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Tonight the boy in the mask -

the latest bizarre twist in the

Bali drug saga. As celebrations

continue, where now for Libya

post Gaddafi? We need to have -

to make freedom now, no more

killing, no more blood. A man's body pulled from Lake Burley

Griffin. And Canberrans don body pulled from Lake Burley

their Sunday best to welcome

the Queen to Church. Good

evening. Craig Alen with ABC

News. A 14-year-old Australian boy has been paraded in front

of the media by authorities in

Indonesia. The teenager is facing drugs charges in Bali

after he was allegedly caught

with a small amount of can y

bis. His face masked, the bis. His face masked, the boy

was put on show at a news

conference before being moved to centre, instead of the to an immigration detention

notorious Kerobokan jail. As

Indonesian President has taken Helen Brown report, the

an interest in the case. These

are the first picture of the 14-year-old boy since he was

detained by police in early

October. Taken out of his

police cell and bundled into

his lawyer's van. And taken an immigration detention centre. The effort to protect

him by hiding his features was

in stark contrast to his very

public arrival and the briefing

that he was asked to sit

through. He is a child. It is

an extraordinary crime. But in

our policy, we can give some

what we call exception for him. Indonesian officials say

the briefing was to show the

cares about the rights of mind world think it's a country that

minors. The boy didn't have to

close to his lawyer. Until answer questions and stayed

yesterday, the teenager was facing possible time in the

notorious Kerobokan jail. As prosecutors prepare to take

over the case. The boy was

moved after a surprise

intervention by Indonesiaa's newly appointed Justice Minister. He visitsed the

facility as part of a routine

inspection. He says the

teenager is well and that the bigger issue

bigger issue of the conditions

faced by minors in prison levels. Is the President reaching the highest


taking an interest in this

issue? Yes, indeed. You have

discussed this case juveniles with the

President? Not only for (bleep)

but for all the

juveniles. It's not known how

long in will be home ho the boy

and his parent parents. The

boy's lawyer is hoping the

arrangement can last until the

ends of the court hearing but

that decision is up to others

and may not be made for a few days. Until more is known, together. family can at least be

together. Libya is about to

formally declare its liberation, paving the free elections next year. The liberation, paving the way for

country's interim leadership

has told the Libyan people to

remember the agonies of the

past and choose a different

path for the future. As for

Colonel Gaddafi, he's still

haunting Libya even in death. Controversy

Controversy is growing over the

manner of his demise, with the

US, the UN and Amnesty

International all calling for

the story that follows k

contains images some viewers

may find disturbing. The ABC's Michael Vincent reports from the Libyan footage has emerged of the the Libyan capital. New

their had captured Muammar moment Libyan fighters realised

Gaddafi. With a gun against

his head, Gaddafi shouts -

'This is forBiden, 'And theg

begs them, 'Please don't do

this.' But the men appear to beat him.

beat him. Other amateur footage

shows people claiming claiming

they killed Muammar Gaddafi.

TRANSLATION: This is the guy

who killed Gaddafi. He did it

in front of me. in front of me. She the guy who

killed him. She the killer. All over the country,

thousand s are still

celebrating. Joit side Libya

there is concern over what many

believe was a summary ex-Cluse kution. Human rights groups

have called for an investigation into the killing.

But few Libyans share their

concerns. We need to have - make freedom now. No more

killing. No more blood. The

transitional Government has

promised there will be a full

inquiry. I wish he was inquiry. I wish he was alive. I

the Libyan people. I wish I want to know why he did this to

were his prosecutor in his

trial, you know, because this

is the question which is in everybody's minds, why? Before

sun set today, the liberation

the of Libya will be announced and

the fighting will be finally

declared over. After four decades of dictatorship,

Libyan also begin a new era,

free to vote in an election for

the first time. The first election for the country's

national assembly will take

place in eight months time

a presidential vote due in

2013. . This is how we can

show to the other - to the

world that we are a free

country and we want to be a democratic country. Gaddafi's

tribe came to claim his bod you

but were told by the rebels if

cursed with all his since. The they took it they would be

transitional Government has

confirmed Gaddafi will be given

a traditional Muslim burial but

in an unmarked glaif will become a national secret.

Nearly 140 asylum seek verse arrived in Australian

waters since yesterday morning.

The Federal Government has

confirmed one boat was

intercepted near Ashmore Island

yesterday, and two more were

found near Christmas Island

overnight. Four boats carrying

nearly 190 asylum seekers have now arrived Government's Malaysia deal

collapsed. This is a stark

reminder to everybody that Tony

Abbott has sought to border protection in this

country. He has sought to

destroy once and more all offshore processing. When Julia

Gillard was in apz Opposition,

she blamed the Government for

the boats. Now that se she's in Government she blames the

her responsibility. These Opposition for the boats. It is

latest arrival s will be taken

to Christmas Island. 45 boats

have entered Australian waters this year. The Government says it expects more. Western

Australian authorities are

hunting for a 3m great white shark that killed a man at a popular tourist spot yesterday. The attack took place just off

Rottnest Island, the third

fatal shark attack in WA in

less than two months. It's

prompted the State's Premier to consider culling sharks around popular beaches. Western

Australian authorities are

tracking this shark. They believe it killed 32-year-old

George Thomas Wainwright on Saturday afternoon. The Tex an,

who lived in Perth, was diving

off Rottnest Island when he attacked The male surfaced

from the diving trip from the diving trip alongside

the diving boat in #234 a

flurry of bubbles. His two

companions on the boat recovered him from

recovered him from the boat. He

was suffering from a fatal

shark attack. Police say Mr

Wayne Wright sustained horrific

injuries His friend say the 3m white pointer bumped their boat

after the attack. Soon after

authorities to kill the

shark. Obviously an horrific

incident and one that I know

will be of great concern to all waurn, all beach

hooks have been aid Lade at the

skite but the shark hasn't returned. Rottnest beach also

remain closed until further

notice. Ice the third fatal

shark attack in two months. 64-year-old brin Martin

disapored in a suspected fatal

shark attack during his morning

swim at Cottesloe Beach

body border Kyle Burdon was

killed in the State's south-west. It's a tragic

situation wee. Had two tragic

situation s in the last month. Authorities explain the string of attack

bus the latest incident has

prompted the WA Premier to consider taking drastic

action. There's a lot of

anecdotal evidence about the

number of sharks including

increasing very large sharks.

Culling could be considered if

those sharks are staying around

areas, popular swimming beach

areas. The State Government is

already considering & allowing

more shark. - to catch more shark. Bangkok's Chao Phrayaa

river has over flowed. The

Prime Minister warned all sit

ens to move their belongs 1m

off the ground. The military is

still fighting to hold back the

water and protect key

assets. This is a school that's

been flooding since when the main Chao Phraya River

broke its banks in that

direction and flooded into this

area. This is different to much

of the flood ing we've seen

which has been more from flooding in northern

Thailand. This is actually the

main river through Bangkok

overflowing and as you can see

soldiers are here desperately

trying to hold back this water

which is leaking through a

school and into an area which

is really in Bangkok proper.

We're no longer in the out er kilometres from the city centre

here: You have to ask the

question - how many resources

does the Government have to

keep plugging these leaks if they continue to occur? Last

night, we saw 27 night, we saw 27 riverside

communities in Bangkok warned

to evacuate due to unusually high levels in the ChaoPhraya

River and there will be another high

high tide tonight that

authorities are watching close. ACT police are trying to establish if a morning is that of a young man

who went missing on Thursday.

The body was found near the

Commonwealth Avenue Bridge at

Yarralumla. The 22-year-old

Forrest man was last seen by

friends around 8:30 on Thursday

night at the ANU's Oktoberfest.

After he was reported mission,

his wallet, mobile phone his wallet, mobile phone and

some of his clothes were found

at the bridge. Police say there appear to be no suspicious

circumstances and a report will

be repre-paired to tr

coroner. Protesters are

accusing the police of using

excessive force to break up the Occupy morning. Police, though, say

they acted with the utmost

professional ism. Protesters

had been camping in Martin

Place for a week, campaigning against corporate greed and

economic in equality. But thery

wriing was on the wall when

Melbourne police broke up a

similar protest two days ago.

Just before sun rise, police

swooped more than 100 officers

involved in Operation Goulding

advanced on Martin Place in the

centre of Sydney and protesters it was time to

leave. Move on m. You can't

stay here. Within minutes,

there were 40 arrests. Police

swoop scooped up belongings and with nothing left at Martin

Place the protesters regrouped

at Hyde Park and then on to an

inner city police station, as those arrested emerged. People were still in their sleeping

bag, got up Aziz quickly as we

could but soon they were dag

dragging us off. The police

were dragging people away,

hitting people in the face. The matter matter was resolved peacefully

and expeditiously. I would say

that those claims by the protesters are grossly exaggerated. Police released

their own video of the raid

protesters hit back, uploading

their own footage online.

Authorities say protesters

were urinating and heckling

office worker, claiming the movement denies. movement denies. The State

Government says police were

right to act. We have far less

confrontation here than we saw in in Melbourne last week. I think

police have acted lawfully.

They've acted in the interests

of the public and they've acted responsible. The protesters might have been moved out of

Martin Place in Sydney's depu bu they have vowed to

continue the movement because

they say the global fight

against corporate greed is far from

from over. Our camp may well

have been forcibly disbanded

but our movement is going to co

here and it's going to be strengthened. Just how they

intend to occupy Sydney again

is unclear. Hundreds of John's Church in Reid this morning for another chance to

see the Queen and Prince

Philip. Her Majesty arrived at

jaint John cease for a private

service but also made time to

mingle with those who waited patiently in the sun. The Governor-General then

hosted a lunch in the royal couple's honour. The guest

lists included the Oscar

winning actor Geoffrey Rush,

who portrayed her father's speech therapist in 'The King's Speech'. Champion horse trainer

Bart Cummings was also

invited. The food was the company was nice. Everything went

well. Tomorrow it's Brisbane's

furn to host the royal couple

as they head North for a day

trip. It's selfless,

lifetime commitment for more

than 2 million Australians. Now

carer advocates are call ing on

Federal and State Governments

to provide more support for the

nation's unsung heroes. They

say recognition is not enough

and urgent action is needed to

improve the save lives of

cares. There are now more than 300,000 Australians aged under

25 caring for others. Half of

them are younger than 18

including Canberra's Leisel May. It's definitely been challenging at times And it's

kind of made me feel like I am

the only one in my friendship

group besides my cyster who

cares for someone else. The

12-year-old's brother Simon has high functioning autism. When

he's stressed or anxious, he

will shut down and stop talk

and stop look at people and he will stop being know what is going on for

him. I'm OK. Except on 16

plus. My relationship with my

brother has kind of bloomed after he found that we could both play computer games

together because that one was

thing that he related to that I

could vaguely relate to. The

Federal Government released a

national carers strategy

earlier this year but carers

want more. I'd say put some

teeth behind the national carer

recognition legislation. So

that it's not just a statement of goodwill real function and makes a real difference to lives difference to lives of

carers. Advocates are calling

for flexible working hours for

kairtion and ongoing training

and education targeting young cares like Leisel. I think it's

important that we identify a

bit of a choice of options

particularly in the area of

particularly in the area of respite, school vacation time,

after school care. I don't

know how a single parent

managing s to raise a child

with special nee,ds it's just

so hards to juggle the needs of

the child, the needs of their

workplace and their own their own sanity time. I think it would be really, really

hard. Hairer Careers are also

calling for access to a wider

range of affordable supported accommodation for those

care for. One of

Australia's highest profile

Catholic priests is facing the

axe. Father Bob Maguire is 77

and is due to retire from his

parish in South Melbourne in

February but he doesn't want to

go and now he's been called to

appear before diocese, later this week

. They say faith can move mountains but this priest

doesn't want to move anywhere. I'm companions on

journey, that's a bit

pre-emptive. So we're all

leaving. Father Bob Maguire is

due to bief leave the parish next year but he doesn't next year but he doesn't want

to go. 77, I want to die in the saddle. His parishioners

agree. He puts charity first

above all things. He is the

priest which we think should all like. Just a super human being. Under canon law, priests

offer their retirement at 75, and their archdiocese decides

whether to accept nor ot.

he turned 75, Father Maguire

reluctantly agree ed to leave

the parish. Signed the dock yes

with effect because I did it

because I was nervous if I

didn't do it there and then we'd be thrown out then. His

parish council is lobbying the Melbourne archdiocese to change

the agreement. Since last

stuff out on Twitter. We have

had almost 700 email messages

to the arch diocese say ing Bob

needs to be kept here to do

what he's been doing so well

for so long. Let the Government

of this local parish be the

final arbiter when it's time for change of regime. Father

Maguire has been summoned to appear before the archdiocese

on Wednesday, and says he

hasn't been given an

agenda. I've been there twice

before. Come out and someone

said what's down your back. No-one from the

ar f diocese was available for

- arch die yoets oho sis was

available for comment. A team

of Australian scientists has set out set out for Antarctica on the first voyage of the new

research season. It marks 100

years since 2 explore Sir Douglas Mawson led Australia's

first expedition to the icy continent. The research ship

Aurora Australia lalis was

docked in Hobart before its

journey's south. The trip marks

100 years Australian Antarctic research.

Over the next six months month,

er than 500 people will travel to Antarctica from Hobart, they

will work on 90 scientific policy and logistical project,

following the legacy

established by Sir Douglas Mawson a century ago. Douglas

Mawson looked to the future and

he saw Antarctica as a critical

place to understand. The frozen

continent provides scientists

with a unique window into the natural

feeds into global climate

modelling. Antarctica has a

huge impact on the world's

climate and so if you don't

understand what's happening in

Antarctica, then you have a huge hole in your models of

world climate. German scientist

Joseph Hoffiner will use a

laser and three atmospheric

raid arse based at Davis station to measure wind and

temperature changes on the edge

of space, about 85km above the earth. This altitude range of atmosphere is

atmosphere is like an early

change in the temperature here

down below it might be very

difficult to detect it but

higher up the impact on the

temperature should be

larger. 100 years of Australian Antarctic research will be

commemorated with a voyage

fouling foling in the foot

steps of Sir Douglas Mawson in

December. The team isdy dew to

arrive at Mawson's huts 100

years to the day after the

explorer's first visit on January 7, 1912. Tonight, the

on 22 men in black. 24 years after blaiing in the inaugural

rugby World Cup decider, New

Zealand and France are back at

Auckland's Eden Park for tonight's final. Mid-way

through the first half, it's New Zealand five, France 0. The

All Blacks haven't lifted the

fref trove y since beating the

French. Unbeaten in the

tournament, New Zealand started

as hot favourite.

caption transmission. The two teams meet again in Adelaide. The Australian men's

and women's hockey teams and women's hockey teams have both claimed gold in victory of

the finals of the international

super series in Perth. As they

did in their last meeting with

India, the Hockeyroos fell India, the Hockeyroos fell behind early but they soon responded and dominate ed the

rest of the game to run away

with a 4-1 win. In the men's

match, the Kookaburras faced

greater resistance from New Zealand. Australia raced to the

two-goal lead and two-goal lead and leveled shortly after half-time. But two goals in the last five

minutes gave the Kookaburras

the victory. The Canberra Capitals have broken through

for their first win of the WNBL

season with a 69-57-point

victory over the Logan Thunder.

Carly Wilson top score ed for Capitols with 23 wints. Mark

Winterbottom has secured his

first victory of the 2011 V8

Supercar season. He edged out Whincup today's grace Reyes on the Gold

Coast, ending what's been Coast, ending what's been a

tragic week in motor sport. British driver Dan

Wheldon was farewelled at a private funeral service in Florida. The 33-year-old died

in an Indy car crash in lass

Vegas. On the other side of the

world, he was being remember

odd n the Gold Coast at the

track where he was due to compete over the weekend. We

pray for his wife and children and wider family that they will flow flow the comfort and the

courage that is needed. With

safety on everyone's mind, driver s did well pile-up on the opening lap. A

communication breakdown led to

a tangle that ended Jas onbriect's day. Holden's Jamie

Whincup was rarely troubled as

he raced around the track until Ford's Mark Winterbottom caught

up to him with less than 10

laps remaining. He gets it laps remaining. He gets it done. Winterbottom held on to

claim his first win this season from the championship

leader. That was hairy. That

was a lot of work. One of the

great races. Whincup's co awarded the inaugural Dan

Wheldon memorial trophy for best performed international

driver. I'm so sad he wasn't part of

part of it this weekend. part of it this weekend. So

this means a lot and thank

you. Whincup is extended his

championship lead to 143 points

with three events to go. An ancient story from earnhamland

has been transformed into an animated short almost film. The

unusual marriage of the old and

is new is seen as a way of communicate ing with the younger generation younger generation while

preserving the past, it's an

ancient story being ancient story being told can state-of-the-art technology.

It tells the journey of the

turtles and the Osprey over

country, over the islands,

there tu sea. The film is an

Aboriginal dreaming story if

the north-west gulf country.

The elders wanted gauge young

people as well as preserve people as well as preserve local knowledge

language. There are now only

five women who speak the language

language fruntly. Those old

people are really worried about

what is it that they can give to their younger can they pass on knowledge to

the younger people. It's a

fantastic way of getting kids

enthusiastic about the old stories and that knowledge.

That will hopefully help us all look after country look after country better. Anthropology ists and

ang meators worked with the

local people to help tell their

story. The animation was made

duz yuezing the same technology as 'Avatar'. film are quite graphic. But

the film makers make no apology. The basis we work on are the original narratives

that were told by the elder,

the they way that they used to

tell the story so tell the story so we don't cut

anything out. They're the way

the story were told. The film

has been so well received

another is already in production. Turning to the

weather now and Canberra turned

on a lovely sunny Sunday, for

our royal visitors. A warm 29

degrees and staying degrees and staying fine but a

cooler showery change is on the

way. More on that in a moment.

Around the south-east, and plenty of sunshine plenty of sunshine today,

temperatures between 23 and 27 degrees along the coast, even

warmer to our west with Wagga reaching 3 3 and Griffith 34.

On the the cloud chart

and we can see a change that going to affect that week's weather, it's currently passing

through the bight heading in

our direction. The trough and

front will start to impact on

us later tomorrow, bringing

some rain and a dramatic drop

in temperatures. Brisbane will

be mostly sunny for the Queen's

day trip to the sunshine state

tomorrow. The southern capital

also see some showers, though,

32 for Sydney before that

change arrives. Melbourne will

be cool and Hobart be cool and Hobart will be

downright cold - a top of just

13. In our region, though, it will be a warm change sweeps through with some showers. 27 degree force the

Bay. Cooma some wind and 26 and

goal Bourne similar and 28. Goulburn similar and 28.

Before we go, a brief recap

of our top story tonight - the

NSW teenager charges in Bali has been moved

to an immigration detention

centre in instead of the

notorious Kerobokan jail.

Earlier the 14-year-old was

paraded before the media.

face hidden by a mask. That's face hidden by a mask. That's

the news for now. We will you

tonight on the shores of Lake

Burley Griffin. And the walk to

cure biebts. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. - diabetes. Thanks for your

company. Goodnight.

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