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Live. Tonight - another riot at the Christmas Island Detention

Centre. $8 million for a

Canberra man shot by police and

left a quadriplegic. The future

looks bright. Family comrades and the nation's leader Lieutenant Marcus Case. Simon

cat imp hits out over his

controversial dismissal. The

decision that came on Tuesday

was absolutely ridiculous. Good evening and welcome Good evening and welcome to ABC News, I'm Virginia Haussegger. There have been

more trouble at theist mass

island detention centre. Up to

100 detainees armed with metal

bars and lumped of concrete

Government rioted last night. The

Government says order has been

restored but some detainees are still protesting. Nick reports.

Officials say a relative calm has been restored on Christmas

Island after violence involving

between 80 and 100 detainees erupted last night. Federal

Police were called in and

control of two compounds, they

used bean back am munition and

capsicum stray to quell the

unrest. One officer received a

minor leg injury. Tonight there

with still two detainees with still two

protesting on the roof of the

centre. There were similar violent scenes on Christmas

Island in March when tensions

boiled over into a series of riots. Clearly there are network, there are a number of frustrations in

people, majority of people, who

have received negative refugee have received negative refugee

status assessments. That means

we do not regard them as genuine refugees. After every

crisis and riot the Government

says they will get tough and

they will deal with this and

all it's ever followed by is another riot.

In mainland detention public

health officials have been

called in to treat a man at the

Villawood centre who has Villawood centre who has been

diagnosed with leprosy. The man

has been in detention since

2009 but his symptoms have only developments come at a difficult time for the

government as it finalises an

asylum seeker swap deal with

Malaysia and Tony Abbott

prepared for a weekend Nauru to inspect prepared for a weekend trip to

Nauru to inspect detention facilities there.

The Labor Party is soul

searching tonight after a

scathing speech by one of its own. Former minister, John

party and its powerbrokers Faulkner, lashed out at its

reopening some old wounds in the process. has lost a leader, majority the process.In 12 months Labor

Government, two elections and

there could be more Labor pains

to come. The party and those problems must be to come. The party has problems

addressed and overcome if the ALP is to endure for another

century. John Faulkner unplugged. The party elder

delivered a withering

assessment of Labor's

factions. Do not act like the

ship's captain steering for an iceberg. And focus iceberg. And focus groups. The

party has now become so reliant

on focus groups that it listens

more to those who don't belong

to it than to those who do. John Faulkner wants more internal debate and less Labor

group think. I don't think

there is anything wrong with a

row bust debate from time to time. Ideas should be

debated. The party should not

be afraid of debate. I am not afraid of that debate. Some

debates aren't so welcome. John

Faulkner's speech revived the stoush between the factions and

the former leader. Factional powerbrokers operating within whichever state or nationally

represent a continuing cancer

within the Australian Labor rid off. That prompted a broad

side from one of the powerbrokers

powerbrokers that got rid of Kevin Rudd. Kevin Rudd is being

a hypocrite. He is the man that

when he was a leader of the Labor Party shut down all

internal decision making processes, ignored the Caucus,

the conference. Labor will ignored the Cabinet, ignored

reforms at its national debate a range of

conference in December but John

Faulkner is pessimistic about

the chances of real change. Powerbrokers are blaming

ministers and ministers are

blaming powerbrokers. A

Canberra man left a quadriplegic after being shot

in the neck by police has been awarded $8 million in compensation. Last month the

Supreme Court found the police

were neglect. Today it awarded

damages to 43-year-old Jonathan

Crowley. In 2001 Jonathan Crowley

suffered a psychotic episode in

Chapman when police officers couldn't subdue him they shot

him in the neck. Last month the

Supreme Court found Supreme Court found the

policeman who shot him, the AFP

and ACT mental health neglect.

Today the court awarded $8

million in damages. It's

fantastic. I will be able to

get my life into gear

hopefully there will be some get my life into gear and

good repercussions in terms of hopefully there will be some


how police deal with people in

years Jonathan Crowley's the future. For

cared parents have supported and

cared for him. It has been a

struggle and they wonder what will happen to their son after

they're gone. A great relief, a

great relief. The quantum is

less than half what he needs.

His daily maintenance to live

costs about $600,000 a year so

the $8 million won't go very far. Jonathan Crowley is just pleased his wait for compensation is over. The future looks bright. However

the defendants have indicated they're likely to appeal they're

against the negligence

decision. There's ban bizarre

twist in Pauline Hanson's legal challenge to the state election

result. The man who led her to

believe that her bid for a seat

might have been sabotaged has

appeared in a Sydney court. But

the person who showed up wasn't quite the person everyone had

been searching for. Two days after a search warrant was

issued to find Michael Rattner,

this is who turns up. My name is Sean Castle. I have

represented myself as being

Michael Rattner. Firstly I

sincerely apologise to the

Supreme Court for my conduct Supreme Court for my conduct in

not attending the court on 8

June. No word on whether he

made up an email sent to Pauline Hanson alleging 1,200

votes for her were cast aside

on blank ballot piles. What do

you say about the email?

Pauline Hanson's legal team is

relying on alleged staff about irregularities in

the vote count. The former One

Nation leader ran as an

independent in the March state

election but missed out

spot by 1,300 votes. Her solicitor wasn't rattled by

today's revelation. It takes a

lot to shock you in this game. Greens MP Jeremy

Buckingham who risks losing his

seat if the legal challenge

succeeds says Pauline Hanson's

case has now collapsed. It is

looking more and more like it

is a fraud. It looks like there's been a - something of a

conspiracy and it looks like

we've all been duped. Her

solicitor denies they have been

had. The email is real, whether the contents of it is real is a different platter. Shaun karst

le will get to put his case

next week. Already the court heard that he's claimed to be a

journalist, is a Sydney school

teacher and a married father of

three. The New South Wales

Labor Party has resurrected the

career of a Queanbeyan based former minister. lost his seat at the March

election but has been chosen to

fill a vacant position in the Upper House.What is old is new

again. The former minister

Steve Whan thought his political career political career was over when

he narrowly lost his seat. He

has been given another shot. I

was surprised to get the

opportunity so quickly but it's

an opportunity I think is a

very good one. Labor endorsed

him this afternoon when he was

the only candidate to nominate

to replace Tony Kelly who resigned unexpectedly on the Government that took New

South Wales to the bottom of

the ladder in this country. He

is part of the problem not part

of the solution. He is somebody

who will do a great who will do a great job. He is

able and understands the parliament and he certainly

understands how to advocate for

people in regional New South

Wales. But back in April when a

separate Upper House vacancy

opened up the Opposition Leader

ruled out a political comeback

for Steve Whan saying the electorate had spoken. They

passed judgment on a number of

our colleagues and that

decision has been taken. I am not going to then try and

somehow side step that decision that has been

taken. It is clear this is a

factional decision to impose a recycled reject on the Labor

Party in New South Wales. Tony

Kelly has not spoken publicly since since his res egg nation

despite claims he is drawn into

a corruption inquiry looking

into Currawong. I don't jump to

any conclusions. Another issue

arising out of the departure of

Tony Kelly is who will replace

him as Labor's leader in the

Upper House . It is expected

that job will go to Luke Foley.

His department will be Adam

Searle, an MP only in

parliament for a few weeks. The

United States says Libyan leader, Moammar Gaddafi's days

are numbered. It

high level talks are under way

with some of his closest aides and says a change of Government

may be imminent. The news came

as western and Arab nations

pledged more than $1 billion in

aid for a post guard - post-Gaddafi Libya.For four

months the Libyan leader has

held on withstaineding

everything from diplomatic

isolation to NATO Now the United States is

hinting that the endgame is at hands. We re affirm ed there is

only one way forward for Libya, a tax against civilians must

stop, Gaddafi must go and the

Libyan people deserve to

determine their own future. Australia's Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd was at the

meeting in Abu Dhabi for talks on Libya's future. The emerging

consensus view among this group

of foreign ministers is that

Gaddafi's days are well and the sense of urgency which we,

in the international community

now have in preparing for a post-Gaddafi Libya, is heightened. There does not

appear to be much of a future for Moammar Gaddafi himself.

Even if he chooses exile the International Criminal Court lo

be after him, it is mask more

and more evidence of war

crimes, now it accuses him of

using rape as a weapon of

war. Gaddafi himself decided to

rape and he this is new - never

was a pattern control the population. Rape is

a new aspect of the

repression. Back in March this

woman burst into a Tripoli

hotel to tell the world's media

she head been raped by

Gaddafi's troops. Investigators

say there were many others. We

have found in east Libya 259

women said that they'd been

raped and so far I have

reviewed 140 women. On the

ground rebel fighters are now

less than 100 kilometres from

Tripoli but the battle is far

from over. When it began

Moammar Gaddafi

to the end, now that is his

only option. The Afghanistan was farewelled at a funeral service in Melbourne

today. Lieutenant Marcus Case was killed in a helicopter

crash late last month. The

27-year-old army combat aifr

Yea or the was on his first deployment to Afghanistan.

The final salute to a

Comrade. As they paid farewell,

family, friends and colleagues described Marcus Case as a man

of action, a proud soldier and

a good bloke. Marcus will a good bloke. Marcus will be remembered as a fierce friend.

He was unconditionally loyal to his mates and always backed

them up. They spoke of a man with huge energy who

volunteered to go to

Afghanistan because he wanted

to help its people. There was a

lighter side too. Socially

Marcus was the life of the party not through attention

seeking, rather he was

genuinely funny and made light of every situation. Lieutenant

Case was a passenger in a

Chinook helicopter that crashed while undertaking a resupply

mission on 30 May. The Defence

Force is still investigating

the cause of the crash. The

youngest in a family of six

children from Melbourne's

eastern suburbs he signed up

for the army soon after leaving

school. The 27-year-old had

served in Malaysia and East

Timor and prior to leaving for Afghanistan earlier this year was quick to victims in Queensland. By

becoming a helicopter pilot in

the army he fulfilled a

childhood dream and gave his

family much pride. We are

thankful and fortunate that he

was born into our

family. Lieutenant Case was the

26th Australian soldier to die in Afghanistan.

Back in Afghanistan,

Australian troops have

farewelled the latest soldier

killed in action. Members of

Group formed the honour guard

for Sapper Rowan Robinson in

tar reason count. His commanding officer, who can't

be named, delivered the remembering sap per Robinson's

role in seizing a large

companies cache on the day he

died. I want you to know that your sacrifice on Monday saved

lives. Not just the Australians, Americans and

Afghanis you protected that day

but also the hundreds of other lives that could have been

taken by the weapons and IEDs

we found. The 23-year-old

soldier was shot on Monday at the end of a successful raid on

a Taliban arms dump.

You can't see or smell it and

it has many school and health officials baffled but the ACT

education union says a Canberra

school building should be

closed to check for elevated

mould levels. The department

says that's not necessary. High

levels of mould were discovered in

in this Canberra school late

last year. Students and

teachers were evacuated and one wing was tell prayerly

closed. The got flu and they

have been very, very sick. The

education department

close to $200,000 since then

trying to reduce mould and

increase ventilation. To manage

the rainfall down stormwater drains and to

repaint the building inside of

the building with anty mould paint. The department says last

month ACT health found levels

of naturally occurring mould

inside these classrooms were

safe but the union says 7

teachers are battling

respiratory illnesses. When I'd

seen them at the end of last year they year they were really quite

healthy and vibrant, this time

they are showing signs of -

visible signs of illness. This

week three teachers renewed their concerns with the education department

formalising their health concerns in writing. Very congested, coughing, breathing difficulties and

difficulties and so on. You

know, just - it's really quite

frightening. The union is

calling for this building to be closed until new health and

structural checks are completed. I think that

be quite problematic so, I

don't know, to me that seems a

little extreme. There probably

needs to be something done to

check the problem and reassure

the parents. The education

department agrees

step too far but it is

investigating the latest

concerns. An independent doctor

will assess working conditions,

teacher health and check for

Aller will guys.- allergies. Two more teenagers

have faced court charged with

the attempted murder of a man

in Canberra's north last week.

Police were called to the

Scullin shops after an 18-year-old 18-year-old man was found with

numerous stab wounds. Two boys

aged 16 and 17 were arrested

yesterday and appeared in the

Children's Court this morning charged with attempted

Both pleaded not guilty and

despite the seriousness of the

charges Magistrate Maria Doogan

granted them bail. A 17-year-old boy and a

23-year-old man have already

faced court over the stabbing.

Both were refused bail and

remain in custody. The National Union of Students

has called for urgent action to

improve campus improve campus safety. After a

new survey found that more than

two-thirds of women have had an

unwanted sexual encounter. The

survey also revealed that 20%

have been raped but many did

not report the assault to

authorities. Young women make

up 56% of Australia's

undergraduate university population but

population but a survey

commissioned by the National Union of Students found there

is little strength in

numbers. Over 60% of women had

experienced an unwanted sexual experience and I think about 20% experienced rape. They're

grim statistics which weigh heavily on young women's

minds. Because I'm moving into accommodation next term. I

been told to be careful, not

let people in. I wouldn't walk

home alone that's for sure. The

survey of 1,500 women revealed

there is a reluctance to report sexual harassment and assault because there's little faith it

will be handled

sensitively. Only 2% of respondents said they have

reported their incident to

university and of those 2% most

women were more unhappy with

how it was dealt with than were happy. Universities admit it is

a problem that's got worse a problem that's got worse and

social networking has provided

another vehicle for sexual

harassment. It really is a fraught environment sometimes

for some students. What we

recognise as our principal

responsibility is to make that

student experience the best

that's possible and that does

mean improvement in safety as

the foundation for that. A male against women urges men to make a difference. Young men have

got to stand up. They've got to

make statements to their

friends, to their colleagues,

to their peers that they do

accept the actions or the words that their deletions and

friends might use . This is the

first survey of its type and

another will be conducted in two years.

To finance now and the local share market rose again today

after Wall Street finally broke its six-day

oil price also continued to

climb. The oil price Kent up

another 1.2% on the become of

yesterday's failed OPEC meeting. I

today that OPEC is like a tea

bag, it only works in hot water

which means they only agree

when the price is too low or

too high. It used to be that

the oil price went up when they

agreed because they usually

agreed to throttle supply but

now it goes up when they don't

agree to increase supply. Other

commodities rose last night,

boost precious and base

after six days of falls which

is an unusually long losing

streak. They say sell in May

and go away, that has been true

this year. this year. In Europe there were

bigger rises and in Asia today

largely falls. In Australia the

market closed 0.3% higher with

trade mostly unexciting and the

rises small. Macquarie attracted a bit of bargain

hinting, Myer, oil search and

BHP did well. Tonight's graph

provides another insight into

what is happening with the Australian economy. It shows and consumption with the wealth

line moved forward by three

months. It looks pretty clear,

doesn't it? Consumption follows

changes in wealth, that is the addition addition of property and share market values, about one

quarter later. It is clearly a

factor in the slow downin the

consumption that we're seeing

now. House prices and share prices have both been falling.

The Australian dollar is up a

bit tonight but it is still

hovering around 106 US cents

which it first hit in April, two months ago. On inside

business this week my guests

are the CEO of Australia's

biggest cattle producer AA Co,

David farly and the global head of papal, Scott Thompson.Till

then that's finance. Simon

Katich may have played his last

innings for Australia but today

he left no doubt he will be a strong voice from the other

side of the boundary fence.

Katich launched a scathing

attack on Cricket Australia in response to the decision earlier this week to drop him from the list.35-year-old Simon Katich

is no shrinking violet but as a

leader, a batsman and a person

he is generally thrown his punches with doses of subtlety.

That went out the door as the

usually measured Katich opened

up publicly as he never has

before. I hope something good

comes out of this situation.

Because I actually think that the decision that came on

Tuesday was absolutely ridiculous. The veteran with

more than 4,000 runs in his 56

tests at an average of 45 was keen this week by the national

selectors. I have a massive feeling

feeling that my age played a

big part in it. There's been so

much speculation about the age

of our team. Obviously that's

never going to be mentioned

because of the legalities of it

all. He cut loose at a barrage

of deliveries and was scathing

of senior selectors and there

was no ducking or we'ving any

short pitched stuff. To be

given the reason because given the reason because the opening partnership needs to

bed down or the 2013, I find it

hard to believe that. He said

he is one of many in recent

years who should aggrieved. The board does not

have any question about the

integrity of the people

involved in selection, the

selection panel, as a whole, or

the processes they are engaging

in to pick our in to pick our teams. It is not an easy job. Katich refuted

suggestions afuling out with

Clarke led to hisdown fall but

felt last season's achilles

injury was a factor. He will

play next season for New South Wales aiming to make a lot of

runs. In it is good enough for

Ponting and Hussey to be retained he should be as well. I into Simon Katich and what he

was thinking. It would have

been hard to do and a lot of

courage and a lot of kudos

should go to Simon for the way

he spoke. His Cricket Australia contract expires on June 30. In

the US the Dallas mavericks are

one win away from claiming

their first national basketball championship. The Mavericks

beat my yam any 112-103 to take

a lead in the best of 7

about right here. series. This is what it is

about right here. The heat was

on Miami superstar LeBron James

who had scored only 8 point Ms The previous game. Recruited in

a blaze of publicity before the season the biggest season the biggest name was

more productive today with 17

points, 10 rebounds and 10

assists. It was still not

enough. Led by 27 points from

Dirk Novitzki Dallas scorched

the heat with superior shooting

to win by 9. We are a resilient

team. The Mavericks lead the

series 3-2 but

court advantage for the finals.

The opening game of the two

test series between New Zealand

and Australia was not one for

the tourists. Very scrappy net

Baum. The result pleased the

coach. The Diamonds beat the

Silver Ferns by five goals. It

was Australia's first test

under new captain Natalie von

Bertouch replacing the injured

Sharelle McMahon. It was a huge

day for me to captain this side

and the girls did a fantastic

on Sunday as they continue job. The two teams meet again

their preparations for months world championships in

Singapore. The sky is still the limit for Usain Bolt. Running

in the 2 00 metres for the

first time in more than a year he was anything he was anything but rusty

clocking 19.86 seconds at the

Diamond League meeting in Oslo.

It was the fastest time of the

year in the 200. Some of

Australia's elite swimmers have

Canberra. They spent the last week hear in

Canberra. They have been training at the Australian Institute of Sport in preparation for next world championships in

Shanghai. Eamon Sullivan who

will be competing in the four

by 100 metre freestyle relay says the championships provide

important ground work ahead of next year's London Olympics. It

is a massive stepping stone so

it is very important to have a

good last international meet

before the Olympics and really give yourself some confidence

there but at the end of the day

it is a year out so a lot of things can happen within the year. He

year. He will be joining more than 50

Aussie competitors heading to

Shanghai. Now with all our

weather news it is time to

welcome Mark Carmody.

Evening. If you got up early

you would have seen a cracker

jack sunrise, if you didn't you

would understand the expression

if you snooze you lose, after

that it was fine and mostly

dry. The overnight temperatures

were 3 and in and with the cloud clearing this afternoon

winds were Canberra had a top of 13.The

hour and right now it hour and right now it is mostly

clear. The barometer is rising,

it is 4 degrees and we are

heading for another frosty morning. But - locally tomorrow

it was fine and sunny to our test. Temora and gunned gay

reached 14 and Wagga 15.

Coomera and Bombala got 1 millimetre of rain. Light snow

showers for Charlotte Pass and

down the coast it was overcast.

Today's coastal rain has now moved the rest of the region is clear. Nationally today: The high in the bite will

move shely eastwards and the

ACT should get some of the

weekend fined while the back

end might be damp. In the state capitals it is wet in Brisbane

and Sydney. Showers will also fall

fall in Melbourne and Hobart

with Melbourne expecting a top

of 15. Adelaide will be cloudy

but it will stay dry, Perth

won't. Wet with a top of 19.

Southerly winds, particularly

over the south-east courtesy of

the high and showers right along along the east coast.The region tomorrow: For you snow people:

Virginia, with all this cold

weather it sent most of the

flowers packing but I did find

this Nerine hiding under

bush. Thank you very much. You

certainly found your shorts too

I can see. Before we go a brief

recap of our top stories

tonight. There has been another serious disturbance at the Christmas Island Detention

Centre. Some detainees are

still protesting. A Canberra

man who was left a quadriplegic

after being shot by police has been awarded $8 million in

compensation. That's the news

for now. Stay with us for 7:30

ACT with Craig Allen. We will

leave you with pictures of the

life and times of the Duke of

his 90th birthday. Have a good weekend. Good night. Closed

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it is a homage it is a homage to bus by Berkeley.

Hello and welcome to the

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7:30. I'm Craig Allen. Plenty

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week from stencil art to flash

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