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Live. Tonight - change the

policy or change the law. New

Government in limbo. If Mr legal advice leaves the

Abbott says he wants to talk

about legislative change, well,

let him say that. think You want to have what you

protection policy, we'll work

with you to bring it

about. Gaddafi and CIA - were terror suspects sent to a country

country with a reputation for

torture? An bra's Anglicans set

to unite with neighbouring big dioceses. We're asking big

sister can she give us a

hand-up. And on top of the

world - Sally Pearson's golden

run. She is the new world

champion. Good evening. Troy

Cuthbertson with ABC News. Is

he an unlikely ally, but Tony

Abbott is tonight holding

himself out as a possible

saviour for the Government on

asylum seekers. The Immigration

Minister has released legal

advice suggesting all offshore processing could have been sunk

by last week's High Court

decision. Chris Bowen has challenged the Opposition to

talk to him about changing the

law. Tony Abbott says he is

happy to do that as long as

Nauru becomes a centre again. Here is political correspondent Greg Jennett. The Government's Malaysia Solution

is as damaged as Nauru's bunk

rooms. I they we get the

picture. But in the picture. But in the desolation,

Tony Abbott is holding out the

hand of bipartisanship. If you

want to resurrect something out

of this mess, if you want to

have what you think is a

credible border protection

policy, we'll work with you to

bring it about. Just days after

his loss in the High Court, the make sense of what it means for

offshore processing. In a

22-page legal opinion he says:

... to be assessed as

refugee s If Mr Abbott wanted

would to go down the Nauru option, he

would need legislative

change. Perhaps, but now Nauru joins the UN Refugee Convention Solicitor-General says: If

Nauru is made to comply with its obligations. Nauru is

doable under this High Court

decision. But to do it, almost

other forms of offshore

processing, without risk of

another legal collapse, means

changing the Migration Act. If

Mr Abbott says he wants to talk

about legislative change, well,

allow them to make the let him say that.

legislative changes that they

think are necessary to put

beyond any doubt the ability of

the Government to send people to PNG or Nauru. Even talking

to Tony Abbott throws up a

diabolical dilemma for the

Government, abandoning

everything it said about Nauru

and risking awe Caucus revolt

want offshore solutions from the Left and others who

abandoned for good. Let's

instead see a simple Australian

solution, one here on solution, one here on the

world's most vulnerable people mainland, where we treat the

with respect. The choice for

Government is whether to look a

gift horse in the mouth. Human

the US and Britain of condoning rights activists have accused

torture. The accusations

followed the discovery of

documents in Libya which revealed that foreign

intelligence agencies had

covert ties with the Gaddafi regime. Letters suggest the CIA

secretly centre ror suspects to

Tripoli for interrogation and

details of dissidents living in that Britain's MI6 gave

the UK. One leading Australian

analyst says it's likely

Australia knew what was going on. Publicly, America and Britain branded Colonel

Gaddafi's Libya a pariah state.

But documents unearthed in

Tripoli suggest behind the

scenes there was a close relationship. We stumbled

across a room which contained

the files of correspond between the

which was handed by Gaddafi's

right-hand machine, Moussa

Koussa and the CIA, MI6 and

French and different Western intelligence agencies. The pay

Pierre have yet to be

independently verified but they

show that Libya became a

convenient ally. They document

how the CIA abducted terror

suspectses and secretly sent

them to Libya for

Paragons of democracy in the interrogation. Here we have the

West, Britain and the United

States, collaborating in some

really appalling actions by one

of the most evil ray veem jeems in the world. Letters reveal how foreign intelligence

services worked closely with

Colonel Gaddafi's spy chief

Moussa Koussa who has since

defected to the UK. It's not known if Australia's intelligence services were implicated. Given the close collaboration between would be surprising indeed if Australian intelligence were

Australian aware of these

goings-on in Libya. Alexander

Downer was Foreign Minister at

the time. He told

was not aware of any

cooperation with the Gaddafi

regime. Another veteran of the

Howard years was also asked

about Libya. Look, I'm afraid I

just have no knowledge of that. The Acting Foreign

Minister Craig Emerson said: More revelations are expected

with thousands more documents

still to be still to be read. If in doubt,

message from the Cancer all an expert. That's the

Council, following research

which shows an alarming link

between asbestos-related cancer and do-it-yourself home

renovations. More than a third

of female mesothelioma cases in

the study are linked to unsafe

home renovations. Ben Worsley

reports. Like countless Australians, Paul Menck has

been dabbling in been dabbling in renovation. He

has just fixed up the has just fixed up the 1970s

extension on his 1912 house.

Asbestos, he says, was

everywhere. You've got a mask,

but then is falls on the floor

and how do you clean it up? His family moved out during the

work, but he is convinced he has

has been exposed. I definitely

would have had to have breathed

was sure it wasn't asbestos but some in. I had a plumber

then I came back to the house

and he was angle grinds and the

dust was going everywhere into

the kitchen. Of the male cases,

nearly one in 10 was linked to

asbestos ex-poke sure in home

renovations. For females, it's

one in three. This is a higher

figure than we would have

thought for do-it-yourself renovations. The greatest

danger lurks in houses between 1950 and 1980 People

try to remove the asbestos

sheeting themselves where it

really needs to be done professional. Ivan Vukovic

removes asbestos for a

living. You can't see it with a

human eye. Obviously respirable

fibre you can't see. There is a huge

huge risk if you don't want

what you're doing. Calling in

an expert can be expensive. The

Cancer Council says the expense

is relative. A It is a false economy economy to try to save money on asbestos removal because the stakes are very high. The Manufacturing Workers Union is

calling for a national audit of

all houses built before 19 #89d

and a plan to get rid of any

asbestos that's found. A man who suffered serious burns

during an ultramarathon event

in WA's north has described how

he was forced to run through a

wall of fire in order to escape

the flames. Two other come pet tors remain in a

burns to 80% of their

bodies. The runners were taking

part in a three-day 100km race

through the remote Kimberley region on Friday when fire tore

through the area. Got to a

situation where the flames were

about 2m away from us and it

was just horrendously hot. We

were scared for our

lives. Michael Hull and three

other competitors tried to run

away from the blaze but

eventually became trapped by the wall of

quick choice of being a human

fireball and burning, and that

was the end, or what we did

instantaneously was stop and

just ran back in through the

wall of flame, because we knew

that the flame that was high,

we knew on the other side of it

there was nothing left to burn. Other

burn. Other competitors came to

their aid. The group was then

rushed to Darwin Hospital and later flown to specialist burns

unit as cross the country. We

hope that they will have a good

outcome. Of course, this is a very long distance to people and really quite an extraordinary incident. 35-year-old Kate

Sanderson and 24-year-old Turia

Pitt are fighting for their

lives in hospitals in Melbourne

and Sydney. Both Mr Hull and a

56-year-old man are being

treated at Royal Perth

Hospital. Hong Kong company

Racing the Planet organised the ultramarathon. Spokeswoman

Samantha Fanshawe says an

investigation is under way and thoughts are with competitors. A young man has

died after being attacked by a

shark in WA's south-west. The

man in his early 20s was

bodyboarding with friends at Bunker

Bunker Bay about Bunker Bay about 250km south of Perth when he was attacked. It

happened near a Beachside cafe, packed with people celebrating

Father's Day. The man is

believed to be from Sydney but

has lived in Western Australia

for two years. Police are still

trying to notify his

family. The Anglican Church in the about to get a shake-up. The

dioceses of Bathurst, Riverina

and Canberra-Goulburn plan to

merge their operations and

their finances. It's their finances. It's part of

the Church's plan to ensure the

survival of one of its own. As

the faithful gathered to

discuss church business, they

also heard a rare plea for help from within the foal We're

asking big sister can she give

us a hand-up. We've reached a

point where there is no money

available to us to do anything other than have in our entities. The Bathurst diocese is debt-laden.

It's struggling with the

aftermath of drought and other pressures. The reality pressures. The reality of compliance in just the

years in terms of professional

standards, insurance, all of those sorts of things.

Obviously they have a big

need there. They want to keep the schools open and they want

to continue to have use of

their buildings. Well, I

think in a Christian way we

actually have to help our

neighbours. The issue was hotly debated behind not everyone was on side. But the Canberra-Goulburn diocese

voted in favour of

strengthening ties with its

Bathurst counterpart. The three

dioceses plan to merge their resources including finance,

administration and agencies. It

will also change our Anglicare

and diocesan schools are

managed. Certainly not a merger

of the dioceses. What will take

place if the arrangement moves

forward will be three sovereign diocese s operating in an

interdependent fashion. It

means we can streamline how we

operate. The shake-up will come

at a cost. There is a

possibility when

together that there could be

redundancies and we want to be

honest about that. We're not anticipating that

initially. Together the three

dioceses cover the ACT and

about three-quarters of New

South Wales. The vote on the

issue will go ahead later this month. The Vatican has rejected claim it is covered up child sex abuse by Irish priests. The

Irish Parliament had accused the Vatican of sabotaging

efforts by Irish bishops to report child-molest ing priests to the police. So that all

institutions, whether public or

private, religious or secular,

may work together to ensure

that the Church and indeed

society in general will always

be safe for children and young

people. The Vatican says the

scandal has left it sorry scandal has left it sorry and ashamed. The authorities in

South Africa say enough is

enough. With almost 2 million

children in need, they've launched

launched an adoption drive. Their Their biggest challenge is changing cultural beliefs and

getting black families to take

on abandoned children. More from Africa correspondent Ginny from Africa correspondent Ginny

Stein. The children that pass

through this home are a mere

fraction of an overwhelming problem. This Johannesburg

orphanage was white babies. Now they're black. A lot of young girls

move in from the rural areas,

come into the cities, and find themselves themselves soon very destitute

and getting into situations

where they would find themselves pregnant. Finding

homes for the growing number of

abandoned and needy children

has led to a nationwide

adoption campaign. The Tuckers

had two children of their own

before deciding to adopt

Erin. Erin always wants tos to

be a boy.

a big boy." It was a decision

borne out of seeing the need

first-hand. We would love it if

more and more families in the townships and townships and the communities,

black families were able to

adopt. The reality is that for

a lot of them, economically

it's hard. If you were to

meter rein with us as a family,

you would see that although she

doesn't look like us, she is completely our own. In Johannesburg, one child is

abandoned each day. In Soweto,

south of the city,

children a day. With adoption

in decline, it's placing a huge

strain on traditional childcare

systems. Adoption drive systems. Adoption drive is

focused on encouraging black

families to legally take in

children as their own. It was

the best decision for me. I

just had to convince my husband a little bit. Sibusiso and

Hlengiwe chose to challenge the

taboos of adopt unrelated child difficult for

many black families. Not all

babies at this home will get

the chance to become part of a permanent family, but that is the hope. The off-course

penguin nicknamed Happy Feet

was returned to the ocean

today, with the hope that he

will finally find his way home.

At first Happy Feet was not quite sure what he was supposed

to do and he needed a bit of a

nudge out of the crate that has

been his home for six days

during the voyage from New Zealand. Shoppy seas with 8m

swells made it too difficult to

release him by hand, so a special penguin slide was

made,. Another nudge was needed to encourage him to start the 2,000km swim to Antarctica. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

. Wayward emperor penguin has

been fitted with a GPS tracker

which will stay on until he

molts some time around March

next year. Sally Peers son has

set her sights

after her impressive victory in

the 100m hurdles at the World

titles in South Korea. She ran

one of the fastest times on

record to Senator Australia's only gold medal at the

Championships. John Hayes Bell

reports. Sally Peers son had

already broken the Australian

record by running personal best

times in the heats and semi of

the 100m hurdles. The

24-year-old oozed confidence on

the starting blocks. It wasn't

misplaced. COMMENTATOR: Sally is over the first hurdle. Sally at

the moment going ahead by a

metre or so. The Americans are metre or so. The Americans are

coming at her. Pearson got

it. Pearson blitzed the field

in a Championships record time

of 12.28 seconds, the fourth

fastest of all time. It was

really amazing. I can't thank

my coach enough and my support

team enough for being out there and cheering me on. She celebrated

celebrated in style, dancing a

jig, sharing the moment with team-mates and even giving a big hug to the Championships

mascot. After his dis qualification in the 100m sprint, 25-year-old Jamaican

Usain Bolt was cautious with his start in the 200m

final. Bolt didn't get the best

start. He trailed American

Walter diction briefly, but he

flew around the bend in his

favourite event to also post

the 4th fastest time over the

distance. Only one Usain Bolt!

It was a wonderful race. my best and gave my

all. Pearson and Bolt are

expected to run in relays during the final night of competition. Abel Kirui took

out the men's marathon in a

time of 2 hours 7 minutes and

38 seconds. His countryman

Vincent Kipruto, finished

second, almost 2.5 minutes

behind. It was the biggest

winning margin at a World Championships gold at the titles. Overnight:

Today Broncos great Darren Lockyer celebrated his last regular-season match at Lang

Park with a win over a depleted

Manly. For 17 years he has

backpack the Prince of Lang

Park. Today a capacity crowd

farewelled the Broncos'

greatest ever player. They were

still there an hour after the

game as the fans were to the sacred turf to get up

close and personal. It has been overwhelming, mate. I can't

believe it, to be honest. It

has been fantastic and I'm just

so appreciate - just so appreciative. Fullback appreciative. Fullback Josh Hoffman was forced from the

field with a serious knee injury. Mat Gillett's 4-pointer

saw the Broncos go it halfton

time with a handy lead. The Sea Eagles scored

Eagles scored two tries Eagles scored two tries and

threatening to rain on Locky's

parade in the second half. A

try to Gerard Beale got the

Broncos home by 8, but they

could be without Sam Thaiday

for an extended period after he

was reported for a

throw. In a game where defence was largely ignored, Canterbury's Ben Barba scored

four times to join South's

anyway tan Merritt as the

leading try scorer. The Dogs

scored 28 points in the second

half. Hello, here's Barba. Ben

Barba will score two tries in a

minute. Is he a freak! Jamal for Canterbury set up Barba's

fourth. The Tigers were on a

mission to stitch up 4th spot, scoring three tries in the first 20 minutes. Draws and

passes and just passes and just like that the

Tigers launch a

counter-attack. The Sharks

wouldn't go away, drawing to

within 2 with just 8 minutes to

go. Robbie Farah's third try

sealed the Tigers' 8th win in a

row. Preston Campbell deserved a send-off at the Gold Coast.

After 14 seasons what he has

lacked in size, he has for in courage. But the Eels

led by Jarryd Hayne were

ruthless, running in 4 tries to

lead 22-0 pe break. The Eels

looking to go 100m and move one

step further away from the wooden spoon. Parramatta

exorcising their demons with a

6 tries to 2 thrashing. The NRL

finals series will kick off

with a block Olympic stadium.

St Kilda has secured itself

a home elimination final

against Sydney next week after

a 20-point win over Carlton at the MCG. This the MCG. This afternoon Port

Adelaide beat Melbourne and

North Melbourne and Richmond are locked in a tight contest.

Last night the Eagles thrashed

the Crows, while the Saints

sixth spot on the ladder. Nick came from behind to lock

Bailey reports. Reports of the

Saints' demise in 2011 were clearly greatly

exaggerated. COMMENTATOR: Hope lives. The Saints will not say die. Just months after St Kilda's participation in

September had seemed fanciful,

the Saints find themselves

hosting a final next week. I'm

just rapt for our players and

our fans that they get another

opportunity to the experience a

final in Melbourne and who

knows from here, but I know it's going tough. Although effectively

having nothing to play for with its final fate already

determined, Carlton impressed early dominating possession and

the scoreboard, but the Saints

dug deep and kicked 8 of the

last 10 goals of the match. It

goes to Koschitzke and the rest

is history. A bit of a dead

rubber, but we were playing for

the home final and our first

half wasn't as good as we

liked. The second half we just

dug in and got the win. At time

it is seemed Carlton's

collective mind was more on

concern was an ankle injury to this weekend than this.

Matthew Kreuzer. He will find

out tomorrow what scans of his

left foot have revealed and

there a chance of missing next week's final. That's a mouth

watering prospect - the Blues

take on Essendon. And that

result means the AFL finals

picture for week one is now


Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Caroline Wozniacki and

Serena Williams are among the

big names to move into the

fourth round of the US

Will yuments and the world No.

1 Wozniacki and Djokovic went

through in straight sets, while Roger Federer had to work harder. Duncan Huntsdale

reports. With 8 US Open titles

between them, Roger Federer and

Serena Williams know not to get

too excited about victories in

the third round. I definitely

wasn't happy

played overall today.

I'm on track because I'm in

the tournament. That's the most important. At the end of the

day I seriously don't care how I'm Wozniacki wasn't getting carried away either after defeating American Vania King I won. 9th seed Tomas Berdych

withdrew from his match Janko

Tipsarevic when he trailed 4-6,

0-5, taking the number of retirements at the tournament to a record 18 it is shocking to see so many retirements. I've never retired

in my whole life except once

against Blake. Novak Djokovic disposed of Nikolay Davydenko

in straight sets. Australia has

won a world title in the

Melbourne's quad skull for the

first time and it came in dramatic circumstances. Germany

had a clear advantage before

its No. 2 sculler misd a stroke

before the finish Australians. What a mistake. The gold to Daniel Noonan, Karsten Forsterling, James McRae and Chris Morgan is

Australia's second win of the Championships. Can anyone prevent Casey Stoner from

winning the MotoGP world title?

The Australian has won 7 of 12

race this season and secured pole position for the San

Marino Grand Prix ahead of Spaniards Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa. Well done, Casey Stoner.

hard race some. Danny and Jorge

it will be a battle. Stoner are on really close times and

leads Lorenzo by 34 points in the Championship. Harsh winters

and ice hockey players, yes,

but Aussie rules? So far,

Russia only has one team but Aussie rules fans in Moscow are

thinking big as the ABC's

Norman Hermant reports. In

Russia, they are used to producing sharpshooters on the

ice, and screamers on the

court. They've even seen the

odd game of cricket. But this

is new - Aussie rules, yes, but

not as you know it, starting

with the language. (Speaks Russian) This is the beginning

of the AFL in Russia. The

locals don't quite know what to

make of it, but they like what

they see. I think Russian

people like more crazy sports,

so they like it. Technically,

this field is Olympic calibre,

but it has been more than three

decades since the Moscow Games.

No doubt they are starting

small, but the Aussie flying

the AFL flag here says they

won't be for long. There is 140

million people in rush sha. All

we need is about 100 and that's

already about 10 teams. So they

will keep teaching techniques

and, of course, the a relative newcomer to this game myself, but here even I

can give pointers. This is when

you say ball

ALL: Ball, ball, ball. These players have already players have already been won

over, and they're spreading the

word. We have everything what

we need for this game. We've

got fields, lots of guys with

proper physical conditions, and

when people will know how to

play it, they will play it, I'm

sure. One, two, three,

Russia!. The goal now is to make it to the

in Belfast in October. Don't

count them out.

They might need a bit of

practice. To Canberra's weather

now and Mother Nature out a lovely one for Father's

Day, but the afternoon turned a

little bleak as the cloud

rolled in. It was slightly

colder this morning than

forecast, down to minus-1, and

the city reached a high of 20 degrees. In surrounding New

South Wales, it was mostly

sunny: Bort

Bort bot

The cloud over the south-east

of the country is associated

with a weakening cold front and

it's triggering showers and

isolated storms. That high in

the Tasman continues to move slosly towards New Zealand.

Isolated showers in our region

will clear tonight with fine

conditions tomorrow, before a cold front heads in some wet weather with it. So around the State capitals


And that's the news for now.

We'll leave you tonight with

images from last night's

Brisbane Riverfire Festival. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI.