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Tonight - no end in sight for

a teenager's nightmare in

paradise. This may take us

quite some time and I think

and calm heads prevail. Three it's very important that

campaigners share the Nobel

Peace Prize for their work on

women's rights. Floriade and

the war memorial revealed as the war

the Queen's top picks for her

tour down under. And it's champagne all the way as Black

Caviar romps home at Caulfield. 14 straight and

she's up there with the

greatest ever. Good evening,

Adrienne Frances with ABC

News. There are furious tonight to free the 14-year-old

Australian boy being held in

Bali over alleged drug possession. Australia's

ambassador to Indonesia has arrived in Denpasar and is

currently meeting the teenager

and his parents. But the Foreign Minister has cautioned

that there is no guarantee of a

positive outcome. From Denpasar

here's Indonesia correspondent

Matt Brown. The boy was

arrested just up the road here

in the heart of ball irk's

beachside tourist district. The

whole area's still buzzing with the news and attended just before he was

picked up the young woman who

gave him a massage describes a very naive young man. I said...

and #24e7b he put and the last

one I see the, what the name,

yeah, and then he say "You know

what this?" And then I don't

know what this and then he said just secret. TRANSLATION: I think

as he walked out of the ally he was ambushed. The boy's lawyers

seem to be building an argument

that he's a young man that

requires protection,

imprisonment and a report from

a psychiatrist who examined him

yesterday is expected to

bolster that case. Last night a

local friend of his here in

Kuta described a young man who

usually tried to stay out of

trouble. Behind the scenes Australia's diplomats are working hard to

of control. The Foreign ensure this doesn't spiral out

Minister, Kevin Rudd, is still talking about the importance of

the case. the case. I think the

intelligent approach with this

is calm, cool, collected, safe

hands. Dealing firstly at a

local level with the officials,

dealing at a national level through our ambassador. Australia's top

diplomat in Indonesia, flown in to offer his support. ambassador

While the boy is now being

treated as a minor in the

Indonesian legal system this

case could still drag on for

some time. This year's Nobel

Peace Prize has been awarded to

three women. Each is recognised

for promoting peace and

democracy in a nonviolent way

in Africa and the Middle East. They've been the most

the influential women in Africa and

the Arab world and now they

join an elite group of Nobel

Peace Prize nonviolent struggle for the

safety of women and for women's rights, to full participation in

in peace. Liberian leader Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the first

female president elected

democratical ly in Africa. She

said the prize recognised her

nation's struggle for justice and development after a brutal

decade of civil war. Across

the continent during birthday celebrations South African

nobel laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu says she deserves

the award many times over. She's brought stability

to hell. Another Liberian, to a place that was on the way

Leymah Gbowee received word of

her win via text message on a

plane. I didn't even think that

I was worthy of the prize because I've never really thought I've done anything

great or I'm doing anything

great. Everything I do is an

act of survival for myself, for

the group of people that I work with. Also honoured, Tawakkul

Karman, a Yemeni peace

campaigner known as the mother

of the revolution during the

Arab sphringe. - spring. I am

so happy and I am so happy and I am sure that

this word is victory for the

peace of our revolution. A point echoed by world

leaders. A reminder that when

we empower women around the

world then everyone is better

off. The Noble committee hopes

this year's prize will be the end of around the world. Forces loyal

to Libya's new government say

they are now in control of most

of Sirte. The last significant

stronghold of the old regime.

National Transitional Council

troops launched a major assault

on Colonel Gaddafi's home town

overnight attacking the city

from the east and west. They bombarded loyalist positions

before fighting their way into

street. (Rapid the city's centre street by

gunfire) Anti-Gaddafi forces

have made major Sirte before only to see those gains reversed. But this time

they're confident of

consolidating their gains and

hope to be in full control of

the city by Monday. Rank and

file members of the Labor Party

gathered across the country

today to launch a campaign of reform which they say is

desperately needed to stem the

decline in party membership.

The reforms will be voted on at

the party's national conference

in December. You have to be

committed to the Labor cause to

discuss party structure on a members are passionate. I've

been a long-term member of the

ALP and I would really like to

see it come back to what it

was. I've come today because of

future of the Labor my great concern over the

the way that the Labor Party's

gone over the last few

years. Former leader Bill Hayden launched a stinging

attack outside the Brisbane

meeting. I hope the Labor Party

pull itself together, start

functioning more effectively,

representing the members of the party instead of small oligarchic factions. Labor has

35,000 rank and file members,

15,000 less than 2007 when

Kevin Rudd came to power after

more than a decade in the

renewal group wants members to political wilderness.

have a direct say in electing a

new party president and in

preselections and warns that if

members don't get more power

the membership base could

disappear. The reforms stem

from Labor's national review.

The left's John Faulkner, The left's John Faulkner, a

former minister, was one of the

authors and spoke to the rank

and file in Melbourne.

it's already adapting to Government ministers defended

changing circumstances. The

Australian Labor Party is the

oldest continuous political

party in

Periodically there is the need

to refresh to bring in new

blood, to keep bringing in new

ideas. Some members are

optimistic about the future. This is a good process

and I think the party will come

out of it better on the other

end. Others want to appeal to

young people who join the

Greens and other groups like

Get Up. So we need to make sure people feel they can get involved with their mobilising support for their

cause ahead of the national

conference in Sydney later this year. 3 fishermen have been

winched to safety after their

boat was struck by lightning as

a band of storms swept through Queensland's south-east this

morning. The storms which brought heavy rain, strong

winds and some localised

flooding were a wake up call

for what the weather bureau for what the weather bureau is

predicting will be an active

summer season. The three fishermen set off an emergency

beacon after their boat was

struck by lightning off Cape

Moreton. When you look at the

size of the ocean and they're

like one drop on that like one drop on that total sea out there it's extraordinary to think that they were hit by

lightning. The boat lost power

and the men abandoned it in

favour of a life raft. The

rescue helicopter crusade it

was a challenging scenario. We

put our winch crewmen into the

water and he had to swim to the

boat because there were too

many obstacles on the boat to

winch him straight on board.

The The swell meant too the boat

was rocking and pitching quite

violently. The men were winched

to safety. I think they were in

a bit of shock. One gentleman

had mild hypothermia. He had a

small head injury as well where

he came into contact with one

of the hatches. The storms

moved through the south and

south-east earlier this morning

causing localised flooding in

Toowoomba. The Lockyer Valley also reported big falls in a

short time. We've seen some

reasonably heavy rainfall

associated with these storms,

around 60 to 70 mm 2 hour period in some parts of the south-east corner,

particularly around about the Lockyer Valley region. The

capital was cloaked in grey

until mid morning as the

passed through. 16,000 homes

lost power during the deluge

and there were 30,000 lightning

strikes. The bureau says it's

the start of things to

come. Pretty much the advice is to

to be prepared for the rest of

the season, to take precautions

around the house and also when

you're out driving. The storm

season is expected to pick up

in the next few in the next few weeks. Thailand's Prime Minister says massive flooding in the country

is now a serious crisis. Thousands

Thousands of residents have

been forced to flee their homes

in central Thailand. People are leaving any way they can.

Although some are staying

behind in an effort to save

their homes. The authorities

are preparing for floods to hit

the capital Bangkok some time next week.

TRANSLATION: With the floods

spreading across provinces in

all regions of the country, the

nation is reaching a crisis

level which in decades. More than 250

people have died in the floods since monsoonal rains arrived

in mid July. The shift of correspondence from mail

to inboxes has left the US

postal service on the brink of

bankruptcy. The organisation is considering a range of solutions to keep it open

including cutting a third of

its work force, closing post

offices and scrapping Saturday

deliveries. Rain, hail or shine

6 days a week, the mail delivered in America but the postal service is in debt and it

it has just a month to pay

billions into an employee retirement fund. Certainly the

postal service could find

itself in a position where

is unable to pay its bills. A

refrigerate or has never been

hacked. More people are going

online, so many that the postal

service is running TVads to try

to woo them back to snail

mail. Give your customers the

added security a printed receipt provides. The service is the second largest

employer in the US after

Wal-Mart and that's too big, according to

Republicans. Because it simply

makes very little sense to have

workers in excess of what workers in excess of what you need to deliver good quality

service. Some have suggested

more than 200,000 jobs should

go. This is where Americans

first started seeing the

change, the familiar blue post

boxes began disappears but post

offices themselves are at risk.

Hundreds have already closed

and thousands more could follow. The commission oversees the postal service is worried about the impact. Which

would drastically reduce the level

level of service provided and would

would in particular hurt would in particular hurt rural communities. Unions are are

bracing for a fight. The postal

is a $70 billion business and

you have those who want part of

that revenue and that's the

biggest problem. They've been

chipping away at the postal

service for years. And for a

nation weary of bailouts, it

can't count on a cheque in the mail to save it. 3 murder

trials in the ACT in the past

year have drained resources

from the legal aid Compromising its ability to

provide legal assistance to

others.Rebecca Massie faced

trial for murdering her former

friend with a knife at the

Charnwood shops. Scott

McDougall murdered 2 friends

and Russell Field was acquitted

of murdering two men. The legal

aid Commission's annual report

up nearly 10% of the legal

assistance budget and the e

quif lent of the cost of 140

average cases. The Commission

says that unless says that unless it can obtain

additional funding to cover the

cost of such expensive criminal

trials it will be forced to

limit the number of people who

receive legal aid in the

future. Buckingham Palace has

announced details of Queen

Elizabeth's 10-day visit to

Australia. The Queen and Prince

Philip are due to arrive on 19

October. They will base

themselves in Canberra where they Minister and the Opposition Leader. The couple will also

visit Floriade and lay a wreath

at the war memorial. On a trip to Brisbane they will meet

flood victims. In Perth

security has been beefed up

ahead of the Commonwealth heads

of government meeting. The

Queen will open CHOGM and will

be the best guest of honour at

the big Aussie barbecue before at the end of the day fly out of Australia on 29 October.

This will be the 85-year-old monarch's 16th visit to

Australia.Wales is through to the semifinals of the rugby

World Cup after the pulsating

22-10 win over Ireland this

afternoon. This in tonight's

other match France is leading

England at Eden Park. The Welsh

win over Ireland saw the team

advance to the semifinals for

the first time since the inaugural World Cup in

1987. There's an old saying, if

you're lucky enough to be Irish then

then you're lucky enough. The

men in green had previously upset Australia but would their good fortune prevail against

Wales? The answer was no. First

try of the match goes to Shane

Williams. Equalled the

trial in rugby World Cup

quarter finals. The conversion

made it 7-0. Ireland opened up

the Welsh defence on at least 3

occasions in the first half but

their only points came from the

boot of Ronan O'Gara. Leigh Halfpenny kicked 50 Halfpenny kicked 50 metre

penalty to put his side in

front 10-3 at half front 10-3 at half time. O'Gara's sideline conversion levelled the score. With the

pride of Welsh rugby on the line half-back Mike Philips

made a dash down made a dash down the blindside.

The Irish were still crying

in their Guinness when

Johnathan Davies burst through

some flimsy defence. The

singing could be heard all the

way from Cardiff as Wales

became the first team through to the plenty of love in the English

front row prior to their

quarter final against the

French who had been embarrassed

by Tonga in their last pool

game. England said they'd

played running rugby, if only

they could catch. And in that

match in Auckland France is

leading England 16-0. There's

been a last-minute influx of

Australian flan fans into Wellington ahead of tomorrow's

do or die rugby quarter final

between the Wallabies and South

Africa. Thanks to the fierce

rivalry, springbok players and

fans say fans say they're now enjoying new-found popularity amongst

the locals. Rugby takes

dedication. For the fans as

well as the players. Life's

going to get harder. Like going to get harder. Like on

the bus because there's 6 guys all sleeping together. The Bok

Bus is home for 6 South African

mates who are feeling jumpy about tomorrow's game. Biggest

hope is that we beat you guys,

the Aussies, and after that I don't care. Come on,

Aussie! But it's all bravado from the Aussie

the All Blacks then I'm a bit worried.

worried. We'll give those South

Africans a run. On the streets

Aussie numbers are building.

The cruise ship depositing

these diehard fans. They

couldn't get enough of Phil

Kearns who was in Australia's 2 winning World Cup squads. You

do need to have the experience

there, particularly in times

when you might be behind or

things aren't going your

way. But it was the weather,

not their relative inexperience

which was challenging the Wallabies today. Whether we

have or haven't got World Cup

experience I think the group

that we've got has got the goods

goods to win this game tomorrow night and that's what we're

focused on. Even if South African lock victor matfield

feel the Boks are winning in

the popularity stakes. It's the

first time I've been walking

around New Zealand and

everyone's saying good luck,

hope you do well. Like the weather in this outcome of tomorrow's game is almost impossible to predict.

But if anticipation is anything

to go by it's shaping up to be one of the cracker matches of the tournament. Manly's dual

premiership coach Des Hasler

has confirmed he will switch

clubs and join the Bulldogs in

2013. Hasler will serve out the

final year of his Sea Eagles

contract before taking up a

4-year deal with Canterbury.

Manly says it put forward a

compelling financial offer but

that Hasler was motivated by new challenge. Jim Dymock will

continue as coach of Canterbury

next season and will be

Hasler's assistant in 2014. He

will work under Des for the season onwards and that's a great career development

opportunity for him. Working

under the calibre of Des Hasler

will do wonderful for his

career. Hasler led Manly to the

2011 premiership just 6 days

ago. 2 goals each to Josh

Kennedy and Alex Brosque helped

the Socceroos breeze past Malaysia 5-0 in Canberra last

night. In a capital the national side

completely outclassed the

Malaysians in front of a

disappointing crowd of

10,000. The Socceroos are now

back in Sydney as they prepare

for their World Cup qualifiers against Oman next week. There

have been few domestic soccer

matches that have had this kind

of build up. Brett Emerton and

Harry Kewell both starting for

their sides and in a grand

final atmosphere Sydney and

Melbourne created early chances

setting up an exciting

free-flowing encounter.

Everything was new in Newcastle

as the A-League season kicked off

season, some new colours and a

new manager for the Jets. But

it was the Heart making the

early impact. The Jets worked their

their way into the match and

Ryan Griffiths capitalised with

a superb free kick. Griffiths

was the man again on the stroke

of half time as the Jets took

the lead. The Heart wasted

little time getting back on terms. Mate Dugandzic getting

his second but in the dying

gave Newcastle the 3 points.

Byun Sung-Hwan scoring his

first A-League goal. Last night

Malaysian hopes of an upset

against the Socceroos were

dashed just minutes off. dashed just minutes after kick

off. The gulf in class evident

as the Socceroos raced to a

game-winning league early. The

Malaysians did all they could

to limit the damage. The Socceroos utilised the easy

possession they gained to give

nifty tricks a try but it was the Australian's technical

dominance that exposed the

visitors. Josh Kennedy Brosque each scoring 2 goals.

Brosque making his case for a

starting spot in next week's

World Cup qualifier. World Cup qualifier. Champion

mare Black Caviar has extended

its unbeaten run to 14 races with victory in this afternoon's Schillaci Stakes at

Caulfield. In the Group 2 race it equalled the career-best

winning streak of the legendary

Phar Lap.

What are champion, 14

straight and she's up there with ever. 3-year-old colt Helmet

prevailed in a thrilling finish

to the day's major Group 1

race, the Caulfield Guineas.

Clare Lindop has galloped

turf history after becoming

Australia's first female jockey

to win 1,000 races. The 32-year-old had the winning

post in her sights at

Morphettville race course in


Lindop says it may take some

time for the milestone to sink in. But out of the way. A bit relieved

to knock the 1,000 off. It's

been a bit of a funny week.

Everyone's been following me

around, it's been slightly

achievement to have done it embarrassing but it's a great

today. She deserves everything.

She's done it herself, she's

probably been a bit of a trail

blazer for female riders in

Australia. Lindop is also the

first Australian woman to win a

Group 1 race and ride in a

Melbourne Cup. She says she will spend tonight celebrating

with her family in Victoria. will start from pole position

in tomorrow's Bathurst 1,000. Rain cleared

Rain cleared this afternoon but

the damp track made for a slower than usual shootout

session to decide the top 10

places on the grid. Australian

crowds might be hoping for a

local win at Bathurst but New

Zealand driver Greg Murphy and Dutch partner Alan Simonsen

will start first on the

grid. We were quickest in the practice leading up to the shootout so it's really well, the car's shootout so it's been going

good. Craig Lowndes and Mark

Skaife have won between them at Mount Panorama

and many expect the pair to

make it 12. They will start

third on the grid. It's a bit

slippery since that rain. We've

got a clean lap out of the

way. Rain slowed Jamie

Whincup's lap. He will start

#th. Sebastien Vettel will

start from pole position in

Japan's Formula One grand prix.

Vettel needs one point to

reclaim the driver's

championship. Mark Webber

qualified 6th fastest. Another

fast century from David

Warner wasn't enough to propel

NSW into the final of the

Twenty/20 championship India. Warner made an unbeaten Twenty/20 championship in

123 off 68 bawls by Bangalore's

Chris Gayle did some power hitting of his own to drive the

Royal Challengers to victory.

This is out of the park. This

is big. Former world number 1

Tiger Woods has scraped through

to make the cut of the US PGA

event in California. It's

Woods' last tournament before

he plays the Australian Open

and then the President's Australians Nathan Green and

Rod Pampling are among the

Bede contenders. And Australia's

Bede Durbridge is through to the third round of the ASP

world tour event in France. world tour event in France. The

Canberra Capitals have crashed

to defeat in their WNBL season

opener going down to Bulleen

Boomers is a repeat of last

year's grand final. Bulleen

jumped out of the blocks

against a new-look Capitals

side. Canberra stayed in the

match twice coming back from

big deficits down by just 7

points at half time. The

defending champions were a

class above though

player Liz Cambage making her

presence known. They ran out 20-pointors over the

Caps. Patrick Mills has played

a big part in the NBL season

opener leading the Tigers to an

82-76 win over Sydney last

crowd night. In front of a sellout

crowd at the Cage, Mills who

also plays in the NBA led the Tiger's notched up 28 points. We

knuckled down in the second

half and made sure we done the

fundamental thing and got the 50/50 balls. The passion that was in the building tonight it was in

was great to see that. The

Tigers landed an impressive 7

three pointers in the final

term. In their first NBL fix

chur with new coach Trevor

Gleeson in charge. It's often

described as Australia's

forgotten conflict but 60 years

on from the Korean War the

Australian Government wants to

put that right. The veterans affairs Minister official delegation to Korea

later this month to commemorate

United Nations Day. Veterans say the trip will finally give

them closure. More than 17,000 Australians served in the cree

wan - Korean War but it's long been overshadowed by

Vietnam. This is part of our

Australian military story and

we need to make sure the

Australian community

understands. The cree Kuan -

Korean War was the first

conflict fought by a UN

coalition force and a group of Australian veteran s will

return to Korea. We must

understand the massive

contribution and sacrifice

which was made by Australian

defence personnel. It's hoped

the trip will revive public

interest in the war and also

give some closure to the vet

rans. Former pilot, Milton

Cottee, will be thinking of the

mates he lost. I will be close

losses that we suffered. While to them and give homage to the

it may have slipped from the

public consciousness the war continues to historians who say there are

still lessons to be learned

from Korea. The most important

thing is keep your diplomatic options open, don't try and push things military force. Professor push things to conclusion with

O'Neil says despite its

detractors the UN is still

important and will only become

more powerful. When President

Bush decided to invade Iraq

without any blessing from the

United Nations he got into an

awful lot of diplomatic

trouble. While North and South

Korea remain bitterly divided

in vain and shouldn't be

forgotten, a sentiment echoed by those who served. Time

doesn't dampen it very much,

you know, you can't forget it.

Even after 60 years, some

memories simply can't be

erased. A Canberra dog charity

says there's been a spike in the number of dogs being dumped on surrendered

on surrendered in the

Territory. ACT rescue in Foster

9-year-old Australian terrier. a new home for Toto, a has just res accused and found

It's the 2,000th dog that's

been rescued since the

organisation was established in

2001. Not everyone at the party

was playing ball. Libby, come.

Sit. Libby! Sit. She's very

Obeident, look. The charity

says animals are abandoned

because too many people think a

a life-long commitment. Turning dog is a commodity rather than

to the weather now and we

enjoyed a lovely warm spring afternoon today. The city

reached a top of 21. There was 1

buffeted by light winds. Across

the border:

On the satellite map - cloud

other the eastern States is

associated with a slow-moving

trough with some thunderstorm

activity. Further west you can

see cloud over the Bight. Much of

of central and northern

Australia is under clear skies. A trough of low

pressure is generating showers

about our region and some

isolated thunderstorms. A front

passing to the south may produce further showers tomorrow. A ridge of high

pressure should bring a return

to fine conditions early in the

new week.

And that's the news for now.

I'm back tomorrow at 7:00.

Until then, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI