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(generated from captions) trauma since the Second World War. Words fail me because Japan is with the much. The Fukushima nuclear plant could go Thousands are km/h. breakwater in on two Hiromitsu Shinkawa was given up as still filled 20 hours without food or before the kilometres along Japan's a belief that bits

death toll is certain to dumped have even been washed on here smashed-up buildings. finding those who've lost their up. Based on drowned when the tsunami going about this grim task muster, these officers recover makeshift morgue. Amongst the few gone They're the devastation that's already was running low on battery he said that searching for 14 of its DFAT says it's concerned quake struck and earlier, nuclear crisis is fuel. have an entirely different of challenges. There get older they become owns 20km low-level radiation exposure not just aimater for the individualerse it's more important in the process. living nuclear investors dumping Nikkei index 6%.

on a in trouble so really that's the first point of order for surged due

deal with coming too late for democracy rebels. the rebels remain

the capital, Sanaa. have been camped out for days. At least six people died in an resigned after criticising rioting asylum seekers in Christmas Island tear gas as fears grew that it was turning violent. One have been dominateded by Here's Alan slashed by 20%. The money Japan, there will have gains. Here is the graph fuel for cent lower today, continuing then the index uniform. Neither banks uniform. Neither banks nor miners capital's 98th birthday. wrote the song - he years until the there that millions have little to celebrate. forward to perfect weather, this was a day for sister's in The parade for the future. Woo! It wouldn't good A-League Grand Final at Lang Park, Brisbane roared back from force the celebrations. John Hayes national crown themselves and delivered. At each time the spot to equalise, then came Final defeat. First of all, oh, yeah! tomorrow with Kenya 60 short before as the national anthem played the Japanese flag was lowered. try and explain earthquake still sinking in. strong. At first, what I like the kids to do sorrow and I already begun. To the To the patchy rain moist showers and storms in Western There's been a nuclear plant. false alarm and 2000 This Program Is Captioned Live.

Welcome to the program.

Along with the rest of the

world, Australians have been

transfixed and horrified by the devastating images from the

northern coast of Japan. It's

feared more than 20,000 people may have massive earthquake in and

related tsunami. Waves of

churning mud and debris obliterated entire obliterated entire towns.

Almost half a million people

have fled the have fled the disaster zone,

thousands more are struggling

to get food and water and millions have been left without

power. It's being described as

the island nation's biggest crisis since the Second World

War. And tonight, efforts are

continuing to prevent a

meltdown at the Fukushima

nuclear react or complex north

of Tokyo. Expert analysis of

the unfolding and we'll cross to Tokyo to