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Tonight - welcome back ma'am.

The Queen touches down on what

could be her farewell visit. An

emotional release in the Middle

East but few illusions it will

kick start the peace process.

After nearly 100 years, the ACT

prepares to sever its ties with

Jervis Bay. It is an outdated

arrangement, I don't think it

serves the people of the Jervis Bay Territory very

well. Following a woeful season, blood for the Raiders.

Good evening. Welcome to ABC

News. I'm Virginia Haussegger.

The Queen has arrived for her 16th visit as Australia's

monarch. Queen Elizabeth II and

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, landed in Canberra

this evening. The

Governor-General led an

all-female welcoming committee

that included the Prime

Minister and the ACT Chief Minister. Hundreds of school

children were invited

bring a touch of colour to the


The Royal couple are here for

an 11-day visit that will

culminate with her officially opening the Commonwealth Heads

of Government Meeting in Perth

next week. The Queen will spend

a week here in the nation's capitaling, staying at

government House. Greg Jennett is there. This is about as

close to a palace as Canberra

can manage but next week the

Government Royal couple will call

Government House open. They will drive to the avenue that

leads to the official residence

of the Governor-General. A

small number of well wishers have turned out on the drive. Just make sure she sees it. Just

come along to show our support

of the monarchy and raise the profile of the institution. We are excited to are excited to see the

Queen. We have never seen the

Queen before and we want to see the Queen. The the Queen. The Governor-General

herself has moved aside from

her regular living quarters so

the Queen can have the run of

the house to conduct her official business there. That

will include visits on Friday

by the Prime Minister and Tony

Abbott. Helping usher in those

meetings in the drawing room,

the Queen has a new member of the Queen has a

staff, an Australian eckery

trained in London for this visit. He spent the last week

in London becoming part of the

Queen's household. He will call

the Prime Minister and the

audience will proceed. At age

85 for the Queen and 90 for the

Duke, the Royal couple aren't

setting a cracking pace on the

Queen's 16th visit to

Australia. Typically there are

one to two official events in

each day. We will see of the Queen than we will hear

from her as protocol dictates

she doesn't give media

interviews. That means the

biggest question of this visit

may go unanswered - will it be

her last? We will come back to

Greg Jennett later. More than

picked up north of Australia. 50 asylum seekers have been

since the Government's back It is the first boat to arrive

down on its offshore processing

policy last week. The navy and

Customs helped the boat Scott's Reef. The 51 passengers

Christmas Island for on board will be taken to

processing. The Government is

blaming Tony Abbott. He should reconsider his position, put

the country first, Tony, and support the legislation support the legislation that

will enable this Government to put in place the most effective deterrent. The Opposition has

processing in 148 countries. offered them offshore

The government has decided adopt the Greens policy. 42

unauthorised boats have been

intercepted this year. A Sydney

Muslim leader has been killed

in Libya where he was helping

the new regime. Sheik Nasar

Zuway was killed in Sirte where

fighters are trying to flush out the rest of Moammar Gaddafi's supporters. That is

that is had been in Libya since

the uprising began in February. He is an Australian

citizen of Libyan background who took

help his fellow human beings to

win their liberty and freedom.

Keysar Trad says it is unclear

exactly how Sheik Nasar died.

He is survived by his wife and three children. US Secretary of

State Hillary Clinton has made

an unannounced visit to Tripoli

pledging millions of dollars in

new aid. Most of the money will

go towards finding thousands of Gaddafi-era weapons that remain unaccounted for. People must

renounce violence, give up

arms, they might be committed

to a democracy that respects

is the most senior US the rights of all. Mrs Clinton

since Moammar Gaddafi was representative to visit Libya

forced from power. After a

night of euphoria across Israel

and the Palestinian territories

daylight has brought a reality

check. The elaborate prisoner

swap between the Israelis and

Palestinians has done little to

ease conflict. Uncompromise ing ease conflict.

talk on both sides has left

world leaders with few illusions about the

illusions about the peace

process. They hoped the release of Gilad Shalit and hundreds of

Palestinian prisoners might

help bridge the divide. After

more than five years in

captivity, without so much as a

visit from the Red Cross, Gilad

Shalit was the focus of

international attention. Before

he returned to Israel, he was

interviewed on Egyptian television. Did you think the day would day would come eventually when

you can walk free? I believe

there was a chance but you

never know. He was met by Israeli Prime Minister,

Benjamin Netanyahu, who made

the deal to secure his release.

Only then did Gilad Shalit get

to see his family. The price of his freedom is

Palestinian prisoners, his freedom is 1,000

including convicted terrorists. TRANSLATION: This

is still a difficult day

was lowered, it is still because even though the price

heavy. Gilad Shalit was

captured while on patrol near

the Gaza border in 2006 and

held hostage ever since by

Hamas. He was a con script

which is why Israel goes to extraordinary lengths to bring

its soldiers home alive or

dead. But Hamas has been losing support, this was

support, this was a media

moment it needed. In the West

Bank there was an ecstatic welcome for the prisoners. TRANSLATION: I am very happy with the welcome

from my people. I think the 30

years of suffering in jails

will be thrown behind me. In Gilad Shalit's home town, hundreds gathered to welcome

him home. As evening fell, the

soldier worth a thousand

prisoners arrived in an army chopper before being escorted

to the family home. After five

years Gilad Shalit is coming

home to spend the night with

his family and sleep in his own

bed. His life will be a more difficult for him here,

but no-one in his home town is

questioning tonight the price

of bringing him home. The

captain of the ship spilling

massive amounts of oil off New Zealand appeared in court

today. He and the ship's second

officer faced charges under the

Maritime Act. There could be an additional charge of environmental damage. The

'Rena' is holding together but

the weather is bad and that

means no oil can be pumped off it. Dominique Schwartz reports.

This is all that New Zealanders are

captain of the 'Rena'. His name

and image, and that of the second officer, has been

suppressed so they cannot be identified be potentially angry

locals. All that would be

achieved by the publication of

the photographs and the names

of defendants, in my view, is

to underline the risk. They

have been charged under the

Maritime Act for operating a

ship in a manner causing unnecessary

unnecessary danger to other

people or property. Oil and

container debris has now washed ashore on the east cape, more

than 250km away. We also have

just initiated a coastal

navigation warning right out to

east cape on the east cape on the basis we have that extend ed debris

field. Another seaman appeared

in the Tauranga court today,

but he is being hailed a hero.

Elvis Teddy was a fisherman

charged with charged with disrupting an oil company search. The 'Rena'

disaster has made it more so

particularly with a general

election six weeks away. We

already know how we cannot

handle an oil spill and I think

the Government has an

obligation, a moral obligation,

to New Zealand to rescind the

licences they have issued for

deep sea oil exploration. The

Prime Minister is not about to

do that. New Zealand earns $2

billion a year currently from oil exploration. It is our fourth largest export. The

longer the 'Rena' recovery

hangs in the balance, the more uneasy New Zealanders feel. The

ACT Government is continuing to

face tough questions in the

wake of the public advocate's

report which exposed serious concerns about the management

of children in care. Yesterday

Joy Burch was censured in the

assembly but today the Chief

Minister has come out in her

defence saying the failures are not her fault. The

Government is closing ranks on

the Community Services

Minister. She has done what I

would expect any Minister to do. As criticism rained down

Katy Gallagher sought to shift

the blame on to the public

servants. I believe the

information from the directate

was less than satisfactory in

terms of information they have

provided the Minister. I have

taken that up with the directate. Staff are feeling

angry about the shame and blame

that has been apportioned to

Departmental staff when the problems are caused by

chronic staff shortages and

lack of funding. But those at

the coal face warn the problems

within the directorate run much

deeper than budgetary issues. I

think the system is

unaccountable, not transparent,

that carers and children are

left very vulnerable by

processes that are both out of

date and inconsistent with the

law in a lot of cases. The Association says a worrying

culture has developed where

their children removed if they

voice concerns. It says carers often face financial worries as the directorate drag their

heels in reimbursement. I have

got to the stage where NGOs are

threatened to withdraw their

services because they can't

continue. The bulk of our

money, we spend $25 million a

services, which are paid three

months in advance. We are

suppose to be working with the

Government to provide this services and we do it to the

best of our ability, sometimes against the efforts of the system. A system overwhelmed

and underfunded. Moves are

under way across two

jurisdictions to shift the

delivery of services to a South

Coast community. Jervis Bay is

a Commonwealth territory but

ACT laws apply. The Territory provides key services including

schools, welfare and courts but

the ACT Government says the

arrangement is no longer

practical or effective and

services should be provided by the NSW Government or

surrounding councils. It is an

outdated arrangement, I don't

think it serves the people of Jervis Bay Territory very

well. I would expect this would

be resolved certainly within

this term of government of NSW, talking before 2015. Discussions are

continuing between the ACT, NSW and Commonwealth governments. Every from a heart attack. Doctors say many of those deaths could

be avoided if an ambulance is called immediately people have

chest pains. That's the message behind a new campaign as

medical reporter Sophie Scott

explains. Sue Anne Paterson

woke up one morning feeling

unwell but she thought her

chest pain was muscular. She

waited 24 hours before seeking

medical care, then found out

she had a heart attack. I was

me because I have excellent

cholesterol, no other health

issues, my weight and lifestyle were fine. The Heart Foundation

says people are ignoring

warning signs of a attack. The

message is simple, if you think

you are having a heart attack,

ring 000. They get the

ambulance as quickly as

possible. A survey of more than

6,000 people found one in five wouldn't call an ambulance

because of the cost. Almost

after half of said they wouldn't call 000 if

they had chest pains. It is

important if you are suffering

chest discomfort, jaw pain,

breathing diet difficulties,

call 000 and we will send an

ambulance. The Heart Foundation

is launching a new campaign. It

is a lessan Sue Anne Paterson

learnt the hard way. It turns

your life up side down. You

lose confidence. She now

volunteers at the cardiac centre that saved her life. To

finance now and Australian

shares posted solid gains on

reports that European leaders

were close to finalising a

bail-out plan. But, as Neal

Woolrich reports, the rumours amounted to nothing. The guessing game continued over

night when a report surfaced

France and Germany will boost

the rescue fund to nearly $3

trillion. That was scotched by EU officials but it was enough to excite investors on Wall

Street with the S&P 500 rose

2%. The latest rumour came

after the close of trade in

Europe where markets were mixed. While the world waits

for the political leaders, the concerns about the financial

system are pushing up the cost

of bank funding. Here is a

graph presented by one of the Reserve Bank's assisting governors Guy Debelle. red line shows funding

pressures on Australian banks

have been easing lately which is which some have been cutting

interest rates on business loans and fixed rate mortgages.

The Australian stocks made

solid gains but All Ords failed

to break the 4,300 barrier. CSL

announced a $900 million share

buy-back and announcing its profit guidance. BHP-Billiton

was higher although mining

stocks were weaker. The

Australian dollar is moving

higher. The main piece of

economic news is Westpac-Melbourne Institute

Leading Index which Leading Index which tries to

predict the level of activity

in the next three to nine

months. It rose nearly 1% in

August and sits above its long -term average suggesting a

rebound in growth could be imminent. That's finance. The

Wallabies have named six new

faces to take on Wales in

Friday's World Cup playoff

returns from a hamstring injury

while four other players

injured in the semi-final have been replaced. Berrick Barnes, Nathan Sharpe, James Slipper

and Tatafu Polota Nau Will

start. Quade Cooper keeps his place at fly-half, although

Robbie Deans considered leaving

him out. When you look at our

circumstances, we don't have a

huge amount of choice and it is

good for quaid, to be frank. The match will be sharp

sharp sharp's 100th - Nathan Sharpe's 100th

Berrigan has been signed by the

Raiders for two years. The 32-year-old will add to the depth. The Raiders have

indicated they have no concerns

over his fitness I spoke to

Ruben Wiki about Shaun and he

was telling me he was one of

the fittest players. He will

playing experience. Justin

Morgan has been appointed as an

assistant coach with the team

from next year. The Green

Machine will begin pre-season

training early next month. The

Cronulla Shark have re-signed

Paul Gallen until 2015 and are

hoping Todd Carney will be the

next big name to sign on the

dotted line. Gallen add afters

from - had offers from other

clubs but wanted to

loyalty to the club. Gallen has

offered to be a menter to Carney. He has to understand

this could be his last chance. This is the life we wants, it

is a great life, a great

lifestyle, the opportunity to

live in a great area, probably

has to understand that he is

going to be a target. Carney is expected to decide on his

future within the week. The

United States is where the best

women's soccer players ply their trade but during the

offseason, there is little work on

is shaping up as the answer for

those players who want to play

all the year round. Taryn

Hemmings is the first American

to play for Canberra United and

she has joined the squad ahead

of their opening round match

this weekend. Ben Lisson

reports. It hasn't taken long

fora knra's - for Canberra's

newest recruit to newest recruit to settle

in The style is similar to American if

American if you can call it a style. We feel the American

spirit on the team. Fresh from Breakers in the top tier of

American soccer, Hemmings is doing what's required of most

professional athletes and

making her sport a

occupation. There is a lot of

players overseas, if you are

not on a national team it is

hard in the US to find a league during the winter. The talented

forward might be the first US

import in Canberra but more international players are

expected in the capital in the

next few years. It is a good opportunity to play

internationally and you get good experience and play with

great players you maybe would

never see anywhere else. I have

to say I was so surprised and

impressed how many players

wanted to come to Australia play this League. Canberra

United, spoilt for choice, has expectation this season,

boasting good recruit s and the

first international cope coach

in the competition. It is good

for us not to focus on the

final game but focus on the

game in front of us. Klimkova is

is bringing her style to Canberra and

enthusiasm that defines her as a coach. Not talking about

tactic, but motivation and

spirit can help a lot. The team

are hoping it will help secure a maiden championship. American surfer Kelly Slater has all but

clinched his 11th world crown. The 39-year-old finished

runner-up in Port gal overnight. If he makes Slater will have won seven more

world titles than the previous

best. Kelly Slater's already an

icon of his sport but in what

many expect to be his farewell

season he is set to finish on

an unprecedented high. His 11th

world title is almost as shore

as the tide itself after he

finished runner up at the Rip

Curl Pro. Adriano de out the title. He is so great,

he is unbelievable. He going to

be the 11 time world champion for sure. All for sure. All eyes will be on

Slater where he needs to finish

ninth or better in next month's

event. Cycling's Grand Tour

unveiled changes in Paris. The

race will commence in Belgium

for the fourth time. It will entail of time trails. Bigger

mountains, flatter and longer

time trials. Next year's race

will cover a total of 3,479km.

The English Premier League

leading lights were on show in the Champions League and it was

City who impressed by securing

their first points with a 2-1

win over Villareal. Wayne

Rooney struck twice from the

penalty spot in the second half

important 2-nil win. Real

Madrid stamped its authority on

the competition with a 4-nil

victory over Lyon. Back to the

stop story, the Queen and

Prince Philip are putting their

feet up tonight after touching

down in Canberra about 1.5

hours ago. Greg Jennett is outside Government House where

they are staying. Did the crowds grow and were the crowds

there when she came there when she came through?

Yes, there was in the send a reasonable crowd lining the

drive on the approach to government House when only a

few minutes ago the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh did drive

through the gates and up through the gates and up to

Government House. Great

excitement on the part of the

public. Now it is down to a

fairly quiet and relaxed

evening ahead of a

reasonably-paced visit. As you know, they are in Canberra for

the next week and are generally

the next week and are generally slotting themselves one

events per day. Starting of

course tomorrow with the ride over the Lake to what remains

of flor of flor Floriade and their

visit there, we will see

functions at Parliament House,

the War memorial before moving on to Melbourne on

Wednesday. We see the cars

going in there, it is not

entirely a quiet night in, is

it? There is some sort of official dinner I Government House? Yes, the

Governor-General has had to

make way for the Royal couple

in the house and will play host

throughout the

throughout the duration of

their stay, so that's the gathering tonight, staff and

the Governor-General, and

somewhat quiet, but in terms of

hosting visitors, it is Sunday

for the fairly grand lunch here

at Government House after the

church service that's marking

the high point for Government

House staff and those argued the various events

here. Australia's head of State

was met by the Governor-General, the Prime

Minister and the ACT Chief

Minister, all women, an historic milestone but historic too as many believe this will be

be the Queen's last visit to our shores. Is there any confirmation of that? There is

not. There is a high level of

expectation that would be the

case but I expect she will

leave us all guessing at the

end of this trip, undeclared as to her because she won't be telling

us. There aren't any media

interviews and those she might

discuss it with aren't at liberty to tell us of the topics of the conversations. It

has been a lovely arrival and a

lovely Canberra day. Thanks very much. Thank you. Julian

Barnes was described the Booker

Prize as a game of posh bingo,

now the 65-year-old author has

won it for his novel 'The Sense

of an Ending'. It time Julian Barnes has been

nominated. He used his

acceptance speech to argue for

the preservation of the printed

word which is being threatened

by electronic readers If physical book is to resist the

challenge of the e-book, it has

to look like something worth buying and worth keeping. Along

with a cheque for $76 ,000,

Julian Barnes is set to benefit

from a massive spike in sales

of the book. Now Mark Carmody

has been out there waving the

Queen on and he has rushed back

to the studio, here he is the weather news. Thanks

Virginia. Good evening. I did

go out and see her. She looked

gorgeous. I saw a lot of sun

today, even though I had a hat

on and did slip, slop, slap and

long-sleeved thing, I go a tad burnt. You would have been too

if you were outside. Not a

cloud in the sky, barely a

breeze. The maximum was 25 after 3 and 4 overnight.

Currently, a perfect evening

for cocktails in

low humidity, light winds and

22 degrees. Regionally today:

Nationally today, Brisbane was

cloudy but dry, 23. Look at

Hobart, sunny, dry and 29. 29 also in Melbourne. Look across

to Adelaide. Dry and 35. That's

a real hotty. But, relief is on

the way for Adelaide with an

approaching large mass of which will bring showers there

tomorrow. Cloud over the

Queensland coast will bring

showers there as well. NSW is

cloud-free. So we are in for

another warm, sunny one

tomorrow. The highs lingering

in the Tasman. It will continue

to bring warm air down from the centre so continue to have warm, sunny

and dry weather. Around Australia on Thursday:

Virginia, a beaut spring

flower is the lilac. It comes

from a shrub that doesn't like

pruning and when it is not, it

produces heaps of showy, highly

per fumed flowers. That's the news, for

news, for me, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

A father

labour of love. El i's life was

taken by another in terrible circumstances. The spirit

cannot rest in piece. A leading

Australian composer's moving

tribute to his murdered

son. What can I do as a last

act as a father for him. It has

to be a spiritual act. This

Program is Captioned Live.