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Tonight - Julia Gillard hosts

the world's top diplomat as she

fights for domestic

support. Julia Gillard is tough

as nails and she's going to

lead the Labor Party for a long period of time. Disappointing American jobs figures spark

fears of another recession.

goes the distance in a US Open marathon.

COMMENTATOR: And she does it.

Samantha Stosur, through in an epic battle. And the Melbourne

Cup of the outback returns to

the delight of overseas

visitors. It's a great day. Good evening. Troy Cuthbertson with ABC News. Try day. Good evening. Troy

as she might, Julia Gillard

can't stop the questions abher speculation even overshadowed

a United Nations the first visit to Australia by

Secretary-General in more than

a decade. Ban Ki-Moon praised

the country for its role on the the country for

world stage. But he also put the Federal Government on

notice over its handling of

aslyum seekers. The world's

highest ranking diplomat flies into Australia and straight

into his first official

engagement, a house call to a recovering heart Welcome to Australia. High on patient. Welcome to Canberra.

the agenda the Foreign

Minister's push to an

Australian seat on the UN

Security Council. PM, it's a great you Discussed also during a great pleasure to meet

separate meeting with the separate meeting with the PM,

hoon moon greatfully accepted

Julia Gillard's offer of more

peace keepers for southern

Sudan and praised Australia's

role on the world stage. You

may be known as down under, but

when it comes to contribution and commitment you are well

above and beyond. But the PM

continues to face questions

much closer to home. I will be

leading the Labor Party till

the next election, every

fighting for Labor between now and then I will be

values. Julia Gillard is tough

as nails and she's going to

lead the Labor Party for a long

period of time. That leadership

is being tested as the Opposition exploits Labor

divisions on what to do next

with its aslyum seeker

policy. If you want to get the

change the Government, not just policy right, you've got to

change the leader. J wee need

to get legal advice so we know

what courses of action are

available and available and open to the Government. The UN boss issently reminding Australia of

its existing legal obligations. For all this human rights-related issues, I

believe that Australia can lead

by example. The PM will again

join Ban Ki-Moon for next week's Pacific New Zealand. There, she can

expect more discussion of Australia's aslyum seeker

policy and perhaps even a

meeting with Nauru still keen

to have its detention to have its detention centre reopened. Where's your

car? Back home, the former leader who ditched the Pacific

solution is assuring colleagues he's recovering well. The ticker is ticking away. Getting

back to rude health. In Libya

more rebels have heading to the strong hold of Sirte. Thousands front-line near

are already in positions

surrounding the city ahead of a

potential assault. The new

Government is hoping the

overwhelming show of force will encourage Gaddafi loyalists to

surrender over the course of

the week. This eastern front is

far from quiet. The heavy

shelling is one way and it's

constant. The rebels are well stocked and their spirits are

high. They may look like a

ragtag army, but their supply

lines are very well organised.

Rebel vehicles have easy access

to fuel, there's even a

roadside service. Weapons are

cleaned, oiled and test fired.

The rebels and their guns are

ready to take Sirte and they're grateful to their suppliers,

the French, the Qataries and

the US. My first, about 5,000

uniform send it for us to help

to us build our democracy and

get our... This man used to fix

American cars. Now he's the

supreme commander of the rebel forces surrounding Sirte.

TRANSLATION: I could take it with a quarter of the men I

have now and there are hundred

more on their way. He's promised these civil

representatives he will protect

assault but not the people of Sirte in any

assault but not the loyalists. TRANSLATION: They are criminals, who

criminals, who have committed

horrible crimes. The world

knows who they are and we will capture them. The

advisers to the rebels are

reassured. I'm confident now

that those people are going to

keep the same, tries to reduce

outside the cities. A-all the loss of life inside or sut

across the front-line rebel

guns have been pounding loyalist pos combined with NATO bombing they hope to break their enemy's

resolve and soon. Turkey has downgraded diplomatic ties with

Israel to the lowest possible level suspending military agreements and expelling the

country's ambassador. Turkey is

still angry apt the Israeli

Government's refusal to

apologise for last year's

deadly raid on a Gaz y bound

aid flotilla. Nine Turk yrk

activist were killed when Israeli commandos stormed blockade of the Gaza Strip. flotilla to enforce Israel's

TRANSLATION: Time has come for

Israel to pay a price for disregarding human conscience

and acting as though it's above

the law . That price will be

the deprivation of Turkey's

friendship. The UN released its

report into the incident

overnight, finding that the

commandos used excessive force

when boarding the ships. But

the report also noted the

Israelis came up against

violent Opposition violent Opposition and that

Israel's naval blocked a was a legitimate security measure. The relationships Turkey did not start

detierating just with this

issue, it is part of a larger

strategic shift that Turkey is

making towards the east, towards Islam. Israel has

expressed regret over the

deaths but insists it won't

apologise for its soldiers

acting in self-defence. Police

have salvaged the wreckage of a

light plane that crashed off

Sydney's northern beaches. plane plummeted into the ocean Sydney's northern beaches. The

yesterday morning, after

reporting engine trouble. The

pilot was killed and the lone

passenger was seriously injured. Police divers today

recovered peetss of the plane

from the ocean floor, the engine and other components

were towed ashore. They've been

taken to Bankstown airport

where they'll be examined by

crash investigators, a report

will then be prepared for the

State coroner. All eyes are on

Tuesday's NSW Budget and the

Government has made it clear it

expects to doll out some tough

love. But today the Premier was

in a giving mood, fulfilling an

election promise to front-line police. It's 14 years since

bullet resistant vests were

last issued to the State's

first response police. So the Premier's promise to bring

forward funding for replacements in this Budget is

welcome. It is a little bit overdue but we're very happy to

get the funding, happy to get

the vests and happy to dish

them out to the police, out on

the street. $3.8 million will

buy 2500 vests, featuring soft

body armour and heavy ceramic plates. They put it through a tum ber

for over ten days, so it's sim

lauting an operational

environment and hopefully they

wouldn't receive that sort of treatment out in the

field Meanwhile the Opposition

is trying to make the Premier

duck four cover. Referring him

to the independent commission

against corruption. It wants

more O'Farrell investigated

over the appointment of hotel industry stalwart Brian Ross to the Casino, Liquor and Gaming

Control Authority, which has

powers he's been lobbying against for years. But who

better to turn game

keeper. Although he's not only Ross takened a recent meeting

between the Premier and the

hotel's association President,

just days later he applied for the job with the

authority. It's very poor judgment on the part of Premier to meet with somebody

who is a lobbyist not only the

register and it's appalling that he would appoint somebody

to the very body that is

charged with dealing with

gaming matters from the hotels

association to such a

position. Bottom line is the

appointments are made on the

basis of merit but there's no more unusualness a lawyer as Attorney-General or from time to time having a dork as Minister for Health. After

only a few days with the authority Mr Ross has

authority Mr Ross has resigned

his position duel to ill

health. The latest US unemployment figures have

raised fears of another

recession in the United States.

No new jobs were created last month, leaving the unemployment

rate at 9.1%. The news sparked a sell-off on Wall Street

overnight as markets reacted to

the weakest jobs report since last September. It's news for President Obama and indicates that the Administration's attempts to

turn the economy around have

failed. The US economy is

quickly stalling, may be in a recession already President

Obama will outline his new plan

to tackle unemployment in an

address to Congress next week.

The US is preparing to pause to

commemorate the tenth

anniversary of the 9/11 first

attacks. On that day, in 2001

only one of the four hijacked

planes failed to reach its target, flight 93. It's believed the plane was heading

for the capital but that its

passengers and crew fought

back. The plane crashed on a

hillside near Shanksville in

the State of Pennsylvania. The United 92, do you hear us. The

it was if moment a quiet patch

of penceain va became famous is

the most unimagine able

well. You have a bomb on

board? The craters long gone,

but a would with flight 93 turned belly up and ploughed into the ground.

It makes for a grim tour. The corner describes corner describes when he was

here... Searching for body

parts. He could not collect all

those remains so he covered the

remains with five inches of top soil so we have human remains

and plane parts here on this

entire field. The plane crashed

just over the hill from a school. Standing in

sudden there was like a big noise, the whole school

shook. Among the faces of those lost is computer engineer

Edward Felt. He was my big

brother. He was someone I

looked up to my entire life.

There's not a day that goes by

that I don't think about those

final to 23 minutes in their

lives When you come here it's

such a serene setting that it's

hard to imagine this could have

been the scene of so much

violence. With the opening of

the new memorial there will be

as close as people can ever get

to the place where the plane went into

went into the ground. And from for emotional thing. Dgets seeing

this I can see the people, I

can see what was happen England

Y it's hard to... I just admire

the courage of those who

brought the plane down. All of

those innocent people

sacrificed. And it doesn't get any easier to stellar four try performance from ugg Akuila Uate has given the

Nights win and a spot in next week's finals. The Warriors are leading the Cowboys, last night

the Dragons produced a clinical

display to beat the Panthers,

and in Newcastle a dominant

first half performance from the

Knights was enough to stave off a late Rabbitohs comeback. The

finals started a week early and

last night's do or die clash in

Newcastle. On the field it

looked like a mismatch as Knights raced out of the blocks. With the Rabbitohs

overconscious of theing in thes

potent wingers they left the middle exposed. He's middle exposed. He's over. Sean

Corrigan scored to give the Bunnies some life, Kurt Gidley ensured Souths didn't score

their second minutes later why at the other end Akuila Uate's strength was too much. How

would you tackle this Adam

MacDougall was up to his old

tricks setting up Uate for his second as

second as the nvingts raced to

a 24-point half-time

Souths had the night's nerves

late inner the match as Nathan

Merritt did what me knows best but Uate snatched the final chance of the game to take Newcastle into the Newcastle into the finals. Four tries, equals a Newcastle

record. I was happy enough with

the way the boys got home. We

gopt the win, that was the most important thing and hopefully

we can move on to next week. I

would have love to have made

the finals, we didn't do it.

Gave it our best shot It

mightment have been against the

Dragons are starting to gain

some momentum heading to the

finals. Brett Morris scored

twice in the first half against

the Panthers. Hello. He's going to get there again moreries,

yes The Panthers looked back in

the match when Blake Austen

crossed for a try after the

break. But the Dragons answered

quickly. Jamie Soward scored,

then some nifty food work from Jason Nightingale sealed the

win for the red and white. win for the red and white. A

top four spot is still possible

for the Warriors and the

Cowboys. It was that got started on the right foot. The Cowboys responded

against the run of play before this try gave the homeside the lead in a scrappy contest.

Tomorrow the Raiders take on the Bulldogs

the Bulldogs in Canberra's

final match of the season. The

match will also be captain Alan

Tongue's last. The retiring

skimmer will remain with the Raiders for the season review. With the young squad

and how they're developing I

want to make sure I'm a part of

that and deep heading down the right track because I think

we're on that right track. We're just ajusticements Canberra are We're just going to make a few ajusticements Canberra are also officially announced they'll

release Matt Orford from his contract. In the AFL, Geelong

has made a has made a very clear statement

ahead of next week's finals series, thrashing reigning

Premiers Collingwood by 96

points at the MCG. Today, there

were wins for Hawthorn, the

Western Bulldogs and the Swans, and last night a 10 goals to

one second term set up the impressive Cats

victory. Although it was first be a match of little

consequence. But there some

resultous just can't

ignore. Been hammer bid arecord margin. In the final home-and-away home-and-away game of the season. In Geelong had sought

to make a statement of its

shock loss to Sydney last week,

it had well and truly made its

point. After Collingwood had raced

raced out of the blocks to take

a quarter-time lead, Geelong

brutalised the Magpies in the

second term kicking goal after

goal in a ten goal rampage

which left the Premiers reeling. And he likes it off

the boot. He put his arm out

the moment he kicked it. From

there the Cats coasted to a

record 96-point win ensures the 2012 Premiership

race remains wide open. I just

thought it was a thought it was a bad dream. It's real? I wake up

tomorrow morning and I don't

even know if I really want to

watch it. Oh well, that's

happened and put it behind

it La last night they got a

wake-up call. I think they had

100 possessions in the last

return for a side that should

be on top of the ladder and is

trying to get back-to-back

Premierships. Very difficult to do Collingwood needs to regroup

quickly before a qualifying final against West Coast next

week. And they may have to do it without defender Chris

Tarrant who liched off in the

third quarter while cloak cloak

clock should recover in time

from a minor knee complaint. In

contrast Geelong are care free

and in form. I'll still adamant

the scoreboard doesn't make any

difference but the important

thing for us was that

the game was hot early our

competitiveness was good

early If Chris Stott thinks

that was good a great performance from the Cats should be quite something. The

Sydney Swans revenues have

secured their spot in the

eastern conference final of the

north-eastern football league

with a convincing win over

Ainslie this afternoon. An

experienced Swans line-up made

light work of the tricolours as

they registered a resounding 133-70

Swans were fielding a number of

players with top flight

experience and it showed early

on as they tore away in a 7

goals to two opens quarter. Campbell Heath did most of the

cadge for the Swans as they set

up a significant advantage

early in the match. Nathan

Gordon finishing off the hard

work as they took a 39-point

lead to half-time. Ainslie's

only ex-AFL player Robert

Shirley gave his all for the defending Premiers but

have now booked their spot in outclassed ultimately the tricolours were

the final in two weeks. Ainslie

will take on the winner of

between tomorrow's minor semifinal

Sydney Giants and the's

Eastlake Demons N local ruin's

faced Gungahlin for a spot in

the final. Still full of

confidence over their last gasp

win over Royals last weekend, Wests scored the only try of

the first half, Adrian Turner

making the most of his

opportunity. Gungahlin who had been on much of the season couldn't

find a way through Wests defence and were forced to kick

for their points. Wests gritty

defence a feature of the match

as they went on to

win 32-13 and book a spot in

the grand final. Australia has

claimed victory on day four of

the first Test against Sri Lanka in Galle. A century

partnership from Angelo Mathews

and Mahela Jayawardene

frustrated the tourists. But

when Jayawardene departed, the finish line was in sight for Australia. Sri Lanka needed a long partnership from Angelo Mathews and Mahela or a lengthy downpour. Mathews and Mahela Jayawardene

Preferably both. The rain

arrived early as did the army

of ground staff but an hour

later play resumed with the

home team's prospects looking a

touch brighter. Bring up the 50

for Mathews. His third thuft in Test cricket. Jayawardene

showed the debutant Nathan Lyon

how many shots he's acquired

over the course of over the course of 120

Tests. Oh yes. The too short

that time. The 24-year-old

Mathews is still learning the art of patience. It's going to

be safe. He tried to hit that

to mid-on. That's a little bit

entire first session which lucky The pair batted for the

thrilled their captain

Tillakaratne Dilshan. Looks faz

he needs an afternoon kip. It

was more lively after lunch

with Jayawardene equalling Don

Bradman's tally of Test

once. That's his 29th hundred

and an important once from Sri Lanka's point of view. The celebrations were short lived. Got him. Got one

through. The hard working har

its picked up his second five

wicket haul. Tried to pull it. wicket haul. Tried to pull

He's hit it straight to short

mid wicket Dirs innings here

yore picked up the final wicket

as Australia took a 1-nil lead

in the best of three series. It

took more than three hours, but

Samantha Stosur is into the

fourth round of the US Open.

Australia's last hope

Russian Nadia Petrova 7-6, 6-7, 7-5 in the longest women's

match in the tournament's

capitalise on two match points modern era. After failing

in the second set, Samantha

Stosur handled the pressure

better in the decider. That's

it. Excellent hitting from

Stosur. Again, under pressure. This time coming up with a

clean winner. Nadia Petrova had

the early break and led until

the 8th game in the tird but Stosur remained

patient. Another one. And was

rewarded in the does it. Samantha Stosur

through in an epic battle. Yeah

it was very long and very

tiring and very mentally

exhausting but I'm just really happy I got

Sharapova made a shock exit.

Losing in three sets to Italy's

Flavia Pennetta. The Socceroos went into their opening World Cup qualifier as the

overwhelming favourites. But it

would be their 120th ranked

opponents who would find the

back of the net first. And thapd have held that lead until finding an

equaliser in the 58th minute. Tapped in by

minute. Tapped in by Josh

Kennedy and Australia are level

at last. It wasn't until at last. It wasn't until the

dying Mants before Socceroos substitute Alex Brosque scored

the match winner. Who scores

first time. Australian long and Australia lead for the

jumper Mitchell Watt was the

gold medal favourite in the

final at the world chelts championships in South Korea. After

After inflaming an old injury

in the warm-up, in the warm-up, the couldn't produce his best but

still claimed silver behind

American four time world title

winner Dwight Phillips. That's

a massive jump It was also a

Jared Tallent who took the podium finish for Australian

bronze in the 50 kilometre

walk. And Australia's light

weight mens four crew has

proved it's a genuine contender

for the London Olympics. The team of Todd Skipworth, Ben

Cureton, Sam Beitz and Anthony

Edwards won gold at the

national rowing championships

in Slovenia. Teams from the

world's best rugby nations are

beginning to converge on New

Zealand for the World Cup. The

ABC has been assessing the

teams likely to challenge for teams likely to

the trophy when the tournament

kicks off next week. A

disappointing end to the

Wallabies 2007 campaign brought

a dramatic shift in Australian

rugby. Legends like Gregan and

Larkham retired, in came a New

Zealander coach reins charged

with the task of building a cup

difficult winning culture. After a

difficult four years in charge, recent results suggest Dean's

plans may be coming to fruition. Our blokes have had a

sense of edging their way

closer and I guess now we've had an indication that we are getting closer

getting closer so that's

good. The Tri Nations triumph

has lifted spirits among a

squad now boasting severalenen match

match winners but have the

Wallabies peaked too soon? The

All Blacks will start the cupped a short priced favourites but no team will be under more pressure. It's going to determine how we view our

eight years over the next 20,

30, 40, whatever time we have

left in this so it's going to

debetween us really. New Zealand's confidence has been shaken by back-to-back losses

to South Africa and Australia.

Support in the rugby-mad host

nation can quickly turn to

anger as it did after an early

exit to France in 2007. But on

their day the All Blacks are a

fiercesome force few teams can

challenge. If expectations are

high in New Zealand, they're

over the top in South Africa. Bring the us. That is your national Africa. Bring the tofy back to

duty. The defending World Cup

experience in their ranks. The champions have plenty of

best 30 players that this

wonderful country can provide

and it's a teem that that do

just as you ask. But the

Springboks form has been patchy

and their ageling squad may be

passed its best. England will

lead the European charge. Jonny Wilkinson the man who booted

still on the scene, so is tong a memorable 2003 win is

former captain Martin Johnson who knows what it takes to lift

the cup. World Cups are very

everything special, so wore just doing

everything we can to make sure

in the moment too much Outside we perform. We don't get lost

the top four challengers could

come from the unpredictable

French and a strong Samoan side

buoyed by its recent victory

over Australia. Well it seems

there's no limit to the lents

some people will go to let to

the Birdsville Cup. The two

Melbourne Cup of the outback.

And as Peter Lewis reports

there's been an upset in the

$30,000 feature race with a

6-year-old gelding Just a Touch

beating more fancied

runners. No-one travelled

further for this year's Birdsville races than Padraic

O'Neill. The mechanic and his

family have swapped the emrad

green of Ireland for the red

sol and outback of Queensland. Everyone looks after everybody, whether or not

you get on or they'll still help you out,

still back you up if you need

and you'll never stuck But come

race week locals jockey with

long queues of visitors at local servo and

ones at its famous pub.

Birdsville in spring is on a

lot of people's bucket list.

Steve Cunningham has travelled

2 500 kilometres from

Wangaratta in Victoria for a piece of the on course

action Always wanted to come

here and had a few Hoares that

were suited so we're here and

we've won a race and a few

seconds tonight

going OK The prize pool ensures

the lucky ones score petrol money to get home. The rest

will put it down to experience.

They bill this event as two days of racing where the dust

never settles. But just a year ago

ago it couldn't have been more

different. In fact, the going

was so heavy it took race goers three days to get out of Birdsville. Frankly it

Birdsville. Frankly it was as

full as the pub's front bar so

a new racing tradition was

created. Back in the betting

was settled into the rhythms

and rituals of his home It's a

great day. I guess you'd call

it the luck of the Irish. To

the weather now and it was a

beautiful spring day here in

Canberra. Though it was pretty

chilly overnight, down chilly overnight, down to min use 4 in the city but it

use 4 in the city but it warmed

up nicely to 19 degrees. The

winds did puck up as the

afternoon wore on. It was

mostly sunny right across the

region with temperatures hovers

around 20 degrees and as you'd expect night time lows were cooler inland.

There's a big band of cloud crossing the Great Australian

Bight and extending into

Victoria bringing showers and

the odd storm. A slow moving

strong high pressure system in

the Tasman the Tasman Sea is keeping the

ACT relatively fine, aback cold

front is approaching from the

west but an even stronger front is expected to reach our

borders on Tuesday Wednesday. So around the

capital cities tomorrow -

And that's the news for now.

Thanks for your company. Good night. Captions by CSI.