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Tonight - deal or no deal -

Gillard considers Abbott's

offer. I am trying to make it

iezer for the

government. Dominique

Strauss-Khan returns home amid speculation of another tilt politics.Australian shares

tumble over renewed fears of a

US recession. Through to the

quarter finals quarter finals - Samantha Stosur survives a

Good evening, Troy

Cuthbertson with ABC News. Five

days after the High Court sank

its asylum seeker policy the Gillard Government is tonight

trying to refloat it. Cabinet is meeting to discuss the

options and everything is on the table from

processing to new offshore solutions. The Prime Minister

acknowledges changes to the law

may be needed but she has so

far stopped short of accepting

Tony Abbott's offer of Tony Abbott's offer of help. Here is Mark Simkin. Julia

Gillard hosted an authorised

arrival, the President of the

European Commission. Nice to see you again. Hundreds of

thousands of people seek asylum

in Europe each year compared to

8,000 in Australia. This is our

Cabinet room. So we spend a lot of time in when the Government is trying

to find an asylum seeker

policy. We do need legislation

to put beyond doubt offshore processing arrangements. It

will only get that legislation

by doing a deal with Tony

Abbott. Labor calls him Dr no

but on offshore processing he

is Mr Yes. I am trying to make

it easier for the Government. I

am trying to give the

Government the option of

resurrecting something from the ruins of policy. He is offering to work

with the Government to amend

the Migration Act and Julia

Gillard is willing to

listen. If Mr Abbott is sincere

about this offer then he needs about this offer then

to make it very clear that he

is talking about working with

the Government obvious offshore

processing generally, not on

his narrow solution. I'm not

saying that the Government has

to embrace the entire Rhetty of the Coalition's policy. That

increases the chances of a deal and an left and the Greens are still

pressing for an end to offshore

processing. She should not cave

in to the Coalition. She should not cave in to the extreme right. The High Court judges

aren't the only people to repudiate the Government's

asylum seeker policy. According

to Newspoll, 78% of the public

think Labor's handled the issue

badly. An even scarier number

for the Government could come tomorrow with the first full

itself. Some ministers are Newspoll since the High Court

predicting a primary vote below 25%. 25%. Europe is urging Australia

to press ahead with its Carbon

Pricing scheme. The EU's climate commissioner is

visiting Australia en route to

the Pacific forum in New

Zealand. She says Europe's emissions trading scheme has

led to a fall in pollution

despite some teething problems.

The commissioner says Australia needs to be Pricing scheme is a step in the

right direction. We in Europe

think that it's very good that

now it seems that one more

country is not just doing the

talking but they are also talking but they are

creating a scheme, a system, as

to how to start to do something

about it. She says it is not true Australia's Carbon Pricing

plans are leading the worlds

and 90 other countries have already adopted dough mesic

emissions targets. It could be the final assault.

towns still held by pro-Gaddafi move on the last couple of

a chance of a negotiated forces. In Sirte there is still

settlement but in the town of

Bani Walid peace talks have

broken down and rebels fear

thousands of people trapped there will

there will be used as human

shields.Michael Vincent reports

from Benghazi.These fighters

are waiting patiently for the

signal to advance on one of the last remaining strongholds of pro-Gaddafi forces. They're

outside Bani Walid south-east

of Tripoli. It is a town

believed to have been a refuge

for Colonel Gaddafi and some of

his family until a few days ago. Saif al-Islam, achording

to my sources is 100% he left

and he was sighted there. When

did Saif leave? He left

yesterday. Where did he go? To

the south . Civilians fleeing

the town say that most of the taken their heavy weapons into Gaddafi loyalists

the surrounding mountains but

the rebels are convinced dozens

of fighters remain and are holding the town hostage. Negotiations Negotiations for the surrender

of Gaddafi's men have been

going on for days. But going on for days. But they

have now collapsed leaving only

one option, a military campaign

to take the town. For me, as

chief negotiator, I don't have

anything to offer right now. hope those brigades in Bani anything to offer right now. I

Walid to leave soon. In another Gaddafi stronghold rebels are

closing in on the town of Sirte. They have given the loyalists until

loyalists until Saturday to

surrender. TRANSLATION: The

situation now is a stalemate

and we are waiting for the

answer to the peace offer. If

the offer is not accepted we

are ready with all of our

power. In the capital rebel

fighters stormed the house of a close friend of Colonel

Gaddafi. They arrested the of the military college, Ahmed

Oun, and his sons. TRANSLATION:

He tried to escape out of the

window but after jumping he

found the revolutionaries

waiting for him downstairs and

then we arrested him. While

there is jubilation at this latest arrest, weeks after latest arrest, weeks after the fall of Tripoli the rebels

realise they are yet to capture their greatest prize, Colonel

Gaddafi. Japan is counting the cost of another Nalbandian

disaster after

ravaged its West Coast. Rivers

swollen by torrential rain from

Typhoon Talas washed away

bridges of the main island of

Honshu.Emergency crews were

brought down by winds kept busy clearing trees

approaching 100 kilometres an

hour. 27 people were killed, up

to 50 more are missing. Tens of

thousands of people fled to

Strauss-Khan has returned to high ground. Dominique

after Paris from New York two weeks

after rape charges against him

were dropped. Despite the

scandal, he's backers are urging him to consider running

for the French presidency -

presidency. The elections are

eight moss away and some

believe the former IMF bosses

economic credentials make him a

viable candidate. When he was

last in Paris five months ago,

Dominique Strauss-Khan was one

of the most in the world, way ahead in the

polls, ready to challenge

Nicolas Sarkozy in presidential

election next year.Today, with

sexual assault allegations

still fresh in the minds still fresh in the minds of voters, a return to frontline

politics seems unlikely but in

liberal France not

impossible. A man as him, with

his fabulous qualities, his

international competence, his

knowledge of economy, of the

question of society, could be -

should be - very useful for us,

not only in France but also in

Europe but he has to decide. I

have not to decide have not to decide instead of him. The 63-year-old had

nothing public to say as he

settled back into the luxury

apartment he shares with his

loyal wife. She's standing by

her husband despite evidence

that he did have a sexual

encounter with a hotel maid in

New York. TRANSLATION: I take

my hat off to his wife. I think she is a wofnder full woman, clever, even Hillary Clinton after what happened with her

husband can't compete.

TRANSLATION: I'm happy for

him. It is the end

ordeal. Now the guilt is

weighing on his heart and I think we should leave him alone little bit. Judges have dropped

the criminal charges against

Dominique Strauss-Khan but a

civil case is still pending. It

doesn't end there. The novelist

has launched her sexual assault

claim against the former chief of

Fund, he says he will sue her

for slander. A prominent

Canberra psychiatrist has been suspended from practising by

the Medical Board of Australia. Highly secretive provisions

within health regulations

prevent the publication for the reasons for his suspension.

67-year-old Dr Hugh Veness has

been investigated by medical

authorities many times but

until now has been free to

carry on his practise from his home in

Kambah. In an unrelated case Veness has previously been

accused of misconduct. Ins 2006 he started an he started an 11-month relationship with respected Canberra psychologist Tania Lioulios. That relationship

soured. In 2007 Tania Lioulios

made a complaint to the ACT

medical board accusing Dr

Veness of prescribing to her at

least 7 times over a eight month period the highly addictive known on the streets as hillbilly heroin. Tania

Lioulios's pharmacy records

verify the drug was prescribed

by Dr Veness even though he was in a live in relationship with

Tania Lioulios. She was very

addicted to OxyContin. As I

remember there were three

months that she was sweating

all night in Mediterranean,

would have to get up and change the sheets. In 2008 Tania

Lioulios was arrested for

breaking a

approaching Veness at his home.

She went before Magistrate

Maria Doogan and accused there

Veness of blackmailing her to

take back her medical board

complaint. He told me to: Shortly afterwards Tania

Lioulios attempted sue shied in

a prison van and died eight

days later from her Tania Lioulios's accusations

were investigated but no action

was taken against there Veness.

Today Dr Veness's suspension

appeared on the Medical Board

of Australia website but for

legal reasons the reason for

the suspension cannot be

revealed. Former rugby league

player Ryan Tandy has faced a

court hearing charged tz with

lying to an investigation into

illegal betting. The asked

bulldogs player was questioned

by the New South Wales Crime Commission earlier this over a betting plunge on an NRL match between Canterbury and

North Queensland. He is defending the charge and his

bar wrister says the case

against him is unfair.For the

first time since he was charged

Ryan Tandy's interrogation over

illegal betting has been played

in open court. Have you ever

placed bets on NRL

games? Yes. And these are games

that you are playing in or other games? No, you allowed to bet on games you are participating in. Other

games. The investigation was

sparked by the unusually

sparked by the unusually high

number of bets placed on the

Cowboys scoring first from a penalty in their round 24 match

against the Bulldogs last

season. Ugly looking tackle and

the penalty comes right in

front of the posts. North

Queensland didn't kick for

dole, they took the tap and

scored a try instead. About iks

months after the match Ryan

Tandy faced a private crime commission hearing. He

situation and revealed at one

point he owned his manager, jub

jub jub 16,000 dollars. There

smaller amounts were borrowed

from friends. Why is it that

you have these debts to these persons? Running short of money

sometimes, bills, whatever. Is

it also a function of the

gambling. I wouldn't say

that. The 29-year-old described himself as

himself as a social gambler. He

said he had no discussion about

his position

before the round 24 game. Tandy

said he didn't think this

infringement was a certain

penalty. I thought it was very

touch and go. There was two of

us in the tackle. He told the crime commission first he heard

of the betting plunge was three or four days after the game

when he was questioned by a

journalist at training. The

hearing resumes on Friday. World markets have once again

gripped by fears of a global

recession and financial turmoil in Europe. As prepares to consider interest rates investors dumped shares

sending the market more than 2%

lower. So far we've avoided

catching the global financial

crisis flu but after two years

the US and Europe are still

sneezing. Friday's weak US job numbers triggered the predictable fears predictable fears of recession

and Europe's debt crisis is

back in focus. This is the

fallout. Most markets the Asia

fell more than 2%. Not much

survived here. Nearly banks lost between 2% and 4%.

AMP slumped five. It was a

similar story for the resources

sector except for gold stocks like Newcrest. Steel producers

bliek BlueScope fell more than

6%. The sell off was less

severe among retailers and some

of the defensive stocks but

there was nowhere to hide for

companies with problems like

Leighton Holdings. Not even gold

gold survived the sell-off. It

could be that investors are

selling bullion to cover losses

in other markets. Is the interest rates tomorrow in the

middle of all this? I don't

think so. It will be seen

today's business indicators showing inventories and profits up more strongly than expected.

It was almost dubility

expectations and both will add

to June quarter economic growth

but much of it was mining. The

mining redline kicked mining redline kicked up.

Mining profits rose 15% during

the quarter but the country's

biggest employer, small business, the green line is

flat after rising just 5.1% -

0.1% for the more likely to grab the RBA's

Aiden shun, another fall in job

advertisements. It is the

fourth fall in 5 months

suggesting the jobs market is

softening. Is it a softening. Is it a concern, not

yet because if it is interest

rates will be coming down

tomorrow. And as for that

global measure of optimism, the

Australian dollar, its was sold

all. The dollar lost about 1 US

cent today. That is

finance. The ACT is giving some

of the Territory's most vulnerable citizens a helping hand providing them with

concession cards. The cards will aren't turned away from services they are entitled to

such as health, transport and

education. The card makes it

easier for them so they don't

have to keep on telling their

story time and time again. This

Government will do all we can

to make asylum seekers part of this community. Giving this

card detailing all kinds of

services that will make their

life easier, restores their dignity.

dignity. It restores their

confidence and gives them a

leeway to contribute positively

to Australian community. Up to 60 asylum Canberra each year. They will

be given the cards next month. Surf Life Saving Australia

says it is working to implement

all the recommendations coroner who investigated the

death of a competitor at last

year's national titles on the

Gold Coast. One of them is for

the compulsory wearing of lifejackets but some competitors aren't keen on the

idea. 19-year-old Sydney iron man, Saxon

man, Saxon Bird, was competing

in the National Championships at Kurrawa him in the head and he drowned. It would be impossible

for us to put in place enough

measures to ever present it

from ever happening

from ever happening again. A month ago month ago a Brisbane coroner made four recommendations to make the sport safer. Surf Life

Saving Australia has responded

but only on its website. It

says by December it will

rewrite its surf manual to

include the recommended focus

on safety. The sporting body says the suggestion to have at

least one police officer with

advanced search and rescue

training has already been aid

dochted. It guidelines for swimmer based rescues

rescues rather than relying on

jet skis. If we can get that

right everyone is in safer

hands competing. Some hands competing. Some say the

ordering of lifesavers out of

the water after Saxon Bird got

hit could have cost him his

life. They would have found him

much quicker. Bear in mind that

in the end what did find him

was a bunch of people that went

in the water. The most contentious recommendation involves the wearing of buoyancy vests and

helmets. From what I have seen of of the lifejackets and helmets

it wouldn't work in a iron man

race as it is today. They say

trials are about to begin. I

don't think the vest can work.

What a lot of people - I

think the coroner understands -

is that norreder to be able to

manage yourself in a big sea

safely you need to get down to

the bottom and get below the

tour rents of a breaking

wave. Grant Kenny says the

helmets would be a good idea for surf boat

competitors. Eight NRL teams

vying for the working on their strategies

ahead of Friday's start to the

finals. Melbourne is favourite

despite yesterday's loss to the

Roosters. Today the Broncos received bad received bad news, Sam Thaiday was charged with a dangerous

throw which could rule him out

for two weeks. It should have

been the perfect night for the Broncos, thousands of fans

celebrated their captain's

stellar career and Brisbane had

just beaten Manly. If only Sam Thaiday

Thaiday hadn't done

Kite. Did he put him in a

dangerous spot? The Broncos can

contest the charge at the

judiciary. If they lose Thaiday will be out will be out for three weeks. Gee whiz, you don't want

that on the eve of the

finals. He's a test player, a

State of Origin player so it

would be a big loss. Melbourne

coach Craig Bellamy has been

grilled over his decision to

rest Billy Slater and Cameron

Smith from last night's loss to

the Roosters. We stay away

concern. As one of the

favourites to win tomorrow

night's Dally M award he was

denied a chance to pick up

extra points but if you Cameron Smith it was Slater's

call to miss the match. Craig

gave him the opportunity to

come out and play because of his

his chance of winning it but he

sort of decided that he wanted

to have a rest and do the best

thing for the team. All the teams contesting the finals

were at today's captain's call.

The series begins with a

blockbuster between the Tigers and Dragons. It has been a good

last couple of months for us.

The semifinals is a whole new

ball game. That starts Friday night. Fans packed Sydney's

Town Hall square today to wish the Wallabies well on their

Rugby World Cup campaign. It

was a chance for supporters to

say bon voyage to their

favourite players before they

begin their attempt to win a

record third title. The last

time the Wallabies won was in

1999 but no country has ever

lifted the William Web Ellis

trophy three times. You expect this many people to turn

out but it is fantastic. The

support the group's had all

thought the year and this last

week since we assembled from the public has been amazing. It certainly means a hell of a lot

to the whole group. The

Wallabies fly to New Zealand

tomorrow morning ahead of their

opening pool match against

Italy on Sunday.Australia's

Samantha Stosur will meet the

second seed Vera Zvonareva in

the US Open quarter finals. She

made it there after a thrilling fourth round victory Kirilenko. It included a

32-point tie break that lasted

almost half an hour. When it

cons to playing Russians Samantha Stosur has become the

marathon woman. Hot on the

heels of her third round

victory over Nadia Petrova, the

longest in the history of the

tournament she found herself

locked in another lengthy

thriller in the round of 16.

This time the Australian 9th

seed won the opening set 6-2

against Maria Kirilenko but the match tightened. They produced

the longest tie break in women's Grand Slam history.

Both played brilliant tennis as

they punched and counter

punched through a tie break

lasts as long as the first set.

Maria Kirilenko prevailed

17-15. Stosur regrouped and on

her 7th match point won the

third set 6-3 ending a battle

lasting 2 hours and 37 minutes.

She finally does it. Samantha Stosur. She will face another

Russian in the quarter finals, the second seed Vera

There was a bizarre incident

involving David Nalbandian. Not

on court but in the press

conference afterwards. Nadal

collapsed with extreme cramps after his third round win over Nalbandian Nalbandian Nalbandian. The Spaniard slipped from his seat while

taking questions. He later laughed off his disappearance

from view explaining the

Spanish journalists that his

legs were aching. Casey

Stoner's grip on the world Moto

Grand Prix title loosened after

he was placed Jorge Lorenzo. He took his

Yamaha to the lead on the

opening lap and was untroubled

by the thon dah riders, Dani

Pedrosa and Stoner. I just

started getting tired and my

arms were struggling. With five races remaining the Australian

leads Lorenzo by 15 points. 100

metres hurdles world champion

Sally Pearson has enjoyed her

medal ceremony on the closing

day of the world athletics championships. She is headed to

Italy where she will race the

100 metres flat and could Melinda Gainsford Taylor's

national record that stood for

17 years. Mountain enthusiasts have another place

to ride in Canberra. A new track has been opened in

Stromlo Forest Park. The two

kilometre loop trial is unique

to Australia and features

jumps, drops and technical

climbing designed for all skill

levels. The opening co insighed

with more cycling news. Stromlo

park will host two rounds of the Mountain Bike Australia national series in February. This venue will

continue to develop and become

more of a tourist draw card as

well as being a fantastic recreation facility for the

growing suburb so that you can

see being developed around. The

events are expected to attract

around 300 cyclists and 3,000

spectators. For actors of a

certain age there are some

roams that just don't seem to

fit anymore. For Rowan Atkinson

that role is Mr Bean. The rub

by faced comedian doubts he will ever play again and when your latest

project is a co-star as

glamorous as Gillian Anderson,

why would you bother. Yes,

know it anywhere. Agent in

distress. Rowan Atkinson is

back at the bumbling British

spy Johnny English. The joke about Johnny English is his

ambition is greater than his skill set. He thinks he is

better than he is. He says his

alter ego got the better for

him last month when he became too ambitious in his McLaren

F1. The shoulder has been sore

but it is mending and it is

fine. The car will mend. It

will take a long time and cost

a lot of money but I think

will mend. I think I was

lucky. Gillian Anderson

considers herself lucky too as

the new MI 7 chief. You made a

laughing sdok out of this

service once, English, not on

my watch, clear. Crystal

clear. It struck me that you

could now be in line to be

next M. I don't think so. I

think I might have made sure

that that won't happen by doing

this film. Also unlikely to happen Rowan Atkinson repricing

one of his most loved roles

because he thinks he is getting

too old. I'm not sure I'm going

to play him again. I feel as

though we might have drawn a

veil over my playing Mr Bean.

You must never say never so I'm

not saying never. When Gillian

Anderson was last here she faced crowd fainting fans desperate to see

the X file star? I enjoy reminiscing about it and

celebrating the impact it had on television around the world.

It was an extraordinary thing

to be involved with. She says if the scpript is right Dana

Scully and Fox Mulder will be

back for another movie sequel.

Now with a look at today's

weather here is Mark. Good

Evening. A warm string weather

continued today after maximums

of 19 on say it, 20 on there was another 20 again

today.Overnight it was the

warmest it has been since 6

August, down to 8 in

the winds were north-westerlies expect with warm temperatures Tuggeranong. As you would

averaging between 25 and 28km/h

this afternoon.Even now it is

still pretty warm, 11 degrees.

There is cloud about and if you

are lucky you might get a spot

or two of rain, just like last

night. Cloud stretches across New South Wales but is only producing light rain,

particularly over the northern

rivers area. Cloud crossing the

Bight will have more us producing showers around the

ACT late tomorrow. That cloud

is associated with a cold front

which will bring strong winds

and rain and cooler weather to

most of the south-east over the

next few days. Frosts are

expected from Wednesday onwards

and Friday's top will be around about 12.

I know you are

getting a new garden getting a new garden started

but when you do try to make

some room for a Magnolia

Stellata, the shrub looks stunning

stunning this time of year.

Before we go a brief recap of

our top stories tonight.

Federal Cabinet is tonight

discussing its options for Prime processing asylum seeker. The

Prime Minister has an offer of help from Tony

Abbott to change the law. In Libya rebels are preparing to Libya rebels

move on the few remaining towns still held by pro-Gaddafi forces after peace talks broke

down.That's ABC News. You can

keep up-to-date 24 hours a day

on ABC News online but stay

with us now for 7:30.Good

night. Closed Captions by CSI. Welcome to 7.30. Tonight -

the 9/11 generation. How one

the power of film. This was my boy's scars have been healed by

first full day of communion.

This was my second. I don't

know what my life would be like

now if it wasn't like this.

Growing up in New York as the

city changed and having to

rebuild and reunite. And Australia's new golden

girl of the track. Pearson got

it. Porter second. I don't think anyone could think that Usain Bolt could Usain Bolt could be overshadowed but he definitely

was at these Championships by Sally Pearson. Tonight,