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Tonight - Qantas down, out

but defiant. I've taken these

tough decisions because I

believe it is the right thing to do. This was a preconceived,

brand by Qantas preplanned attack on the

management. Terminal condition

- Qantas passengers stranded

worldwide. The state of industrial relations in

Australia is bloody piss poor Australia is bloody

and they need to sort it

out. The enemy within, three

diggers shot dead by an Afghan

soldier they were training. Our

dead will come home with honour

their loss. and the nation will grieve

Good evening, Craig Allen Afghanistan later. But first, with ABC News. The deaths in

the main players have been

hitting the air waves all day

but only one voice counts if

Qantas is to get

air any time soon. Tonight the

industrial umpire is still

trying to negotiate a truce

between the airline and its

warring unions. The dispute led to last night's unprecedented

decision by Qantas to ground

its entire domestic and

international fleet. Since then

have been affected both here and overseas. Almost 450

flights have been cancelled and

Federal Government embarrassed, the fallout has left the

the nation's tourist reputation

damaged and sparked concerns

about the impact on this week's

Melbourne Cup. Tonight we have ABC correspondents reporting

from the United States, Asia

and Europe on how stranded passengers are coping. We'll

have the latest on those

emergency talks at Fair Work Australia. Greg Jen net begins

our coverage of the day's

developments. Welcome to the

no-fly zone where the only things moving are emotions. Pretty angry. Pretty emotions. Pretty angry.

Angy. There is nothing we can do. Where passengers are truly

sent packing. It is a big inconvenience. It is the same

everywhere, barren check ins,

bemused customers. This is

properly the third time now

with Qantas so, you know, the blood pressure goes Sydney it is a parking lot, the

biggest share of the 108 Qantas

planes grounded sit here on the tarmac while inside stranded

passengers are left to wonder while. I don't think it's fair

on the people. QantasLink and

Jetstar are operating normally

and over at virgin business has

never been better. I will not

deny it is not an opportunity

in the sense that people then

will get to see our product. A

day on from issues the

grounding order the Qantas

chief is digging in. I've done

those customers, to bring this to bring certainty

certainty to the employees and

stop this slow bleeding of been

a as the. Without it Alan Joyce

maintains a Qantas risked dying

anyway unable to survive a risk

in drops in booking and

industrial action. I have taken

these tough decisions because I believe it is the right thing

to do. It is not the spirit of

Australia. Not the spirit of

ace I understand. But is it

legal and is it

justified? Silence, all stand please. The industrial umpire stands in

stands in the middle of that's drawing in alegion of

unions an Ange anxious Government. We certainly want

to see the planes flying again as soon as possible. The official line from the

Government is it is not taking sides. I believe Australians

want to see this dispute

settled. I want to see it settled. At Fair Work Australia

it's asked for an end to industrial action but stopped

well short of using the powers

it has to order everyone back

to work. 24 is the Prime

Minister's own act. She should

be familiar with it and she

should use the powers in it. The

all in policy brawl. Tony an intervention is urging an

Abbott, included. Maggie

Thatcher would never have cleaned up industrial relations

in the UK if the attitude in the UK if the attitude of

politicians is that they don't

take sides. The Government

wants the warring parties to

sort it out themselves but

neither side has ever flinched.

There are clear grounds for the minister to step in when there

is a risk of damage to the

economy also sides agree,

that's already happening. The

evidence is there for

see. It's been a frustrating

day for tens of thousands of

passengers affected by the

grounding. Some have managed to

rebook with other airlines but many have been left stranded.

This report from Barbara Millar. They came to Brisbane

for a wedding but were keen to

here home. We need to go back

to Perth on a flight because we

have a 9-month-old baby with

grandad that we need take care

of. Obviously mum is a bit

upset. I just think it is disgusting. In Sydney too the

waiting was taking its toll. I

tried to get to Melbourne. My

father is sick in hospital so I

only have five days as well so

it is really - it is a distressing. Some visitors took it is really - it is a bit

a philosophical view. As long

as the aeroplane don't drop I don't mind. From another

international guest this blunt

advice: State of industrial

relations in Australia is

bloody piss poor and they need

to sort it out. This 83-year-old from Adelaide has

just returned from a cruise only to find herself

marooned. We are not going home

until Tuesday and I've got a

cancer appointment. I think she

is fairly stressed. I'm feeling

rather giddy. Many passengers

are facing delays of several

days including 300 doctors at a

rural medicine conference in

Alice Springs. Obstetrician Dr

Glen Pereira says if he does

central west New South Wales not make it back to Forbes in

the maternity ward may have to close. That

who is in labour or who is

getting close to that stage

will have to be sent to the

base hospital which is 120

kilometres away. All options

are being considered. We tried

to book on the Ghan but the Ghan

Ghan is booked out. Driving to

Adelaide in a bid to get a

is flight back to rural Victoria

is a risky strategy. Who knows

if the planes will be flying

out of Adelaide. Doctor David

Campbell and his wife decided

it was worth a go. Around the

world thousands of Qantas

passengers have been limbo. The airline's major

European hub is London's Heathrow Airport. There eight

flights have been grounded this

weekend leaving passengers

along way from home and of what will happen next. A

Russian plane lands at

Heathrow, a British jet heads

for the skies and QF32 stuck for the skies and QF32 stuck in a terminal condition, the

flying kangaroo stranded. With

it the hapless passengers, many

of whom turned up to hear bad news. If we can't get there

we might as well go home and

forget the whole trip. If we can't get there by Monday there

is no point getting there

because the cruise ship

have gone and we can't - the

whole holiday - the whole thing

is no good. While some

passengers have managed to

rebook others don't know if

connections to Qantas flights

in other countries will now

happen. Are we going to get

stranded in Bangkok and with

floods in Bangkok it's not particularly hopeful.

Should we put the Finnair flight off here and wait. We are waiting to hear more information about whether there

is a projection about how long

the dispute will continue and

based on that we might be able to make firmer plans. Some

aren't waiting. This people

expected to be well on their

way to Australia by now. In

stead they have rebooked with

another airline in a couple of

days, a frustrating start to a now shortened holiday in

Perth. Qantas is the main person

this. I don't think I really

want to take sides in who's

right or wrong I just hope they

get Italy solved quicker. I

haven't really felt anger. It is

is one of those things

to say if I'm going to get

angry about it it will not be

good for us. It is frustrate

ing. The frustration expressed

hire is replicated wherever

Qantas exists across the world and the key question, "When

will it all end?" Simply can't

be answered. There was more

American hub. Lisa Millar has

the latest. Here in Los

Angeles there has been a steady but management flow of

passengers turning up to see if there is any Some of them were on to the cancelled flights last night

and were among the hundreds

ferried out to 15 different

hotels around Los Angeles. Many

have now rebooked onto other

flights although what should

have been a 15-hour trip home

has become, for some, a 30-hour

journey taking a detour through

Korea. Lay over of 14 hours, hotel and they said there is

some lounge there I can stay

in. That is 14 hours in a

lounge. Nights are still

flying. You are flying with Qantas? And we sent, "Why?" We

have just found out about

it. We don't know what to do, we are stranded. Stressed, a

little stressed. We have no

idea what's going to lap. LA is

not our favourite place to get

stuck. We definitely would

rather be in Australia but

there is nothing we can do. We were hoping to pick up a cruise

ship out of Perth so hoping to

catch it along the way via Adelaide which is a few

days into the cruise. If not I

guess turn around and go

home. The Australian Government

also has representatives on the

ground here in LA keeping an

eye on the process and offering any extra help that might be

needed to stranded passengers.

Certainly while there is a

sense of frustration amongst

those that are here they seem resigned to a lengthy

wait. Hundreds more Qantas

passengers are marooned in the

flood-affected Thai capital

Bangkok. The city is the

subject of an Australian

Government travel warning tourists to stay away. South-east Asia correspondent

Zoe Daniel reports. About 300

people flying from London were told just before told just before their plane

touched down in Bangkok that

this would be more than the

usual transit stop. Some were

put on other flights, others

were taken to a hotel but some weren't prepared to wait. I

have just paid $1,900 to fly

with another airline to get

home. It was a similar

situation at Changi Airport in Singapore where

try to find a way out. The

other airlines we were told all

the flights were booked out now

until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Unless Qantas get up

running we are stuck here all

week. In Bangkok the desire to

leave was also fuelled by Government warnings to

reconsider travel to the city

due to massive flooding that

has been closing in on the

capital. Transit through the

main airport is exempt and Swiss tourist Claudia Braun

says she was reassured by

Qantas before leaving Europe after she raised fears of being

stranded by floods. It would be

no problem if there was some

flooding, we will not stop is

in Bangkok and we will go. It

will be short, no problem. Obviously stressed staff tried

to prevent us from filming but eventually arranged her

accommodation and an onward

flight on a different airline

today. Most passengers were

taken to this hotel in Bangkok's Sukhumvit

Bangkok's Sukhumvit tourist

district and

information. Anydrive us to

this hotel. Now we are here and

I don't know when the flight to

Sydney goes. Flood warnings for

Bangkok have eased after the

passing of high tides. Water

continues to inundate the outer

suburbs but the inner state,

including Sukhumvit remains

mostly dry, as does the main

airport. The Qantas crisis is a

devastating blow to Australian tourism. Industry representatives expect to see millions irreparable damage to the

country's reputation as a

tourism destination. It is the

airline that's stopped the

nation, just days before Australia's Australia's favourite race. I just fear we will have an

international embarrassment of

worldwide proportions if we

don't have people being able to

fly in and out of

Melbourne. Usually a sure bet for tourism operators, Melbourne Cup plans have been

thrown into disarray. Some

lucky punters were still able

to make the journey. It has

been planned since about April

this year so we're glad to be

here. Across Australia Qantas'

decision to ground its entire

fleet has already begun to cripple the

industry. We have dealt with

things like the ash cloud, the

problems that occurred with the

sewn farmee in Japan and the

earthquake - Tsunami and the

earthquake in Christchurch but

this has the most far ring effect. The industry has started started to weigh up how far

reaching. We are look at 150

million dollars of lost tunes

in the tourism industry in a

day. Without an aviation

industry that industry that offers reliable

services that are convenient we

will not have a tourism

industry. In the berth place of Qantas, Queensland tourism hubs are worried. Our reputation is

on the line with this. At the

moment we are trying to win the bid for the Commonwealth Games,

we don't want anything like this getting in the way. Along

with Victoria and New South

Wales Queensland is fighting

back. The Queensland Government will be joining to Fair Work Australia. We are

not going to stand by and see

this dispute continue to

cripple the Queensland economy. It is just blow to Queensland's ailing

tourism industry which was left

battered after a summer of

natural disasters and the

impact of the high Australian

dollar. While the future of the

national carrier is up in the air the tourism industry remains on shaky ground. In Canberra Virgin Blue has moved to capitalise on the woes. Qantas normally operates

65% of all flights in and out

of the capital but today only

regional subsidiary QantasLink

and Virgin services were

running. Virgin Blue put on

five extra flights to pick up

stranded Qantas passengers with

the latest scheduled to leave

just before midnight tonight. Qantas passengers appear to

have heeded advice to steer

clear of the airport unless

they have have been rebooked on

alternative carriers. How did

it come to this? Three unions

have been negotiating Qantas but no one expected the

airline to ground its entire

fleet and lock out its workers.

We look at the timeline of a

showdown.So what is it all about? There isn't just one

issue at stake here, Qantas has

been in dispute with three

unions over pay and job security for months. It's complicated and interest

tracted. It involves long haul

pilots, licensed engineers and

baggage, ground and catering

staff. Pilots want assurances that only fly Qantas planes . They say

they don't want a pay rise.

Ground staff covered by the Transport Workers Union do want

more money as well as better

conditions and job conditions and job security. Engineers also want a wage

increase and no changes to

current work practices. Extreme demands according to the

ireline. The flashpoint came in August

August when Qantas announced

1,000 jobs would go as part of

a new emphasis on Asia. Later

that month the airline revealed

it had doubled its full year

net profit to $250 Engineers began their

industrial campaign which has been accelerating ever

since. Equal pay for equal

work. Union anger was fuelled

by news that Alan Joyce was

getting a 70% pay rise taking his

his salary to $5 million.

Earlier this month the Qantas

CEO reported receiving death

threats which was questioned by the unions. We haven't

discounted the possibility that

may have been a story that has

been made up by Qantas management. A week later Qantas

grounded five flights due to

the stand -off. This industrial

action is clearly

Qantas and our brand Claim and

counterclaim continue. The

normally conservative pilots

union is now considering legal

action against Alan Joyce. Negotiating with Qantas is like negotiating with a bull elephant. They are intent on

stomping on you but not much

else. The signs might subject

otherwises but all three unions

say no action was planned for

this week. There will be more

coverage and analysis of the

Qantas crisis in a special

Iition of 7:30 after this

bulletin here on ABC 1. Now to

tonight's other major story. What What the Prime Minister

described as a bitter day for

the nation. Three soldiers have been killed and

seven wounded in Afghanistan.

They were shot by an Afghan

soldier they had been training

in the southern province of

Kandahar. It was to be one of the deadliest days for

Coalition forces since the war

began. At least 12 Americans

were among 17 people killed by

a suicide bomber in Kabul. Afghanistan correspondent Sally Sara reports. The after Afghanistan soldier turned his weapon Australian Australian

troops after a routine morning

parade at a base in Kandahar

Province. Three Australian soldiers and an Afghan interpreter interpreter were killed. Seven

Australian soldiers and several after Afghanistans were

wounded. Troops returned fire and killed the gunman. Today is

a bitter day for Australia. I

don't know a better day than

the word 'bitter' to describe how we feel today. Afghan

troops at the scene of the shooting

shooting have been disarmed as

a precaution because of fears

of more rogue soldiers. Ince dwint will test the trust

between Australian troops and

their Afghan counterparts. The

Prime Minister says the hard

work will continue. This attack

does not change our does not change our mission in

Afghanistan. One of the wounded Australian soldiers has life threatening injuries threatening injuries hurricane is expected to be transferred

to a military hospital in

Germany. Four others have

serious wounds, two have minor

wounds. The wounded soldiers

and the interpreter were

treated at the scene and

transferred by helicopter to nearby ISAF medical centres for emergency treatment. The Afghan

national army expressed

condolences to the Australian

forces and the Federal Government. It says insurgents

are trying to undermine relationship with Coalition

troops. The details of thins

dents are still unclear but the

Afghan national army says the

soldier was known as Darwish

who had served for five to six

years and had resigned after an initial four-year period.

Afghan and Australian officials are are investigating the

killing. It is critical we show restraint and verve our judgment investigation is complete. The

attack happened on a bloody day

or the Coalition forces in

Afghanistan. A suicide car bomb

exploded in the capital killing

13 US soldiers 13 US soldiers and civilians. Several after Afghanistan buy

staernds were killed and

wounded in the powerful blast

in the south-west of the city. The Taliban claimed responsibility and the warning of further violence. Another

asylum seeker boat has been intercepted off the coast of

Western Australia. The boat was

intercepted by a navy ship south Wes south Wes of browse island. It

is believed 57 people are onboard.

onboard. World leaders are tonight making their way home

from Perth after the 21st

meeting of the Commonwealth

Heads of Government. They are

calling it a landmark summit

although it has failed to deliver everything Julia Gillard wanted. Mark Simkin

filed this report from Perth.

Even guy CHOGM standards it is

a somewhat underwhelming fee

gnarly. Three days of talks

ending with a communique that promises more talks. leaders did agree on a charter

of Commonwealth values but it

won't be really binding and the

plans for a human rights and democracy watchdog has been

kicked down the road. As one Australian source put United Nations Security Council

there is five countries with a

power of veto, in CHOGM there

are 54. In short, we have done

and delivered a lot this week.

Some of the discussions have

not been easy. At least the leaders partners have something

to write home about. This is

what they got up to, led by first bloke

of time on the world stage in

the next few weeks. She will

visit France for the G20,

Hawaii for APEC and Bali for

the east the east Asia summit and Barack

Obama is visiting Australia so

there will be a lot more

talking. Given the state of the

war in Afghanistan and the economy in Europe there is a

lot to talk about.International

horses seeking Melbourne Cup

glory have hit the track ahead

of Tuesday's big race. A record

11 overseas entrants will

contest the cup. It - cup. It is shaping up as a battle between 'Dunaden' Dunn and 'Americain', two French

gallopers. 'Dunaden' has had Americains - measure in France this year.

The trainer thinks the stayer can replicate that form in the Melbourne Melbourne Cup. Mikel

Delzangles says 'Dunaden' is in

top condition following a win

in the Geelong Cup. The horse

is well. The track is perfect.

It is a good track. It suits

the European horses. It suit them better Nan Geelong

track. 'Americain' remains the

firm favourite. Last year he

has many races before coming to

Australia. Now, this year, he

has a few races and he looks fresh and ready. Racing officials predict a battle royale. The French could

realistically go one, two on

Tuesday. I do think there could

be a French quinnell ya. Not

all trainers were talking up their entrants today. Luca Cumani trains sailor and 'Manighar' both of which underperformed in the

Caulfield Cup. I think we have

a chance, winning is proving

quite difficult. The trainer of juke box jury offered an honest

assessment of the carnival

itself. I would be lying if I

said it has anything like the

same kudos in Europe as it does

over here but it is a huge, big

prize. $3.6 million to be

precise. Melbourne Victory has

reported its first win of A-League season and ended its

goal scores drought. Victory

defeated the Phoenix in Wellington. Gold Coast grounded

the Newcastle Jets and Sydney

FC drew with Melbourne Heart.-

Heart. Australia's the world's

top ranked netball nation after

defeating New Zealand in the

final gym of its three test

sear res. The Diamonds beat the

Silver Ferns 44-41 to win the

constellation cup in front of a

sell out crowd in Melbourne.The stage was set for another epic

blockbuster between the fierce

rivals. The Silver Ferns were

switched on from the opening

whistle and the end of the

first quarter could not come fast enough New Zealand raced away to an

early lead. The Diamonds

mounted a comeback in the third quarter. The new attacking

combination of Caitlin Basset

and Erin Bell made a telling

impact. The contest lived up to expectations and the

Australians ended ahead when counted.The world champions

closed the game out to win by

three goals. To be out on court

and win a game like that is

amazing. It is all down determination of the girls on

court and on the Ben. The victory means the Constellation Cup remains in Australia. Samantha Stosur's successful

season has come to an end with

defeat in the semifinals of the WTA championships. Czech player

Petra Kivitova beat the US Open champion. champion. Still no joy against

Kivitova. She has never beaten her. Kivitova will meet

Victoria Azarenka in the final.

18 months after taking up the sport Melissa Rollison has won

the noosa triathlon. She ran

down Olympic hopeful Emma

Jackson to take the victory.

The 28-year-old stumbled over

the line before collapsing with

exhaustion. I just gave it everything on the bike and left nothing for the run. After

racing at Noosa for more than a decade and twice finishing second David second David Dellow broke through for

The nation's top equestrians

have today gone cross country

in Canberra as part of their

bid to win coveted ranking points needed for a spot

spot in next year's Olympic

team. It was a test of speed, endurance and courage. Riding

at breakneck speeds over the

3.7 kilometre tracks come

petter tos faced 35 obstacles

including a 1.5 metre water

jump. The event included

dressage and

Australian former Olympic

mettist Shane Rose had the lead

until a costly mistake in the

jump stage allowed Finland's

Dominic Ingvall to claim the

top spot. In the WNBL Canberra

were pipped at the post by

Adelaide last night. The

lightning beat the capitals

75-71 in Canberra.Knights in

armour and damsels in distress, not

not your regular Canberra

weekend but today chivalry and

courtly love was in the air at the Canberra medieval

tournament and fare.It was a

time when defending your lady's

honour was a serious affair.

All the Knights go onto the field carrying the favour of

their ladies and we fight for

their honour and not our own honour. Today it is a serious

sport. A lot of people they see

Knights in armour wailing at

each other and actually saying,

"No, there is a marshal art

here. This is a developed

series of technique and

training that goes into what it is we is we do. The era of romance

and chivalry has come to the

capital. It is a fare with

wears and skills on show. In

need of some armour or per

chance a sword. There a games and entertainment and a castle

of sorts. You could try your

hand with a bow and arrow or

just sit back and destroy the -

enJay the battle. More

inspirational power than

anything else. Our job is to

inspire people. The main event

forsooth is the joust, even in

the middle ages it would draw a

crowd. Between the 1300s and

1400s they developed a circuit where through Europe nights

used to go round and earn

prizion any in jousting competitions. It was like the

super bowl of its

think silt not a lady's sport

think again. Historically women

did not just but in Australia and thought the world we like

to get in and mix wit the boys. When the dualing is done

and the maiden is won it is

back to reality until anon.

Onto Canberra's weather now.

After yesterday's showers we

have enjoyed a mostly sunny day with increasing cloud this

afternoon. A pleasant top of 21

with a moderate Sindh at time.

Goulburn stayed mostly dry today. With the frontal system to

our east now we will see sunny weather for the coming few

days. A ridge of high pressure

will keep local conditions fine and sunny. It is a slow moving

system so we are in for a nice,

fine week. While Melbourne and Hobart might see a few more

showers tomorrow it will be

sunny in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. Brisbane the chance of storms and


That's the news for now. Stay

with us for a special edition

of 7:30. Thanks for your company, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI. This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight we will cross to our correspondents around the

world for the latest news from

major Qantas hubs in London,

Los Angeles and Bangkok. We

will talk to key players in the

dispute. As we go to air

tonight 108 planes are grounded

in 22 locations. Qantas

operates 3,000 flights both domestically and

internationally a week and

cancelling all those flights is

costing Qantas $20 million a

day.We start today with our

reporter Connor Duffy who

explains how we got here.