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Live. Tonight - carbon

crusaders invade Canberra. I

see it as the single greatest

challenge. We don't support the

carbon tax. I speak for the

trees because the trees have no trees because the trees

tongues Three charged after a

Gold Coast detective is

critically injured by a shotgun

blast. Shots fired! Shots fired! Officer down. Will she

or won't she? Alaska's wild one

has America in a spin.

Good evening and welcome to

ABC News, I'm haution

Haussegger - Virginia Haussegger. A Corus of

community campaigners arrived in Canberra today to add their voices

heated debate over the carbon

tax. Youth groups, former Liberal leaders, schoolgirls,

farmers and even bird farmers and even bird watchers

arrived to have their say along

with the actor and activists who appear h the latest TV

adds. Their influence wasn't entirely welcomed by everyone in parliament. Tony Abbott

reckons the building industry

will be hammered by a carbon

tax. It is, that is exactly

another what it is, a bugger. There is

already flourishing -

lobbying. It is signed by over

140 diverse organisations and individuals. It is

individuals. It is the next

step in a concerted campaign for a carbon price. Finally doing something about climate change, featuring unions,

celebrities, a noted bird

watcher. I speak for the trees

because the trees have no

tongues. And two former Liberal

leaders. I think Kevin Rudd was right, dealing appropriately

with climate change is a moral imperative of this

century. That puts him at odds

with Tony Abbott. He is a

master of the negative and found a niche in the political master of the negative and has

debate. An assessment that quickly inflamed the debate. Even his fellow Liberals are no longer stomach his negativity and

hollowness. You do not give

special weight to people who

live half the year in Hollywood

where there is no carbon tax, you do not give special weight

even to former leaders of

Liberal Party, you give weight

to the voice of the Australian

people. No, no, no, no. Order!

only noise the Leader of the Those on my right. It is the

Opposition can make. This is a

Prime Minister who is happy to listen to actors but she won't

listen to voters. The actors

think they have every right to be heardment If you are not

opinions what is Malcolm allowed to have money and

Turnbull doing in politics.

What is Kevin Rudd doing in politics. The Coalition is keen

listening to the listening to the farm lobby. Modelling suggests a carbon price will cost a West

Australian grain form

$24,000. Our try will get well

and truly shafted under the recommendations as they stand now. The battle lines are drown

and both sides have called in

reinforcements. Tomorrow the

Productivity Commission will

tell the Government how much

other countries are spending to

address climate change and

Labor's clie mat adviser will

use his final report to project

how much Australian businesses will pay. scheme is winding down and now

there is growing anger over the

border at the ACT Government's

refusal to spell out the future

of its own solar panel program. The scheme faces imminent closure but the government

won't say when it will shut or

what will happen to those

customers now on the waiting

list. The uncertainty has

thrown millions of dollars solar power projects into limb thrown millions of dollars of

bomb. It seemed a bright idea -

support households to go green by paying them a premium for the but it could be about to back

fire. Yes, five had phone calls

this morning saying you are

installing my system tomorrow,

you are wanting money

don't know what to do. The

industry and its customers are

being left in limbo because a

Luke arive ACT incentive

program, the so-called feed in

tariff, has been too popular

for its own good. For us today

our greatest concern is

customers who have just had

systems installed , customers ina stalled in the next couple

of days who have a level of

uncertainty now that it's a bit

scary. Scary because customers

were lured to solar by a

20-year deal to feed power back

into the grid at an inflated

rate but that scheme's reaching

capacity and customers now have no guarantees. We have not

reached the cap at this stage

but we are fast approaching

it. The minister can't say just

how close to the 15 megawatt cap the ACT won't say what will happen to

the thousands of customers

currently on the waiting

list. Whatever happens in

relation to the future of the will be acting to ensure that household scheme the government

those people who have already

entered into arrangements are

appropriately protected. It is

a vague reassurance that will

have to do until the minister makes another statement

expected later this week.

Three people have been charged

with attempting to murder a

Gold Coast police officer who

was shot in the head during an armed hold up. were taken during the robbery.

The Senior Constable remains on life support in hospital with

his wife, who is also a his wife, who is also a police

officer, by his bed side.

After a triple 0 call believed After a triple 0

to be from someone inside hotel Senior Constable Damian Leeding

and his partner arrived at the before Pacific Pines Tavern just

before 1 # 1 last night. The 35-year-old approached the

door, he was shot in the head.

Shots fired! Shots fired!

Officer down. It is our worst

nightmare as it is for any

nightmare. He was treated at

the scene and taken to the Gold

still in a critical Coast Hospital where he is

condition. After the shooting

the robbers fled the scene and

the 7 hostages, staff and

patrons, were freed unharmed. A

man and woman were found in

bushland nearby and taken into

custody. A second man was

arrested this morning. Senior Constable Leeding's female

partner was not hurt during the

Shooting and this morning

re-enacted last night's events for detectives . She shocked. She's hurt and she is

in pain. She is being supported by all her colleagues. The tavern and neighbouring

shopping centre were closed as forensic police gathered evidence and the SES volunteers

searched the area. Today the

detectives wife, who is also a

police officer, and his family spent the day at his bed

side. He is gravely ill and our

sincere best wishes go to him

and his family at this time. Even before last night's

shooting there had been calls for an be based on the Gold Coast

where there has been more than

30 robberies involving weapons since the beginning of last

month. The issue as to whether

there should be an armed

robbery squad on the Gold Coast

is still on the table. Police

are charged three people with

attempted murder, armed robbery

and seven counts of deprivation

of liberty. They will appear in court tomorrow. The two

independent MPs, Andrew Wilkie and Nick

and Nick Xenophon, are expected

to push tomorrow for an immediate moratorium on live

cattle exports and for the

industry to be wound up

completely within three years.

Tonight's four Khanners program features shocking features shocking video footage

from nearly a dozen Indonesian abattoirs. Cattle are

mistreated, abused and left to

die a slow and painful death.

We report and a warning, the

story contains graphic images

of animal cruelty that some viewers will find disturbing.

These cattle are supposed to be killed humanely but in abattoirs across media -

Indonesia thousands are being

slaughtered the same way. Their

throats are cut without being stunned, a painful and drawn

out process. They're part of

the live export trade from

Darwin, a business that animal

welfare groups want shut down. We

down. We have an industry, a

live export trade that has

thrived by the fact that where

they send animals they know that Australian S are not going to be seeing what

occurs. Animals Australia filmed in

filmed in 11 of the 100 abattoirs in Indonesia. Some scenes are too gruesome to

show. The group wanted evidence that Australia is not ensuring the proper treatment of the proper treatment of cattle

after they arrive. At the

Gondrong abattoir on the

outskirts of Jakarta meat and

livestock Australia have

installed a restraining box for slaughter. TRANSLATION: The box

is safer because you can secure

the cow in it. If you don't use

the box the meat isn't as good.

The animal's feet and it slips and falls to the floor, buckets of water are thrown on the cattle. The

groans can be heard thought the abattoir. Dr Temple Grandin advise s the beef industry on how to handle the cattle. Conditions are terrible. You have a box

designed to make cattle fall

down. That violates every

humane standard there is all

around the world. Why is meat and livestock Australia's name on the side of the

on the side of the chute. Meat and livestock Australia is now asking that question too. There

have been six training visits

in 14 months to this but late last week live corps

announced it is suspending the

live cattle trade to three

abattoirs in Indonesia. I think producers and cattle farmers

themselves are probably the

most disappointed when they see

this sort of cruelty. It is

entirely unacceptable, completely unacceptable.

Banning the trade will be

costly and live exports are

worth more than $300 million

each year. There will be more

of that story on 'Four Corners'

tonight at 8:30. tonight at 8:30.The Afghan President says he has given the

US a final warning after 14

civilians were killed in a

coalition air strike. 12 of

them were children. The international security assistance force is

investigating the bombing in

the southern province of Helmand. Afghanistan correspondent Sari Sarah.Grief stricken relatives brought the

bodies of some of the children to the provincial capital

Lashkar Gah. They say their

homes were hit by a US air strike in the district Nawzad. About 300 metres away from our houses American forces

were fighting the Taliban and

then an American plane appeared in the sky.

The families travelled for several hours by truck to display the bodies outside the governor's compound. President governor's compound. President

Hamid Karzai described the air

strike as a great mistake and

said he had issued his final

warning to the US military about civilian casualties. The

issue of civilian casualties

has been an ongoing source of controversy and friction

between the Afghan Government

and the Coalition. The difficulty is that Coalition troops often build their patrol

bases close to towns and

villages in an effort to protect and connect with the local people but when the shooting starts that can

civilians caught in the middle.

In the north of the country thousands of people thousands of people turned out

for the funeral of a highly respected police commander.

General Daud has killed by a

Taliban suicide bomber on


announced that we will take the

revenge of our martyrs as in the past you were not able to remove your fighters' bodies from the battlefield. You will

not be able to reach your goals

by killing our heroes. The suicide attack in Takhar

province has again shown the Taliban can hit high pro-file targets at will. General Daud's

supporters are promising to continue the fight against the

insurgents. The Taliban are

warning of further attacks

across Afghanistan as the

deadly spring offensive intensifies.

Residents of the Residents of the tornado hive

devastated US Midwest found of

Joplin have a been given a

morale boost with a visit by

Barack Obama. The US President

got a first-hand look at the damage and damage and met survivors of the

freak storm which killed 140

people. 44 more are still

listed as missing. President

Obama also attended a memorial

service for those who perished

and made a pledge to survivors. The

The cameras may leave, the

spotlight may shift but we will be with you every step of the

way until Joplin is restored

and this community is back on

its feet. It was the President's first official act

since returning from Europe. It

looks like a campaign and

sounds like a campaign but

Sarah Palin is still keeping

everyone guessing. The leading

Republican and former alas scan

governor has begun a national

tour provoking a frenzy of

speculation he is might be

about to have another tilt at the White the White House.

Just when you thought the

presidential race might be dull without Donald Trump, Sarah Palin roared back onto Palin roared back onto centre stage making a chaotic entrance

at a motorcycle rally for war

veterans. It was designed to

launch a national bus tour the

former alas scan governor says

will energise Americans about the country's founding principles. To get across America

important it is to respect and protect our constitution. It is

not the only sign she could be

angling for a presidential run.

There is the new house in Arizona that could a campaign base, a recent trip

to Israel and a new documentary

charting her political rise. The fire in the bell I

will, it is there. It is

unclear whether all this means

Sarah Palin is gearing up for a

serious run at the White House

or whether she's just doing

what Sarah Palin does best, pre motoring Sarah Palin. She

certainly is a major factor and I believe that she can be very competitive. More Conservative

hopefuls are still coming out

of the woodwork, including another Tea Party another Tea Party darling

Michele Bachmann and now the

Texas governor Rick Perry. I'm

gonna think about it. I think

about a lot of things. One opinion poll already put Sarah

Palin as the second-most

favoured potential Republican contender behind only the

former mash shus its Mitt Romney. Would you rom

nismt I plead the fifth on that

one. There is no sign yet who

will emerge from the pack. Soccers world government verning body is in turmoil

after suspending two of its top

officials and launching a

corruption inquiry. Fifa

President, Sepp Blatter was

cleared of any wrong going -

wrongdoing meaning he will be

re-elected to the top job

unopposed. Mohamed Bin Hamman, the head of the Asian Football Confederation arrived at Fifa

headquarters to front its

ethics committee accused of

corruption. It is alleged he and jack and jack Warner, Fifa's

vice-president, paid bribes of

$40,000 to members of the Caribbean Football Union earlier this month. Vote

buying, it is alleged for Bin Hammam, who was challenging Blatter for the Fifa

presidency. A full inquiry will be held in due course where

they are going to formally

expected to make the allegations against them. Both Bin Hammam and Warner have been

suspended. Sepp Blatter knew of

the payments it is claimed but

did nothing, an allegation the ethics dismissed because of a

lack of evidence. The decision

clears the way for Blatter to

be re-elected Fifa President unopposed prompting tit-for-tat

bribery claims. At the very

same congress Mr Blatter

offered the congress $1

million. $1 million he offered them. Qatar.

renewed focus on Mohamed Bin

Hamman's role in his country's

successful bid against

Australia to host the 2022

World Cup, a bid mired in corruption allegations. Not

only should Australia be Depped handing a $46 million refund from Fifa but we should be

looking at reopening the 2022

bid. If it was so corrupt, so

rotten to the core at Fifa. We

will consider whether a second

bit would take place. It would

depend on the

also if the corruption is - if

there has been corruption by

members of the Fifa executive

or from the Qatar bit. For now the government the government says Fifa needs

to undertake urgent reform.

The parents of a cyber bullying victim who

subsequently killed himself have received compensation for

his death. The victims of crime

assistance tribunal has ruled that 17-year-old Allem Halkic's death two

result of a crime.It is a small

win for a family that's lost so

much.Allem Halkic took his own

life in February 2009. Last

month a Magistrate ruled that

his suicide was the result of

bullying and he was a victim of

crime. The most positive thing

that's come out of this is that

Allem's dignity has been fully restored. This sort restored. This sort of

application had not gone before the tribunal the tribunal before.

The 17-year-old was popular,

smart and outgoing but moss online harassment and text

message threats pushed him to his death. Two years have gone

by and it's like it has just happened yesterday. It is reality reality everyday. How do we keep going in I don't know. The bully, Shane Gerada pleaded

guilty last year to stalking

charges and was sentenced to an

18 month community based order.

The Halkic's parents say the

VIMS of viem compensation was

not about compensation but acknowledgement that their son

was victimised. They have

pleased their case has set a precedent for other about Allem. So many people

have taken their lives due to

criminal acts committed against

them and can't work their way

out. The parents of Brodie

Panlock welcomed the Halkic finding. Their 19-year-old

daughter killed herself in 2009

after suffering relentless

torment at her

workplace. People now realise

it is a serious crime and this

is the consequences it can end

with young people taking their

life. Tougher penalties for known as Brodie's law will

breakly be passed in state parliament tomorrow. A Canberra dentist will fill

the seat in the ACT Assembly

vacated by the former chief

minister Jon Stanhope. Until recently Chris Bourke planned

to take an academic job in Cairns but today he beat five

other candidates vying for the

seat of Ginninderra. I'm proud

to have been elected during reconciliation Indigenous member of the legislative assembly. The

result is based on a countback

from the last election. This is

a great result. We obviously had

but for Dr Bourke to win, I

think, is a great addition to

the team. The poll result will be formally declared on Wednesday.

To finance now and the local share market share market eased slightly

today amid more evidence of the

economic cost of this summer's

floods and cyclones. Here is

Alan Kohler.First what's going on with national average petrol price

fell 2.5 cents last week to

142.2 cents per litre. Since

the peak in early May the price

has fallen 9.1 cents. As the

graph shows the wholesale price

has fallen more. The retailers

margins have expanded from 7.3

to 11.9 cents a litre, which is

great for them but not so great

for us motorists. On the

subject of national GDP we have

a few pieces of the warter jigsaw today. Down 2%.

Mining profits fell 6.6%

because of the disruptions to

supply caused by the floods and

cyclones. Although if you just looked at global prices of

commodities profits should have

gone up 7%. The bottom line is

the GDP for the quarter, when

released on Wednesday, will almost certainly show a negative

negative number. The market

thinks it will be minus 0.3%.

Here are a couple of graphs of

mining and non-mining profits.

Both went backwards in the

quarter. The effect on mining disasters was very pronounced. For manufacturing and services sales are weak because of the

high dollar and margins are under pressure so they are unlikely to bounce back quite

so quickly. The share market's

bounce on Friday was short lived with a reversal today of

a third of 1%. Trading was soggy across the market with CBA posting the biggest fall

among the banks. BHP Billiton

was down 0.5% and David downs

and QR National both fell 2%. The Australian compared to this time on Friday

night. The body of the latest

Australian soldier to die in

Afghanistan has been

back to Sydney. A ramp ceremony for Sergeant Brett Wood has

been held at Richmond air force

base. The 32-year-old highly decorated commando from

Victoria was killed last week

by an improvised bomb. The

defend force said he was an exceptional soldier. Sergeant

Wood will be buried with full military honours.One of

Australia's great listens, the equestrian Bill Roycroft has

died at the age of 96. He

competed in five Olympic Games winning a clutch of gold and

bronze medals but it was Roycroft's heroic performance at his first Olympics at his first Olympics that won

over the nation. This is Bill

Roycroft's mount for today's

run. He was a dairy farmer in western Victoria who made his

Olympic debut in the three-day

event at a 45-year-old in 1960. Hoping you go into all

these things that you are going to win. That's what you're there

there for. You are there to

beat the rest. That fierce determination to win was pivotal to one of the greatest

stories in Australia's Olympic

history. Roycroft fell during

the steeplechase in Rome badly

injuring his shoulder but with

Australia leading the team's

event he checked himself out of hospital

hospital against doctor's orders. He was unable to dress

himself but still rode a clean

show jumping round to win gold for Australia. Bill Roycroft

legend in the sport of should be remembered as a

equestrian and a driving force behind the behind the success that the

sport has had in the last 50

years. The understanding of a

horse, the love of the horse

made him a great Horsman. He

had amazing balance. He was a great sportsman. After 1960 Bill Roycroft made another four

Olympic teams competing

alongside all three of his sons

in an unrivalled Australian Olympic dynasty. Olympic dynasty. He became

Australia's older Olympian and medallists winning bronze in

Montreal at the age of 61. The fondest memory was to stand twice on

twice on the Olympic dais with him winninged in dealing and to

follow him into the stadium in

Mexico city when he carried the

flag in the Opening Ceremony for Australia. Roycroft's

contribution to the sport is

unprecedented. There will be a

private funeral later this

week. Mens golf has a new

number 1. Luke Donald has taken

the top spot from Lee Westwood

after beating him in a play-off

in the European PGA


33-year-old Luke Donald is the

third player to reach the

summit of men's golf since

towards' five-year stint ended late

late last year. It is an

amazing accomplishment. It is

something I will be very proud

of. There is a still a lot of work to do. I have many more

years of good golf in me. Lee

Westwood would have won the tournament and kept the number

1 ranking if he made a birdie at the 18th. Instead he found

himself in a play-off with his

tried Ryder Cup team mament. Westwood

tried to match Donald's effort

but his hopes were soon sunk.

Another taste of champagne for Vettel and a touch of

controversy for Lewis Hamilton

who leave believed

targeted by stewards who gave

during the Monaco Grand him two drive through penalties

Prix. Maybe it is because I am

black. The Englishman who

finished 6th later apologised

notoriously tight circuit for the comment on the

another crash in the closing

stages caused the race to be

apart from in the barrier. That halted. He had nowhere to go

gave Vettel some badly-needed

new tyres and allowed the world

championship to finish in front

of button, Alonso and Webber to

notch his sixth win this

season. His championship lead over Hamilton points. Novak Djokovic made it over Hamilton is 56

43 wins in a row as he thrashed Richard Gasguet. His opponent

will be exhausted Italian Fabio

who took four-and-a-half hours Fognini in the quarter finals

to beat Spain's Albert

Montanes. Women's third seed

Vera Zvonareva lost to Russian Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova and

Francesca Schiavone outlasted the defending championship

Jen Jen Jen.Alberto Contador

won the Giro d'Italia by than six minutes. The Spaniard

is still dealing with doping

allegations from his victory in

last year's Tour de France. He

has been cleared by Spanish governing body has appealed authorities but the sport's

against their findings to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Now it is time to take a look

at the weather and time to welcome Mark Carmody. Good

evening. Despite overcast

conditions all day so far no rain has fallen.

other hand has had heaps. 36 millimetres last night and millimetres

another 17 today. It caused all

flooding, road closures and sorts of problems, flash

vehicle accidents. There was

also a spectacular waterspout

off Terrigal. We could use some

of that rain here. Overnight we

were spared a frost only

dropping to three. The top

temperature was 14, the winds were southerlies averaging at were southerlies averaging at

20km/h. Currently they are not

belowing that hard, more like

15 kilometres an hour and it is 15 kilometres an hour

10 degrees. Rain fell on the

coast today, now are and Wollongong received 7

millimetres, Gosford 44 between

9 and 3. Showers were received in Coonabarabran and around

Wellington. The southern

tablelands were overcast but mainly dry. Nationally today:

off You can see the cloud mass

off the New South Wales coast

that has generated all that

rain. It will hang around tomorrow so more expected. The cloud is tomorrow so more rain is

associated with a slow moving

low but by Wednesday it will

move to the northest. A cold

front will bring more rain to

WA tomorrow. Bunbury got rain and strong winds today.

Nationally tomorrow:

We're closing in on the

shortest day of the year.

Sunrise will be at 7:03.

Wednesday could be wet as well

with the sun returning on

Thursday.Autumn guardians

contain lots of berries, some

good and some bad. This is

sacred bamboo. It is not Nandina domestica, Japanese

invoicive like the other

bamboos.- invasive like the

other bamboos. Stay with us for

7:30 with Leigh Sales and Chris Uhlmann. Good night. Closed Captions by CSI. Tonight on 7.30 - I dropped

my glasses. My daughter picked

them up, put them in my hand,

dropped them again. She what's wrong with your hand, dropped them again. She said

dad? Good news for stroke victims. The latest drug therapy that could prevent a lifetime of disability. This

will have a significant effect.

change the world. When we die

we want to have made a

difference. And the last ride

of one of Australia's Olympians. Against all medical of one of Australia's greatest

advice, a few painkillers

ensured we won the gold medal

so he's a hero. Welcome to the program. The

carbon wars are escalating in