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Live. Tonight - top economists put the world on notice. The global

economy has entered a dangerous

new phase. And the Treasurer on

a pedestal. We are in

position of just about any

this developed economy to handle

this global uncertainty. Shock

waves across Afghanistan as a

top peace negotiator is

assassinated. And inquiry into

the use of drugs at Canberra's jail. And Darren Lockyer's NRL career over

career over unless the Broncos

make the grand final. I'll put me

alive next week that I'll be playing. Good evening. Craig

Allen with ABC News . When the International Monetary Fund

uses the R word, the world sits

up and takes notice, Europe and America's painfully weak growth

and massive debts have the IMF

warning of a double dip

recession on both sides of the Atlantic. Here the IMF predicts

growth but the solid but slightly slower

Australia is well placed to

ride out any storm and

according to one economic

journal Wayne Swan's just the

man to have at the helm. This Government's finally found something to smile about. The

Deputy PM has been named as 'Euromoney's Finance Minister

of the year. Something to be celebrated. It's only the second time an Australian's

been named world's greatest

Treasurer. The last decades ago. ago. The magazine praised swan's -

In the dwlobal economy we

stand tall in a position of

fundamental strength. Europe is

not. But that's where the

magazine is from. In 2005,

their award for the best

investment house went to it, wait for it, Lehmann brothers.

Lehmann brothers. The Coalition

mocked the previous award Serbian, a Nigerian, a winners. Two Slovakians, a Bulgarian, 2001 a

Pakistani. And the current

one. Should I praise a one. Should I

Treasurer who wants to

introduce a carbon tax? No. Should I praise the most incompetent Treasurer Australia has ever had? No. This is a Treasurer

who is the Stephen Bradbury of

Finance Ministers. A steady

economic hand is more important

than ever. The latest report

Fund makes sobering reading

warning of slowing growth and

climbing debt. The IMF slashed

its forecast for American

growth, cut Europe's and trimmed Australia's..

The global economy has entered

a dangerous new phase. The recovery has weakened

have increased sharply. Risks considerably and down sideways

that include the possibility of

sides of the Atlantic. Our double dip recessions on both

economy as we meet today

economy that is the envy of the

world. So far though the

Government's failed to turn its

political financial capital into

political capital. Even the

the gong compared him to magazine that gave Wayne Swan

Gorbachev, in its words hailed

abroad but loathed at home. It

faces certain defeat but the

Government has gone ahead and

tabled its bill in parliament

toly the to restore offshore

processing of aslyum seekers.

As he introduced it last plea to the Coalition to

change its mind and back the amendment to the Migration Act.

Disgu but that fell on deaf

ears. With the power to pass or ears. With the power to

block legislation of national

significance, comes a

responsibility of equivalent

act gravity, a responsibility to

act in the national

interest. How can he be trusted

with a blank cheque from this

parliament as he proposed in his legislation this

decided morning? The Government hasn't

decided when the bill will be

debated and go to a latest suicide bombing in

Afghanistan has dealt a deadly blow

blow to the peace process. Burhanuddin Rabbani, the former

President of Afghanistan, was

the negotiations between the the target. He'd

Government and the Taliban, he

died when a man claiming to be

a negotiator detonated explosionives hidden in his turban. This was the scene

shortly after the attack. Former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani assassinated at his home in the

Afghan capital. Police say

insurgents claiming to be Taliban negotiators were

allowed into his compound for a

meeting. But one of visitorings was the suicide attacker.

TRANSLATION: He placed the explosives in his turban and

while paying respects to his

his excellency he put his head

in his chest and blew up his

explosives. Hamid Karzai

received the news just before a

meeting with his US counterpart

President Obama at the United Nations in New killing. Despite this incident, leaders condemned the

we will not be deterred from

creating a path whereby Afghans

and security and prosperity. A can live in freedom and safety can live in freedom

terrible loss, but as you

rightly say, this would not deter us from continuing the

path that we have. It was Professor

Professor Rabbani's job to open up dialogue bean the Government

and its opponents. The latest

negotiated end to the undermined killing has generated anger and

conflict. We are suffering, we

are fed up from such a

situation, we deserve to live

as other peoples in the world.

We don't want our child to see

such a kind of pictures on the

TV. We don't want to stop the

whole peace process. We have to

continue. This is the second

attack in this part of Kabul in

a week. The insurgents have

struck this time in a compound

which is right at the back of

the US embassy, once again

weapons and fighters in what's supposed to be one of the most

secure parts of the capital.

Police and troops are bracing for further violence as many Afghans mourn the loss of yet another high ranks

official. The death toll from

three days of violence in Yemen

has risen to more than 70. Mass

rallies in the capital Sanaa

were again met with harsh

resistance by the authorities.

For the third day running

security forces opened fire on security

demonstrators marching through the city. Government troops

were also involved in clashes

with military units that have

defected to the tenuous cease-fire has now been defected to the opposition, a

agreed to but there are

concerns the violence may have derailed the peace process.

Libya's provisional Government

has been formally welcomed into

the international community.

With the country's new flag

flying for the first time at UN

headquarters, world leaders

gathered to praise those involved in the overthrow of Colonel Gadaffi and pledge

their support. We've come here

today to say to the people of

Libya, just as the world stood

by you in your struggle to be

free, we will now stand with

you in your struggle to realise

the peace and prosperity that

freedom can bring. The head of

the new Administration delivered a a promise that the

abuses of the previous regime will be punished.


authorities will bring to

justice through a fair trial all the accused of the Gaddafi

regime and we will work in the

spirit of forgiveness and

reconciliation over the coming period Inside Labora ousted leader Moammer leader Moammer Gaddafi issued another defiant audio message warning opponents that NATO protection won't last and declaring the National

Transitional Council an illegal

organisation. The NSW police

arson task force has been activated early to investigate

the fires that threaten Leura

in the Blue Mountains. The

Rural Fire Service believes bushfires that came close to

home were deliberately lit. The

Leura fires signal an early

start to the bushfire season, one one emergency services warn

could be severe. While this

fire was being fought along Olympian Parade in Leura

yesterday, this blaze flared up

a kilometre down the road. Police believe arsonists deliberately struck while the fire crews were occupied. Whether they're

intelligent or not, I can't comment on, but they're criminals. Early

investigation indicates

incendiary devices were used to

light both fires, a dozen

detectives have been deployed

in Leura, the in Leura, the search for fire

bugs like this fire season

itself, has started early. It makes firefighters

furious. Firefighters and residents alike. Very angry.

Very angry. It's tantamount to murder as far as I'm concerned. The

concerned. The fire in Leura

still burns but the threat to

homes has subsided. Special

remote area firefighters have been working Jamison Valley and they're

winning the battle Today we've

been very fortunate to see a

calming down of the weather conditions and particularly

those strong winds that we've seen dominating much of NSW

over the last 24, 48 hours. But

NSW night be in for a long,

tough summer. The recent

dwougt-breaking rain has made

fire hazard reduction extremely

difficult.. We've got grass

lane growth and therefore grass

lane fire risk conditions like

we haven't seen for 30 or 40 years. We've got

out a lot of grass growth and

they're all coming together to provide a channeling

period. There are currently 50 bushfires bushfires burning around the

State. Police are hunting for

an armed robber who held up two

banks in Canberra's south this

afternoon. A man walked into the Commonwealth Bank in

Fyshwick just after lunch Fyshwick just after lunch and threatened staff claiming he

had a bomb and a gun. He left empty

empty handed. Police believe it

was the same man who used the

same tactics to rob the CPS

credit union in Manuka half an

hour later. The second attempt

proved successful. The offender

was last seen escaping the bank

with some money in a brown

brief case. Drowning deaths in

Australia are on the increase

and have reached their highest level since 2003. Royal Life

Saving released its national

report today and it shows 315

people drowned in the past year. While Australia's

catastrophic summer of floods

is partly to blame, there are aren't taking water safety seriously. Floods gripped Australia's eastern starts last summerment now raw figure

confirm the shocking toll

human life. 52 people died in flood-related drownings last

year, of those 38 were during the Queensland floods. Royal

Life Saving is concerned that

more work needs to be done in

local level disaster risk reduction, improved community awareness and skill

development, so that similar future. Across Australia drowning deaths have jumped 11%

on the five year average, 93

people died in Queensland and

more than 100 in NSW, four people drowned in the ACT's

waterways. In Victoria, there

were 38 deaths , in Tasmania 15

and 13 in South Australia.

Eight people died in the

Northern Territory and 37 in

Western Australia. That figure

doesn't include the lives lost

during the Christmas Island

boat disaster. More than a third of drowning deaths in Australia in the past 12 months

have been in rivers

streams. Even taking into

account the floods last summer,

that figure is still more than

double the target set by Royal

Life Saving. Men are 3.5 times

more likely to drown than women

with men under 34 the biggest casualties. It's one thing to have the stats within this

report but it's another thing

to understand the drivers and

the behaviours to change. Another concern is the

number of drownings in the

over-55 age bracket as retiring

baby boomers begin enjoying water people assessing the situation,

perhaps a bit more, making sure

they take some proactive things

like the life jacket or the

vests if they're in a boat. The number of

who have drowned dropped 15%

but Royal Life Saving says it's

an area where efforts must

continue. Tasmania's lower

house has become the first

house of parliament in house to vote in support of same-sex

marriage. The State's fragile

Labor minority Government has backed

backed a Greens motion

the marriage Act to allow gay

marriage. A gender neutral

marriage act is not about di

polluting or damaging the concept of marriage, it equality and fairness. It will

give them hope that they can

soon look forward to a wedding day. Their own wedding day,

that of their brother, their

sister, their son. The

Tasmanian Greens brought on the non-binding motion after

attempts to have same-sex

marriage legislation passed in

the State had failed. It wants action on the issue by the end

of the year. There's to be an

inquiry into how drugs are

handed out at Canberra's jail.

Last month, a prisoner at the Alexander Maconochie Centre

overdotioned on methadone

because another inmate had

hidden the drug inside the

drinking container he used. The

ACT Opposition is demanding a

full investigation. What I want

to do is get to the bottom of

the procedures, how they're working

working at the Alexander

Maconochie Centre and how this

could have occurred in the

first place. This analysis of the immediately after it happened.

You can't wait three weeks for

the assembly to sit to then

have a view about these things. The Greens are also keen for an inquiry. The substance of the motion about

ensuring the recommendations

around Aboriginal deaths in custody are

implemented Corrective services

says it has changed its

procedures to prevent another

overdose. When it comes to fast food outlets, the Heart

Foundation is giving its tick

the flick. The controversial

endorsement of so-called healthier

being binned. Ned St health body

body says it's going to

concentrate on restaurant and cafe meals. The Heart

Foundation has had a change of

heart when it comes to its tick

of approval. Fast food

companies like McDonald's will

no longer be allowed to use the

sign. We think it's time to

actually change our strategy,

we don't believe that the

licencing program is probably

the best way to achieve that

widespread change. The tick is

awarded to foods that meet the

Heart Foundation's standards,

low in sugar, salt saturated fat, it will still stay on packaged and processed foods but the Heart

Foundation's focus will shift, instead lit do random audits restaurants, cafes and takeaway

outlets publishing the results so

so patrons know what's in the food they're eating. Muffins

for breakfast or morning tea,

that sandwich at lunch time and really unpacking the level of

salt that's in something like the sandwiches and going public

with that. For its part McDonald's says it will

continue to offer healthy journey for the healthier

options probably almost ten

years ago now and that was in response to customers telling

us that that's what they

wanted. Taking the tick off the

menu is unlikely to affect

McDonald's bottom line, a study

released this year showed only

2 #30i6% of customers made

healthy choices. For those who

are looking for healthier

choices several States are

legislating to bring in

compulsory men you labels which

will spell out the calories of what diners are Government is facing court

action over its approve of a supermarket development in

Canberra's north. The decision to fast track the multimillion dollar development at Giralang was supposed to end years of

wrangling about the site's

future but residents and nearby businesses argue the planned

centre is too big. They hope

the Supreme Court will overturn

the approval. If they place

this massive development in Giralang, of course it's going

to impact on a lot of smaller suburban shopping centres or supermarkets. Giralang shop and that's why I approved

the development application.

Obviously we're keen to see

this party dealt with by the

courts as soon as possible. The ACT Greens a committee in inquiry into the rules for supermarket

developments and competition,

the Government says it's open

to the idea. To finance and

there was a weak rally on the

local share market today, but

as Alan Kohler reports, the market's gone sideways for six

weeks now. Well basically global discounted by 10% between late

July and early August to

account for the sudden

reappearance of sovereign risk.

Caused by the failure of

European leaders to agree on a credible cooperative plan at

their summit on July 21st.

After the initial 10%

adjustment all financial marks

have been incredibly volatile

as investors respond to the

furious debate about whether

Greece will default or leave

the Eurozone whether monetary

union will survive. As this next aren't sure. It shows the interbank lending rate for

Europe and the United States

with July 21st marked in.

That's when the chill went down

banker's spines and they realised that

will stuff things up and allow

Greece to default and they

started to jack up interest

rates that they charge each other because no-one really

knows which bank is effectively

insolvent. Last night was a

relatively good session in

Europe but there's no sign of a

trend yet. The daily moves are

large but for six weeks they've

been reversed the following

day. Wall Street fell last night but the Chinese share

And the Australian market went

up 0.7%, here are some of the biggest moves.

Precious metals recovered

overnight. And

Lockyer has ruled himself out

of Friday night's grand final

qualifier against Manly. The

Broncos skipper hasn't

recovered from surgery on

fractured cheek bone. It could

mean Lockyer has played his

last match. Darren Lockyer was

the last to alight the team bus

at Bondi and the body language

reflected that of a defected

captain the damage was there

for all to see and beneath the

bruising and bandages lie three plates enner issed after surgery and critical to the repair of

bone.. It's getting better

every day but, you know, I

still feel that Friday's just a

trained with team-mates yet bit too soon. When Lockyer

morning hopes were high that

their leader would play. But

his career now lies in the

hands of his team-mates who

must win this week to give

Lockyer the chance of a final

farewell. I do it for

themselves, they do it for each

other, that's what we've done

all year. Lockyer accepts the

has no injury is part of the game and

fullback Gerard Beale. He's

holding his jaw. Timing of Lockyer's decision to withdraw

is interesting, obviously

happening on a Wednesday morning, Lockyer says that that's all about have team-mates be able to

focus on the task at hand

against Manly and know that he

won't be playing. As for the

grand final and prospects for

Lockyer taking part, here's

what he had to say. I'll put me

hand up now that if we're alive

next week that ail I'll be playing. Brisbane is expected

to decide on a replacement for

Thaiday tipped to assume the Lockyer tomorrow but Sam

captaincy. In stark contrast

the Warriors have been enjoying

a stress free build-up to

Saturday's preliminary final against Melbourne. The Warriors against

one of two teams to have posted

an I a way win against the

Storm this season. Allows you

to focus on the things that

count and help you win, help

you play well. So we know if we

play well, based on those results then we're a chance to

Melbourne win. The squad will fly into

re-signed with the club, the

24-year-old will now remain

with the Raiders until the end

of the 2014 season. McCrone

started his career with the Green machine in 2005 and

re-joined the club in 2009

after a stint with the

Panthers. Queensland's Will

Genia will captain the

Wallabies in Friday night's

the United States. The rugby World Cup game against

23-year-old will become Australia's 78th Test captain

and replaces Reds team-mate

James Horwill who is being

rested with a shoulder

Obviously very, very proud to

to be I guess named captain for

side but I think more important

thing is to just get out there

and do the job and get it and that's and do the job and get it done

and that's pretty much the

focus. Drew Mitchell will start

on the wing for the injured

James O'Connor and Rob Horne

replaces Pat McCabe at inside

centre. Well winning captain,

losing coach, Tim Smits stepped

down as coach overnight leaving

the Australian cricket team

looking for a replacement ahead

of next month's tour of South

Africa. And he left with Africa. And he left with a parting shot or two bosses. Tim Smits felt he had

the runs on the board as

country coach and was annoyed

about being asked to reapply

for an expanded role under

changes recommended. I've had

four years in the role, I feel

like I've done an interview for

the job for the last four years

to be honest. Nielsen believes some of his achievements have

been overlooked. The only thing

I'm a little disappointed in is

that my role as Australian cricket coach doesn't just

cover Test match cricket. We've maintained

ranking in wopd cricket The

coach has gone out on a high with with Australia winning its

soars against Sri Lanka 1-nil.

The drawn final Test reached great heights. Is that

the end of the game. A

fantastic job from all the boys

both with bat and ball, obviously Mike Hussey was the

stand out in series. The

'Canberra Times' Hussey was indecisive was on the podium. Hussey scored more

Tests. It took me probably two than 1,000 runs in his last 8

or three years to get 1,000 runs before so that I guess

you've got to enjoy it while

the going is good. Michael

Clarke's men move up to fourth

in the Test rankings and difficult challenge in South

Africa next month. They might

be on the decline in their home

State but a small colony of Tasmanian devils is thriving on

the mainland. A deadly facial

cancer is Rav abling the

species in their native

Tasmania. Now conservationists

hope a baby boom at

Valley will ensure the devils'

survive. Tasmanian def yms face

extinction in their home state

but their future is looking breegt in NSW. Last January 43 devils were released into

enclosures in Barrington Tops

by the Devil Ark conservation

program. Mating season started

soon after. The first season

has been a huge success. We've

got Joeys that are seven months

old now and they are beautiful,

they're one or two months

are the next generation. Rangers haven't

been able to count every new

devil but seven female s have

given birth. They have have to

up to four joeys each though some are now being hand reared. It can increase her potential to breed again. These

deferils are being bred as an

insurance population in case

the species is wiped out all

together in Tasmania. Deadly

facial tum fordisease has been

tearing through the island

gone done by about 85% in since 1996. The sights

places where the disease is present. Here in Barrington

Tops, they live in free range

enclosures but are trapped monthly for monthly for health checks F

every breeding season is as

successful as this one the

project is on track to have 360

devil here by 2016 and the

population will grow to 1,000

over the next ten years. Def

Devil Ark owns 500 hectare of

land but at the moment is only

using 25 hectares. Now it's enclosures for the growing seeking funding to build

population. The devils are

being raised in a wild environment so their

descendians could one day be released into the Tasmanian

bush. Now it's over to our one

own little devil, Mark kampl

di? Thank you Craig and good

evening. During September, bush

flies start to arrive in the

ACT from the north and warmish temperatures help to speed up

their arrival. But if the

and around here, good friends weather is warm to our

of ours, dung beetles, will

break their hibernation early,

bury the cow poo and slow the bury the cow poo and

fly spread. Up to now, things fly spread. Up to

were going swimmingly.

Yesterday's cold snap did put a

check on things though but

thankfully today they've got

back to a warmer 20 degrees.

Our mates the dung beetles

would have called it a day now

as it's dark and a bit cool for them,

Australia is mostly clear of

cloud except for a band that

extends from Perth to Tasmania

and is generating widespread

showers. It's associated with a

front and a trough which is not

good news for our emerging hard

working beetles as it will

wet weather to the south-east

over the next few days. In the State capitals tomorrow -

Craig, this is the first rose of the season from the national rose gardens and how

appropriate - as it's also the

birthday of a great mate of

ours, she's not a dung beetle

and her name happens to be

Rosa. Good night. Thank you Mark. Hope

Mark. Hope she took that the

right way. Before we go a brief recap - the International

Monetary Fund says there are dangerous economic times Australia is well placed to But the Treasurer says

ride out any storm. The warning

came as Wayne Swan was named

Finance Minister of the year by 'Euromoney' magazine. And the

peace process in Afghanistan

has been dealt a blow with the assassination of the Government's chief negotiator.

Burhanuddin Rabbani died when a

man claiming to represent the

Taliban came to his home and

set off a bomb hidden in his

turban. And that's the news for

now. You can keep up to date 24 hours a day on ABC News online.

Stay with us now to for 7.30

with Leigh Sales and Chris Uhlmann. Thanks for your

company. Good night. Captions by CSI. A

celebration of extraordinary

kindness. The two families

brought together by a long lost

war diary. There are so few

times in life where you get to

do something that makes your own soul sing. Those stories shortly. But first the International Monetary Fund has

a grim warning for the global economy. Tackle Europe's economy. Tackle Europe's debt