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Live. Tonight - gunfire Live. Tonight - gunfire and

ex-plea shuns on the streets of

Tripoli and rebels close in on Colonel Gaddafi's stronghold. Truckies converge on Canberra

to demand a Federal

election. I'm disgusted. I'm

extremely angry. I think we

need to go back to an election. You want to You want to put something as

major as a Carbon Tax in, let the people decide. The Pope

takes cover as the rain in

Spain proves to be a pain. A

dream AFL debut for young

Canberran Jason Tutt. Here he

goes again, could it be three

from three? He is batting

better than Bradman - 100%. Good evening, Craig Allen with

ABC News. Those stories coming

up. First there has been a significant breakthrough in the

search for Daniel Morcombe's

body. Police revealed late this

afternoon that three human

bones have been found. Police

and SES have been come ing the

Sunshine Coast scrubland for

more than a week. Donna Field

has the details. The discovery

of the bones was made in some

pretty bleak weather. There has

been a lot of rain today and the bones search site at Beerwah on the

Sunshine Coast about 7

kilometres from where Daniel

December 2003. Morcombe disappeared in

December 2003. The bones were

found in the same area that two

matching shoes were found, one

was found yesterday and one on

Wednesday. All of those items

will undergo scientific

testing, DNA testing to see

whether they belong to the teenager. Police are cautioning

that despite this breakthrough

people need to realise that

they may be unrelated the case.

The Morcombe family has been

advised of this discovery and

for the Morcombe's they've

always said that their focus is on finding Daniel and giving

him the dignity of a burial.

The breakthrough, of course, in

this case came a week a go with

the arrest of a 41-year-old

man, Brett Peter Cowan, who

remains in custody. He is

charged with Daniel Morcombe's

murder and a number of other

offences. He'll appear in court

again next month. Six months again

after the uprising began, Libya's revolution looks to

have reached the capital,

Tripoli. The rebels have taken

control of the key towns

Zawiya and Zlitan over the last

two days. They are now moving

in on Colonel Gaddafi's

stronghold from the east, south

and west. The American network

NBC is quoting US intelligence

reports say the Gaddafi and his

family are making plans to flee to Tunisia. Middle East correspondent Ben Knight decisive battle in the fight reports on what

for Libya. This was the turning

point for the rebels, the

capture of the city of Zawiya just 50 kilometres from the

Libyan capital. When opposition

fighters captured this town on Saturday it choked off the last

supply line to Tripoli, isolating Moammar Gaddafi in

his capital and giving the

rebels a massive morale

boost. The Gaddafi soldiers

they were here in the last

bridge in saur sau and they are now - Zawiya and they are now

going back - the rebels are going towards Tripoli. Opposition fighters

have now arrived in Tripoli. Heavy gunfire is being heard in

neighbourhoods to the north and

the east. No one knows exactly

where Colonel Gaddafi is but as

the fighting closed in on the

city the Libyan leader called

into State television claiming

the rebels have been pushed back. TRANSLATION: The Libyan

people will not allow the

Libyan people will not allow Libyan oil to go to France.

Nicolas Sarkozy in France to

donkey of the gulf - the Emir rule it and will not allow this

of Qatar - to do the

same. Moammar Gaddafi's son

maintaining his defiance as

well. TRANSLATION: This matter

of surrender, or the white

flag, is not something that anyone should be speaking anyone should

about. It has been

rejected. But the signs are not

good and the defections from

the regime are increasing.

Moammar Gaddafi's former Tripoli to rise appealed to the residents of

up. TRANSLATION: The people of

Tripoli need to rise up as Tripoli need to rise up as one.

Enough! Zero hour is here. The

areas that have not yet

trampled fear with their feet

should overcome that fear

tonight and unite as your enemy

is fear. This conflict was

always going to have its final

act in Tripoli. The next 24 hours will tell if the Libyan's

leader iron grip on the city is about to be broken. A self proclaimed convoy of no

confidence is converging on

Canberra tonight. Organisers

say the hundreds of truckies say the hundreds of

taking part will circle

Parliament House in the

morning. Many are protesting

against the Carbon Tax but

issues as diverse as same-sex

marriage and road rules are

also in the requiring line. One

thing they all agree on is the

need for a fresh election. Mark Simkin reports. Scores trucks and dozens of different

grievances are thundering

towards Canberra. Some truckers

have driven around 4,000 kilometres. They're de manning kilometres.

a new election and a new Government. Whether you are

Liberal or Labor you shouldn't

lie to get into government or

else we've got nothing. Julia

the people have spoken. People

have had a gut full. I'm angry

and I don't know any other way

of showing my anger than

showing the crowd. Tony Abbott

is onboard

the driver's seat. I appreciate

that are so many decent people

right around the country who feel ripped off by this

Government. He is stepping up

the pressure on Craig Thomson

demanding the Labor MP step

down as the chair of parliament's economics

committee. I think it is var

hard for someone who can't

answer questions about his own

credit card to cred inially ask

questions of the Governor of the Reserve Bank about the

nation's credit card. I have

full confidence in Mr Thomson.

As I said before allegations

have been made and denied. The

thunder. Labor would prefer to storm steeling the

talk about a new plan to make

it easier to switch banks. They

will be free of the burden and

head ache of trying to run around around collect all their

debits and credits and so

on. In other words, the banks

will change the details of

salary disbeersments and direct

debits. There will be costs

associated with that but they

are quite small compared to

what the costs otherwise would

be. I don't think we will see customers charged anything for

this service. It does not allow customers to keep their reserve

- their account numbers. It was found to be too expensive.

Ban in 2008 amid similar fanfare Wayne Swan launched a

different scheme. Bernie

Fraser's review concludes that

plan was seriously

flawed. Canberra motorists may

not have to leave quite so

early for work tomorrow morning

after all. Organisers behind

the so-called convoy of no

confidence warned o traffickic

delays across Canberra saying several thousand vehicles would

be taking part. A venue hosts

five of the 11 convoys says

numbers have dropped significantly. We significantly. We were

expecting around 3,000 vehicles

coming and now we are expecting

about 200 or so. The North

Canberra venue closed its

entire back section for the

convoys. Peak hour disruption

is still expected on roads

leading to parliament. The ACT

Government has been accused of

overlooking fire risks at a

Belconnen site where blaze broke out yesterday.

Crews are still at the Parkwood Road Recycling Estate

monitoring the fire and piles

of mulch and wood. The Canberra Liberals say inspections over

the past two years show several

businesses in the area have failed to clear timber

stockpiles. I was told they

could be a fire risk, I passed those on to the government and

here we are 15 months or so

later and it turns out a fire

has taken place there and it is fortunate no one was injured

during the blaze. The

Government says prixing guide has been working

closely with the business for

some tile. There has been

significant reduction in the

number of timber pallets on the

site as a result of instruction

and advice from ACT fire brigade and that work is

continuing. The fire is under

control but is expected to smoulder for some time. British

authorities have released CCTV

footage of rioters shooting at

unarmed offy serves and a police helicopter during this month's riots

The police are calling it

attempted murder. They have

asked for help from the public in identifying those

responsible. This is the moment

when an English when an English rioter opens

fire. The authorities say he is shooting at unarmed police

officers just out of the CCTV camera's field of view. The

officers on the ground weren't

the only ones being targeted.

This footage comes from a

police helicopter survey ing

the area on the same night.

Police in Birmingham say 11

shots were fired from police from four different look at that footage and think

that the only motive could have

been to maximise the harm that

they could cause to police

officers and potentially, of course, other members public. Earlier in the night

the masked mob attacked a

police car before turning their

sights on a pub. As police

fought against rioters outside

the pub's owners fought to

control fires inside. Blazes

started by petrol bombs.

It is quite clear ha the

intention of those people was

to burn those premises down,

absolutely. It was not a case

of steeling a - stealing a lot

of high value goods from there. Two people have been

charged with violent disorder.

Police are calling on the public

public to help them catch others involved. This week 20,000 people attended the

funerals of three men who were

killed on the same night in

another part of Birmingham.

Police say these pictures show how close

another murder investigation on their hands. Egypt is recalling its ambassador to Israel

pending an investigation into

the killing of five Egyptian

policemen on Friday. The

Egyptians were killed by

Israeli forces who had crossed

the border to pursue Hamas

militants. Israel has expressed

regret over the deaths but that

has not quelled anger on the

streets of Cairo. Hundreds of people have been protesting

outside the Israeli embassy

withdrawal of the ambassador.

It's only the second time Egypt

has recalled its man in Tel Aviv since the two countries

signed a peace treaty in 1979.

Iran has sentenced two Americans to eight years jail

for spying. Josh Fattal and

Shane Bauer were detained two

years ago after crossing into Iran

Iran from Iraq. The pair

maintained they were hikers who

got lost but Tehran insists the men were cooperating with US

intelligence. The US State Department condemned the

court's decision saying Fattal

and Bauer have already spent

too long in prison. A third American arrested at American arrested at the time

was released on humanitarian

grounds last year. The leading

mental health expert Professor Patrick McGorry has been forced

to abort a controversial trial

of antipsychosis drugs on

adolescents. Fellow academics

were concerned about potentially dangerous

effects. He hat back saying a

small and vocal minority was ignoring the need to develop better treatments for those

with mental illness. academics from around the world have complained to Australia's clinical

clinical trials registry about

a study of the anti-psycho-suss drug Seroquel proposed by

Patrick McGorry last year. The

trial was going to expose a lot

of young people of young people to antipsychotic drugs when there

wasn't a wasn't a high likelihood they would ever drop psychosis. It was aimed at preventing ico-sis in people in people including adolescents

at risk of develop ing skits

fleena. It was approved by the

Melbourne health ethic's

committee. Seroquel has been

linked to sudden weight gain

and diabetes and it is

concerned that high profile

testing could lead to abuse. Other people will watch

what is being said and happening and it is their

prescribe ing that brothers me. The former Australian of

the Year says he shares that

concern and had already decided

to abandon the drug trial in

favour of one on fish oil

impacts. He says his detractors

focus on the now defunct study

ignores the bigger picture and

the more important task of

trying to find ways to prevent

psychosis. 64 organisers last

year support reform of this kind. All three major political

parties support the direction

of these reforms and there is a

small group of people really

who are concerned about them

and they are very vocal and

active at the moment. The

complaint is still due to be

heard by an ethics committee

next month. A simple eye test

could help in the detection of

Alzheimer's disease before

memory loss and other symptoms

develop. The width of blood

vessels in the back of the eye

is significantly different in people with dementia. people with dementia. These days brain scans can pinpoint

which patients might have the

first stages of Alzheimer's

disease. While it is accurate

it is time consuming and

expensive so doctors in Perth

have turned to a simple eye

test for clues. They compared

the retinas of patients with

Alzheimer's with those who had

mild brain impairment and those

who were healthy. The pilot

study shows that the blood

vessels of the eye in the

retina, they are thinning

see a significant change - a

reduction in the size of these

blood vessels. They believe that the toxic protein that

builds up in the brain of

Alzheimer's patients also collects in the eye. Imelda Davies struggled with her

memory for two years before

being diagnosed. She says an

early diagnosis would have made

a big difference. Instead of

big question marks I was trying to

to keep to myself without

making myself sound like one of

these old biddies getting older.

or the date. Doctors say the

eye test could be used in conjunction

conjunction with blood tests

that can pick up changes

associated with Alzheimer's disease. disease. Australian researchers are now testing 1100 people to

see how reliable the blood and

eye tests are. It is non

invasive and you can extend it

to the wider population which

will be a very nice simple

screening test. The latest

findings will be presented at

the Australia la - Australasian conference of anti-ageing bodies of three ABC Newsmen

killed in a helicopter crash on Thursday have now been recovered. Paul Lockyer, John

Bean and Gary Ticehurst died when the chopper came down here

Lake Eyre in remote outback

South Australia. The bodies

have been taken to Adelaide

where the coroner will investigate the crash. The

heavens haven't been kind to

the Pope or the faithful at the

start of World Youth Day in

Madrid. Pope Benedict was

forced to abandon his opening

speech because of a violence thunderstorm. The to the podium later in the

night calling the rain a

blessing from God. Earlier in

the day hundreds of pilgrims received medical treatment

after fainting in

heat. It has been fine but it

has been hectic. The amount of

people - everyone is like this.

You know, you are swegt on each

other, it is stinky and

unsanitary but it is all for a

good reason. Spanish officials

estimate 1 million people have

made the trek to Madrid for

and the Sea Eagles have shown

their premiership rivals they

will be in the nick come the

Today the Sea Eagles shook off

the persistent Bulldogs and the Tigers buried the

Tigers buried the Eels. Parramatta looked like a team

sitting at the foot of the

ladder. The west tigers raced

in 16-0 in the first half

including a mesmerising effort

from Benji Marshall. The Eels

slipped into gear to score twice but the Tigers steadied to secure their finals berth.

Second placed Manly was tested

by the Bulldogs. When Kieran

for ran was sin binned for a professional foul the Dogs

might have had greater reward

for first half dominance. As it

is they led 10-7 and went with

the Eagles well into the second half. Here is Barba.

Why owe why did Canterbury

just stop. Did they focussing in on the Rugby Union

World Cup but the NRL team is

also chasing glory. Two

distance efforts gave the

Warriors a big half time lead

at Penrith. Once again attacking the ball. The locals

cut the margin in half hoping

to fair well two veterans with

a stirring fightback.The

Warriors moved into the top

four crossing for four tries.

The Roosters didn't rest on

their Laurels after last week's win over the 12th against 13 #9 but the

Roosters went after the Sharks

as if a finals spot was on the

line. In a seesawing contest

the Sharks scored four tries. That's a beauty for the

Sharks. But the Roosters were

stung into action and crossed

three times in the last 7

minutes to win by 11. It is a

happier camp at Bondi junction without involvement from the bad boys, Gold Coast bound Nate

Myles and Todd Carney whose

fall from grace could see him playing offshore in 2012.The

Dragons are down to 7th, the

8th placed Knights host the Broncos in round 24s last

game. Queanbeyan Kangaroos have

earned a spot in the Canberra

Raiders Cup preliminary final

after a thrilling win over

Goulburn this afternoon. The

Kangaroos got the perfect start

to the match after a bounce

from a kick helped them to an

early 6-0 lead in front of a vocal

40 minutes Goulburn levelled

the scores to set up a tense

second half. Queanbeyan gained

the edge after the break and

held a 4-point lead in the

final minutes. Goulburn had a

chance to steal victory but

last-ditch defence from the

Kangaroos earned Queanbeyan the win ensuring they remain in the

competition for at least one more match. Wallabies winger

James O'Connor should find out

tomorrow night if he has been

dropped from this Saturday's Tri-Nations decider against the

All Blacks. He

for failing to attend the World

Cup squad announcement in

Sydney last week. Today he

spoke about the incident for

the first time. A contrite James O'Connor for his absence from the World

Cup squad announcement. It

could cast him his Wallabies jumper. I guess take this

opportunity to express my

regret for missing such an important event for the

Wallabies and not only that to

apologise for Rhetting the AIU

down. I guess all the fans,

well. He has until tomorrow to

explain his no show. Now it is

all about the process that will

decide his fete. Look, the

process is out of my hand. When asking what whether his World

Cup chances have been

dashed. The process is out of

my hands. Further punishment from Australian rugby union is

possible. It is out of my hands

that sort of process now. Even

the coach is aware of the

process and whether O'Connor's breach deserves a

suspension. There is a process that the happening right now. That is clearly a possible consequence. The Wallabies

coach is clearly upset. I don't

think anyone in the group is

happy. It is a distraction we

could do Springboks win over the All

Blacks last night means Saturday's test against New

Zealand will decide the

Tri-Nations with five penalties

and a drop goal Morne Steyn

kicked all 18 points.The second

string All Blacks posted string All Blacks posted the

only try of the match through

centre Richard Kahui. In the AFL Sydney have a foot in the

finals door after a thrilling

15-point win over St Kilda this afternoon. Last night Collingwood beat Brisbane North Melbourne thrashed the

Dockers. Richmond are ahead of

Melbourne in the late match.

The saints finals hopes are in

doubt after the Swans came from behind the snatch victory.The Saints Saints were dealt a below

before the match with Justin

Koschitzke and Zac Dawson late

withdrawals but neither side

could find their feet early. The swans Russia gave St Kilda

some cheap tunes with the

Saints taking the early lead. Sydney couldn't but their

dominance on the scoreboard,

the posts were bore magnets and

as the home side continued waste their opportunities St

Kilda made the most of theirs. It's bending. Brilliant! In a

defensive opening half the

bruising contest was leaving

its mark. Sydney thought they'd

kicked a crucial goal in the

second term but when the

umpires convened it was ruled a

behind, one of 12 in the

opening half for the Swans. In third goal had them within 10

points at the long break. He gets the

gets the party started. Sydney

hit the front in the third term

but despite some impressive

defence their lead was short

lived. Late inclusion, worth

the money. A 50 metre penalty

gave the saints another goal

and the momentum going into the

final quarter but with the most

to lose the Swans lifted their intensity again and Adam Goodes

rose to the occasion. No that's off the scale. The major

inspired a three-goal burst as

the Swans took charge of the

match. The Saints on the other hand could

inspiration of Nick Riewoldt's

kicking. The Swans solidifying

their position in the eight and

St Kilda's spot now precarious

with a crucial match against

North Melbourne looming. Canberra's Jason Tutt has

enjoyed a dream start to his

AFL career with the midfielder scoring four goals Bulldog's hefty defeat of the

Power. The 20-year-old did not

take long to look right at home kicking his first two minutes

in. He went on to kick

goals with his first three

kicks. This is the 7th time

this has happened in AFL

history. Could it be three from

three? Only Ben Rutten's done

that of current day players. He

is badding better than Bradman,

100%. He got plenty of the ball

in the match as well earning 26

touches as the strolled to a 60-point strolled to a 60-point

victory. In the north-eastern

football league bell cannon

upset Tuggeranong this afternoon. In afternoon. In today's other

match Ainslie overcame a strong

challenge from Queanbeyan

Tigers winning by four goals. The Argus report

goals. The Argus report has recommended sweeping changes to

Australian cricket but at least

the national one day Team

doesn't appear to need much work. Brett Lee and Xavier

Doherty took eight wickets between them and Shaun Marsh made 70 as unbeatable 3-1 lead in the best

of five match series in Sri

Lanka. The Australian players were still pondering the ramifications of the report

when game four of the series

got under way. It is never a

good time to hear this sort of

news or have new or disruptive

news in the middle of a series. Among the reviews

recommendations Nielsen's own position has been restructured

and he will need to reapply. We

are looking forward to a chance to show those sort of distractions and still play good cricket. Brett

Lee answered the challenge

turning back the clock to take

4/15. The two bowlers who did all the damage aren't in the

squad for the upcoming test

series. Xavier Doherty picked

up a career-best 4/28 as the

home team was dismissed for a

mediocre 132. Coming into the

team at the expense of Steve

Smith, Shaun Marsh made the

most of his chance. Australian batted for almost

all the Australian innings

hitting 70 off 80 balls as the

tourists recorded a resounding

win to take a lead in the

series. England has already won

its four-test series against

India, now the new world number

1 is after a clean sweep. Ian

Bell made 235 as the home team

declared its first innings at

6/591. India was a wobbly

at stumps on day one. Taking a

look at the weather now. It's

been a mostly overcast day

right around the Canberra

region. We had a range of 3 to 16 degrees at the airport.

Onto the cloud charts and

that onshore wind is pushing

cloud right along the coast and

into inland parts of New South

Wales as well. Stretching right

up to central Queensland.The

high in the Tasman is

continuing to slowly move

eastwards and a series fronts coming in from the West

will slip south of that system. There are two separate

systems at play on the east and

West Coast and both are delivering a band of coastal

showers. Any showers in our

region won't stretch too far

beyond the coast tomorrow as

the Easterly air stream


Before we go a brief recap of

the top stoshryes tonight. There has been a significant

breakthrough in the search for

Daniel Morcombe's body with the

discovery of human bones in scrubland on the Sunshine

Coast. Hundreds of trucks are

converging in Canberra for a

protest rally that will circle

Parliament House tomorrow. Most

and are calling for a fresh

Federal election. That's the

news for now. You can keep

up-to-date 24 hours a day at You can find

us on Twitter as well.Thanks

for your company. Goodnight.

Closed Captions by CSI.