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Tonight - Julia Gillard and

Tony Abbott talk tough on

tax. They will get a tax cut from us without a carbon tax. This

This tax plan is a figment of

his imagination. The fast food a code of conduct was introduced. Remembering

Australia's early soldiers -

the National Arboretum's Boer War memorial. And teenager

Tomic shocks the fifth seed at


Good evening. Craig Allen

with ABC News. The nation's

political leaders remain at

logger heads over tax cuts.

Tony Abbott's promise relief without a price on

the Government, while Julia carbon has been dismissed by

Gillard has pledged to offer

carbon tax assist tns to almost

everyone has been labelled a con. The con. The tussle is heating up

as the negotiations reach

boiling point, but the

agreement is taking longer than

predicted. Political reporter

Hayden Cooper. He ain't no

horse whisperer. If necessary

you just bloody well hold on,

mate. But Tony Abbott is on

droving duty in the Top End,

trying to wrangle a way forward

for the cattle trade. Just with him? And he has an

ambitious idea of how to do

it. My proposal is that the

Prime Minister and I jointly go to Indonesia to do what we can. It's a case of dueling

demands, the but the Prime

Minister's challenge is on

climate change. She is opening

the doors of Treasury and

daring Tony Abbott to get his

promise of tax cuts

tested. Now, if he doesn't take

that offer up, I think people

are entitled to say, "Well,

this tax plan is a figment of

his imagination." Well,

a Prime Minister who doesn't

release Treasury modelling of

her own policies. The

Opposition Leader's mantra is already on full already on full display. They

will get a tax cut from us

without a carbon tax. But is it

an empty an empty promise. Now, Tony

Abbott is talking about tax cuts, but there's absolutely no

details available. It cuts both

ways. The Government is yet to

release its own details of

promised tax cuts and welfare

increases. It can't because the

deal on the carbon tax is still weeks away, according to one

participant. Bob Brown says

major hurdles remain, but he

has a warning for the coal industry and its thousands of

workers. His ideal world workers. His ideal world has no

coalmines at all. That has to

be the outcome. The coal

industry has to be replaced by

renewables. The carbon tax

ultimately spells death for the

coal industry, and Bob Brown

has proved it today. It is a

tough message as the Greens

warm to their new role as Senate powerbrokers. Oh, it's lovely. Enjoy the power and

willing to use it. Kids, TV and

junk food advertising - it is

potent mix and a new study has

found the problem isn't getting

any better. Two years after the

fast food industry committed to limiting the amount of

advertising aimed at children,

researchers say there has been

no change, but the industry

story, and self-regulation is says that's not the whole

working. They're catchy,

colourful and pretty hard

avoid. Many parents like Nicole

Khun have long given up trying

to reach for the row mote to the commercial breaks. Yeah,

well, it's hard. They're going to watch it to watch it anyway. I think the

way I get around it is make

sure the kids lead a healthy

lifestyle. A study by the Sydney University and the

Cancer Council has found that

despite an industry code of

conduct introduced in 2000 #9d

the number of ads for

non-healthy fast foods hasn't

changed at all. It is a little

bit like putting the fox in

charge of the hen

you let industry set their own

codes of practice. But the

industry sees it differently,

pointing that overall kids are

seeing more ad from fast food

outlets because the number of

healthy alternatives have increased. The healthier food

are coming up if you look closely at the data and this is

exactly what it's trying to

achieve. The research looked at

the regular lace one year after

it was introduced. Geoffrey

Annison says it's early days. I half-full, half empty. We have think this is a glass

to recognise what the industry

has done and recognise it is

listening to community kerb

right direction. I would say concerns and heading in the

it is a fairy step in the right

direction but when we've been

talking about this for a number

of years and been concerned

about the levels of overweight

and obesity in children, a little fairy step isn't

enough. Nicole Khun isn't

holding her breath for more

regulations. She says she has worked out her own methods of

countering the effects of fast

food advertising and her two

McDonald's burger and the next kids. One night we Z- a

night I did a mummy's burger

and they much preferred mine,

so they don't ask that much anymore. Until next time,s

that. A new study has found

that the number of adults with

diabetes has more than doubled

since 1980 to 340 million. The findings findings published in the medical journal the 'Lancet'

says it will balloon in coming

years. The most common strand,

Type II, is blamed on

and lack of exercise. There is

growing speculation that

Europe's financial woes could

become much worse as Greece

tries to come to terms with the

latest bailout package. A

leading economist says European

now almost inevitable and the defaults on debt repayments are


US economy is ponders further austerity US economy is worse. As Greece

measures with its place in the

European Union on the line, one economist thinks there is a lot

more euro pain to come. Yes, there will be default and very

large writedowns in Greek and

Irish and Portuguese sovereign

debt are likely or almost

inevitable to occur. Willem

Buiter says those default s

will lead to large losses for

fish creditors which include

China. Premier Wen Jiabo is

up his investment s. touring Europe, trying to

important TRANSLATION: Confidence is more

important than the currency and

gold. Today when we're seeing the sovereign debt crisis in the sovereign

Europe, what I've brought here

is confidence. Premier Wen says

China is willing to help

Europe's recovery but he won't

put a figure on that support.

Frighting enly Willem Buiter

says the US economy is in even

worse shape, but it won't default They will in due course choose spending pain, to resolve the yawning budgetary

gap. That financial

stands at $1.4 trillion per year I'm committed to working

with both parties to cut our

deficits and debt. But it won't

be easy. Republicans say they

won't accept tax increase s

while the Democrats say they

can't balance the books. The in Afghanistan since the fall

of the Taliban a decade ago.

Many of those who died in the

bombing were women and children

buried under rubble. It buried under rubble. It was one

of a series of violent attacks in the region over the

weekend. These patients had

been gathering for treatment at

the small regional clinic when

the bomb went off. Survivors

say the device seemed to have

been inside a four-wheel drive

vehicle that had just pulled up

outside the centre.

TRANSLATION: As a result of the explosion, the clinic was completely destroyed. As there were a lot

of patients, including women

and children t caused a large number of casualties. Authorities have blamed the

attack, although the group has

denied responsibility. In another hospital, the victims

of a blast in a market place

that happened hours earlier. At

least 10 people were killed there. TRANSLATION: I was with my

friend when we heard the

explosion. I got back on my

feet and started walking and

then I realised that he didn't answer. And across

the border in Pakistan,

fighters wearing burqas forced

their way into a police

station. They follow - it

followed a 5-hour gun battle as authorities tried to regain

control of the building and free staff members taken

hostage. As they closed in, the

suicide bombers detonated their

devices. At least 10 officers were reported to have been

killed with several others

seriously injured. The Pakistan Taliban claimed

for the attack saying it was

partly in revenge for the

killing of Osama bin Laden. Syrian troops Syrian troops have taken over another village near the

Turkish border as people

continue to flee the country.

Human rights groups say more

than 20 people have been killed

by security forces this

weekend. ABC Middle East

correspondent Ben Knight

reports. The Syrian Army now

appears to be in control of the

land near the Turkish border. Its snipers have been seen in the

area that was once occupied by refugees waiting to cross into

Turkey. The border is now very

tense. Turkish troops are now also building up here and

Turkey is losing patience with

its neighbour Assyrian refugees continue to cross over, telling

stories of what they've left


TRANSLATION: I ran away after

they shot and killed my brother

Hassan with a sniper rifle as

he was filming the demonstrations. Despite the continues pressure from

outside, the Syrian regime is

not giving up and those who likely to. This man was

imprisoned by the father of the

current Syrian President. When

he was released he fled to

neighbouring Jordan. He is

hiding his identity because he

still has family inside Syria.

He told me that Bashar al-Assad

is continuing the crackdown because he believes he can win

that way.

TRANSLATION: I think that is he

going to try to finish this

crisis like his father did in

the '8 os with his massacres in

Homs and Hama. The difference this aren't getting out to the media

about what is going on. There

are others who are watching

from outside and worrying. This

is the border and people

living here and if they look through bin o'clock collars,

cannot only see their old

houses but can see members houses but can see members of

their own family, but they

can't go and visit them, but

they're telling us that those

who cross over are those no

longer snreeing the violence,

but spies coming over to keep

tabs on those who have already demonstrators killed during the

Friday protests, then more

violence erupts at their

funerals the next day. This has

now been going on for more than three months and niergt the

Syrian regime nor the

opposition appears able to tip

the balance. A fishing trip has

turjed to tragedy with a man

killed when his boat crashed

into a large mooring buoy on

Botany Bay. The man's two sons

were on board and frantically searched for him last night after the

arrived at the water police station

station this afternoon

struggling to cope with the

news. The man didn't spot this

on stackle in calm conditions

when he was returning from a fishing trip last night. Others

rushed to help. I heard a bang

and then I heard some, "Help! Help!" And a flare went

off. The impact of the crash was evident today. Police say the master was thrown

overboard. His sons were left

on board. The other male

occupants on board the vessel

attempted to locate the

to do that. This morning police

launched an extensive air and

sea search. Shortly after 11

o'clock this morning his body was recovered by was recovered by police divers. An investigation is under way

into why the man didn't spot

the buoy that is used by

tankers moored off the kernel

oil refinery You can't see oil refinery You can't see the drum very well from this side,

the light on the drum because

it's leaning. Because it's submerged? Because it's

submerngnd and it's old, and

dirty. But authorities say the

buoy is well lit. There have been

boating accidents on Botany Bay

over the last 12 months. Water place say many recreational

anglers are not taking the necessary safety

precautions. At this time our

early indications are that

no-one on board were wearing a

life jacket. And this afternoon

another search and rescue was

under way off Sydney's northern

beaches. A woman reported a man

overboard shortly after lunchtime near Narrabeen. The

major airlines are assessing

whether or not they will resume

flights to tomorrow. An ash cloud from a

Chilean volcano has once again

prompted Qantas, Jetstar and

Virgin to cancel flight as cross the

cross the Tasman. Jetstar has

also cancelled domestic flights in New

in New Zealand. Air New Zealand

is continuing to fly across the

Tasman and the cloud hasn't

affected domestic flights in Australia. Forecasters from the

volcanic volcano Centre say despite, forecasters from the

improving At the moment, it has

cleared from the Australian continent. There is still a

little over New Zealand at the moment but that is expected to

clear within the next 24 hours. Asht cloud from the

volcano has disrupted flights

on two previous locations. The

National Arboretum in Canberra

has grown again with a new

plantation commemorating

Australia's link to one of our

earliest conflicts. A number of Clanwilliam cedars have been

planted to honour those served in the Boer War. Today

was a chance to remember loved

ones who served in a long forgotten war. He had a great

coat and a blanket. He

generally riffed rough, his

rations were poor and generally

eaten cold, and so it was a hard-fought war. 23,000 fought

alongside the British in South

Africa between 1899 and 1902.

It was a harsh conflict

tactics and poor conditions

which led to crippling

disease Roughly half died of typhoid

typhoid or dysentery were the two surges that went through the armies.

The Boer War was very, very important important for us as a young

nation, and during the course

of the Boer War Australia

became a federation, so we

really trace back our proud

military history to the Boer

War. The new grove of trees at

Arboretum commemorates not only

the soldiers but also their trusty companions. The horses

allowed the troops to charge

into battle. Black with the smoke

we pressed the live-long day.

Our head-long march to

Kimberley, to drive the Boars

as way. More than 40,000

families gathered to plant a

clan which yum tree, Over time

this will become a living

memorial to the nearly 1,000

Australians who paid the

supreme sacrifice while serving

their young nation. Veterans

hope that memory will be officially endorsed along an

Zak parade. Official approval

for a memorial is yet to be granted. In the meantime, they will relie will relie on Canberra's fertile soil. fertile soil. Australian teenager Bernard Tomic is

through to the fourth round at

Wimbledon after upsetting the

fifth seed Robin Soderling. Jarmila Gajdosova went down to

the world No. 1, but it was

Tomic who is the youngest

player in the men's draw who

made Wimbledon watchers sit up and Huntsdale reports. Ranked 158 with a bullet. Bernard Tomic put Swedish

Soderling on the back foot with an early onslaught. COMMENTATOR: What a start from Tomic. The

Australian qualifier took only

17 minutes to win the first set

6-1. That is an incredible set

of tennis from Bernard Tomic.

Very calm but inside I was bursting. Soderling looked flat

after his five-set victory over


good on court at all and I

wasn't moving well. Tomic took

full toll, playing with a

maturity well beyond his 18

that! Tomic won the second set 6-4 and the third 7-5. Yes!

Very nice! Moving into fourth

round at and a Grand Slam for

the first time. The best I've

done so far. I will always

remember this as the first time

I've really

Grand Slam. Tomic's next

opponent will be Belgium's

Xavier Malisse who thrashed angry Austrian Jurgen

Meltzer. That has to be a code violation. There was violation. There was a similar display from Novak Djokovic and he won. Australia's Jarmila

Gajdosova maintained a positive

attitude after losing 6-3,

attitude after losing 6-3, 6-2 to the top seed Caroline

Wozniacki. I think it's a

lounge journey and maybe with

experience and more matches I play against

play against the top girls the

better I get. While tennis and cricket royalty got to know

each other, the reigning queen of Wimbledon Serena Williams

issue ed an ominous warning as

she moved into the fourth

round I wouldn't bet against me. Rafael Nadal also

progressed in The Raiders have proven their

cold-weather credentials after

freezing out Parramatta in

Canberra last night. Today

Billy Slater scored two tries

in Melbourne's win over in Melbourne's win over the Warriors. The Knights were too good for the struggling

Roosters and the Panthers

dressed in pink for the NRL's

women's round upset the Cowboys in Penrith. Last night the

Raiders held off a late Eels

fight back to post their fourth

win of the year. In freezing

cold conditions last night, the Raiders' halves were

life. Sam Williams opened the

scoring and Josh McCrone broke

through to give the Raiders a

healthy half-time lead. Jarryd

Hayne was cited after the match

for this elbow, but the Eels

got back in the game soon after setting up a thrilling

finish. COMMENTATOR: It's game

on here in Raiders could thank the visitors for a valuable field goal late in the match that

gave them a 7-point lead.

Williams soon crossed again to seal the match seal the match for the Raiders. Williams gets another

one on it. It wasn't all good

news though for the home side.

Prop David Shillington's slim Origin hopes seemed to be

dashed after he reinjured his

pectoral muscle. I thought it

was probably a long shot to get

into Origin for Game 3 but if

they were going to in the ring there. The Raiders

have an 8-day break before

their next match against the Roosters. The Cowboys Roosters. The Cowboys and the

pink Panthers were in

front. In a seesawing

encounter, the teams traded

tries, until Penrith got

through a stretched defence to put the result beyond doubt.

The upset win earned the Panthers two valuable

competition points. In

Newcastle, the Roosters

silenced home fans silenced home fans early, but

in an error-ridden start in an error-ridden start by both sides, the Knights

capitalised snatching the lead.

The Knights didn't appear in control for much of the

match. But in the end they were

too strong in attack. A club

record-breaking try for Anthony

minute cello is small

consolation for the Roosters.

The win soured slightly by a

knee injury to forward Neil cost began. The New South Wales

selectors have named an

expanded squad of 20 players

for the deciding State of

Origin match in Brisbane. Coach

Ricky Stuart requested a bigger

list because he is worried

about potential injuries

stemming from tomorrow's match

involving the Dragons and the

Sea Eagles. Several others are already under injury clouds. I'm just probably

trying to handle this as I

would if it was a club team I

was coaching. Just because we

doesn't mean I have to

necessarily announce the 17 players. The squad includes Keith Galloway and Stewart. New South Wales hopes

to settle on its final 17 by

Thursday. Geelong has kept its

perfect 2011 record intact perfect 2011 record intact with

a big win over Adelaide.

Overnight Collingwood edged

home against Sydney, while

Fremantle downed the Lions.

Today West Coast beat Carlton

and at Kardinia Park the hapless visitors. There

have been many horror stories

for visiting teams in recent

years at Kardinia Park and the years at Kardinia Park and

chapter written by Adelaide

this afternoon was nothing

short of terrifying. The Crows

appeared helpless to stop an

avalanche of goals and trailed

by 38 points at the first

break. COMMENTATOR: That's a

training drill. Moving in the

opposite direction, Geelong's

scoring slowed. The only

problem was so did Adelaide's. Its only goal came from a 50m

penalty. Geelong's greatest

enemy was its own complacency

but nevertheless led by 46

points at half-time. With the result already secured, the

Cats cruised in the second

half. For Adelaide, it was just

one of those days. He will try

to roll it through T bends.

Post. Geelong's unbeaten record

remained intact despite the Cats spending much of the

afternoon in second gear. The

52-point loss sure to promote

future questions over future of kneel Craig at the

Crows. In the end, the story

has been the same as it's been

for some time. Collingwood has

the wood on Sydney and remains

one of the teams to beat and

the swabs can't conquer a top 4 opponent. A brave Sydney

fightback saw the Swans take

the lead to ensure a grandstand

finish. It's gone all the way!

Believe it or not Sydney are in

front!. The Magpies ultimately responded when

6-point win. Fremantle also had

to work hard against a gutsy

Brisbane outfit. The Dockers shored up a top 8 spot with a come-from-behind win. It was

tempered by the recurrence of a

toe injury to Aaron Sandilands. Australian rider

Casey Stoner has extended his

lead in the World MotoGP Championship after finishing

second in last night's Dutch

Grand Prix. Ben Spies coasted

to the cheque yeahed flag for a

maiden win after a opening lap took out two of the

main contenders. A crash on the

opening lap of last night's

Casey Stoner's hopes of a Dutch Grand Prix has boosted

second MotoGP title. COMMENTATOR: He has

taken with him Jorge Lorenzo.

Yes, he has. It is Lorenzo he

has taken down. Jorge Lorenzo

is the reigning world champion

and was second nlt overall

standings prior to last night's

Grand Prix. Ben Spies took

advantage of the situation and

was never headed. Stoner

settled for second Doviziso who finished third. He chasing down team-mate Andrea

stretches his lead over Lorenzo

Jorge and Marco go down and from 18 to 28 points. I saw

knew from that moment on I had

to finish the race. In an all-too-familiar script German

Sebastien Vettel will start on

pole for the 7th time this

season in tonight's European

Grand Prix. Australian Mark Webber waited until the final

seconds to join his team made

on the front row of the

come on the last lap. Just had

to put it altogether. Still not

easy. Yani Tseng has fired a 5

under 65 to seize a under 65 to seize a 5-shot lead

after the third round of the LPGA Championship in New York.

Seeking her 4th major, the 22-year-old is at 13 under, 5 strokes clear of strokes clear of Americans Morgan Pressel and Cindy

Lacrosse. The Hockeyroos have suffered a heavy loss in their

opening match of the champions tour. match for the experienced Netherlands who won 3-0. The

newest member of the British

royal family has undertaken her first military

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge presented medals to British troops who have returned from

Afghanistan to mark Armed

Forces Day. The duchess handed

out medals to members of the

Irish Guards with Prince

William who is colonel of the

regiment. They included the

Guardsmen who lost limbs in an

were due explosion two days before they

were due to return home six-month tour of duty. To the

weather now and we're in the

middle of a lovely run of sunny

winter weather but the downside

is the very cold is the very cold night-time conditions. We had minus-5 this

morning, a few degrees colder

than expected. The top today

was 14. On the coast, a sunny

day with light and variable


There's just

cloud over WA, but otherwise

the country is clear on the

satellite picture. That strong

high pressure system will

maintain fine and sunny weather

in the local region, but that means continuing frosty nights. Brisbane could have a few showers tomorrow:

We'll in for some more very

cold overnight temperatures in

the local region:

Before we go, a brief recap

of our top stories tonight -

Coalition leader Tony Abbott

has rejected Julia Gillard's

offer to have Treasury cost his

tax cuts. The Prime Minister

says voters are entitled know where the money is coming

from. Mr Abbott, meanwhile, has labelled

labelled the Government's tax

plan a con. And there are renew

calls to curb junk food ads

aimed at children. Two years

after major fast food chains

signed up to a voluntary code

of conduct, new research shows

youngsters are still seeing the

same number of ads. And that's

the news for now. Can you keep

up to date 24 hours a day on

ABC News online, ABC News 24

and you can also find us on

Twitter. We'll leave Australian Hip-Hop

Championships here in Canberra.

Thanks for your company. Have a

great week. Goodnight.

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