailand backs a

refugee swap deal with

Australia. Fears grow for a Canberra man missing in the

give United States. The Raiders

about, while the Brumbies go

from bad to worse. It's not in

you. You're not going to find it under pressure Poufing the pavement for RSPCA's Million Paws Walk. pavement for a cause - the

Good evening. Craig Aline with ABC News. Even before

Malaysia has signed its deal,

another country has expressed

interest in doing a refugee

swap with Australia. Thailand

wants to investigate

cooperating on a similar deal to ease pressure on its bulging

refugee camps. Here's #34ri9 call correspondent Greg

diplomacy. Jennett. You could call it soft

diplomacy. Thank you very much. In Thailand, Australia

seems to have found another

potential taker for its asylum

seekers without even trying. I

think the agreement between

Australia and Malaysia on this

particular model based on I

think 5:1 ratio is something

interested that the rest of us would be

its northern borders, Thailand

houses 110,000 asylum seekers

and proven refugees. A 5 for 1

swap appears attractive for

Bangkok and perhaps to Canberra

too if the Minister's comments

earlier this weekend are

anything to go by. We're in

discussions with countries

across the region about a range

of possible models to break the people smugglers business. It

options to transfer asylum could present Australia with

seekers to Malaysia, Thailand and Papua New

first boat load for transfer to

any of those destinations is

soon to make landfall on

Christmas Island. We will hold

these asylum seekers pending

removal. The message here to removal. The message

people smugglers and to asylum

seekers in the pipeline is

expecting don't come to Australia

expecting to be processed,

because you won't be. On

Thailand's interest, Australia's official response is simply to note: the Thai development. It seems There's something odd about

to have fallen in Australia's

lap. By his own admission,

Kevin Rudd didn't even raise

the Malaysian asylum deal

his talks in Bangkok and he's

yet to explain what level of

involvement he's had in any of

the regional processing deals.

We did not discuss those

dwell matters. Nor was he keen to

dwell on the questions. Could I

ask the Foreign Minister what

your view - They're matters,

he says, for Chris Bowen to handle. Residents on Christmas

Island appear divided about the Federal Government's new offshore processing

arrangements. While some have expressed concern about a triggering further arrest among

those in detention, others believe the hardline policy may

stop the boats. From Christmas Island,

Island, the ABC's Andrew

O'Connor reports. When the

latest group of asylum latest group of asylum seekers

steps ashore at Flying Fish

Cove, they'll be stepping into

an uncertain future. Whatever

their hopes and expect pekt

aations, Christmas

be a short stopover, designed

to deter people smugglers.

Hopefully it will work and

stop the boats and stop repeats

of the tragedies that occurred last year, especially the one

here on Christmas

Island. Russell Paine has lived

on the island for more than 20

years and strongly criticised

the management of its overcrowded detention

facilities, but he believes by

stopping the flow of boats, the

yet to be finalised offshore

processing arrangements may

save lives. Nobody on the island

island liked what happened here

on December 15 and we don't want the island to go want to see a repeat of it. We

through that sort of trauma

again. Long accustomed to being

Christmas Islanders have been at the centre of the debate,

shocked by the events of the

last five months. The asil um

seekers shipwreck in December

which left 50 people dead and

the problem of overcrowding,

protests and riots in March

have shaken the faith of some

in ever-changing policies.

There are concerns in the

community at how asylum seekers

will react to this latest

change. They are concerned

that when people are taken off boats and put boats and put on planes to

third countries, there might be

resistance. The 32 asylum

seekers who will be the first

test of the Government's new

arrangements are being brought to Christmas Island on board to Christmas Island on

While people in detention the Customs vessel tritan.

centres have been told about

the new policy, it's not clear

what this group will be told or

how they'll react. That should

become clear when they arrive

here in just a few days. Fears

are growing for a Canberra man

United who's been missing in the

week. 32-year-old DJ Alexander

Beddows from Mawson disappeared

while on holiday in Louisiana.

Security vision shows Mr

Beddows with

people at a New Orleans ferry

term national on May 7. He was

also seen at a pub that night,

but he hasn't been heard from

since. There's concern he may

have been seen lying on the

ground. New Orleans police are investigating, and Mr Beddows'

parents are also searching the

area. Family and friends are

appealing for help on line. involved. For the first time in Affairs and Trade is also

40 years, US authorities have opened a major Louisiana

floodgate to ease pressure from the

the swollen Mississippi river.

The aim is to save cities by

sacrificing small towns and

farmland. The army's engineers

are being careful. They're

opening just one of 125

floodgates to relieve pressure

on the levees. Over the coming

days a few more will be opened,

the people but authorities want to give

time to move to higher ground. We

We want to make sure that

folks have the understanding

that water is coming their way

and they need to

evacuate. Farmland along with

thousands of homes will be

flooded to save New Orleans and

Louisiana's capital, Baton

Rouge. For the folks

downriver, can they expect any

kind of federal compensation if

they lose their property

because of this? Well, you

know, the thing to remember is

that public safety is our number one priority. In other

words, no, although residents

chose to live here knowing the

accept the loss. It makes me

sick. It actually makes me

sick. Some areas could end up

under 8 metres of water and

many residents are packing

everything they can. are building levees in a

desperate bid to save their

homes. It's a pretty bad

feeling knowing that if you

don't take it with you, you'll probably

probably never see it

again. Many have already lost

so much in the worst flooding

in the central United States in

70 years. But now people are

being forced to sacrifice even

more so that others can be

spared. The head of the International Monetary Fund has

been charged with sexually

assaulting a hotel made in New

York. He was escorted off a

Paris-bound plane 10 minutes

after takeoff. Police say he's

charged with a criminal sexual

act, attempted rape and

unlawful imprisonment. He's a

key player in Europe's ongoing

debt crisis and was tipped by

some to become the next French charged in the United States

for allegedly funding the

Taliban in Pakistan. A

76-year-old imam, four members

of his family and another man

were indicted on were indicted on charges of

providing money to buy guns for a foreign terrorist

organisation. The imam and his

sons were arrested in America,

while the others live in

Pakistan and are yet to be arrested. The indictment does

allege that they were providing

material support and money to

the Pakistani Taliban which

everybody knows has been

involved in many many terrorist acts. The

Pakistani Taliban claimed they were averchling Osama Bin

Laden's death when they killed

89 police recruit s in

suicide bombings this

week. Iran's eye for an eye

punishment case has taken an un

expected turn. A court ordered

the blinding of a man for

hurling acid into the face of a

woman who spurned his offer of

marriage. But the sentence was

postponed at the 11th hour,

sparking anger from the victim

and her supporters. A warning this story contains images some viewers may find distressing. Ameneh Bahrami

suffered horrific wounds suffered horrific wounds when

acid was thrown into her face 7 years ago. She remains badly

disfigured and has lost sight

in both eyes. The injuries were inflicted by Majid

Movahedi, who threw acid in her

face after she turned down his

repeated marriage requests. He

admitted the attack in a series

of court hearings and was

sentenced to ret beautive

justice to suffer the same injuries he inflicted victim. His punishment was to

have acid dropped into his

eyes, but the Iranian authorities intervened at the

last minute and postponed the

sentence. Ameneh Bahrami and

her family heard today from

news reports that the sentence

had been put off. It came as a

surprise to her. TRANSLATION:

I was getting ready today with

my family and friends to go to

carry out the order, but was informed by journalists that

the sentence would not be

carried out today. I couldn't believe it. I think human

rights activists are trying to

stop me stop me from carrying out the sentence. Ameneh Bahrami has

let it be known she's prepared

to carry out the punishment

herself. It's not revenge, but

she wants this to act as a

warning to others. She and her

relatives have rejected

requests that she should show

mercy. The authorities in Iran

have not said why they stepped

in to halt the sentence, but in

the past 36 hours they have come under enormous international pressure to stop

it going ahead. They're on what

could be their final mission,

six World War II veterans aged from 88 from 88 to 101 are tonight on

their way to Greece. They'll

take part in 70th anniversary

commemorations for the

ill-fated battle to save the

country from invasion. became prisoners of war and

many of their mates lost their

lives. But the vets are all eager to return. Age hasn't

wearied them enough to put off

this important expedition. At

101 Daniel Bowden is the

oldest, going back is a

reminder of the camaraderie

between the allied troops and

Greek forces all those years ago. It how lucky I am to still be

here. All have made the journey

before, except 88-year-old Norm

Madock, the youngest in the

group. He turned 18 group. He turned 18 in Greece,

70 years later he's returning

for the first time to see the

final resting places of his

mates. When I go to these

cemeteries in Greece and Crete,

it will be a wonderful,

wonderful thing for me. More than 600 Australians lost their

lives in the battles of Greece

and Crete in 1941. Around 5,000

5,000 became prisoners Their sacrifice was remembered

at Sydney's Anzac Memorial.

The survivors have their own

stories. Daniel Bowden's plane

was shot out of the sky. I

think it's born to be lucky

than rich, I've always said

that, and I was born

luckiment Half a million Greeks

weren't so lucky. They lost

their lives in a tough campaign

that ended in defeat at the

hands of the Germans, but had

also forged a strong bond

between Australia and Greece. At great risk the Greek and kreshan people

sheltered them and assisted

them to escape. They were

starving themselves, but they'd

always give you chicken legs or

something. A friendship that continues to endure. Police in

Queensland say a young man has decided as a result of the

latest internet craze planking.

He was apparently trying to lay

flat on the balcony railing of

a high-rise building when he

fell seven storeys to his

death. Planking is normally

harmless, but police had dangerous, as people competed

for more outrageous locations.

It might seem like fun, but as

this episode has shown, it carries great risk. A

in central Queensland was charged earlier this week after planking on a police car. The

Raiders haven't had much to

smile about this year, but last

night they staged a dramatic

turnaround to produce the

biggest upset of the season so

far. The team defeated the

Storm in Melbourne, averting a

club record-losing streak.

Currently languishing at the bottom of the ladder, Canberra

shattered all preconceptions to

produce the eight-point win and

match against the Bulldogs with

flesh impetus. Ben Lisson

reports. If there's a formula

for producing an upset, getting

a strong start is a key

component and the Raiders did

just that. McCrone is over.

McCrone is in and Canberra have

gone back to back. Melbourne

would always produce a comeback

of sorts and tries either side

of half time brought them back.

Melbourne Storm very shortly will will be all level in Melbourne. The Raiders had lost

from positions like this many

times this season, but they

seemed determined this time to

hold the fort. The Raiders' defence survived wave after

wave of attack. Melbourne's

coach was visibly frustrated as

the Raiders earned a penalty

and went ahead late. Before

try-scoring machine Blake

Ferguson did what he knows

best. He gets it, he tippy

toes down the touch line and he

scored a miraculous try, Blake

Ferguson. The try given of the doubt, the Raiders

registering their first win in

Melbourne since 2000. Today the Raiders were clearly

relieved. A win. That puts me

at ease. We've at ease. We've been pretty confident, especially the last

two or three week, we've gone

in with a real confidence, it's

been a shock we haven't come

away with a win, that's the way

we reviewed it A boost ahead of their clash with the Bulldogs

this Friday night in Canberra.

Being able to have the same

team on the park, you know,

second week in a row, maybe the

third week. you build combinations, we looked sharper last night.

Glad we can get a win and move

on now. One win doesn't make a

season. But it does make a welcome change. Troubled Todd

Carney returned to the Carney returned to the Roosters

line-up today, but it didn't

stop Cronulla posting a

comfortable win. Cowboys and

Rabbitohs were last night's

winners. Today the Warriors

finished strongly to defeat the knights, while the sharks

scored four tries to beat

Roosters. John Hayes Bell year's grand final, Roosters. John Hayes Bell reports. Though they made last roosters couldn't beat Sharks

during 2010, with Todd Carney

back from a club-imposed

suspension, Cronulla

with noir impressive effort. It

was four tries to one for the Sharks, while Carney was kept

quiet, Cronulla matched dogged

defence. A match-winning

tackle. With a clinical

attacking performance, Ben

Pomeroy scoring two tries.

Three times in the first half

the Knights skipped ahead of

Warriors, but New Zealand's

team is staying focused away from home. scoreless in the second half

and added two tries of its own

for a nine-point win. The

Warriors surely have won the

game. South Sydney set up its

11-point win over the with a first-half attacking blitz. Nathan Merit's's 100th

try started the rot, try started the rot, Rabbitohs ran rampant for half-time

scoreline. The Tigers

recovered, scoring 18 to 2

after the break, but four tries

to 3 was hardly a reasonable reflection of the game. match in North Queensland was a

12-try smorgasbord which began

with a similar pattern. Jared

Haine was instrumental in

firing the Eels to a 16-0 lead.

Goes and scores. But the

Cowboys reduced the margin to a

converted try. The Cowboys are

back. In the second half,

Parramatta again pushed out to a 16-point advantage, before

Johnathan Thurston put his

stamp on the game. He crossed

for two tries as the Cowboys

scored 30 climbing to third on the

ladder. He is a genius. With

State of Origin about to begin,

the Dragons have opened a

four-point break at the top.

The Titans and the Sea will complete the round on the Gold Coast. Canberra's Josh Duigan has won the fullback

position in the NSW squad for

the opening State of Origin

game in Brisbane on Wednesday

week. 7 St George Illawarra

players are also in the team,

while Cronulla's Paul Gallen is

captain. Eel Jarryd

Jimmal Idris among those to miss selection. Tuggeranong

have beaten Goulburn in a tight

contest 32-26. While in today's other match, the

Queanbeyan Blues breezed past

the Woden Rams to win by 30 points. In

points. In super rugby, it was

the Brumbies' own coach who

delivered the harshest

criticism following the team's

surprise defeat at the hands of

the Lions last night.

Overnight, the Rebels were

handed a rugby lesson, going down by 37 points, in cheeters upset crusaders in

Bloom Bloom. Brumbies season

went from bad to worse,

prompting coach Tony Rea to

attack the club

culture. Brumbies were heavy

favourites against a side that

had won only one match in the

last two ceasons. In near

freezing conditions, the match

followed the script early.

This time did he get it down?

Yes, he did. The Lions went a

man down following this tackle,

but the visitors built pressure, taking the lead

before half time. Anxious crowd waited for a Brumbies

revival, but the Lions were too

good, scoring two tries to one in the second half. Away he

goes. They won't put a hand on him. him. Holding on for their first win in Canberra. The

drought has been broken in

Canberra by the Lions of South

Africa. Fed up with his team's

performance, the Brumbies coach

didn't hold back after the

match. Just got too many

people in an organisation that

makes too many soft decisions

and you've got to put yourself

in in places, we've never been

able to do that, it's a shirade

really, happy to be proven

wrong, by the way. Don't think

they will. Today Brumbies CEO Andrew Fagan spoke with Rea

over the outburst. Told me he

wanted to issue a challenge to

the group and wanted that to be different

different to how those

challenges are usually issued,

behind closed doors. It was

about self-reflection, role of

coaches, team management, the

players themselves, and 95% is not good enough. Overnight,

Melbourne were on the back foot

early in their South African soil. The rebels

couldn't take a trick and the

Bulls capitalised. The referee

hasn't blown the whistle yet.

What on earth has happened

here? Everybody stopped and he's

he's picked up a try. The

Rebels were beaten all over the

park, the Bulls running away

with a 37-point win. In the

AFL, St Kilda's season from

hell has continued, with a

five-goal loss to Hawthorn.

Last night Essendon belted Brisbane and continued Port Adelaide's

miserable season. Today the

western Bulldogs beat Richmond.

At the MCG, the Saints started

well but let the Hawks run away

with the match. It was a

of milestones at the MCG, with

both teams keen to prove they're more than just

pretenders. Stephen Gillam was

an early casualty, as the

Saints made a bright start. I

know it's early, but gee

they're looking good. Spirited

Defence Forced the Hawks into

sloppy turnovers. The Saints'

forwards made them pay. Saints are hot. Rewolt's

them to a five-goal lead.

Clarkson delivered strong

words, and his players

responded, a running goal to

Shane Savage just the tonic.

That could be the

fire-starter As the Hawks started

started to find their groove.

An injury to ruckman David Hale

stalled the momentum, but

Michael Osborne cranked it up

again. Osborne. The Saints

were their own worst enemies,

as the Hawks snatched the lead.

They're in front. St Kilda

claimed the first goal in the

second half, first gamer Luke

Breust putting Hawks back in

front. Riewoldt had the

strength, but not the accuracy.

The Hawks taking an

lead at the final change. With two players down, the Hawks

were in danger of being

overrun, but their youngsters had other ideas. Inspired

Franklin hit party mode. Oh,

boy. As the Hawks cruised to a

memorable win. Going down in

that second quarter, really put us us under the pump. We had

support from Bard and

Hodgy. The Saints' season in

tatters and plenty of

soul-searching ahead. In local

AFL, Tuggeranong won a thrilling contest

thrilling contest over

Belconnen, the Hawks wing by

just one point, 97-96. It's

been a day of celebration in

Manchester, with two historic

moments for the city's football

teams. Manchester City broke a

35-year trophy drought by wing the the FA Cup, while Manchester

United clinched a record 19th

Premier League title. Mark

Douglass reports. Now, number

19 champions. After two decades

of dominance, Manchester United

now sits alone on top.

Obviously the tables have turned. Socceroo Brett Emerton

threatened to spoil the party

when he put blarkburn ahead. Hold on, Manchester United A

careless piece of goal keeping handed grab the point needed to secure

the title. The Red Devils'

controversial colt hero stepped

up. Especially for Sir Alex

Ferguson, the architect of United's extraordinary era of

success. I never thought we

could achieve what we've

achieved. Further south, a new football

football power was continuing

its ascension. For so long the

poor cousins to united but now

boosted by an oil baron's

billions, Manchester City's star-studded team class for first-time FA Cup finalists Stoke. Great save

from sorenson, brilliant. City

should have been ahead at half

time, but squandered several

chances. That was until a thunderus strike from Toury.

Mann cherser city have one

hand on the FA Cup. It soon

became two, as City celebrated

its first trophy in 35 years.

There were no trophies for the

taking, but plenty of pride at

stake in the friendly against

New Zealand. The opening goal

was cancelled out by the

visitors before the break. That's in, back of the neck, Wilkinson scores a mesmerising

goal. Brilliant free kick

proved decisive in Australia's 2-1 victory. Australia's Sam

Stosur is hitting form just in

time for this month's French

Open. Stosur overpowered

Australian Open finalist Li Na

in the semifinals of the Rome

Masters. It's the first time

Stosur's reached a final since

losing in the French Open

decider last year. Yes, it's

great, I'm very excited to be

in a final and it's almost

able to get to that step once

again and hopefully I can have

a better result tomorrow than

the last one. In the men's event, Novak event, Novak Djokovic will play

Nadal in the final after the Serb survived a three-hour

battle against Andy

Murray. Nearly 5,000 pooches

have stepped out in style in

Canberra. It was a chilly start for the RSPCA's Million

Paws Walk, but that didn't

dampen enthusiasm. Some couldn't be bothered doing the hard yards, while in dogged pursue. As always,

there was plenty of canine

fashion on show. Organisers

say crowd numbers were up this

year, with about 12,000 people

taking part. Today's

raised more than $170,000 for

the RSPCA's work in the

ACT. Devotes of Moscow's club

scene went underground last

night. It wasn't a rave or a

flash mob, but a combination of two of the city's great loves,

classical music and the metro. More from

Norman Hermant. Midnight in

Moscow and traffic is finally

easing and the streets are

buzzing for the city's museum

night with doors open until dawn. Underground, they're

setting up for a concert, in a

truly unique location. The

show can't go on here until the

trains stop running, each in

the middle of the night this

performance is packing them in.

TRANSLATION: This happens

just once a year. This is like

New Year's, you can't miss it. Muscovites are drawn to cultural events of all types,

but the response to this idea,

an orchestra in the metro in

the early hours of the morning,

has been overwhelming. To do

something at that hour so much

down the earth, I think it's a

special kind of excitement and

that's why we are here. They

say New York is a city that

never sleeps, but it's clear Moscow has plenty of

insomniacs. It's going on 3 in

the morning the morning and this sold-out audience isn't going anywhere.

Perhaps the attraction is the bringing together of two

cherished elements of Moscow life, classical music and the underground trains that keep

the city moving. TRANSLATION:

You need to feel it, a

combination of music and metro.

There is its own music in the

metro . That music has proven

to be extraordinarily popular.

Next year they might need a

bigger station. I bet it was

colder here. There's cold and

then there's really cold. This

morning we had a shocker.

Minus 6.8 degrees at 4am, and

it took until 9 o'clock for

temperatures to drift above the

freezing mark. At least it was

sunny, though. We reached 14

degrees this afternoon. It was

even colder overnight in

Goulburn. They had minus 8 to

a top of 14. In fact, there were

were plenty of centres dipping

down into minuses, even

Batemans Bay touched zero, then

reached up to 18. Sydney had a mild top Melbourne and Hobart stayed

cool after that cold front

passed through. Perth reached

22 and Brisbane 23. There's a

cloud band moving with

front over New Zealand and high

cloud streaming over central Australia. A high-pressure

ridge is the main feature on

the chart and that system is

set to dominate local

conditions all week, bringing

fine and sunny days, but some

very cold and frosty nights.

Around the capitals tomorrow:

The high-pressure system will

keep most of the country dry,

with just a few showers in WA

and up the Queensland coast.

It will stay dry in the local

region, but pretty cold again,

with a mostly south to

south-westerly wind whistling

through. So more frosty

starts, with tops around 15 in

Yass, Wagga and Albury. The

Bay and Bega 18 tomorrow and

Goulburn 14. Canberra will

have another very cold night, down to minus

and sunny day, up to 15 degrees

and just light winds. Sunrise

will be at 6.52, sunset at 7

minutes past 5. We'll see frosty starts every day this

week, but it will stay fine and

mostly sunny. Before we go, a

brief recap of our top story tonight. Another country has

expressed interest in doing a

refugee swap with Australia.

Thailand says it wants to

investigate the possibility of

a similar arrangement to the

one Malaysia is considering.

That's the news for now. Closed Captions by CSI