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Tonight -

support. An outback town honours fallen ABC

Newsmen. Just to see a turnup

like this, which is unusual to

small community, says a lot have this many people in such a

about this group. The way to

show some appreciation for what

he's done and, you know, it's

the sort of thing that is the

least we can do. Fire engulfs a Canberra recycling business. A

New Zealand SAS soldier killed

in Afghanistan by the Taliban. And remembering the events that

led to the collapse of Soviet Union.

with ABC News. Investigators Good evening. Craig Allen

say it could take a say it could take a year to

learn why a helicopter crashed killing three ABC News

veterans. Journalist Paul Lockyer, cameraman John Bean

and pilot Gary Ticehurst were

on assignment when the chopper

came down near Lake Eyre in

South Australia. Today in the nearby town of William Creek

to honour the men who were so

dedicated to rural Australia. Not many people live

at William Creek. But about 400

came from far and wide to came from far and wide to pay

tribute to the ABC crew who

were known to many. Today

though as we remember Paul and

Gary and John, we remember

their family, Paul's wife

Marie, Gary's wife Theresa,

John's wife Pip, our prayers and and thoughts go with them. They

showed their respect in

silence. We feel sympathies for Gary,

Paul said and we'd like to Gary, John, Paul, as father

extend our sympathies to fair

families and the ABC

community. People don't do

things alone in the outback and

it was the same today. The response of this community I

think to this helicopter

accident has been terrific, but

we expect that here in the bush

where we rely on each other so much. The work of Gary Lockyer is legendary in this Ticehurst, John Bean

Lake Eyre community and their

won't be forgotten. Show some, contribution to the outback

you know, appreciation for what he's done and, you know, it's

the sort of thing that is

least we can do. It was always

going to be a big weekend for

the town as they unveiled their

newly bitumenised air strap and

hosted the annual Bronco

branding. The event was stopped

halfway through so people could attend the memorial. The shire

size of the turn out today

shows just how loved and

respected the just how much they'll be Transport Safety Bureau missed. Four Australian

Australian investigators

arrived at the crash site today

to begin the painstaking task of trying to find the 'cause of

the crash. It's the sort of

site that none of our people

would ever wish to encounter. It's hoped the helicopter's GPS system can

give them precious

information? That will tell us

we hope if we can recover it.

They're the sort of course the aircraft took, the helicopter

took, the height it was flying at, and perhaps some sequence. But a preliminary

report is still a month away

and a final report could take up

up to a year. South Australian police say investigations at the scene are likely to continue for another few days

at least. Fire has destroyed a

Canberra recycling business.

Firefighters battled all die

bring the blaze at West

Belconnen under control. No-one

was hurt but how and when the

fire started remains a

high and smobling billowing for

hundreds of metres, this fire

was a daunting prospect.

Firefighters were called to the

estate this morning. Though site at the Parkwood industrial

it's not clear when the fire

It may have been smouldering broke out. That's hard to say.

for some time and the winds's

just picked it up and driven it

or it may have been started

this morning Mulch and chopped

wood are piled high around the parkwood recycling business

the fire and making it hard for providing plenty of

firefighters to get to the

heart of the blaze. We have a

fair area that's burning and

it's all dried wood so it's

going quite well and for some

time. At the peak of the fire,

15 emergency vehicles from the

ACT brigade and the Rural Fire

Service or within site. Earth

moving equipment was also

brought in to build containment

lines to protect neighbouring

businesses. The only way to

really fight it effectively is

down as you go and then to pull it to bits and

stockpile it somewhere, so

couple of days I'd that's our future for the next

imagine. Firefighters are expected to

expected to be here for several more more hours and possibly all night to ensure the blaze

doesn't reignite. The cause of

the fire is under investigation. The Federal Government's processing centre

on Manus Island is a step

closer to being reopened after the Australian and Papua New

Guinea Governments signed a Discussions have now begun with memorandum of understanding.

local authorities to have the

detention facility reopened,

condemned the agreement. This refugee advocates have

is a return to the bad old days

of the Howard era's tough of the Howard era's tough

stance on aslyum seekers, tough

in the populist sense of

seeking to drive a wedge in the Australian population and

demonising people who are

to claiming their legitimate right

Australia. The Federal to seek asylum in

Opposition wants to see costings and timelines for

this. This MOU has no date, no

details, no dollars and therefore this Government has no deal. The Government says

the agreement with Papua New

Guinea will help to deter

people smugglers. At least 12

people have been killed by

Taliban gunmen during a siege at the British council office

in Kabul. The suicide car

bomber blew a hole in the

compound wall allowing Taliban

gunmen to storm the site. killed eight local police men,

three security guards and a New

Zealand soldier. The siege

lasted for eight hours before

New Zealand special forces and Afghan commandos killed the

last of the gunmen. Staff at

the office pent the ordeal in

the compound's panic room. British council staff in

the compound who essentially

were in the safe room for most

of the day and we were in

contact with them, have been

extractsed safely, they're now

in the embassy, obviously shaken but well, uninjuried. Taliban militants

say the attack was carried out

to coincide with the an veraries of Afghanistan gaining independence from Britain independence from Britain in 1919. The international office

of migration is getting ready

to evacuate thousands of formers from Tripoli. As

fighting gets closer to the

Libyan capital. Heavy clashes

are taking place just 30

kilometres away from Zawiya where the rebels have stepped

up their offensive. Gaddafi's

forces are fighting back and

are maintaining some control over the area through the use

of snipers. The situation is

very dangerous for us, because

you can't move free. There is

many shoot in the square and

the gunners, they are in the

high roofs. If the town falls

to the rebels, it will help

clear the way for them to

advance on Tripoli itself. For

the first time, the friends and

family of those killed in

Norway's massacre have visited

the site of the mass shooting. About 1,500 survivors,

relatives and close friend of visit the island over the

weekend. While they continue

their grieving process, the

Norweigan court granted a police request

police request for the gunmen

to spend another month in

solitary confinement. It was a

journey back to the scene of

terrible crimes, hundreds of

close friends and relatives of

the victims were allowed to visit the island for the first

time since the shocking

massacre and while there is collective grief, each family

is confronting their loved one's last moments. And of

course that will be a very

difficult day for the people

coming out there, but in the

long run we know that seeing the scene of where these

murders were taking place is

actually helpful The man

accused of the murder, Anders

Behring Breivik, was back in

court at a closed hearing

judges approved an extension of

his solitary confinement while

police continued their investigations. Details have

been released of two phone conversations he had with

police on the island after shootings as he was trying to

give himself up. I have

fulfilled my operation so I

want to surrender more stories

are emerging of the ordeal on the island. Emilie Bersaas described the moment a friend

defenced her the attack was

real. And he just took my hand

and we got to run and we

started running and then we

heard the gun shots hitting

behind us and that's when I

realised that I have to run It's only been a month

since that terrible day but her

family is impressed with her resilience. I'm proud of her

because she - most others have

cried and depressed but she

just wants to get back to

normal. I adore her That's tough. On That's tough. On Sunday,

there'll be a special memorial

service held at an Oslo a I

Rena for the 7 who died that

day. The famine in Somalia is

taking it toll on the capital

Mogadishu where knew arrivals

are swamping the city in search

of help. The officials there have renewed their plea for come to the city. Organisations

are avoiding the area because

the largely lawless expect is

considered too dangerous. From dawn to dusk, workers mill

grain to get food to the

people. Corn meal is what is

keeping people alive. But this

backyard shop can only do so

much. The need is overwhelming. Amid-the learning the Koran by rote. In Mogadishu,

Mogadishu, new arrivals take

over whatever space they can

find. This broken down find. This broken down building

is now home to is now home to hundreds of

people. No international aid or

relief workers have reached

here. On the outskirts of the

city the camps just keep going bigger. TRANSLATION: We were TRANSLATION: We were willing for a long time to come to

Mogadishu but Al Shabab was blocking everyone. The last

place they blocked us was on

the outskirts of the city. For

in but at last we got here. But

as more people arrive, the

conditions become more

desperate. We need the basic things of life, foot food

shelter and latrines there is

not one toilet here. More than 400 people arrive here each day

but this is just one camp of

more than 500 spread across

Mogadishu. The number of

malnourished children in this

month 2500. Every week now

they're seeing at least 500 more cases come in. Communities

are being swamped by new arrivals. Somali's know concern

about security is keeping international help from reaching them. While the risks

remain, so does the need for

urgent action. A second toxic

industrial accident hat Orica's

plant at Newcastle has locals

fuming and the NSW Government

promising act. This time, effluent containing argues was released into the hunter

River. The company has agreed

to urgent talks with the Government but locals say they

fear the leaks will just keep

happen quleng. Tacons were

plan to spend the day on the

river catching fish but river catching fish but then

they hard about the arsenic

spill. If we caught any fish it

was up to us to eat hem

them. Orica stop good using

arsenic in 1993 but respond when the site was being

cleaned up after last week's hexavalent chromium leak. Then

yesterday, it go got the river. The arsenic concentration was

0.067 milligrams paralitre, marriageally above the licence

limit. The company says that's

equal to 70 grams diluted in a

approximately 30 swimming pools

and the environment department

advises it shouldn't affect the

river's health but it's still too much for local residents. I eat the fish it's horibly disgusting the

fact that they assess not

affecting our fish or waters,

they say that air that we

copped last week didn't effect us. I've got dead cockroaches

in my house. 12 days after the

toxic plume Orica is still

cleaning up and the Premier

says this latest leak shows, aa

has systemic issues.. I've had a a gutful of families being distressed by potential threats

to their safety and threats to their local environment It's

the sixth time Orica has reported chemicals escaping from the site since April twin. The company has been ownered

into an urgent neating with the Government and its chief Graeme

Liebelt says Orica will The environment department

wouldn't normally go public on

such a small spill but it says

it's disappointed that Orica wasn't being more vigilant

especially at a time when it's already under investigation. Residents fear what Orica will

do next. I thought they would have pulled their in the first place. What do you

do? It's ludicrous, it's criminal. Orica says it also regrets this further

incident. Farmers may not be incident. Farmers may not be pa part of the initial carbon

pricing scheme but they're

still a key part of the climate

change solution. Agriculture

produces around 16% of

Australia's totally emissions,

now one farmer has done his own

greenhouse gas audit to see how

the industry can improve and

scientists are taking note. He

doesn't look like a farmer with

an environmental cause, but David Cattanach is doing

everything he can to cut his

carbon footprint. It's with

that in mind he decided to

underthat take an emission

audit. I wasn't looking at it

from an environmental point of

view, to be honest, I was

actually using it as another

tool to flag areas where we may

be able to pick own

efficiency From live stock

transport, farm machinery fertiliser, all were checked

and it was fertilise they're contributed the most emissions

on the farm. We're actually a

bit concerned we might have

made a mistake with the audit because we expected because we expected to see

diesel use, fuel to be the main

contributor. To reduce his footprint, David Cattanach

changed the way he farmed. He

left corn stubble on top of the

soil instead of burning it and

that's reduced surface

evaporation and long term the

soil quality is enriched as a

result. As for to store more carbon in the

ground.. For every tonne of

carbon I store in the ground I tie

tie ul 90kg phosphorus and sulphur. What do you think of that? Doesn't

like, "A very good investment

if you only give me that to tie

it up. David Cattanach was the

first to doon emotions toldit

from a working farm, now CSIRO is using those results to

embark on a broader scheme,

working with 17 grower working with 17 grower groups

across the nation. As well as storing more carbon in soils, scientists are trialing ways to

produce higher yields using

less water. In many parts of

Australia we're only achieving 60 to 70% of 60 to 70% of the efficiency

that is possible, so there's a

lot of room for improvement But

the forecast of less rainfall in the future this research

will give farmers a head start

as they learn to live with a changing environment. Canberra

drivers are being warned to

expect traffic congestion

of a protest rally. A convoy of

trucks and other vehicles from

as far afield as Darwin is

heading to parliament to protest protest against about the Government's carbon tax. ACT

policing say several road will be closed including Tuggeranong Parkway and Cotter Road with

congestion expected throughout the city. We'd anticipate

delays or traffic congestion,

that will be minimised as best

we can by the traffic police as

well as the measures we have in into the city on Monday are

urged to avoid peak hour and consider other modes of

transport. It's not clear how

many protesters will take part

in the rally. Canberrians could

be free of water restrictions

for up to 20 years,. Recent

rainfall has almost filled the

Territory's dams and ACTEW is

confident Canberra's water

supply is secure. With the dam

cog online and the pipeline,

let's assume that we get some

form of regular weather, we will not

20 years possibly. Although the

wet weather was welcome, it

caused slight delays to the

concrete pour at the new Cotter dam. This week marks 20 years

since communist hardliners

launched a coup to roll back

the reforms of then Soviet

leader Mikhail Gorbachev. The plotters wanted to save the

USSR but the people of Moscow refused to yield. In the end,

the revolt collapsed and soon afterwards, so too did the Soviet Union. The coup launched

to save the Soviet Union in the

end sealed its fate. 20 years

ago tanks fill the streets of Moscow, weeks earlier Moscow, weeks earlier coup plotters had seen off Mikhail

Gorbachev as he left on

holiday. Now they told the

world he and his reforms were

out. But the people refused to

go along. They rallied at the

White House, the parliament of

the Russian Republic in the

USSR. Alexander Goradnitzky was there. My feeling first time in

all my life, I feel that I am

free man. Huge numbers forced

the army to the army to wilt and then Russian Republic President

Boris Yeltsin finished it off.

The Soviet Union soon collapsed. Many of those who

came to the White House to turn

back the coup say they're profoundly disappointed in the country Russia has become. But

many analysts say the high expectations of 20 years ago

were naive were naive and

unrealistic. Maybe before that

could manage to deal with our

problems, with the one stroke

but of course there are no

miracles in the world. Even

Mikhail Gorbachev himself the

leader who many in Russia still

blame for the end of the USSR,

warns against too much idealism. This week he was

reluctant to criticise Vladimir

Putin. The Soviet Union's last leader says

Russia does need a strong hand

but he warns there are limits.

20 years after the coup that

signaled the end of the USSR,

Russians are Russians are still trying to figure out the country that

took its place. To sport now

and in the NRL, the Rabbitohs

beat the Cowboys in an extra

time thriller last night.

Melbourne continued their

winning streak with a narrow

victory over St George while

the Titans are leading the Raiders. A controversial

gifted South Sydney a 2-point

win over North Queensland. It

was 24-all in extra time last

night when the Cowboys were penalised for a high shot. He's

got him. But only Isaac Luke

knows if he was really hurt.

From in front, Chris Sandow

didn't miss and neither did the

Cowboys brains trust in a post

maf blow-up To decide the game

on an arm that came off the

ball, tapped the chin of a to decided to stay down results

in I think an unfair way to end

the game of footy. I don't

like, "That mate and neither do

any of our 0.s. He any of our 0.s. He hit him high and the's penalty. Very

unfortunately for them It was 12-all Hatoyama time. North Queensland seized the moent

equilibriumum with the next two

try bus the Rabbitohs shifted

to another geerl and the

driving force was Chris Sandow, intervent

intervent followed by is 70m trip had the pedalling. From the next play

the Rabbitohs scored. Got it

away, he scores. The Cowboys

were denied victory in golden

point when Matt Bowen's field

goal attempt hit the upright. The Storm have celebrated Billy

Slater's 200th game with a fwriending win over the

Dragons. The Premiers scored

first. It's gone to the wing

and they'll store. But

Melbourne hit back to

level. Quinn scores for

Melbourne. A penalty conversion from Cameron Smith proved the

difference. The Dragons have

now lost five in a Raiders were on the board first

in the battle of the wooden spoon contenders. Thompson

through the tackol Laffranchi

and the Canberra Raiders

weathered the storm. Stung into

action the homeside returned

the favour with a try to

Dominique Peyroux. In local

rugby union, Royals have beaten

Wests to earn a spot in the

finals next week.

Essendon still has some work

to do to make the final after

being thrashed by West Coast in

Perth. In other matches, Hawthorn beat Carlton and

Adelaide had a convincing win

over the Gold Coast. West

Coast's victory over the

Bombers moved them into the top

four. The Eagles lost Jack

Darling before the bounce but

it didn't seem to affect them. Andrew Embley's outstanding

long run was the highlight of

their solid first term. And a

left foot goal to lift the

spirits of the Eagles. Essendon's spirits were

anything but lifted as Andrew

Welsh was substituted with concussion and West Coast

kicked away. But a goal on kicked away. But a goal on the quarter-time siren Zaharakis kept the Bombers in

touch. Their fightback

continued after the first break

with Patrick Ryder looming as

the danger man but it was

Stewart Crameri's excellent snap which gave the visitors the half-time lead. That's a

great kick from Crameri. With

the help of a dubious Josh

Kennedy major... The home side

reagained control of the match.

Essendon needed something

special and Leroy Jetta

provided but Daniel Kerr's

response was just response was just as impressive. The visitors hopes

were further dented by the loss of of their captain. Wattsen's

down and out. The clash ended

Wattsen's day and saw Beau

Waters reported it it got worse

for the Bombers as Nathan

Lovett-Murray's poor discipline

gifted the Eagles a goal and

Crameri's decision to play on

was just as costly. That was just as costly. That is ridiculous. West Coast's

25-point lead at the last change never looked like being reversed. The win was sealed in spectacular fashion. Both

sides suffered late injuries as

Kerr was forced off a hard

tackle and Crameri hurt his

shoulder. James Hird was also

hurting as the Eagles ran away with a 57-point victory. One of the greatest signings sagas in

Australian soccer history is

over. The Melbourne Victory has

announced that it has finally

scoured the services of Harry Kewell for the next

A-League seasons. The 32-year-old has been linked

with Sydney FC and a number

number of Middle Eastern clubs

but after months of negotiation

the Victory has its man. Most

importantly, and as part of the

reason why it has taken some

time is that it is complex, but

it's about an investment in

football and development in Australia together with Harry Kewell. The

Melbourne Victory says the

exact terms of the deal will remain confidential. Aboriginal musicians from around the country country were celebrating in Darwin last night at the national indigenous music

awards. Veterans say the

indigenous music scene is more

diverse than ever but the event

was dominated by just one performary. Singer Geoffrey

Gurrumul Yunipingu. He took

home the major gongs. Thousands

packed Darwin 's natural

amphitheatre to performances from indigenous

rockers old and young.

(Sings) # I said she comes home

with me every night. Held in

the Northern Territory for

several year, this is the first

time art itselves from around

the country were nominated for

the awards. Singer Geoffrey

Gurrumul Yunipingu won five of

the seven categories, including

best Act, album and song of the

year. I tell you who Gurrumul you done it again old notoriously shy singer who was

born blind wasn't there to

collect his awards. But he did

make a brief appearance beamed from

from from his island home in Arnhemland. Band No Fixed

Address was inducted into the

Hall of Fame. It's frontman

says the indigenous music scene

is flourishing. We got our own

industry, we didn't back in the

70s. And many in the industry

say musicians from remote areas

of Australia are finding more success. It

before a lot more young

indigenous musicians are making

their mark on Australia. It's a

unique mark that's slowly

getting more getting more mainstream

recognition. On to the weather

now and we've had a day of

contrast today. Some sunny

breaks with cloudy periods and

light rain at times. A stiff south-easterly wind kept temperatures feeling colder

than the 15 degrees that we officially reached.

There's still some cloud over

the viewing area being pushed in from the coast. There's There's cloud over the Tasman

Sea spiraling into an offshore

low and offshore winds are

pushing cloud along the south

coast. There's a high near

Tasmania. Now that will move

east, to lie

around mid week, there's also a

trough line in the west. And

because of that Perth will have

some showers tomorrow so too

will Sydney and Brisbane.

Raefl nirlly tomorrow will be

mostly due to that onshore wind and restricted from the Sydney region north south-east Queensland. The

rainfall projections show the

local regions staying mostly dry tomorrow with a predominantly easterly air

stream, although the bureau

says a few coastal showers are possible. Temperatures around

17 or 18 degrees. From the bay

to Bega. Before we go a brief recap of

our top story tonight -

investigators say it could take

a year to learn why a

helicopter crashed killing three ABC News veterans. Pastoralists crash site to pay their respects to jol Paul Lockyer,

cameraman John Bean and pilot

Gary Ticehurst. That's the news

for you. You can keep up to date 24 hours a day on ABC News

online and on ABC News 24.

Thanks for your company. Good


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