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Tonight - Malcolm Tonight - Malcolm Turnbull

puts the heat on Tony Abbott's

climate change policy. The

navy released distressing new pictures of the Christmas

Island boat disaster. The Queen

offers sympathy and regret but no apology to Ireland. former springbok coach Jake no apology to Ireland. And

White hints he won't tolerate

Brumby player power. evening, welcome to ABC News, Brumby player power. Good

I'm Virginia Haussegger. The

Prime Minister has won a much

needed break in the fight for a carbon tax and it's all due to

an unlikely ally. Liberal front

bencher Malcolm Turnbull has

criticised the direct action

climate policy of his leader

Tony Abbott. Mr Turp bull's also spoken of all MPs to carry the leadership baton. Chief political correspondent Mark

Simkin. Moving to a low

emissions economy isn't

easy. It's a rocky road. The

Government's been hoping for a distraction from its troubles and it got one. Very

impressed. I think I got a bit

of help. From Malcolm Turnbull

who undermined the alternative climate policy who undermined the Coalition's

saying one of the best things about it is

about it is it would be easy to

dump. A direct action industry was able to freely

pollute, if you like and the

Government was just spending

more and more taxpayers' money

a very expensive charge to offset it, that would become

a very expensive charge on the

Budget. He told us the truth, that

that basically this plan won't

work. He told us the truth,

that it would blow the Budget. Malcolm Turnbull's standing

by his statements. So is he

standing by his leader? Every

member of the House of

Representatives has the field marshal's baton or

baton in their knapsack so

nobody would ever discount that sort of ambition sort

completely. Although he did toppled before the next discount Tony Abbott being discount Tony

election. I can't say I have no

doubt that he will win it but I

think he's more likely to win

it than not. The man who

toppled Malcolm Turnbull isn't

crying in his breakfast

cereal. Malcolm fully supports

the Coalition's policy. OK,

other questions and other subjects. Coalition sources Tony Abbott is in absolutely no

danger but they're still furious about the timing and content of Malcolm Turnbull's

intervention. As one backbencher put it, delusional and destructive sour backbencher put it, he's

puss. Sour could also describe the Greens' relationship parts of press gallery. Fair the Greens' relationship with

din cull, don't be so unhappy.

Don't be so much on the back

foot. I'm not unhappy. You just

come out here every day and you

just bag out the Murdoch press. Bob Brown took aim at

covers the the way the Murdoch press

debate. I wonder why the hate

media, it's got a negative page

from top to bottom today can't

be more responsible. That's unlikely to be the last word. Dramatic new pictures have

shown the life and death

struggle as an asylum boat came

to grief on Christmas Island's rocky shoreline last December.

The video footage was taken by

to navy personnel and was played

to the Perth coroner's court

investigating the tragedy. It

shows a harrowing and courageous rescue effort gale force winds and

mountainous seas. It was desperate race against time run

against wick. Small boats HMAS 'Pirie' can be seen

battling seas that tor aport a

asylum seeker boat carrying 90

people. As island residents

stood on the cliff throwing ropes, the boat crews works

perilously close to shore

trying to recover survivors. Lieutenant commander Livingstone

that morning. His vessel was

sheltering on the other side of

the island when it was ordered to intercept the asylum seeker.

It immediately struck trouble

when one of its engines failed. It was quickly ran on reduced power

restricting the speed of his ship. Lieutenant Commander

Livingstone then despatched his

ship's too fast rigid hull

inflatable boats with the

instructions close to the scene

as quickly as possible, make an

assessment and do what you can.

They arrived about 10 minutes

before the boat hit the cliffs

and found doesens of heaving seas strewn with

debris. He told the inquest,

rescue teams were operating

very close to shore saying

"They were just metres from the

boats then had engine troubles cliff faces." But the small jet

of Thaine own as they ingested

debris and kelp as they

desperately tried to locate and

retrieve survivors. Commander

Livingstone said at one stage

one boat was close to the

cliffs on reduced power. They

had people embarked and the

waves were pushing them towards

the cliffs. In all 41 people

were pulled from the water and HMAS 'Pirie' then moved back to the sheltered seekers they had recovered.

There the rigid hull inflatable

boats were used again, this

time to ferry the slooecks,

both living and dead, back to

shore. Dominique Strauss-Khan who's facing sexual assault

charnings in New York has

resigned as managing director

of the International Monetary

Fund. Strauss-Khan has been

under pressure to step down

since his arrest at the weekend

on charges of attempting to

rape a hotel house keeper. He's in isolation in a New York jail

because the after being refused bail

because the judge felt he was a

flight risk. Strauss-Khan

firmly rejected the criminal

charges against him saying he charges against him

wants to devote his time to

proving his innocence. A new

bail hearing is expected

overnight. In one of the

boldest speeches of her reign,

the Queen has drawn a line

under decades of bitterness and

mistrust between Britain and

Ireland. Her message was one of

both hope and sadness. the Queen expressed regret and

sympathy for the hurt and loss

suffered during the two countries' turbulent

relationship. This has been a

visit full of symbolic

gestures. At a State dinner

honouring the Queen at Dublin Castle the spectacle was matched by some powerful words. (Speaks Gaelic) The

greeting in Gaelic impressed

the Irish audience. The

President seated beside the Queen mouthed the word

Then the Queen dressed the two

countries' troubled past in

unusually direct language. We can never forget those who died

or have been injured and their

families. To all those who families. To all those who have suffered as a consequence of

our troubled past I extend my sincere thoughts and deep sympathy. Earlier in the day the Queen was also dealing with

the past and looking to the

future. It may look like any

other stadium but Croke Park

has troubling ghosts. I was

here in 1920 that British

forces opened fire on innocent

spectators killing 14 people.

Revenge for the assassination of 14 British

agents earlier that day.

There was also a solemn commemoration

commemoration for the 50,000

Irish troops who died under British command during World

War I. On their return those

who survived faced being ost ra

sized for who they'd fought

for. There were lighter moments

in the day. No visit to Dublin

complete without a trip to the

Guinness brewery. The dark and

cloudy favourite morning tipple and

while Prince Philip looked

tempted this pint remained

unrupleed by royal lips. This

visit has visit has been a political

tight rope for the Queen casting

casting forward to a better relationship while honouring a

divided past. Both countries

hoping this really is a new

beginning. The United States is getting

getting tougher with Syria imposing sanctions against the President over his human rights

abuses. It's the first time President ba shad al Assad has

been targeted directly by the

international community over

his Government's crackdown on protests. The move came as

witnesses said the army had

been shelling a border town near Lebanon for the fourth

day. Syrians fleeing across the

border have described horrific

scenes of executions and killings. Human rights

activists say more than 850

people have been killed and thousands arrested since the

uprising began in March.

Al-Qaeda has released a tape recording it claims is Osama bin Laden a week before

his death. The audio is posted

on Islamic websites and a voice purported to be bin Laden's

praises the revolutions in praises the revolutions in the Arab world. TRANSLATION: As fast as

lightning the knights of Egypt took a beam of light from the

free ones of Tunisia to Tahrir

Square. Then a great revolution

was launched and what a revolution. Bin Laden was

killed by US special forces in

a raid on his secret hideout in

Pakistan earlier this month. The trend from The trend from public to private education continues.

For the first time in the ACT

more senior students are

enrolled in non-government high

schools than in government ones. The Government says it

shows there are plenty of good

options for Canberra students

but it's also out to reverse

the trend. Last year Dan and Alison Burns shifted their

children from a public

superschool to a private

college. For them it was a tough but practical decision. The environment culture of the large public

school was intimidating and frightening really frankly for

our kids. The move has turned

out well. The kids are working

hard and learning and education standards

standards are really high. It's

a choice more Canberra parents

are making. For the first time

in the ACT non-government high

schools have more students than

public ones. This does present

some challenges for us in the

public system. Part of that

also is marketing and though enrol ments in ACT

public high schools have

dropped since last year and student numbers at the Territory's private high schools are continuing to rise

but the ACT continues to have

more public students more public students in total

over all year level s and both

public and private schools and colleges

colleges are attracting more

students. I think the data

shows an affirmation to the

independent schools, the work they're doing. This is showing

a continuing trend that should be of concern to everyone. The

Government says there's work to

do. There are some areas concern clearly for the public

system, most particularly in

high schools. That's why we've

been developing a reform agenda

for our high schools and colleges. The Government soon release a new school

strategy and it's hoping to win

support and students. The

Transport Safety Bureau says a

manufacturing fault by Rolls

Royce is to blame for the

Qantas A380 explosion last

November. The November. The midair incident

near Singapore caused debris to

rain down on an Indonesian

island. Safety concerns saw the

entire Qantas fleet of entire Qantas fleet of A380s

grounded for several weeks. An

oil pipe was not wide enough and fractured leading to the explosion. It actually

allowed that oil to pass into

an area of the engine in which

there was high pressure heated

air and it reached it's

spontaneous combustion

temperature and ignited. Qantas

is seeking the engine manufacture. Rolls

Royce says it's inappropriate

to comment until the safety

authority delivers its final

report due next year. If you think think it's already difficult to get a flight attendant's attention it could be about to

get harder. The airlines and

the safety regulator are

proposing a cut in the number of cabin crew on domestic plights but a Federal

Parliamentary inquiry's been

warned that passenger safety

could be put at risk. Their job

is to ensure passenger comfort and safety. Now the domestic

airlines want fewer of

them. Safety is paramount in

any consideration of crewing on board our aircraft. The airlines want to have one flight attendant for every 50

seats instead of the current

Australian standard of 1 for

every 36 passengers. We have to

accept that 1 to 50 is a ratio

the that the majority of the world accepts is safe. Australia's safety

regulator is considering the

proposal. It's pointing to the successful evacuation of

using the 1 to 50 ratio. We do

not see an increase in safety

difference between 1 to 36 to 1 to 50. But there's been

consider rabble opposition with

fears that fewer flight attendants means more dangers

for passengers. Your chances of

surviving an accident are

greatly increased by well

tained assertive cabin crew. If

you take that away you decrease

your chances of survival. Those criticising the proposal criticising the proposal to

change the cabin crew to pass b jer ratio say the airlines trying to save money. Higher

fuel costs and cheaper airfares

mean the airlines have to

reduce costs wherever they can. Industry groups say the price war between domestic carriers

may be the cause of more flight

cancellations. Recent

government figures show every

day about 14 flights never get

off the ground. The RAAF has indefinitely grounded its elite

aerobatics squad while investigators

investigators look into the

cause of yesterday's crash in eastern

eastern Victoria. The plane

crashed soon after take off. Both

safety. It's the third incident

involving the Roulette's fleet

in the past 12 months. There

were no planes in the sky over the East Sale air base today,

all the action was on the ground. Accident investigation crews combed through the

wreckage of yesterday's crash

which is being blame on engine

failure. The crew followed the

training and followed the

drills where they tried to

restore power to the engine.

When that was unsuccessful they

made a very sound decision to

abandon the aircraft. They parachuted to safety. 45-year-old squadron leader Bruce Collenette is now

recovering in the Gippsland Base Hospital. 28-year-old flight lieutenant Steve Andrews, who's in training

be a pilot instructor, has been

moved to Melbourne for

treatment. We're very close

knit community here at the base and everybody's very relieved

that the outcome was a positive

one and the crew are both

fine. The air force has more

than 60 PC 9s which are

commonly used for training.

Last year a landing door fell

off mid flight. In February another engine's caught fire. A

Roulette plane crashed near

Sale in 2005. In a statement

the Defence Department says the

PC 9s are under constant surveillance to ensure they're maintained to the highest

standards. It's the standards. It's the question that's got the Russian people

and the country's media in a

spin. Will the President

Dimitry Medvedev and the Prime

Minister Vladimir Putin square

off in next year's presidential

election? There was a reason

for this media crush. 800

journalists showed up when for

the first time in his the first time in his 3-year presidency Russian leader

Dimitry Medvedev held an open

press conference. The stage was

set for an announcement on his

political future. It didn't come.

TRANSLATION: I think that to

announce this kind of decision

one needs to choose a rather

different forum to that of a press President bieds his time his potential

potential rival, Prime Minister

Vladimir Putin is sounding like

a presidential candidate. This

month he launched a month he launched a new

political front that may field parliamentary candidates in

addition to his already

dominant United Russia Party.

Analysts say that move could

make him unbeatable. This is an

attempt to undercut the

President who claimed at least

a part of the constituency

which Putin would like to

reserve for himself. As this press conference approached there was growing speculation

it would finally answer the

question - would Russia's Prime

Minister and president face off

in an in an election next year? After this performance, Russia still

doesn't know. The consensus Mr

Medvedev is running out of time

to stake out his turf if he

plans to run again. For now,

Dimitry Medvedev's not saying. The Victorian Government has dumped the recognising Aboriginal owners

of land at official events. The

Premier Ted Baillieu says he

will allow his ministers individualally to decide

whether or not they make whether or not they make any

acknowledgment and what words

they use. Aboriginal leaders say it's a backward step for

reconciliation. It's a controversial change in

protocol but one minister

attending an Aboriginal health

launch decided to stick to the

status quo. I would like to

acknowledge the Wurundjeri

people as the

we meet. It will now be left up

to individual MPs to decide

whether to pay their respects

to traditional landowners at official official events. Just this week the Premier made such an

acnonlment at the funeral of

Lionel Rose. But today he

avoided the camera s and left

it to his ministers to explain. They should not be formulaic, they need to be

genuine and appropriate to the

particular occasion. I see

this as a continued struggle for our people and I guess, you

know, as I said, taking a step

backwards is something that we

really thought we wouldn't ever

have to do again. Aboriginal

leaders are also leaders are also upset by the

timing coinciding with the lead

up to this weekend's AFL

indigenous round. I'd ask the

Premier what are his values and understanding of that as well,

you know, because has he truly, truly embraced, you know,

indigenous culture or

history. Former Premier Steve

Bracks believes the Government to play wedge politics at the

expense of Aboriginal people. I

can only assume it was deliberate to engender the

debate, to get maximum coverage, to get maximum

controversy, if you like, and I assume this was a deliberate

ploy. It's the ultimate in spin when you do that. But another

former Premier's called the Government's move

courageous. When there are

people in the audience who are

worthy of recognition you do

it. But you don't do something

just because it's expected of

you. An acknowledgment perhaps

of a sign of the times. To

finance now and the local share

market rose strongly today

after commodity prices surged overnight. And as Alan

reports there was a more modest

rise in the Australian dollar

as well. The reason the US

dollar was weak was that the

Federal Reserve board published

the Min yuts of its last meeting and it was clear from

them that it's in no hurry to

increase interest rates or in

general to begin the

long-awaited exit from loose monetary policy including printing money doing. As a result the Aussie

dollar went up. So did

commodity prices, b oil, gold,

silver, copper and wheat all

went up powerfully on the idea that the cash coming from the Fed. Here's a brilliant graph that clearly

shows the problem with Fed

policy. The orange line is the

monetary base, that is the

money the fed has been

printing. The flat blue line is

M2 or money supplied in the

economy and the red line is the

loans that banks have been

making. The message is the Fed

is printing it but the money's

not getting out for people to borrow and spend. The banks are

using the money to buy bods,

stocks and comdies which is why

the prices have been going up around the around the world and while American Koon Schumer spending

has been decline ing and

unemployment has not been. It

resulted in a 1.3% rise in the local share

local share market today as

you'd expect the big miners

rose strongly but so did the

industrials. Telstra is now

3.05 and NAB led a general rise

by the banks as decided yesterday's

downgradings by Moody's was no

big deal after all. Against all the euphoria about US interest

rates we learnt today Japan is

in recession because of the

earthquake. GDP shrank 0.9% in

the March quarter. An annual

rate of decline of 3.7% and a

second in a row. Nevertheless

the Tokyo share market went up

in line with Wall Street and Europe. And that's finance.

He's staying put with the

Wallabies for now but Quade Cooper continues to entertain a

potential code switch to the

has extended his contract with

the ARU for one more year but

his future beyond 2012 is uncertain. Cooper has

previously been targeted by NRL clubs including the Eels. A

move to rugby league appears to remain a real possibility. I

know my abilities and, you

know, I know how I would go.

I've played rugby league for a

long time when I was growing up

so it's not like I'm going in

there without having any knowledge of the game. The Reds

hope Cooper's new 12-month deal will entice his Wallaby's

team-mate James o Connor to Queensland next season. The

Brumby s will take on the Western Force on Saturday with 5 changes to

last weekend and as they leave

for Perth tonight, the players

should have a clearer picture of what's in store for them next

next season. Their coach for

2012, South African Jake White has been in Canberra this week

and he's already announced some big changes to the coaching support

support staff. The Brumbies' coaching position has been both

suppose it depends on how you

look at it. If you look at

David Nucifora you might get

bit nervous. Next year Jake White will take on the challenge. The only way is u.

We know one of the things the

Brumbies has got is a massive

amount of tradition and

history. He's already

capitalising on that. Laurie Fisher

Fisher will come back to the

club as an assistant coach

while former Brumbies and

Wallaby's coach Eddie Jones and

George Gregan will return in the way forward is to get those

guys on board, it will

reestablish all the things important

important in Brumby land. And

it would appear he's not going to tolerate so-called player

power blamed for the downfall

of two of his predecessors. In

the old days I suppose the

Brumbies were spoilt in they

had some of the best players in

the world. When those players

want to contribute and say what

they say they've got to allow

them to do that. With his coaching list sorted he's now

looking at rebuilding the squad

hoping to fill the gaps left by some departures. One of the ways we're going to have to do that

is we're going to have to be

more patient and make sure we get the right balance of the

squad together. It's not just a case of taking available. In rugby league the

Raiders will be without Josh

Duggan who is away serving his

State of Origin. Massey is to play against the Bulldogs

tomorrow night. I fought

against Manly for a late

adjustment and late

repraisment. He handled himself

quite little gaps an pushes up in

support and he's in the right

place at the right time. Massey

will take on his old club as Canberra look for just their third win for the season.

German driver Sebastien Vettel

insists he's not unbeatable heading into this weekend's

Spanish Formula One Grand Prix.

The reigning world champion has

won 3 out of the 4 races this

season but says he has to work

hard to stay ahead of the chasing pack. It's been Sebastian Vettel first and daylight second so far this

year. The German had a comfortable victory in Turkey

last week to extend his championship lead to 34 points

but he's not feeling

invincible. I think everyone is beatable. Winning has never

come easy so we have to keep

our head down and as I said,

try to improve the car to make sure we stay where we are. Mark

Webber says his Red Bull

team-mate has been to quickest to adapt to new regulations

which make passing wheel-to-wheel action but the

drivers know it's not as

intention as it was. Webber is

in third position in the championship, 38 points behind Vettel. The Olympic torch Vettel. The Olympic torch has delivered some unforgettable

images and London's organising

committee says almost all the UK's

UK's population will have

access to the relay when it

starts this time in next

year. 95% will see the torch? We want 95% of the population of the United Kingdom to be within striking

distance of that. We want it to go to their door steps. Zblt the relay will begin from lands

end in south-west England,

involve 8 ,000 torch bearers an

after 70 days and nearly 13,000

kilometre it will enter the Olympic stadium. While Spaniard

al Contador leads the Giro

d'Italia after 11 stages there was reminders of the danger of

the sport at the funeral for the rider Wouter Weylandt. He

was always willing to share a

smile or a joke or listen if

you needed him. He died when he

crashed on a steep desent

during the Giro d'Italia last

week. He was 26. And now with a

look at today's weather here's

Mark Carmody. Thanks, Virginia and good evening. I know a bit

about gardening, I also know a

bit about what's happening with

the weather but I'm sorry, I

don't know much about when the

Salvos Red Shield appeal is on. It's

It's not on this coming weekend

like I said last night but the

following weekend, the 28th and

29th. Now that that's out of the way today frost this morning, very

warmish top of 19 and afternoon

cloud cover which was altoe cumulus to 16,000 feet, cirrus to 22. And last night did you

see the halo around the moon. Some old timers say that's rain

on the way and I reckon they

might be right. But not

tonight. As we've just had a

beaut sun set, it's calm, but cloudy. Regionally today fine

and dry after some frosty starts. cloud covers most of SA,

Victoria, Tasmania it'sal high

jet stream cloud and not

generating much. A high

pressure system will keep the south-east mostly fine

for a couple of days. A front

over to the west will bring

widespread showers there and

prove the old timers right over

here on Sunday. Nationally tomorrow:

Expect a minimum of minus 4

which will help to produce

frost and fog patches. When

they clear it will be fine and

sunny and we're looking

another top of 19. The days

are certainly short now. The

sun's up tomorrow at: Look at this hakea from the Bott gardens, it's Hakea Burrendong from the central

west of NSW, that's out near Wellington. Thank you, Mark.

And thank you for clarifying

the date for the Salvo 's Red

Shield appeal it's the weekend

after this coming one. That's the news for the news for now. You can keep

up to date 24 hours a day on

ABC News online. Stay with us

now for '7:30' with Leigh Sales and Chris ul man. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is

Captioned Live. Welcome to

the program. The US President

Barack Obama is to make a major

speech overnight on the

instability in the Middle East,

and America's future engagement