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Live. Tonight - a jail sentence

for the doctor labelled the

butcher of Bega. Anger on the

streets and big business digs

deep to fight the carbon tax. Reports that the case against

the former IMF chief is about

to collapse. The communist's

party, China celebrates a letter day.

Good evening and welcome to

ABC News, I'm Virginia

Haussegger. A Sydney judge has

described a former doctor's

treatment of his patients as reprehensible and grossly

wrong. He sentenced Graeme

Reeves to at least two years in

jail for indecently assaulting two

woman's genitals without her

consent. The woman said she is

angry that he could be released

as early as 2013. She has

questioned whether the sentence

would have been more severe

the victim had been a man. Mark Douglas reports. Carolyn

DeWaegeneire's life was irrev

vocabulary changed after she went under Graeme Reeve's

knife. Never did I consider for

one second he would do what he did. She sought treatment in

lesion. When she awoke from 2002 for a

surgery the lesion had been

removed but so had all of her genitalia, including her

clitoris. What has this clitoris. What has this been like? Hell. Hell. There were

other victims as well. Graeme

Reeves indecently assaulted two

other female patients while

having routine examinations at

his south coast surgery. For

his crimes he received a

three-and-a-half year jail

term. He is eligible for release in two

Livid. If a penis and a scrotum

had been cut off what sentence would you give him. Reeves was

affected by may jar depression.

The severity of his mental

illness saved him from a longer sentence.

This happened five weeks

years - my short of nine years ago, nine

life. Graeme Reeves sat with

his head in his hands as he listened to justice Greg Woods

describe to the court the former doctor's reprehensible

behaviour towards the three women. This is the first time

in three years the media has been permitted to identify

Reeves. The judge said it was

that in the interest of the victims

that the case return to the

prick arena.- public arena.

subsidiaries of the Reserve Federal Police have charged two

Bank and six Victorian men with

bribing foreign officials.

Police allege Note Printing Australia paid

bribes to win cracks in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. It is Australia's

bribery first prosecution under foreign

bribery laws introduced 12

years ago.The AFP has this message to corporate Australia. The AFP will diligently chase and enforce

the laws relating to foreign bribery. Federal agents swooped

on properties across Melbourne

arresting six former

executives of Securency and

Note Printing Australia. The

companies have also been charged.

charged. It is the first time

Australia's foreign bribery

laws have been addition to these Australian laws have been used. In

charges our international law

enforcement counterparts have been conducting simultaneous

action. It is alleged the

former employees paid kickbacks

to high ranking officials in

Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam

Reserve Bank has between 1999 and 2005. The

statement it says: The six

co-accused, all Victorian men

aged in their 50s and 60s, were

granted bail unopposed. The

charges they face carry a

maximum jail term of 10 years

and fines of more than $1

million. The charges against

Securency and NPA carry fines

of $330,000 for each of $330,000

offence. We expect to gain significant evidence both domestically and

internationally and on receipt of that and

of that and after the analysis of that further charges will be

laid. The companies will face

Court this month. The six the Melbourne Magistrates' the

executives will reappear in September.

Opponents of the Federal

Government's proposed carbon

tax are mobilising as it edges

closer to announcing details of

the scheme. Some of the

nation's richest industry groups are planning multi-million dollar

advertising blitz against the

tax. Another anti-carbon rally

the brought hundreds of people to

the streets of Sydney today.

This man is angry. We can

fight the world. This one is in

meltdown. I've got no money

because I have a lunatic

Government that has been

putting taxes on me to cool the planet. And they're not going

to take it anymore. The day of

reckoning is at hand. Go away

Julia.Get out of our This Sydney rally is the cheap way to fight carbon pricing. There is also an

expensive way. When you hurt mining mining you hurt Australia. After advertising

against one tax the miners are

considering teaming up with

other industry groups to take

on another with a potential $10 million for their war chest. Business is certainly

considering involvement in a

campaign because we are

concerned about the extremely

damaging impact of a carbon tax

on business. A draft proposal

obtained by the ABC shows plans


the carbon tax is either substantially modified or fails to pass the parliament. We are

going to price carbon so our

nation can have a clean energy

future. C'mon, afraid of these

big polluters - not on your

life. Bob Brown's band of senators grew by four today.

With them comes outright

control of the balance of power and outright hostility towards

Tony Abbott. One year down in this period of

two years to come, Tony, and

we're waiting to get you in

debate. The Opposition Leader

took an axe to the tax at an

form of socialism masquerading economics conference. It is a

as environmentism. Anding to direct action against the

economists in front of him. It

may well be as you say that

most Australian economists

think that a carbon tax or

emissions trading scheme is the

comment way to go, maybe that is a

comment on the quality of our

economists. Tony Abbott rallied

a Corus of opponents right fight on tax and details

is looming. Rob Oakeshott is

predicting the final numbers

could be thrashed out by this

time next week. time next week. The sexual

assault case against the former head head of the International

Monetary Fund is reported to be

on the verge of collapse.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is due

to appear again in New York

court tonight. He was arrested

six weeks ago and charged with

attacking a house maid at a hotel in Manhattan. Strauss-Kahn's lawyers are seeking bail conditions imposed at an

earlier hearing. The 'New York Times' reported that the case

is close to collapsing because

the credibility of the credibility of the accuser

is in question. Although forensic tests found clear

evidence of a sexual encounter

the reports suggest prosecutors

do not believe much of what the

hotel maid has told them. The parliament

parliament of Greece has put

the finishing touches to a

package of harsh budget cuts

designed to appease international creditors. MPs held their nerve despite two

days of violent protest on the

streets of Athens. Now, Europe

will come to the party with

more bailout money. The

clean-up began early. By the

morning rush hour there was

little evidence of the violent

struggles of the night before. Inside the parliament the

deeply unpopular austerity bill

cleared the last hurdle. Greek Australian Christella Demetriou has has been taking part in protests against government

savings plans that target those on the on the lowest incomes. All they are doing is delivering

policies, unjust policies, on people who really haven't

caused this crisis and who are

asked to pay for it. German and

French banks owed money by the

Greek government have agreed to

extend the terms of their loans

but even those within the

senior ranks of the European

Union admit that the banks have

little prospect of ever getting

their money back. I do admit that Greece that Greece is already bankrupt. The next challenge

will be trying to collect the

new taxes in a country whose auditors are already among the

most corrupt in the world. I'm

lucky I can go home lucky I can go home anytime I wish. To Australia? Yeah.

Educated young people, the artists -

artists - they will leave the country and the people who will

be left behind here are those

who are used to surviving in a

corrupt system. With the Greek

government so desperate to

avoid official bankruptcy it is

even hoping

billion by selling off some of

its most iconic landmarks and

islands. The votes that passed

and calm has returned to the streets of around it is clear that the

battle over the future of the

Greek economy is far from over.

A UN tribunal has issued

warrants for the arrest of four

people believed responsible for

the assassination of Lebanon's

prime minister six years ago.

The suspects are believed to senior members of the militant

group Hezbollah. Ben Knight

reports. Even by the standards

of Lebanon's painful history the the assassination of Rafik Hariri was literally

shattering.The massive truck

bomb killed not just the prime

minister but 22 other people.

It questions industried a huge

area o the Beirut seafront.

Immediately the finger was

pointed at Syria, a country

with its own fingers in

Lebanese affairs

on Lebanese streets. Such was

the outcry at the time that

Syria was forced to pull its

troops out of Lebanon soon afterwards, something afterwards, something that

rankled the Syrians ever since.

When the United Nations set up

the Special Tribunal for

Lebanon to investigate the

murder attention turned not to

Syria but to Lebanon's

homegrown resistance movement

Hezbollah. Late last year as

the time grew closer for the

tribunal to start issues its warrants Hezbollah's

made his position on that idea very clear. TRANSLATION:

Mistaken are those that think

we will allow the arrest or

detention of any of our fighters. Any hand that will

touch any of them will be cut

off. Now Hezbollah has grown in

power. It is the backer of the

new Lebanese government, a government that has now

received arrest warrants for four people believed to have

links to Hezbollah. It all puts the country's new prime minister, Najib Mikati in incredibly difficult position.

His government now has 30 days

to do something. What happens

after that is anyone's guess,

but in Lebanon, the answer is

rarely good. A Victorian man

who killed his two-year-old

daughter to get back at his

former girlfriend has been sentenced to life in prison. Ramazan Acar stabbed the

toddler to death in November

last year and posted details on Facebook.

Wearing a ribbon in her daughter's favourite colour,

Rachelle D'Argent left court

satisfied justice has been

done. Mummy told you there would be justice for you. Seven

months ago 24-year-old Ramazan

Acar stabbed his daughter. He

left her to die in a paddock at

Greenvale. In the lead up to

the killing he taunted his ex

partner on Facebook and through

text messages.Justice Elizabeth

Curtain said the chilling

messages showed his intent to

kill. The court heard Acar was so consumed with hatred of his

ex-girlfriend everything else

fell by the wayside. The judge

told Acar he was the one man in

the world who had a duty to

love, care and nuture my my but

instead driven by the worst

motives of revenge and spite he ended her short life. She said:

Even though I haven't accepted that you're not here,

forever you'll be in my forever you'll be in my heart

and I know you'll always be

smiling down on all of

beautiful angel. Acar is being held in protective custody in

prison. He will be eligible for

parole in 33 years. Two men

have been detained by Canberra

police after a brazened armed

robbery in the middle of the

day. A security guard who was

collecting the week's takings

Florey, was accosted by two

young men. Police say they were armed but can't reveal what

kind of weapons were used. The

security guard handed over

money and the two offenders

fled. The robbery happened during what was a routine

collection at 11 in the

morning. It would be fair to

say that during daylight hours

this isn't a common

occurrence. Police thanked

members of the public who rang in details of the attack

allowing them to chase down the

suspects. The budgets of ACT

households today as the new financial year

delivers increased charges. It

was a late night, or rather an

early morning, for the Territory's politicians debated the budget until

2:30am. With the Greens

guaranteeing supply it was

always going to pass. Just as predictably the Opposition

voted against the bill saying it could not condone reckless

spending and increased charges.

After just a few hours sleep

bleary eyed politicians rose

early to give their take on budget's passage into law. This is a government that continues

to fail to control its spending

and as a result today, July 1,

we are paying a lot more. Tushle charges more. Tushle charges are on the

rise. Registration and parking

fees face modest hikes, rates

are going up too. Tuggeranong

has been particularly hard hit this

this year. If you are in

Chisholm your rates are going

up 7.5% today and Banks around 6%. Part of maintaining a level

of service provision in the

Territory is that you will see

at this time, the beginning of the increases in rates and charges.

That is not unusual. That is part of a growing

city. Canberrans will also be

feeling the pinch when it comes

to utilities. Water's rising by

almost 12% and the average

electricity bill will increase

by an extra $86 a year, a change

change that the easier on the

hip pock set the start of the

plastic bag ban. From today

businesses have four months to

transition before light weight

plastic bags become a thing of

the past. For those who forget

to bring their own, shops will

have to provide alternatives plastic, such as biodegradeable bags. Customers might have to

pay for the bag. If it costs

you 8 cents it will be that or

it might be 5 cents. Along with

the new rules and fees as the

clock struck 12 the new

financial year also ushered in

a changing of the guard. The middle

middle of budget debate on a particularly important line

item the baton passed from the

Chief Minister to myself for responsibility for

Treasury. Awaiting new responsibility as the cost of

living continues to rise. Hundreds of thousands of

British public sector workers

have taken to the streets to protest against planned changes

to their working conditions.

They're angry at austerity

measures that would cut their pensions and raise the

retirement age. It is going to

halve the pension that I get

and it is going to mean that if

I die my husband will only get

half of what he is due

now. Many public schools were forced to

teachers walked off the job. 30

demonstrators were arrested but

the rallies were mostly

peaceful. The government says

the changes are necessary because

because people are living

longer. China's Communist Party

is celebrating its 90th

anniversary. Formed by a small

group of revolutionaries at an

illegal meeting it has now

become the world's largest

political party. At its

birthday bash overnight President Hu Jintao stressed the need for stability continued economic growth. We report from the party's

spiritual and revolutionary

home.In the mountains around

Yan'an a battle ranges control of China. On the one

side are the nationalists, on

the other the communists. This

elaborate show is a highlight

of the Red tourism scene here.

If travellers pay more they can

even put on a uniform and take

part in the civil war. On this the 90th anniversary of the

founding of the Communist Party the joush any to Yan'an is like a pilgrimage for

some. TRANSLATION: It is a holy

and important day. We come here

and pay our respects to our

forefathers and heroins. TRANSLATION: heroins. TRANSLATION: I really

just wanted to see Yan'an, to

she where Chairman Mao used to

live. Though the party was

formed in Shanghai this place

is seen as its spiritual home.

It was the base for a guerrilla

army that went from thousands

to millions and eventually took

over the country. This show

represents what is seen as the Communist Party's finest hour,

surviving in the mountains and turning the tide of the civil war. In Beijing today some of

the Communist Party's 80

million members heard that the

organisation has major

corruption problems but there

will be no retreat on monopoly

power. TRANSLATION: In order to

develop a political system that

is socialist and democratic we

have to continue with the

policy of socialism with

Chinese characteristics. We have to continue with the leadership of the party. And

the utopian stories from golden age will continue to be

told in order to keep the party

in control of China. Finance, the Australian share market

came down from its one-month

peak after recent strong performances. The latest

economic news from China might

have played a part. Here is our finance correspondent. You

could call it is new financial

year hangover after three straight rises the market finished

despite strong performances in other parts of the world still celebrating

celebrating progress on the

Greek debt front. It could have

something to do with this, the latest measures latest measures of the manufacturing sectors in

Australia and China for June.

Australia's index, the green

line, went up above 50 which

means the sector is growing or

expanding for the first time in

four months. But it is the

falling orange line that is China, that might be causing

concern. It is showing their

manufacturing sector, our major resources customer, slowing. So

many of the big resources

stocks were weaker. Suncorp maintained its

maintained its insurance margin

forecast despite higher cost.

Lynas dived 11% after it was

told by the Malaysian

government to lift safety

standards and there is talk of

Qantas' Jetstar teaming up with

Japan airlines. That weaker manufacturing

manufacturing data knocked the

Australian dollar down a bit

against the US currency but it

is almost back to where it was

24 hours ago. Want to know where where to put those Aussie dollars? In emerging markets

according to Citigroup. This

graph shows the third year of

an amerging market rally has

represented by the represented by the emerging

market index. In the 90s and first half of the first half of the last decade the market shot up but the

current episode - the yellow

line - has done nothing, which is why Citigroup thinks that

the emerging market index will

rise more than 20% by December.

Or you could put your money on

black and that's finance. Russian Maria

her second Wimbledon title when

she meets Czech player Petra

Kvitova in the final tomorrow

night. Sharapova beat

Sabine Lisicki in straight sets

and Petra Kvitova had a three

set win over Victoria Azarenka. With

With the Williams sisters and

Kim Clijsters absent the

women's semifinalists are still making a name for

themselves. Anna Kournikova. There and there is

Avenkarova. Azarenka is playing

another lady who I am sure is a fantastic tennis player. That would be Petra Kvitova,

matching outfits and styles made it even strictier. The

spectators were wired for sound

with Azarenka owning one of the

game's longest grunts.The

21-year-old Petra Kvitova made

a blistering start. The fourth

seat Azarenka won the second

sed before her opponent got

stronger and louder.

I don't believe it. I am in the

final. Experienced gruntser, Maria Sharapova, Maria Sharapova, overpowered

Sabine Lisicki despite serving

up 13 double faults the Russian

won in straight sets to move

into her first Wimbledon final

since winning the title as a

17-year-old in 2004. It's been

great many years but it is a really

great feeling. In the men's

semifinals Scotland's Andy

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga meets second Murray plays Rafael Nadal

seed Novak Djokovic. At the Champions Trophy tournament Champions Trophy tournament the

Hockeyroos drew 2-all with China. A draw against England tonight would

Australia to go in the play off

for fifth position. The top

five teams will win automatic

qualification for next years

trophy. Take England time off,

the Matildas were a hit on the

dance floor but the local

cuisine didn't go down quite as

well. The Australians believe

their 1-0 loss to Brazil was their 1-0 loss

encouraging. We held Brazil

almost to a knife-all draw. We

had tunes to score ourselves.

They meet Equatorial Guinea They meet Equatorial Guinea on

Sunday. The Tour de France

defending champion, Spaniard,

Alberto Contador, may have been

given a taste of what is to

come in this year's race that

starts this weekend. The 28-year-old got a hostile

reception during pre-race

a fourth Yellow Jersey but presentations. He will bid for

appearance is shrouded in

controversy after a positive

drug test during last year's

tour. He was cleared by Spanish authorities before blaming the

meat but the Court of test result on

Arbitration for Sport is yet to

make a final ruling on the case. Another of the main

contenders is 34-year-old two time runner up Cadel Evans. We

are well prepared and

comfortable, confident and they

may be the right words but I am

looking forward to getting started and see what we can do. The 191 kilometre opening

stage sets out across Frances north-west coastline.

Authorities say they have

closed a giant hole in surveillance of the Great

Barrier Reef that allowed ships

to move unmonitored through

vulnerable waters. A new satellite system will satellite system will provide a

complete picture of maritime

movements along the Queensland

coast a year after a Chinese

coal carrier damaged kilometres

of delicate reef. This is the

control room of the largest shipping in the world. Based in

Townsville authorities can now

the watch all ship movements from

the tip of Queensland to as far south as Bundaberg. This will

ensure that the Great Barrier

Reef gets the protection that

it deserves. Previously the

monitoring system only extended to Mackay, a shortfall

highlighted when the Chinese

coal carrier, the Shen Neng 1, ran aground Rockhampton last April. The

Shen Neng 1 was a wake up

call. It left a scar kilometres

long and smilet tonnes of oil. We saw where oil. We saw where the captain nodded off and went to sleep.

We can avoid that in the

future. If we see a ship going

off course we can immediately

notify that ship. They can

track ships 24/7 by satellite

Reef Marine Park Authority says and radio. The Great Barrier

it is a timely upgrade. The

numbers of ships is increasing

and the risks of collisions and that. Shipping traffic on the groundings goes up with

Queensland coast has jumped 25%

in four years and there is more

natural resources are sent threw the reef are expected to offshore maritime movements

double in the next decade.

Cheering crowds Cheering crowds greeted Prince

William and his wife Catherine

on their first official overseas trip since their

wedding.The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in the

of the nine-day visit. The Canadian capital at the

first public duty was to pay

their respects to the country's fallen soldiers at the National

War Memorial.Part of that was a

wreath-laying ceremony at the

grave of the unknown soldier.

Then came what the crowds had been waiting for - a meet and

greet with some of the many

thousands who had come along to

see them. To the weather now

and Mark Carmody has taken an

early leave pass today so a brief flowerless

winters day with a top of just

9 around the city and 10 in the south of

south of the Territory. Early

this morning we dipped down to

minus 6, currently it is 1

degree outside. Around the

region, the mercury struggled

to lift above 16 although it

reached 17 on the south coast.

Goulburn 12, Yass 13 and there

was no rain anywhere. Around

the nation a mix of sun and

cloud, the only rain recorded

and 17 also in Sydney and was in Perth with a top of 17


We can see a cloud band edging

into South Australia bringing

some rain and storms. To the

synoptic chart, moist onshore

winds will generate a few

coastal showers for eastern

Queensland and northern New

South Wales. A trough in the

south will generate rain and

storms for western Victoria,

parts of Tasmania chart:

That's the news for now. Stay

with us for 7:30 ACT coming up

next with Chris Kimball. Have a great weekend. Good night. Closed Captions by CSI.

This Program is Captioned

Live. There's a telegram about

me booking a flight from

Canberra to Sydney. Now -

airline - who sent that, how through TAA, the

did they know that? It's a

sense with things like that

there were informers dotted

around. A little bit creepy, a

people little bit eerie to know that

people are investigating you,

but, you know, maybe that is

just the way it is. Hello and welcome to 7:30

ACT, I'm Chris Kimball. Thanks

for your company, it is good to