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The Government final ly gets

a deal but ite it's not quite

what was promised This is

lined, this is done and it's

agreed to by all States and Territory. The everything away and received Negotiator once again has given

nothing in

nothing in return. The Reserve Bank gives home owners a break, keeping rates on hold. And

fleeing the famine - a fight

for survival by drought

refugees. The rip was very

hard, I even saw that some

people left their children by

the side of the road because of

lack of food and water.

Good evening and welcome to

ABC News. I'm Virginia

about it for more than a year Haussegger. They

but now Australia's nine

Governments have finally signed up to a new hospital deal. It

will deliver more than 100 million dollars in Federal funding over the next

two decades. But to clinch the

deal, Julia Gillard has had to

give up on some of the Dee

demands Kevin Rudd had fought for. Herding Premiers and Chief

easy. They're very Ministers is never

demanding. How do you keep them in order? You don't even try. But after 15 months of

consultation and compromise,

all the States and Territories

have finally signed up. This agreement delivers the

fundamental change to health

care in this country since

Medicare. It's not the first

time a Prime Minister's

declared that recently. Today

we've reached an historic

agreement to deliver better

health and hospital force

working families of

Australia. So we have worked

into that room with no national

health agreement and we have walked out health agreement. This is

signed, this is done and it's

agreed to by all States and Territories we have never been

in a position to say that to

agreement is less ambitious you before. The latest


than the one Kevin Rudd champ

yonts thax is dead and buried.

The States no longer have to

hand back some of their GST. So now the Commonwealth will meet

half of future cost increase. A guarantee elective surgery patients will be treated within

a reasonable time as a targeted

95% of emergency patients and rather

within four hours hospitals

must see 90%. Julia Gillard has capitulated to the demands of

the States. The so-called Great

Negotiator once again has given

nothing in return. Not everything away and received

really. The gits of the old

agreement is still there.

Nationally set prices for

hospital procedures, a single

funding pool, and buckets of cash. Over the next two decades, the Commonwealth will inject

into the system. It will take a few years for these changes to

take place but I think patients

will see a difference. The Government insist it's co incidence the new plan announced a the architect of

the old one was in a hospital himself. Privately, though,

senior sources think Kevin Rudd

promised too much. And his plan

needed a dose of pragmatism.

But the Federal Government

is yet to have a breakthrough

in its pay dispute with public gathered outside the office of

the Australian Public Service Commission to voice their

concern about the stalled talks. What do we want? Fair pay, fair

conditions. Protesters

cards from delivered thousands of post

cards from public servants

across the country, calling for genuine negotiations. The

Community Sector Union says the

Government is obstructing the

talks. We are calling on the on the Public Service Commission er and the Special Minister of

State to get out of the way to

allow us to actually negotiate

a fair deal. The current offer is an

the next three years. That's so

far been rejected by around

70,000 public servants. borrowers facing rising costs

won't have to worry about high interest rate interest rates

just yet. The Reserve Bank

chose fot not to raise rates

amid un-Serbity offshore and

weakness at home. Analysts say they're saving their interest

rate ammunition for another day. Here is finance

correspondent Phillip

Lasker. From inside the heard the pleas of the wall, the Reserve Bank board

public. Don't do it. A bo

two-speed mee is not going very

well. Do not put it up, it's

just bad. Clearly some

Reserve Bank board agreed because its statement

acknowledged - the rising concerns over the public

finances of both Europe and the

US and the dampening effect of

households being cautious with

their money at home. What we

have here is a recognition of

the global downside risks and

some nascent concerns about the

borrowers weren't the only ones

breathing a sigh of relief. Today's decision by the

independent Reserve Bank is

welcome relief for families and

businesses that are doing it

tough. But the rate threat

remain s because the board is concerned about inflation in

the future. I think on balance

interest rates will go up over

the course of time but the

RBA's making that conditional. They're making that conditional

on things not getting worse in

the world. Traders sold off the

Australian dollar and market

interest rates fell partly due to events in the US. For the

first time since 2008, the

10-year bond rate dropped below the Reserve Bank's cash rate.

Fit stays there, that is the

market telling us they expect

the Australian economy to slow

from here and interest rates to

be cut. The US House of

Representatives has put weeks

of bad blood behind it lifting

the US debt ceiling in a rare bipartisan vote. 2.4 trillion

package still has one final hurdle but it should face a

smooth er passage through the

Senate tomorrow. The

compromised deal,, though has

angered the extreme left and

right of US politics. After

all the rancour, weeks of

gridlock over lifting the US

debt limit ended under a

Gavel. The bill is pass and

without objection, the motion without objection, the motion

to re consider is laid on the

table. It was the climax of a

day of frantic head counting, a handshake outside the Republic

party room signaled they had

the numbers. The Speaker

brushing off criticism from 2012 Republican Presidential

hopefuls. I've got a big job to

do here. Those running for

President have their own

aspirations. My goal is to get this bill this bill passed. Republican power brokers worked hard to

limit the number of tea party aligned Conservatives voting.

No The truth of the matter is

this doesn't go far enough for Conservatives. You can't cut

far enough or soon enough for

members of Congress like

myself. The White House and the

Vice-President - sent the

Vice-President to Capitol Hill to placate Democrats The package is about cutting, cutting, cutting. I feel betrayed by the

Republicans and their greedy

policies. After the meeting,

Joe Biden emerged smiling. I

thought it was a good meeting

and I feel confident that this

will pass. Adding to the sense of

of occasion, Democrat Gabby

Giffords made an emotional return to Congress. Still

recovering from a gun shot

wound, she rote voted for the

compoomise the end the debt

crisis. In the end, it was a comfortable house Democrats voted for it

while 66 Republicans defied

their party leaders saying no. The US Senate votes tomorrow. I never count my

votes until they're cast. So I

am hopeful. If as expected the

Senate says yes, the US Federal

borrowing limit will go up to

more than 16 trillion

dollars. Enough to last 18 months. Syrian troop s have

kept up attacks in Hama for the

second day. Activist say more

than 130 people have been

killed by government forces over the past two over the past two days. The

attacks look set to continue,

even though Syrian Muslims are

now observing the holy month of Ramadan. The United Nations has held an emergency meeting on

the matter but is not expected

to take any hard action. The

Syrian people are paying the

price for what is perceived as an an endless intervention in Libya. And so China and Russia

and these countries will say

I'm not signing up again. But the problem is that

to act they are allowing the massacres to continue. Human

rights groups say more than

1600 people have been killed

since the start of anti-government protests in

March. As people flee famine-stricken Somalia in

their thousand, a new threat is

emerging. The number of women saying they've been raped has almost quadrupled in the past

six months. It's adding to the pressure on already struggling

aid agencies along the Somali-Kenyan Somali-Kenyan border. African correspondent Ginny Stein

reports from Dadaab, and a

warning that story constants -

contains some confronting

images an des crimss. They start arriving at dawn, more

than 1,000 every day, some days

almost double that. They've

come from far and wide across

Somalia but united in singular

purpose - the fight to survive.

TRANSLATION: The trek was very

hard, I even saw that some

people left their children by the side of the road because of

lack of food and water. For others, the most difficult

decision was made before they

left. Olat Arden had to choose

between staying with his sick wife or leaving with his

children. On the eighth day of

his walk out of Somalia, his young son died.

TRANSLATION: I was thinking if

I could reach their safely but

on the way our food and water ran out. So God took my

child. Most people have walked

for three weeks to get here. A

journey made out of absolute desperation . For many, they've

buried children on the way here. Others have been robbed

and they're increasing number

of reports of women being raped.

TRANSLATION: My daughters were

raped. Every one of them was

raped by so many of raped by so many of them. They even used knives cut them open. For countless Somalis,

fleeing the famine is a life

and death decision. But the risks are huge, and for some reaching here may well have

come too late. Papua New

Guinea has a new Prime

Minister. Peter O'Neill has

replaced Sir Michael Somare,

who has been absent for four

months and is still recovering

from heart surgy in Singapore. Despite his ongoing

ill health, the Parliament only declared Sir Michael's position

vacant after Mr O'Neill and severalor government

you know, there are many

challenges I had for this

country. I am sure you can now

tell from the line-up we have here the experience and the

talented and the vibrancy we

have to make sure it moves forward. Sir Michael was PNG's first Prime Minister, first Prime Minister, and

served in the post for a total

of 17 years across three different terms. There have

been more funerals and more

tributes to the 77 people who

were killed in the Norway

attacks. As the country attempts

the horror of the 22nd of July, the Prime Minister has warned

his compatd riots not to his compatd riots not to let

that day redefine Norwegian

values. As Anders Breivik, a

32-year-old anti- immigration

extremist has confessed to the

killings. The names of the

dead, in 2 Norwegian Parliament

with the king and the crown

prince looking on this memorial

was another chance to remember

the victims of the that stun ed the nation. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg urged

his country not to let the

deadly attacks change the

tolerance and openness of Norwegian society.

TRANSLATION: From this podium,

I want to ask that we don't

start a witch hunt against

marginal views. The memorial

came on the same day a

Norwegian newspaper #3ub lished

an extraordinary letter from a 16-year-old survivor of the

shootings,. It begins - maybe

you think you've won, Ngo know

that you've failed. You have

killed my friends but you have

not killed our cause, our

opinion, our right to express ourselves. Those are

sentiments many Norwegians

appear to share, as they

struggle with the legacy of mass murder. The Federal Government may want to message to people smugglers and

their potential customers about

the fate that awaits them if they come to Australia by

boat. But it seems the Federal Police on Christmas Police on Christmas Island are less inclined to make their

activities public. They're training every day on the

island. But as the ABC's Jane

Norman discovered, they can be very camera shy. The Federal

Police went out of their way to make sure the media couldn't

get access to their riot

training on Christmas

Island. The officers are well off training at a small clearing

near a Buddhist temple deep in

the jungle. When a camera man

and I went out there, the officers immediately put down

their shields and stopped training. Telling us they

didn't want their tactics being broadcast to people they're

potentially targeting. Now

locals say the officers often train

train around town and it's unl

usual for them to be in the jungle oi.'S understood they're preparing for any eventualities during the arrival and dispatch

of the first 54 asylum seekers

to be sent to Malaysia. That group is Christmas Island on Thursday. Armed robberies are

up, but property crime is down.

In fact, Canberra police say

they've made big inroads reducing vehicle thefts and

burglars. Despite the falls,

not everyone is convinced by the glowing police report

cards. Canberra's police store

age warehouse is filled with

the evidence of car thefts and burglaries but the latest

annual data shows property

crime is in decline. When you

see 700 fewer sphol stolen vehicles this

the previous year, 1,500 fewer burglaries that is good flues

for our community, great work by our police. Last financial

year, car thefts dropped more

than 37%, burglaries were down almost a third and property

damage was reined in close to 32%. But armed robberies

climbed 7.5% and in-home

assaults were also on the

rise If if you go into Civic on

a Friday or Saturday night you will see something different

than the statistic also show


are not the only one s un

convinced by the numbers.

Despite the big falls in

property crime, levels of concern about becoming a victim

of a house break-in or car

theft are higher amongst Canberrans than the national average. The key from our point

of view is to maintain our rate

of effort, maintain our tempo and

and to continue to drive it

down. It would be great to have

police officers at the end of

each street. That is not going

to happen. That is not a to happen. That is not a reality. There's all sorts of ways of

ways of just working with the

community. Police are planning to put more uniforms in night

club zones after recent attacks on officers It's just

completely unacceptable and

bewill be dealing it with it very firmly and very swiftly. A two-month blitz on sweding has

shocked police. More than 1800

led foot driver s were caught

with 26 speed at more than

45km over the limit. Most of the worst offendsers were men. The Canberra Airport's

expansion plans remain on track, despite the track, despite the global

economic uncertainty and the turbulent times in industry. Construction is

powering ahead on the second

half of the new terminal. The

airport says it turned out to

be a less than ideal time to embark on the $420 million

project. We need to look beyond

things like the grounding of

Tiger Airways, jond the - beyond

beyond the volcanic ash plument

and the current economic

problems. We have to build this

infrastructure for the next 20

years. More than 3 million

people travel through the airt

each year. While the terminal grow, passengers numbers have

started to go

direction, for the first time

since the collapse of

Ansett. The new terminal is

expected to be ready in time

for Canberra's centenary. To finance now and the local share

market lost nearly all of

yesterday's gain s amid new fears about the American economy. Here is Alan

Kohler. As you were. That's

fluff or all that relief rally

nonsense. The Dow Jones jumped 139 points on the opening last

night and then tanked when the

latest ISM manufacturing index showed a much sharper fall showed a much sharper fall than

expected. That was after weak

GDP data on Friday, and downward revisions to previous growth estimates. In other

words, the US economy is weak,

and the Government is cut ing

spending by $2.5 trillion. It

all got bit too much market and they went into a

funk, in Europe and Asia as

well. Which led to a 1.4% drop

by the aunds today with some

quite chaunky fall bis the

Banks. Westpac and ANZ were

down 23% each and the retailers

- Myer down 4%, Harvey Norman 3%. It means 3%. It means the local share

market is back to where it tz

waz a year ago. 4500. It's been

who were starting to recover

some of the losses of 2008,

only to find European and

American debt has eaten the

gains. The currency is up 20%

in the past 12 months but we have to shop overseas to take

advantage of that which is of

course what many are doing and

is one reason why rates were

left unchanged today. And while

the RBA board was meeting

today, they would have been given building approvals

numbers for June - a final nail

in the coffin of a rate hike. Approvals fell 3.5% instead of going up,

what the futures market is now

pricing in for the cash rate over

over the next 12 months - 42

basis points or 0.42% of

Australian dollar is sitting

below 109 US cents s tonight. I

sankedz like a lead balloon 2:30 sankedz like a lead balloon at 2:30 when the interest rate

decision hit the traders

screens. That's finance. The

rapidly expanding coal seam gas

industry is moving from

Queensland into NSW. But it's met some resistance from

farmers from the State's north-west. A Senate inquiry is flow in Investigating the industry's

impact on prime agricultural

country. The ABC's environment

report er Sarah Clarke reports

from Narrabri. It's some from Narrabri. It's some of the

richest cropping country in

Australia, but it's what's

beneath the soil that's got farmers locking their

gaitds. At the end of the day,

we are going to fight as hards

as we possibly can to protect

our livelihoods. Doug Kuch is a

third generation farmer but he

says his family's future on the

land is now at seam gas company's target this

region for exploration. Once

they're in here, I believe

between Nara bring and

Goondiwindi on the eastern side

of the Newell Highway, we will

be lost forever. Today farmers

delivered a blunt message to a

Federal Senate inquiry,

investigating the industry's

impact on rural Australia. Irrespective of prime agricultural country or

the greatest lump of rubbish

country you've got got, I would

ban the whole operation until the science was

and James Tydd say deny ing

property access is their own

hope. But the company's next

soption to take them to

court. There's been a lot of tears tears and a lot of

worrying. And also not just on

myself toe watch my family go

through that, my sister, that's

difficult. There is really no process. Farmers are really at a disadvantage and farm versz

no say in the process

whatsoever, that is simply unacceptable. And it's not just

land holder, one of the biggest councils

councils in this region has

also put a ban on seismic survey work and public roads. In a bid to stop coal seam gas exploration. You can't eat coal. You can't brink gas. In

20 years time, what is going to

be happening? What WHO

feetdsing Australia? It's what

we do best up here. But one of

the biggest coal seem gas

operators in this region told the hearing the two industryies

can co exist. It is our

absolute intention to have

dialogue with people and to

find a cooperative approach to

resource this State desperate

ly needs. The farmers ly needs. The farmers here are

yet to be convinced. Finding desirable ahonourable

memberdation - One of the old

est cemeteries is createding a

more selective room but this

resting place for the afterlife

does rnt come cheap. Some of

Melbourne's most sought after

real estate is up for grabs but

you have to be dead to get a

spot. Starved of space, cus

general cemetery in Carlton is

building a $9 million mausoleum. To put this facility

in on a roadway, create in on a roadway, create 1100

spot, sell them and make a

return for ongoing maintenance becomes very important. Not

everyone loves the idea. Some

residents tried to stop the project going ahead. We're

very upset that it's being

built where it is. Which is

right at the entrance to the

cemetery and it's a very bulky

featurist building that blocks

off the vistas into cemetery. The custodians of the

self-funded cemetery say it's

necessary to cover the cost of

maintaining $300,000 graves at

the site. We're cognisant the fact that we're custodians

of a very valuable piece of history

history and what we want to do moving forward will always reflected that. Starts at

$7,000, plots at this new

mausoleum are fairly reasonably priced but if your budget

extends a little further, you

could have this one for around $150,000. It's $150,000. It's one of the cemetery's heritage listed

rotund ias build in the 1860s

and it could be yours for all

eternity. There is a lot of

interest in this vault because

it is so unusual and a lot of people want to be interred in

here because it's centrally

locate and this is a #34r09

plot with the lot in many

ways. With plenty of shade and

quiet neighbour, it's pretty

good way to rest in peace.

There have been some big

names who have missed out on a

spot in the Wallabies squad with the All Blacks including

brimby Giteau gi and second row

er Nathan Sharpe . A fixture in

the Australian line-up for 95 tests, Force captain was a surprise

omission. Sharp's made way for

Dan Vickerman, who will vie with Rob Simmons: There's been

a few guys who have missed out.

It shows how hard everyone is

working and over the last few

weeks everyone has been very much fighting for a spot. Half a Luke Burgess winger Turner tonne and rookie Waratah's forward Sitaleki Timani also

come into the 24-player squad.

Matt Giteau remains on the

outer having been left out after

after the Wallabies shock loss last month against Samoa. The

Raiders are continuing to lock

in their line-up for next year.

Today the club signed hooker

Glen Buttriss for another two

years. Overnight, round 21 of

the NRL ended with another big

fightback. The eels were

desperate for the point s to

estate wooden spoon contention.

And controlled the game to lead

by 18 points to 0 with less than

lifted by Origin stars Billy

Slater, Cooper cronch and

Cameron Smith, they came to

life. Billy Slater! He pounces.

That's a try. And Melbourne

are back. The 22-18 win put Melbourne four points clear of

the Sea Eagles at the top of

the ladder. Practically perfect

in every way. 'Mary Poppins'

pop scored a record eight

awards at the arts communities

night of nights. were also honoured. It's

been wowing audiences and

critics and now the critics and now the Helpmann

judges. 'Mary Poppins' pop won

a record 8 out of 12 nominations including Best

Musical and Best Female. Verity

Hunt-Ballard says its appeal

lies nits timeless story of old

fashioned morales I think in

an age of information tech

knowledge and we're in a speed

y age at the moment it's nice

to come back to good old fashioned family values and story about an average dysfunctional family that needs

a bit of help from somebody

that flies in. The 'Phantom' sequel 'Love Never Dies' also

did well with three awards. Cate Cate Blanchett won Best Actress for 'Uncle Vanya', she's about

to open the play in Washington.

And Geoffrey Rush scored Best

Actor for Belvoir 's 'Diary of

a Madman' which he took to New

York. A great achievement of peaking here and then being

able to take things across the

Pacific. And be on the global stage is really special. Toe Lamond, and Jill Perryman and

Hayes were honoured for a

lifetime achievement. For me to be

be standing on that stage with

these two ladies is the big est thrill of all. Goodness

me! This event is also a celebration of

celebration of a major

milestone, live performances

now a billion dollar industry.

Organisers say more than 15 million people went to the

theatre last year, spending

$1.1 billion at the box office.

And the records were tumbling,

opera star Emma Matthews now

has more Helpmann awards than

any other. So you go into the Helpmann record books don't: I

know it's so cool! I'm very thrilled. And Best Dance Work

went to Brisbane outfit the Expressions Dance Company. To

the weather now and Carmody

will be back next week. Today

had more than a hint of warmth.

It was a couple of degrees

around 7 this morning. We

reached a top of 18 at around

1:30. It was mostly sunny

around the region. Despite

minus 2 start, Goulburn reached

a top of 20.

On the satellite image, a

band of cold approaching WA, patchy cloud over patchy cloud over south-eastern Australia which is causing the

odd shower southern NSW. Clear elsewhere

and unseasonably warm inland. To the synoptic chart, and

that cold front into WA will

cause showers and storms. While

warm North-west winds will

persist over Victoria and NSW. Around the nation tomorrow:

That is the news for now.

Stay with us for '7:30' with

Leigh Sales. From me, for ow

now, goodnight.

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Live. Welcome to the program. I'm

Leigh Sales. Julia Gillard

ticked off another item on her

to-do list today sealing with a

deal with the States to overhaul says there's little difference

between her deal and the

reforms proposed by Kevin Rudd.

But the reality is some of the

key promises are gone. political editor Chris Uhlmann.

If you want to stay alive in

politics, it helps if you stick

to this simple dictum. Underpromise and

overdeliver. The buck will stop

with me. In health reform as

with so many things, Kevin Rudd

turned that max imon its

head. A system which ends the

blame game between the two levels of

to get on with it. In ib la's