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Tonight - face-to-face with a killer. killer. He said it was safe to came out, we were killer. He said it was safe came out, we

came out, we were getting

rescued. So people stood up

from their hiding places. Then he shot

he shot everybody. he shot everybody. Violence

beyond compre hention. I saw

20 people get killed. First it

was small bombs and then he used some quiend of machine


. I saw all the people falling.

falling. Saving his best 'til

last. Cadel Evans on the verge of his first Tour de France


Good evening. A grisly

kronology is emerging from

Norway after what appears to

have been an elaborate and metticously planned mass

killing. The one suspected has

attacks which claimed 9 admitted responsibility for the

attacks which claimed 9 2

lives. First a deadly bomb

exploded in the heart of the

capital Oslo. Then on the

gunman opened fire on hundreds island of Utoya 35km

of teenage campers. With no

safe means of escape and police

preoccupied in Oslo, the island was a death trap. was a death trap. Authorities

have released this grainy image

of a man with a gun ruthlessly hunting down his victims.

hunting down his victims. From

Oslo, here is Phillip Williams.

The beauty of this tranquil

lake belies the evil that lake belies the evil that has

visited this place. In the

dead. So many shot as they waters, police search for more

tried to swim for safety. A

nearby hotel has turned into a

crisis centre, where survivors

are being comforted.

are being comforted. Where

loved ones wait and hope.

Even the tight grip of a caring

hand cannot bring back family and friends. 20-year-old

Tobjorn Vereide was nearly

killed but the mass murderer

found his target with many of

his friends. I saw the

handgun, because he was trying

to shoot me. I saw the bullet

just hit the mountain

just hit the mountain next to

me but I managed to get away.

He described how the gunman, dressed in a police uniform, called out that everything was

safe. He said it was safe to

come out, they were getting

rescued, so people stood up

from hiding places and came

out. Then he shot everybody in front of me.

in front of me. This

18-year-old told me it wasn't

just guns he used to kill.

just guns he used to kill. I

saw 20 people get killed at

once. He had first it was

some kind of machine gun small bombs and

some kind of machine gun or small bombs and then he used

something I saw all the people

falling. This 16-year-old only

survived by swimming away from

the island but even when a boat

picked her up, she wasn't

safe. Was he shooting at people

in the water? Yes. Around you?

in the water? Yes. Around you?

I was in the boat but he was

shooting at the boat. There is no reference point for these

people. This kind of atrocity

happens in other places but did happen here and many are

struggling to cope. They are

still waiting and they still

don't know if they have

survived and that is a very, very difficult situation for

them. The Prime Minister and

the Royal family came to offer

the Royal family came to offer

these comfort but they could not give

these people what they wanted

most. Even now the fate of

some of the missing loved ones

is unclear. With each passing

hour, hope fades. What started

as a fun island holiday as a fun island holiday has

ended in national disaster. In the capital, too, they

struggled to comprehend what's

happened to their quiet

peaceful city. Something like

this has never happened in peaceful city. Something like

Norway and it is

at Oslo Cathedral and across the country, people are

gathering. Looking for the comfort and

comfort and support that may

never come.

The 32-year-old Norwegian

charged with both attacks has described the killings as gruesome but necessary.

gruesome but necessary. He is to explain himself hearing tomorrow. Police are

now trying to establish the

motivation behind the attacks and whether he was acting

alone. Coming to terms with Norway's tragedy. Now the hard

questions. How could such a

tranquil society as this

produce such wilful carnage?

The suspect in custody has

The suspect in custody has been

named by neegeage media as

Anders Behring Breivik. 32 years Norway. He has been charged years olds, born and grew up in

with acts of terrorism. He is

not known by the police before

so we have not arrested him before or anything before or anything like that.

On his web site, as you

probably have seen, he probably have seen, he tells

himself to be

himself to be Christian and going to the right. Police

search the suspect's apartment

within hours of the shooting,

hunting for clues. They are

starting to build up a picture

of a man with deeply intolerant what he saw of a man with deeply intolerant

what he saw as his government's

lax policy. His social

networking page on Facebook,

only recently set up, names his

interests as

interests as body building and

free masonry. His account on

Twitter posts a quote from a

philosopher saying:

Police also searched the farm

fruit and he set up outsid Oslo to grow

fruit and vegetable. It is alleged he brought 6 tonnes

alleged he brought 6 tonnes of

ingredient, before fertiliser, a possible

ingredient, before the bombing.

In the shattered centre of the

capital, the army has been

deploy ed. For is now a burning question.

Were those the acts of a lone

fanatic, or are there other right wing extremists waiting

to copy his bloody example?

Oslo police say a clearer

picture of the tragedy is beginning

beginning to emerge. Phillip

Williams filed this update a

outside the main Cathedral in short time ago. I am

Oslo where people are filing in

a sombre mood for a church service they never expected to

have for all the victims. There are still four people

missing. As for the shooter

himself, he has apparently

admitted liability, saying it was gruesome

was gruesome but necessary.

More details about him, saying

he planned this meticulously,

perhaps over some years, right down to the number would he needed, even to what he down to the number of would eat down to the number of bullets

would eat on the day. As for

the city itself here, there are

still bodies we believe in some

of the buildings here that

haven't been recovered because

the buildings are simply too dangerous to enter. Up at the lake, there are still four people missing. They

people missing. They are using

many submarine s to locate

them. All around this city at

the moment, an jat moss fer of

shock, starting to see some

anger creeping in, anger at a man that could bring such pain

and misery to the whole

country. There has been

shooting spree. A man has

killed five people at a skating

rink in Texas. Police say

rink in Texas. Police say the

man opened fire during a

birthday party after a fight

broke out between family

members. The gunman killed

five people and injured three before shooting himself. I was

informed it was a private

birthday party and people were here to celebrate somebody's

birlt day. One - birthday.

One of the witnesses said that

it was the shooter's birthday. The

birthday. The injured survivors are being treated in hospital.

In other news, Cadel Evans is

about to ride in sporting

history, becoming the first

Australian to win the Tour de

France. Tonight he will lead

the peloton on the largely

ceremonial final leg into Paris

to officially win the race.

His imminent victory has his

countrymen singing his praises.

countrymen singing his praises. Ryan Sheales reports. Before

the end of last night's time

trial and well ahead of tonight in Paris, this is the moment

Cadel Evans took control of the

Tour de France They are equal

on time. With his victory assured, the celebrations quickly followed. For Evans,

humility was the order of the

day. It has been a good, consistent tour. We have

worked hard and it

worked hard and it puts us in a

good position. His only regret

is his former coach and mentor,

sas Aldo Sassi, didn't live to

see his achievement. For him to see to see me now would be quite something. Thousands had gathered across Australia gathered across Australia for midnight screenings with the

race broadcast on screens both

big and small.

was one of those cheering the loudest from

loudest from down under. Is

to say you are proud is an

understatement? It is. It

hasn't sunk in yet. I

couldn't sleep after it. He

was joined by others wishing to heap praise on his

world-beating son. I had the

opportunity this morning to speak to him and offer my congratulations. It is the greatest

is the greatest individual achievement in Australian

sporting history. I challenge

anybody to put up something against it. There are also a

lot of weary eyes and broad

grins here in the beachside

Victorian town of Barwon Heads where

where residents have been

staying up through the night to

cheer on their home town hero. Awesome. Magic for the town.

Good on him. What a

Good on him. What a legend. This is like Lionel Rose winning the World Championship.

I think we are pushing for the bridge to be named after him. I think we are pushing for the bridge to be bridge to be named after him.

Named in gold. Bridge or no

bridge, Cadel Evans is now officialy a giant of Australian


A boat load of asylum seekers

has arrived just as the

Australian Government prepares to sign its

to sign its long-awaited people

swap deal with Malaysia.

Refugee activists protested

against the so-called Malaysia

solution by marching to a

detention centre in Sydney. The Immigration Minister Chris Bowen is expected to sign the pact in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow.

Despite the latest boat, the

Government says the number of

people seeking asylum is already falling. This is an

already falling. This is an

historic and innovate ive

approach to undermining the

people smugglers' model. people smugglers' model. It

hasn't worked so far. I am far

from sure it will ever work. Reports suggest the asylum seekers sent to Malaysia will

be allowed to work, unlike others

others claiming refugee status in that in that country. It has been a

busy winter for Canberra

busy winter for Canberra

firefighterers and this morning

a six bedroom house in Mawson

went up in flames. The three people in the people in the home managed to flee after noticing the roof

was alight. Firefighters had

trouble getting access to fight

the blaze. The heat the blaze. The heat builds up

within the small space and

pushing down into the rest of

the house causing the house to

become involved in the fire.

So it is a hot fire. The

family had recently renovated and

the roof. Firefighters say

they were lucky the fire

happened during the day giving them time to escape. Canberra

police are trying to

together how a man was left

bleeding and unconscious in the

city early this morning. The

man haus found lying on the pavement

pavement outside a convenience

store. It is believed he had

been bashed. He was taken to

hospital with serious head

injuries. Police sealed off the

the area for several hours and

are reviewing the footage from

nearby security cameras. Jerrabomberra residents have rallied rallied today in an attempt to

pressure the NSW Government to

approve the contentious Tralee

housing development. Hundreds

of residents rallied to vent

their anger over the their anger over the drawn-out approval process. It was

delayed again last month with

the NSW Planning Minister

saying more reports were

needed. Local politicians from

all levels of Government are in

favour of the project.

Residents say the area won't

grow or get the facilities it

deserves unless Tralee gets the

green light. Very important

for the development, the facilities for the children.

We are sick of waiting. It

has been nine years. It complies with all the

regulations, it is ridiculous.

regulations, it is ridiculous.

The Canberra Airport has led

the fight against the project

arguing it will put homes under

a flight path. Guards the end

of the Amy Winehouse's drug and

alcohol problems making the headlines instead of her music.

Now she has been found dead.

She was 27. Lisa Millar reports reports from London. Ambulances were called to the singer's

were called to the singer's North London home in the middle

of the afternoon but she was already

already dead. I am aware of

reports suggesting death is as

a result of a suspected drug

overdose. But I would like to

emphasise that no post-mortem

examination has yet taken

place. Amy Winehouse was as

famous for her struggles with drug and alcohol as she was

with her voice. She had such a

look and style. She will be

iconic in years to come. Won't be hearing Won't be hearing her music,

she won't be making music. It

is bizarre. One of the most successful musicians of her era, she an about her

addictions but couldn't beat

them. (Sings) they try to make

me go to rehab. She won

acclaim for her first album 'Frank'.

'Frank'. Her second release,

'Back to Black', won her five

Grammy Awards.

# I tell you I was trouble.

You know that I'm no good

#. While her career was sky

rocketing, her life was falling

apart. Her family said it was

like watching a train wreck.

Amy Winehouse's death was

shocking but not surprising.

She had great musical

knowledge and taste and

unfortunately this was combined

with a weak and addictive

personality. Amy Winehouse

was 27 when she died which puts her in a

other music stars who died at

the same age like Kurt Cobain,

Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix.

Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix. Her last appearance was slurred and incoherent

performance in Belgrade where

she was booed off stage. The addictions and depression

overshadowed the talented voice

through her life. In death

her fans will ensure she is

remembered as one of music's greats. A A lightning strike has been blamed

blamed for a collision between

two high-speed trains in China

that killed at least 32 people.

One of the trains stalled on a

bridge when the lightning

caused a power failure. A

second bullet train ploughed

into the back of it.

Witnesses described seeing the

front of the second train lift

up and topple off the bridge.

An electronic safety system

declined to prevent collisions

failed because the power was

cut. More than 200 passengers

were injured. The accident has

raised questions about ti of China's rapidly-expanding

high-speed rail network. As we

reported earlier, Cadel Evans

is about to become is about to become the first

Australian to win cycling's

greatest prize. Evans set up

his historic victory last night

when he blitzed

when he blitzed his rivals in

the time trail. Time trialing

is one of Cadel Evans's

strengths. It was widely

anticipated the 34-year-old

Australian could close in on

his immediate rivals, the

the third last on the course.

German Tony Martin posted the

German Tony Martin posted the

fastest time. Strong advice

from team-mates set him up for

the ride of the career. The

time difference swung in the Australian's favour. He is

making the course as short as possible. Evans' tour-clinching margin grew to more than a minute and minute and a half. He went within seven seconds of equalling Martin's

equalling Martin's stage

winning effort. We are talking

20 years of work putting into the performance today. A lot

of work, a lot of great people involved behind me.

TRANSLATION: Cadel beat me

today but I'm not sad. I think

I had a great Tour de France.

I will be on the podium with my

brother Frank in Paris. Cadel

deserves this victory it has to

be said. From a humble

be said. From a humble childhood in the Northern Territory in the first Australian Tour de France

winner is now the un dispute ed

king of his sport. The Wallabies have put last week's

embarrassing loss to Samoa

behind them with a 19 point win over South Africa. But the

Australians are playing down the

the victory saying the All

Blacks present a new

challenge. It is not the World

challenge. It is not the World

Cup but winning the Nelson

Mandela Plate is a good place to start. The Wallabies bounced back from the

embarsment of Samoa with a sometimes against the under strength

Springboks but the All Blacks

are a different test. This

will be a different test, we

will be reasonably happy with

the way we ended the contest today. Quade Cooper led the charge. From the

charge. From the next phase,

the unlikely try scorer was a

prop. Alexander is going to score the first try.

Australia's second try came

after the restart when Will Genia combined with his winger down the bottom. down the bottom. Digby Ioane. Winger James O'Connor

had a personal haul of 19 points with

points with four conversions,

two penalties and a try.

two penalties and a try.

Brilliant pick-up. Try

Australia. If a prop can score

a try, so too can a side-stepping hooker. Stephen Moore. Quade Cooper's quick

hands created the overlap for

Australia's fifth try, scored

by Adam Ashley Cooper. The

Springboks scored two late soft

tries to save face. It times very happy but it

times very happy but it is

never going to be a peft

game. The Wallabies next match

is a against at the All Blacks at Eden Park. Manly has defeated defeated Penrith this

afternoon. Last night, the West Tigers were made to work hard for their win over the

Roosters. The Sharks were held scoreless against

held scoreless against the

knoits. The Warriors overpowered the Rabbitohs while in Penrith the Panthers pushed the Sea Eagles the Sea Eagles to the

sirens. Penrith needed an upset

but couldn't take advantage of

early chances. The Panthers finally cracked

finally cracked the Sea Eagles'

line after half time. With the

game in the balance, Manly came

up with a clutch try. He goes

all the way. Penrith scored

late to close the gap but Manly

hung on to earn the

was a must-win match for Souths

but didn't take long to slip up.

up. Bill Tupou scoring a few

minutes in. They scored four

first half tries. The Rabbitohs got over the line

either side of half time to

give their fans a glimmer of

home. Manu Vatuvei had other ideas, registering his hat

trick. Last night Lote Tuquiri

made his return for wsts

made his return for wsts

Wests, the home side getting on

the board first. put on consecutive tries against the run of play to

steal the lead but slick

passing out wide had the Tigers

back in front. Sydney was

lucky to remain in the match.

But that luck soon decerted

the Roosters. Todd Carney's

pass was called forward,

denying a possible equaliser. Benji Marshall

Benji Marshall sealed the win

for the Tigers minutes later.

In the shire, it was a dismal first half of squandered

chances. The Shark score but the video refereeing

wasn't convinced. He loses

the ball. It took until the

second half for the first try.

match and kept Newcastle ran away with the

match and kept the Sharks scoreless. After today's

matches, the Knights have moved

moo the top eight courtesy

moo the top eight courtesy of

the Panthers' loss. Tomorrow

the Dragons play the Raiders in

Canberra. In the r The AFL's

top four teams have recorded big wins in round 18.

Melbourne had no answers to the Hawks' charge while Geelong had

a big 62-point win over Richmond. story last night. Richmond. It was a similar

story last night. Essendon

dropped out of the top eight

after being hammered by

Carlton. It was the first

outing for Hawaiian since - Hawthorn since the passing of

Allan Jeans. Having entered the top the top four, the Hawks look

likely to stay there by

season's end.

season's end. That's magical.

While the Demons, having fallen out of the top eight,

look increasingly unlikely to re-enter it. Five short. Hawthorn was largely

untroubled by Melbourne. The usual suspects performed well.

Lance Franklin, Cyril Rioli and

Luke Hodge found themselves on the score sheet multiple times

in the 54-point win. Any in the 54-point win.

doubts as to whether season was over were quickly

dealt with at Docklands has Geelong ran rampant. Sprints

away. It is a training drill. Geelong

four goals of the game and

never looked back. The tiers

Tigers were never the contest,

although they did rally late in

the day. Last night, Eddie Betts made the MCG his own Carlton's drumming. Andrew

Walker provided a contender for the season's best mark. Ohhh. In a

In a match which offered two

vastly different halves of

football, the Blues led by 11

points at half time, before

being one behind in the third term. Australian Mark Webber will start from pole position in

tonight's German Formula One

Grand Prix. He secured

second pole in as many races

and his third of the season.

Mark Webber then comes around

the final corner and does a 30-0. Form has been getting

better and this track seems to

be not too bad for me in the

past. Lewis Hamilton was second fastest ahead of Sebastian Vettel. Sebastian Vettel. Jorge Lorenzo crashed heavily in

morning practice for the US

Moto GP. He wasn't hurt and

cleared to ride in the

qualifying session. The crash qualifying session. The

didn't affect the reining world

champion. To local soccer and

Canberra Olympic have caused a

boil yorfb defeating the leaders Canberra

leaders Canberra FC. In a

had the majority of first half

chances but they were wasteful

in front of goal. Olympic

spent most of the first half on

the back foot but ventures forward proved fruitful, scoring twice before

their two-nil lead handing half time. Olympic held on to

Canberra FC their first loss of

the season. It is

the season. It is perhaps one

of Australia's greatest whodunit mysteries and the

Azaria Chamberlain case is

imaginations. The National Museum has bought the entire collection of court room

drawings used by the ABC during

the trial three decades ago. For Lindy

Chamberlain there was no

escaping the cameras outside

the courtroom but inside,

the courtroom but inside, with

photographerers banned, it was

the do main of the sketch

artist. Veronica O'Leary was

hired by the ABC to record the

daily proceedings providing up

to 30 images a day. My job was

to be like a notator. I am am not making drawing fast and furiously. am not making value judgments at that stage. I am just the

moving hand. A moving mand in

lieu of moving

lieu of moving pictures. Her

sketches were a vital tool for

a youthful ABC News reporter

Tony Eastley. Questioned by Mr

Phillips QC, Mr Roth said he

because of the problems of had urged his superiors that

dingo behaviour at Ayers Rock,

the public needed to be better

edge kalted. The - educated.

Having the images used in the

press to explain to the

deepens the understanding press to explain to the public,

the case in the historical

collection. There was no photographers in the courtroom

so they wanted things on television that were going to

give an essence of the trial

itself. Thus key moments and

witnesses were inked into

history including the forensic

biologist Joy Kuhl whose

evidence is widely seen as Chamberlain responsible for putting Lindy

Chamberlain in jail. There is

a picture depicting the central

character. As well as

record of the iconic trial, the

museum believes the collection of 180 images are an important

archive of an art form now in

decline. To the weather now

day after a very chilly minus and it was a cold and cloudy

day after a very chilly minus 4

degrees. We managed a top of

7. The cloud chart shows

The cloud chart shows a mass

of cloud spiralling into a low pressure system. That trough

is heading our way. So we are

in for a spell of unsettled

weather, a few millimetres of

rain falling as scattered

showers across the ACT region

before a ridge brings fine and

cool weather again from Wednesday on. As well as

Canberra, Melbourne, Perth,

Adelaide and

some rain tomorrow. Partly sunny in Sydney though and

in Brisbane. sunny in Sydney though and dry

That's the news for now. We

will leave you with a bird's

eye of Australia's

festival held longest-running sky diving

festival held in the Northern

Territory. Thanks for your

company. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI