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Tonight - flying again but

the Qantas backlog's unlikely

to be cleared until Wednesday.

Relief for passengers but the

Government and Qantas are in a

dog fight. I have made it very

clear to the CEO of Qantas that

I do not believe that this

extreme action should have been

taken. All I'm concerned about is Qantas. Named is Qantas. Named and honoured,

the Diggers killed by a rogue

soldier in Afghanistan. The

canny cup king plays it close

to his chest. The less you say

the better odds you get. Good

evening and welcome to ABC

News, I'm Virginia Haussegger.

It has only been 48 hours but for stranded pass probably felt like an eternity.

Qantas is now back in the air

two days after chief executive

Alan Joyce took the decision to

ground the entire ground the entire fleet in a

showdown with unions. Last night Fair Work Australia

terminated all industrial

action and an independent

umpire will now handle the

dispute. The timeliness of the

Government's intervention was hotly debated in parliament

today. More on that in a

moment. For now, nearly 100,000

passengers are breathing a sigh of relief. reports. The air of uncertainty

is finally over, Qantas planes

are back in the sky after the termination of all industrial action by Qantas pilots,

engineers and ground crews. The

clouds have gone, people can now book with confidence with

Qantas. Passengers started

boarding again this afternoon

after the aviation safety

watchdog cleared Qantas for

take-off. Finally. I would like

to welcome you aboard your

Qantas flight to Melbourne. Those involved were

again. Hopefully we are all also relieved to be flying

friends again and get back to

work again. This is where the

airline is controlled. Once the

grounding was announced on Saturday operations were shut

down within 8 minutes. Now

everyone is working furiously

to get planes back in the air.

Qantas hopes to have flights

back to normal within 48 hours,

XXXX tra planes will help shift

22,000 passengers Strachaned -

four extra planes will help

shift 22,000 passengers

have already stranded overseas. If people

they will be entitled to a

refund. We can also give them

the assurance from the flights

from this afternoon will be

operating as scheduled. With

industrial action behind

Alan Joyce will now concentrate

on his plans for Asia and

winning back customers. We will

be back but on a different

airline. I have every

confidence that we will recover

back to a 65% market share

domestically, we will recover

back to an international market

corporate market and get it recover our market share of the share and importantly we will

back to where it needs to

be. Many marketing experts

believe repairing the damage to

the airline's image will be

another battle altogether. Qantas flights started taking

off from Canberra late this

afternoon. Our reporter Siobhan

Heanue is at the airport. This

has come at a very busy time

for Canberra with parliament sitting this week and the

Melbourne Cup. How are things

looking at the Qantas check-in

this week it loomed as a this evening. On a week like

logistics nightmare. 24 hours

ago no one knew how long the

airport chaos would last. This

evening it appears to be business as usual as people

check into their Qantas

flights. As you can see behind

me, for peak hour this evening

it is a little less busy than

you would expect because a lot

of Canberrans simply reacted to

the grounding of the fleet by making alternative

arrangements, by driving to

their destinations instead or

by cancelling their meetings. The Canberra Airport incurred extra expenses just

dealing with the fallout over

hours the past 45 hours so - 48

hours so the airport is very

glad that the worst is over and

so are the passengers. We were

a bittivy about it. We had to

get back for work. Very

relieved. We just want to get

stuck into your training down

there and have a good training

camp. The last time we went to

go down we had the ash cloud so

we couldn't go down. We

thought, "Just our luck" is to

get this. Very happy to be on a

plane tonight. All flights are

back on schedule? There have been been some delays. The first

flight took off just after 5pm,

about an hour-and-a-half later

than originally scheduled and

there have also been a few

cancellations although I am

told that there are actually some seats still available on

some of the flights that are

going out this evening, which

is interesting. It again

suggests that many Canberrans simply made alternative arrangements. I have noticed that the interaction between

Qantas staff and customers has

been very cordial this evening.

It seems like a case of relief

all round. I'm not surprised by much. Thank you. Overseas that. Thank you very

passengers are smiling again too. Flights from Heathrow are

just about to resume and the check-in counters are open

again in Asia. For people again in Asia. For

travelling through Los Angeles

it has been a day of

uncertainty as Lisa Millar

reports. More frost of the day Qantas staff were telling international passengers here

in LA that there would be no

flights leaving. There just

wasn't time to get the planes

or the crew prepared. Even

those who were flights tonight were given seats on other airlines at

later dates or sent back to

hotels then suddenly the departure board sprang to life

and those who were first in

line were clutching boarding

passes and a reelisation that

they were finally on their

way. I was praying to God at

that time asking please let it

be some kind of miracle I can

get on tonight before the rush

starts otherwise I would have

been on that flight tonight elsewhere. I said to my wife,

"We're not getting anywhere here, let's go we got our tickets. About we got our tickets. About 4

o'clock I was watching the

board and they said it was back

on again so I tore over here and got my ticket. Got your

boarding pass.S I did and I got an upgrade. How is it? An

estimated 5,000 travellers had

their trips disrupted in the US

alone . They are planning extra

flights to try to clear the

backlog, putting an end to a

stressful couple of days for

those who were stranded a long

way from Australia. Lisa Millar

a high stakes gamble by Qantas

and even though the airline

appears to have won the dispute

has left a trail of wreckage in

its wake. The Government is

furious that Alan Joyce never

spelt out the tactics he had up

his sleeve during all the talks

it had with the Qantas chief

right through last week.

Political correspondent Greg

Jennett. From a three-way

tussle between company, union

and Government somehow all three are claiming victory. The

clouds have gone. People can

now book with confidence with Qantas. I think it arbitration. We achieved what

we set out to do. The real

losers are easy to identify. The industrial umpire, Fair

Work Australia, called time on the dispute and ordered an end

to the groundings and the union

campaign because it threatened

significant economic damage.

They have 21 days to talk and

will have a result imposed on

them if they can't cut a

deal. They should act quickly, they

they should get together and

they should work this dispute

out. But the Brinkmanship left a trail of mistrust. It

emerged Alan Joyce and the transport union's Tony Sheldon

were in secret talks with the

minister thought last week. He

says the grounding

spelt out. I said an multiple

occasions we could get to a

stage where we would have to

ground the airline. The

minister is adamant the first

he heard was in a phone call

three hours before the planes

were locked down. At no stage

what did Qantas, Mr Joyce or

anyone else raise with me the

possibility of a lockout of Qantas workforce. It shouldn't

have been a surprise to anybody

that Qantas had to take

action. The tactic backfired

and the has won Qantas no

friends in Government. I have made it very clear to the CEO

of Qantas that I do not believe

that this extreme action should

have been taken. Lawyers and

academics ponder the precedent

this sets for companies wanting

to bust through disputes the

Prime Minister argues the

workplace regime she designed

did its job without resorting

to the ultimate power she had to end the dispute herself. Why didn't she immediately terminate this

dispute without reference to a

tribunal as she could have

under her Fair Work Act? It's never been used before. It

would have taken us in wholly

new legal terrain. I wanted to

get this dispute resolved and I

have done so. At a cost no one

may ever know. A weekend of pain for some immediate gain.

That is the way investors seem

to be viewing the Qantas

turmoil. Alan Kohler looks at

the impact

for the company and for its

boss. Qantas's share price rose

4% today even though the market

as a whole went down. So it is

clear what the clear what the company's owners

think, that it is in better

shape today than it was on

Friday. The most interesting

and surprising message to come

out of this whole episode is

that the Qantas board and

management obviously believe

the airline can make money on

its international routes even though Australia's open skies

policy and ferocious competition from subsidised

Government owned airlines

around the world have left it

with less

and big losses. Otherwise why bother with

bother with Saturday's grounding and the

grounding and the brand damage

that went with it. Most boards

would have closed a business

losing $200 million long ago.

The weekend action shows that not only are they not giving up

on it they are fighting like poll cats and today's stock

market action shows market action shows that shareholders are happy about

that. As for Alan Joyce Australia's latest iconic enemy

for the unions. Don't for a

moment think he will be getting

the sack. If he can turn around

Qantas' international operations despite zero

he will get all his deferred

bonus of $2 million and deserve

it. They were all in their 20s

and all based in Townsville.

Defence chiefs have named the

three Diggers shot dead by three Diggers shot dead by a

rogue Afghan soldier in Afghanistan. Several

Afghanistan. Several other soldiers were wounded in the

same incident. Afghan army

soldiers trained by the

Australians have now been

disarmed as trust between the

Diggers and local troops sinks

to a new low. These three

Queensland soldiers were killed

over the weekend by the Afghan

soldier they were training. All

were in their 20s. Captain

Bryce Duffy was based Townsville. As was father of

three Lance Corporal Luke Gavin and Corporal Ashley Birt was

based in Brisbane. In his home

town of gymy he was in town of gymy he was in the

minds of the local RSL. We just

sent him a good will package sent him a good will package

from the sub branch. Sorry, but

we - we got an email from him on

on Thursday actually thanking

us. His older brother Dale Birt

is also serving in Afghanistan

and will acome pane his body

home. This is aing thatdy for

our nation but it is a tragedy for those three families and a terrible reminder to the other

29 families who have seen their

sons, husbands, brothers,

killed in the course of our

time in Afghanistan. The killer

was an Afghan national soldier.

He was shot dead by other Australian troops. Seven

helped to kill the rogue Afghani were also injured in

the incident. All were from Townsville. They are now being

sent to Germany for further medical treatment. A medical treatment. A special meeting is being held in Townsville tomorrow to update defence families on the attack. This is a rogue

incident. We have to remember that there is more information

that needs to be gathered on

this incident and we will continue to investigate that

and adjust procedures if required after that investigation. Members of the

ANA Fourth Brigade at have been disarmed as a precaution. A retired state

coroner says he was not made

aware of key facts while he

conducting the inquiry into the

death of model Caroline Byrne.

John Abernathy says he didn't

know that initially two

scientists concluded she may have jumped to her death. 'Four

Corners' has been investigating

evidence that raises questions

about the murder conviction of

the model's boyfriend Gordon Wood. The case is now before

the court of criminal appeal.

In 2008 Gordon Wood was

sentenced to up to 17 year's

jail for the murder of his girlfriend Caroline Byrne

in 1995. But the coroner who

conducted the inquest into her

death is now speaking out. John

Abernathy says his inquest was

not given details of the young

woman's previous overdose and

her subsequent medication for depression. That seems I would have liked to have had

in front of me. The now retired

coroner says he should also have been told that two

scientists had informed detectives Caroline Byrne most likely jumped. In fact, my likely action had I known of

that, would have been to call

professor Cross at inquest and

hear what he had to

say. Physics academic associate

professor Cross turned star prosecution witness after

police changed their mind about where Caroline been found at the base of the cliff. I don't have any formal

qualifications in

qualifications in biomechanics

so in that respect I'm self

taught. He was told that Gordon

Wood was adept at lifting

weights of 100 kilograms making

him strong enough to throw a

body 11 metres over a cliff but

that has been disputed by

Wood's training partner. I have never seen him lift 100

kilograms ever. If he could only bench

only bench press 70 kilograms

there is no thrown Caroline Byrne out that far. 'Four Corners' has

information from a witness who

was not called to give evidence

in Gordon Wood's trial. His

account calls into question

evidence of another eyewitness

who says he saw Gordon Wood and

Caroline Byrne arguing shortly

before her death. You can see

the full 'Four Corners'

investigate tonight at 8:30.

Four members of one familiar he

were kill

collision at Yarra Glen last

night. A 35-year-old man, his

26-year-old partner and her two

young children were killed when

police say their car drifted

onto the wrong side of Melba Highway. Emergency

services described the scene as

horrific but the driver of the

other car escaped serious

injury. Nearly eight moss after

Japan's devastating tsunami the

search for the missing is

starting to wind down. In one

community where 74 children

from the same primary school

were swept

vowing to keep looking. The

ABC's Mark Willacy travelled to

Okawa in Ishinomaki for this

report.Once she taught school children , now everyday Naomi

Hiratsuka searches for them on the sue nampley wasteland. TRANSLATION: Right

after the tsunami we used our

bare hands to try to find our children but then I got my

mechanical digger's licence and

we began to find

the bodies they were looking for

for was that of Naomi Hiratsuka's 12-year-old daughter Koharu. TRANSLATION:

It took five months for body of

my daughter to be found but we

must find the remaining

children. I cannot give up the

search. If we stop it will all

be for nothing. Out the front

of the Okawa school where 74

students were swept away is a

makeshift shrine. Among the

items left here is a letter

from a grieving mother to her

missing child. Back out on the tsunami wasteland we cross

paths with Miho Suzuki, the author of the letter. TRANSLATION: The

morning of the tsunami I said,

"See you later" to my daughter

Hana as she went off too school. She never returned. I

come here everyday to try to

find her so I can say, "Welcome

home." It is not just the

search for bodies that is still

going on. These are some of the

tens of thousands of that have been pulled from the

rubble and mud around here. Few

of these keepsakes, photo

albums and other possessions will

will ever be claimed because

their owners are either dead

still missing. Here moments of

happiness are frozen in another

time, before the tsunami. Many of

of the items here clearly

belong to the school children

taken by the waves. Whenever

people come here they people come here they have

feelings they cannot describe

in words for survivors there

are too many memories here. In

the fading light a Buddhist

monk leads a service for the

children of the Okawa school.

Among the crowd dozens of grieving parents, all praying

for the souls of their sons and

daughters. Some vowing never to

give up the search for their


A new bushfire season program

will put the heat on arsonists

this summer. As Australia heads

into one of us

seasons for grass fires in 40 years the Federal Government

has launched a new arson

notification system. What this

means is if a bushfire

started in a particular area

police will be able to check

whether there are any people

living nearby with arson warning flags on their criminal record. Arsonists are

responsible for up to half of

the 54,000 bushfires in

Australia each year. It is a

problem that is estimated to cost the community of about $2 billion each year. Police believe more information about possible suspects will speed up their investigations. investigations. For the first time in 150 years the

Australian Stock Exchange has a

foreign competitor. Japanese-owned Chi-X began

trading tonight with eight

security. Next week it offer

will offer brokers traders a

chance to offer all shares. Until now Until now ASX hassed a a

Monopoly. The overall market

will grow and we are looking

forward to a reasonable

percentage of that larger market. ASIC made it mandatory

for brokers to connect to both

platforms to give their clients

the best deal. At least 22

firms have said they will use

the competitor. To finance now.

The local share market fell

back today amid a more sober

assessment of Europe's ongoing debt

debt problems. First a post chart of its share price and the All Ordinaries Index over

the past 12 months.

The market fell 8% but at the

start of October Qantas was down more than 50%. Whenever that happens to a company something has to give and it

did. The market fell more than 1%

1% today although half of the

fall occurred after the bell

when offmarket transactions get shoved through. Resources

stocks and financial fell

heavily and Woodside bucked the trend with a rise of 1.5%.

Qantas topped the rises with a

gin of 4%. US markets were steady on Friday

after the big gains on Wednesday and Thursday that

followed the third or fourth

declaration of solvency in our time in Europe. The euphoria

didn't last much after the

weekend as investors started

looking into the fine print of

the Greek bailout deal and

discovered there were more

holes in it than in the walls

of the Parthenon. The

Australian dollar fell as well.

Some data on lending came out

today. Private sector credit

rose in September, nothing to get exsiemented about. Not

enough to prevent a rate cut tomorrow

tomorrow if that is what the

Reserve Bank has on its mind.

The annual growth in housing loans

loans is the lowest on record.

That is reflected in house

prices. The latest figures show that the national capital city

median price fell 2% in September;

September; the 9th consecutive

monthly fall. It is the

smallest drop for 7 months. As

the chart shows the incline is

a gentle slope for all types of houses, unlike the houses, unlike the US.

Canberra shoppers have extra item on their list as of

tomorrow, a Corey bag or two.

Retailers will be banned from

handing out light weight place

stick bags and customers must

bring reuseable alternatives or

buy them at the check-out.

Retailers could cop a fine of

2,000 if they defy the ban. The

new law is designed to reduce litter and landfill. litter and landfill. Jockeys Craig Williams and Nash

Rawiller won't be riding in tomorrow's Melbourne Cup. They failed to win a stay of proceedings at the Victorian

civil and administrative tribunal proceedings played out as most connections

connections were enjoying the annual Melbourne Cup parade.

What better way to wait for

your legal challenge against

suspension than enjoying the

cup parade. We are staying

positive we will get the positive we will get the right

result here today and looking forward to being out there tomorrow. Where is it all going

to end? I don't know, once the

legal eagles start coming in

you are in trouble. Proceedings didn't go the way Williams or Nash Rawiller

hoped. I was unsuccessful. I am

extremely disappointed. I spoke

to the

and all I can say is thank you

very much for their

support. Christopher Lemaire's

mercy dash from Japan was not

in vafnlet he lands the ride on

'Dunaden'. For me it is a

bonus. I was not supposed to ride the horse because because

of the suspension I have the

opportunity. The two favourites

'Dunaden' and 'Americain' are

both French. He looks - maybe

he could be at the parade today

but he can't. Can he carry the extra weight to victory That is a problem. He needs to be

very good to have a real

chance. 7 pounds in between. I

don't think - 'Americain' is

not 7 pounds better. Gerard

Mosse appreciates the

forecast. It is pretty wet. I like

like that. It is good to

hear. Bart Cummings was raining

on the sponsor's parade. We

have a couple of runners

prese dents and - what is your

selection. What the hell is that.That's better. He refused

to flag his chances for cup

13. The less you say the better odds you get. Not like Gai. Wisdom to reflect

on. Champions Sebastian Vettel

has added another paragraph to

his impressive CV. The German

Formula 1 star led from start to finish to win the grand prix race to be held in India. Australia's Mark Webber

finished fourth. Formula 1's

new venue had a unique feel to

it. But on the track it was the same old story as Sebastian

Vettel shot clear of some first

corner clashes. Fernando Alonso

has gone very deep. He has contact at the back. Lewis Hamilton's chances were dashed

mid-race to the dismay of

British comic actor Rowan

Atkinson. He was not the only

famous face in the Sachin Tendulkar looked on ace

Vettel continued his dominant year. Sebastian Vettel becomes

the first ever winner of the

Indian Grand Prix. We have

already achieved a lot this

year but we year but we are still hungry.

We are not lacking motivation

at any stage. The win was

Vettel's 11th this season.

Fernando Alonso pipped Mark

Webber for a place on the peaked

peaked yum. This could be the

new Queen of women's tennis. 21-year-old Petra Kvitova

outclassed Victoria Azarenka in

three sets to capture the WTA

championships in her appearance at the season-ending event. Petra Kvitova is the champion. The Czech started the

year ranked 32nd in the world.

She now has her sights set on

the number 1 ranking. I am

number two in the world. It is a dream. Sergio Garcia's savouring

savouring his return to form. A

week after breaking his

three-year victory drought the

spent yard has won again taking out the Anda lushian masters. Open champion Rory McIlroy

claimed golf's richest prize,

the $2 million first place purse at the Shanghai

Masters. Now with a look Masters. Now with a look at the weather here is Mark Carmody. Good Evening. I drew 'At First

Sight' in our newsroom sweep

today and at first sight today's weather was nothing

short of fantastic. Fine and

sunny after miserable rainfall

over the weekend. We have only

had 17 millimetres at the

airport this month and we need

like it won't be coming this

week. Cloud over central Australia

is associated with a low pressure system and is

generating rain along with thunderstorms. Cloud also

covers Tasmania. While there is

a series of troughs around the

north of Australia our weather

down here is being controlled

by a high in the Bight. It

for the next few days so we here in Canberra can expect

more dry, mostly sunny days. Nationally tomorrow, in

Melbourne it could be a good

day at the races, there is a little

little bit of cloud about but should remain dry at


You will be pleased to know

this flower is common localed Granny's bonnet. Maybe you could wear one instead of your

fascinator tomorrow. I think

Granny's bonnet is perfect for

me. Before we go a recap of the

stop stories. Qantas is flying again

again two days after grounding

its entire fleet. Now the

carrier the working to clear

the bag lock of thousands of

passengers. Craig Williams and

Nash Rawiller are out of the

Melbourne Cup after the failure

of last minute legal

challenges. That is the news

for now. Coming up on 7:30, new

debate in psychiatric quarters

personality disorder really about whether

exists. From me for now, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI.

Welcome to the program.

Tonight - a re-evaluation of

multiple personality disorder.

The mental condition that

Hollywood loves. This is not a

exciting corner of circus side shown. Hoi.s not an

psychiatry. Now come claims

'Sybil' the most famous

multiple personality case is a

fraud. It's incredible to think

that psychiatrists could've

been fooled by this

over-the-top story. And - can

the old master Bart Cummings

win a record 13th Cup? I think

he's got a reasonable each-way

chance in the Cup. I will

have a sentimental bet on

Bart's horses because you never assume he can't win.

But first Qantas planes are

back in the air tonight but