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Tonight - the Federal

Opposition struggles to get out

of a $70 billion budget black

hole. In good time before the

next election we will announce

all of our commitments. We should have

been stronger - Britain's Prime

Minister unveils tough antiriot

measures. Signs that Japan rethinking its controversial

whale hunting policy. Cadel the

champion - thousands pay

tribute to one of Australia's greatest. It would be great to

shake everyone's hand but the

tour is just 11 months away.

. Good evening and welcome to

ABC News, I'm Virginia Haussegger. It promises razor gang like no other and

it's hashest cuts are likely to

be right here in Canberra. Leaked documents show Tony

Abbott needs to find 70 billion

to pay for all the Coalition

promises including scrapping

the Carbon Tax. It put the

Opposition's plans under scrutiny and is making public

servants nervous. As Melissa

Clarke reports, the Government

has its budget challenges as

well. In the quest to fill the

coffers. There is a need raid every hold lo log. Leaked Coalition documents suggest

they will need to find $70

billion to pay for scrapping

and other promises. It is the Carbon Tax, the mining tax

absolutely fanciful. We are not

going to go ahead with a $27 billion slug on Australian households. Nonetheless the

Coalition says cut us of that

size can be found. Finding 50,

60 or 70 billion is about identifying waste, areas where you do not need to

proceed with programs. What is

the Opposition proposing to do?

Not pay pensioners for two years?

years? Not pay anybody years? Not pay anybody a dollar

in Medicare for four years? In good time before the next

election, we will announce all

of our funding commitments. By

then the budget should be back

in the black. But turmoil on

financial markets hasn't only

rattled investor confidence, it

has also shaken the rock solid

Government used to describe the certainty

return to surplus. Only three months ago there was this:. Now we've

we've chartered the course back

to surplus in 2012-13 on track,

on time and as promised. That's

why it is very important to

return the budget to surplus and we will and we will as promised. But

the Government's now describing

the return to sur #34rus as a

plan or an objective that the government will the its very best to implement. This

Government has been saying for

months now

achieve a surplus, well, it

should honour that promise that's what it should do. We

are determined to keep pursuing

a budget surplus in 2012-13 and

we expect to achieve that

surplus. All plain sailing for

this skipper. The British

Government is flagging

draconian powers to deal with

civil disorder after this

week's riots. Measures may

include shutting down all - or disrupting social networks and

mobile communications to hinder

writer - rioter's ability to

organise. The crackdown was forehadeed during a special

sitting of parliament. This is

part of a series of coordinated

arrested after recently arrived raids across London. A man was

Malaysian student Ashraf Rossli

had his jaw broken and was

robbed by those pretending to

help him. It was really sad

because amongst

children. It was very

sad. Young children have been

facing the courts, this a

steady stream of the accused as 12-year-old boy part of a

the police and Government

followed through on promises to

get tough and punish the

guilty. To the lawless

minority, the criminals who

have taken what you can get I

say this: We will track you

down, we will find you, we will

charge you, and we will finish

have you. You will pay for what you

hastily convened sitting of have done. He was addressing a

parliament . He announced

millions of pounds to help communities recover from

theoriroots and foreshadowed

new measures to combat gangs. Greater powers to evict

criminals from council housing.

Also under scrutiny the slow

and inadequate response by

police in the first few days of

the chaos. 45 people have lost

their homes in Tottenham. Burnt

to the ground, running out of

their homes carrying their

children in their arms and their cry is, "Where were the their cry

police?" The Prime Minister

says lessons have been learned

and certainly confidence on the

streets is increasing. Police say they will continue the

surge threw the weekend. The surge threw the

question is what happens after

that? In the city of Birmingham

there were fears of a racially

based backlash after three

Muslim men were killed in a hit

and run incident during the

riots. As Norman Hermant reports their drooef withing -

grieving relatives have called

for calm saying they want justice,

are still bringing glouers to

the spot where three men died

in this week's riots, run over

by a consider as they tried by a consider as they tried to

protect this petrol Anger hasn't yet boiled over

but many are pointing

fingers. If the police were but many are pointing

here these kids would have been

still alive. That's all I

know. The father of one of the victims is winning praise

across Britain for his plea for

calm. Many here believe those

responsible where black and they fear the peace could

easily shatter after Friday prayers, for example. If they are all coming out here and

there are a few black people

around causing problems again,

something like happen again. In

this part of Birmingham two

communities live side by side.

On the High Street most On the High

businesses are owned by

Muslims. The housing Muslims. The housing estate

around the corner mace a large

black population. No one here

admits to taking part in the

riots but all agree the

shooting of a black man, Mark

Duggan, by police in London,

was the spark. It is because of

them killing Mark Duggan that

is where it Normal. Injustice as well. I is where it all started from.

don't think people feel like

they are being heard. This is a

way of being heard, to get

heard. Labelling all rioters as thugs and criminals doesn't wash here. Everyone that is

rioting they are feeling pain

inside by the way they have

been treated by police, by MPs

before. You know what I mean.

They say we get a lot of

fundings in communities but you

don't get much funding. Now

this community is coming

together but many warn if things don't change this happen again. US markets rebounded strongly overnight

rising 4.5% on the Wall Street roller-coaster. It was the

fourth day in a row the Dow Jones moved by more than 4%

either up or down. The gains

here in Australia were more

modest but still solid. With

his take on an unprecedented

week for the markets here is

Alan Kohler. Global financial

markets are groggy after an

amazing week of volatility. It

is the result of a combination of fear and cash.

America has been printing money

and the wourled has been

saving, not spending, since the

GFC so there is plenty of GFC so there is plenty of cash. Last Saturday's downgrade of

America's credit rating was no

disaster. Investors have been

buying US Government securities

since then, not selling. Every

time stocks fall on Wall Street

brieers rush in looking for

bargains. The spectre of economic catastrophe hangs over

Europe and therefore the world.

If monetary union collapses does the European banking

system. Short selling o banks

was banned last night in Europe

but that is just a bandaid. It

is either a bargain is either a bargain hunter's

picnic or Armageddon and cashed up investors can't decide which. Japan's controversial

whaling hunt may be coming to

an end. The fisheries agency

has publicly floated the idea

of scrapping its annual catch.

It's mayhem on the high seas. Sea Shepherd's confrontational

tactics in the Antarctic have

scuttled the Japanese whaling

ships ability to hunt. Last

season they harpooned less than

a fifth of their quo ta so

Japan's all powerful fisheries

agency set up a panel to review

the hunt. TRANSLATION: The crew of the whaling fleet should not be exposed to danger. Sea

Shepherd won't give up so I

believe Japan should endry

search whaling. This view is a

minority one - minority one the pan yet and one rejected by

whaling people who believe it

is caving in to eco terrorism. It is perfectly legal and scientifically

justified we should not give

up. Another reason put forward

is economic. Few Japanese

frequent whale restaurants like

the one behind me meaning there

is an ever growing stockpile of

whale meat in freezers across

the company. The money spent

propping up whaling could be spernt on

spernt on more pressing problems. The money should

fishing industry wiped out by

the March tsunami. Others see

the Fukushima nuclear disaster,

triggered by the tsunami, as a

key reason to keep key reason to keep on

whaling. This is a good timing

for us to dispatch Antarctic

fleet to get less contaminated

good meat. The fisheries agency

now has to make its decision

with the Antarctic bailing

fleet due to head out again in three month's time. Central

Melbourne came to a standstill today as Tour de France champion Cadel Evans was accorded a hero's home coming.

Thousands lined the streets to

congratulate Evans who rode at walking pace

walking pace to thank his fans.

James Bennett followed Cadel

thought the Tour de France and

was back on the job at

Federation Square today. It was

perhaps the moment that Cadel Evans realised his new place

atop Australia's sporting tree

delivered with customary understatement. Cheers. The man

who describes himself as just a

bike rider did show bike rider did show some

satisfaction at topping a talk

show host. It is kind of nice

to hear Ted said, "This is a

much bigger crowd than what

Oprah had." The adoring crowd

hat 500 metres to catch a

glimpse of their man. His

sleep-deprived fans could finally enjoy a good night's rest. Five or six years of 3am

mornings watching him for three

weeks solid. It is nice to

support him today. One of those

tragics that for a month you get

get into work really

late. Evans didn't showcase

speed or razor sharp bike

handmenting skills that won him

the world's most gruelling race

but did display his

gratitude. All the time I felt

I had the nation behind me, on

my side encouraging me. Evans

paid a heartfelt tribute to his staunchest supporter -

mum. Whether it was the first

16 inch BMX I got at the first mountain bike at age

14 there is one person that has

been alongside me all that time

so to come back at Tour de

France winner is - yeah, the

hug this time meant just a little bit more. With the

realisation of how far he's

come it also dawned that things

mightn't be quite the same in

Barwon Heads. We'll see when we

get there. I might be escaping

to some remote island somewhere

in the Pacific in October. Thankfully all the

attention hasn't dampened his

hunger. I'm hoping to win

another tour so maybe it again sometime. Thousands

more will be hoping the same. The New South The New South Wales

Government says a chemical

plant at the centre of a toxic

spill near Newcastle won't reopen until the company can

prove it is safe. Or Rick can

didn't notify officials about

Monday's leek until 16 hours

after it happened. Nearby

residents did not know until

even later. They want answers. This Stockton Childcare Centre was shut today directed by the health department to do a

thorough clean.The move comes

four days after the suburb was

esspoked to a cars againic

chemical from a nearby Orica

plant and locals worry it is

too little too late. What are

the long-term effects for him.

We haven't been told anything

about how much has been

leaked. The dangerous gas, none as hexavalent chromium escaped

from the plant on Monday night.

Orica didn't notify authorities until the next

that and that is something part

of our indent review investigate trying to

understand why the authorities won't notified later. The

department was not told the

full extent of the were given information from

Orica that the site - and late

information - that this

emission was on site. The

environment department didn't

tell the health department

until Wednesday and toxicologists didn't want to

alarm the community until they

had done some sampling and a

risk assessment. We have to sit

in the middle of this and really rational and sensible decisions based on evidence

rather than emotion and then

act on the basis of the

evidence. It was only late

yesterday that residents were

told not to let their children

play outside and not to drink

their rainwater or eat anything

out of their garden. They have

to get the manager and put him

in the jailhouse. The health

department says the risk from

this one plume is very low. Locals say they have seen suspicious emissions before and

they have worried they have

been exposed more than the company has company has let on We saw like

a yellow plume has come out a

number of occasions. They will

not be reopening until we are absolutely satisfied this is safe. This child care centre

will be ready to open again on Monday but despite all the

assurances community confidence

could be suffering fallout for

some time to come. Courses on sportsmanship may become

mandatory for both players and

fans in Canberra as sports

authorities try to kerb

called off a threatened boycott

of this weekend's final round

of the Canberra Raiders Cup but only after exhaustive negotiations with negotiations with the league. Similar incidents in soccer

games are causing concern in

that code too. Now the

Government is buying into the


Referees always expect some

criticism but this year, for many, it's gone too far. We're of the opinion and the

perception that this year has been worse than most other

years. Essentially our members

had had enough. Earlier this

week rugby league referees

threatened to boycott the final

round of the round of the local competition

but that was called off after

fruitful negotiations. The league delivered on the three

main demands that the referee's

Association asked for them.

That was public statements, retracting some of the comments

made in the media about our

organisation. It is not just

the rugby league referees who

are being abused. has had similar incidents .

Last weekend an under 16s match

was called off after a

whistleblower copped a mouth

full. The abuse levelled at the officials, particularly those

at junior level has turned some

away. With referee numbers

already critically low in many

sports it is something those

organisations simply can't

afford. This sort of poor behaviour is impacting on

volunteerism in sport and impacting on the experience

that young people have in

participating in sport and

wreckation. The government may

soon enforce clubs from all

sports to go to referee

courses. There are 70 par pants in the courses this year

but this is only a small

percentage of the total number

of sports in the territory and

some of the sports that have

been experience ing challenges

in a very high profile way in recent times have not been

participating in these programs. That could be set to change as early as next

year. Two Sydney women will

appear in the ACT Magistrates'

Court over the destruction of a genetically genetically modified wheat trial last month. They scaled

the fence of the CSIRO test

farm and destroyed half a

hectare of the crop. Greenpeace

says the wheat, to be used in

human trials, could be harmful.

The CSIRO said the The CSIRO said the experiment

was safe and did not introduce

any new genes to the plants. Renee Geyer conviction over two car

accidents after a court heard hormone replacement medication

had affected her judgment.

Geyer had pleaded guilty to two

counts of careless driving and

was ordered to make a $500

donation to charity. The court

case took a light hearted turn

when the Magistrate admitted

she was one of the singer's

biggest fans. She is renowned

for her soul full voice and

collaborations with some of the

world's biggest music stars. But earlier this year Renee Geyer found herself heading in the wrong direction causing two

serious crashes. No conviction.

Everybody's happy. In January a

driver was treated in hospital

for whiplash after the

58-year-old reversed into a car

and then drove into a shop front

front in Elwood. Weeks later in

St Kilda she you turned into a

parked car and then accelerated

into a tree. She was not

affected by illicit drugs or

alcohol on either occasion. medication she was taking for

breast cancer rehabilitation

was affecting her cog any five

ability. Geyer pleaded guilty to

to two counts of careless

driving but did not have a conviction recorded against her.

her. Outside court, Guy, who

celebrated her birthday yet,

was in -- yesterday, was in good support writs. Don't have

time. I have to go to Adelaide.

Come to Bennett's Lane in October. Popovic preponderance

admitted she was a huge fan of Geyer's. She said she accepted

that Geyer completed a driving course

course and changed medication

since the crashes. There was reasons for it and she

understood and, you know, be care full with medication. Read the fine the fine print. The singer will

be allowed to retain her full

driver's licence. She will

perform in Adelaide tonight. perform in Adelaide tonight. To

finance now and the Australian

share market posted a

respectable rise today but

nothing like the huge jump on Wall Street last night. The

Australian dollar is slightly higher as well.

It is true there have been a lot of wild swings on Wall

Street but I want to show you

what has actually been

happening to the share market here. We had a six-day slump of

16% that accelerated each day

and reached a climax on Tuesday morning after a drop on Wall

Street the night before. As

blind panic took hold. Since that low at 11am on Tuesday the All Ordinaries recovered 400

points or 10% without much volatility.

chick in mind here is what happened today. The All

Ordinaries up so% and the big

mover was News Corp. Telstra added another 2% an yesterday's better-than-expected profit but

BlueScope Steel fell 7.7% after

announcing a writedown of its

assets. ANZ went backwards but

most of the banks were steady.

In Asia markets were patchy

with Japan down a bit and China up a bit. Unsurprisingly

perhaps there is now total confusion about what will

happen to interest rates in Australia. There Australia. There was a survey of consumer expectations about

interest rates released today

that showed 73% of people

reckon rates are going up as

shown by the graph. As I

mentioned the other day the

futures market is predicting a

series of rate cuts. The

consensus of economists is that rates won't rates won't move. The

Australian dollar is going with

down, although there is much

more to that than domestic

interest rates of course. I

will be back on Sunday with

'Inside Business'. I will have

the CEO of Commonwealth Bank,

Ralph Norris. American Steve

strict strict equalled the

lowest round in a major golf

turnment in the start of the US

PGA Championship in Atlanta.

Tiger Woods hat a shocker.

Strict strict fired a 7 under par

par 63 and Woods finished 7

over. John Senden is leading Australian on two

under. Strict strict was superb

with 7 birdies and no bogeys.

Woods was woeful, three under

after five holes, the four time

winner imploded with five bogeys and three double bogeys. Found the water

again. I'm really angry right

now. So there is a lot of words

I could use beyond that. Scroop

Stricker was in a more positive frame of mind after taking a

two shot lead over Jerry

Kelly. I didn't know what the expect coming out today. Rory

McIlroy injured his wrist on

the third hole. That snapped

his right hand. The 22hold from

Northern Ireland still managed

an even par 70. It is the last

major of the year. Six or seven months to the masters. I

might as well try to play

through the pain. John Senden

leads the Australian contingent

on 2 under one ahead of Adam Scott. Australia's Samantha Stosur Stosur is through to the

quarter finals of the WTA event

in Toronto with a straight sets

win over the French Open

champion Li Na. Stows soar won

6-2, 6-4 to set up a match

against Roberta Vinci.Australia

couldn't get him out last

summer and now Alastair Cook is tormenting

tormenting India. He moves on

to 100. The opener was 182 not

out at stumps on day two of the

third test as its march towards the top of

test cricket. Spectators were

enthralled as England built a substantial first innings lead

and will take the number 1

ranking from India if it wins this match. Wallabies coach

Robbie Deans says his team will

need to play at its best to

beat the spreng books in

tomorrow's Tri-Nations clash in burr Dan. South Africa selected

a stronger line-up than the second string side that opening matches in Australia

and New Zealand. They know what

is required and how to go about

that. So if we are in any way

underdone in terms underdone in terms of expectation we'll get spanked. The Wallabies back

line is the same and there are

two changes in the forwards

with Scott Higginbotham and

Nathan Sharpe brought in. After

the Tri-Nations rugby players

and fans will be focussing on

the World Cup in New Zealand.

But 30 elite players gathered in Canberra this week have

other goals. They have vying for selection in Australia's

Sevens squad hoping to be a

part of this year's world series and next year's world championships. Sevens is

enjoying a surge in popularity

worldwide and will be played at the 2016 Olympics.

This is the 2020 of the - Twenty20 of

Twenty20 of the rugby world - Sevens. People have had

comparisons against that.

Hopefully it is that. It is a short game

spectator wise it is a great

game. People, I think, are -

they've got less time for sport

now. They want immediate results and are getting that

with Sevens. After 14 minutes

they get an exciting, pretty

close game. Its popularity in

Australia has never eclipsed

its 15 aside big brother but it

is a gym on the rise. It has

grown exponentially really. I

am seeing tournaments where

there were empty seats a few

years ago, no longer. There a few people looking towards

Rio and thinking, "Well, maybe

I should hang around

here." Since the sport was added to the 2016 Olympics countries countries like China, Russia and the United States have been

taking more notice. Funding

towards some certain sides is

increasing towards the

introduction of the Olympics

atry yo. You even look at

countries like China for

example, once a sport becoming

Olympic funding floods in. That

is not dissimilar in a lot of

other countries, Russia and the Middle East. With that Olympic

calling it makes the game a

much more attractive thing to

be played. That means more

competition for Australia and a

greater challenge for the

hopefuls in depends on where we finish in

the world ranks. The more

competitive we are the more

money we will get. Most rugby

players in Australia dream of the World

the World Cup for a select few

the Olympics could soon be the

ultimate goal. Now with a look at today's weather here is Mark Carmody.Good Evening. At

afternoon tea here at the ABC

everyone was loud and

talkative. I'm not sure why. It was probably due to the cup cake we cake we were scoffing down or maybe it was just Friday.

Perhaps it was just the great

weather we had today.

The only cloud of any

significance is that which is

over the nullabor heading into

South Australia. There stuff over as the. There is a

high pressure system over

Victoria and New South Wales

which will give the ACT a

lovely Saturday. While the

coastal strip will cop some

moist onshore winds which may

bring a shower or two. They

might drift into Canberra on

Sunday. So around the capitals


With this good weather the

flowers are starting out. Just like this Japanese

pearl bush. Talking about cup

cakes, on Monday, when it will

be fine and partly cloudy, the

RSPCA is having cup cake day.

Bake some cup cakes, Bake some cup cakes, sell them

to your mates and then donate

the cash to the animals. Sweet!

Thanks Mark, that is lovely indeed. That is the news for

now. Stay with us for 7:30 ACT

with Chris Kimball. Have a good weekend. Goodnight. Closed

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