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(generated from captions) further downstream are now

key Independent MPs bracing for the worst. Now some

key Independent MPs have given

the Budget an early thumbs up.

One of those is the independent MP Rob Oakeshott NSW. He joins us northern mid-northern coast of

NSW. He joins us now from NSW. He joins us now from Canberra. Good

Canberra. Good morning. With

4.3 billion spend on the

regions in Budget you could be

nothing but morning. Yeah, look I think nothing but happy this

this is an important start of a conversation within Canberra conversation

about how to engage regional

Australia. So there's been a lot of structural work that's

gone on over the last six

months that's been difficult to

talk about, establishing a regional development department,

department, Sething up regional

subcommittees of Cabinet and

geing a regional development

around Australia network, 55 of them

because there is money attach we have something to talk about

ed to it know,. Now. You

menksed $4.3 billion. I think

what we will see in last

night's Budget copied in future Federal Budgets so we've

embedded this model federally

and I think this will be copied

in thing like State Budgets

in thing like State Budgets

around the country. It is the

regions fied finding their regions fied finding

voice and the regions finding

their place and making sure

that Canberra is delivering

just policy for all Australians, not

Government kept its word on the

commitments ed made to you and

the other Independent MPs when you signed that Government deal

last year? Yeah, there were

about 80 commitments that were worked on over the 17 days, six months ago and

months ago and we're raerlly

starting to see some of them turn into reality. So largely,

yes, but there's more tho do.

This is the start of the

conversation and I think

implementation is going to be

as important as anything else.

So we've got the structures in

place that we've been building

over the last six months. In a lot of

now we're intoing the starting to flow last night and

implementation stage on many of

these projects. That is as

important than anything else. The big example is the Pacific

Highway funding - $1 brl of

extra money that's gone into

that from the Commonwealth. So

they have contributed over the

life of this project $3.1

billion to get a billion dollars extra last night is significant. That now needs to

be matched by NSW in their

be matched by NSW in their

first Budget and I would hope

challenge. The Pacific Highway they're up for that

will obviously benefit your NSW

other coastal seat. Are there any

other particular goodies in other particular goodies in the Budget last night specifically

for your electorate of Lyon? . There are but linked into national out comes linked Lyon? . There are but they're

as well. The Pacific Highway is

an important part one for the

nation not just our electorate.

there was Port Macquarie Base Hospital

expansion of the hospital and there was a confirmation of the

expansion of the hospital and

that will be the biggest

Commonwealth commitment ever to

any hospital on the mid-north

coast of NSW. It's is a $96

million commitment. But that is

part of a last night for 63 regional communities to receive support

for fail ing for fail ing health

infrastructure. So the projects

context as well and that has locally do have a national

very much been

very much been a focus. There's

been some nice environmental

gains so communities zuch as

old bar who have had trouble

with coastal erosion, there is some support for some stabilisation work in that

community, some community, some wetland project

s at inis Lake and a project

called the Big Swamp but

replicated in environmental

work apds natural resource Matt

hold work up and down the coast. You

hold a critical vote in the

House of Representatives on

your first reading of the

Budget are there any measures

that give you cause for concern? The reality is this is

would be unprecedented for a Budget that will pass. It

Coalition to oppose this tht.

Not even in 1975 did we get to

the point where an Opposition

the end point. So I only become

relevant if the Opposition is

in division mode and Opposition

mode. I think it would be unpress denned if they did that. We will hear lots of

noise but I doubt they will take the position of voting against this. Therefore, this is a Budget that will pass. So

just to be clear, there is no

measure, if the Coalition did

ark up on any particular issue,

there is no mesh their you

would be prepared to vote down Representatives? Wle>> be in the House of

Representatives? Wle>> be pork

working through - We will be working through plenty of aish

issues. We will pampt in aerments. The other important

point is there's agreements

around supply, there's definitional issues about what around supply, there's a few

that mean, appropriations bills

is pretty clear. There's some enabling legislation and the private health insurance and enabling legislation and the

the mining tax are the two that

will be I think issues of debate in the Parliament over

the next six months. If you're

looking for a comment about the

nasties I think they're the

ones to watch in regards to how

funding item s that are in last the Parliament deals with

night's Budget. Thanks for your