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Tonight - Malcolm Turnbull

throws a spanner into his leader's carbon construct. If Margaret Thatcher took climate


science can hardly be the mark

of insipent bolshevism. Cut

price milk here to stay as the

competition watchdog backs

Coles. Two people killed in a chopper crash

chopper crash in Sydney's

north. Schleck soars but Cadel Evans is still within reach of

cycling's greatest prize. Andy

put it on the line but it is

also a bit my tour to win and

also mine to lose.

Good evening and welcome Haussegger. The Federal ABC News. I'm Virginia

Government's seized on Malcolm

Turnbull's latest contribution

to the carbon tax debate. The

former Liberal leader says it Australia would be acting ahead is embarrassing to suggest

of the world by putting a price on carbon. The opposition

leader had shrugged off the

remarks but privately Coalition

MPs with fuming.There are two

ways to get businesses to cut

their emissions - proposing a big stick proposing a big stick but Tony

Abbott is offering billions of

dollars worth of incentives. He

talked up the need for quality

control. If you get dud product

you Ged pretty (bleep)

off. Which is what some members

of the Coalition are after

Malcolm Turnbull's climate change speech. If Margaret

Thatcher took climate change

seriously, accepting the mark

can hardly be the mark of

insipent bolshevism. He didn't

Abbott's comments did appear to contradict Tony contradict Coalition policy but

did appear to Abbott's comments about global inaction. The Chinese aren't

going ahead with one, the

Americans aren't going ahead

with one and the Indians aren't

going ahead with should we do something until

the Indians and Chinese do

something. Those of us that have represented Australia at international conferences on

these issues, know how incredibly embarrassing

statements like that are. Parts

of the speech could have been

written by Julia Gillard. It is

absolutely clear that within

the Coalition there are very

different views about putting a

price on

things in his own way and he is entitled to do that. Not

everyone thinks so. It is

important all shadow ministers

concentrate on their own

general rule in politics. Other portfolios. I think that

Liberals are fuming rather than

smiling. Behind the scenes they

are calling Malcolm Turnbull

destructive and a loose cannon

and other things that cannot be

repeated in this time slot.

Some want him sacked from the

front bench. Next week the political climate will change.

Months after announce ing an asylum seeker deal

finally sign one on Monday or

Tuesday. I am looking forward

to releasing the detail and

dealing with some of the myths

and lies that have been peddled about the arrangement with

hasn't worked. During the Malaysia. It is a bad deal

negotiations 500 asylum seekers arrived. It is not clear what

will happen to them.

The milk discounting war is

set to continue. The Australian Commission has ruled Competition and Consumer

didn't Commission has ruled Coles when it dramatically cut milk didn't breach competition law when it dramatically cut milk

prices earlier this year. The

retailer welcomed the decision

but Dairy Farmers say it proves the competition watchdog the competition watchdog is a toothless tiger. Coles decision

to sell a litre of its home

brand milk for $1 drew

accusation of predatory pricing from come petter tos and Dairy

Farmers but the ACCC says it is

all aboveboard. Coles didn't

destroy or substantially damage have the purpose of trying to

another competitor. It was

share. The ACCC says that is an trying to pick up market

acceptable practise and that

price cutting does not necessarily constitute

predatory pricing. Coles

welcomed the ACCC

decision. This is a cut that we

funded ourselves and we didn't

believe there would be any

impact on Dairy Farmers as a result. Australian Dairy Farmers limited is outraged. What do you expect,

the ACCC is toothless and not

likely to come out in favour of anything that would be against

the major retailers. The

protect the small players out competition laws in the country

there. The ACC denies there there. The ACC denies there has

been a drop across the board in

the farm gate paid by the processors. In many cases the major processors have lifted the price for farm gate for

milk bought from the Dairy

Farmers. The ACC says it will

continue to monitor the dairy

and grocery industries for signs of anticompetitive

behaviour.European leaders have

thrown Greece another lifeline agreeing on a new bailout deal

worth nearly $150 billion. The politically contentious

agreement will not only help

the country pay its bills it should help prevent the debt

crisis from spreading.

Crisis averted or simply

delayed. After hours of debate

finally a second bailout,

bigger than expected, but this

time the banks and other

private lenders will share the

pain. We improved the Greek

measures to stop the risk of

contagion and finally we

committed to improved eurozone

crisis management. After a

split between the French and

German leaders over who pays

what was resolved now everyone

has to sell the package to increasingly sceptical voters. TRANSLATION: I've

always made it clear that today is not someone standing up and

waving a magic wand but it is

about helping Greece return to

the path of stability, to

controllable process. The deal trigger a controlled and

gives the Greek Government a reduced interest rate and

extends the life of the loans. We now have a program

and a package of decisions

which create a sustainable path for

for Greece, a sustainable debt management for Greece. European stability fund will have more

awe tongue my to head off trouble before it becomes a full-blown

full-blown crisis but with

interest rates and terms being

changed, some read that as a default. Anything which the maturity, the repayment

Greece previously, whether it date, of any loan made to

is a bond or a standard loan, would be a default. Certainly the markets liked what they

saw. Bank stocks led the charge

but no one is predicting this

euro crisis is over.Two people

have died in a helicopter crash

in Sydney's north. On a day

when severe weather warning was

in place. Businessman and grandfather Bruce Campbell was Coast when grandfather Bruce Campbell was on his way home to

Coast when the chopper came

down in rugged bushland and

plunged off a cliff face. The

pilot, Col Greenwood, was also killed instantly. Strong killed instantly. Strong winds

and heavy rain are hampering

efforts to retrieve the men's bodies.The mangled wreckage of

the Bell 2066 long ranger was a sight emergency services say

they will never forget. The

chopper has been destroyed. It

is a horrific scene for all crews working there. At 9:15am the

low over houses in the north shore suburb of shore suburb of south

Turramurra and then Turramurra and then plunged into a ravine in the Lane Cove

National Park. I heard the

helicopter engine very loud and

it abruptly stopped. One theory

is in the windy and rainy conditions it clipped a

powerline, flipped over and

crashed into the cliff face. A

number of witnesses say they

saw a part fly off the become

of the helicopter. The chopper

was owned by 65-year-old Bruce Campbell. The father of three

was the owner of a thriving

concrete mixes business. He died alongside

35-year-old Col Greenwood on a

routine trip from Sydney to the

Central Coast. The accident scene was extremely hazardous for rescuers. There were

several fires - small fires -

burning at the time and our

crews utilised our rope packs

and harnesses and were able to

gain access down the sclif with

extinguishers and extinguish

the fire. It coincide ed with a

fresh warning that pilots are

the dangers of flying in poor

weather. While it is still too

early to tell if the rain

played a significant role in

the accident the

weather has made the recovery operation treacherous and

painstaking. The recovery operation was halted due to the

slippery conditions. The bodies slippery conditions. The bodies

in and wrackage will remain

under guard until they can be retrieved. Police have are investigating investigating possible links between millions of dollars

worth of mortgage fraud and at least

the execution of Sydney businessman Michael McGurk.

Police have arrested the Hells

Angels Sydney President, Felix

Lyle, and charged him with

several fraud offences. They

say he is part of a say he is part of a larger criminal organisation. Felix

Lyle isn't the first arrest by

the police unit set up to

combat serious mortgage fraud but he is considered the highest

highest profile. It is a

significant arrest. I do

believe that there will be

further arrests in the very near future. The 54-year-old

was charged himself to police yesterday.

The allegations involve The allegations involve the

financing of earth moving

equipment, Harley Davidson

motorcycles and this property

at Alexandria in inner Sydney.

Police say the loans were obtained through false

documents and names. Those names are either people that

are deceased or in vulnerable

positions. There have now been

16 arrests involving $15

million worth of alleged fraud.

There are possible ties to at

least two least two murders. Some of the

aspects of this strike and its operations have links

into other crimes and some of

those crimes include homicides. Police recently charged Terrence

charged Terrence Reddy with

similar fraud offences. He was

an associate of the murdered Sydney businessman Michael

McGurk. Detectives say fraud is

a growing trained in organised

crime, not just among bikie

gang members. Lyle's lawyer say the

the charges have been blown out

of proportion by police. All I

can tell you at this stage is

that he will be vigorously

defending these matters and I can't release the Lyle was granted police bail

with $100,000 sure Rhetty.

Among the conditions is that he not associate with Terrence

Reddy. Australians could have

access to adult video games

from early next year. After a

decade-long debate state and

Federal Governments agreed in principle principle to put in place an R18

R18 rating. The New South Wales

Government is yet to declare

its hand. It's been a long-running battle. almost game over. After years of

of debate the nation's chief

law officers have agreed in

principle to an R18 rating

clearing the way for some violent or adult-themed violent or adult-themed video

games that are currently

sensored or banned. The average

age of a gamer in Australia is

30. That has to be recognised.

At the same time we have had

too many games in the MA classification that are played

onto by adults lawfully overseas, that will change the introduction of the R18 classification. That means some

games will be harder for teens to buy. to buy. The changes were

welcomed by gamers at an Adelaide convention. Little kids shouldn't be able to play

really violent games and it

also gives us the older - able

to play games at its full potential instead of it being

sensored and cutback. On a

global scale Australia can be taken more seriously because

other nations have a proper classification system and classification system and we

have been a joke for a

while. The classification would bring bring games in line with films

but agreement isn't final. New

South Wales needs more time

while South Australia will go

further and kill off the MA15 rating. Where it says MA15

there will be an R18 sticker

put over that in South

Australia. Games with stream

violence will continue to be

banned but retailers warn internet orders and downloads

will continue to make the

gaming world difficult to


It's been more than four months since and tsunami and the scope of

devastation is still overwhelming. Fishing ports

along the north-east coast are

struggling to remove debris as

diving teams work to clear

waterways of millions waterways of millions of tonnes of rubble.Mark Willacy joined one recovery team.

Daisuke Hashikawa is on the

lookout. The diver's job is to spot things in the water, including bodies. TRANSLATION:

In the beginning oil was

everywhere in the water. We had

to dive under rubble which

could collapse on top of us. is dangerous work. Shall could collapse on top of us. It is dangerous work. Shall we go?

Daisuke Hashikawa has invited

me along on one of his dives. Just off

Just off the part of Yamada

where the bodies of 250 still haven't been found. still haven't been found.the water's murky, visibility is

just a couple of metres. It is

a hazardous environment. For

divers who must avoid getting

tangled in fishing nets and

ropes. Within a few minutes we

spot a ghostly shape that

doesn't belong down a truck swept out into the

Pacific by the retreating

tsunami. It is like a whole

community has been sucked out

to sea. What looks like a hair drier, a fisherman's boot, nearby another truck, this one

on its side, the cab is

empty. During that dive we went

down about 8 metres and there

was still plenty of debris

littering the sea floor but

what recovery teams are still

finding, more than four months

after the tsunami, are bodies.

Just a few hours before we went on this dive yet another body

was taken out of the sea here. TRANSLATION: It's important we

continue diving until we find

the last body. It is important

for the families. When we find

a body we say, "Welcome a body we say, "Welcome

home". Back down in the eerie gloom Daisuke Hashikawa continues his search for the

missing. We find, miraculously

preserved, a child's comic book

sucked into the abyss by the

recoiling tsunami. It is

unknown if its owner was also

swallowed by the sea.

It's the end of an era, the Space Shuttle Atlantis landed at Florida's Kennedy Space Center for the last Center for the last time. Its

return from the 135th shuttle

mission caps a 30-year NASA space program.

Landing gear down and locked.

Atlantis beat the sunrise back

to the landing strip, the

darkness robbing NASA of a

picture perfect finish. It's place in history is secured,

the space shuttle pulls into

port for the last time. Its

voyage at an end. Job well done America. After a 13-day

resupply mission and 200 orbits

of the planet, the next stop

for America's last shuttle is a

museum. We will sign off here

and it will be hard but we will

walk off Atlantis. There were

tears and hugs and normally unflappable mission control Houston. I saw grown men and

officials say they are close to

finalising plans for the first commercial cargo commercial cargo mission before

the end of the year but it will

take much longer before a

private spacecraft is of taking American astronauts back

back to the space station. In

mid-2015 or 2016 we could

potentially see Americans again launching here from the Kennedy

Space Center. The final four

shuttle astronauts paid tribute

to the shuttle workforce with

the commander acknowledging the uncertainty about the

future. We do need something to is a little bit of a time of

mourning if you will. For

shuttle workers, pride in the

final mission was missed with grief. We have a lot of emotion

today but one thing is indisputable - America will not stop exploring. Another 3,000

employees and contractors are

expecting lay-off notices

tomorrow. A civic car park

behind the Canberra Centre

could make way for a high-rise

building after years of uncertainty about its developer is proposing an 11-storey office tower for the Cooyong Street site. Another 13 storey tower would include

shops and 300 apartments. The

plan includes an extra level of

parking on the Canberra Centre

and basement parking under the towers.

towers. To finance now and the

new Greek bailout pushes global

share prices sharply higher today. It also took the

Australian dollar to more than

108 US cents. It's highest

level for nearly three The second Greek bailout

produced a huge sigh of relief

around global financial markets, especially for

investors in Italy and Spain

who have been biting their fingernails fingernails hope the debt

cyclone, emanating from Greece,

Portugal and Ireland does not

below their houses down as

well. There was relief in New

York as well. This is where it

was meant to show up in the

yields on Italian bonds, which

fell sharply last night. In the

Italian Government can't

service its debt because the bond market jacks up the interest rate we are all in

trouble because it is too big

to bailout. The Greek bailout

was designed to rescue Greek's

people from a full default but

as to stop contagion to Spain and Italy.

Just look at that - just

look at this graph of the euro

from its inception in 1993

against the Australian dollar

both expressed in US dollars.

They tracked each other from

the start of last year when the

Aussie took off because of the terms

terms of trade and the euro sank because the local share market the All

Ordinaries index went up 1%

with the banks leading the way.

Commonwealth Bank announced

that its CEO Ralph Norris

retiring in November and that

Magomed Yevloyev would take

over.Directors of ConnectEast

have recommended a $2.2 billion

takeover and the shares jumped

20%. Austar shares slumped 16%

after the ACCC raised questions

about Foxtel's bid for that

I'll be back on Sunday at

10am with 'Inside Business'.

Until then, that is finance. Cadel Evans' dream of

being Australia's first Tour de France winner is

only just. He is under immense

pressure from Luxembourg's Schleck brothers after being

left to lead the chase pack when

when Andy Schleck launched a

daring alpine attack to win the

gruelling 18th stage. Evans is

fourth in the overall standings

1 minute and 12 second behind the leader,

The second day in the Alps was

the toughest yet in this year's

tour. For its 200 kilometres it was both bold was both bold and beautiful.

The splendour of the alpine

vistas contrasted with the vistas contrasted with the dog fight below. The race wound its

way to a finish at the highest point in point in tour history. The

contenders were locked in a

cagey battle until Andy Schleck attacked ferociously 60

kilometres from the finish on teblingd of the three big

climbs. Schleck chased down the

leading riders. His daring

tactic went unchallenged. Without any Without any of his team-mates at close quarters to support

him Evans was left to lead the pack. pack. His efforts to have

others share the strain were

foreLorne. It was all a bit - it was strange in the end

there. They look at me as

almost - I don't know they look

at me to, I suppose, to do the

work but I'm alone

on with support from the race

leader, Thomas Voeckler, who

had his On another night in

yellow. As Andy Schleck made his way his way to the line, Alberto Contador lost ground but Evans

and Voeckler pegged back more

than two minutes. Andy's

brother Frank eased past Evans and Voeckler, the brothers are

the team to beat. I said it

before the tour - I said if I

could choose a stage it would

be this one. I'm just super

happy I can go out and enjoy

this victory. A two time up, Evans remains up, Evans remains

optimistic. Andy put it on the

line but it's also a bit my

tour to win and also mine to

lose. Voeckler leads Andy

Schleck by 15 seconds, Frank is

third and Evans lies fourth third and Evans lies fourth 1

minute and 12 second behind the

yellow jersey with only two

stages remaining. ABC reporter

James Bennett is on the race route and takes route and takes a look at what

lies ahead for Cadel Evans in

the Alps tonight Australian time is the the Alps later tonight. Later tour's final stage in the Alps

and the last chance for the

climbers like Alberto Contador

and Andy Schleck to gain the

time they need on Cadel Evans

ahead of his strength. They

will gross back over the

Galibierre. It is only a short

stage but because of that Evans is is expecting his rivals to

throw everything at him. The

Schleck brothers like I have

been saying all year they are

in combination and have the

best climbing team here. I never happy to loose places on

GFC. If Cadel Evans can keep

his rivals in reach Saturday's 42 kilometre time trial suits

his strengths and he stand a

real chance of making back any time lost and perhaps becoming

Australia's first ever Tour de France champion. The Wallabies

are expecting a tight struggle

when they take on South Africa

in the opening game of the try nations tomorrow night. Another

wet day in Sydney meant the Wallabies weren't

Wallabies weren't able to have

a training run at the Olympic

Stadium where the surface was being protected. Fly-half Quade

Cooper missed the session with

illness but is expected to play. The Wallabies play. The Wallabies are wary of

giving opportunities to Springbok sharp shooter Morne

Steyn. You get into a game

that's potentially a little bit

bogged down. The points become

more valuable and with a bloke

like him on the pitch the

discipline has to be right up there. The Springboks have

rested many of their best

players in the lead up to the

World Cup. Googie Withers was World Cup. Googie Withers was a star of a carry that spanned eight

decades. She died a week ago at

the age of 94 and her family

held a private cremation earlier this earlier this week. Today her

children spoke to the ABC to

pay a touching tribute to the

woman who lit up their lives. Here comes the bride. When

Googie Withers married Johncock

McCallum in London the fans

turned out in force. The

much-loved actress was much-loved actress was already Hollywood and a star on stage Hollywood and London. She went

on to make 60 movies but it was

a career almost cut short after

a bombing during a mat anywar

time performance in Antwerp. I

crawled out of it and what had

been an absolutely packed

theatre was a pile of rubbish..

I knew that 1,200 people had

been killed. Two of Googie

Withers children's names from productions their parents

co-starred in. She lit up a

room. That is such a cliche but

she did. She was ifsing with

energy and life. She would be

mobbed for her autograph and I would cow would cow her the background

thinking, "I wish this would go

away" of course now I look back and think, "Wow, how

fabulous." Her son said family

came first. The three things

she was most proud of are her

children and then her grandchildren. The family are items of memorabilia and they

are planning a celebration of

her life at the her life at the actors church in London's Covent Garden. She

was always the grand dame. She

was gorgeous and beautiful and glamorous as was her Huss

bang. They were married for more than 60 years. People

always ask us why we have such

a successful marriage. My

answer to that is you must

always have a always have a separate bathroom. about that. Now with bathroom. I about that. Now with a bathroom. I she about that. Now with a look at bathroom. I she she today's weather here is Mark

Carmody. She is right too. Good

Evening. Today was Dee stress

day although it was a tad

difficult to do it outside with

today's winds. A minimum of 7

for your tranquil Tuggeranong

types set the types set the scene and the

maximums weren't good - 12.

There's still scattered cloud

along the east coast and along

the bottom of mainland

Australia. A high south of Tasmania is extending Tasmania is extending a ridge over most

and with a low moving further

towards New Zealand, fine dry

weather is on its way for us. Around the country tomorrow: Runfall around Australia will

be on the east coast and in the

coastal region between Adelaide

coastal region between Adelaide and western Victoria.Our winds

tomorrow will be mainly light

southerlies between 10 and

20km/h. The rainfall restricted to the coastal

fringe but the falls won't

amount to much. amount to much.So regionally tomorrow:

Virginia, you don't get a more

laid back plant than this

ground cover grevillea. It is

called Grevillea Lanigera. It

is a red flowering delight just

like Richie Cunningham. Thank

you for that. I'm sure a lot of

people don't know what you're very much. Before we go a brief

recap of the top stories. The recap of the top stories. The

change speech by Malcolm Government has used a climate

Turnbull to claim there's

division in the Opposition.

Tony Abbott has although other senior Liberals Tony Abbott has shrugged it off

criticised the speech. Two men criticised the speech. Two

have been killed in a helicopter crash in severe

weather in Sydney's north.

That's the news for now. You

can keep up-to-date 24 hours a

day on ABC News online. Stay

with us now for 7:30 with us now for 7:30 ACT with Craig Allen.Good night . Closed

Captions by CSI.

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