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Tonight - the Malaysian

solution, the Government's plan

to send asylum seekers off

shore. Under this arrangement

if someone seeks to come to

Australia then they are are at

risk of going to Malaysia and

going to the back of the queue. Al-Qaeda Al-Qaeda vows revenge as

Barack Obama congratulates the

team that killed bin Laden. On

behalf of Americans and people

around the world, job well done. Sweet victory as

Australia beats New Zealand in the Anzac Test. And golfing

the age great Seve Ballesteros dies at

Good evening, Craig Allen

with ABC News. It's a plan that

no-one wanted but finally

Prime Minister has a buyer.

Even though the deal's still

not signed Julia Gillard has

announced a asylum seeker swap

with Malaysia. Under the plan Australia will increase its humanitarian immigration in

take and in return Malaysia

will take a portion of our

future boat arrivals condemn the plan pointing out critics have been quick to

that Malaysia hasn't signed the

UN refugee convention. Here's political reporter Hayden Cooper. At last Cooper. At last something to

announce. Yes, OK, thank

you. Months and months of talks

have finally delivered Julia

Gillard a break through, one

that few expected. And I'm

pleased that I'm able today to

join with the Prime Minister of

Malaysia in detailing our

approach to one such

Australia has agreement. In Malaysia

partner for a one-off asylum

seeker swap. 800 arriving here

will be sent there, in return,

4,000 refugees already in Malaysia will be resettled in

Australia. Now I know this will

be controversial. I expect protests, I expect legal

challenges, I expect

resistance. The change will

boost Australia's humanitarian

refugee intake but in diverting

800 to the north, the Prime Minister's claiming deterrent. If you spend your Minister's claiming a major

money, you get on a boat, you

risk your life, you don't get

to stay. You go to

Malaysia. At Sydney's Manly Beach, Tony Abbott gave one

refugee already here a lesson

in local culture. But this

Malaysian deal, he says, is no

solution. This announcement of

what is in effect a people-go-round, might be a

a lousy good deal for Malaysia but it's

Australia. Advocates fear for

those 800 who are sent

away. One of the real concerns

is that on all of the evidence

Malaysia has a long-standing

record of mistreatment of

refugees. The deal with

Malaysia will be formally

signed in coming days. Julia Gillard's original plan, the

Timor solution, is now

officially dead. As has become

increasingly clear it is

unlikely that East Timor will

end up hosting such a

centre. The third solemn

election commitment Prime Minister has

junked. It's clear that there remains unfinished business

here for the Government. The

rejection by East Timor leaves

target for a long-term Papua New Guinea as the new

processing centre. The Prime

Minister has now confirmed that

option but the delicate task of

negotiation goes on. It was a

thank you on behalf of the nation from a grateful

President. Barack Obama has wrapped up a with a private briefing with

the navy seal team that killed

Osama bin Laden. As he joined a

rally with US troops new

pictures emerge from the White

House of the President and his team immediately after bin

Laden's death. North America

correspondent Craig McMurtrie

reports. At Kentucky's Fort

Campbell army base Barack Obama

received a rapturous welcome. Hello Fort

Campbell. More than 2,000 soldiers crammed into a hangar

chief. It's a chance for me to to hear their

and say on behalf of all Americans

and people around the world,

job well done. The US President

met privately with members of

navy seal team 6 who carried out the secret mission on the

bin Laden compound. They gave

him a blow by blow briefing

complex and photos. They using a scale model of the

practised tirelessly for this

mission and when I gave the

order they were ready. The

behind the White House released some

reaction in the west wing when

high-risk mission had the news broke that the

succeeded. The President

congratulates CIA director Leon

Panetaa. You guys did a great job. Vice-President Joe Biden phones congressional

leaders. The reason I'm calling

is to tell you we killed

him. There are also new details

of the leb rat surveillance

Central Intelligence Agency. operation mounted by the

The CIA maintained a safe house

near the compound logging daily activities in and

around the fortified complex.

That surveillance cost tens of millions of

bless the United States of

America. After the restraint of

Ground Zero it was a more

assertive Barack Obama at the Kentucky army base. The

President called the mission

one of the greatest military operations in American history

and he promised that the US

will defeat the Al-Qaeda network Osama bin Laden has

left behind. And after days of silence Al-Qaeda has acknowledged that Osama bin

Laden is dead. Thousands of

angry protestors have taken to

the streets in Pakistan to demonstrate against the United

States' raid on Osama bin

Laden's compound. ABC correspondent Philip Williams

is in Islamabad. Throughout Pakistan the anger boiled over. And while

as large ore as widespread as

expected they were no less passionate. Some warning they

America themselves. There will take up the fight against

be hundred of Osama in future to destroy America. While Osama

bin Laden's death upset some

here, many more are outraged

over what they say is a

violation of sovereignty. And

if this thing happens next time

we must be prepared for

that. To shoot down American

helicopters? On the other side

we will have to shoot them down. In the signs brazing bin Laden have been painting over and the

arrests have begun of people suspected of supporting hip.

Details of his life here

reportedly extracted from

surviving family

to a man who has been in

surprisingly good health and

that he lived in a nearby

village for more than 2 years

before 2005. If true, that will

add pressure on a government increasingly regarded with

contempt. They're not producing

any positive results and

they're a failure so I think

there is

and anger. For many here who

refuse to believe the Al-Qaeda

leader was dead, postings on a

jihadist website appear to

confirm it. Al-Qaeda said his

death will be

called on Pakistanis to rise up

against their Government. And

just 4 days after the raid in

Abbottabad, a US drone has

launched another attack on

suspected militants in Pakistan

leaving at least 15 dead. That

will add to the fury

here. Eventually both

governments will paper over their differences need each other but restoring

faith at the street level here

in Pakistan will be a far more challenging task. challenging task. A coroner in Britain has delivered a chilling verdict on London's

emergency services. The city is

woefully unprepared for a

terrorist attack on the 2012

Olympic Games. The inquest into

the 2005 bombings that killed

52 people found that they could

not have been prevented. But a year out from Olympics much more must be

done. Chaos and confusion

dominated the response in the

minutes and hours after

London's transport system was

attacked. It was the first

suicide bombing in the city and

according to the coroner the 4 men responsible unlawfully

killed 52 innocent commuters.

Lady Justice Hallett said no

single person or organisation

contributed to their deaths. The victims' families unconvinced. Whatever is

written down here, whatever is

recommended, whatever has been

said, can help people in the future, one would hope, and one

would hope the recommendations are

help me not at all. They do not

bring my son back. John Taylor's only daughter Carrie was among those who survived

the initial blasts in the

underground but she died

shortly after being

evacuated. Well Carrie might

not have been saved but she

should have had the chance, so

should all the rest of

them. The ambulances and fire crews were

too slow to respond. Among the

9 recommendations is a need to

better train frontline

staff. Our staff were brave, they provided fantastic

treatment and care but should

we have had more resources to

those scenes more quickly? Yes, we should. Britain's intelligence agency was

thoroughly investigated but thoroughly investigated but the coroner decided that it could

not have done more to prevent

the attack. 2 of the terrorists shown here were known year before they blew

themselves up. Justice Hallett

was adamant that none of the

victims who died under here and

elsewhere could have been saved

with faster response times but

she has demanded improvements

in the emergency service s. As

it stands she says the city is

woefully unprepared should terrorists strike during next year as-Olympics. Syrian year as-Olympics. Syrian troops

have opened fire on protestors

as thousands defied a ban on

anti-government demonstrations

overnight. Human rights act -

activists say around 20 were

killed in protests across the

country. Women and children

took to the

Deraa where the protests started. In the capital

Damascus, police fired water

cannon, tear gas and bullets at

crowds as they protested after

Friday prayers. What it looks

like here is a systematic

attack on a civilian

population, a political

decision to shoot to unarmed dhon straiters. Despite

the violent uprising President

Assad is ignoring calls to end

his 11 years in power. A team

of tradesmen from NSW are

reconstructing hope in one of Queensland's most flood-ravaged

districts. For the second time

since the disaster struck

they've rolled up their sleeves

in Ipswich to help battlers who thought their lives were

wrecked along with their homes.

This house in Ipswich wasn't just flooded, it was submerged.

The water was over the power lines. It was, yeah, very

devastating, it was water

about 4 or 5 metres above the

Sugden has been living in a room downstairs ever since his

insurer told him he was just

entitled to $15,000. He didn't didn't

didn't know where to go for

help but help came to

him. Friday morning these guys

arrived and they're just

magic. 23 tradesmen from Young

and Cootamundra in western NSW

have made it their mission to

help people like to see a smile, we're not up

here for a pat on the back,

we're here to help people out.

By Tuesday morning they will have given this house an ceilings, restored the bathroom

bathroom and the kitchen. It's

their second visit, mostly

self-funded, to one of the

hardest hit suburbs from the floods. We're trying to finish everything off now that we

start sod we'll get this one finished

finished and a couple more

hopefully. Make that 7 plus the

basketball complex. They formed

a group after Paul Gembles an ad in his local paper and was flooded with responses. I

knew only 3 or 4 of the guys and now I know them all. Some

of them didn't trust the donation process, they wanted their efforts to go where they

mattered most. I didn't think

my luck would ever change. I

didn't believe in miracle or angels but there's both. I

don't think we'll save the

world but we're putting a band aid on a few things. For Arthur

Sugden they've been life

savers. For years South Africa's vast game parks and

reserves have been

the big game. Now the

Government is taking drastic steps

steps to stop the poacher. The

army is guarding some of the

most famous national parks and

private reserves to protect one of the country's greatest

assets. Africa correspondent

Ginny Stein reports. These young rhinos are survivors.

Their mothers slaughtered by

highly skilled poachers. What

happened to these ones? The

mothers got killed. One in Krugersdorp game reserve and

the other in Kruger National Park. This

chopped off with a chainsaw.

Tranquillised from the air she

was left to bleed to death, her

baby by her side. Taken in at a nearby private nature reserve

it's been bottled fed ever

since. Private family-run game reserves have been increasingly

targeted by African gangs

funded by Asian demand for

rhino horn. In China, by the

time it lands in China it's

probably worth US $1

million. Almost a rhino a day

is killed in South Africa. The

numbers slaughtered for animal's horn has tripled in

the past few years. While each

death is felt keenly in these

private reserves, it's in the

national parks where the

largest numbers are killed. Kruger National Park Kruger National Park has lost

90 rhinos this year alone. But

animals in the country's

largest park now have another

layer of protection with the

army being sent in. We are

there, they can see we are

there, we are armed and we're not tolerating anymore poaching along our borders. There's

anger and frustration at an industry driven by and greed. You know, it's

really useless medicinally and

that's the sad thing is that animal products like rhino horn

and most animal products are

based on superstition and valid medicinal value. In

private game reserves across

the country these animals are

major draw cards. Keeping them

safe from poachers remains the

ultimate challenge. It's a little known story of an

Aboriginal prisoner who risked his life

his life to save a policeman

from drowning in a Northern Territory river. The 100-year-old heroic act became

folklore for a remote outback

community and the prisoner

became the only indigenous Australian to be awarded the

Albert medal by King George

very. Descendant s of both men

gathered to honour the pair. In

1911 mounted Constable William

Johns was walking across the

swollen Will ston River with an Aboriginal prisoner arrested

for stealing. But the officer was knocked into the

crock-infest ed waters when his

horse kicked him in the head.

The Aboriginal man known as neighbour in chains jumped into

the water and saved him.

I think it's one of the great

iconic stories of Australia. A

year later Neighbour was

presented with the Albert medal at Government House, the

highest bravery award of the


become a police tracker and his

medal was kept at Government

House to wear on official

occasions. The medal is part of

a National Library exhibition visiting Darwin descendents of both men met for

the first time. We are only

here today because of one man

and what he did. The bravery

and heart that he went through

and what he did, it was for a

purpose, it was for this day.

It was to bring us

together. Constable Johns went

on to become South Australia's

was a pretty good person. He

did what a good man should do,

he made sure that the man

didn't go off to

prison. Replicas of the medal will

will be on display in Darwin

and the National Library. It's

now up to the family of

Neighbour to decide if it wants

the original medal returned.

Spanish golfing great Seve

Ballesteros has died at the age

of 54. Known for his

imaginative style of was one of golf's most popular personalities. Seve Ballesteros

won 5 majors including the US

Masters twice and he collected 87 titles during a 30-year professional career. He was

diagnosed with a brain tumour 3

years ago. Australia has

exacted revenge for its loss in

last year's 4-nations final

with a hard-fought Anzac Test victory over New Zealand last

night. The 20-10 win gave the

retiring Kangaroos captain

Darren Lockyer yet another career highlight

Test in Queensland. On home

soil at least, Darren Lockyer

is going out on top. At the moment feeling pretty happy about the win. I don't think it

all sinks in until I think the season's over. Battle hardened

by World Cup and 4 Nations

success the Kiwis were confident but the Kangaroos

have always dominated mid

season Tests. Last night was no

different. The visitors tried to to shake up the Kangaroos' key

play makers. Thurston with a

big collision. Greg Inglis

succumbed to a recurring hip

injury. He's in doubt for the Origin Origin series. He's a massive

part of this team and what

we're working for so it's a big

loss losing him. Even without

the star centre the Kangaroos

surged further ahead.

Lewis Brown's bullocking run

gave New Zealand some hope

before the break. But too

often the Kiwis turned the ball

over and eventually they were made to pay.

Another blunder from the visitors handed another

Kangaroo rookie a chance to get

on the scoreboard. With defeat

inevitable, the Kiwis refused

to submit and crossed for the

best try of the match.

Hostilities are now on hold

until October when the 2 rivals

were meet in Newcastle, a match

likely to be Lockyer's last in Australia. Inform Dragons

playmaker Jamie Soward could

miss the opening match of the

Origin series after suffering

two injuries last night. Soward

was considered the front runner

for the NSW five eighth

position but he was forced from

the field with groin and hand problems. Scans tomorrow will

reveal the extent of his injuries. Yeah, wait and see. Like I said what

the doctor says, so hopefully

he says maybe it's only a week

and a couple of days off rest.

Usually I'm a quick

it's feeling better than it did

last night. Mitchell Pearce is in line to retain the Blues'

half-back spot after starring

for City. His performance

wasn't enough for Country

claiming an 18-12 victory with

a try on the final play of the

game. In local league Goulburn

defeated Belconnen Scholars by

inflicted a heavy defeat on Yass doubling their score to

win by 22 while the Queanbeyan

Blues comfortably accounted for Gungahlin. Queensland has

strength ped its grip on top

spot with a win against the

Rebels. The opening quarter of

the match was tight with both

tries trading penalty goals

apiece. But a try for the Reds

heading into half time all but

sealed the result. The Rebels managed to outscore Queensland in the

second half but the Reds'

strong start ensured a

comfortable 33-18 win. In rugby union:

The Sydney Swans have

returned to the winner's list

after defeating the Western

Bulldogs in Canberra this afternoon in afternoon in a tight match. In today's twilight match a dominant second half

performance from Richmond saw them comfortably defeat Fremantle.

The Swans haven't had much

success in Canberra and they

were on the back foot early.

The Bulldogs kicked the opening

3 goals in as many minutes. Turnovers Turnovers proving costly for

the Swans.

But Sydney did what they know best, shutting down the

fast-starting Bulldogs and soon

the tide turned. the tide turned. The Bulldogs

feeling the pressure as the

Swans took control and the lead

in the second quarter.

The Bulldogs kept the margin

to just 5 at the long break but

there was no question who was

running the show. The Swans

wasted numerous chances in the

third term but still

a 4-goal lead by the final

change. McVague, open goal,

just needs to be steady, just needs to be steady, he stairs the moment

Bulldogs still with a sniff struck early in the last quarter. 2 goals from quarter. 2 goals from Daniel

Giansiracusa and a strong

effort from Brodie Moles giving

the game a spark. And when

Robert Murphy scored a major to

narrow the margin to 7 points

it was anyone's game but Sydney

tied down the Dogs the late charge. The Swans

earning their third win for the

season. The Bulldogs losing

their third in a row. And in

curtain raiser to this

afternoon's AFL game at Manuka

the giants lost to the Swans reserves. The giants started

strongly today and held a

1-point lead at quarter time break. Sydney's Jessy highlights in the second

quarter with a strong mark as

Sydney began to take control before half type. The Swans

kicked the final 7 goals of the match to win # 7-27. Reigning Formula One world champion

Sebastian Vettel has walked

away unscathed after a heavy

crash. The German lost control

of his car in wet conditions in

the opening practice session

for the Turkish Grand Prix. His

mechanics couldn't repair the car in but Vettel says the lack of

practice isn't a problem ahead

of tomorrow's race. His

Australian team-mate Mark

Webber finished practice with

the 5th fastest time. It seems

that for Sir Paul McCartney all

you need is love and perhaps a

bit of faith. The spokesman for

the former Beatle has confirmed

he's to wed his girlfriend of 4

year, New York business woman

Nancy Shevell. The pair are

said to share the same chilled

and optimistic outlook on life. Sir Paul was married McCartney for almost 30 years. After her death from breast

cancer he went on to marry

Heather Mills but that ended in

a bitter and very public

divorce. He's known as the

father of Australian

ornithology and lent his name

to the Gould League which introduced thousands of Australian children to

environmentalism. Now in a new

book the National Library is

celebrating John Gould's life

and his most famous work

'Gould's birds of Australia'.

He put the feathered

inhabitants of a strange new land on show. Gould was the son

of a gardener, he didn't come

from the aristocracy or the

upper middle classes of Britain

in his time. He was of

origins but he was always - in

later life he reflected on his

early love of animals. That

love of nature was combined

with a ferocious mind for

business and through these publications

publications the gardener's son

worked his way into the rarefied

rarefied world of scientific

endeavour. John Gould generated they were published. There was

only ever one addition and each

illustration was hand coloured

by a team of artists. They

would have graced the would have graced the shelves

of the well to do. The kind of people who owned cabinets of curiousities to show off to their dinner guests. They would

have been a prestige item and

certainly you would then

enhance your reputation for

being on the frontier of scientific discovery. Gould had

to work hard and travel rough

to get this knowledge back to He made sketches in the field

and his artist wife who came to

Australia with him refined the

work. She was clearly as

committed to his vision of what

they could do together. She did

it when she was expecting

babies, she did it after she

lost babies, things like that. These tomes were part of the National Library's

foundation collection. This one

elaborately bound just after

federation. The images no less

realistic despite their

realistic despite their age. Now let's take a look at the

weather and it was a frosty

start in the capital with minus

# overnight but today was

mostly sunny and mild with high cloud around this

afternoon we had a top of 17.

An upper level trough is producing cloud producing cloud through north-western and central

Australia and there's cloud and

showers through Victoria as well. There's a high pressure

system over south-eastern

Australia producing sunny skies

and our stable weather. It will

be another cold one in Hobart

tomorrow. A cold front will bring a few showers to the southern tip of

the mainland and there will be

some more rain in central

Queensland but it will be

mostly dry for the remainder of the country.

Winds will be mostly southerly cool tomorrow and

there h be shower south of the

border but it will remain

mostly dry in NSW.

And that's the news for now.

You can keep up to date 24 hours a day hours a day on ABC News online

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