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(generated from captions) factions among the Thai elite. Now the Federal

Government has promised small

business and individuals who

will be exempt from paying a

cash - carbon tax on petrol but

the Opposition says the

statement can't be trusted. As

the multiparty climate change

committee edges closer to

thrashing out the details the Opposition has upped its attack

and we're joined by Greg Hunt.

Thanks for your time. Good morning. We haven't yet got to

that conclusion, we don't know

exactly what it's going to be,

you are already coming out and

saying the Government can't be

trusted? Well, we think that

this week the Prime Minister

should make use of the

Parliament, release the details

of the carbon tax so as both

the public and the parliament

can scrutinise the carbon tax

before the Parliament breaks

for winter. Anything less would

be a fraud on the parliament

and a deception of the public.

We have a right and a

responsibility to scrutinise

this tax on the floor of the

parliament. The second thing is

that the Prime Minister's

promise on petrol didn't last

from latte to lunch time before

Senator Brown said, "We don't

agree with it and by the way

we've got a fuel tax inquiry."

And the fuel tax inquiry has

one purpose - to put a tax on

petrol and to increase the cost of

of living for Australians. You

wouldn't expect the Greens

though to agree with it because

you know that their longer term

agenda is really to have a

carbon tax on everything

broadly across industry? That's

absolutely right. Their agenda

is to have the carbon tax on

everything and everyone. Now

this will be a carbon tax that

affects the cost of electricity

which will sky rocket as a

result of the latest decision,

the cost of gas, the cost of

groceries because the tax will

cover all major transportation

fuels for commercial and heavy

industry. That means coals, it

means Woolworths, Aldi, IGA,

anybody who is transporting

food, anybody who is

transporting significant

quantities of groceries will

simply add that cost to the

price paid by mums and dands,

pensioners and seniors. As

you've seen in this decision by

the Government to exempt

private individuals, smaller

businesses, what the Greens

want they don't always get? I

think what the Greens they

almost always get under this

Government. As I say, yesterday

the Prime Minister made an

announcement in the morning and

from la day to lunch time it

was confra dickted by Bob Brown

who said, "We're having a fuel

tax inquiry." But also very

incontrovertibly said the Prime

Minister made it very clear

that promise was going to say,

that there would be no petrol

effect for private individuals

and small businesses? That,

with respect, sounds like the

Prime Minister's promise that there would be no carbon tax

under a government I lead. Now

she's saying there would be no

petrol tax on mums and dads

under a government I lead and

it wasn't believable before the

election, it's not believable now and Bob Brown clearly

doesn't believe that. Now in

terms of Bob Brown he is going

to weather the Labor Party or

in fact should the Liberals win

at the next election be a fact

of life for any Government

negotiating policy into the

future. Well, Senator Brown has

made it clear that he has taken

control of the government. He

has control of the Upper House.

There's an alliance, even

though the Prime Minister calls

them extremists, she has an

alliance with the Greens. Our

challenge to the Prime Minister

this week is not to do a dirty

deal behind closed doors with

the Greens after the parliament

closes down for winter but to

do that deal in public and let

the parliament examine it this week. And it's something the Liberal Party did all the time

when they were in Opposition,

not likely to put a big piece

of policy legislation out into

the public arena during a sitting week. It's a

long-standing tradition to do

that when they have an

opportunity to go to the public

directly? Well, the Prime

Minister who has a duty to the

people and a duty to the public

and a duty to the parliament,

should put the carbon tax

details and modelling on the

table for scrutiny by the

parliament this week. Anything

less would be a fraud on the

people and a fraud on the

parliament. Now this has been

debated for months and months.

The Prime Minister is able to

release details selectively,

why will she not release the

cost impacts on mums and dads

and pensioners, for examination

by the parliament. Unless you

have something to hide there's

no reason to hide the details

from the parliament. And her

point to you has been that you

are constantly running a scare

campaign on details that have

yet to be put in the public

arena? Well, the Government

released some of the details

about their emissions trading

scheme and we have used that as

the basis and what we see here

is precisely the same thing,

that there is plenty of

material out there to show that

the cost of living will sky

rocket. That is the goal, the

purpose, the intent of the

carbon tax to drive up the

price of electricity, to drive

up the price of gas and of

groceries and of the cost of

living. That's its purpose and

that's what it will do. It's

purpose is also to try and get

businesses interested in

cleaner alternatives and Bob

Brown has made it very clear to

Tony Abbott that there would be

no rolling back of this

legislation, something you have

said you would do should you

win Government and the fact is

today they will be holding the that the Greens are now from

balance of power? Well it's

very clear that our goal is to

defeat this carbon tax and if

it were brought in then we

would aim to repeal it or to

ensure that it is rendered

inoperable. Let it be

absolutely clear that this tax,

which the Prime Minister said

she would never bring in, will

have an impact on electricity

and gas and groceries. It

clearly has a fuel component

which is in there as of

yesterday and which Bob Brown

wants to take forward and at the end of the day it's about

driving up the cost of living.

We're for keeping down the

costs and impacts on mums and

dads, the Government is for