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Tonight - the United Nations targeted in a deadly terror

attack in Nigeria. As fighting

rages on, Libya's hospitals struggling to cope with the down the hatches as Hurricane Irene approaches. We've never

done a mandatory evacuation

before. And the Raiders aim for

Tongue a home farewell. Good a win as they give captain

evening, Craig Allen with ABC

News. At least 18 people have

been killed and dozens injured

in an attack on the United Nations headquarters in

Nigeria. A car loaded with explosives drove through 2 capital Abuja before crashing security barricades in

into the building and

exploding. It's one of the deadliest assaults on the

organisation in a decade and

it's a sharp escalation in a

recent wave of

plaguing Africa's most populace

nation. Here's Africa correspondent Ginny Stein. The

blast was massive. It was

powerful enough to wreck the

bottom floors of the building

and cause the back of the complex to collapse. Witnesses

say the attacker drove through

2 security checkpoints before ramming

ramming his car into the of the building. While the injured

to a nearby hospital, emergency

teams worked to recover those

trapped inside. Cranes were

brought in to help move the massive rubble. The UN

Secretary-General says the

attack is a sign that the UN is

being viewed as a soft target

by extremists. This was an

assault on

their lives to helping others.

We condemn this terrible act

building here represents utterly. The United Nations

whole global community and this building here represents the

season attack on international

really very sad. The community and I think it's

investigation will be led by

Nigerian authorities but the

UN's own team will also be

looking into how security

failed so badly and after

they'd been warned a possible attack was attack was coming. The

Islamist group Boko Haram has

claimed responsibility for the

blast. Its militants have

killed more than 250 people in

the past 12 months. the past 12 months. But this

attack is its biggest yet and

it's bound to fuel speculation

Boko Haram is teaming up with

local Al-Qaeda affiliates in

northern Africa. While the

fighting rages in the Lybian

capital the humanitarian

situation is getting

worse. People have been looting

shops for food and water in Tripoli's hospitals shortages of the most basic

supplies are putting them under

extreme pressure. Middle East

visited a correspondent Ben Knight

and a warning, his report

contains images some viewers

may find distressing. At

Tripoli's Zawiya Street

Hospital it's another frantic

day. This man was at a

checkpoint and watz attacked by

Gaddafi forces. He's been shot

through the cheek. He's sedated

and unconscious but as the

Valium wears off, he starts Valium wears off, he starts to struggle. There are four

hospitals in Tripoli but there

are only two that the rebel

side have access to and they're

under extreme stress. This

emergency room is absolutely

inundated with demand. People

are still coming in how on what

should be the quietest part of

the quietest day of the week.

They don't have medication and

in some case they don't have

nurses. They don't have

anything. Also you

nurses, all the nurses left

because most of them are Gaddafis. This man Gaddafis. This man is

recovering from a gun shot

through his chest. Then 4 more men are brought in with

shrapnel wounds. Anyone who

isn't seriously hurt is rushed

through. Like everyone else in the city this hospital is

struggling without basic

utilities. The water, the

problem is the water and the

sterilisation for instrument.

We need it. These men will

don't. Every day at the survive but there are many

hospital's morgue people arrive to identify the missing and take them home for

burial. Hundreds of bodies were found locked in the morgue of

this abandoned hospital last

week. The rebels claim they

were stockpiled by the regime

to be used as propaganda taken

to the sites of NATO bombings

to look like civilian

casualties. This man is

collecting his brother who was

killed this morning. He's got

years old, his daughter 6 years kids, 3 kids. His

old the other one is 3 years

old. He was very good dad for

them. And he blames just one man - Moammar killed so many people. For man - Moammar Gaddafi. He

what? Just to stay in

power. No-one here is talking

about forgiveness. Police say

they've nabbed an alleged key

player in an international drug

sint syndicate. 38-year-old

Brendan Tran is accused of that imports and distributes being leader of an operation

heroin and the drug known as

ice. Police say it's not a big drug bust but it's a significant

significant one. An opportunity

presented itself to us early on

Friday morning to intervene and

syndicate leader. Authorities arrest who we will allege is a

say these drugs were strapped

to the bodies of 38-year-old

Brendan Tran and 49-year-old

woman Lan Ly who were preparing

to travel from Further searchers were carried

out at Brendan Tran's homes in

Sydney and Perth uncovering

more drugs, guns and thousands of dollars. We will investigating the networks in

Sydney that have supplied these prohibited drugs for distribution and I'm sure that

the Western Australian police

and our other partners will be

trying to disrupt the trying to disrupt the network in Western Australia as

well. We don't have police

agencies looking at the borders

by themselves now, we work

together. These crimes have no enforcement agencies. Brendan

Tran and Lan Ly are facing

charges including supplying a

commercial quantity of a

prohibited drug and knowingly dealing with the dealing with the proceeds of

crime. Police allege Brendan

Tran is a key player in an

Asian syndicate importing drugs and redistributing them. They

say the group runs like a small

business and is highly

video link at the Parramatta sophisticated. Appearing by business and is highly

bail court Brendan Tran said

this was all new to him. He

said he needed legal advice

that he Hadziyianis - that he

had had no contact with anyone

since being taken into custody

on Friday. Lan Ly didn't apply

for bail which was formally

refused. The pair face court

again next week. Japan is

widening its testing of ag-Ri

cultural products amid fears

the Fukushima disaster has

contaminate ed the food chain.

The crisis has led to one of

Japan's biggest beef producers

filing for bankruptcy with

debts in the billions. For

ordinary farmers it's not just radiation poisoning their hopes for recovery as the ABC's North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy reports from Fukushima. From a

thooifing cattle business to living in the nuclear fallout

zone. Yoshinobu Hasegawa is

just 30 kilometres from the

nuclear plant. It means he's struggling to sell his once

prized Wagyu stock. TRANSLATION:

think of radiation but I won't

run away. Instead I will

rebuild. This close to rebuild. This close to the

nuclear plant means keeping

your eye on a Geiger counter.

Radiation levels here can

Radiation levels here can vary

widely. To the north there are

also concerns about radiation.

Wiped out by the tsunami the

morning fish auction is back

in the port city of Ishinomaki

is um and running after 5

months but the hard sell is TRANSLATION: I'm worried about

the invisible radiation from Fukushima. The rumours are

stopping people buying. But

radiation isn't the only poison

farmers are are dealing

with. This is the March 11

tsunami sweeping over the

Sendai plain bringing with it

tonnes of salt. I'm standing 3

kilometres inland so when the

tsunami crashed through here it

didn't take just lives and

property, it also took away the land's

with salt, leaving nothing but

a barren wasteland in which

weeds can grow. Hitoshi Sasaki

is a 7th generation rice farmer who has had to clear bodies and

now salt from his land.

TRANSLATION: Three quarters of

my land is full of salt. The waves

waves also swept away 20 tonnes

of our stored rice. We have to

start over . But where there's fertile ground there's

hope. And Hitoshi Sasaki has

some of both left. And you can

see more on Mark Willacy's

recent trip to Fukushima

tomorrow on land 'Landline' on

ABC 1 at midday. Hurricane

Irene is about to start lashing

the US east coast. It's

expected to make land fall in

North Carolina later tonight. Millions of Americans are are taking precautions as they

prepare for the category 1

storm to sweep up the eastern

sea board. New York's mayor has responded to the threat by ordering the

from low-lying areas. Now we've

done a mandatory evacuation

before and we wouldn't be doing

it now if we didn't think this

storm had the potential to be

very serious. It's a similar

story in neighbouring New

Jersey. Get the hell off the

beach and get out. You're

done. President Barack Obama

has cut short his holiday to

oversee the federal emergency

response. In times of adversity

like hurricanes, floods and

civil unrest,

increasingly turning to social

media for news, help and

comfort. Now researchers are

hoping to save lives by

harnessing the power of sites

like Twitter and Facebook to

instantly connect people when disaster strikes. During the

Queensland floods in January

Facebook and Twitter emerged as

a powerful way for communities

to exchange lifesaving

information. Social media means

that the people on the ground,

the actual community that's involved in the crisis now

becomes a source of information

and now becomes active within

that crisis. Researchers at the

IT think tank the National

Information and Communication

Technology Centre are working

on a search engine that scans Twitter for critical information and passes it on to

emergency services. We are

using a machine learning and

commuters to take that language

and turn it into categories and

understanding that then tells us those tweets, what do they

refer to and then giving that

information automatically to

people who can use it. But it's

not only authorities developing social media tools. Bushfire Connect is a Connect is a community group

formed in response to

Victoria's Black Saturday bushfires. The information from

the agencies that the affected

communities received was often

late, sometimes not forthcoming

at all and in reverse, 000 was

overloaded and they couldn't

get through. The team of volunteers has created a free

online network that allows

communities to instantly

exchange official and eye witness bushfire information. And fill in the

title of your report, a short

description, select the

category, smoke or fire, and

press submit and that's it. And

with half of all mobiles in

Australia now connected to the

Internet, the most important piece

piece of safety equipment in

future disasters could be your phone. phone. The Australian Defence

Force Academy has opened its

doors to the public just a day

after the latest sex scandal to

hit the elite military college.

Hundreds turned up to the

annual ADFA open day but some

potential recruits admit the

recent allegations of abuse are making them apprehensive. I guess

guess you have to think about

it but yeah, it's a tricky

question. I probably would be a

bit scared off about the whole situation. An international

military cadet was yesterday being charged with indecency

over allegations he filmed a

female cadet showering. It's

the second sex scandal to erupt

at ADFA this year. Two other

cadets are facing court accused

of using a webcam to secretly

film a female cadet having

consensual sex. To sport and

the NRL match review committee

will be busy scrutinising an

all-in brawl that erupted

during Manly's win over Melbourne. And last night the

Eels had another golden loss. The Knights lead the

Bulldog late in their game

today and the Sea Eagles win was overshadowed by the

fighting. Punches and brawls

used to be part of a day at the

league. Last night it was like

stepping back in time. Glenn

Stewart was heading heading to

the sin bin followed by Adam Blair when a few more words sparked an all-in brawl. It's

on again. Glenn Stewart and Adam Blair. Here come the reinforcements. 30 later it was still going, over

the touch line. It certainly

wasn't, you know, good for our

game, I would imagine. Manly's

coach was a little less forthcoming. We'll make

comment on it ask questions

about the game, let's do that

but no more comments about that. Stewart and Blair had originally been sin binned

after an earlier stoush.

Tempers were still frayed when

the pair began trading punches. They could

They could be out for the rest

of the season on a charge of

bringing the game into disrepute.

brother Brett could also be in

trouble for joining in. In a

brutal first half Manly winger

David Williams suffered a

fractured vertebrae in his neck

ruling him out for the rest of

the season. The injuries and

the two brawls took some of the

gloss away from a magic try

scored by Kieran Foran. After

leading 12-0 at half time the

biggest wing ner the time

sealed victory for the home

side. Tony Williams gets his

second try. The Eels are having

night mares about golden point after leading 12-0 with 13 minutes to go against the Roar r

r Roosters. Braith a tast a

committed them to a show down

for the wooden spoon next week after kicking the winning field

goal in extra time. Anasta's

got it! After 2 losses in a

row, the Knights needed a win

over the Bulldogs to maintain

their tenuous grip on the top

8. Newcastle led 10-0 after 2

penalty goals before the Dogs

found their bark with a great try from Brett Morris. The

Knights responded almost

immediately with a try to

Richard Fay F

It's been a season to forget for the Raiders who are about

to kick off in their final home match for the season against

the Panthers. They're well and

truly out of the finals race, the Raiders have extra incentive tonight as retiring

skipper Alan Tongue plays his

last match at home. Reporter

Ben lisson joins us from

Canberra Stadium. Thousands of

fans are pouring in for Tongue's final game as captain

of Canberra here at Canberra

Stadium. Obviously everyone is

here to celebrate the 11-year

career of a fan favourite and club legend. I'm joined by

Raiders CEO Don Ferner. It's the 30th year celebration of

the club's history. It is and

no-one deserves it more than

Alan Tongue and the mere fact

that we've got 100 past players

back here, they will be here to

see him off and the team will

win for him tonight. They're

very, very keen on showing him

a great exit and to be able to do that in front of the nicely. Obviously the season

hasn't gone to plan for the Canberra Raiders, considering

the expectations on them last

season, what's gone wrong for

them this year? Look, you can

come up with a lot of different excuses. We're very disappointed. No-one's happy about it. The coaches, the

players, you know, there's been

injuries, there's certainly

been lack of form on some

players' behalf and maybe a

lack of confidence and to have

your spine of your team, your

1, 7 and 9 also disrupted

throughout the year makes it difficult. Obviously

considering you've lot of players this season it indicates you have a lot of

faith that these players will succeed next year? Absolutely

and the mere fact that they want to stay is a positive sign. If it wasn't a good

atmosphere here they wouldn't

stay and they do know that

there's something here they can build on otherwise they

wouldn't stay. They feel it

amongst themselves. They're disappointed. They know they've

got the team to do it and

they'll give it a good shot

next year. Thank you, Don for

joining us. Obviously the

Raiders are buoyant about next

season and their hopes for next year celebrating their history and

club legend Alan Tongue's final

game here at Canberra

Stadium. The Wallabies will be hoping to break their 10-year Tri-Nations drought later tonight when they take on the

All Blacks in Brisbane. Mark

Douglass reports from Lang

Park. Well it was always going

to be a tough challenge for the

Wallabies to win this Tri-Nations decider tonight but

the rain probably makes it

tougher. The All Blacks are

certainly no strangers to wet

weather football. There are a the Wallabies, not the least of

which will be gelling under new

captain James Horwill who has

only been in the job for a week

since he took over from the demoted captain Rocky Elsom.

Will Genia's had a tough week

where he was hit in the head

twice during training. No doubt

he will be targeted by the All

Blacks tonight. And then

there's Quade Cooper. It's been

a difficult week for him. There

were allegations that he was

involved in a scuffle with team-mate Kurtley Beale in

France last year. So a lot at which there will be plenty of

pressure on the backs as well after impressive performances

from drew Mitchell and Berrick

Barnes in the Australian Barbarians's comprehensive win

over Canada last night. It's

been pretty much raining all

day here in Brisbane but it hasn't dampened the enthusiasm

of the crowd. We're still

expecting about 50,000 people

here tonight for the game. A

lot of them will be All Black

fans and that's really no

surprise because the All Blacks

haven't lost in Brisbane for 19

years. So favourable conditions for a favourable crowd. The Sydney

Swans have staged one of the

season's biggest upsets ending

Geelong's 29-match winning

streak at Kardinia Park. Collingwood has wrapped up the

minor premiership after beating Fremantle and Hawthorn easily

beat the Bulldogs. While Sydney

had an emotional 13-point win

as Nick Bailey reports. The

Swans arrived at the Kardinia Park fortress without their

cocaptain Jarrad McVeigh whose

baby daughter died during the

week. They were clearly on a

mission and took the game to

the Cats from the outset. A

gutsy 2-point quarter time lead

soon developed into an

impressive 10-point buffer by the main break. The longest

Sydney led the more it grew in

confidence and the more Geelong's frustration became

apparent by the end of the

third term the Swans had the

Cats considerably concerned.

Geelong lifted in the final

term but the Swans weren't to be denied. Four goals for the

Cats were counted by 5 by

Sydney which guaranteed that

September participation in an emotional win

emotional win that will live

long in red and long in red and white memories.

At the MCG it was the Western

Bulldogs who showed plenty of

fight early on against third

placed Hawthorn. With only

pride to play for the Bulldogs

bravely went with the Hawks for

three quarters as Barry Hall's late season renaissance

continued with 4 goals. The

Hawks kicked away brutally in

46-point winners as Lance

Franklin enjoyed another big

afternoon out.

The Hawks continue to look like serious premiership

contenders and a big win over

the Gold Coast next week could

still deliver them second place

on the ladder. There's been

disappointment for Australia on

day one of the world athletics titles

titles in South Korea with

defending pole vault champion

Steve Hooker failing to make

the final. The Olympic the final. The Olympic champion

was unable to make at 5.50 metres which is well

short of his personal best of

6.06. Oh, well that's isn't it. That is incredible,

really. All hopes pinned on him

for a medal. The defending discus

discus champion Dani Samuels

scraped into the final with a

throw of 60.05 metres. The

championships began with a

false start in the women's

marathon. The Kenyans dominated

but also got in each other's way.Zblt Edna Kiplagat

recovered from the fall to

claim the first gold medal of

the world titles. After 5 lay days the world days the world surfing touring

efbt resumed this morning in

3-metre waves. The current points leader Australian Joel

Parkinson was beaten in the

second round by unheralded

American Brett Simson. Kaye rr

Otten had a perfect 10 ride as

he beat Adrian Buchan in their

match up. Others successful on the famous

Teahupoo break. The swell is

expected to be as big as expected to be as big as 5 metres tomorrow. The Tour de

France may be well and truly over

over but the phenomenal success

of Cadel Evans lingers on. His

win has seen Canberra's already enthusiastic cycling community

grow further. Young or old, it

seems the Cadel Evans' story is

an inspiration to all. up and strapping on. These

young riders are part of the

growing number of Canberrans

who are jumping on their bikes

. The Canberra Cycling Club is

experiencing a boom in membership numbers with children's programs like these proving especially popular. These kids are

obviously into it. They're

having a lot of fun on the bike

and the interest is absolutely

grown with the juniors. So why

are some kids swapping

footballs and jerseys for lycra

and helmets? It seems a certain role model could hold the

answer. Cadel Evans, the first

Australian to win the Tour de image, he is a great role

model. Things like Cadel Evans

has probably brought the sport

of cycling to the fore in

people's minds and people are getting out there

and having a go at it. It's not

only the clubs noticing his

impact. Canberra's cycle shops

are also reporting a rise in sales post Tour de France. We

would get people who wouldn't

normally ride coming in and

they know the name straight up.

It's been a big prop for him and I think we'll probably see

an ongoing interest in

cycling. This shop has found a

bay way to incorporate a piece

of his history in the store.

The mountain bike Cadel Evans

rode when he won the World Cup

in 1988 serves as a proud

centrepiece. And if some think

it's all perhaps a passing fad,

customers insist they're hooked

for good. We only kind of

started riding about a year ago and - And we moved to

Canberra. But we fell in love

with it. With spring around the continuing who could blame

them? Adelaide Zoo is hoping

for something approaching a

miracle from a pair of

pandas it imported from China

two years ago. The pair are

about to meet properly for the first time and the cash-strapped cash-strapped zoo hopes it will

be love at first sight. Times

may be a little tough for the

zoo but Wang Wang and Funi

don't seem to be letting that

weigh them down. Hundreds

turned out to wish the pair a happy them play in the late winter sunshine. It's their birthday

so that was the main reason why

we came along. If there was a baby panda we'd be back. And

keepers are hoping a baby panda

could soon be on the way. Wang

Wang is six and Funi 5 and their birthdays coincide with

the start of the breeding

season. Since arriving on lone

from China two years ago

they've been kept apart. Now they're on the cusp of adulthood and have been slowly

getting to know each other. We

do mesh introductions which is

where they can actually go up

to each other and vocalise, have

full contact. The zoo thinks the pandas are liking what they

see and if the fine weather

continues things could happen

quickly. Fingers crossed and we'll have a successful natural

mating. Adelaide is the only

private zoo in the country and

was last year in the red to the

tune of $24 million. The State

Government has already advanced

$2 million and hopes a panda

cub would provide a much needed

financial boost. As far as

visitation goes I'm sure there

would be a huge amount of

support and interest from the

community if there was to be a

cub. A lot seems to be

cub. A lot seems to be riding on Wang Wang and

it off. It's been another

sensational late winter's day.

Spring was definitely in the

air today. It was a cloudy at times though but it

remained fine with a top of 21

degrees. It was sunny in the

mountains today, the coast was

partly cloudy with a few isolated showers in the north.

22 for Nowra today, 19 for


A low pressure trough is

bringing some cloud over

northern NSW and into

Queensland and a weak front is

over southern Victoria. A high

pressure ridge is delivering

our fine and sunny weather and

the good news is this sort of weather's set to continue for

most of the comeing week. Most of the mainland will the exception of that band of

cloud and showers touching into

south-east Queensland and more

showers over Tasmania. A mostly

westerly wind will keep local

conditions dry and warm again


Before we go a brief recap of

our top stories tonight -

Nigeria has vowed to hunt down

those responsible for the bombing of headquarters in the capital

Abuja. 18 people died and many

others were injured when a

suicide car bomber crashed into

the building. America's eastern

sea board is preparing for the

imminent arrival of Hurricane

Irene. 250,000 have been told

to leave low-lying areas of the

city as the storm approaches.

You can keep up to date 24

hours a day at ABC online and

we'll leave you at Australia's

premier cross country ski race

at Falls Creek in the Victorian goodnight. Closed Captions by