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Tonight - end of an era. The Chief Minister Jon Stanhope

calls it quit. I did do my calls it quit.

best. Thank you all. Tough

love. The budget strategy to

get the unemployed back to

work. We meet the refugees who

could soon all Australia home.

A fighter to the end. Tributes

for Australian boxing legend

Lionel Rose. Probably the best

Australian fighter ever and hopefully - he set the bar. Good ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. In the short

history of ACT politic, one

name dominates. Jon Stanhope

has been Chief

has been Chief Minister for

almost half the period since self-government was granted in

1988. The Stanhope era came

to an end today with his announcement he will resign

later this week. Jon Stanhope

recently celebrated his 60th

birthday and says it is time

for new leadership. The

Treasurer, Paul Gallen, is

week. expected to take over next

week. Kathleen Dyett

reports. The faithful gathered

to hear the news. This morning

I have advised my colleagues in

the Labor Caucus that later

this week I will resign from my

post at Chief Minister. It has

been a long time coming but for

many it came as a shock. This

is a decision I have come to

only recently. While decisions

such as this are never easy, it

is clear to me that this is the

right time. Ierf got lots of

mixed feelings. I feel a bit

wobbly, I suppose. I think it it is the best decision for Jon

and for the Government. After

13 years in the laeges and

nearly a decade - Legislative

Assembly and nearly a decade in

the top job, Jon Stanhope has many achievements to reflect

on. I am thinking of the Bill

of rights, the first prison

built according to human rights

standards. He has brought a

passion and conviction to the

top of Chief Minister. His chois of surprise. He is confident

Labor Caucus will also back the

Treasurer Paul Gallen for the

leadership on Friday. Andrew

Barr is expected to

Deputy. We will look forward

to uniting behind Katie. She

has made a significant contribution and will continue

in the future. A new member for

Ginninderra will chosen from

those who missed out on the

eyeing off another career but last weeks. Mr Stanhope is

is yet to make plans. I would like to thank the people of

Canberra for the opportunity

they have given me to represent

them and the confidence they

have shown in me. I did do my best, thank you all. For now,

there will be time to enjoy the small things life. Jon Stanhope's career has been

marked by a passion for social

justice that's often led him into conflict with the

Commonwealth. He came to the

Legislative Assembly after working as federal politician s Kim

Beazley and Michael lmtavarch.

Julie Doyle looks back at his

time at the helm of ACT government. Jon Stanhope was

first elected to the assembly first elected to

in 1988 as the member for

Ginninderra. 13 years later he has called it a day. It has

been a privilege and an honour

to represent my neighbours and

the people of Belconnen. Almost

immediately after taking his

place in the assembly, Mr

Stanhope took over as Labor

leader and led the party to

electoral success in 2001. It Party, a great result for Canberra I think. His popularity grew

popularity grew during his

first term in government,

helped along by a dramatic

rescue in January 2003. rescue in January 2003. As I

was trying to pull Duncan back

to sure, I honestly felt he was

dead. When he began to breathe

again, I thought it was one of

those miracles. Days later

Canberra was struck by the

devastating fire storm. Don't

cheer me. If you want to

blame somebody, blame me.

Ultimately some bushfire

victims did. The Coroner's

accused Mr Stanhope of failing

to warn the community of the

impending disaster. The

Coroner is simply wrong. We

helped people in their helped people in their pain and

helped them to rebuild their

homes. Throughout his time in

the top job Jon Stanhope campaigned

campaigned for social justice,

hailing the passage of the

ACT's Bill of rights as one of

his greatest achievements. He

with federal colleagues from wasn't afraid to butt heads

both sides of politics. He

upset John Howard by putting

the Commonwealth draft terror

laws on his web site. The two

also clashed when the Howard

government quashed the ACT government quashed the

civil unions laws and Jon

Stanhope directed his anger at

his Federal Labor colleagues

when they threatened to do the

same. I am embarrassed by what the Federal Labor Party

has done today. In 2004, his

massive personal vote helped

Labor secure the ACT's first

majority government. But that

brought problems brought problems along the way. The Government's decision to

close schools left some voters feeling disillusioned and a

bitter assembly debate took a

personal toll. Politics is hard on families

and I I had enough. He secured

a third election win

but Jon Stanhope now has more

gentler pursuits in mind. I'm

also wondering, of course, if I

might, with no particular plans in mind for the in mind for the future, spend a

little more time this year in

preparing my winter garden for spring. A fresh start after

more than a decade in the

public spotlight.

Julia Gillard is looking to

use the first budget of her

Prime Ministership to prove her

economic agenda than a carbon Government has more to

tax. She is describing

tomorrow night's Budget as

tough. It will be for those

on welfare. In its push for

training and job creation, the

Government's about to

drastically tighten work for

the dole rules for up to

200,000 un-E ployed 200,000 un-E ployed - unemployed people. It is

rolling off the presses. This

is what tough love looks like.

The $400 billion Budget aims to

encourage and sometimes force

more people into work. Good to see you out here on a to see you

freezing Canberra morning. Hundreds of thousands of the

long-term unemployed already

have to work for the dole.

From the middle of next year,

they will have to work

doubling their compulsory work

experience to two days a week,

11 months a year. Our unusual

1 priority - unusual 1 priority

is to train Australians. Some

mining communities are finding

it to hard to attract skilled workers. The number of mieg

grants made to live in regional

Australia will be increased to 16,000. From time to time

there will be shortages that

can't necessarily be filled by

Australians. Tony Abbott's

framing his attack around the

carbon tax, or more

specifically, the lack of it in

the Budget papers. All the

indications are this will be a

Budget with a hole in its heart

because it won't include the carbon tax even the carbon tax

is at least the biggest tax change since the GST. The

Government calls that rank

hypocrisy, arguing John Howard

announced the GST in 1997 but

didn't include it in the Budget

until 1999. The traditional until 1999. The traditional pre-Budget like leaks have

turned into a torrent. There

will be around $2 billion so

far. Yet Julia Gillard told

Caucus it is a tough Budget.

That suggests tomorrow's focus will be on cuts. After all

Wayne Swan is promising to turn

a deficit into a surplus in 12

months. The government is

talking tough on the Budget and

on asylum seekers. The Prime

Minister has refused to rule

out sending children, the sick

and pregnant women to Malaysia

as part of her new regional

solution to people smugglings

. There is one thing Julia

Gillard wants everyone to know about her Malaysian solution.

We are intending to take a fairly tough approach. This is tough

policy. That one word obscures

everything, even the details.

Will there be any exclusion s of people who are sick,

infirmed, young, close to

birth? We are not at this

stage dealing with those kind

of details but I do want to

indicate we are going to take a

very tough and rigorous approach. The Prime Minister

has an agreement to reach an agreement with Malaysia. The

broad numbers are known. 800

asylum seekers to go there.

4,000 processed refugees to

settle here. But there little else. Even the story of

of how it was brokered was held

tightly among a select few until before its announcement. I have no quibbles at all about the consultation. Caucus

was kept in the dark but

briefings have worked to

placate back bench critics who

now say they are pleased by the

increase in processing

resources and in Australia's

refugee intake. Others aren't

as easily convinced. It is just another desperate thought bubble from a

Government which is literal ly

drowning in problems of its own

making. Julia Gillard is predicting resistance. But it is not coming from within Labor's ranks.

Labor's ranks. Inside the Government, there is acceptance

that something had to give, or

as one has put it, we tried

compassion and it didn't work . That leaves human rights

groups and the Greens to

contend with and no legislation

for them to frustrate. It is on thin on thin ice legally, this deal with the maldsan government,

and it should present the legal

justification now. Talks on

Papua New Guinea's role in a

regional approach are edging

closer towards an

agreement. The UN's refugee

advocate has welcomed the

Government's plans to process

asylum seekers in Malaysia.

Other groups say Australia is

passing the buck. They say it is a miserable life

waiting resettlement. Sow

Zoe Daniel reports from the

Malaysian capital. In this Malaysian capital. In this tiny

flat, 19 people live and wait.

They have one room. All are

from Burma seeking asylum but

they can't legally work. John

has been here for two years

dodging immigration police

notorious for arresting those

earning a living through

illegal jobs. Wremp, we are in a nervous a nervous situation. 90% of the

refugees here are Burmese.

They are allowed to live in the

community while it is decided if

if they are genuine refugees.

They face constant scrutiny. Why would Australia make an

agreement with Malaysia in spite of its human rights

record? Australia should be processing

themselves as opposed to passing the buck and abd

abdicating its duty and passing it on to Malaysia and other

countries. He opens Australia's involvement may

push Malaysia to sign the refer

gee convention. The UNHCR has

one office in Malaysia which is in Kuala Lumpur. Critics say

the Organisation is hopelessly underresourced which

means refugee applications

takes year to process. Those who are wrongly arrested or

harassed by the Malaysian

authorities can wait months for help. But the UNHCR says

another 800 people can be

managed and it is positive

about the opportunities the deal presents. We have an

opportunity to raise standards

for the spire population.

That's a win for everybody

concerned. Of the 9 4,000 in the Malaysian queue, 4,000 will

be lucky enough to go to Australia. More than 500 refugees fleeing Libya have survived a

terrifying ordeal after their

boat smashed on rocks off the

Italian coast. People

into the water while others

clung to the ropes strung from

the shoreline by rescuers. There were pregnant women and

children on board but they were

all saved by the rescue teams.

The incident has high lighted

the humanitarian crisis in

Libya. The refugees were

drying to reach the tiny island of

of Lampedusa, tip of Italy. It has been

overrun by 30,000 refugees

since the beginning of the

year. For the first time, Barack Obama has spoken in

detail about the deadly raid

that captured and killed Osama

Bin Laden. He says it was a nerve wracking operation nerve wracking operation but

one of the most satisfying

moments of his Presidency. North America correspondent

Jane Cowan reports. It was the

longest 40 minutes of Barack

Obama's life. With the possible exception of when

Sasha got meningitis when she was three waiting for the doctor to tell

me she was alright. The raid so

secret, the vast majority of

his White House aides knew nothing about it. Barack

Obama admits to nerving as he

launched a military strike deep

inside another country. If it

turns out it is a wealthy

Prince in Dubai, we've got

problems. But he says the

chance to badly disable

al-Qaeda was ultimately worth

the risk. I think that anyone

who would question that the

perpetrator of mass murder on American soil didn't deserve

what he got needs to have their

head examined. But the President's now asking

questions of his own. How could the world's most wanted

terrorist hide for so long in plain sight? We think that

there had to be some sort of

support network for Bin Laden inside of Pakistan. Heads

will roll once the

investigation has been completed. Now if those heads

are rolled on account of

incompetence, we will share

that information with you. If, God forbid, somebody's

complicity is discovered, there

will be zero tolerance for that

as well. For now the Obama administration is giving

Pakistan the benefit of the

doubt. I have not

evidence that would tell us

that the political, the

military or the intelligence

leadership had foreknowledge of

Bin Laden. The raid on Pakistani

Pakistani soil has shaken

America's already frack shous relationship with Pakistan.

Some in the US are hoping the

crisis provides a chance to hit

the re-set button. Pakistan

has a lot of answer. This isn't a time for bluster for Pakistan. Tense

times ahead. The radical Indonesian cleric Abu Bakah

Bashir could again Bashir could again escape the

death penalty in his latest

terrorism trial. Indonesian

prosecutors have dropped the

most serious of the charges

against him. That levers him

facing a maximum sentence of

life in prison. They say the charge of providing firearms

and explosive s for terrorist

acts can't be proven. The

72-year-old will face a lesser charge group. A verdict is not

expected for several weeks.

He was so good, even Elvis

asked to meet him. Lionel Rose

was in his prime when he and Elvis Presley were photographed shaping up to one another. It

is one of the many an ek dotes

about the boxer who died

yesterday at the age of 62.

Rose was the first Aborigine to

win a world title. Some consider him the best fighter

Australia has produced. Peter Willkins looks back. They were unprecedented scenes.

Thousands paying tribute to the

19-year-old Lionel Rose in

1968. You would have thought

he was royalty. that before, I don't think

we'll see it again. The young

Rose thought The Beatles must

have been in town but he was

the new star. As an amateur

born of humble beginnings in an

Aboriginal settlement near

Warragul Rose honed his weapons under trainer Jack Rennie. Freakish athlete incredible hand/eye coordination and power. They

came to the fore against Japanese hero Fighting Japanese hero Fighting Harada

fight. To do that inspired

the whole of Australia. Rose collected accolades and friends

in a rapid rise to fame. It

was an important thing to him

to be able to call Elvis his

friend. He was the first

Indigenous Australian of the

Year. Rose followed in the footsteps of Jimmy Carruthers.

I think you were 5 years old when

when gym ny one. With Johnny

Famechon's success it was a period of resur jans for

Australian - resurgence of Australian boxing. Lionel's

winning inspired me to win

mine. Rose struggled with wait

before retiring in 1975.

Battles with alcohol and minor

crime an uncharacteristic

hiccup. When he finished, he

found himself with money, people people adoring him. He wanted

to have a good time and overdid

it a bit. But he continued to

inspire. He was a great guy to

talk to the kids, give them a

lift in life. Today the family message was sombre.

I know the way he made me feel about being an Australian.

The part-time singer could

easily be the subject of his

own song. # Let me thank you for for just being you #. He

always said to me here for a

good time, not a long time. He

will never die in my eyes.

Lionel Rose Champion boxer and

The former head masts master

of a NSW Catholic boarding

school has been acquitted of sexually assaulting four boys

in his care. Peter Dwyer was cleared of charges relating to his time in St Stanislaus

College. The health

advocates have drawn up

print to help stop childhood

obesity. The plan aims to

force the Federal Government to

do more to tackle the growing

issue. Among the proposals is

a ban on junk food advertising

in children's TV viewing times.

These are the kind of ads that Australia's leading health

experts want to see banned from

children's viewing time. These companies are big companies, they are spending hundreds of

millions of dollars targeting

children with very very

engaging promotions across a

range of platforms. They

wouldn't do it if it doesn't work. A coalition of Australia's leading health

bodies has released a blue

print to regulate junk food

advertising. Unhealthy food

ads will be banned in the key

times children watch TV - in

the morning from 6 to 9a.m. and

in the afternoon and evening

until 9p.m.. The evidence does

show it is very robust that

this kind of marketing affects

to eat and what they pester

their parents for. It is not

just TV advertising in their

sights. Advocates want to restrict restrict marketing directed in fundraising, sport and in the

Internet. It is in Internet. It is in the sponsorship, media, Internet and games. It is highly pervasive and pernicious. It

means less pester power. But the Australian Food and Grocery Council says there is little

evidence that banning junk food ads will

obesity. Around the world

there has been pressure on

banning advertising. A few

countries have done it.

Sweden and Quebec. The

interesting thing about that is

it has shown it really doesn't

work. The blue print has been

sent to the Federal health Minister for

Minister for consideration.

Some Qantas flights could be

delayed on Friday morning

because of industrial action by

engineers. The Engineers Union

says talks with Qantas over job

security and outsourcing of

maintenance have broken down.

It's announced a one -hour

nationwide stoppage between 8

and 9 o'clock in the morning on

Friday. On a normal Friday

engineers would morning at 8a.m. Qantas

safety inspections on aircraft and preparing the craft for the

next flight. Some of those

flights may be disrupted.

Qantas says passengers will

face minor delays. To finance

and most financial markets

bounced back from last week's

falls. The share market, the

dollar and commodities rose. catalyst for today's improved

mood was a better-than-expected

lift in employment in the

United States in April reported

unemployment rate rose back to Saturday morning our time. The

9% but that was because the

participation rate went up.

Here is a graph of US

solid with jobs growth employment and it is looking

everywhere except in all levels of government which are laying

people off. Manufacturing is

especially employing a lot of

people at the moment in the US.

The reason the markets took

other data are surprising on such a hit last

the downside. After a period

of nice surprises earlier this

year. That goes for both the

US itself and the broader

Western world represented by the G 10. Although the

disappointments are not as

great as the June quarter last

year. No-one knows what to

think after Friday's job data.

Gold has surged back above

$1500 an ounce. The local

share market went up a third of

1% with solid

resource leaders and banks.

Fairfax is down at 3%. In

Asia trading deal was mixed

with the markets in with the markets in Japan and

India down. Singapore went up

and Wall Street went up on

Friday thanks to the jobs

report. Today's economic news in Australia was the monthly

business confidence and trading business survey by NAB and both

deal conditions were down

thanks to the rate hikes, the

weakness in consumer intending the slow downin home building

and the impending carbon tax.

recovered from just below 107 The Australian dollar has

US cents. That's finance.

Novak Djokovic has beaten Rafael Nadal in the Madrid

Masters. His 32nd consecutive

victory this year. It is the

first time the Spaniard has

lost on clay in almost two years. Duncan Huntsdale

reports. The Serbian player

who has been an vinsable this

year up against Spain's king of

clay. Something had to give

when Novak Djokovic took on Rafael Nadal. That's fe first set 7-5, Djokovic went on nominal. After winning the

to take the second 6-4 to add

the Madrid Masters to his five other titles in 2011. I

cannot be more delighted.

Winning against Rafa for the

first time on clay. It was

Nadal's first loss on clay

since the 2009 French Open.

Sebastian Vettel is on the way

to defending his Formula One

title. The German cruised to

victory in Turkey this year.

The battle for second was more

of a contest. They are going

to touch wheel. Webber has the

turning point. Mark Webber held off floons to make - Fernando

Alonso to make it one-two. Congratulations to seb. Webber

is third in the championship,

38 points adrift of

Vettel. Manchester United is on

the verge of winning the

English Premier League for a record 19th time. Devils took 37 seconds to open

the scoring against Chelsea.

The two-one win gives United a

six point lead over Chelsea

with two rounds remaining.

After winning the Spanish Open

by two shots, Thomas Aiken paid

tribute to Seve Ballesteros who

died of cancer on the weekend.

With him being the man he was

and what he gave to golf and

what he gave to us as fellow

players. This one is for Seve. Ballesteros lifted the same trophy on same trophy on three occasions.

Now with a look at today's

weather, here is Mark Carmody.

Thanks Virginia and good

evening. If you left home

without a coat and scarf this morning, you would have

regretted it. Although it was

mostly sunny, the fresh south-easterlies that averaged around 20km/h blew right

through you. There was frost

about. No rain has fallen in

town as yet. There is a 30%

chance it could tonight. The maximum was maximum was a cool 15. We'd

better get used to it as it

will be cooler than that for

the rest of the week. There is

a brisk south-easterly blowing.

It is 8 degrees. Around region today -

Cloud over Queensland is

generating patchy rain. Cloud over south-eastern NSW, Victoria and Tasmania is

bringing showers and snow to

higher areas. Because that

cloud is associated with a

front which is moving up from

the south, after it passes a high following it, we region to dry conditions for

the weekend but it will be

cold, windy and wet before

capitals tomorrow: that. Around the State

For Canberra tomorrow, you

will need a BSG - beanie, scarf

and gloves. Although it will

be a sunny, minimum of minus

three and a top of 13. The winds will be light.

Virginia, you'll need to wear

your thermals when you go for

your morning run tomorrow. To my friends at Gungahlin Probus,

it is a pelagonium. Thanks

Mark. You have got flowers embroideed on that dreadful tie

you are wearing, haven't you?

Yes. No offence but it really is awful. Thank you very much.

Before we go, a brief recap -

Jon Stanhope has decided to

resign from politics. The

Gillard government is promising

a tough Budget with a welfare crackdown

crackdown focusing on training

and job creation. That's the

news for now. You can keep up

to date 24 hours a day on ABC

online. Stay with us for '7:30' with Leigh Sales and Chris Uhlmann. Goodnight.

Tonight on 7.30 - testing

the mood of middle Australia on

the eve of the Gillard Government's first budget. They

need to live up to the

commitments they've made. And

- unsung hero. 120 years on,

shedding new light on one of Australians to win a bravery

medal. This is a story of

people saving each other's more of. lives and

Also tonight - the crisis in

the Victorian police force. And an Australian exclusive with

the former President of the Osama bin Laden assassination. But first,