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Live. Tonight, a cabinet

divided. A Prime Minister

undermined and the government

in damage control: Cabinet

meetings should be confidential. From time to time

that is breached.

the job. Protests over

corporate greed turn ugly in

the eternal city. Floriade closes for another year. Now closes for

the spruce up begins for a very

special visitor. We have a big

clean-up starting from

tomorrow, to dehead things and

make it look nice. The

Kangaroos romp home against the

Kiwis in the league Test but

can the Wallabies make it a trans-Tasman double? Good evening, Craig Allen with ABC

News. Julia Gillard has been

condemned to political death

row by the opposition as the

fall-out over Labor's asylum

Senior ministers have been Senior seeker backdown intensifies.

forced to defend the government's solidarity a day

after an embarrassing cabinet

leak exposed deep divisions on border protection. Here's

political correspondent Andrew

Green. Not for the first time

in her Prime Ministership Julia

Gillard has discovered cabinets

aren't always secure. Those inside confidential walls aren't

should be confidential. From impressed. Cabinet meetings

time to time that is breached.

That's unfortunate but you get

the job at on with the job and focus on

the job at hand. On Thursday

shift to onshore processing, when Labor announced its policy

cabinet met twice to discuss options. Detailed leaks have

revealed the Immigration

Minister and key right faction

for asylum seekers to be sent ministers pushed unsuccessfully

to Nauru. It was appropriate

for the cabinet to consider its

options for breaking a parliamentary

simple as that. If they want

to open Nauru and Manus and

dump Malaysia, I am very happy

to work with the government.

That option has relead by been dismissed by the Prime Minister. Nauru by itself

won't work. It does not have

deterrence effect. Senior

ministers are condemning the

source of the latest government

leak. Publicly they are not

pointing the finger at possible

culprits but privately the

guessing and blaming is in

overdrive. I don't talk about

absolutely no intention of what goes on in

changing that today. During

last year's election campaign

damaging leaks dealt a severe

blow to Labor's chance toss

cling on to power. This latest

breach of cab yet

confidentiality has again undermined the Prime Minister's

authority isn't to threatening

to destabilise her leadership. It's prompted former leader

Simon Crean to warn his

colleagues to remain unitited.

The opposition has seize the on the divisions. Julia Gillard is on the equivalent of a

question of if she's going to political death row.

be replaced as leader, it's a

question of whether. Any

leadership speculation of a

return to Kevin Rudd or a switch to Defence Minister Stephen Smith that

been dismissed., Tens of

part thousands of people have taken

part in a global protest over the financial crisis. Rallies

were held in more than 80

countries with protesters

venting their anger over corporate greed and economic

inequality. The so-called day

of rage was supposed to be peaceful. But in Rome the peaceful.

demonstrations quickly turned violent. Europe correspondent

Emma Alberici reports. Person

Protesters called for a day Protesters called for a day of

outrage around the world but in

Rome anger turned to anarchy.

Streets became battlefields.

It's the worst violence in the

Italian capital in years.

Police fired water cannon and

tear gas to disperse the

crowds. In the shadow of the fire to government buildings.

Hours of clashes destroyed

luxury cars and other symbols

were attacked. Protesters set of wealth. Banks and shops

this police van alight after

its two occupants escaped the

mob. Lot at least 70 people were injured. TRANSLATION: This

is the revolution we are about

to fight in this country.

They were inspired by demonstrators in Spain and the US. On Wall Street, protesters spent a month campaigning against corporate greed.

Thousands of people occupied Times Square, dozens were

arrested. Police clashed with protesters in London who

refused to leave the financial district after a peaceful

rally. Many have set up camp

and are vowing to stay for as

long as possible. It is not

only our country on a global

scale, it's such a big The protest movement put more

pressure on G20 finance

ministers meeting in Paris. They have given Eurozone nations

nations a deadline of next week

to come up with a solution to

fix the crippling We need to see from Europe a fix the crippling debt crisis.

comprehensive approach. I

believe we have seen

constructively some further approaches in recent weeks.

These need to be brought

together in a comprehensive plan by European leaders.

Protesters want policies that

stop penalising the poor for

the mistakes of the rich.

Protesters have spent the weekend camped outside the

Reserve Bank in Martin Place in

Sydney. Last night, police

who stayed overnight. There confiscated tents from those

were around 600 demonstrators

yesterday and 200 today.

Protesters are concerned Protesters are concerned that

smaller numbers could make it

easier for police to move them

on. The plan is to stay here

indefinitely and to keep

camping out, but we need to

keep the numbers up for that,

so everyone needs to get down

here and keep supporting it, night. A similar protest in Canberra over the weekend

attracted fewer than 50 demonstrators. Demonstrations

in Yemen have erupted into

blood shed again. At least a dozen protesters were killed

and scores more injured when

troops fired on anti-government

protesters. Up to 300,000

protesters had taken to the

streets of the capital, calling for President Ali Abdullah

Saleh to stand down. Forces

loyal to the embattled drive back thousands of president

protesters as they surged

towards the city centre of the

capital. The peaceful march turned violent as troops opened fire on men, women and

children. A number of

demonstrators were killed and

scores more were injured.

They were ferried to makeshift hospitals by ambulance and on

motor bikes. Doctors say the

regime is deliberately

hampering the treatment of the

injured. The protesters wanted to

bring to a head the 10 months

of increasingly bloody demonstrations against Saleh's

33-year rule. The veteran

president is clinging to power,

despite increasing calls for

him to quit from both western

governments and Arab call upon the international community to community to issue

international sanctions against

President Saleh and his sons and those with him and freeze

their money and their money and accepted the file to the International

Criminal Court. As the blood

shed continues in the capital, officials say another Al Qaeda

has been killed in air raids in

the south, bolstering the

president's claim that only his

government can confront the

rise of Somaliist was a successful strike which

killed Ibrahim Al Bana'a and

six other Al Qaeda members. The

war against Al Qaeda did not

stop and we will continue. The protesters The protesters have also vowed to continue until their

president steps down. The authorities in Thailand are

still battling to protect

Bangkok from the worst floods

in decades. The army has been

reinforcing sandbag walls and

digging new canals in an effort

to direct floodwaters around the capital. the capital. We will unite Thailand, and with the effort

of every party involved, I believe we can save Bangkok.

15 elephants have been stranded because they cannot swim to higher ground. The animals and their handlers are struggling

with food shortages. The flood have affected a third of Thailand's provincenesses and

more than 300 people have

died. Thousands of people have

taken part in a national day of

action against the burgeoning

coal seam gas industry. Opponents want a moratorium on

the industry but the Queensland energy which can be balanced

against environmental concerns.

In New South Wales they

gathered by the thousands. At Coalcliff, south of Sydney,

protesters occupied a bridge to

get their message across. The

first thing we call for is an

immediate moratorium on all

coal seam gas mining. The controversial mining extraction

technique removes methane from

deep coal deposits. The

protesters say the process will

damage the water table and arable land. They are going to put

put 40,000 coal seam gas wells

in Toowoomba and wreck the

great artesian basin. In

Brisbane, 300 people called on the State Government to action against the energy

companies. The people's voice

is getting louder on this and

soon, very soon, the government

will start to listen. It's

about time they did. When the

farmers and Greens are holding hands, there's hands, there's something

drastically wrong with this

industry. The State Government

says mining and Gurkha

want to shut down the industry,

they will ensure the next power

plant is coal fired if they

shut down the gas industry. The

The new battle ground The new battle ground is the scenic rim south-west of the

Brisbane. Protesters went to

great heights to get their message across and farmers

joined in. My fear is they

have an intention to get

carried away, as mines do, and

shun public opinion. 80% of

the area is covered by mining per

per fits, meaning it is ripe

for exploringation. But the

local council is lobbying stop that happening. It's

important to recognise that an

area that is surrounded by

national parks needs to be

protected for future generations. The exploring the region says it is

working with the community and

can only explore if it has land horls' permission. Arrow

Energy says it has negotiated

40 voluntary land access

agreements in the scenic rim

and ints vrp intends to

continue low level exploration. If they are

exploring, they are looking to

mine gas in the area and if they are they are going to main gas in the area it will destroy the area, that's just the facts.

But the industry and the

government dispute that.

might think locking up land in

national parks is the best way

to save vulnerable plants and

animals but private landholders

are doing their bit too. The

organisation Bush Heritage Australia says private

conservation has reduced the

threat of extinction for more than 70 threatened species.

The Australian bush has experienced tough times, with shrinking habitats, species

disappearing and a rapidly

changing climate. At times Australia's environmental

stewardship has left a lot to be desired. We have the

greatest extinction rate of mammals anywhere on the plan E

A Newrily released report from Bush Heritage Australia shows how private conservation is turning the tide on species

extinction. It chronicles the organisation's 20

organisation's 20 years of by

passing government, buying 33 properties using public donations and saving them from a range of threat such as clearly and development.

Protecting almost a million

hectares of land ourselves and

another 2.5 million with other

parties. The organise says

there's been no beating about

the bush. It has protected more

than 800 animal species than 800 animal species and nearly 5,000 plant species.

Bush Heritage Australia says a

third of Australia's land

mammal species and half the country's bird species are found on its reserves.

Increases of up to

numbers of some species. The

20 years has seen the return of

the Tammar wallaby and nationally threatened bird life in WA's south-west. In Victoria, Bush Heritage Australia has identified the

rare robust green hood orchid

and in South Australia the nationally threatened yellow-footed rock wallaby was

recently sighted for the first

time in nearly 80 years. We

are well on track to meeting

our vision of owning or

managing 1% of Australia by 2025. That's nearly 8 million hectares of hectares of land, water and

wildlife. The NSW Premier has

stripped his predecessor of her

post leadership entitlements. Kristina Kenneally reportedly wanted the occasional use of a

state car and driver to attend charity events. Barry O'Farrell says she already

receives benefits as an MP.

Kristina Kenneally is the

patron of the charity Stillborn Australia. The foundation's CEO Emma McLeod says she is

appalled by the Premier's

decision to deny Kristina

Kenneally access to a state car

and driver to attend charity

events This is mean and cold. She says the former Premier, whose daughter was

stillborn, has given the issue

a public profile. It's a

coppic that is taboo and we

haven't been able to talk about it

it and a lot of people have

been inspired by Kristina's

willingness to share her

story. She applied to the Premier yes Department for

Transport to unpaid charity events. The request has been denied, while the Premier has

ordered greater scrutiny of the

perks of former premiers. He said Kristina

said Kristina Kenneally is still an still an MP and already receives entitlements. All

members of parliament have

access to a $30,000 allowance entitlement paid for by taxpayers that taxpayers that in part can provide for taxis and hire cars.

cars. A number of former

Premiers already get perks but

none would appear on camera,

including Kristina Kenneally.

She appears to be the only one who is being rebuffed. Mr O'Farrell says MPs pay and

entitlements need to come into

line with community

expectations. I don't know whether Kristina Kenneally is playing politics or genuinely

concerned or she is arguing concerned or she is arguing for more politicians perks, but I'm not in not in the business of trying

additional entitlements to members of parliament. Mr

O'Farrell says his office is

reviewing the entitlements of

ex-Premiers. Should parents

be able to choose the sex of

their babies after the birth of their first child? A leading

IVF specialist says it's IVF specialist says it's time mums and dads were given the

right to gender balance their

family. Sex selection using

IVF is already a reality. But

it's only allowed when it is

likely a genetic disorder

linked to one sex would be

passed on. Some fertility

doctors say the technology

should be more widely

available Women often dream

for a little girl if they are

three boys, and vice versa for

the male. It's certainly there, it's humanity. Professor Chapman said there should be

some limits. I'm against it being the first child, that's

not what it's for, it's

balancing the genders. Father

of two Nathan Clarke agrees

parents should have the right

to gender select. If they want

to have a boy, they should be

able to have it. Gender

selection has been banned since 2005. We believe it's inappropriate to select

children as a commodity for

family balancing, that child should be valued. The guidelines which effectively

stop people from using gender

selection technology for the

purposes of family balancing

will be reviewed next year. National Health and Medical Research Council doesn't think

there's an appetite for change. I think that it's

likely that the public will

retain its view that sex

selection for family balancing

is not an appropriate

activitity. Jennifer Papa

already has two boys. I would like a irrigator, but another baby I wouldn't like them to say, you can have a

girl, because I would like girl, because I would like it

to be natural. Leaving it to

fate comes a lot cheaper. One IVF cycle including gender

selection would cost around

$15,000. The sun shone for

the last day of Floriade but

dreary weather earlier in the

month may have turned off some visitors. The annual visitors. The annual floral

festival is celebrating a

record one-day attendance. As

the gates close, gardeners are

gearing up for another


Queen. After four weeks on

display, the strain is showing

for some. Usually, things are

winding down on the last day winding down on the last day of

Floriade. Beds are put to rest

and bulbs given away. This

year, gardeners are moving in

and touch-ups are in order.

We have a big clean-up starting

tomorrow, to dehead things and

make it look nice. It's all

about impressing the Queen and

Duke of Edinburgh, who will meander through the flowers Thursday. The organisers have

a few days to fleshen it up and

she will love it. It's getting

a bit worn, the flowers are

dying off, but still really nice. Organisers are tallying

visitor numbers this year, but

some regular traders noticed a

difference. Our profits were down this year and the numbers

of people down, but the

terrible weather has been a

major contributing factor. We

have matched last year's sales

and I expect next year if we get perfect weather it better. Wet weather put a

dampen er on the night-time

activities. 18,000 tickets were

sold for the night, about 4,500

less than last year. Daytime crowds have been more willing

to hang around. Monday of the

Labour Day long weekend was a

record for a single day in Floriade since we have had

turnstiles, with 34,500 people

through the gates. The ACT

Government says it may schedule some Floriade events year in a bid to capture better

weather. Could it be an omen

for tonight's World Cup battle across the ditch? Australia

defeated New Zealand 42-6 in

the Rugby League Test in Newcastle this afternoon. The

heading into the Four Nations win gives the Kangaroos a boost

tournament in the UK later this

month. He's had more

farewells than John Farnham but

this Test match was definitely

the last time Darren Lockyer League would play professional Rugby

League on home soil. The

Australian Kiwis were quick to examine the

Australian skipper's

willingness to front up after a

season. He's on the ground. fractured cheekbonanted his NRL

They have tested them out early. early. He shook off the early. He shook off the high

shot to set up the ochg try.

What a thrill for the

Novocastrian. Akuila Uate on

Test debut. Uate added a

second try minutes later. He's

got two. The Kiwis boast both

of the four nations and World Cup

match for the Kangaroos today.

Another try. Full-back

Kevin Locke crossed for New Zealand's only try of the game

but it was Australia's day, the

Kangaroos ran in 8 tries including doubles to Chris

Lawrence and Darius Boyd to

send Lockyer off a winner.

Australia win the Test match by

42-6. The final game on

Australian soil for captain

Darren Lockyer. I'll miss it,

no doubt, running out stadium like this is what you

play for. You will never get

that in retirement but I've been privileged for such a long

time am I thank the people of Australia for their support.

Although the win came out silverware, it will give the Australians bragging rights

ahead of their four nations

campaign. The Wallabies will

hope to make it Australia's day

by beating the All Blacks in tonight's World Cup semifinal

in Auckland. A few minutes into

the match, New Zealand are

leading Australia 8-3. Plenty

of time yet. A controversial

refereeing decision has helped

France secure a spot in the

Rugby World Cup final. In thrilling semi-last night Rugby World Cup final. In a

France held off a valiant Welsh

side to win 9-8. Wales captain

Sam Warburton was sent off

early in the match, reducing

the side to 14 men. The Welsh

did themselves no favours with

woeful goal kicking. The Welsh

Welsh players were full of voice before kick-off and

showed plenty of dash once the


enterprising play. James Hook

looked the part in front of

goal as the Dragons took an

early lead. When tight head

prop Adam prop Adam Jones was injured, Wales slipped on their

advantage, missing the chance

to stepped the lead. Then came

the moment where it all went

horribly wrong for Wales. Welsh

captain Sam Warburton was controversially sent off after

just 18 minutes. It's a red

card! Their inspirational

skipper is off. A packed

was in shock. The French Millennium Stadium

forward pack quickly seized

control. A tactical kicking game ensued as the French

looked to gain territory and

tire the Welsh. The Dragons

the held off repeated raids from

the French boot. Morgan Parra

kicked France into the lead,

and Hook must have been

wondering if he was wearing the

wrong boots. Wales made the

most of their chance to get

back into the Cardiff finally had something

to cheer. Replacement kicker

Stephen Jones was no better in

front of the sticks. In the

incredibly tense final minutes, incredibly tense final

Wales were lucky to earn a last

crack at 3 points, Leigh Leigh Leigh Halfpenny given the

chance to become a national

hero Just didn't have the distance. A last 27-phase play

failed to give Wales another chance, France chance, France hanging on to make the third Rugby World Cup

final next weekend. The French

live to fight another day.

Casey Stoner has claimed his second championship with victory at

financed fip. The Australian

led from the start after his

chief rival failed to make it

on to the grid due to injury.

Rain wreaked havoc for some

riders. On his 26th birthday, Stoner never looked troubled.

Stoner already had one hand on

Jorge Lorenzo crashed in the prize when his main rival

practice. Part of his finger

had to be reattached, ending

his day. Stoner visited his

injured competitor but didn't

let it fact his focus. He made

the perfect start. He quickly

worked to extend his advantage

and the race soon became a

battle for second, with one

main rival already disposed of, another ruled himself out.

Rossi crashes. Then Mother Nature

starting to rain heavily. The

downpour caused a stripping of

crashes and pit stops, but not

for Stonerment with his family

watching on, he watching on, he secured his fifth consecutive Phillip

Island win. Casey Stoner on to

the Wayne gardener straight,

Casey Stoner wins the

Australian Grand Prix, and is crowned the 2011 world

champion! It was a hard race,

the conditions were atrocious,

I nearly completely lost it on

turn 12, just

grabbed the race win, along

with the championship, on my

birthday, five in a row, not

much gets better than today.

He's really rolling along and hopefully it all keeps

going. In the South Korean

Formula One Grand Prix, the newly kroufnd world champion Sebastian Vettel has taken the honours. Australian Mark

Webber was stuck in the pack

for much of the race and tried

to pass Lewis Hamilton into

to go second position with just laps

to go but it wasn't to

The win also secures the

manufacturer's title for Red

Bull. The Canberra Capitals

remain winless after going to the Townsville fire at the

AIS last night. They led by a

point at half-time but The Fire

stormed home to win 72-60. Travelling

Travelling 3,000km down a highway, powered only by the

sun. That's what 40 solar cars

are doing as they compete in sun lovers hit the road this morning for the drive from

Darwin to Adelaide. It's a

long hot road ahead for the 40

teams from across the globe,

going from one end of Australia to another. They converged

outside the Northern Territory

Parliament House on a hot morning, making final preparations to the cars that will hopefully make it to

Adelaide. Over a year of very

hard work with a team I'm very

proud of, we are very confident our car They were tight-lipped on

tactics. The strategy for

today is racing our own race

and driving by our own strategy and we will succeed

by the end of the day, then I'm

very happy. Dutch teams were

among the first cars to leave.

Last year's winners from

steadily at fifth on the grid. Japan's university started

We have really good energy

management that we will use the

weather forecast. The patchy energy efficiently, using

skies were no problem for the

drivers. The weather suits us a little overcast for the

start, once we get on the open

road and through the town, out to the highway, we should be

motoring along well. As the

cars head south along the

Stuart highway they will share

the road with larger vehicles

like road trains. The drives

have to follow the road rules,

stop at red lights and follow the

the sped limits. It will take

about four days for the faster

cars to make it to Adelaide, where the

finish line will definitely have earned their place in the

sun. To our local weather. It

was a windy night but none of the expected showers. It was a

sunny Sunday in the capital, reaching a

reaching a top of 20. Windy throughout the south-east, with

temperatures generally in the

18-22 degrees range. Brisbane had severe storms late

yesterday and today reached a

top of 29. Sydney 23, Melbourne and Hobart were cooler. There's There's a cloud associated with

a front that swept to the east

and speckled cloud in the bight

consistent with a high pressure

system. The high will dominate

for a few days to come,

bringing mostly fine and sunny

weather to the capital. Sydney

northwards will see showers tomorrow, Melbourne and

Adelaide mostly sunny and

storms in the Top End. In the

local region:

That's the news for now,

Goodnight. Closed Captions by thanks for your company.