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(generated from captions) because of the danger biggest one-day fall crippled Fukushima plant

number two reactor. Fukushima earthquake and Elevated radiation

also been detected in stands Japan's new power emergency, Fukushima nuclear piece by toxic piece and stop it.

effort possible so cool the reactors. Putting for TRANSLATION: We regret that mounting fear that there will indoors. forced Radiation selection already the tension even


years to come, this vision shows

everything. Now encompassing. plunged more than centres people bear. And emergency relief getting the terrible who died and sent this report from Miyagi moving hundreds of bodies was in Rikuzentakata last year he coming full of my house and shut the water came in my house and shut the door but

away As you can the water came in and swept us

teams are was trapped have survived the tsunami and

but can't contact them. Last year, stinking, believed to be

everything count the living ago. I'm now stands driven them inland and if left of their homes. For too much to coast heading north from Sendai of tangled mess

People who escaped the waves in

that the loss sinks in. a up on top of his his. He's homeless, and we follow him This is access to places still cut off warning of an the light fires to keep

as they wait many, those found news. Every day the list of told us that while this earthquake, so

body recovery work to be Inside the worst hit looks here that you could use sitting here having a meal.

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Live. Welcome to this special

edition of '7.30'. We've

joined forces with 'Foreign

Correspondent' tonight to bring

you extended coverage of Japan's worst disaster since

the Second World War. The

nation's continuing to struggle

with the devastation and loss

of life along its coastline.

The rescue and recovery task is being overshadowed by a

worsening nuclear emergency.

Japan's Prime Minister is

urging residents within a 30km

radius of the Fukushima reactor

complex north of Tokyo to stay

indoors as radiation levels

rise. Even though the Government's playing down

safety concerns, it's appealed

and for help from foreign experts

pumping sea water into the overheating reactor cores.