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Tonight - is this the end for

(GUNFIRE) Colonel Gaddafi?

Libya celebrates a new dawn as rebel forces take most of

Tripoli. A steelmaker in

meltdown - 1,000 jobs axed as

BlueScope goes into the red. Got the keys to a new

house last week so it's not

good times. Pretty nervous about it all. The Convoy of No

but Confidence rolls into Canberra

but it is hardly a show

stopper. Whoever is saying it

is a flop. It's not. All right?

okay. Good evening

ABC News, I'm Virginia

Haussegger. Colonel Gaddafi's

long reign as Libyan leader

appears to be over. The rebels

who rose up against him six months ago now control most of

the Libyan capital. This is the

scene in Tripoli's Green Square

as Libya awakes to a new era.

Celebrations went on all night

after rebel forces marched into

the heart of the capital. They

reached the outskirts 24 hours

ago, buoyed by securing key

towns in the east, south and west. The rebels then launched a coordinated assault sweeping through Tripoli with little

resistance. There is still sporadic fights as Colonel Gaddafi's loyalists cling to

some pockets of the city.

Gaddafi's whereabouts are

unknown but two of his sons

have been captured. For 42

years Green Square has been a symbol of Colonel Gaddafi's

rule. 24 hours of fights has

changed all of that. The rebels are now in control and have are

changed the name to martyrs

square. Rebel fighters only

reached the outskirts of the

city on the weekend but they

pushed on with incredible

speed. They came from the east,

the south and the west, all of

them jubilant and all with the

same aim. Very happy my friend. Why are you so

happy? Because we are going to

take this bastard out. As they

bore down on Tripoli the regime

became nervous and defensive. TRANSLATION: With

this weapon I either kill or

Al-Libyah die today. You will not take die

Al-Libyah channel. You will not

are willing to become take Tripoli and all Libya. We

martyrs. Before long military units surrenders. There units

appeared to be very little

resistance but that did not

stop the regime from talking up

a blood both and the further

the rebels advanced the more

unhinged the regime appeared. TRANSLATION: The

European Western officials are lying to their peoples when

they say they are fighting fighting with terrorism against terrorism. In fact, they are

the Libyan nation and they are

following al-Qaeda's

orders. Then it was up to

final plea for his supporters Colonel Gaddafi to issue his

to fight to the death. Once

again there was no sign of the

man, just his voice on State television. TRANSLATION: How

can the armed people allow a

group of mercenaries, traitors

and rats to open the way for

clonism in Tripoli. If Tripoli

burns and becomes like Baghdad,

what good will that Colonel Gaddafi spoke from an

undisclosed location his sons

were being arrested. His eldest, Mohammed Gaddafi surrendered. His most loyal

son, Saif al-Islam was

captured. That news triggered ecstatic celebrations in

Benghazi. Saif Islam Gaddafi

will be tried in Libya. They

are promising to avoid harsh

recriminations in general

saying supporters of the regime won't be put on is no difference between Libyan

cities. There is no difference

between Libyan people. We all

history together. As suffered and will create

history together. As for Colonel Gaddafi himself. TRANSLATION: The end is now certain. He will either

flee because of the crimes he

committed, be arrested or shot

dead, all options are

viable. It may be the end for

Colonel Gaddafi but it is a new

start for the Libyan people.

The high Australian dollar taking a heavy Toll. BlueScope

Steel has scaled down its

operations across the country

raising serious concerns about

the future of the manufacturing

sector. Worst ifekted is the sector. Worst ifekted

city of Wollongong where at

least 800 jobs will go at the

Another Port Kembla steel works.

Another 200 jobs will be cut as

BlueScope shuts down its

Western Port hot strip mill in southern Victoria.It is another

blow to Australia's battered

steel industry and a sign manufacturing sector under

pressure.Reeling from a $1

billion loss BlueScope is to stop selling steel stop selling steel overseas. We

can't continue to be a steel

exporter from Australia. China's hunger for

raw materials has pushed up the

cost of making steel and the

strong Aussie dollar has made

things worse. The mining boom

and the high growth in the

Aussie dollar makes it very hard to be a manufacturer in

Australia. One of the country's three remaining smelters will be mothballed and a big slice

of the workforce will go. At the Port Kembla plant in New

South Wales: At the Western Port steel mill

in Victoria: Unions say the Federal

Government is relying too much

on mining wealth. Are we going

to be a country which makes

things? Are we going to add value to our

Are we going to become one big

sand president for chien and a

tourism resort for north

Asia. The business lobby thinks

the Government should be doing more to support manufacturing. A lot of manufacturing. A lot of other

countries are worried about the

effect of high currencies on

their industrial structure.

Canada is one and the Swiss are

another and New Zealand is another. They have strategies

and I think we need to put a

strategy in place to deal with

that as well. BlueScope insists

the restructure will take it

back to profitability but also

concedes that steel increasingly be made in

countries like China and India. The Federal Government says Australia is in the Australia is in the grip of an

economic transition and has

promised assistance for

BlueScope workers who lose

Opposition pressed the their jobs. In parliament the

Government on why it is

introduce ing new taxes when

BlueScope, OneSteel, Qantas and

Westpac are all planning to

shed staff. The mood of

economic gloom also hung

outside parliament where truck drivers circled Capitol a noisy protest against the Carbon Tax. Here is Mark

Simkin. All revved up with Simkin. All revved up with somewhere to go. somewhere to go.After

thundering past The Lodge, the self-proclaimed Convoy of No

Confidence converged on the

parliament. Common already

people make some noise. Let

them know we are here. They

came from all corners of the

country hauling truck loads of

grievances to the capital. Any

government that thinks they own the rain is totally out of control. Created an Al mall

well tear issue of blibbly call

proportions. Workers that have

been brought in from Brazil

Asia on 4577 visas. We are an

endangered species irry gator. We need on election

now. When it came to the Carbon

Tax though they all sang from

the same song book.

(Sings) #We don't take no lies

#Take your toxic tax

#We disguise. There are hundreds of

you here and millions of you

who are sick of being ripped

off by a bad government. Around

200 trucks turned up. Thousands

fewer than fewer than predicted. The convoy of no consequence

outside. The convoy of no con

sequence. Whoever is saying it is a flop, it's not. All right? The Coalition and the MC

blamed the poor turnout on a

government conspiracy. This is

the most disgraceful thing that

has ever been done to discontent. The protesters see

it as a sign of what is to come

under a Carbon Tax. While the

companies blame the high Australian dollar for the competition the Coalition

wasted no time in taking the

protest inside the parliament. Given plummeting confidence in manufacturing in Australia is now really the

time to be introducing an

economy wide job destroying confidence crushing Carbon

Tax? Our nation is in the grips of an economic transition. To

ease the transition the

Government announced a BlueScope assistance package

fast tracking $100 million of

Carbon Tax compensation. Labor

is very strongly committed to

job losses - I beg your pardon

- can I take that

back? Canberra commuter s were

bracing for a chaotic morning

but many found that traffic was

lighter than usual. Some headed

for work early, others made a

point of finding a different

mode of transport. We chose to

cycle to avoid the traffic

delays, if there was any. Hundreds of protesters used buses to get to parliament

and despite predictions of gridlock there were only minor

delays. I'm sorry for the

people in Canberra for that unfortunately this is where the

Prime Minister is and the

Government is and it is where

we have to get our message to. Extra police were called in

to deal with the convoy.

Another Australian soldier has

died in Afghanistan. He is the

29th Australian killed in the

war and the 8th this year. A

short time ago the defence

chief said an improvised explosive explosive blew up alongside the

soldier's patrol 85 kilometres north-east of the Australian

base in Tarin Kowt. The soldier

was seriously wounded and

received immediate first aid

from his patrol mates before an

air ro medical team transferred

him to the role 2 medical

facility in Tarin Kowt where he

received further medical treatment. Unfortunately the

soldier died from his wounds

shortly after arrival.The

soldier was a respected member

of the Townsville based 2nd Battalion Regiment. Although this was his

first deployment to Afghanistan

he had previously served in

East Timor in 2009. He deployed to Afghanistan with MTF3 in

June. Daniel Morcombe's father

has confirmed that a pair of

shoes found in the Sunshine Coast hinterland are the same

as his son was wearing when he

disappeared. The shoes and three

three hue man bone - human bones recovered yesterday bones recovered yesterday will

now be friendsically tested.

The discovery brought new to the search but also a new round of devastation to the

Morcombe family. We choked with emotion being the emotion being the possibility

that it is Daniel and, of

course, we're really hopeful that

that it is. Three human bones were found yesterday at the

main search area in the

Sunshine Coast hinterland, not

far from where a pair of matching shoes was located. Today those shoes were

confirmed as the same brand Daniel

Daniel was wearing when he went

missing in 2003. There is

nothing in the examination of those

those shoes so far that

inconsistent with that

hypothesis that they may have

been the shoes that he was

wearing. The bones and shoes

will be friendsically tested

and it could take several to determine whether they

belong to the missing teenager. It is certainly not

good news or a celebration of

any sort but it is here is

relief that maybe this is the final chapter that we have been

hanging on for a long, long

time. It has been more than a

week since Brett Peter Cowan

was charged with the murder of

Daniel Morcombe and it has been

a long and difficult week for

the the Morcombe family. They were interstate visiting relatives

when they were informed of the latest development but that

break was cut short. It was a

tough day for police and SES teams scouerring the bushland.

They were forced to suspend the

search around midday due to bad

weather. The Morcombe family

hope to visit the search sight

they now believe may have been

their son's final resting place

but police will have to ensure

there is no risk of DNA

contamination. It is more just

a spiritual place that I think the family in its healing

process will be a few moments

well spent. The search is due to continue tomorrow.

A man described as an unrepentant serial paedophile

has been gaoled for 32 years.

53hold Andrew McIntosh was convicted of 42 charges

involving four boys. He will be

eligible for parole in 2028. Emerging from a courtroom

filled with cheering

victims, now middle age men,

got what they'd been waiting

for. I think it was a moment of

triumph., "I told you so." The

judge described Andrew McIntosh

as a predator, a persistent and

dangerous paedophile who dangerous paedophile who was

violent and unusually cruel. The court heard:

He assaulted all of his

victims, raped and threatened

some of them. He told one boy:

Sascha Chandler met Andrew

McIntosh while a student at

Barker College. McIntosh was a volunteer instructor in volunteer instructor in the cadet unit. Sascha Chandler

hero worshipped him until the

rapes and violent beatings

began. I have struggled with

that for nearly 18 years now. I

don't know, he has plenty of

time to sit and think about

that now. McIntosh won't be

eligible for parole until he is

at least 70 . The down the lengthy sentence

saying he had no chance of rehabilitating. rehabilitating. He described

him as a unrepentant paedophile

and danger to society. Sascha

Chandler was congratulated for

having the courage to report

what had happened to him but

the judge said he was doubtful the victims would ever

recover. I'm a fair way down

the road to recovery already. He says he is moving

on with every step. on with every step. The Sydney man convicted man convicted of throwing his girlfriend off The Gap has

launched an appeal against his

murder conviction. Gordon Wood

is serving a 17-year sentence

for killing his Caroline Byrne in 1995. The

Supreme Court today heard the

conviction should be quashed

because errors were made during

the trial. Gordon Wood chose

not to be in court but his mother and sisters were. We

really want to see his

innocence or his freedom

restored. In 2008 a jury found Wood guilty of murdering model

Caroline Byrne. Expert evidence suggested she could not have

jumped because of where her

body ended up. The council told the hearing the

asome shuns made during the

trial were far from sound.

Prosecutors said this photo was

taken in 1996 but Tim game say

it I was really taken in 2003 when there were mornay tiff

shrubs growing. This would have given her more space to leap

off the cliff. It is unquestionably a

unquestionably a case you could

run substantial ly faster. It was Thaied a big deal was made

about the length of the ledge

during the trial: Wendy Abraham for the conceded the date on the photo

was wrong but added it makes

not one iota of difference. The

appeal also calls into question

aspects of evidence by fizzics

professor Rod Cross who has

since written a book about the

case. Wood's sisters say he is

coping well under the

circumstances. He is extremely lifted he has received. His family and

friends, of friends, of course. The appeal

is scheduled to run for three

days.Somalia's capital Mogadishu has been a battle

down for more than two decades

but for the first time in many

years the city is relatively

calm. The quiet retreat of the Islamist

Islamist militant group Al-Shabab has caught many by

surprise. But in a city full of

warlords and militia there are

doubts about the future. If you are anybody in

Mogadishu the only way to

travel is armed to the teeth.

For the first time in years,

since the withdrawal of Al-Shabab, the big guns have fallen silent. As government

forces reclaim the city it is

urging people to stay away. But these

these are desperate times. Two

years ago this building was completely refurbished. The

battle to seize it back from

Al-Shabab control destroyed it. This was the base of the

foreign fighters who invade our

country. The tunnel they have

dug goes under the tarmac road

and went through to the other road over there. New tunnels are

city each day. The reason for Al-Shabab's retreat comes down

to money. They'd lost their

main source of revenue. This is

the main market for the whole

of the country. Until a week

ago Al-Shabab reigned supreme

here but faced with losing

control they have retreated

from the city. While the

casualty count of seemingly nerve ending conflict

has dropped it is continuing.

This doctor has been trapped

inside his own hospital for

years. A series of threats for daring to treat all

patients alike makes this the

safest place for him to be. You can see that something has

improved and times have

changed. Can you imagine that some days we were having

hundreds of victims per day, you see. Now

about six or seven.It is a

vacation. For residents and new

arrivals fleeing the famine,

above all there is hope that calm will prevail.

To finance and BlueScope

Steel shares took a dive today

as investors had their say on

the job cuts. Otherwise it was

a less turbulent day on the share market than many

expected. The unions aren't impressed

impressed with BlueScope's

are investors. News o the loss

sent the steelmakers' shares

tumbling by as much as 11%. One #1250e8 shares also

furnace of shareholder

discontent. Shares fell nearly

1% despite the company

announcing the purchase of an

iron ore business as part of

its shift away from troubled its shift away from troubled

steel making. The overall

market bucked expectations of another potentially sharp fall.

The All Ords did slip at the

open but steadied as the day went on to close flat. The

banks were weaker. Westpac lost banks were weaker.

2.5%. Telstra was stripped of

its diff tend and fell 3%.

Amcor rose more than 2% after

doubling its full year profit and BHP Billiton rose closely

ahead of another record profit

announcement later this week. That punishingly high Australian dollar gained more

ground today. It rose against the greenback and the other

major currencies. As we all

know, house prices are on the

way down but house sizes have been going in the been battling the US for the

honour of building the world's

biggest hopes but new

Government figures show the

Americans have been winding

back their tape measures. The average home side in the US has been shrinking

been shrinking for the last

three years thanks to the GFC

and the floor area of the

average Australian castle is

now 10% bigger than what you'll

find in the suburbs of America.

It seems to be a case of build

it and they'll come or in this case stay. The decades-long

decline in the per house seems to have ended.

All those cash strapped Gen Ys

staying at home for longer are

making their mark.That's finance. Canberra restaurants

could be forced to fell their customers about breaches of

food safety if new name and

shame proposals get the go

ahead. An independent report

commissioned by the ACT Government estimates there are

more than 80,000 cases of food

poisoning in Canberra each

year. Costing the community

more than $60 million. It is

recommended that restaurants be

rating on their doors and that made to display a food safety

the safety records be listed on

a website. The Government is

expecting a positive reaction from the industry. They

things which recognise good

practise and they also

recognise systems and processes

that penalise those people that

bring their industry into

disrepute. Which we know there

are businesses around town that

do that. Any public awareness

and anything that is highlighting the food and

safety regulations is a good

thing. We fully support those sorts question of how is it

implemented. The public has until the end of September to

comment on the report. Ordinary

Australians have done extraordinary things and have been honoured in this year's

bravery awards. Among them were

33 people who risked 33 people who risked their

lives to help others during the Black Saturday bushfires. After

defending his own home on Black

Saturday this builder went

looking for his two neighbours.

Amidst the smoke he found both

of them.

still on fire. He put him in

the family's pool and cared for

him for five hours. At least

when he left our home he was

with us and in a good frame of

mind. We thought he

to make it. It was really a

devastating blow to us when he died unfortunately. Black

Saturday taught him that life

is short. He stopped working so

much and now volunteers at his

daughter's school and coaches

the local netball team. I have

been brought up with the belief

you look after your neighbours

and they will look after That was a priority for my family. This man has been recognised for being part of

the rescue team that found trapped Beaconsfield miners brant web anded to

Russell. That was probably the

worse when we put the tunnel through. You are working on

your hands and knees in water.

That was probably the worst

part of it. Melbourne man, Dean

Filmer was driving past a

petrol station when he noticed

a car on fire. He pulled in and

went to the aid of had been set alight. When we

got to her she was at a point

where she was calm and let her

know she was safe and was with

us. He is proud to receive a bravery award but says it has revived some painful

memories. Life will get not

back to the same track but life

will be good. It is a matter of

keep chipping away. This Tasman

yan man has been awarded a star

of courage for helping a police officer shot on the side officer shot on the side of a highway. Next minute this

fellow jumps up with a gun and

pointed it at him with his

language move on, move on. But

I was there. He negotiated I just couldn't move on because

I was there. He negotiated with

the gunman until police

arrived. He says his bravery is

nothing compared to this

country's diggers but the award

has made him very proud to be an Australian. Wallaby winger James O'Connor will miss Saturday

decider after being given a

one-match man. He trained today but

but was ruled out of the team

to take on the All Blacks. He

missed last week's announcement

of the World Cup squad after night out with team-mates. Adam

Ashley-Cooper is likely to move

from the centres to the from the centres to the wing. If the Melbourne Storm are the Premiership favourites and

Wests Tigers the finals

wildcards what does that make

south Sydney. Four straight

wins by the Rabbitohs has them

on the verge of a place September action. John Hayes

Bell reports.At south Sydney

the prospect o finals football

is in the air but getting

anyone to admit it is

lot of confidence at the moment difficult. We are riding on a

but we can't get too far ahead

of ourselves. The wins over the past four weeks have been good

for the fans. Momentum is

important and confidence is

important. The Rabbitohs

players feel like they are all

seven foot tall. Since their

round 14 bye the Rabbitohs have won

won 7 from 10. Their primed at

the right time of the season

prisoner and Newcastle to come,

led by a proven winner, veteran

Michael Crocker, the big forwards have been damaging and

after months battling injury

Roy Asotasi could figure in a

finals campaign. The stuff I

have been doing with the

forwards running at me has

pulled up sweet at the end of

the day. The specialist has the

final say. It is Chris Sandow

and Isaac Luke and enterprising

backs Nathan Merritt and Greg Inglis who have swept opposition sides opposition sides away. If the

Wests Tigers are close to full

strength and make the top four

they are viewed as the team most likely to challenge

Melbourne but Souths would be

like a second wildcard in the

top eight. They become a scary proposition because to get into

the play-offs they will have

what makes won 7, 8, 9 in a row. That is

what makes them dangerous. The

Rabbitohs first assignment is

to beat the Broncos on sun at

Lang Park. Afternoon cams suit

south Sydney. It is a knife

edge existence but the

Rabbitohs are happily

mix. Now with our weather news

it is time to welcome Mark

Carmody.Good Evening. I don't

flew back like flying but this morning I

when I finally opened my eyes after after the take-off outside was

fwien and sunny. Got to Tumut

and the captain said there is a

bank of mid-level cloud bank of mid-level cloud and

that continued all the way to Canberra. That cloud hung around here all day resulting

in a top temperature of 15

after a low this morning of minus I don't know why I was I don't know why I was nervous

as the flight was smooth as

silk as there was very little wind.

There is a high in the Tasman

that is extending a ridge over

the southern portion of New

South Wales so we will get

mostly sunny days until Friday.

Around the capitals tomorrow:

And, it will be pretty good

here too tomorrow:

Virginia, all gardeners know

that when the japonica flowers

the very worst of a cold has

gone thankfully. That's the

news for now. Next on 7:30

the curse of runaway mining Australia's mixed fortunes as

for now, goodnight. Closed success starts to bite. For me

Captions by CSI.

Welcome to the program.

Tonight on 7.30 - we look at

the downside of the resources

boom. All these industries

we've built up in the post

tariff era are really copping

it now because of this unhinged

degree of mining development we've got under

we've got under way. And - as Tripoli falls, is it

it the end for the world's longest-lasting dictator?

It's called Dutch disease.

When a country has so much

mineral wealth that a boom in

its resource sector squeezes

the rest of the economy. Here

in Australia, we look like a textbook case and it's

textbook case and it's local

local manufacturing that's being smashed. BlueScope Steel's announcement today that

it's quitting the export

business will put 1,000 Australians out of