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Tonight - playing the

numbers game on asylum seeker

policy. Bring it on, bring it

on! If they're not scared of

legislation and do it now. the result, bring on the

We are at real risk as a result

of Mr Abbott's conduct of

seeing more votes. The National Capital Authority

stares into an economic black

hole. We could probably make it

through the end of the 2012-13 financial year. We wouldn't

make it past then. The Flying

Kangaroo culls its flights as strike action escalates.

Cricket Australia turns to rugby for its next leader. I guess I come with a flesh

slate. I don't have any pre-conceived ideas.

Good evening. Welcome to

ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. A day after getting

the Prime Minister's had to her way over the carbon tax,

concede defeat on another policy front. But the

government says it's determined

to resurrect its Malaysia deal,

and is putting pressure on the

opposition. In the meantime,

onshore processing will become

arrive the norm. More people who

on bridging visas, allowing

them to live in the community while their claims are

processed. Mark Simkin reports. Talk about that sinking feeling. Not only has the Malaysia solution been sunk,

offshore processing has gone

down with it. There is only one

reason that we are not in a

circumstance to have offshore

processing and that's because

of Mr Abbott's determination to

trash the national interest. Many asylum seekers who by boat will be treated like

security those who come by plane. After

security and health checks they

will be allowed to live in

community while their asylum

claims are be able to work and receive limited welfare payments. We

are at real risk of seeing more boats. That's very clear. The

government made its decision after emergency Cabinet meets

and after Tony Crook killed its asylum seeker Bill in the Lower

the amendments today. The House . I will

humanitarian management of

asylum seekers was a key factor

Labor in my decision makes. Suddenly

first government in 80 years to Labor was poised to become the

lose a Bill in the House. A

vote was set down for this

morning after repeated assurances from the Prime

Minister. We will bring this

legislation to the Parliament.

I'm determined we'll bring this

legislation to the Parliament.

We will bring this legislation

to the Parliament. Not today,

it didn't. The government anything but asylum seekers. The AQIS export

service rebate private members'

Egypt business, Coptic Christians in

fertiliser Egypt a national standard for

fertiliser products. Tony

Abbott unsuccessfully tried to

force a vote. Bring it on. If

they're not scared of the

result, bring on the

legislation and bring on the

legislation now. They want to

put out a welcome mat. They

want to see more boats. Why is

the Prime Minister scared of putting her Malaysian people to

the vote? It is actually sad to

see the Liberal Party in this

state of negativity. When she

became Prime Minister, Julia

Gillard identified pricing and asylum seeker

policy as areas where Labor had

lost its way. She prevailed on

one yesterday, but after trying

to move to the right of Kevin

Rudd's border protection policy

the Prime Minister's just

lurched to the left of it. Ombudsman Allan Asher has confirmed he arranged for Greens senators to Greens senators to ask him specific questions. The

questions allowed the Ombudsman

to complain about a lack of

funding hampering his

investigations into immigration detention. We're able to help

the Ombudsman be part of the

political discourse because he

is the watchdog. You have the

Australian Greens setting a

standard for everybody else and then setting no standard for themselves. The Immigration

Minister has asked

Ombudsman to explain his

actions. Mr Asher concedes his

cooperation with the Greens was

not a wise approach to take. The National Capital Authority

is in financial dire straits.

But now it's emerged the NCA

could run out of money within

calls for 12 months. That's prompted

calls for an bail-out and a constitution that embassies could be slugged

with higher charges to bolster

the NCA's bottom line. The dire outlook was no surprise for the National Capital Authority with

scarce funding activities and

staff have already been slashed

and now a new review warns the

authority is in danger of

running out of cash as soon as

next year. We could probably make it through to the end of

the 2012-13 financial year. We

wouldn't make it past then. We know for some NCA has been asked to tighten

up its fiscal management. Commissioned by the Federal

Government, the Hawke review

recommend as $4 million

injection of federal funding

for the authority in

budget, with calls for that to increase to

increase to $8 million by the

2013-14 financial year. But

that's conditional on returning

the Federal Budget to

surplus. I think that would be

a rather nice gift of the Commonwealth, not just to

Canberra, but to the national capital. But

capital. But in a sign of how

bad things are, the report

author and the authority says

the bottom line will need to be

carefully managed. We need to

gear up, we need to have people

in place. Cuts have reduced its

capacity to do what it needs to

do. Among the longer-term measure is a suggestion to

introduce an annual rent for

new embassies and High Commissions to re-Sol of the

the authority's budget crisis. The current

arrangements I think favour too

much the embassies and High

Commissions at the expense of

decision made in desperation to the taxpayers' dollar. That's a

deal with the failures of the

issues it needs to have government to address the

addressed over the last three

or four years. The government

report by the end of the year. is expected to respond to the

Qantas says it has no choice

but to ground five of its

planes. The airline blames its

engineers, saying their

industrial campaign has caused

a backlog of maintenance that

can't be cleared. The Federal

intervene if the dispute isn't

resolved soon. The Qantas has

clipped its own wings not for safety reasons but because it can't keep up with aircraft

maintenance. The airline is

blaming its engineers for one

hour rolling stoppages every

day and refusing to work

overtime. This is resulting in

a number of aircraft not available for service each day

and a general decline in

schedule reliability. The

airline has grounded five

planes for at least a month and cancelled 1 00 domestic flights

a week but the union is not buying it. the component

maintenance shops that are required to fix the aircraft have been closed have been closed down. Qantas

is fighting the war on several

fronts as it expanding into

Asia. Today it was baggage handlers, caterers and ramp

workers who walked off the job

over more pay. These are

demands we can ghefr agree

to. The pilots union is trying

to fly below the radar hitting

shareholders with this web site

asking them to help slash the

CEO's pay. Since industrial have been affected. Some have takent unions' advice and

booked with other

airlines. It's enough to put me

off not flying Qantas. I think Qantas is being a built hard on

its employees. The Federal Government is worried about the

impact on tourism. The minister

is threatening to intervene.

And he lashed out at the unions' leadership. I regard

the comments of people like Mr Pervinis as un-Australian and a

sad reflection on his

leadership of the licensed aircraft could lose 60,000 passengers

over the next fortunate and if

the engineers continue their

action, more planes may not

fly. They will walk off the job

at Sydney Airport tomorrow for

four hours, cancelling and delaying more flights. New Zealand authorities trying to

limit the damage from an oil spill in the Bay of Plenty have

had to deal with a fresh

emergency. 88 ships containers

have tumbled into the ocean

from the grounded 'Rena',

into the ocean. The ship's

owner has said sorry for the disaster. Smashed apart in

rough seas these containers are

the latest evidence of in the once pristine Bay of

Plenty. Tugs are towing what

they can but some cargo has already washed up along with a

potent layer of oil. I just moved to New Zealand and one of

the reasons we chose to live

here was because it's so

beautiful. It's ruined. We're

really angry and hurt. It brings tears whenever I come here. Toxic chemicals too have spilt into

the ocean. The 'Rena' is now

leaning. Crews have now been able to board the stricken ship to assess the damage and prepare for more salvage

efforts. The crews will everything prepared to go as soon as they humanly can. It

hold business 1300 tonnes of

oil. It's unclear if the pipes

needed to pump the remaining

oil are still intact. The use of dispersant has abandoned. More will reach the

coastline in coming days. We

apologise without hesitation

for what has happened for what has happened . Cold comfort for those grimly

watching on. It's our playground and sort of been

taken away from us. A 40

kilometre stretch of coastline

is now polluted. Another woman has died as a result of last

week's helicopter crash in New

York. Five people were on board

the chopper when into the East River shortly after take-off. Sydney resident

Sonia Marra was celebrating her

40th birthday with her family. She drowned She drowned after becoming

trapped in the trapped in the wreckage. Her partner, New Zealander Helen

Tamaki, has now also died as a result of her injuries. It's already emerged that the

helicopter underwent a

maintenance inspection just

days before the accident. A

Nigerian man has pleaded guilty to trying over the US, with a bomb hidden in his underwear. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab says he planned the attack as retaliation for

the killing of

worldwide. The guilty plea took

the US court by surprise and brought his trial to an abrupt

end. His target was a Northwest

Airlines flight to Detroit on

Christmas 2009. 300 passengers

and crew, against the advice of his his stand-by lawyer, accused underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab surprised

observers. He pleaded guilty to

all charges, telling the court

"I intended to wreck a US


The 25-year-old Nigerian

admitted to carrying a chemical

bomb in his underwear. His

fellow passengers, like

Australian-born Dimitrios

Bessis, were stunned. He put

terror in children's eyes, in

mothers' hearts. I mean, I have the plane. It was a horrible experience. The bomb produced

flames and smoke instead of detonating. The 25-year-old

told the court it was a blessed weapon, insisting he wasn't guilty under Islamic law and

warning that "If the US

continues to kill and support

those who kill innocent

Muslims, then the US should

await a great calamity through

the hands of the Mujaheddin."

He is young man who may be

misguided. A young man who was impreszable. Abdulmuttallab

pleaded guilty to eight charges of con sphwirg to

use a weapon of mass destruction. He faces life imprisonment. He will not

cooperate with the government. His lawyers say he has no deal with prosecutors.

He's scheduled to be sentenced

in January.

A man charged with bashing a Irish tourist will in the Supreme Court. Daniel

Byrne is accused of assault ing

Timothy McCarthy. Police say

Byrne hit the tourist in the

face knocking him out and causing a severe causing a severe head injury.

Mr McCarthy was left in a xom

ma on life support. Today,

magistrate Beth Campbell

committed Byrne to stand trial in

in the Supreme Court on a

charge of intentionally

inflicting grievous bodily

harm. That offence carries a

maximum sentence of 15 years'

jail. Two suspended army cadets charged charged over the so-called ADFA sex scandal have again appeared

in court. 19-year-old Daniel

McDonald is accused of secretly

filming himself having sex with a female a female cadet and putting it on the Internet. 18-year-old Dylan de Blaquiere is accused

of ... today de Blaquiere was committed to stand trial in the ACT Supreme Court. McDonald's

case was adjourned until

November but he also is

expected to be committed for trial in the Supreme trial won't begin until

February 2013 at the earliest.

In South Africa, two farm

workers have gone on trial

accused of accused of murdering white supremacist Eugene

Terreblanche. The Afrikaner was

brutally beaten to death last

year. While the case has high

divisions, lighted the country's racial

divisions, police say theft was

more likely the motive. This

report from Ventersdorp west of

Terreblanche fought hard to Johannesburg. Eugene

preserve South Africa's racial

divisions. For a small minority

he was there champion. For

others, he was a racist menace

and a national embarrassment. Brutally beaten and hacked to

death by two farm workers,

there were fears his murder might spark a new race war. The

two accused one of them a

teenager have denied all charges, despite witnesses

saying they boasted of their crimes.

crimes. Andreas Terreblanche

came to court hoping to see his

brother's name restored to what

he believe is its rightful place in history. For 1,000

years Hitler's name will be

remembered and the same for Eugene Terreblanche. For as

long as we live in this world

Afrikaners will remember his

name for all he has done for

Afrikaners. The murder of

Eugene Terreblanche sparked fears people may seek

retribution, but while race has been police have told the court unpaid wages were the

motive. There are still huge issues unresolved. And bigger issues are the issues unresolved. And the

socioeconomic inequalities. Poverty issues. That will take

much longer. The end South

Africa is still scarred by the country's brutal apartheid

past. But race is no longer the

nation's biggest challenge.

Shalit could come up against a

legal challenge. The Israeli government says it will release more than 1,000 Palestinian

prisoners in exchange for Gilad

Shalit who was captured five

years ago. Israelis will have

48 hours to challenge the

agreement, once the names of

have been made public. prisoners slated for release

Australian Arnold Roth lost his

daughter in a suicide attack 10

years ago. He is still deciding

whether to lodge an appeal. Many hundreds convicted murderers will be

released for no other reason

than that the government has no

alternative. The parts of deal that involve allowing

terrorists back on the streets

is a recipe for a terrible

outcome. Similar appeals in the

past have been rejected by

Israel's Supreme Court. New

research has found that a

child's weight isn't a reliable indicator of their health.

Children as young as 6 have

been dying nosed with high cholesterol and just weight were to blame.

Doctors have known that overweight kids were more

likely to have signs of ill

health such as high cholesterol

or high blood pressure. But researchers were surprised to

discover that those symptoms

are not limited to children

carrying excess

weight. Somewhat surprisingly

more than six children who were

normal weight in the community

and aged between 6 and 13 had

high cholesterol levels. Most

of this was bad cholesterol or LDL found more than 50% of children

in the healthy weight range had

high cholesterol. Poor diet and

a lack of exercise were to blame. High

would blame. High LDL cholesterol

would result from a child

having a diet which is high in

saturated fat, high in caloric

intake, perhaps also high in

sugar and low in the other foods we know to be protective

like green leafy vegetables.

Worryingly a third of obese

children had high blood overweight children had high

blood pressure. In a separate

study, researchers at the west feed millennium institute feed millennium institute at

Sydney University studied 1700 6-year-olds. They measured the

width of blood vessels in the

children's eyes. Narrowing of

the vessels at the back of the

eye or the retina actually is an indicator of future heart

disease. So it was surprising

that we found that this was

actually occurring in children

as well. Just like the first

study, being a wealthy weight was

health. Those children who was no guarantee of good

didn't exercise had higher

blood pressure if they were not

in the excess weight category.

Campaigners have marched on

Parliament House demanding more

funding for research into dementia. The group including high profile members of the

Alzheimer's Australia want an

extra $500 million over five

years for research into

awareness of dementia. A new

report shows there will be a

million dementia sufferers in Australia by Australia by 2050. The protest

even reached the skies. We were

shocked and dismayed that in the last Federal Budget there

was no additional funding for any dementia services research.

CROWD: Boo! I know that

dementia research in terms of Commonwealth funding dollars

continues to languish well

below the research effort and

the research investment in more traditional diseases like

cancer. Research released

today shows dementia will

quadruple over the next four decades. To finance now. Australia's unemployment rate has fallen unexpectedly. Although employment growth

remains slow. The local share

market more than reversed

yesterday's fall, investors confident the yesterday's fall, with global European debt crisis is close

to resolution. The unemployment

rate is back to 5.2% thanks to

20,000 new jobs in September. Which was about double what the

pundits had expected but notice

that the hours worked number

employment has gone down. And the trend of

employment growth is still chart shows a moving average that's chart shows a complicated

calculated by the ABS. It shows that the trend employment

growth is back to zero. Which

is where it was during the global recession. employment is growing but

that's been offset by a decline

in full-time jobs. Which is

what happened in 2009. The

Australian dollar is now

sitting pretty securely back

above parity. That's a rise of

nearly 9% in as many days which

is pretty amazing.

I don't often get a chance

to get a chart going back to

the year dot . This shows

shares of GDP over the last

2011 years. China and India are

reemerging not emerging. Europe

and the United States had their

flash in the pan but it's been

downhill ever since. Apple has

won a Federal Court battle to

temporarily ban the sale of Samsung's rival computer

tablet. Apple claims the Galaxy

infringes at least two of its 10.1 copies its iPad

patents. Samsung denies this,

but the Federal Court has ruled

Apple has a case that could

succeed at trial. Samsung is

now seeking legal now seeking legal advice on its

options. The ban on sales will

apply until the patent dispute

is resolved. Apple and Samsung

are suing each other over similar issues in nine

countries. Former Wallabies

player and rugby administrator

Pat Howard has been appointed

to cricket's new top job. As

the general manager of team performance, tasks will be to find a new

head coach for the national

team and a new panel of

selectors. As a Wally, Pat Howard played at the highest

level, representing Australia

20 times. As a cricketer his

record is industrious. I love

the game. I'm a terrible leg

spinner. But it's his record as a canny judge of talent that

impressed Cricket Australia. Howard was on the panel which appointed

appointed Ewan McKenzie of the

Queensland Reds. He also

selected current Wallabies

coach Robbie Deans and will be responsible for finding a head

cricket coach and the new national selection panel. Rugby

and cricket have in similar

that the fortunes of the game

and the sport rely heavily on

the performance of the national

team. Other sports can rely on domestic competition and domestic wins and losses.

Cricket and rugby can't.

Howard sees his lack of cricketing expertise as an

advantage. Making those calls I

think will help. I don't have

any baggage. I don't know a lot

of the personalities. I come with a fresh slate. have any pre-conceived have any pre-conceived ideas.

That's one of the things that

will be an opportunity for me,

to ask those dumb

questions. I'm sure he will do

a great job. Obviously they've

got a lot of faith in him. Look

forward to hopefully working

with him in the future. Howard

will complete his role as the

chief operating officer of a

up the role full time next

month. A nervous New Zealand

has had its best news so far in

the build-up to Sunday's Rugby World Cup semifinal against the

Wallabies. All Blacks captain

Ritchie McCaw has been declared

fit to play, despite a

persistent injury. But Australia remains concerned Australia remains concerned about fullback Kurtley Beale's

ability to overcome a hamstring strain. It was the answer New Zealanders Zealanders had hoped

for. Righto. I can guess what

the first question is, so I

will answer it for ya. Ritchie

McCaw's foot is fine. Doubt was

cast over McCaw's fitness yesterday when the Crusaders

flanker Matt Todd turned up to

training. The New Zealand

captain has been battling a

foot injury all tournament, but

his questioned presence in Sunday's game isn't causing any

concern for the Australians. We

haven't worried about it too

much, because nothing seems to

be clear. They're more worried

about Kurtley Beale's

totally clear idea just yet on fitness. We really don't

whether he's going to make it

for Sunday. Once again, the

Wallabies were quick to point

out that the All Blacks are

carrying the hopes of a nation

into this sudden death semifinal. You only have to walk the streets. It's

everywhere around you at the moment. The pressure is mounting.

mounting. The Wallabies will

attempt to break a 25 year

losing streak at Eden Park

against their trans-Tasman rivals. It's a wonderful

rivalry we do have. It gets the

best out of both nations, I

feel. There's been less scrutiny this week ahead of their

semifinal. The nations are

closely matched, only a win separates them in 88 meetings. The Australian

sealed a series victory over

England after thumping the visitors by 31 goals in Canberra last night. The Diamonds were slow starters

without injured captain Natalie

von Bertouch but acting captain

Catherine Cox showed her class and got the team going,

scoreing a game high 33 The Diamonds built an unassailable lead by half-time

and refused to take the foot

off the pedal after the long

break, the home side cruiseing

to a 67-36 win. To the weather

now. Unfortunately, without Mr

Carmody, so it will be brief.

It was a lovely warm day today

with a top of 21 down south at

Tuggeranong and a low of 8. Areas of cloud are forming

across northern and eastern Australia, leading to showers

and thunderstorms. Potentially

forming over Queensland. The

chart shows a broad low

pressure trough over northern and eastern Australia. And that

cold front will bring a cooler

south west change to South

Australia, a high will keep skies clear. Nationally tomorrow, despite the wet,

temperatures are still quite warm.

Stay with us for 7.30 with Leigh Sales and Chris Uhlmann.

We'll leave but shots of

Semeru, a Sumatran orangutan

born into a Perth breeding program, now about to released into the wild in

Indonesia. From me for now,

goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI This Program Is Captioned

Live. Tonight, can Australia

cope with the chronic disease

of the century? Hundreds of

people march on Canberra

demanding more money to combat

dementia. Early symptoms were

headaches, memory loss. The

costs are going to go up

astronomically. Early

diagnosis is absolutely

critical. And can the Wallabies

once again end the All Blacks'

World Cup dreams? New

Zealand's never beaten us in a

World Cup so there's that for

them to worry about. We now

play the All Blacks at their

home patch knowing that all the

mental stress on those

guys. First, just 20 hours

after Labor was basking in the

victory of getting its carbon

tax through the parliament it's now tasting defeat with its