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Live. Tonight, body blow -

elite US forces killed on

America's darkest day in Afghanistan. Also strategic

loss for the nation as well T

takes a generation to grow a special operations warrior. Analysts brace for a manic Monday on the markets. The

and real worry for investors

locally is what we're seeing is

the start of a second financial crisis. So low after the Bledisloe - can the Wallabies

raise their game ahead of the

World Cup? And Canberra's building boom goes miniature.

Good evening. Craig Allen with

ABC News. Those stories coming

up, but first as we go to air

tonight, an attempt to being

made in the High Court in

Melbourne to stop the Federal Government

Preparations are under way on Christmas Island to fly out the

first group of more than 50

under the Government's new

people-swap deal. They're due

to leave within the next to leave within the next few

around 50 asylum seekers days. Another boatload of

arrived on the island this

morning. They, too, will be

part of the so-called Malaysia Solution. ABC reporter Jane

Norman is on Christmas Island

and begins our coverage. The

small wooden boat was towed

into flying fish cove and 50 asylum seekers shore. The group was picked up

by Customs not far from

Christmas Island. An Immigration Department film crew was on hand to record the

Malaysian police was watching arrival and a delegation

closely of the it is the second

boat to be intercepted since

the deal with Malaysia came

into effect a fortnight ago.

While the Federal Government is

urging patience... We have

already seen some effect. We've

had about a thousand less

arrivals by boat than the same

period last year, but I think

to be fully operational, have

smuggers and asylum seekers its full effect, then

need to see it in

operation. The Opposition says

the cracks are starting to show. Ultimately the

Government's quota will be Government's quota will

exhausted and it has arrangement to deal with it after that fact. It's

understood the latest group of asylum seekers is mainly from Afghanistan. At this stage it's

unclear whether any children

were on board. The first 55 asylum seekers to be subject to

the people-swap deal are still

in detention on Christmas

waiting Island and they're still

waiting to be told when they has been told the group of men,

women and children are becoming

increasingly distressed. And it

appears locals are becoming

increasingly angry about

deal. About 20 residents held a

protest and sent a clear

message to the Federal

Government. I would urge them

to come to this island before

they remove these children. It

is a very, very important thing

that they witness the result of

their decisions. The minister

is yet to decide the fate of

the 13 unaccompanied children

in detention. As the Government works to process the asylum

seekers, there are conflicting

claims about the level of

protests from within the detention centre. The

Government claims there is no

hunger strike but the ABC has

been told by workers at the

centre that a 7-year-old boy is

among a group that's refusing

to eat. Worried staff have also given details of at least one

case of self-harm. Heather Ewart from the ABC's '7:30'

program is also on the island. We've been given island. We've

footage from within inside the.

The officers say it clearly

shows they are

strike. This group that you can

see have been on hunger strike

for the last two days. They've

been sleeping out as well and

the officers say they include a 7-year-old boy who has been

taken to get medical treatment

from refusing to eat. The

officers has told us that a 17-year-old girl has swallowed cleaning fluids protest. She has also been cleaning fluids and liquids in

taken for medical treatment.

We're also told that a group of

40 men, shahhia Muslims have

signed a petition, they want to

go to the Government claim they

would be in danger of

persecution in Malaysia because

they've heard that mosques

there for their religion have

been closed and there have been

50 arrests there. That's what the officers are telling

asylum seekers being sent to

Malaysia is being sought from

the High Court in Melbourne

tonight. The court has heard 16

asylum seekers are due to be removed from Christmas Island

tomorrow. The ABC's

March filed this update a short

time ago. Lawyers are seeinging

an injunction to stop the Australian Government from sending a group of asylum

seekers to Malaysia. The

lawyers are representing 41 of

55 asylum seekers that are due

to be sent to Malaysia, but they say they may they say they may end up representing more, they've just

been unable to get in contact

with them. The lawyers are arguing Government's detention of the

asylum seekers is unlawful, as

is there power to end them to

Malaysia. They're also arguing

that hair their claims

heard here in Australia.

Look, this case is really about some very vulnerable

people asking the court whether

the the Australian Government has

the legal power to expel them

to Malaysia where they fear

that they will not be protected

and they will be at real risk

of harm. Six of those involved in this case are unaccompanied

minors and the Minister for

He Immigration is their guardian.

their best interests and the

real concern here is in

proposing to expel them to

Malaysia, he is fundamentally abandoning his basic

obligations to these children to look after their welfare The

lawyers say there are six unaccompanied minors in the

group, but as I say, they may end up representing more as

they continue to make contact

with the asylum seekers. In

other news, the United States

has suffered another hammer

blow. The US military recorded

its biggest single loss of life in Afghanistan since the of the war. A helicopter carrying 30 American and 8

Afghan military personnel, came

down in the east of the

country. The Taliban claims it

shot down the chopper. All on board were killed, including

some of America's most elite

troops. Ben Worsley reports. In

10 years of bloody war, the US

hasn't seen a day like this. 30

of its troops killed in one

blow. It is a terrible loss, a

terrible human tragedy. A

Chinook helicopter was flying in to support a team

soldiers in firefight in war

back province. As it approached

it was hit and destroyed by a

rocket-propelled grenade. TRANSLATION: We were outside

our rooms on a veranda and saw

this helicopter ply flying very

low. It was hit by a rocket and

was on fire. It started come

being down in a crash just yard

as way from our house. This was

the moment the commander in

chief was told about it. From

Camp David Barack Obama

released a statement:

Among the dead, a 22 Among the dead, a 22 Navy sooels Also a significant

strategic loss for the nation

as well T takes a generation to

grow a special operations

warrior. Sooels. Seal stands

for sea, air and land, elite soldiers puts through extreme

training over many years. These

Seals were from the famed Team

Six, the group which killed

of those soldiers is thought to

have been on board the

Chinook. It is a self-contained

unit that can go any place in

the world and literally do nothing but kick ass. Also on

board the helicopterer were

seven Afghani commandos and an interpreter.

TRANSLATION: We express our

deepest condolences and share

this moment of sorrow with the

families of the victims and the

people of America. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. Investors spending an anxious night as they wait for the financial

markets to open. Tomorrow will

be the first chance to gauge

reaction to the downgrading of America's

America's AAA credit rating,

and as Ursula Malone reports,

the focus will well and truly

be on the Australian and Asian markets. America's self-esteem

has taken a battering. The

downgrade didn't come as a surprise,

surprise, but that hasn't made

it any easier to swallow. I

think the leadership of

tubes. There is no-one there

that could guide us in the

right way. I think politicians

became too greedy, and I think

we're in big trouble. Making things worse is the knowledge

that the fall from AAA grace

was at least partly

self-inflicted. The ratings

agency Standard & Poor's says

political squabbling in

Washington was a factor in its

decision. The fact that you had a debt ceiling agreement that

resulted in the government not reaching agreement until 10

hours before they had a cash this is not how most highly

rated governments run

themselves. All eyes are on

what the reaction will be when

financial markets open tomorrow. The sentiment is already extremely weak, very

fragile in this past week, not

just because of concerns in US economic

economic growth, but the

problems in Europe, so he this

won't help. The Australian

market has already fallen 10%.

Some analysts believe we could

see a further 5-10% decline in

the coming weeks. The real concern for financial markets

at the moment and real for investors locally is what

we're seeing is the start of a

second financial crisis. If there is another financial

crisis, the Government is again

making the point that Australia is in a good position. No

economy it better placed than

ours to remain strong in this

environment. It's an

environment in which China has

a major stake as one of the

biggest investors in the US

economy. It has issued a stern

warning to Washington that the

good old days of borrowing good old days of borrowing are well and truly over.

A previously secret review of Federal

Federal spending on Indigenous

programs has found it gets

dismally poor returns from its

investment. The damning

was prepared for Cabinet and

obtained under freedom of information by the Seven

Network. It says the $3.5

billion the Commonwealth spends each year isn't properly

monitored and recommends 25

programs be cut. The The policy

challenge is huge. We know that

to close the gap it will take to close the gap it will take a generation. The review was

written for the Rudd Government

18 months ago. It took a lengthy

lengthy legal battle to have it

released. Global financial woes, high interest rates, low

consumer confidence, and now

the carbon tax - store owners

say the tax could be the final

nail in the coffin for some of them. Russell Zimmerman is the

voice of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses around

the country. He says the carbon

tax is adding insult to for his members. Retailers just

don't have the spare

profitability to be able to adapt to this tax. The association survey of 500 retailers found 83% thought the tax would result in less

consumer spending. 85% expected

it to impact on profitability.

And around one-third expected

to pass on price increases to

consumers. Retailers at the end

of the supply chain, costs like

transport, shipping,

electricity, they will all be

handed down. Well, the

majority of consumers are

compensated via tax cuts and in

the case of pensioners, a

pension increase. The National retailers Association says its

members, including many of the

big chains, don't share the

bleak outlook. I would say they

are better prepared for this

than many small businesses

would be. But the Association

is calling on the Federal

Government to do more to help

the sector adapt. We would like

detailed modelling from the

Government immediately on things like the grocery basket that they've

used as part of the

promotion. There is no shortage

of people out browsing, but

getting them to part with their

money is proving difficult.

Retail sales figures are down

and some retailers say that's

their main concern. It is a

trend that could spell the end

of some businesses long before

the carbon tax becomes a reality. The Prime Minister

hopes a hopes a multimillion-dollar - signed a $276 million agreement

with the Tasmanian Government

to help the State move out of

logging in most public native

forests. Under the deal, the

saw log quota will be halved to

155,000 cubic metres a

year. But the package includes $25 million in immediate

support for forest worker whose

lose their jobs. We were not

going to leave working people

in distress for many months

while other processes were

engaged in. The timber industry has accused the Greens of using

their power in minority

government to hijack the deal

and has vowed to do everything

in its power to stop it. There

has never been any peace. There

will never be any will never be any peace because the demands of these people can never be met. The agreement still needs to pass through both houses of Tasmania's Parliament. Somalia's al-Shabaab militants have

pulled out of the capital

Mogadishu in what the Cabinet

says is a golden day for the drought-stricken country. A

change in military tactics, one

that could make delivering aid

to Somalia much more dangerous. Africa correspondent Ginny

Stein reports and a warning, her her story contains some distressing images. Somalia's

President has called this

moment a victory. For the first

time in 4 years, the al-Qaeda-inspired militants

al-Shabaab have withdrawn from

Mogadishu. TRANSLATION: The TRANSLATION: The Somali Government has defeated the

enemy of al-Shabaab. We will

fight our main enemies who

cause insecurity in our country. For the past of weeks, fierce battles have

waged in the city between the

militants and government forces. TRANSLATION: Al-Shabaab vacated

their positions overnight and

that will be a success for the

whole of Somalia. Troops belong

to the transitional government

quickly moved to take over the vacated positions. They're backed by a 9,000-strong African Union peace-keeping

force. For aid agencies trying

to operate in Mogadishu,

al-Shabaab's retreat has been met met with caution. There are

real fears that the militants'

threats of guerrilla war will

worsen an already deadly

situation. Tony Burns is the Operations Manager of

largest local aid agency operating in Mogadishu. He

believes that security in a

city in which private militia city in which private militia

also wrestle for control is only likely to get

worse. Previously there was a defined

defined front line and that's

now not going to change, so

essentially the whole city will

become a front line. You will

moving throughout the city,

doing hit-and-run attacks on on

military and political targets.

Liu have freelance militias popping

popping up throughout the city

and doing the same. With food

aid still only trickleg into the

the country and a new phase in

the war for the control of

Somalia about to begin, there

is one certainty - the death

toll from starvation will

continue to rise. if British police order after looters rampaged

through a North London suburb.

A few hundred people were

protesting against the local

shooting of a local man by police when petrol bombs were

hurled at patrol cars. 8 police

officers were injured and taken

to hop hospital. It is important

important to stress we had no

information that things would

deteriorate and of course there

is no justification for thing s

having dezeer rated. A double

deck Erebus and several

buildings were set alight as crowds station in to the ham turned violent. Rioters kicked in

windows on the high street and

looted shops. In the surrounding streets more vehicles were burnt. Police have seized cannabis worth

nearly a quarter of a million

dollars during a raid on a

house in jer ra bomber ra.

Plants were seized on the Maple

Crescent home during a joint

operation between the ACT and

New South Wales police. A 25

and 21-year-old man and a 26-year-old Jerrabomberra man

appeared before the Queanbeyan

court this morning and have been remanded in custody. The

extension was opened in

September last year. As well as

a new front entrance, the

extension includes a series of

new galleries for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island and Torres Strait Island art. The structure was designed by

architects PTW. To sport, and

Darren Lockyer couldn't have

wished for a more memorable finish to his record-equalling 349th NRL game. In a thriller

between the Broncos and

Warriors, a Peter Wallace field

goal in the final minutes

proved the difference. Tonight

the Knights thrashed the

Raiders, while the Sea Eagles did a did a similar job on the Roosters. Last night, a rare

win for the Titans was

overshadowed by news that Scott

Prince had broken his arm. But

there were no shadows over Lang

Park as Lockyer's golden season

continued. 349 games and still

counting. Last night, as usual, the captain was at the helm.

Later, with the game on the line, again. COMMENTATOR: Lockyer

back on the inside. Oh, Darren Lockyer sets up

another! And And it would have

been the perfect ending had he nailed the match-winner. This

side of the field and charged

down. Yes, probably went about that far but I thought it was

going over. His partner in halves

halves broke a 20-20

deadlock He has got it. He has

got it, Peter Wallace To win

in those circumstances and to be game be game 349, I'm sitting here

feeling pretty happy about things. The Warriors played

their part in the spectacle scoring two of the season's

best tries. Ricky Johnston's

has to be in the top three. But

this could be the best. Scored

by the Titans David Mead. What

about the pick-up. Have you ever seen a try like that? No.

David Mead's try against the

Sharks was the best pick-up, one-handed I

have ever seen. But the Titans

rare win was spoilt when Scott

Prince suffered yet another

broken arm. Newcastle has put the cleaners the cleaners through Canberra and the star was the NRL's

oldest player. Mad Dog is oldest player. Mad Dog is in fine form. 36-year-old Adam

McDougall scored the Knight's first, set up the second before

racing away to pick up a double. If

double. If only he could get

the high five right. The

Roosters were handed an 8 tries

to 2 flogging by Manly. It was 12-0 at the break and the tries

kept coming in the second half,

but the highlight and another

candidate for try of the season

was scored in the final seconds for the Roosters. The top 8 now

enjoy a 4-point break over the

chasers. The Rabbitohs take on

the Eels in Monday night

football. In the Canberra

Raiders Cup this weekend,

Gungahlin proved too good for

Woden winning 22-8. In other games this round, Tuggeranong

edged out the Blues by 8 points. Yass and Belconnen

fought out a 12-all draw and

Goulburn narrowly defeated the

Queanbeyan Kangaroos by 4 points. The Wallabies have gone

to South Africa hoping to leave

hind the form that saw them crushed by a dominant All

Blacks side last night who went

on to win 30-14 and maintained

their impressive record at Eden

Park. The match was an ominous

side for the Wallabies ahead of next Lisson reports. The Wallabies

hoped last night would be the beginning of something special,

the first step towards a World Cup

Cup win, and while victory is still still possible, it was hard to ignore the market the All Blacks placed down last

night We looked to go wide

early and that wasn't working

for us. We should have had the

focus of going through them.

They defended rally well and

obviously won it in the

breakdown. The All Blacks were

more threatening with the ball

in hand, and while in hand, and while second-half

tries to Rocky Elsom and Digby Ioane made respectable, the contest was

over at half-time. Just got to

go away and look at things we

can improve on. The first thing

is enthusiasm. They hit the breakdown very hard and pretty breakdown very hard and pretty much outenthused us.

Recover, look after the

bodies, look after the spirit

in the group and care for the

turnout for next week. Most

worrying for Australia ahead of

the World Cup could be the All

Blacks believe they can better. Our set pieces weren't

as good, so that's something we

need to work on. We gave need to work on. We gave away

three or four penalties which

is a frustration and the

lineout was creeky, so if we

can get that right, we play

pretty well. Salesi Ma'afu and

Radike Samo will join their squad. England dominated the

early play against Wales. Jonny

Wilkinson staked his claim for

the fly-half position in the upcoming World

Murrayfield, Scotland narrowly

beat a second-string Irish

outfit, scoring the only try of

the match in the final minutes.

In the AFL, Sydney and Essendon played out a thriller in Melbourne last night with

the Swans defeated by a

solitary point, 1 Huynh-99.

Today there were wins for

Adelaide and Hawthorn, and in

the late game, West Coast are

leading Richmond. Last night

Collingwood embarrassed Port

Adelaide and Essendon won a

seesawing tussle. Adam

siren for victory. They need a

goal to win. The siren has

sounded. It's drifting. Drifting. Missed it He's

missed!. It was a bittersweet

night for Goodes who was best on ground in a dominant

display. Sydney was rest to rue

missed opportunities kicking 2

goals 9 in the final quarter. And in local

competition, Eastlake have

dominated their contest against Tuggeranong, winning 192-72. Australia's two top

golfers are set to fight it out

in the final round of the

lucrative World Championship

Adam event in the United States.

Adam Scott regained the

outright lead after Round 3,

but he is only one stroke ahead

of compatriot Jason Day. Mark

Douglass reports. A change of

putter and a change of caddie seems to have brought a change

of fortunes for Adam Scott. of fortunes for Adam Scott. He

is already in sync with Steve Williams, Tiger Woods' former

verge of caddie and Scott is on the

years. COMMENTATOR: Yes!. Scott

recovered from a slow start to

grab a one-stroke lead with his

4 under par 66. Oh, dear! Jason

Day was every bit as impressive

with the putter as he kept pace with his compatriot. Young

American star Rickie Fowler

also charged into contention, courtesy of a stunning Eagle 2 on the 11th hole. Australia's

time bowlers could be in for a tough

opening match of the tour is

any indication. Sri Lankan

opener Tillakaratne Dilshan

destroyed the tourists with a

century off just 55 balls in

international. COMMENTATOR: the Twenty20

There it is. Tillakaratne

Dilshan, a hundred. What an

innings. Chasing 199, a quick

fire half-century from David

Warner kept Australia in the

hunt, but the middle order

crumbled. When captain Cameron White departed for 7,

Australia's hopes were just

about gone. A lower-order flurry to the score but the

Australians still came up 35

runs short. Sally Pearson has

cruised to another victory in

the 100m hurdle, this time at

the Diamond meet in London. The

Australian is hot favourite to

win in this month's Championships in South Korea. The Australians were

completely outclassed in a

humbling 5-1 defeat in the

hockey. Lego tragics united in

10,000 people Canberra today as more than

year's brick expo, and with

exhibitors from across the

country, there was plenty of

inspiration for budding

builders, young and old. It is

an obsession, for young and

old. With one thing in common -

a magnetic attraction to tiny

bricks in a world where only imagination rules. Oh, it's

awesome! Lego sets are really cool.

Just amazing how much stuff

you can build with Lego. Whoever made things must be very talented in Lego. But not just the young

who are enthralled. 5-10% of

Lego builders are grown-ups. A

lot of people see it as a creative outlet creative outlet where we can express ourselves and being

adults we can afford a lot more

Lego now. This year's event

featured an evening cocktail party with no kids allowed. You

could meander around and a bit

more exclusive, a bit more

la-di-da. And it is a mark that

Lego is taking seriously We

to the models for the adults

because we can do things a

little more authentic, a little more reality-based. But reality

is overrated if you are a

pirate on the high seas or an

Indian in the Wild West, and

may the force be with you - everyone has a favourite. I like

like the machine where they go

in and come out as crystal s.

Quite interesting. Even the dads got in on the dads got in on the act.

I think we will purchases here today so that we

can Lego together. Perhaps the

family that Legos together

stays together. Very nice! To.

To the weather now and once the

overnight showers cleared we had a mostly sunny afternoon. A

coolish top of 14 degrees. A few

few spots of rain, but mostly

before the 9am cut-off. Cloudy

with scattered showers right

around the south-east today with temperatures ranging up to

19 degrees areas. Heavy cloud around this

morning but the showers had

finished in the early hours.

morning. Around the capitals Total of 8mm to 9 this


A pool of cold air west A pool of cold air west of

that heading our way. The local

conditions are set to stay

quite unstable in We'll see a few more scattered

showers until that system moves offshore. The showers tomorrow

will extend from Brisbane

south: Bot.

And that's the news for now.

be special coverage of the Tomorrow on '7:30' there will

latest financial downturn and

what it means for Australia. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.

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