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(generated from captions) itself. Steve Purvinas we have

to leave it there, thanks very

much. Let's go to Canberra now and Independent South and

Australian Senator Nick

Xenephon, so Nick Xenephon, you can't be happy about this

announcement either? Not at all

and Qantas can't credibly call

Australia home anymore. It's

going down this path and I just incredible that Qantas is

agree with Steve. We need to

have a close look at the Qantas

move sales act as to whether this

sales act. I'm introducing

legislation tomorrow in the

Senate, Ros, that will require

Qantas to ensure that any

foreign crew that they're using foreign crew that

on Australian planes get no less than Australian conditions

on it and there's a real

concern about that. But I also

think it's important that the Senate have a very good look at

what's being proposed and I'll

also be pushing for an also be pushing for an inquiry

into these very moves as to

whether it's consist went the

Qantas sales act. Do you

thinkio can stop Qantas doing

at the sales act. Let's put it? That's why we need to look

this in perspective. I don't

know if Alan Joyce gets it.

Qantas is one of Australia's

great iconic companies, it has an impeccable safety record but the people I talk to in the

Qantas and JetStar group, the

pilots, the cabin crew, the ground staff are all extremely

unhappy. The morale in the

Qantas Group is at an all-time

low and it's because of these

sorts of moves and I think that

Alan Joyce needs to appreciate

the value of his staff, the

value of his

Qantas employees and this move

today is really just giving

them a big poke in the

eye. What might this do to

Qantas' Australian customer base given that a lot of people

do fly Qantas because it is the

national carrier? It will

dilute it again. We're seeing dilute it again. We're seeing

this is a move that I think

Qantas will rue the day. Qantas

has built up an impeccable

world class reputation over t

90 years. That reputation can be diminished these sorts of moves an that's

why I think Alan Joyce needs to

reconsider it and I'm hoping

the Senate will have a very

Qantas is thorough inquiry into what