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Live. Tonight, the Prime

possible PNG solution. When I Minister remains coy about a

have something to announce

arising from those discussions

lot of building to do and I'm I'll announce it. Still have a

willing to do that. After

months of heartache sweet

success for some Queenslanders. Good evening and welcome to

ABC News.

Matters to do with regional

processing have been addressed extensive ly by the Prime Minister this morning. PNG's

cabinet met to consider

Australia's proposal. One

option is to reopen the

Manus Howard-era detention centre on

Manus Island. The Foreign

Minister told the ABC Australia offered

offered aid in return for a

would mean Labor reviving some would detention centre. A PNG centre

of a policy it once

ridicule. Labor will end the

Pacific Solution, the detaining

of asylum seekers on Pacific

islands because it is islands because it is costly,

unsustainable and wrong as a

matter of principle. Not

found near broom yesterday, anymore. 60 asylum seekers were

nearly 7,000 people are being

held in Australia's detention

centres and the system

seriously is stretched. The approach suggested the much flaunted's Timor solution is a

solution no longer. The

Government has now admitted

that its border protection policies from completely,

utterly and absolutely failed. This is a political fix

for a government who is - who

has lost the spine to do what

is right. Some Labor MPs

welcome the development saying

the asylum seeker issue has been murdering them in working

class electorates. In the words

of one backbencher, "This will

placate the rednecks although

we also worried about the Minister's credibility." The damage it could do to the Prime

ABC's Papua New Guinea

following correspondent Liam Fox has been

Australian Government has following the story. The

remained tight-lipped all week

about whether it's approached

PNG with a proposal to

establish a centre here. The

PNG Government declined to

comment also. The ABC was told the Acting Prime Minister was

going to hold a press

conference this afternoon to discuss the issue but that

didn't happen. A short time ago

the foreign affairs minister,

Australian proposal was Don

discussed during a special

cabinet meeting today. There has been speculation the

proposed location is the

mothballed man news island detention centre but Mr Dandan

says that is just one option.

He says Australia is offering development assistance in

return for a detention centre.

He said the government would

welcome a centre in PNG but

needs more time to make a

decision but it should be made

say soon. The US President didn't

say a word but his

Ground Zero spoke volumes to

the American people. Barack

Obama honoured the victims of

September 11 and marked the

death of Osama Bin Laden by

laying a wreath where

Trade Center towers once stood. From New York here's our North

America correspondent.The White

House called it a bitter sweet

moment. Barack Obama didn't

deliver a speech, he laid a

wreath under the branches of the survivor's tree at Ground

Zero. He visited station 54, a

its crew on September 11. When

we say we will never forget we

mean what we say. Behind a wall

of security, thousands of New

Yorkers strained for a glimpse,

like Stephen Hamilton. I think

it proves that he is tougher

now than a lot of people

labelled him on trefle. Carie

Lemack who lost her mother on

9/11 was one of the hand picked

few who met privately with

him. He got a standing ovation

when he walked into the room

because I think everyone who

was there wanted to thank

him. There was a lot of hugs

and a lot of long compassion. He spoke with us President spoke to us with

and he didn't speak at us. This

part of Manhattan has ground to

a standstill to accommodate the

President and the politics of

today is being choreographed

security. The White every bit as carefully as the

security. The White House wants

to convey at sent of dignity

rather than celebration.

Officials say Barack Obama came

to acknowledge the burden

carried by the city since

September 112001. The 9/11

families say there is still a

the point intelligence material threat and as if

seized at the Bin Laden

compound shows that al-Qaeda

was considering trying to

derail trains in America on 10th anniversary of the attack. derail trains in America on the

Tomorrow the President travels

to an army base in Kentucky to

thank some of the members of

the Navy sale team in person.

Pakistan many people are

still questioning whether Osama

Bin Laden was even killed.

President Obama's decision not

fuel to release a photo has helped

Pakistani Government has no fuel conspiracy theorys but the

doubt Bin

doubt Bin Laden is dead and its military has hit back at what

it sees as an excessive US

presence. ABC Philip Williams is in


It's been slow coming but now

the Pakistan military is

hitting back demanding the US

cut its troop numbers inside

the country and a warning if

the Americans attempt a similar

raid in the future the whole

defence relationship is at risk

and the Government has again

been de fending

service against US accusations

it can't be trusted. It's easy

to say that the interservices intelligence elements within

the government were in can

hoots with the al-Qaeda. This is a false hypothesis. The

sense of anger and humiliation

same here is building and at the

same time there is a widespread not killed in Abottabad. But

then Osama Bin Laden was

here here? We're not sure he was

here because Pakistanis -

Americans say he was staying

here from last one year so why didn't they kill him? One of

Pakistan's most respected

clerics, Abdul Aziz Hanif says

it's all a sham? TRANSLATION:

We believe there was no person

called Osama Bin Laden there.

This was done to

USA's declining image, a drama

in the name of Osama. There is

no doubt the raid took place,

the latest details released by

the US military say Bin Laden

was moving towards weapons in

his room when they killed him.

What is agreed here is that

this was an afront to the

nation's sovereignty by a

supposed ally. Authorities are

concerned there will be

protests once fry prayers are

over. What worries them far

more is the potential for

stream violence from al-Qaeda

supporters here supporters here in Pakistan.

The Syrian army has been

deployed in major towns across

the country in an attempt to

head off anti-Government protests expected later tonight. Following tonight. Following violent protests during Friday prayers

in recent weeks authorities are

warning people to stay home.

Security forces are believed to

have arrested hundreds of

people who have taken part in previous rallies.

This amateur video gives a

glimpse of the kind of force

the Syrian regime is reported to have been using to have been using in Deraa. Human rights groups say at

least 560 protesters have been

killed since protests began

there in March. Son Thursday

Syrian state television

reported that the tanks

pulling out. While the tanks

might be leaving Deraa reports

from the capital, Damascus, say

troops there have stormed

houses and arrested more protesters. Downists are still

not being allowed into Syria so

amateur video like this is all the visual evidence we have of

what's reported to be happening

in cities across the country. The coalition

have united against the Libyan

leader are still debating what

to do about Syria. The EU has

the will to the will to adopt sanctions

quite rapidly. We are currently

le finalising the list of people whose assets will be

sanctions. France wants the

Syrian President to be on

it. At the meeting of Foreign

Ministers in Rome on Thursday

the focus was Libya. The French Foreign Minister believes it is

a matter of months before the

coalition campaign forces

Muammar Gaddafi to give British counterpart says the military campaign should be

stepped up but that it does not

mean arming the rebels. We have

already saved thousands of

lives, we have averted a catastrophe for the entire

situation in the Middle East as

well as the situation in Libya. What's most likely to come out

come out of this meeting is

money, lones for the rebel

government to pay for food and

other necessities until other necessities until the

conflict is over. An elderly

man was killed in a car crash

in South Canberra last Police say the 86-year-old driver swerved across the

Tuggeranong Parkway near Weston

at around 7 o'clock. His car

hit a barrier and was then hit

from behind by another vehicle.

The man was declared dead at

the scene. Two people in the

other car suffered minor

injuries. The cause of the

accident is being investigated.

An interim Senate report into

banking is calling for a rethink on the government's controversial ban on mortgage

exit fees. The committee's findings anti-competitive and will shut

out smaller lenders. The draft recommendations were knocked

back by all senators with

government members dissenting and other stakeholders left disappointed.

If you have a home loan there

is an almost 90% chance you got

the money from one of the big

four. No matter what we do they

will always be the big four but

what we can do is keep them honest. Keeping them honest involves a broad ranging

inquiry into the financial

system as well as a review of the ban

the ban on exit mortgage fees

making it easier for lenders making it easier for lenders to access money, better information on banks posz

profits and interest margins

and a one-stop process to

change banks, but the government's committee members

issued a dissenting report,

they couldn't live with the

recommendation to review exit

fees. The absolute ban on exit

fees has the potential to

lessen competition from some of

the smaller lenders. Some of the account changing

recommendations did not sit

well with the banks. Some of by and large the recommendations we with recommendations we with can

live with. Consumer groups who

supported a ban on exit fees

felt short changed. They saw the changing bank proposals as

inadequate while other important issues were simply ignored. There is nothing in

there on customer service

levels and weave seen in recent

times consumers being us from

separated by significant IT glitches. Those representing the

the smaller players like credit

unions and building societies who

who think there is too much of

an emfacy on financial stability welcomed a broader

inquiry. Now is the time to be

looking at competition. What

can we do as a community and

what can the government do to support support competition. Many might

be foregiven for thinking

that's just what's taken place.

To finance now and commodity

prices crashed last night as the sell-off on global markets continued. The Australian dollar and the local share

market did better than most.

Here is a bit of a slide show

of the major commodities since

the the start of this year. Oil has

corrected 12% in May, gold is

down a relatively modest 5%

this month, but silver, it's

down a decide down a decide Edly immodest 22%

this month. And the London

based metals index which is more volatile than most

commodities this year is now at

its lowest level for the year.

There was no new data out to

scare is the horses last night.

Investors have decided all at

once now is the right time to

take their profits. Here are

the falls last night. Texas crude oil dropped 8.6% although Tapis did better. The big

commodity price tall falls but

Qantas shares jumped because of

the big fall in the oil price.

It could have been much worse

for the Aussie dollar as well.

It settled down slightly at 107

US krints. The Reserve Bank put

out its statement on monetary

policy today and said some

tightening of monetary policy

is likely to be required at

some point to control inflation. To be specific the

futures market now say the odds

of a rate hike next month is

37% rising to 79% by August. My


Sunday is Mike Smith, the CEO

of ANZ bank. I'll see you then. Residents near one of

Canberra's inner city parks say

they're angry about plans to

convert green space close to a

new apartment block into a car

park. The 20 space parking lot

will be built in an area that

falls just outside Glebe Park.

Residents say they have not been consulted and the

bulldozers could arrive any

day. This will destroy one of space that survived for over

100 years. Miraculously we

managed to keep it and it will

fundamentally change this end

of Glebe Park certainly and the character of the park. The ACT Planning and Land Authority

says the developer is complying

with rele requirements under

the lease and the car park was

approved as part of the original development

application. For the second

time in 100 years design

enthusiasts are being invited

to suggest how Australia's capital city could capital city could be laid out. Organisers of Canberra's centenary celebrations today

launched a competition to

gather ideas on what

Australia's capital would look

like if designed in the 21st

century. To mark century. To mark the occasion

they opened one of the original

boxes containing the brief sent

to contest ants who worked on Canberra's current design.

Among the items revealed were

two circular panoramas

detailing Canberra's

topography. The contest is a

offers real prizes of over $100

,000. The intention is to

release creative juices around

a problem that is manifesting

in the world today - how do we

build cities in a time where

the planet is struggling with sustainability

sustainability issues. Entries

are due at the ends of January

next year. A looming crackdown

on poker machine regulations

may not apply to all machines or venues. Independent MP Andrew

Andrew Wilkie wants pre commitment laws in place for

gamblers by 2014 but after a parliamentary inquiry he says

the new laws would not ap ply

to low-intensity machines that

already limit hourly loss. He

is confident the government

will agree to his ideas. I have a very good relationship with

the government on this. There

is not the slightest whiff of a

problem in that relationship

and I am now more confident

than ever that these reforms

are going to go ahead. If these recommendations were adopted it wouldn't stop problem gambling

but it would impose enormous

costs on clubs and pubs.

Andrew Wilkie is offering

smaller venues a four-year

reprieve saying they would not

have to comply until 2018.

Workplace safety inspectors have launched an investigation

into what went wrong during yesterday's grand annual

steeple chase at Warrnambool in

Victoria. Seven people were injured when leapt into the crowd.

Anti-jumps activists say it was

an accident waiting to happen. This incidents that pushed jumps racing to the brink. A

flurry of horse's hooves and

children's screams but was it a freak Ince dint or preventable. What we saw yesterday was just an

absolutely freak incident, one I've never seen

quite unprecedented freak incident and it needs to be put

in that context. It is not a

freak accident when you warn an

organisation what is going to happen. Seven people were injured, flee injured, flee suched broken

bones and two remain in

hospital. Those who were there

say they'll never forget that

moment. Quite scary because I

had my nephews with me. It was,

it was scary. I'm still

shaking. The annual race is big

business for Warrnambool but

locals are divide on whether jumps racing should

year thing and they have fun

but on the other hand horses

get hurt. I think they should

ban the blooming thing. It

really is a good week for the whole town. In Melbourne anti-jumps campaigners took

their protest to Burke Street

Mall. Critics say lowering the

height of jumps some years ago

made the sport even more

dangerous. That was a mistake.

The safety reviews that were in

last year changed the style of

the jumps, the design of the jumps and produced a much safe

ever outcome. The RSPCA says

the only way to keep the sport

is to breed horses specifically for jumping. Using flat racing

horses bred for flat racing

over jumps means the high speed

of the field and therefore

critical injuries will

result. The Government says

procedures will be put in place

to ensure spectators will never

be put in harms way again.

There is no such promise for

the horses. Melbourne Storm rugby league club has been

cleared of fraud in the salary

cap scandal that cost it two premierships. Victoria Police found there

evidence of criminal conduct to

pursue a prosecution over

massive salary cap breaches.

The club was fined more than

sds 1.5 million and stripped of

its NRL titles. The scandal

cost former CEO Brian Waldron

his career. The club says the

police findings put the affair

firmly in the past. We dwell on the past so we accept

the decision and we had moved

on anyway. The real court of

public opinion, then all those

who have done wrong have who have done wrong have been

punished a lot in that arena. I mean, Brian Waldron has fundamentally become unemployable. The NRL won't

comment on the police

investigation. Its own preeb

into the scandal is in its

final stages.Troubled Sydney

Roosters star Todd Carney has

vowed to make the most of his last last chance after serving a

two-week suspension for another alcohol-related incident. The

former Canberra Raiders player

is expected to be back in action next week after action next week after seeking

professional help for his off

field problems.After again

being forced to face his demons

Todd Carney finally had a

reason to smile. While he is

back at training he knows he

can't afford a repeat of his

late night out with Roosters

team-mate Anthony watts. That's

definitely clear but for me it

is just noing that I made

mistake and put my hand up. No

one else made the mistake for

me. The Roosters through him a

lifeline last year and his latest indiscretion affected the team on and off the

field. When he first Tranh

Gregsed there was anger anned disappointment around. Mainly

dis appointing but I still have

a lot of building to do. He is

expected to play in next week's

clash with the Sharks. The

Australian team walked off any nerve

nerve ahead of tonight's match

against New Zealand and while

squad Justin Hodges is a

certain starter. We trained

great last night. 1 to 17 all

fit and ready to go. Australian

captain Darren Lockyer will play his Queensland soil but his hopes

of backing up for the Broncos

have been dashed. It is not in

his best interests to be

playing two games in two games.

He will not be doing that. The

depleted Broncos were will face

a full strength Storm tomorrow

night in Brisbane. The western

Canberra alead of their clash

with the Sydney Swans at Manuka

Oval tomorrow. In the only AFL

game in Canberra this season

both squads will be desperate

for a win after patchy starts to the season. The Bulldogs

have made the trip without

All-Australian full-back Brian

Lake who was dropped to the club's VFL affiliate. It was

more about getting Brian back to

to his form and having

confidence in his body. The way

he was going at the moment

playing and he knew that himself. The 21-year-old Zephi

Skinner will make his debut

tomorrow. The talented prospect

a much-needed injection of skill for the squad. Three

weeks ago he was playing

reserves at Williamstown. His

fitness is improving and he's

worked hard on the track. The

GWS giants will play the Sydney

Swans reserves ahead of the

Swans-Bulldogs match. Samantha Stosur lost their third round matches

at the Madrid Masters this

morning. Fifth seed Stosur was

beaten by Russian Anastasia

Pavlyuchenkova. Jarmila

Gajdosova lost in straight sets

to the Czech player Lucie

Safarova. In the men's draw

Novak Djokovic extended his

winning start to the year to 29

matches with a comfortable third

third round victory over Guillermo Garcia-Lopez. The

record for a winning start to a

season is 42 matches set by John McEnroe in 1984. While

Queensland's banana growers may

be doing it tough after the

state's summer of state's summer of natural disasters pineapple farmers are

tasting sweet success. With

production booming prices at

the supermarket checkout are

falling. Queensland pineapple

growers are in the thick of it.

They're enjoying a bumper harvest after record summer

rainfall. Due to the season

weave had this marginal country is producing a

bumper crop of pineapples which

is not overdue. It's lovely to be harvesting such beautiful fruit. Ben Clifton is leading fruit. Ben

his team of pickers on the

central Queensland coast in

Yeppoon. You have to be very

hands on so that way I can make

sure a good called of fruit is

going up into the packing shed. The packing shed is just

as hectic. This is a size 10

pipe apple that we would

normally get at this time of

year but with the really good

we wet growing season we are had

like this one. Production here

is up by about 30%. There is an

awful lot of pines coming off

at the moment. We probably

produced about 90,000 trays through April and

to that in May as well. As soon

as growers get to one ends of

the field they turn around and

are back at it again. This frantic picking pace is

expected to continue right

through May. There is a slight

downside for growers, all this

bounty has led to a drop in

prices but they are hardly

that's what I deem to be a

fantastic pineapple.Spot

on. The rest of the crop will

be spared for markets across the country.

Carmody is back in his shorts. Hard to believe by Mark

It must be very hot. Here he is

with the weather news. Thanks

and good evening. It wasn't too

hot but I went to Hooley today.

It was a funeral for

very good mate of mine. Tom

sterling. He was 88 and a long

time Canberran and at the

Scottish weak were the ladies

from the Kingston Baptist

Church put on a top spread

Tom's sister thanked me for

today's weather. His wife a

born and bred Canberran and

Tom's wife of 64 years added,

day after a boomer frost." "You always get a fine sunny

Minus 4 is probably not a

boomer but it was decent. The

coldest May morning ever was minus 7.5 in 1976 but it was mostly fine and sunny topping

at 15 although it is a little

cloudy night. The winds were light light west south-westerlies

that was appreciated as Tom was

a pretty good piper and after

the service a piper in full

account piped us out of the

church. Brilliant! Regionally

today there were frosts right eight cross the southern

tablelands with Goulburn

dipping to minus 3. Then it was

mostly fine and sunny. The

coast was good, sunny with


deal, 7 to 18. To our east hoes

kinds town between Bungendore and Captains Flat was fine and

sunny. Nationally:

Thick cloud covers most of WA

and is generating rain. High

cloud over the eastern states

is not producing much. Our region's weather is tied up

with a high centred in Bass

Strait. It will continue to

give us fine, sunny days but

around the state capitals

tomorrow fine and sunny in

Brisbane and Sydney, Melbourne

will be fine and reach a top of

17. Locally tomorrow:

Is And in Canberra tomorrow

where the Watson preschool is

having a morning fete and a

family market it will be partly

cloudy after areas of frost. It

will only be minus 16789 then

we can expect a high of 17. The

winds again will be light.Then

on Sunday, Mother's Day, an

almost identical day but the

winds will be a wee fresher.

South-westerlies at 20km/h .

Virginia, at the funeral I met

a bloke who's putting together

next Tuesday's federal budget.

I asked him for a leek and he

replied, "You can get a better flower than that." So here's

some chestnuts. Thanks Mark. Your life is one big golden

book bed time story. We look

forward to your story with the governor

governor general going through the autumn guardians at

Government House tonight on

7:30. The Prime Minister has refused

refused to confirm reports she is planning to open immigration centre in Papua New

Guinea. The ABC understands an

announcement is imminent following discussions between

the two Governments. That is

the news for now. Stay with us

for 7:30 ACT with Chris Kimball. Good night. Closed

Captions by CSI.

Live. They are basically raping

and pillaging the local

service. Out of devastation

rises a hopeful project. It's visionary, visionary, it's for the

generations to come. What's the

comment on the hats. There were

some unusual numbers. There

were some wonderful hats. Hello and welcome to this

local edition of 7.30, I'm

Chris Kimball it is good to be

back with you. A full

compliment of local stories to come. First, after years of criticising the Howard

Government's Pacific Solution

Labor now looks set to make

Papua New Guinea once more the