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Live Tonight - Live Tonight - unhappy

anniversary. One year on it's

Kevin Rudd who is having the party. The only thing Kevin

Rudd hasn't done is ride a

unicycle into Question Time unicycle into Question Time

the leadership back. A blowing on a vuvuzala demanding

diplomatic bombshell fails to

stop the Taliban's attacks.

Musics raise their voices to

save what they say is the perfect venue. We support the

printers, but we don't want this building spoiled for

music. And why Japan's power

dressers can no longer suit

themselves. Go evening, themselves. Good evening,

Craig Allen with ABC News. A

week after very public

self-scrutiny has begun for the days, Labor will pass the first

anniversary of the toppling of

Kevin Rudd. He's been giving

interviews reflecting on what happened and that's stirring frustration among Caucus

colleagues. They're publicly

rallying behind the Prime Minister despite Minister despite Labor's disastrous standing in the

polls. Here's political

correspondent Greg

Jennett. Even with two prime

ministers in the Lodge... There's still that haunting

echo from its past. The key challenge for all

focus on challenge for all of us is to

when the Lodge's former occupants keeps drawing

attention to his time there and his removal 360 his removal 360 days ago. The

only thing Kevin

done is ride a unicycle into

Question Time blowing on a

vuvuzala demanding the

leadership back. Kevin Rudd

doesn't need to do interviews

although he has. He got the

chop. Thanks to Julia. The

Liberal Party's prepared to pay

to highlight the his of that night in June last year. Now

everywhere because Kevin O'Lemon is popping up

wants his old job back. Then wants his old job back. Then again, we all know who calls

the shots. I quite enjoy a

bitters here is Tony lemon lime and bitters and the

Abbott. Abysmal polling with a

primary vote below 0% Julia Gillard's anniversary in primary vote below 0% sours

the job, but no-one in labour is contemplating an

alternative, least of all the power brokers who helped

install her. Julia is the leader, the Australian

population those squooul's the

leader. She's going to take us

to the next election I'm 100%

positive, I bet my house on t

that Julia Gillard will lead

election. There's no talk of leadership challenges. Julia

Gillard is a person who is very personable. Nor is there anything to to be done Kevin Rudd. Murmurs about

sacking him will go unheeded and support for him in Caucus remains minimal. As one Labor

MP puts it, the distraction of

his presence is the price we

all must pay for what we did

last year. Sounds morose, last year. Sounds morose, but the Foreign Minister won't Wal

low on Friday's anniversary.

He has party

invitation only. I wish him

happy anniversary. Seems like

it already is. Misbehaving? Greg Jennett, ABC Greg Jennett, ABC News,

Canberra. Is the United States

negotiating with the enemy in

Afghanistan? According to

President Hamid Karzai the US

and the Taliban are engaged in

talks to end a decade of war.

The White House is refusing to

confirm the claim. As for the

Taliban, its only response was

to launch another suicide bomb Worsley reports. Negotiations

or not, little has changed the streets of Kabul. or not, little has changed on

the streets of Kabul. This

time the Taliban struck a police station killing nine

before the attackers were cut

down. TRANSLATION: Two sows side bombers were shot dead by

Afghan security forces. The

area is cleaned. The operation

is finished. It all happened

President took to the stage, just hours after Afghanistan's


the first time Hamid Karzai

gave official word that the US is negotiating with the talks are going on with the

Taliban. The United States' government itself is going ahead with these

is keeping quiet about it, negotiations. If it is, the US

acknowledging only what it

calls a broad range of contacts

in support of reconciliation.

Last month, Barack Obama outlined the conditions for any negotiations to commence. The

Taliban would have to cut all

ties to Al Qaeda, renounce

constitution. The Taliban has to respect the Afghan violence, and they would

its own demands. The Taliban

were not going to be coming to

the peace table any time soon.

They're opposed to the current the constitution in government in Afghanistan, to

Afghanistan, to any Western Forces in Afghanistan. Local

reaction to Karzai's speech is

mixed. Whoever tries for peace

in Afghanistan we support them.

TRANSLATION: If the talks

ignore women's rights, we don't

accept them. For now, the war goes

goes on. With it, the talk of the initiative. We have the victory. I feel

momentum. Neither side in this

conflict appears close to compromise. Ben Worsley, ABC

News. Syrian troops have

stormed another town near the Turkish border. They've

reportedly burned houses and

arrested dozens of people in

campaign Bdama as part of a relentless

campaign to crush

anti-government dissent. Bdama

had been provided food for

thousands of refugees who fled

the military crackdown. Ben

Knight reports. These are showing pictures from inside Syria

showing refugees heading

towards the Turkish border.

They have only what they can

carry with them and they have the way. They were getting

bread and medical help from the

nearby town of Bdama but Syrian forces have moved into that

town as well. Witnesses say

they drove in firing heavy

machine-guns, making dozens

after rests and setting fire to houses. The

houses. The Syrian regime's

crackdown against this revolt is grinding on. Day week after week. 19 people

the weekly protests. Those were killed on Friday during

demonstrations showed once

again that the regime is simply unable to put an unable to put an end to the uprising. Those refugees who have

have crossed the border into

Turkey are being you shall

Sherred into ever expanding tent cities where the Turkish

government is feeding them and treating treating the sick and injured.

There are now more than 10,000 Syrian refugees here. They

have no idea of when or even if

they'll be able to go

home. Turkey has said for the time being they're able to manage the situation, cope with

the circumstance, but we are in

close contact with them.

Should it be protracted, should the numbers augment and so on, to see where we might support Turkey in this process. Within Turkey in this process. Within days, Syria's President Bashir

al-Assad is expected to make

just his third public statement

since the uprising began. It

was only months ago that Bashir al-Assad's relationship West was thought to be improving.

In January this year the United

States sent an ambassador back

to Damascus for the first time since 2005. Now the relations

could hardly be worse.

Diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions appear to economic sanctions appear to be

doing very little to change

this regime's desire to crush the rebellion in the brutal way. Ben Knight, ABC News. Libya says at least News. Libya says at least seven

members of the one family were

killed in a NATO air strike

that hit a residential area of

Tripoli. Libyan officials took

journalists to a compound where

rescue workers and locals were

digging through the rubble digging through the rubble looking for

survivors. Basically, this is another night of murder and

terror and horror in Tripoli caused

caused by NATO. The

neighbourhood is close to a

military airfield which has

been targeted by NATO several

times. Thousands of people

have turned out across the

country to demand an end to the

mandatory detentions of asylum seekers. In the most dramatic protest protest an Iraqi detainee

jumped a fence to take part jumped a fence to take part in one of the World Refugee Day

rallies. Nevertheless,

organisers concedes they're

losing the battle for hearts and minds. Former Western Australian premier Carmen

Lawrence knows when she's on a

losing team Opinion appears if

anything to be hardening. There seem to be more people

who have closed the doors of their hearts to refugees. In Melbourne, the Greens MP Adam Melbourne, the Greens MP Adam

Bandt tried to turn the tide by

harking back to the golden days of Australian immigration. What

would Carlton be like if we

hadn't opened our arms for

refugees. What would refugees. What would Richmond be like. There were enough

supporters of asylum seekers to

close down traffic in inner

city Melbourne for a musical

interlude. It was a similar story in Sydney where close to

1000 people closed down traffic

in the city. Organisers say

the big turn out was sparked by

the backlash against the Gillard Government's proposed

refugee swap with Malaysia.

But Labor's left faction says

it is not yet a done deal. Any

Malaysia agreement must include

the UNHCR. They have to sign

off on it. In the Northern

Territory those taking part

were small in number. This is an indictment an indictment on all

Australians to have these people behind bars. But at the

detention centre at Darwin Airport, there was a captive

audience. Soon they were

joined by an Iraqi man and his

daughter who jumped the

fence. 10 months, no mother,

problem for baby, no sleep tonight. It all ended

peacefully, but many sleepless

nights may lie ahead. David nights may lie ahead. David Spicer, ABC News. The brother of the condemned Bali Nine

inmate Andrew Chan has appealed to the Indonesian President for

clemency. Andrew Chan sentenced to death by firing

squad for trying to smuggle 8

kilograms of heroin into Australia

Australia in 2005. His final

hope for a reprieve rests with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Michael Chan says the President should acknowledge his brother acknowledge his brother has reformed himself in

prison. Like to give him a

second chance at life,

basically. You know, he's made a mistake and I think he

deserves of some prison

sentence, but not to be rejected by the Supreme Court

on Friday. An air Baltics

plane has crashed during an air

show in Poland killing the

pilot. Spectators watched as

the bi-plane began spewing out

smoke in the middle of the

performance above the Vistula

River. The pilot continued River. The pilot continued his

manoeuvres but appeared to

misjudge a lofl pass above the

river with the plane crashing

heavily. Rescue workers pulled

the pilot from the wreckage and trade to re resuscitate him but he died in hospital. He was an aerobatics champion. They haven't yet

established the cause of the

dent. Gay couples in Queensland

have had a small win have had a small win with the

ALP state conference endorsing

a motion for same-sex unions to

be made legal. Similar motions

have already been passed by

Labor rank and file in SA, Tasmania, Victoria and the

Northern Territory. Michele

Lindsay and her partner

welcomed the almost unit news

unit unit vote. I'm just

reeling with happiness. I'm so delighted. In December the

motion will go to the motion will go to the ALP

national conference which will

decide whether to change the

party's platform in favour of

gay marriage. If that is

supported it would still be up to Parliament to change the

existing laws. Australian researchers say a disease that

leads to deafness and

intellectual disabilities in babies is being underdiagnosed. Researchers say consideration

should now be given to routine

testing of newborns and pregnant mothers for

cytomegalovirus, or CMV. CMV is

a virus that affects a virus that affects eight in 10 people, but it is in pregnancy it becomes most

dangerous. The common viral

infection shn can have flu-like symptoms or no symptoms at all.

If a pregnant woman gets CMV during pregnancy for the first

time it causes a rubella like

sin drone. It causes mental disability, often causes hearing hearing loss. In the worst case

CMV can be fatal with 50 babies

still born every year. still born every year. Currently pregnant women are not routinely tested for the

virus. Pregnant women are when

they're considering getting

pregnant or early in their pregnancy can have a simple

blood test along with other blood tests which they order

and that can tell whether

there's a risk of CMV. Disgllt study also calls for routine

testing of babies born with CMV

symptoms. Most inn affected

babies are okay but develop more permanent problems. We think it is

important any child who could

have congenital CMV when

they're born should be tested for CMV. Researchers say for babies presenting with CMV symptoms

symptoms in most cases if

they're treated within the first three weeks of their life

, the effects of this , the effects of this condition

can be dramatically reduced.

Paediatric expert asgry there

should be a routine test for

babies presenting with CMV symptoms. There are some

studies done elsewhere that

have shown that treating course of that illness. A CMV

vaccine for pregnant mothers is

due to become available soon. Musicians and moo sick

lovers are uniting to try to

save what they describe as a unique performance space in the national national capital. national capital. They argue

the acoustics of an old

Canberra workshop rival some of

the worlds leading concert

halls. Today they raised their

voices to make their point. It

is almost as old as national capital but lacks the cachet of major Canberra

attractions. I don't think

anybody has ever done this

before. These people are not

politically active normally.

They're very, very upset about

what's happening. The fitter's workshop was bill on the shores

of Lake Burley Griffin in 1916. Goning

Goning Canberra's construction

the industry hub and bulk

storage facility was empty for decades. decades. The structure's

unique acoustics have only been

recently discovered. Internationally renowned composer Peter Sculthorpe says the concrete and glass creates

Cathedral like reverberation s The resonance add to their

impact. I spos as a composer maybe that's I like resonance. The ACT Government

has pledged the place for

advice Jal arts. A $4 million

refit will convert the space

for print making. What they're

going to have to do is spoil

the acoustics in order to the building workable for them. The redevelopment has stirred passionate debate It

makes me sad to see us taking

to the streets for in a course

that I don't see as being a

dignified one. Heavens above,

when we have such a fine little

concert hall what's wrong with protesting about it? The

protesters have gathered more

than 1000 signatures in a petition calling for a freeze

on redevelopment. In the meantime, vowed to carry on making their voices heard. Adrienne

Francis, ABC News, Canberra. In

the NRL, Melbourne has stormed

into first place after today's hard-fought 8 point win over

the Tigers. Last night, an injured Jonathan Thurston

ignited a second half scoring blitz against the North

Queensland Cowboys. Today, the

Sharks upset the Bulldogs.

While the Tigers' lost was

compounded by an injury to

Benji Marshall. The full house

sign went up early Leichhardt Oval today and the

Tigers fans celebrated early

when Bryce Gibbs barged over. But Gibbs

But Gibbs wasn't afforded the

benefit of the doubt by the

video referee. Melbourne had a reprieve and responded reprieve and responded with the

opening try. He's got

Hinchcliffe in support. Don't

worry about the grind A mag I

any of sent 40 metre pass put

Beau Ryan in the corner before

a try by prok pock to lead 12-4

H Benji Marshall left the field

with a leg injury, neither side

adding to the Nathan Gardner starred in the opening two tries against the

dogs today. His grubber set dogs today. His grubber set up

the first. His electrifying

pace saw him score the

second. Here a a chance right

for the corner. Gardiner is

going to hang on to

himself. When it comes to speed

there are few that manage Ben

Barba who sprinted 80 metres to

score the Bulldogs' first. The

Bulldogs trailed 10-12. The

sharks bit back through their inspirational skipper. Paul

Gallen get the reward. The war Queensland Cowboys in

Townsville since 2002. When

they led 10-8 at halftime the

losing streak was under

threat. Here comes Matt Bowen. Johnson too much. After the Johnson too much. After the lead had changed five times

earlier in the match, Jonathan

Thurston stepped up to take

control. Looks on the inside.

Finds Jonathan Thurston. Jonathan Thurston

injured his ankle but played

out the match much to the

relief of Maroon's supporter.

The North Queensland Cowboys

scored five second half tries

to overcome the warriors. The Dragons number 1 spot for the first

time this season. Melbourne

leads the competition but Manly

could go to the top with a big

win over Parramatta tomorrow night. The Brumbies have ended

a woeful season with a

humiliating loss at the end

hands of NSW. With pride on

the line they failed to prevent the Waratahs clinching a spot

in the finals. South Africa's

Stormers earned a week's Stormers earned a week's rest

for finish ing insecond place

behind Queensland. The Sharks

earned a knockout match against

the Crusaders by taking 6th

place. And the Brumbies had a

miserable loss in Sydney. It

had been a sad week for rugby

union. NSW and the Brumbies

paid tribe beaut to former

Wallabies Brock brk and Rex

Mossop who both died this week.

Needing to win to secure Needing to win to secure their

place in the top six, the Waratahs made a scintillating

start when Kurtley Beale linked

with Lachie Turner. The Brumbies had rallied towards

the finish of the season, but

this was a no contest. A wide

ball. Ahead by 10 points at

halftime, the Waratahs equalled their biggest over the Brumbies with four second half tries. Over he

goes. The Canberra based team

looked like a club headed for

third last place on the ladder. Chris Alcock's up work with

ball on hand was Sosene Anesi

ball on foot. We've worked

hard to get where we are. It's that's right of getting out

there and performing next week. If they can beat the

Auckland Blues on Friday clash on Queensland that.

Outcome will be dependent on the the Crusaders defeating South Africa's Sharks in their

knockout final. Has he got the pace? No. He pace? No. He gets it away. The Durban based Sharks

won a virtual play-off against

the Bulls to put the defending title holders out of contention. The Western

Stormers made sure Stormers made sure they finished second on the ladder

with a high scoring win over

the Cheetahs. In the AFLed is

Sydney Swans have slumped to Sydney Swans have slumped to a six goal defeat to lose touch with the leading

clubs on the ladder. Richmond and Geelong had comfortable

wins. Today Melbourne thrashed Fremantle, and in the late match, West Coast are leading Port Adelaide. Earlier this

afternoon, Carlton boosted their premiership credentials with a strong win. Carlton started favourite against Sydney, but

Sydney, but the ball was

bouncing the Swans way early. They've got two. They They've got two. They pressured

and harassed the Blues and were

soon rewarded with a third

goal. But suddenly the home

team moved into gear and booted the next four to lead by 7

points at quarter time.

Matthew Kreuzer kicked two of

them and made his presence felt. Matthew Kreuzer hit hard. In the hard. In the second quarter

with Chris Judd quiet, mark

Murphy stepped up to drive the Blues midfield. Tadgh Kennelly

picked the wrong man to

sidestep. A 50-metre sidestep. A 50-metre penalty helped Jeff Garlett kicked

Carlton's 7th goal in a row. Most of the swanls's best

chanced were wasted as they

fell 19 points long break. Looking pretty bleak. It got worse after

halftime. The Swans scored a

solitary point in the third quarter

quarter while the Blues piled on on 6 goals. Judd gradually

worked his way into the game to

join in the fun. Don't they

love their champ. The lead

stretched to 58 points early in

the final term when Chris

Yarran burst into space.

Murphy was superb for the Blues

but he and his team-mates but he and his team-mates tired late in the game late in the game allowing Swans to boot six goals and add some respectability to the

scoreboard. But it was scoreboard. But it was still

very much Carlton's day. If veryx? Ilton's day. If Northern Ireland's Rory can hold his nerve on the final

day, then the US Open is his

for the taking. McIllroy for the taking. McIllroy holds

a eight shot lead after three

rounds. Australia's day is in

a tie for third. It is the type

of display the absent Tiger Woods used to produce in

majors. He almost holed it. 22-year-old Rory McIlroy Ireland is playing the lead

role at the US Open. He

started the day with a six shot

advantage and ended it 8 in

front with the lowest 54

total in the history of the tournament. Looks good. In

April, McIllroy held a four

shot lead heading into the

final round of the US Masters

only to self strukt with only to self strukt with an 80. From the experience that I

had at Augusta I know how to

approach tomorrow. That's bass

news for challengers like YE

Yang and Australian Jason Day

who shot a superb 65. 65 to tie

Rory McIlroy's low round of the championship. World number two Lee Westwood matched Day's round but their efforts have

been over-Vlad code by the leader. He's potential the next

Tiger Woods. He's that god. To

have the lead esin a US Open is

pretty ridiculous. At such a

young age. Padraig Harrington

even suggested McIllroy is even suggested McIllroy is the

man to overtake the Jack Nicklaus record of 18

majors. I'm still looking majors. I'm still looking for my first run at the Eastbourne event

ended with a 6-3 6-1 loss to

Marion Bartoli in the finals.

She went on to win the tournament. Jelena Dokic beaten by Italian Roberta Vinci

in the final of the WTA event

in the Netherlands. Before the serious business of Wimbledon

starts, Novak Djokovic's media

conference was ambushed by

Caroline Wozniacki. I think I already discovered one of my favourite women's players. I'm

sure she must be a really nice

girl. She's really nice girl.

number 1 actually. The top-seed

Wozniacki will be aim are for her first Grand Slam victory. With Japan facing

energy shortages this summer

because of its nuclear crisis, office workers across the

country are being urged to shed

their suits. The super cool biz campaign encouragers

workers to wear more casual

attire such as polo Hawaiian

shirts and three-quarter length

pants. It is about trying to save energy and beat the heat

as Mark Willacy reports from

Tokyo. It is the morning march

of the salary men, all polyester shirts and drab suits, they're the worker bees

of Japan's corporate hive.

This summer some are standing

out from the swarm.

TRANSLATION: I like Hawaiian

sthirts and this is a chance to

wear one to work. As part of its super school biz campaign,

Government's been holding

office wear fashion parades. Workers are being encouraged shed their sweaty suits to help

cut greenhouse gas emissions and tackle the nuclear price crisis. Since the Fukushima

disaster we now have to

conserve more power meaning we're turning down the air-condition. It is 28 grease

here, so we want our workers to wear more cool clothing. This

was once the standard office

uniform here in Japan. But not

any more. In post Fukushima Japan it is all about being

colourful and being cool. If not a little loud. not a little loud. There's

casual and there's crass which

means thongs are out. A whole

industry has now sprung up

around super school biz

fashion. There's even

Australian wool suits you can wash in the shower. TRANSLATION: Normally

you use a lot of electricity

washing clothes and ironing

them. This shower clean suit

is the ultimate power saving

outfit. In Japan's tropical

south office workers are even

With record hot temperatures allowed to show a bit of

last year and power shortages

this year, it's promising to be

anything but a super cool

summer. Mark summer. Mark Willacy, ABC News, Tokyo. The ABC's own News, Tokyo. The ABC's own mark Carmody would love that fashion

statement. We'll go on with

the weather without him. The

mercury plummeted to minus 5 in Canberra, considerably colder than the bu error forecast.

The day itself was mostly

sunny, a top of 14 degrees with

fine brisk winds around. It was

tops around the 17 or 18gry

mark. Cooma was very cold

overnight, though, minus overnight, though, minus 7 to

12. Goulburn had a top of and Wagga Wagga 13. Around the

state capitals, Sydney had 18

degrees today, Brisbane reached 20, Hobart had just 12 and

Melbourne 17. On the cloud

chart we can see the effects of

a couple of cold fronts that

are going to bring a change to

our local weather in the coming

few days. We'll see showers in

the ACT on Tuesday turning to snow in higher parts so the

prospects of a good week dump of snow in

of snow in the skifields. It

will be a windy day in southern capitals tomorrow will be a windy day in the

though. Sours showers in the

south. Hobart heading for 15 degrees, Melbourne 17, Sydney

mostly sunny and a top of 19.

Apart from the showers

associated with those frontal

systems, it will stay dry for

the rest of the country. Most

of the local regions will stay dry tomorrow too with the dry tomorrow

exception of boardser alpine areas, although the showers

will start to approach the ACT

with the passage of that front with

later on tomorrow night. The

coastal strip will stay dry and mostly sunny tomorrow with

slightly warmer day time temperatures, but cold and

windy inland. Cooma, Yass and

Goulburn a top of 13 tomorrow,

showers for Wagga Wagga and Albury. For Canberra itself, becoming windy during the day, partly cloudy with west to

north-westerly winds, three to

14 degrees tomorrow. Sunrise

will be at 7.12am, setting

again at two minutes to five.

We'll see a shower or two on

Tuesday and back mornings later on in the week. Before we go a week. Before we go a brief

recap of our top stories

tonight - Labor MPs have been

Julia Gillard as the first on a show of public support for

anniversary of the toppling of Kevin Rudd approaches. Mr

undermining Julia Gillard by Rudd's been accused of

conducting a series of media

interviews. And the Afghan

President Hamid Karzai says the

US has been holding talks with

the Taliban in a bid to end the Taliban in a bid to end a

decade of war. Washington nor the insurgents have commented. That's the

news for now. You can keep

up-to-date 24 hours a day on up-to-date 24 hours a day on11 I

ABC News 24 on and online. ABC News 24 on and

Thanks for your company. Have

a good week. Good night. Closed Captions by CSI.