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Tonight, fingers burnt - the

Health Minister caught asking for the support of big tobacco. These letters were

because a obviously our party obviously sent in mistake

does not take tobacco donations. Boats and trains but

still few plynds brave the ash cloud. A black day at Red Rock cloud. A

as wild weather batters the

north coast. And here comes

trouble - Queensland arrives

for the big clash in Sydney. Good evening, welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger.

been caught The Federal Health Minister has

financial support from one of

the nation's big cigarette manufacturers. Nicola Roxon

wrote to Philip Morris in 2005,

a decision she now says was a a decision she now says was

mistake. Ms Roxon has loudly denounced the Liberal Party for

doing the same thing and her

critic say she has no credibility. Hayden Cooper

credibility. Hayden Cooper has

the story. I make the rules

around here. Big tobacco has

big pockets. This is the big pockets. This is the latest

television campaign against the

labelling crackdown. Do as

you're told. Stop plain


legislation. Australia's

third-largest cigarette brand

is behind the push. It's a

direct challenge to Government

power. We don't want Australia

to end up being a nanny a State They're fighting a losing

battle. The Coalition won't

oppose the legislation so

Nicola Roxon has long since

shifted the argument to tobacco

donations. Labor reject them,

the Liberals don't. It's time

to kick the habit Mr Abbott. The ABC has learned the Health

Minister once sought her own

slice of back a back industry support. In 2005, in

Opposition, she wrote to three executives from Philip Morris asking them asking them to support her re-election by attending a

$1500-a-table fund raising.

Peter Garrett a was the star

attraction. This blows the

Minister credibility. People

don't like hypocrites and

Nicola Roxon has been a

hypocrite. The event was held a

year after Mark Latham banned Party but the then shadow

Attorney-General signed off her letter with this, "I look

forward to your continuing

support." I was very surprised

to find those letters, particularly after 2004. Nicola

Roxon says the invitations were

sent in error and no tobacco

money was received. I've asked

for my records to be checked. No representatives attended and

no donations were made but clearly these letters should

not have been sent. It comes a

week after the Minister

match at a as a guest of Philip Morris a decade ago. The industry

industry knows it can't stop

the packaging laws but it can

and will complain loudly and this shows it is determined to

play hardball. Chaos still

reigns and domestic and

trans-Tasman air travelers and

there's no end in site. Qantas

and Jetstar are refusing to fly

in or out of Adelaide, Tasmania

and New Zealand they say a volcanic ash not safe to do so. Virgin

Australia is flying and the

safety regulator says that's

also the right decision. It was

no ordinary peak hour at

Adelaide airport. All

see is what's on the board, cancelled. Early this morning

the volcanic ash cloud was

covering the South Australian

capital, along with a dense

winter fog. We make our own a

safety decisions and based on

that we've decided not to fly. Qantas and Jetstar

grounded its flights in and

Australia chose outlet of Queensland. Virgin

and below the volcanic ash. There has been no evidence of

any ash in the affected areas

we've been flying in. We're

flying with flying with Virgin and they

aren't delayed. The air safety

regulator was at a loss to

explain why one airline

considered it dangerous to fly

when another thought it safe.

They are different airline

comesing to different decisions

but coming the too the right

and safe decisions. Delays and

disruption from four days of cancellations were took to train travel. It's around the nation. Hundreds

taken two days to get back. For others a

others a short plane ride was

replaced with the ferry. It was a disaster but anyway, we're here now. In Hobart

there seemed little point in

going to the airport unless you

were on a Virgin flight. We've

managed to get a flight out

today but we can't take the dog to the show. There were those

prepared to pay big dollars to

leave Tasmania today. A charter

for eight costing flight from Hobart to Melbourne

getting to the stage where

people are getting desperate

and panicking a bit. They

included stranded air traffic

controllers who needed to get

back to work. We couldn't risk

waiting for Qantas to get us on

another flight. A small plane

out of town when few airlines

will take the risk. While

pilots train in flight

simulators for a range of

scenarios, flying through

volcanic ash is one that's

impossible to because from the cockpit, a

plume of volcanic ash looks no

different from a normal cloud.

Tonight a new ash cloud is

threatening Perth. We hope it

dissipates in the next day or

so and we'll still be watching

for the next week. The all-clear can't come soon

enough for tens of thousands of Christchurch residents have travellers. Thousands of

spent a freezing night in the

powerful dark after yesterday's two

power cuts, their also had to

endure the terror of another

dozen aftershocks overnight.

The magnitude of the tremors

has been upgraded,

as strong as the disastrous

quake in February and today the

New Zealand Prime Minister

concede some parts of the city

will have to be abandon. New Zealand correspondent a

Dominique Schwartz reports from

Christchurch. It's not the million-dollar view summoner residents paid for but at least this Murdoch's home. I feel we have

escaped a bullet. Today the

rocks kept falling as the

ground kept shaking. It's

scary stuff. You look at the

scale of the bolder just over

my shoulder there and another

few metres and what can you

say? We're in the middle of very scary times. Tuesday's quakes damaged another 100

buildings in the sit ay centre.

on Demolition crews now have 1,000

on their books. Various buildings around town have

collapsed. There is Masonry all

around the city and dust coming

down the streets. Block after

city block is beyond city block is beyond repair. There's virtually no hope left

for the situation. It's going

to be another 10 years. Out in

the Eastern Suburbs they want

answers. Is it safe to live

here? Are we going to have

this again and again? this again and again? It's

Ellie's birthday. He wants a

new home, somewhere else. We

understand the anxiety and

we're asking home owners to be

is wearing thin. Just give

these guys a decision on what's

going to happen on their

lands. The people of Morgan

wood Street Bexley have had enough. Increasingly they think

this area can't recover and

they're beginning to wonder if

Christchurch can. Both my kids

don't want to be here. They're

asking if we can go to Auckland

or Australia. Kids don't

realise we can't just up and

leave. But the quakes have

launched the international

career of 8-year-old rapper

Finn MacMillan. I was trying

to make a music video. He kept rolling as the ground rolled and now he's achieved Internet

stardom. A tornado has hit a

small village in NSW. The

twister hit Red Rock north of

Coffs Harbour just after dawn, leaving

leaving many buildings seriously damaged with glass

and debris strewn across streets and gardens. All the

trees were on the ground just

laying down so a lot of wind

and then went bang the windows just blew in. The State Emergency Service says houses

in nearby communities also

suffered substantial damage. Several rivers have flooded and

many roads, including the

Pacific Highway, have been cut.

So far though $no reports of

any injuries. Labor's left wing

is demanding more debate inside

the Federal party and

got it. As Mark Simkin reports,

there was a heated argument

inside Caucus. This could come

in handy. We've got a hard hat

for you. Thank you. need that in Question Time.

While the tradies went to the Prime Minister, Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader went to the tradies. Don't believe Labor's spin. The carbon tax is going to shovel

jobs off shore. The Government

its where - the Government rejects that and is giving back

benchers so-called fact information we believe

Australians should have to bust

some of the myths being

perpetuated in the carbon

pricing and climate change

debate. The carbon tax is one of the issues being debated.

Some Labor backbenchers are

insisting live cattle exports

only resume if Indonesia stuns

the animals before killing

them. The left wants a greater say

say on that issue and on the minor tax and asylum seekers.

That's good, isn't it? That's

good. I think there should be

issues at the party. I want to

see the rank-and-file party engaged in debate. Of

course reasonable people will

differ about the best way. We

have policy discussions in

Caucus, that's a very good thing. The Caucus discussions turn under to an argument. Insiders say there was

lecturing, heckling, finger

pointing and raised voices. One

MP accused Labor of operating

like Syria, where anyone who

speaks out gets shot. Hardly a peaceful environment for a spiritual leader. A certain

Abbott met the Minister didn't, denying she's

being pressured by China. He's

been here four times in the last

last five years. On some occasions he's met with the Prime Minister, on others he hasn't. hasn't. If you are Prime

Minister, have some kind of

special interest, then of

course my meeting may be useful

otherwise I have nothing to ask

him...and also you sees the no

point to seek advice from him: Oh, from her. He's achieved enlightenment. Pauline Hanson's legal challenge against the

result of the NSW election has

collapsed. The key witness, school teacher Sean Castle, has

a admitted in court that he prepared and sent a fake email

alleging electoral fraud. The

email sent to Ms Hanson claimed

more than 1,000 vote for her

had been set aside on piles of

blank ballots. It's unclear who will pay the court costs. ACT

politicians have been granted a modest pay rise today by modest pay rise today by the Territory's Remuneration Tribunal. Members of the

assembly and elite bureaucrats

will receive a 2.5% boost from

July. The Government has upped

its offer to public servants

from 2.5 to 3%. If the unions

want more then we're happy to

engage with them but the Budget

can't withstand any more calls

on it because it will affect the bottom line which is still

in deficit. Katy Gallagher Government $16 million.

Republican presidential

candidates have rounded on

Barack Obama and his economic

record. In the first major

debate of the debate of the campaign. The 2-hour encounter kick-starts

their campaigns, it will end

with one challenging President

Obama next year. North America correspondent Lisa Millar. Seven candidates with a long

road ahead. Americans won't

vote for the President for

another 18 months but the

campaign has well and truly begun. His report card right

now has a big failing grade on

it. President Obama is a one-term President. APPLAUSE Michele

Bachmann is the latest to enter what's been a slow-forming field.

field. She's up against a clear

front-runner in former governor

Mitt Romney who's feeling the pressure over similarities between his health care reforms

and those introduced by the

White House. Mr President, if

in fact you did look at what we

did in Massachusetts, didn't you give me a call and ask what worked and what

didn't? I would have told you

what you're doing will not work. Newt Gingrich's campaign team deserted him last week but

he's still in the race. When 14

14 million Americans are out of

work, we need a new President

in the Obama depression. We

need to fix regulation. As

expected, the state of the US

economy dominated this first

major debate. There could still

be a few more candidates do

come in this Republican including Sarah Palin who's

reportedly still toying with

the prospect. What won't change

is the level of animosity

directed at the man they want to beat. Barack Obama was

thousands of kilometres away

trying to stay upbeat about the

economy despite an unemployment

rate climbing above 9%. Keep

up the great work. We're proud

of you. A as he tries to create new jobs for the unemployed,

he's now in a serious contest

to save his own. An Australian

pilot has died in an airship crash in Germany but authorities there are hailing

him a hero for saving the lives of his passengers. Mike

Nerandzic was preparing to land

the blimp at an airfield when the accident happened. The

aircraft burst into flames after he managed to steer it

low enough to get his three

passengers to safety. He

brought it down to azo low as

he could to let the passengers

jump out and he stayed at the

controls and as soon jumped out of course with an airship he knew it would rise

up and it did. They found him

still at the controls when it crashed. Mr Nerandzic from

Wollongong had been flying

airships for 23

was due to visit him in Europe

next month. It's not yet known

what caused the crash. Former

child migrants who say they

were abused and forced to work

as unpaid labourers have

launched a class action against the Federal and NSW

Governments. Between 1938 and

1974, hundreds of children were sent from

were going to a life of

sunshine and plenty but many

found a very different life

awaited them, as Jayne Margetts

reports. Many reports. Many decades have passed but their suffering is

still raw. I never had a

childhood like so many here. It

was taken from me. At 7, I was

bugs ared, I ate dirt for the first six months. Fairbridge Farm School, the UK Government, allegedly

described by a visitor as described by a visitor as worse

than a prisoner of war camp and home to hundreds of innocent

young children. Nothing young children. Nothing can undo some of the form things

that happened to me. Many say

they sufferedatise and sexual

abuse and life-long psychiatric injuries as a result.

injuries as a result. Bob Stevens is still traumatised by

the actions of one staff

member. Who had the nerve to

put his hands up my trousers. Nothing's been done about

it. It's the first action has been brought by

child migrant against the State

and Federal Governments and the Fairbridge Foundation in NSW. Each of whom had a responsibility for we say each

of them fell well their responsibility. Lawyers

will argue the authorities

failed to implement a system whereby students could complain

about the abuse without fear of

retribution and they say no

attempts were made to remove

the perpetrators. Those who

dared to speak up were shot

down. I did go and report it.

I did get called a wads given the cane. It's a

childhood they would rather

forget. They hope compensation

will go some way towards

healing their wounds. The Australian Government will be

one of the biggest donors to a

mass vaccination program for

children in the queping world.

The foundation set epiby Bill

Gates is expected to save 4

million lives. Europe chrona al

- correspondent Emma Alberici. but this vaccine jab has but this vaccine jab has helped save her life. Preventable

diseases like pneumonia and diarrhoea account for four in

10 child deaths in the developing developing world. It's not

every day we give away a billion dollars. Microsoft

founder and fu philanthropist Bill Gates kicked off the

conference with a billion-dollar donation. This

is a magic day, the first day the poor kids of the world are

going to get the same vaccines

the rich kids take forrant grasaid. The money will tund

not only the vaccines

themselves but transport costs

including storage when they get

to where they're needed.

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd

came to London to commit $200

mill dwroon the program, a

3-fold increase for Australia.

My name's Kevin. I'm from

Australia and I'm here to help. British Prime Minister

David Cameron made the biggest

single-nation pledge of $1

point 2 billion. Three

children die every minute pneumonia alone. Waiting is not

the right thing to. Do I don't

think 0.7% of our gross

national income is too high a

price to pay for saving price to pay for saving lives. Tory back bench rrz uncomfortable about increasing

overseas aid at a time of such sharp

sharp domestic spending cuts

but 8 years ago at a G-8 Summit the former Labor Government

vowed to spend 0.7% of gross domestic

domestic income. The Prime

Minister says he's simply living up to that promise. The

clothing retailer Colorado is

planning to shut down wuning40

stores around - 140 stores

around Australia and New Zealand, putting 1,000 people out of work. The administrators

of the Colorado Group say the

closure of under-performing

stores will give the debt-laden

company a future. All of the group's

group's 100 Colorado stores in

Australia will close as will

many Mathers and Williams shoe stores stores and some Diana Ferrari

and Jag stores. To finance and

business confidence fell in May as higher interest rates and

weaker consumer spending took

their toll on Australia's

companies but as Alan Kohler reports, reports, both the dollar and local share market traded

higher today. The graph I

showed a few times of our terms

in the biggest resources boom

in our history, you'd think all

businesses would be happy not

just mining companies but just mining companies but it's

a 2-speed economy. Business

confidence and the trading conditions index

both ebbing away because the high dollar and rising interest

rates both caused by the mining

boom are giving other

businesses grief. There's a lot

more of them than there are

mining companies and as we've seen today with Colorado,

retailers are having an

especially hard time because of

online shopping a as well.

Borrowing money also remains

out of fashion, especially credit cards, growth in the use

of debit cards is far greater.

Today also saw the monthly data

dump from the Chinese

statisticians. Inflation is up

a bit while the growth rate of

retail sales, industrial investment are slightly lower

but really we're talking 1 or 2

10ths of 1% lower. Their

economy is still going like

Black Caviar on a dry track.

The Aussie dollar The Aussie dollar bounced strongly and is close to 106.5

US cents and the All Ordinaries

came back from the came back from the long weekend

with its third consecutive

rise, pushed higher by Telstra,

all of the banks and Fosters

which was up 3%. Paladin mining

slumped 6.5% because of talk

it's about to look for more

capital. The company has denied this however. Suite last night. European markets

were up a bit, Asian markets up

quite a lot. That's finance.

The Queensland State of Origin

team has flown into territory, confident of

clinching a record 6th straight series win tomorrow night. The Maroons say the pressure is

squarely on NSW to keep the

series alive in front of their

own fans. Mark Douglas reports.

It's a well-worn path for Queensland, winning away from

home is no longer a challenge.

I think all the pressure's on

NSW. They have to win. It in

their court. I don't feel

pressured. I can say this is

probably one game of football I've got I've got most desire and will to want to win. The Maroons

carry the confidence of a team

accustomed to success and

determined to continue their

Dom naltion. We've come with

relaxed but quality preparation. We're ready to

play. We've come to play.

Queensland has no secret game plan.

plan. They've opened the doors at training and the proven method of battering

the Blues' forwards, allowing

Lockyer, Thurston, Slater and

Smith to run amok. The Blues

have hidden from the spotlight

this week, preferring to

prepare in private.. It's a

must-win game to us and to a

lot of us and to myself it's a

Grand Final and that's the way

I'm treating it. Time to run

into the war zone now. The

result 's everything. The new

Stuart era started with defeat

but the coach believes it won't

be long before the Blues end Queensland's destination and the destination run. We haven't arrived at the

isn't far away. I can't promise

when it's going to happen but

the destination isn't far a-a

way. NSW fans will hope the

Blues finally arrive tomorrow

night.The rugby career of

Berrick Barnes is tonight in

the balance. The 25-year-old

Wallaby star is taking

indefinite leave from the game.

He's had persistent migraines

since suffering two concussions

this season but hasn't given up

hope of playing in this year's World Cup. He's been a Wallaby,

a Waratah, Queensland Red and

Brisbane bronco. Now instead of preparing for the Rugby World

Cup, Barnes is stepping away

from the game in definitely. I

suppose it's come down to my

decision and I think it's just probably

probably beneficial both for

myself and the team that I take some time away from the game

right. and try and get this thing

right. Playing in the super rugby competition, the Waratahs

player wads concussed during

games in February and March. Ever Ever since, he's had recurring

migraines. The onset of another

headache during the weekend's

match forced him from the

Queensland. He look as little

bit uneasy on his feet. You get a knock and you can keep

playing for a while but you

have no real recollection

you're even on the field.

Barnes will miss the

the Waratahs' Super Rugby

campaign. The team is on the

cusp of making the finals. It's

about his personal welfare.

That's number one. It's extensive medical advice we've That's number one. It's on

come moment it's been the same cycle and it was obviously

frustrating for him and

certainly we don't want that to

become a worse problem. Barnes hasn't given up the idea of

making the Wallabies squad for September's World Cup.

Provided the diagnosis is 100%,

which I'm confident it is, then

I'm sweet. He hopes to play

for his club side Sydney

University early next month to keep his name in front of keep his name in front of the

selectors. An Australian ultra

marathon swimmer has set a world record despite

confronting strong current and

curious sharks. 48-year-old

Penny Palfrey took 40 hours and

41 minutes to swim between two

of the Cayman Islands in the

Caribbean, that's a distance of

108 km. The last 10 hours were the toughest when she

encountered a powerful current

while approaching gan gan.

Sharks were seen approaching

but kept their distance much to the relief of Penny Palfrey who

was struggling swollen tongue. One of the

sharks shadowed me the entire

night. I could see it 5 feet

It was just outside of the away. I had the shark suit on.

range of the shark shield. The

qualify for the record, Palfrey

had to swim without a shark

cage or flippers. She could

barely stand when she finished

and complained of a severe

shoulder injury. Takes guts.

Now with a look at today's weather, here's someone who's got lots of guts, Mark Carmody. Thank

even swim a lap let alone 400. Anyway, good evening. There

were showers all around the ACT

and although it's been overcast

it can't seem to rain. Today was dry and cold outside,

despite the top of 14. Again, it was those southeasterly winds that were averaging in

the mid 20s which made it

unpleasant. Tuggers, you had a

warm minimum last night, 8, and

Belconnen, that was Belconnen, that was your

minimum as well. Right now the southeasters are making their

presence felt at 15 km/h, the

barometer is steady and it's 9

degrees. Thick cloud is drifting

slowly down the east coast and generating heavy rain. There's

also a band of cloud crossing

over WA. Both of these cloud

masses are associated with low

pressure systems and continue to generate showers

toorchlt the one on the east coast will move further south

so the Hunter and Illawarra are

in for another wet and windy


Virginia, aren't roses

versatile plants? This one

called gold medal is still

flowering at the Old Parliament

House rose gardens and it's the first month owe winter and

night are-Y say you're extra

calm tonight, Virginia. I think

you've been with someone

special today. You're right. I

That's have seen the Dalai Lama today.

can keep up to date 24 hours a

day with ABC News online. Stay

with us now for a 7:30 with

Leigh Sales and Chris Uhlmann. Goodnight.

This Program is Captioned

Live. Tonight on 7:30 - I can

remember curling up in the

corner and wanting to die as a

child. The former child

migrants suing the Government

and the school for and the school for allegedly

turning a blind eye to years of

abuse. It's about justice. And they're up Republican race for the White

House. I'm Tim po lenty and I'm running for President of the United States. President Obama

is a one-term president.

Welcome to the program. Those

stories shortly as well as an

interview with mining magnate

Andrew Forrest. First, 7:30 allegedly showing evidence of obtained exclusive material

war crimes at the end of the

Sri Lankan civil war two years