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Live. Tonight, a prime ministerial blast over a cabinet leak on border

should be kept confidential. protection policy. Cabinet

Plane trouble for Qantas in the air and on the ground. A top

race driver killed in an

IndyCar pile-up. Here we go, a

huge crash on turn two. Oh, huge crash on turn

multiple cars involved! All

washed up and nowhere to hide

for the World Cup losers.

Pretty one-sided, I thought,

but we were on the wrong side.

Good evening, welcome to

ABC News, I'm Virginia Haussegger. shortly. First, there's been

another twist in the case of

the Australian teenager held in Bali for alleged drug possession. Indonesian

boy will be sent to the prosecutors have confirmed the

notorious Kerobokan Prison for processing. That's the jail

where Schapelle Corby and the

Bali Nine are being held. The 14-year-old boy was arrested

earlier this month after

allegedly buying marijuana on Bali's Kuta Beach. Prosecutors

also say the boy has tested

positive to marijuana use and are assessing the him. are assessing the case against

It's then up to lawyers to argue for him to be released

into his parents' care until

the trial. If he can't prove

he's being treated for he's being treated for drug

addiction the boy could face up

to six years in prison. Julia

Gillard has taken a swipe at

her senior ministry, her senior ministry, demanding an end to cabinet leaks. The Prime Minister has been stung

by accounts of

discussed last week in its search for an asylum seeker policy. She has lashed out at

the leakers, reminding them

it's their job to keep

cabinet talks strictly confidential. Here's chief

political correspondent Mark Simpkin. The Prime Minister

raised back to Canberra for

cabinet. Well aware asylum

seeker boats and leaks are a

dangerous combination. Cabinet

is confidential and it should

be kept confidential. The ABC has been told Julia Gillard is

week's cabinet meeting were deeply unhappy details of last

leaked. Members of the right faction unsuccessfully suggested reopening the

detention centre on Nauru to try to win Tony Abbott's

support for the so-called Malaysia solution: We work

through our cabinet structures,

our cabinet committees and our

cabinet to make the decisions

the nation needs. Cabinet should be kept confidential.

Not to mention functional. In a criticism of her predecessor,

Julia Gillard suggested she has

rebuilt the cabinet process.

As Prime Minister I have worked

to ensure system of cabinet government.

If you can't govern yourselves,

This is a cabinet which is you can't govern the country.

leaking like a sieve. Ministers rallied behind their leader, including the

Attorney-General. He toured the

crisis coordination centre,

although its job is to handle

threats from outside the government. No one should

assume the reporting of the

leaks has been accurate, but clearly it's regrettable when

that occurs many the Cabinet

government of the day, they leaks never

always benefit the opposition.

I imagine there will be some

soul searching about the

think there should reports over the weekend, and I

are think there should be. There are different versions of

exactly what was said in

cabinet but the ministers agree

the active leaking is just as damaging as the information

leaked. Quite apart from the

political cost of the Malaysian

solution, there is a painful

financial sting as well. The

expenditure on operational arrangement for Malaysia to the end of September is in the

range of $4.6 million. That doesn't include additional

costs like the High Court

case. The failed Malaysia

solution has already cost

around $5 million and not one person has been transferred to Malaysia. The

processing is much harder to

calculate. It Gossn't seem to

be getting any better for

Qantas. Besides grounding

planes, there's been another

midair engine scare. The

airline has had to deal with

claims of a little by lost. It

was not so much the end of the

line as the end of first of five to be grounded Waugh for these planes, the

for a month because of a maintenance backlog. Qantas is

blaming an overtime ban by

engineers for having to 400 flights but the engineers

union says the airline is not

telling the full story. The

documents show the aircraft

have not been grounded due to

industrial action, but because

they are simply up for sale,

something Qantas announced in

April this year. We won't be

returning the planes to the sky until

until we can clear the backlog, our number one priority is safety. Overnight a Sydney-bound plane to return to Bangkok due to

engine problems. The airline

has admitted it lost of the

paperwork of an 11-year-old boy

travelling alone, who was found wandering around the busy Hobart airport looking for his mothers. In Libya the battle

for Moammar Gaddafi's home town

has turned in a house by house

street by feet fight to the

bitter end. Two months Al-

after the fall of Tripoli,

Sirte is still holding out against interim government

forces. As the intensifies, the homes of many

to Gaddafi loyalists are being put

to the torch. Sirte is going

up in flames. In Moammar

Gaddafi's birthplace, the city

which he favoured above all

others in Libya, advancing

forces are taking revenge.

Wreaking havoc and seeking

vengeance against a former

leader they have yet to capture or to totally defeat. This

house is another relatively

unscathed by the fighting, but

we have come here today to find

it completely gut he, burnt in

vengeful fighters from the NTC the last couple of

government, simply because they

found out it belonged to a

typically slow start on supporter of Gaddafi. After a

typically slow start on the

frontline, we watched as

disorganised and poorly trained

transitional government

soldiers turned up in dribs and

drabs. As they began firing in

the general direction of the

enemy, this was safe ground we

were assured, and it would be

only a matter of time before Gaddafi's loyalists were

overrun. Without warning, we

then came under direct heavy

machine-gun fire from a

position on the other side of position on the other side of a

small park. Gunfire) Our

team dived for the closest

cover we could find as bullets slammed into the walls around

us, showering us with masonry.

A young mechanic I had been

speaking to minutes earlier was

shot three times in the back. Fearless medics did their best

to help but he stood no to help but he stood no chance.

There are concerns that hand false of Gaddafi fighters may

have ghosted through the have ghosted through the uneven lines, shooting back at unsuspecting government

soldiers. Amid the chaos, we

pulled out, a NATO jet circled

overhead almost helplessly. The

fighting here is too close at

hand for NATO to inter-Jean. Until Colonel Gaddafi is

defeated here in Sirte, the

flag of a new Libya cannot be raised across the whole city.

Salvage crews are rushing to

pump outline off the stricken freighter 'Rena' in New Zealand

before bad weather sets in

later tonight. The crews are working around the clock, but

so far they have managed to

pump only 70 tonnes of oil on

to a neighbouring barge many up

to 1,300 tonnes of fuel is

aboard the grounded ship. Officials say it is a slow process which would take three

days if everything went well.

Oil will be rees leased, it's not a matter of if but when.

Heavy seas, wind and rain are

forecasts, height engineers the

shape will break up. This

thing is groaning, creaking thing is groaning, creaking and making huge noises, it is a

vessel dying. The 'Rena' is on

a 20 degree list and has a

large gash in its hull. Thai

authorities are confident central Bangkok will be saved

from flooding, at least until

the next set of high tides in

two weeks. The volume of water

from the north has inundated

homes and factories on the city's Asia correspondent Zoe Daniel

reports from Bangkok's northern

outskirts. Central Bangkok in

theory is safe but here on the outskirts of outskirts of the city to the

north you can see the flooding

is definitely not yet over.

People here are still grappling

with where the water is going

to go. It is still flowing in

and we are told this morning it

is still rising. The problem is

on the other side of a flood

barrier is a major industrial

estate. People are trying to

stop the water from flowing

into the factories. This is

the other side of the flood wall will while we have been here, there's here, there's been a breach in

the canal. Water is beginning

to flow into the industrial

estate. The workers are

desperately moving sandbags to

try to plug the leak. As we

have already shown you, there's

a major volume of water in that

direction, it's now trickling

into the canal and behind me

here, millions and millions of dollars

dollars worth of factory and

equipment that could go underwater. This is a very

low-lying area and of course many people work in these

locations. They all stand to

lose their jobs, at least

temporarily if the factories go

under. We have already seen four major industrial complexes go underwater north of Bangkok

- some 4 to 5m deep. The

authorities are desperately

hoping that this complex is not added to the reporting from northern

Bangkok. Workers were unable to

stop the leak. The area is now being evacuated. IndyCar

racing has had one of its

blackest days, a horror

multicar pile-up has killed one

of the sport's champion

drivers. English man Dan

Wheldon died in a firestorm

when 15 cars crashed in a race in Las Vegas. The 33-year-old was due to fly to Australia this week for a V8 race on the

Gold Coast. It

of the season ending race in

leaf leaves when 15 drivers

were caught up in the unfolding

tragedy. A huge cramp, on turn

two, multiple cars involved!

Very painful to watch. It's

heart-wrenching. Wheldon and

three other drives, including

Queensland's Will Power, were taken to hospital. The remaining drives stayed

trackside, waiting for their

worst fears to be confirmed. IndyCar is very IndyCar is very sad to announce

that Dan Wheldon has passed

away. Drivers got back in

their cars and did a five-lap

tribute. We have lost truly

great racer in Dan Wheldon.

The 33-year-old was married

with two young children. Just

absolutely tragic, just - my

heart goes out to his family.

He was doing what he loved, he

knew the dangers. We have just

been remind ed in the most

tragic circumstances what can

happen in

drivers say they race at slow

speeds than IndyCars many Out

cars are safe, we are not doing the crazy speeds they are doing and we are enclosed. The crash

has raised questions about this

weekend's Gold Coast 600, with

28 international drivers scheduled to

scheduled to take part in the

event. The problem is that almost a quarter of the drives

compete in the IndyCar racing

league and their attendance is

in doubt. We will find replacement drivers for anybody

who wishes to drop out this

weekend. A tribute will be

held for the 33-year-old driver

this weekend. The final whistle has blown, the

postmortems are in full swing.

Australia's World Cup semifinal

loss to New Zealand has been picked apart by the pundits and

feasted on by the media on both

sides of the Tasman. The Wallabies must now prepare for

a game they would rather ignore - Friday's third place play-off against against Wales. As for the host

nation, it is savouring the

prospect of World Cup glory on

home soil. A day after their

World Cup campaign was beached, the Wallabies regrouped for a

recovery session in Auckland.

It's the intangible effects of

the loss which matter most. We

are still obviously bitterly disappointed that we didn't get

the job done. It was a game

where the tone was set in the

opening seconds. That's not

the start we were looking for, out on the full. New Zealand's

grip on the match was resolute

and the pressure not released until the final whistle. It

was all over. We were still in

the game at half-time but

weren't able to get across the chalk. That was the defining

element. For Deans' countrymen

it was a performance to celebrate. The All Blacks were

clinical and creative. Try!

Extraordinary by Israel Dagg. Kiwis have walked away

going, right, we win the World Cup. You can't

stay up there, we have to come

down, get to base again, clean sheet of paper. Whether New

Zealand can rise known on Sunday when known on Sunday when they play

France in a repeat of the 1987

final, the only World Cup the

All Blacks have won. Do you

think anyone will care who won

the semifinal in 2011? No one

will care. Again, they will

carry the expectations of an

entire nation, but last night's

success has already spawned a legacy set legacy set to roll on for

generations. The generations. The ACT's

solar feed-in tariff scheme is

under fire once again.

project is now closed and the government

government is carrying out

safety checks on panels before

they can be switched on. Around

half of them have failed the checks and there is a growing

backlog. Some home owners are

being told they won't be

generating their own power

until next year. At Kaye Radovanovic's house the solar

panels are installed, the sun

happening. Very annoying. We have all the solar panels which

aren't doing anything. She is

among thousands of Canberrans

waiting for safety inspections waiting for safety

before their solar systems can

be switched on. The ACT is the

only jurisdiction to require

inspections from both the planning authority and the

electricity provider before the

panels can be powered up. We

do that to make sure we don't

see house fire. To make sure we

electrocution and people's don't see risks to

safety. According to the worth the wait, with about half Minister, the checks

of all installations failing inspectionsings It originates

from when Labor and Liberal worked together to scheme in February, they created

created an artificial rush

rush, the scheme was heated up,

people signed up quickly and

the fruits of that are coming

to bear. It is not unique to

the ACT, it is happening around the country, because people

don't have the adequate level

of skill or training. Whatever

the reason, the wait for inspections is growing and some customers have been told they won't be seen until next won't be seen until next year.

It is absurd that you have

hundreds of solar panels on

roofs around Canberra

not able to generate

electricity over the summer months because of the government's inability to plan properly and manage the

scheme. People need to

remember when they sign up to

the feed-in tariff they get a

20 year contract and the full

20 years will be paid once the

connection starts. I would have thought it would be completed by Christmas. It

would be nice. The

that Christmas wish coming true

on slim. The government

estimates it won't get through the backlog until April next

year. A new year. A new hi-tech crisis control centre opened in Canberra

Canberra today, which will help

emergency responses to bushfires across Australia this

summer. The $14 million centre was in the Australian Federal Police headquarters, and has

been running in a limited

capacity for a year but is now

fully operational. It's part of

a $40 million Federal

improving the response to large

scale disasters, security and

cyber threats. Completion of

the CCC will significantly

enhance the August's ability to respond to these sorts

emergencies as we head into what unquestionably what unquestionably is,

unfortunately, going to be a

busy few months. The centre

will provide around-the-clock

surveillance of bushfires, cyclones and other severe

weather events. Canberra will accommodate its burgeoning

population with higher density housing along corridors and near town

centres. That's the vision

contained in the ACT's new

planning strategy. A draft

released today predicts an

extra 65,000 homes will

be built by 2030. The suburban

environment is highly valued by

a large number of Canberrans

and the planning strategy effectively keeps the suburban

environment largely unchanged.

It identifies the enormous

scope for more people to live

in either terrace housing,

apartments, townhouses or a

housing types. The opposition

doubts the higher density

housing will be built because

of the government's tax on the

construction of new units.

Drug experts say they are alarmed at the number of people

using the drug ice. The jump

follows an increase worldwide

in the use of amphetamine-type

stimulants. Sophie Scott. stimulants. Sophie Scott.

It's known as crystal meth but on the street it's called ice,

a powerful and addictive stimulant. Experts say the high

from ice is more intense than

speed, but with those intense reactions come powerful

response, including comedown,

the potential for addiction and

chronic fizz acal and mental

problems. Now the latest drug snapshot shows it's Bocking more popular amongst drug

users. Last year, about 17% of

people reported using crystal

meth in the previous 12 months,

compared to 26% this year. The

figures are worrying as ice users can experience psychosis users can


There are increased rates of

significant proportion of psychotic symptoms in a

people who use it and the

involved in violent proper opinionsity to get

situations. It's a worldwide

trend. A United Nations report

last month showed the use of

amphetamine type stimulants

such as ecstasy and ice was

surging around the world.

Experts say there are many factors behind the increase in

ice including the ability to

manufacture the drug without

special laboratories. The

number of Australian drug users taking ecstasy has dropped.

There has been a decrease in

the use of ecstasy from 3.5% to

3% of the population, which is

about 500,000 people using

ecstasy once a year. People say fewer people are using

ecstasy because of the a drop

in the purity the drug. One of Australia's biggest bus

companies is being sued in the

Federal Court for allegedly discriminating against a woman

using wheelchair. Julie

Haraksin had an easy ride into

the Federal Court today. It was

a ditch story in 2009 when she

tried to book a Sydney-Canberra bus ticket from Murrays Australia. When I rang to Australia.

book, I was told they had no

wheelchair accessible buses to

disability standards owe Canberra. This was despite

bleedgeing bus companies to

make a quarter of their fleet

accessible by 2007. It has prompted her to Disability Discrimination Act. Australia for a breach of the

It meant my husband had to

take two and a half days off work and drive me down.

Advocates say they have to to sort because no government

authority enforcing the rules.

The airlines are struggling with meeting the laws, wheelchair accessible taxis

have been a problem. In court

today, Murrays Australia was

attacked for a long history of

non-compliance. It is a claim

the company says is unfair. In

June 2010 we commenced of six accessible vehicles and

have since placed an order for

another 20 accessible vehicles. All providers have another decade to complete upgrading all their buses. Murrays Australia estimates it

will cost it tens of millions

of dollars. You can consider

things like fare increases and the

the scale of your operation may

have to reduce. The Federal

Court case will help determine how strictly bus companies will

have to meet the standards. Mining giant Rio Tinto is scaling down its aluminium

business with a number of its

Australian operations going on

to the market. More than $8

billion worth of assets

being put up for sale across

six countries, including

smelters and aluminium

Territory, New South Wales, refineries in the Northern

Queensland and Tasmania. Rio Territory, New South Wales,

Tinto says there will be no job

losses. They say they want to

focus on its iron ore business. In finance,

the local sharemarket rose

today, amid continuing optimism the European debt crisis will be resolved. The Australian

dollar is sitting above 103 US

cents and has been since

midnight on Friday. The rise

in the currency in the past

fortnight has been

extraordinary, 10% since October

October 5, which is when news

leak of plans for a coordinated

action to recapitalise Europe's

banks - the ones on lending to Greece. The

sharemarket is up a little more

than 10% over the same period

thanks to a 1.6% rise Rio Tinto jumped 2.5% after announcing its aluminium

restructure and sale and

Telstra up 1.5% ahead of tomorrow's shareholder meeting where they will decide whether

to approve the $11 billion NBN

deal. This is what happened in

the US and Europe on Friday. Italy lead the way because it is

gain from a is the country with the most to

European debt crisis. In Asia

there were reasonable gains and most global markets have gone

up 10% in the past fortnight in anticipation of a Europe

bail-out deal. The bad news is

because petrol prices are going up

because the oil price has gone

up 10% since October 5. The

national average price is 145.8

cents a litre, the highest in

five months. Tonight, a couple

of charts showing what the

Occupy Wall Street protests are all

salary as a multiple of the

average wage. Between 1696 on 0

and 1980 it averaged 50 times,

up to 200 times in 2000

about 50 times. This is a graph

of the income of top 1% of

earners as a percentage of

total income from 1913, back to where it was in 1928, just

before the great crash.

Australian cricket has a new

teenage star. Pat Cummins, an

18-year-old fast bowler in the Test squad to play South

Africa. He replaces young Victorian quick James Pattinson. Otherwise the team

is unchanged from the recent series against Sri Lanka.

Cummins has starred in the Twenty20 series against South

Africa and selectors think he

has a big future in the longer

format. We need to produce two or three young champions in the

next couple of years to get

back to the top of the Test

cricket and he's one we think

could be. Cummins was among

the wickets last night, taking African order. But it wasn't enough. Chasing 147, South

Africa put on 64 runs for the

eighth wicket to win with five

balls to spare. His "I have a

civil dream" speech galvanised the

civil rights movement in

America. 50 years later a new memorial to Martin Luther King has been unveiled in

Washington. He has a

complicated relationship with

some in the civil rights

movement but Barack Obama and

his family were guests

honour as the massive granite

monument to murl Mr Was finally

dedicated. An earthquake and a hurricane may have delayed this

day but this is a day that would not be denied. The

monument is called the Stone of Hope in recognition of the

famous King speech 48 years

ago. I have a dream. As

tough as times may be, I know

we will overcome. I know there

are better days ahead. I

towering over us. The US

president linked the civil rights struggle to mesh's present economic problems and

the Occupy Wall Street

protests. If he were alive today I believe he would remind

can rightly challenge the us that the unemployed worker

excesses of Wall Street without demonising all who work there.

In the face of opinion polls

showing disappointment in his

reached for Dr King's legacy. leadership, Barack Obama

Change has never been quick. Change has

without controversy. This is

what King realised. He was

talking about integration in

terms of people but also

financial equality. I financial equality. I feel so

fortunate I was able to bring my daert to experience this. (All sing)

# We will overcome

# We shall overcome # For the

civil rights leader's ageing followers, it was a day to

saviour. Their anthem rang out across the Mall in the US

capital, where Martin Luther

King stands alongside Lincoln

and Jefferson. To and Jefferson. To the weather, and it was such a

lovely day in Canberra, Mark

Carmody stayed outdoors, he will be back later in the

week. We reached a top of 20

this afternoon after a chilly

overnight low of 1. It was

mostly sunny right around the


To the satellite picture,

extensive cloud is forming in a

trough over Queensland,

generating potentially severe

storms. On the synoptic chart,

a large high is moving up from the south-east. This will bring

dry and sunny weather to most

of New South Wales, Victoria,

South Australia and Tasmania.

A comfortable 21 in Sydney

tomorrow, a warm 29 in

Adelaide, 23 in Hobart and possible thunderstorms in

Perth, 21. Around the region tomorrow:

Before we go, a brief recap of the top story: The

Australian teenager held in

Bali for allegedly possessing a

small quantity of marijuana

will be moved to Kerobokan Prison to processing.

That's the news for now. Stay

with us for swirs swirs swirs

up next. From me for now,

goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI.

Tonight - the super debate.

Is Australia's superannuation

scheme fair to everyone?

There's an absolute rip-off by

the rich. And nobody is doing

anything about it. Any way you

look at our super scheme, we

are up there with world's best

practice. And after more than

half a century of royal visits,

is Australia still in love with

the Queen? There's interest in

her. She is not our first

choice of cover, no. William

and Kate, however, definitely.

I'd say majority of

Australians have a great deal

of affection for Queen

Elizabeth II.

Those stories shortly, but

first, Federal Cabinet's meeting in Canberra tonight as

we go to air, and high on the

agenda is a discussion of the