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pronounce that they be man and

wife together. Sealed with a kiss, Prince William and

Catherine Middleton start their

new live as husband as through the streets of London.

Large crowds cheer the happy

couple on. It was wonderful.

It was awesome. Romantic. I

just wish I was 20 years

younger and I could have been

Kate. Big parties down under as Australians toast the bride and

groom. Yes, she looks like a surprise, Prince William takes

his new bride for a spin in his

dad's car. Good morning, Saturday 30 April, you're watching a special edition of

Michael Rowland. I'm Virginia 'ABC News Breakfast'. I'm row

Trioli. I'm Emma Alberici outside Buckingham Palace where

the party is in full swing for

300 specially invited guests. It is a party hosted by Prince Charles and the Duchess think we can show you pictures Cornwall and just moments ago I

now, as the brutal party left

Clarence House, the official residence of Prince William and

his new bride, the his new bride, the two of them

now called the Duke and Duchess

of Cambridge. Hopefully you

can see them now as they're

leaving their residence to

attend the party. The Queen and Prince Phillip have gone

home, leaving the palace in the

trusty hands of Prince Harry

and the sister of the bride,

Pippa Middleton who are said to be a disco theme, organising the events. It is

replete with a mirror ball and

everything else you can imagine for a party that predominantly

will be of an age in their 30s.

The party is gearing up and I'm here outside Buckingham Palace

as all 300 have arrived

including the bride and groom.

We haven't had a good look at

what she's wearing, but it does

appear she has had some kind of wardrobe change, if not still in the wedding seem as if the dress we're seeing there, seeing her leave

Clarence House in, very similar

to her wedding dress. I was

wondering if she slipped off perhaps the lace overlay and that's what's under neeth.

She's still in white which is

unusual for the bride at the party. Yes, but I guess when

you've put this much effort

into I address it's not one

you're going to be in any hurry

to fling off. It was a quite extraordinary creation

that French and British lace

actually hand cut and then hand

Sony on to the main part of the

dress as well as course after

dorning her tov half, her

sleeves and neck line. An extraordinary creation. As I

say, probably not one she was

in any way hurry to take

off. Over the course of what

has been a very long day, it's

been something of a PR coup for

the royal family. Nothing has

gone wrong. Almost nothing.

We've just heard, actually,

something, albeit slight, did

go awry. Two horses in

cavalry bolted. One of them in

fact I hear went all the way back to the stables. The other

one on the other hand they

managed to coax back. As far

as big events go , I think

that's pretty small in the scheme of things. I have a

very special guest with me Ill well come to ABC News

Breakfast. I have Emma Emanuel who quite famously designed another very special

almost 30 years ago. Can you

believe it was that long

ago. It's like being in a time

machine. This morning I felt

like I had gone back 30 years and to hear all the Roar of the

crowds and it was moving actually. We're talking about

princess Diana's dress. What

Catherine Middleton emerge from were you thinking when

that car outside the Abbey

today? I thought she looked absolutely stunning. It was very different to Diana's which, Diana's was I address of very different to Diana's dress

the 80s, completely different

times and everything, and Kate just looked, it was just a

perfect dress for her. It was

classic. It was traditional, but also contemporary because I don't know if you noticed the

back of it, it had what would

normally be a bustle but had a water fall

described it as a flour. It

was supposed to be in the theme

of a draping flower. You had

all that beautiful race. all that beautiful race. I

understand the royal school of

needlework made that lace and

must have taken a huge amount

of time. An enormous amount of

because you get creating all handiwork. It was team work

the lace and then Sarah Burton

and her work room doing all the

dress and everything with the

structure, the beautiful skirt,

worked. It the boned

worked. It looked

fantastic. There seem to have

this dress and specifically, of been echoes of the 1950s in

course, we're all looking back

to Grace Kelly when she to Grace Kelly when she became

the princess of Monaco in a dress that is remarkably

similar when we look back with

the lace bodice and a full

skirt and a high waist. Were

you thinking about that when

you saw Kate? I I did. That's a very influential That's

dress. I loved all of that lace. I lace. I think the way it was

all put together and it is so

flattering, lace against skin

and nice long sleeves. It was

very, very delicate. The other thing I thought was interesting I think it is a dress that

would suit most figure shapes.

There were many brides thinking

I would look really fabulous in

that as well. It is probably

quite a commercial shape and

you're going to see it probably

in the shops tomorrow. You

know how quickly they work.

Trying to copy these Royal Wedding dresses. I think that

says a lot about it as well that it is a dress that

everybody could wear. It was a huge

huge success for the

already heard from some designer. In fact, we've

designers today who are busy in designers today who are

their studios trying to cobble

together and cut out the same

dress and have it in the stores

by as early as Tuesday. Did

the same thing happen with

Diana's dress? Was that a

dress that other brides wanted

to wear? That's the

difference. We tried to make

it as difficult as possible.

We didn't want anybody else

wear I address like that. This

that dress, cow imagine it even time around, if you look

if there was lace that was obviously not as beautiful as

the lace that you saw the lace that you saw today, it

was still look an incredible

dress. It's wearable and contemporary. She's very

successful. You're going to

see that a lot. That's really

going to set the trends I think

for the next few

years. Catherine Middleton is

almost ten years older than

princess Diana was when she

walked down the aisle, albeit it a different aisle at St Paul's Catherine Middleton, the very

first university educated royal

bride. Do all those things join together join together to have some kind of influence on the decision

she made before today but what

to wear today. Diana was only

19 when we met her. Fashion

was not high up on her list of priorities. She looked to us

really I think to advise her

and we of course were out of

college anyway, so we had big

dreams for that dress. Fairy princess dress, let's make it

bigger, better, Morrow man tick

than anything ever before. I'm

sure that Kathryn had a lot of

Ip fredges on this dress.

She's very fashion savvy,

knows what suits her. When you

look at the Tylenol style of all the things she has been

wearing, this fits in very well with it. They're always understated, classic, she doesn't have lots of

accessories with them, it's a

pared down look and natural and

very young looking. This fits

really well with it. You really well with it. You were I

think it is fair to say a What happened to your career after designing the after designing the dress that

Diana the Princess of Wales

wore on her wedding day and do

you think that translates to what might happen to the house

Alexander McQueen, because in

quite contrast, it is a label

that's well known. We had

already been dressing a lot of

the royal family before and

celebrities, but it's something

our career really took off.

Much bigger than would normally

ever happen. That's going to

happen again to Sarah Burton because it is because it is fantastic, it

happened toal ander McQueen in

his memory, she'll work unher own label as well. It is just

a wonderful start to anybody's

career, any designer career and great for British fashion. And

a terrific tribute for

Alexander McQueen having passed

away only last year. Absolutely. Emma Emanuel,

thank you so much for being with us today. Thank you very

much. Virginia, Michael. Thank

you very much, Emma. Let's

turn to other news now and the United States sanctions against Syria in

response to the violence there. Tens of thousands of

demonstrators have turned out

across the country in what's

been dubbed a Day of Rage.

More than 50 people died in

clashes between protesters

security forces in the cities

of Deraa and Homs. In the

capital Damascus police used

tear gas to disperse demonstrators. US President

Obama observe is visiting

tornado ravaged communities in

Alabama. More than 300 people

have died in a series of

tornados that have swept across

the south of the country.

President Obama has been touring Tuscaloosa where

through that city. A state of emergency has been declared in

7 US states. Ports along the

east coast of Australia are

lying idle this morning.

workers in Brisbane, Sydney and

Melbourne have gone on a 24

hour strike over a pay dispute

with Patrick Stevedores. The

company says the dispute will leave 18,000 containers

stranded on 15 ships. Workers at Fremantle docks will strike

on Monday. One of three detainees has ended his ten day rooftop protest at The Immigration Department says

no deal was done to persuade

him to come down. Two other protesters have still refusing

to budge. They have he's been

on the roof since lay violent

riot at the centre riot at the centre last week. And preparations are well

underway for the beatification

of Pope John-Paul II. His

Polish home town is expecting

thousands of pilgrims to

celebrate the event. He will

be batfied at a ceremony tomorrow. It is the final step

to becoming a saint. It is not just the link that crowded into central Lon tore

for the Royal Wedding. There

is an Aussie contingent as

well. Philip Williams caught up with up with the Aussies in the

crowd near Buckingham Palace.

This is an extraordinary celebration, a migration down

to the palace.

to the palace. One of the people migrating here is. David

would the tonne. Where are you

from. Out of Adelaide

Stirling. What does this meme

mean to you. It's absolutely

fantastic. We didn't come over especially but I feeling being in this

crowd. Wonderful. We've met so

many people from Australia, so many people from all over the

world. Wouldn't have missed it for

for anything. Quite an emotional moment for you. Very

much so. Even with the singing

of the National Anthem and

everybody joining in with

Jerusalem sitting around us,

standing around us, it was

quite wonderful. Did you see the royal couple? We saw the back of them. As you can see, there

Tell me what is the moment for

you here? It's just exciting

to be here and be a part to be here and be a part of it.

I live in London but from

Australia obviously and, yes, it's nice to it's nice to be here and never seen so many people in one

place before. You may never

again. They say potentially a

million people. I was here for

the Jubilee and they said a

million then. This looks like

more. It certainly feels like

a lot of people. It certainly

does. Everyone is so happy and

enjoying it. It's great. you can see, a Royal Wedding

puts a few smiles on about a

million faces. Philip Williams

somewhere in that crowd. Thousands of well-wishers have been gathering in Central

London to show their love for

the royal couple. There's one

royal watcher earned title of

the royal family a biggest fan. Europe Europe correspondent Emma

Alberici met Margaret Tyler in

London. There's one royal

residence in London where none

of the wind source have ever actually lived. actually lived. Margaret Tyler

has crowned herself the Queen's

biggest fan. She's it mad

about every member of the country's first family and she has 10,000 items of memorabilia

to prove it. This is the latest acquisition. This is a William and

and Katherine dress up book. I

used to have one when I was a

child. There's the dress she

wore for the engagement. With

all the new additions to this

Windsor collection, Margaret Tyler

Tyler asked her local council for permission to put an

extension on to her home. She

wanted a William and Katherine conservatory, but she was

knocked back. She used up all

her renovation allowances when she added this shrine to

princess Diana. Come on in this

is my pride and joy, my Diana

room. This is a celebration of

her life actually. Of all the memorabilia you have what is

the single item you treasure

most. I would say painting of

Diageo and the two boys. Was

Diana your favourite royal. I

was called her number 1 fan

when she was alive, yes. I thought she was

actually. I still miss her. In

amongst the commemorative

plates she's had a ceramic

replica produced of everyone of the previous royal brides,

dating back to the century. There are also some dating back to the 19th

silly additions to her museum

like living room. There's the

mug celebrating every major occasion, including when the

prince and princess of Wales

were wed and divorced. She's

managed to get her hands-on the is, it was accidentally printed with the wrong prints. What do

you think princess Diana would have made of Catherine Middleton? I think Diana would

have liked Katherine, I do

think so. I think she could

see echos of herself in her. I

think that she would have found

that out. Katherine seems very

add ease with people, which

Diana was, with children, which

Diana was. She's very

interested in fashion which

Diana was. I think she's going

to be as worldwide as Diana was. What role do you think

she'll play in the royal

family? I think the Queen is

going to give William and Katherine two years of space to themselves before they're drawn

into the royal, what shall I

say, machine, if you like.

That's rather a nice thing.

The Queen and Prince Phillip

lived in Malta for a while when

they were first married and

they had times to themselves

without press intrusion. We'll

have to wait two years. She'll

be involved in charities

an awful lot of money charitity

wise. Also they don't want

wedding presents. They want us

to donate to their charities

which would be rather nice.

Yes, I think she will be drawn

steadily into it. But perhaps

a bit more slowly than Diana was. This 67-year-old

self-proclaimed loyalist royal

list started buying souvenirs

just before Prince Charles and

lady Diana were married in the

early 80s. 30 years later, her home has become a tourist

attraction for those who want

to know something about the

mystery and the majesty of the

British royal family. Emma Alberici, ABC News, Alberici, ABC News, London. If

you're just joining us on this

special edition Saturday

morning education of 'ABC News

Breakfast', we'll recap for you

what took place overnight.

Many of you would have seen it

live but if you haven't it was

a pretty spectacular ceremony. Westminster Abbey really did look quite remarkable. We

might have a look at some of

the shots arriving. Let's you back through the entire

morning and it was a stellar

crowd of 2000 people attending,

including people such as the

well known photographer,

important and beck were there

and everyone was focusing on

them, you can see Elton John as

well. Our Prime Minister Julia

Gillard being introduced to the Abbey with Tim Matheson. There's Ian Thorpe

sitting in front of him there.

There's an interesting duo.

Posh and beck. Criticism for Beckham,'s wearing the wrong lapel. The British

Prime Minister and his wife as well. There's at the straert

Prince Harry and Philippa Middleton

bride who looked stunning.

Here is one of the PR coups of

the day, William taking his

dad's old Aston Martin out for

a spin. He drove them a spin. He drove them after

they had had their celebratory

wedding lunch. Then he drove

himself and his new wife back

to Clarence House where I guess

they had a lie down and a of a change. They've just

headed back, if you were with

us at the beginning of the program, to Buckingham Palace

for the evening dinner, the

black tie dinner, ball and disco that his father the

him at Buckingham Palace. You Prince of Wales is throwing for

notice on front of the car the

big L-plate. Disappointingly

no laager cans being tried to

the back of the car. Clattering

along the back of the car. It was an unusually common touch.

We haven't seen any high-profile royal do that wedding car. It is missing of before actually drive

course the shaving cream

sprayed all over the bonnet.

You don't do that to an

expensive car that's owned by

the Prince of Wales. Perhaps at the end of the party that Prince Charles is hostsing as

we go to air. The Queen and

Prince Phillip have departed

quite sensibly leaving the

palace in the dubious hands of

Prince Harry as the quasi host

of the after party. It is not

quite like departing your house and leaving it in the house of

the 21-year-olds as they

celebrate their party. There's bait more security in place. I

don't know if we can another look back inside the

Abbey during the ceremony but

one thing that caught many people's eyes who have

interested in decent broadcast, the flowers and trees that were

brought in to line the aisle of

the Abbey, maple trees and one

other, it looked spectacular.

The idea of Catherine Middleton

was to turn the Abbey into a

English country garden. You

could see spilling over just

the most wonderful array of

flowers. You can see awaiting Prince Harry turned around and then turned back to William and

said to the effect of wait

until you see her. She looks

gorgeous. She did look so

nervous. I did feel for her as she arrived. Lip readers done their work and have she arrived. Lip readers have

discovered that he said you

look stunning baby and backed

up with a slightly Carissa

Moore official you look

beautiful. I thought this was

supposed to be a small family affair. That's what Prince

hearts in Phillip wanted in his heart of

Bucklebury but there was no way

he was going to get around

that. There was a bit of an

anxious moment, we see the rink

slipped very slowly on to the finger. There was some nervous gasp gasp about the ring perhaps being potentially too

small. You guys never get that

right. I don't know what it

is. How did go on your wedding day. Effortlesslily. It would

have Natasha Bieniek a very nervous royal entrusted jeweller. Getting jeweller. Getting there. You

don't push it on. You actually

wind it on. There you

can almost here an audible gas

of gasp of relief. The happy

couple finally came out on to

the balcony to cries of kiss

her, kiss her. He clearly said

shall we kiss? There's a

second one. I don't know if we

have that one as well. They

backed up for a second much

more lingering kiss. They

didn't quite fluff the first

one but it wasn't quite as

passionate as it could have

been. There was genuine

feeling. Prince Harry was

having an undoubtedly still

having a ball of wedding. Principles will lip having a ball of a time at the

and the Queen were very proud

grandparents of the groom. An

ecstatic crowd of tens of forecourt of the Bucklebury pal thousands of people at the

Lal that went well. You would

have seen the splendid

carriages that took the royal

party away from the Abbey and

back to Buckingham Palace. One

of those carriage was the Australian carried that the

Prince of Wales and Camilla and

the in-laws and that was commissioned by John Howard the former Prime was included in the wedding

party. We're going to spoke a little later on to the designer

of that carriage. He's busily

making a third. Who knew that

was a cottage industry was a cottage industry in Australia. Very busy man. In

other news, the Barack Obama has signed an executive order imposing new sanctions against Syria in response to a

crackdown on protests. This

is news breaking a little while ago. The sanctions target Syria

intelligence agency and two

rels tives of President Bashar

Al-Assad. Craig McMurtrie

Craig good morning. Tell bus joins us now from Washington.

the sanctions. It wasn't a

big surprise. The

administration has been hinting

for some time that tin tended to take action against the They followed through. The sad authorities and government.

White House announced that executive order has been

Syrian intelligence and two signed. It is directed as

senior members of the as senior members of the as sad regime. They are saying they're freezing their financial assets in the United

States and they're barring US citizens from having any

dealings with them. A White

House official is hinting that

further specific action could be taken Assad himself, although the Assad himself, although the add

stration isn't saying more on

that right now. The President

is touring some of those tornado affected areas in the south of the country. Yes, he

is. Problem problem has flown

to Tuscaloosa and Alabama. It

is the site of the most

devastating tornado. It cut a

swathe through towns and entire

blocks have been levelled

there. There are significant

issues now emerging, things

that we've heard before in

these sorts of dis-Assad as ter

power shortage. They're situations, a

running low on

generators, there are reports running low on fuel,

of looting now. The President

was clearly shocked by what he

saw. He said it was he'd never encountered anything so devastating. It is

devastating. It is one thing

to look at the images but when

you're on the ground and you

see entire lives have beanie

raised you realise now

profoundly shocking this is for

these people. The death toll

is said to be around 300, it

may be more than 300. They still

still have dozens missing.

with dogs. It's turning more

into a recovery operation now.

The death toll is expected to

climb still higher and the National Guard They're saying the recovery

effort will take months and

that the cost of this will be

in the billion of

dollars. Craig, NASA this morning was planning to put on

a spectacle to hopefully rival the Royal Wedding but it wasn't

to be, sadly. No. It was

development bar hassing for

them because the President actually flying on from Alabama to Cape Canaveral and congresswoman who was shot to Cape Canaveral and the

earlier this year and staged something of a is the commander of the Space recovery her husband Mark Kelly

Shuttle mission there was some

effort to fly her so she could

see the lift off, but it's been scrubbed for 72 hours fore

because of a failure of heaters

on an auxiliary power unit.

These heaters apparently keep the fuel from freezing once the Space Shuttle is in or bot.

They can't go without it. They

have to drain the external

tank. Engineers at NASA saying it is going to take at saying it is going to take

least 72 hours. On this

mission they're taking a $2

billion piece of equipment that

collects cosmic rays. It is

worth $2 billion and they want to

to take great care over it, save trans for the to the International Space Station.

It is unlikely the President

will be back launch assuming it goes ahead

on Monday. As you know

Americans have had a long love

affair with the royals. I assume that's gone into overdrive over the overdrive over the past 12 hours. Yes. It certainly has.

There were parties all across

this country overnight. On the

West Coast, I don't think West Coast, I don't think many Americans went to sleep because

they had to stay up all night

to see it. Here on the east

coast the ceremony began of course in London before light

Times Square, a party in Disney

land, small towns in Texas and

Kansas were said to be up all

night and people dressed in

formal gear, lots of hats of

course for the occasion.

Americans clearly like a good

spectacle and here on all the breakfast shows I certainly haven't seen anything quite

like it before. They had a count down clock on several of the networks at one point,

counting down to the first

married royal kiss. When they

do something they do something

very big the US networks. Craig McMurtrie in Washington, thank you very thank you very much. Take

care. Let's take a look at the

front pages of the Saturday

newspapers. Of course we're in

Royal Wedding coverage overdrive. There's 'The Herald

Sun'. It is has a 16 wedding special a wrap around

describing Prince William and

Catherine Middleton's big day.

It was sealed with a kiss. The

weekend Australian also hones in on that kiss as Catherine Middleton became the first

commoner to marry a future king

of England in almost 500

years. 'The Age' ace the

fairytale is beginning for the royal couple after the theatre

of the ceremony. From 'The Age' and Morning Herald was the only Australian correspondent who

reported from inside the Abbey.

I wonder what she wore. 'The

Sydney Morning Herald' tells

the story of Britain's new princess and yesterday's spectacular service.

world watched as the couple

exchanged vows. That story in

the Daily Telegraph and they

couldn't resist a pun, love is

in the air. I couldn't have

written it better myself. 'The

Advertiser' dubbed Catherine

Middleton the princess bride in

its Royal Wedding celebration

edition. That paper also

features a photograph spread of some of the big name guests. The week end West Australian dedicates 12 pages

to the prince and his princess. The mercury call the big day

big day the wedding that

stopped the world

features the ceremony, features the ceremony, the

dress, the fairytale and the

guests and of course the hats

which are attracting a fair bit

of attention this

morning. We'll be talking about

the hats, not all good. In the Northern Territory News the

royal fairytale of the prince's

bride. I do have unit trained

fashion eye. I'll put that out

at the start of the show.

There's going to be a lot fashion discussion. One could

never guess by look beinging at

him. I'm dressed by others.

The hats, yes, to my untrained

eye some of them looked very disturbing. They looked like

satellite dishes. It is a trend

that's not been established the

very well supported almost officially

officially royal milliner

Phillip Tracey, but he's

cemented it. That disk you see that's worn very much to the

front of the head which can

frankly look so weird. The two princesses Eugenie and Beatrice are coming in for We'll have a picture of them

shortly and we'll talk through

some of our fashions hits and

misses. Fud alike the

conversation on breakfast this

morning, what you saw, what you liked and didn't like at the

royal ceremony you can send

those emails to: watching

event was Paul Kennedy.

Actually we should ask you.

Did you watch the wedding or Swans

Swans versus Carlton. Not a

frame. I watched Star Wars. There was an empire in there. The gathering at the altar at

the end was very similar to the

ending of the original Star

Wars. Yes. It was episode number four, the original star

wars. I watched a little bit

of footy, red a book and went

to bed. There's an objector in

every party. I'm sure there's a

few more of us out there. I'll

bring you up to speed with the

sport if you missed it. It was

Carlton beating Sydney last

night. They haven't beaten

Sydney at the SCG for some 7

matches. That's the Broncos.

in the NRL. They remain at the The Broncos beat the Bulldogs

top of the ladder and so they were celebrating too. There

was another NRL match involving

the Rabbitohs and of course the

Cronulla team. I'm not sure if

we've got that there. Let's

take a look and see the Sharks

were 12 nil up and a surprise

looked in the offing , but it

was Chris Sandow inspiring the

Rabbitohs to win, 31 to 12 in

the end and there's a little

bit of Greg Ingliss magic as

In the Super Rugby, it was the

Cheetahs versus the Brumbies.

Brumbies had a big week. Dhee

sided on their new sided on their new coach, Jake White, a South African, they

were over in South Africa the

Brumbies. They were jumped by

the Cheetahs and after a couple

of tries it looked inevitably a

Cheetahs's victory. The

Brumbies fought back and in the

end it was 47 to 36. A very

high scoring entertaining

match. The NBL has decided. The grand final decider last night between the Cairns Taipans Taipans and New Zealand Breakers the Breakers are

celebrating. They've been the

best team all season and they

break their 15 year drought to

take out that title. That was

the moment there for them.

results. There's all the sporting

results. I'll come in each

half hour or so and keep you

up-to-date while you look

through the other highlights of through the other highlights of

last night. There are replays

of the wedding today. I might

catch some of it. Who knows.

If I turned up at my wedding

have with a red jacket I wouldn't

something but. The blokes in have been able to get

my household last night to a

man were gushing more than the women about the uniforms that

the men were in. They the men were in. They were

just loving them. I know it is

often said women love a

uniform, men love a uniform

too. They were looking at them look at the boots, the spurs. They were in military

uniforms. They are something to bee to bee hold. 'ABC News Breakfast' can on the web if you're way from a

TV. Visit the website. It is

streamed live every day.

Observe Wild weather around

the country in east coast.

Ballina recorded 58mm of rain.

Sydney Airport had 27 and with

over 6 of that falling in the

past hour. Brisbane has also

had around 12mm. The rain is

also falling this morning over

parts of SA's south. Nearly 7mm at coals point and cloud is

increasing over the south-east ahead of a trough. A strong

extending a high pressure system it still

extending a ridge along the

east coast as it makes its way

towards New Zealand and a low towards New Zealand

pressure system it deepening in

the Coral Sea. It is expected

to move rapidly during the day.

Moisture from the Indian ocean

is filtering into the trough

coming down from WA down

towards the south-east. A cold

front has caused a few showers

across the south coast

approaching Tasmania, a

secondary front will cross

tomorrow. The low in Sea has prompted a severe

warning for Norfolk island.

Wind gusts are fore cat at 110

kilometres an hour. For

Queensland today:

That's the latest weather.

It is possibly the most

watched television event in

history, an estimated 2 billion people across the demrob tuned

in to watch Prince William marry Catherine 2000 people packed Westminster Abbey for the hour Lon ceremony. There were loud

clears cheers as the newlyweds kissed not once but twice on the balcony of Buckingham

Palace. The new Duke and

Duchess of Cambridge, as

they've been named, delighted the crowds when they went for a spin in the principles of

wail's car . For more our Europe correspondent Emma

Alberici joins us again from

outside Buckingham Palace.

Emma. I'm here with Andrew

Moreton, who was the official

buying per for lady Diana in 19

9 2 and he has spent the day,

not like the rest of us, glued

here to proceedings, but in fact tucked away writing the

final chapter of his book,

William and Katherine: their

lives, their wedding. I'm

assuming last chapter was the

wedding. Yes indeed. I was

down here five in the morning,

like you, did a bit of a walk

about, spoke to a few people,

met up with a lot of old

friends. It was like a meeting

of the old lags, all these old royal courtiers and protection officers and various other people you haven't seen for

years. It was quite a fun

day. What did you write in this final chapter? What I did, I

obviously looked at the wedding and looked for the little

details. I love the fact that,

for example, Mrs Middleton when

she came on to the balcony, she starts waving to the crowd then

sees the Queen is not waving

and goes, her hand comes down. I liked all I liked all the little touches,

her little cheek trembling

trying to stop a tear coming

down. I liked the fact that

William said to her, you're so beautiful. All family touches. I thought

today was a great, great family

occasion. I think I caught

Prince Harry saying to Prince

William when he wasn't turning

around to look at his bride, Prince Harry said wait until

you see what she's wearing. I

think that's what I saw think that's what I saw him mouth. Various people said that William said to Mr

thought we were going to have a

small family wedding. Just

with a cast of two billion

people. This royal romance has been going been going on some eight or nine years and there have been

so many books written so many books written about Catherine Middleton and Prince

William's relationship. Do we

really need another one. You

need a book on the wedding

written by the man who really knows the

knows the royal family, a man

who has spoken to at length

over years to Diana about her

son, her ambitions for her son, about how she the monarchy. A number of people today have said when

that shaft of sunlight came out

as she reached the altar, they

said that's the spirit of Diana

giving her blessing to this

wedding. A lot of people out

there who have gone home or too

drunk to talk, they've really

felt that the spirit of Diana

was here today. She was the

kind of benign ghost at the

wedding. In your 19 9 2 book,

Diana her true story, you said

that the 6 September 19 97, the day of Diana's

the crumbling of the old hike remark cal regime and the

coming of a more equal one. Is that what was on show today, do

you think? I think what was on

show was a family wedding. It

was on show all the pomp and

circumstance that Britain does

very well, and yes, this has

been a very different affair to Charles tan Diana's wedding.

It is far Moree laxed, far more informal. Even the Queen and

Duke of Edinburgh we're in safe

hands, we don't have to worry

about this. They've used Facebook, they've used the

internet, they've really taken

come command of the media and

message which Charles never and William instinctively knows

how to do. When you watched

that wedding today and see how

simple the occasion was how el

elegant yet understated the

bride looked, how relaxed the Queen appeared to be, you

almost think you were staring

lined up in the same position

30 years ago. When you quoted

my book 14 years ago, I must

have been looking into a

crystal-ball because Britain has changed, has changed, the monarchy has changed, and that today reflected that. It vividly

brings home to me two points

really: first of all, the

monarchy is in very safe hands

with the Duke and Duchess of

Cambridge and secondly, that

the image of William has been transformed.

global imagination William is

seen as the young boy walking

behind his mother's funeral core stage along that same

path, along the maul to

Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey in that

dreadful day and now today it's

him coming back along the same

route holding the hand of his

brides, and gernt gently

stroking her finger, that

tender touch. For me it summarised summarised everything. This

new generation of people, of monarchists, the nation, will see will

different light. The monarchy

as an institution in a

different way? It's been fairly watered over recent

times. Yes, indeed. The royal

family took a big kicking over Diana's

Diana's funeral, as we know, when the Queen stayed in

Balmoral, did not lower the

flag to half staff, all those

kinds of things. There was a

general groundswell of anger.

Speaking to people like Alastair Campbell, the spin

doctor for Tony Blair, he makes

the point if

walked behind the funeral core tedge, if Prince Charles walked along, there was real fears he could

could be attacked by a member

of the public. What a change

in those 14 years. I have to

say Prince Charles is still the

majority of the Britons what

the next king to be William and I'm quite sure that any poll

released in the next 48 or 72

hours will show it is in the

60s and 70s who want that. Do you think that's possible? Not

a chance. The reason why you

have an monarchy ises that the

guy who was born to it gets job. Thanks for joining us today. today. Andrew Moreton. My pleasure. Emma Alberici there outside of Buckingham Palace

speaking to Andrew Moreton the

buying per of princess Diana.

Leading the news this morning

is of course that story, more

than 50 people have died during

another day of violence in Syria, tens of thousands of

people marched across the country in what was dubbed a

Day of Rage against the regime.

The United States has imposed

new sanctions against Syria in

response to the yn response to the yn going violence. US President Obama

observe has been inspecting the tornado done in the south of

the country. A series of tornados swept through 7 states

killing more than 300 people and leaving a trail of

destruction. It is been the deadliest tornado season in

almost 40 years. The Polish

home town of former Pope John-Paul the second is sprucing itself up for a influx of pilgrims

of pilgrims celebrating his

beatification. The ceremony

will take place in Rome

tomorrow. It is the final step

before declare the former Pope

a saint. The company says the

industrial action in Brisbane,

Sydney and Melbourne will leave 18,000 containers stranded on

more than a dozen ships. The

strike will spread to WA's

Fremantle docks on Monday. And

a detainee at Sydney's Villawood Detention Centre has

ended a ten day rooftop protest. are still refusing to come

down. The Immigration

Department says no deal was

done to persuade the man to end

his protest. The men have been on the roof since a on the roof since a violent riot at the centre last week. Back to the wedding, and around

around the UK Britons have been

partying hard for the royal

couple. Beautiful, romantic

and amazing are the words being

used to describe the day.

Amazing. She looks absolutely

stunning. Everyone, the whole royal family, her family, it was great. It was great. It was lovely.

Very romantic. It was much

better than Charles and Diana

because it is true love and

they're going to last forever like a real marriage. Too

quick. It was gone too quick. The kiss was gone. It was

amazing. I'm so flag gassed by

the service. She made such a

beautiful queen. . The today

was about partying what. We

tried to do in Clarence gates

gardens, try to get the local community have fun happened to coincide with a

fantastic event like the Royal

Wedding. We know how to party

in England because in England because we're for

getting everything about what's

going on in the world. Today

is Kate and William's day. I

think the pageantry, all the

colour and all the local people

and people from different

sculptures are so excited.

That's a good thing. I'm very

proud today. It's rousing

patriotic. I wanted to cry during the National

Anthem. Proud to be

British. I'm so excited. I

feel a bit emotional right

now. Serious. now. Serious. Emotional. It

was really good and romantic. Yeah. Just another

great moment in a day full

after amazing moments. It was

wonderful, it was awesome, it

was romantic and I just wish I was 20 years younger and I

could have been Kate. We knew

it was like a fairytale. I miss

it. I was kissing her. But I

heard it. You can't miss a this home with you. Memories

last forever. Last night's

Royal Wedding included a touch

of Australia and it wasn't just the involvement of Prime

Minister Julia Gillard. Prince

Charles and Camilla travelled

in an Australian state coach

built by Sydney resident Jim

Frecklington. Jim is responsible for constructing

the only two carriages build

for the royal family in the

last 110 years. He joins us

now from his workshop in Manly

where the state coach Britannia

is underconstruction now. Frequent good morning and congratulations on appearance at the Royal Wedding yesterday. Thank very

much. Tell me how you heard the news that that coach was going to be included and most importantly it would be carrying the Prince of Wales

and the new in-laws? Yes. I

didn't hear the news until 6

o'clock last evening. They had been concerned about the

weather in London of course,

but six o'clock I did receive a call they had decided to use

the Australian state coach to

convey Prince Charles and

Camilla and Mr and Mrs Middleton from Westminster Palace. Tell us about that

coach. When was it

commissioned and how long did

it take to make? The

Australian state coach I was very privileged to make that as

Australia's gift to Her to commemorate the buy sentence

try. I built that actually out

in Dubbo, in central NSW, where

my family come from and then I displayed that throughout

Australia prior to ed loading

it to on to a jumbo jet from

Japan to London and that's the coach her imagine Jess if in London. We're looking at one

you're working on there in your

workshop at the moment, the Brittian, but it is incredible

to hear, is it really only you

in the world who is making

these amazing creations for the

royal family? Is no-one else

up to the job? I suppose we all have different interests,

but have I been involved with the Queen's coaches and horses

for many years. I was very

fortunate to join the royal

family back in 1972. I used to

work at both Windsor castle and Buckingham Palace and I

look after the ceremonial

horses there. Also, I used to

drive the coaches of course and

so I have been involved with

these vehicles for a long,

time. I always just felt that

the art of making these very

special vehicles should be preserved by

preserved by someone in the world. We're looking at the

state Landau which is the one

that the happy couple got to

ride in yesterday hopefully we

might be able to get a look at the actual Australia coach

which as I just mentioned was

taking the Prince of Camilla and also the Middleton

family. How stable, how solid

are these coaches? They look

to me like they're built of

just the lightest of woods and

the most precious of gilt. They are very well built, especially

I think we all saw that very

special open carriage, the 1902

state Landau. Many of your

viewers might be interesting in

knowing I had that here in Australia

silver Jubilee in 1977. We

displayed both the 1902 and the

glass coach all throughout Australia as part of the Queen's silver Jubilee celebrations. Wooerp 2.5

million people came to visit

those coaches in those times. They're very well constructed.

As you would realise, they're

all getting very old. Sorry. I can tell that you would assume

that they're getting old, but clearly beautifully maintained

and that's at amazing thing. Jim Frecklington, thank talk to you and good luck with

the delivery of this new

coach. Very good. I hope your

viewers can come to see this coach because it won't be too

long before it will be shipped to Buckingham Palace as well. It is well. It is in Australia in Manly for a little while

longer. That's something to bear in mind. Thanks so much.

Thank you very much. Very

happy man. Working with the

royal family on that sort of

thing since the 70s.

Amazing. As you said, they do

look so flimsy. They do. There was a quite amusing

moment at the end of the ceremony when the Duke of into their coach and the Queen

accompanying him and it is a fine fragile tiny thing and

clearly balanced on various

fine supports springs. As went

to step on the running board to get in, the entire coach went

towards him and leaned and you

could see him thinking how am I

going to get into this. The

BBC coverage discreetly cut

away. We don't know how they

actually got the Duke of

Edinburgh on board. We'll take a look at today's newspapers

and we're joined by Liberty

Sanger from Maurice Blackburn

and I apologise in advance what

she has. What she has. What is wrong with

you. I've come from a brilliant

Royal Wedding party so I thought, why not. You don't understand, I at the coverage. She got married, liberty. married, liberty. You're not

the princess. No, you really

need to get into the moment. I

see: the party I was at every

woman had one of these on and

the very... Is it still going

on. I'm missing a Jean. The very lucky ones were blessed

with a beautiful ring. I would

love to tell you it was real,

but yes, my husband hasn't

quite got around to spending

that much money on me just

yet. A lot of papers not much time. 'The Herald Sun' have

done a 16 page wrap around

which is about standard, around

about the right length. What

did you make of their coverage?

If you'ring into the Royal Wedding there's everything you

want to see in this this. The

first thing I thought aid go

through is the headlines. We've had interesting headlines

from across the country and the

kiss theme seems to be the

theme that has captured all of the editors's imagination.

From 'The Herald Sun' we've got

so in love. 'The Age' the

fairytale is just beginning.

We've got the picture of

kiss there. We've got 'The

Sydney Morning Herald', once on

a time and that iconic photograph with the kiss. 'The Advertiser', princess bride.

I've got to take issue with the

accuracy is of this, she's not a princess after all. She's the Duchess of came bridge. It's quite confusing for me. She'll be known as Katherine Princess

of Wales. But not a

in her... Not now but when

Charles becomes king. As I understand it now but not a

princess in her own right. Not

born a princess. This title

stuff you could drown in it

couldn't you. You could. I'm delighted that you've clarified

that. He's Prince William of

Wales. Whoever he Marise

Wales. Whoever he Marise

becomes Katherine princess of, so... Princess

so... Princess William of

Wales. Princess William, I

like that. King of hearts.

That's exactly right. That's exactly right. The weekend west, one of that didn't use the image of the kiss. 'The Daily Telegraph' always good with the

excellent pun, love is in

heir. They actually have to

win. That's... Adjournly

John-Paul young's hit bask

Blaired out from loud speakers in London overnight. Yes,

that's certainly... He knew he crossed the cultural divide. That's the look of the

papers urn the country. The Herald Herald Sun wrap was the stand

out for calering all the

imagery there. That's a nice

double page spread. It is a lovely photograph. The one

they would have been waiting

for. It was a iconic photograph when Diana was

married. It shows off the

dress and veil and a dress and veil and a co-get tish lovely look. That's gorgeous. That headline there

is what we all believe Prince

William utter uttered to

Katherine which at my wedding

party made all the women swoon.

The reason I thought I would

the dress in some detail. We

know Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen was the

designer and what a spectacular

dress it was. It was a dress it was. It was a really

amazing dress and also clearly

drew down on terrific needle

work skills that exist in the

city of London. It would city of London. It would have taken ages to make. I taken ages to make. I guess

so. Also that beautiful silk that was used. Spectacular. An interesting fabric that designers clothes. It has great body and stiffness and has an open we

have silk which is great. have silk which is great. How great they managed to keep a

secret. No one knew until she

got into her car who the

designer was. That doesn't

surprise me. I was amazed at that. Everyone has managed

it. Sarah Burton was seen

leaving the Goring Hotel an

hour before the princess was

getting into the car, as we're seeing now. I think that was

the first give away. It was. I'm crediting that to Greta,

she had been spotted outside the Goring Hotel which I re-tweeted at that time and

that confirmed to us it was

going to be Alexander MacGiannou queen. At the moment one of the greatest fashion houses in the world fashion houses in the world and

set to become even more

so. Yes. I think we can expect

to see many more of her trusses

in years to come. Some

celebrities in the crowd. I was

a bit disappointed at the few celebrities that were there,

but the one that were there we understand how she's pregnant

because she doesn't look

pregnant at all. She looked absolutely spectacular. She really did pull off her fashion skills. Her heels were very

high. She again very

impressive pregnant woman. We

had Guy Richie, I don't know if Madrid was upset she was no

longer married to Guy Richie or

not. Elton John never fails to

impress. The one I really want

to talk about is Julia Gillard because I rarely talk about Julia Gillard and her fashion. doing so. She's come under

some criticism for that recently. I thought she looked

first rate. She pulled it off.

She did us very proud. Hopefully she Hopefully she can put some of those critics to rest with at

that her choice of fashion and look . What did you think? I

don't know about that Really?

I'm not in agreement there.

That pale jacket. I would like

to mention on page 3 of the Australian that news that Clive

James is battling Lou keep

leukemia. I think that's an

important story for us to mark

this morning. We wish him all

the best. A great Australian

man of letters. Yes. Good to see you. Go back to your

party. Thank you. Out of control. I like it. Here's

Vanessa O'Hanlon with a look at

the weather. For us we've got

more showers today along the east coast with huge swells between Queensland's Fraser

Coast and Illawarra NSW. Cloud

is also increasing is also increasing over the

south-east ahead of a trough.

A strong high still extending a ridge along

the east coast as it makes Yates way down towards New

Zealand and a low pressure

system it deepening over the

Coral Sea. Moisture coming in from the Indian from the Indian Ocean is filtering into a trough that's

coming from WA to SA's

south-east. A cold front has caused a few coastal showers

over the past day. It's now

heading towards Tasmania and a secondary front will cross

tomorrow. The low in the Coral

Sea has prompted a severe

warning for folk island. Wind gusts

gusts are forecast to reach 110 kilometres an hour likely to exceed 5 metres. In

Queensland's today:

The rain stay away from London for will take you back to Buckingham Palace right after this.

I pronounce that they be man

and wife together. A balcony kiss to seal the marriage of

Prince William and Catherine

Middleton. One million people line London streets for all the

pomp and pageantry. She looked

absolutely stunning. All

everyone did the whole royal

family, her family. It was

great. She looked

and Aussie toast for new bride

and groom. It was amazing. She

looked absolutely stunning. The

prince takes his new

a spin in dad's car. Good

morning, it's Saturday 30 April

you're watching a special edition of 'ABC News

Breakfast'. I'm Michael Rowland I'm Virginia Trioli.

If you're just joining us, if

you didn't manage to see it

last night let's take you through some of the special moments. an event that entirely wrapped

up the city of London. A

million people lined the

streets and 2000 people were

invited to sit inside

Westminster Abbey and to watch

the newspaperials. Many people arrived and are many celebrities were part of those

guests. A little recently,

though, just a short time ago, this was the picture at

Clarence House where the Prince

of Wales and Camilla left with

the new Duke and Duchess of

Cambridge to head back to

Buckingham Palace for the black tie dinner and party that the

Prince of Wales was for the new cup pull. Which

is going on as we go to air.

The final event in what has

been an action packed day for

the royal family. Nothing has

done wrong if we go back to the start of the day start of the day we're seeing those shots there of the royal

couple going back to Buckingham

Palace. Nothing went wrong in

the ceremony. The weather held

up, there were crowds aplenty outside Westminster Abbey and

along the route from Buckingham

Palace down The Mall to the church and really a

star-studded guest list of celebrities, friends of the royal family, some of Prince William's

military colleagues arriving to

attend the big event and we can

bring you some pictures of the

service now and there's service now and there's the Prince of Wales and Camilla with the Queen and the Duke of

Edinburgh in the front row and

really it was very much a who's who of British society there. When Catherine Middleton

did findly arrive at

Westminster Abbey it was

confirmed that Sarah Burton of the design

the design house Alexander

McQueen was the designer of her

dress and it is a dress that's

been greeted with a great

cheers of approval it would appear right You saw then just a moment of Julia Gillard Julia Gillard arriving at the

Abbey as well. She was walked

down the aisle of course by her

father and Prince William and Prince Harry

at the top of the church. You

can see them both there in their ceremonial dress. It

was a reasonably relaxed and

also intimate affair between

them all with many looks and

smiles and glances. Especially between

between those two. There was a

lovely moment with Prince uttering words "you should see

her. She looks beautiful."

Lots of Ip formality at the

altar. Prince William telling