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(generated from captions) NSW Labor heading for an election drubbing. Use

for the Liberal Party to taking Earth Hour to NSW will anoint a new premier assume power

Labor Government. stages, counting is in the early

defeat. It's the weighty task of been personal, it's been anymore. And 16 years and be a favourite today would be a breakdown evacuation and finally tortoise and

power or it will fall to parties. When the promises he will be Queanbeyan city

nervous when casting is hoping his strong following will counter the predicted local member and it's issues people coursely there are State wide

about as well. Mr Bar lar o tight race and Steve is a local on a cum of won't do is accept Monaro is known. And the latest seat. And there's

prepare for another attempt to the west the north and Ajdabiyah. But what they did control Gaddafi's troops were not letting go of. Rebel fighters waiting to take over their

that the British jets were in action this morning hitting

But clearly the road here tr there are distance away. It's as if Lybian Government towns they held protests. In Syria security after killing almost

after the and bloodshed. The of debate Canadian lieutenant Charles Bouchard to head it takes over command from the actively considering whether to protection norn morning accompanying coming days. Even craft that losses inflicted on its forces by coalition will of Gaddafi continues to flout the Japan's Fukushima nuclear TRANSLATION: We must prevent a deterioration of optimistic. We must treat to lift struggling economies

Greece, then future of the euro. They wrong. In economic reforms, Portugal's TRANSLATION: I hope billion safely net will progress we've made is stress test power plants and topple bade no has The Opposition claimed Harper troubled US-led project in May but analysts say is fighting for her life after which then hit a poll. of people involved this afternoon. vehicles just before 4:00. No other died at the scene. For closed sign continuing but officers speed was likely a factor the accident.

it's a bit darker in Canberra later this evening, there's need for alarm. later this evening, there's no

nominated for announce ed tonight. From most places the excitement around a 20% saving in the you pint sized founder animals where we make posters

and we do Justin Hodges tumbling to their worst start familiar sight for Broncos fans last grounded the solo effort from former Bronco defence was relentless. Glenn defence was relentless. Alex down as Brisbane committed row. All Titans to their third loss in a positive. An important with a FuiFui Moimoi was sin Ben Ross. The Queensland who were unable game out of pressure and it went on they meet the Waratahs Canberra Stadium this evening in about the ball is won a knockout game at display led by that had been hurry. What's happening out and the boys. We let ourselves down excuses for nothing that I say right now that will make people magpie s who impressed with monster is awake early. There would yield 10 unanswered it's long, It soon evident. their slumber their class was Port final term. Oh, yes. While

goals qualifying third at Albert Park dominated

race. Australian track cycling championships. attacking the field to 20 points. He went on to win

Stakes. The bumper crowd was Crystal Lily. Black two lepteds. Black art and antiques world. Now is probably the things that

interest and period for Chinese art so China world in these cabinets so bought by after her 21-year-old son Ed took his life. We want to be life in some fortunate for ours, feel as though they're worth while. Hundreds of bidders are which $1 million. Now showers over the northern restricted The showers will be coast and across the Top our top stories tonight

become the State's Lybian capital Tripoli. A Libya. And that's the news for