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A terror threat tied to the

9/11 anniversary. The first

boat of asylum seekers arrives

since the sinking of the

Malaysia Solution. Part human,

part ape. Have scientists

finally found the missing link?

Quite literally, we're going

to have to rewrite

textbooks. New Zealand kicks off the Rugby World Cup. Good evening. Welcome to ABC News. United States is on high alert I'm Virginia

tonight amid fears of another

Federal officials say they have September 11 terror attack.

uncovered a credible threat to

target sites in New York and

Washington. The threat is timed

to coincide with the 10th

anniversary of the attacks .

Ahead of the commemorations,

the government has released

audio transmissions from the morning the four planes for hijacked. The

answering. This is one of the

first signs something was wrong

on 9/11 2001. I don't know, I think we're getting

hijacked. It is the voice of a

flight steward on American Airlines

Airlines flight 11 talking to

air traffic control. It is one

from that day. of many newly released snippets

dealing with the crisis on the

ground is clear.

Other parts of audio provide clarity, like this exchange

making it clear Dick Cheney

ordered the fourth plane to be

shot down if necessary. The September 11 attacks are

now part of history but US

authorities have warned

al-Qaeda is looking to strike

again in Washington and here in New York. New York. Officials say the

threat is specific and

credible. The threat at this moment has not been

corroborated. I want to stress

that. It is credible but it has

not been corroborated. We do

live in a world where we must

take these threats seriously and we certainly will. Security

was always going to be tight

but it has been beefed up even further. There will be

increased focus on tunnels and

bridges and infrastructure in

general, as well as landmark and Government buildings. A locations, houses of worship

decade on from September 11,

Americans remain determined to prevent it happening again. After September 11, America's

European allies also suffer European allies also suffer at

the hands of al-Qaeda, in particular Spain and

Now the head of Britain's spy agency at the time of the 9/11

attacks says Western leaders

were wrong to respond with what

Emma Alberici they called a war on terror.

reports. Elizabeth Turner was

pregnant on September the 11th.

Her husband, Simon, was one of

60 fathers who died on that

day, having never met their

children. I was just terrified

of the fact that actually not

only was the baby on its way,

after it on my own. In the days but I was going to have to look

United States, Britain's Tony after al-Qaeda attacked the

Blair was introduce ing some of

the world's harshest

anti-terrorism laws. would be held without charge,

imprisoned without trial. After

a period of reflection, we

began to introduce rather more

draconian legislation than the

Liberal Democrats thought right

and, indeed, than Parliament

thought right. France not

always known for its allegiance

to the US, suddenly found its President declaring that, in

Europe, "We were all Americans

now". But the President George Bush in his now". But the decision to back

crowds invasion in Iraq drew angry

crowds on to the streets of

Britain and beyond. Actions

overseas have an impact at

home. Our involvement in Iraq

spurred some young British

Muslims to turn to terror. 191

militants bombed Madrid's rail people died when Islamic

network. In 2005, al-Qaeda then

turned its fury on London. 52

dead, 700 injured. Organisers

of London's Olympic games say

this site presents the biggest peace time security challenge.

The intelligence services

raised the alert level. A

terrorist attack here in 2012 is now considered highly likely. Across British classrooms, classrooms, the race is now on

to stop children being drawn into terrorism. An Independent inquiry has

found British soldiers beat an

act of unjustified and brutal Iraqi civilian to death in an

violence. Father of two Baha Mousa was arrested in Basra

eight years ago. The report

found he was subjected to

gratuitous attacks. The had left a stain on the chairman of

reputation of the British

army. It is a shocking and

appalling incident. It should

not have happened. One soldier

has been convicted of a war

crime, others named in crime, others named in the

court may face charges. The US

military admitted one of its

soldiers shot dead a journalist

after mistaking him for a suicide bomber. Omid Khpulwak

worked for the BBC and freelance ed Initial reports suggested he

had been killed by insurgents.

A NATO inquiry has found he was

shot by American soldiers

responding to the attack.

Military leaders said his

was tragic but US forces had

acted reasonably under the

circumstances. The US

President has unveiled an

ambitious jobs plan as the

economy trembles on the brink of a double-dip recession.

Calling on Republicans to end the political circus, Barack

Obama laid out a $400 billion

stimulus plan to kick start

jobs growth. One of the President hopes to save is

his own. Mr Speaker, the President of the United States. (APPLAUSE). Democrats

wanted him to do something bold

in the face of sagging approval

ratings and stubbornly ratings and stubbornly high

employment above 9%. Barack

Obama had to summon all his

skills. I am sending Congress a

plan you should pass right

away. It is called the American

his ambitious $450 billion jobs Jobs Act. The President

plan will deliver a jolt to the

US economy. It was a combative

Congress meet its Barack Obama who

responsibility. The question is

whether, in the face of an

ongoing national crisis, we can

stop the political circus and

actually do something to help

the economy. He buoyanted out

that extending tax cuts, new infrastructure spending,

providing incentives to hire

workers and approving free trade deals Republicans have supported

before. This plan is the right

thing to do right now. You should pass should pass it. Earlier

Republican leaders held out at

least the promise of a bipartisan deal. I am going to

be looking for - where is the

common ground? What is it that

we can agree on? But the price

tag surprised many and the

President is leaving it to a congressional super committee

to find the savings to pay for

it. At least one Republican Presidential contender rejected

it. Not only should Congress not pass his not pass his plan, I say Mr President stop. The Party

leadership sat stoney faced

through much of the speech but

afterwards offered hints they

are prepared to pass some

the proposals. Barack Obama

didn't offer a target for the

number of new jobs it could

create. He appealed directly to

the American people. Tell the

people who are gathered here

tonight you want action now. It

was a speech many analysts are

calling the beginning of his re-election bid.

Government is close to signing

off on a new asylum seeker

policy. The policy will go to cabinet on Monday and face a

special Caucus meeting. A boat

of asylum seekers was

intercepted off Christmas Island. Chief political correspondent Mark Simkin. The

Government is trying to rebuild

a border protection policy from

the rubble left by the High

Court judges. The boat intercepted this afternoon is

court scuttled the Malaysia

Solution. 72 asylum seekers are

on board along with two crew

members. We are not going to be flooded. The small people that come, even if we

had 600 people a month, come to Australia, it would take almost

15 years to fill the MCG. Labor

still wants Malaysia to be a

part of new policy but

re-opening centres on Man yus

Island and Nauru were an option. The Coalition fully supports offshore processing,

we invented it. The leader of

the Labor Party has gone as far

right or even further than John Howard in drumming up fear and

hysteria. The Government is

moving quickly. Julia Gillard

flew back into the country last

night and held a series of

meetings today. The ABC has

learned the new policy will be

taken to cabinet first thing on

Monday morning, then to a

special Caucus meeting. It is

going to be fiery, given the

deep divisions within the

Party. That's not Labor's only headache. There are claims about Craig Thomson. This looks, again,

like a grievous misuse of the

money of the working poor. The

Coalition has written to the

NSW Police urging a criminal

investigation. One day after its last request was

rejected. It is a really good

idea if politicians don't

pretend they are some quasi

police force. As for whether

Craig Thomson will be granted a

voting pair if his wife gives birth during the carbon tax debalt bait, Tony Abbott has

taken stock and decided to jettison the hardline

position. If Mr Thomson wants a brief absence from the

Parliament for the birth of his

child, obviously the Coalition

will provide that. It wasn't so obvious yesterday.. Emergency crews have

retrieved the bodies of two men

from the site of a helicopter

crash in remote central

Queensland. One of the dead men was the recovery mission on Double

Mountain near Shoalwater Bay

has been difficult. The Cairns

pilot and the Canberra man died when

when the single engine squirrel

went down yesterday. But

another another passenger from Canberra survived and raised the

alarm. The call received was

from a mobile phone from the

passenger in the helicopter

after the helicopter had

crashed. The man in his 50s is recovering in Rockhampton Hospital with shoulder

injuries. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is

investigating. It is the third

crash involving Heli Charters

Australia in as many years. An

international officer cadet from Australian Defence Force

Academy has pleaded not guilty

to an act of indecency. 21-year-old Pakistani Obaid Fayyaz has been accused

of hiding a mobile phone in a

vent above a shower and video recording a female cadet using

the shower. Fayyaz was released

on bail when he was charged last

last month. In a brief court appearance today, he pleaded

not guilty and will return to

court in November. A Sydney

court has heard former

player Ryan Tandy racked up

$30,000 worth of gambling debts

and refused to pay them. Jockey manager John Schell says

arranged numerous bets on

behalf of Tandy including one

on a game in which he was

playing. The sacked Bulldogs

player is accused of lying to a

match fixing investigation by

the NSW Crime Commission. This

is the crude ledger John Schell

says he kept of Ryan Tandy's

bets. In June and year, Tandy was struggling to

back a winner and his losses

were mounting. John Schell told

the court Ryan Tandy didn't

want to place bets in his own name. He arranged for them to

be placed by a regular punter

called Damion Flower. Tandy

lost three consecutive bets on horses each worth $5,000.

Mobile phone records show Mr

Schell sent dozens of text

messages trying to get Tandy to

pay up. The court tried to stall with messages like "Stop stressing mate"".

After repeated attempts to get

his money back, John Schell

says he decided to go directly

to Bulldogs officials to air

his grievances with Ryan Mr Schell says he eventually

abandoned his bid to be repaid.

When he was questioned by the NSW Crime Commission, Ryan

Tandy said he put bets Tandy said he put bets on NRL

games. Who have you done that

through? TAB. Anyone else?

No. John Schell says one of

the bets was on a match between

the Bulldogs and Titans last

year. The investigation was

sparked by a bet on a later match match against North Queensland. A Melbourne court has heard

the man accused of the man accused of murdering Carl Williams read an article on on defence homicide the week

beforehand. Today the trial of

Matthew Johnson also heard a

first-hand account from the

prison guard who found Williams' lifeless body. The

prisoner officer was among the

first to respond to the

emergency as it unfolded inside

the High Court unit. told the court, as he rushed

in, Johnson and a third inmate

were walking around the

exercise yard. The guard raced to Carl Williams' cell where he

was lying face down in a pool

of blood with a large open

wound in the back of his head.

He had been there for 28

minutes. An emergency code

black was issued. Johnson and

the inmate was stripped, hand

cuffed and locked in their

cells. A short time later the prison guard out" I think he's gone". CCTV footage played in court showed

in the haur hours leading up

to the killing, Johnson and

Carl Williams were hanging out. Minutes

Minutes later, Johnson armed

himself with a metal bar from the exercise bike to use as a

weapon. Mr Butler said security

cameras monitoring the wing are

linked back to a central

command post where it is one

officer's job to monitor what goes on. Homicide detective

Stewart Bailey told the court a

week before Carl Williams'

death, Johnson read an article

detailing the outcome of a

murder trial. In that case, a

jury acquitted a man of murder,

finding he was acting in

self-defence. Johnson is pleading self-defence.

It looks like there could be

a new ancestor on the family

tree. Scientists say a pair 2 million-year-old fossils are

halfway between ape and human.

They say they could be the long sought after missing link. This

is Australopithecus Sediba,

part ape, part human and possibly our oldest

ancestor. Australopithecus Sediba, we believe, could be

the ancestor to our own genius

homo, and this older age places

it as the best candidate for

our early ancestor. These two partial skeletons Africa. Further excavations

uncovered new deposits allowing

researchers to determine their

age more precisely. We were

able to date the top layer and redate the sediments around the

fossils and come up with the

new age of 1.98 million years. That's around 200,000

years older than first thought, made possible by a short reversal in the earth's

magnetic field. The new date

and a more detailed analysis of

the skull suggests the species

was moving toward being human-like. What we

at is the point of transition

where we move from relatively primitive creatures to

something that's potentially tool using,

origins of language. Until now

it was thought this transition

from ape to human happened in East Africa, not South

Africa. This now puts the focus

back on South Africa as the place where that first

transition to people beginning to look like us happened. Without a doubt,

these are the most complete

have ever been discovered and

quite literally, we are going to have to rewrite some

textbooks. For scientists, this

is an important new chapter in the the story of human evolution.

A new strategic plan

challenges the ACT to look

beyond its borders and think

big for the future. It is part

of a vision to position Canberra as a global city

competing on world markets. But

it also points to perennial issues that could hamper the

Territory's success. Canberra

cops its fair share of

scrutiny, both nationally and

overseas. But a newly-released

plan for the city hits a bit

closer to home. It looks at the

ACT in both perspectives, as a

glass half full and glass half

empty. Regional Development

Australia has gathered local

ideas about Canberra and come up

up with a vision. The plan

tries to balance the city's

identities as the national

capital, a regional hub and a home for home for its

residents. Canberra has the

potential to become a global

city. The strategy praises the Territory's competitive

education sector and healthy

economy. Renewable energy is

touted as a key area for

investment and training. The

benefits of high-speed rail

also rate a mention, but despite

despite a glowing assessment of

the ACT's economy, there are

risks to consider. The ACT

Government, I suppose, is at a

bit of a disadvantage compared to other governments country because we do rely so

heavily on land sales and

income from rates et cetera. Having a diverse,

resilient and strong economy in areas

areas outside of our

traditional areas is going to

be a key element of our future success. Other challenges include a lack of affordable

housing that stymies efforts to

attract skilled workers. There

is a need for better

communication and transport

links between the ACT and its

surrounding ee region. I am

firmly of the view we need to region better, we can't just look in the

look in the tunnel of the ACT and ignore what's happening around the our borders. The

plan could add weight to the Territory Territory Government's future

bids for Commonwealth funding.

In finance, President Obama's

jobs plan and comments by the

US Federal Reserve chief failed

to inspire global investors.

Most markets in Asia sold off

but Australia bucked the

trend. It is good to see that

we can, on occasions, move in a

different direction to Wall

Street particularly when the

arrow points up and

particularly when Wall Street

falls 1%, mainly Federal Reserve chief Ben

Bernanke didn't offer any more

stimulus measures in a speech

last night. Also, the Asian

response to President Obama's

jobs plan was lukewarm. But there was broad-based buying

here, partly because investorer

were looking at Wall Street futures trading. The future shows European markets will fall.

fall. Metcash was done as the

regulator says it would appeal

the decision the decision allowing it to buy

Franklins. Gold was higher. Franklins. Gold was higher. As big as President Obama's

spending plan is, the job

creation task is getting bigger

by the year. The green line,

America's jobs to population

ratio, averaged 63% in 2007.

Policy makers say they need 7

million more jobs to get back to to 2007 levels but the job to

population ratio suggests they

need more than 11 million to

reach the same ratio. On

currency markets, the Euro is

under pressure for the usual

debt-related reasons. The European Central Bank didn't

cut interest rates but it is

not threatening to put them up

anymore either. Not everything

European is under performing.

Roger Federer has reached the

US Open semi-finals but he is

30. This graph shows his

chances of winning another

Grand Slam have fallen away considerably. Andre Agassi was

the last man to do it. It looks

like a Greek default is more

like ly than a Swiss

victory. Samantha Stosur has become

woman in 27 years to reach the

semi-finals of the US Open.

Stoers thrashed Vera Zvonareva

to book a semi-final against the German world No.92 Angelique Kerber. Duncan Huntsdale reports. Samantha Stosur couldn't have been much

more impressive as she disposed of Vera Zvonareva in only 67 minutes. It is the eighth

straight time that Stosur has

beaten the Russian. What a way

to win. Through to the semi-finals of the US Open. I

don't know what it is, maybe

she brings out the best in me.

I think I was able to come out here and play well. The

27-year-old becomes the first Australian female since Wendy

Turnbull in 1984 to reach the

last four of the US Open. Her surprise opponent will be 23-year-old

Kerber who produced easily her

best effort at a grand slam. If Stosur beats Kerber, her opponent will be Caroline Wozniacki or

three-time champion. After two

days of rain, some courts were drying better than others. Why

did you bring us out if it was

raining.? Andy Roddick was

happier when the match

switched to court 13 when he

beat David Ferrer. Andy Murray will take on John Isner. Novak

Djokovic is already through to

the semi-finals where he meet Roger Federer. The back

log of matches has meant the

men's and women's finals will

be played a day later than


A 50 on debut for Shaun Marsh

has helped the visitors to a first innings lead on the

second day of the second Test

in Sri Lanka. A short time ago, Australia were Michael Hussey also scoring a

half century. Things started

poorly for Australia. Shane

Watson was back in the pavilion without adding to his overnight

packing for just 13. Beautiful total. Michael Clarke was sent

bowling. Michael Clarke

actually following that delivery outside delivery outside offstump. It

is the sucker ball they call

it. Shaun Marsh had no sump

such problems, making the most

of his opportunity. He reaches

his 50 in his first test match. Australia looked to

build a large first innings

lead. The Rugby World Cup has

kicked off in New Zealand with

huge celebrations. Tens of

thousands of locals have been

joined by foreign visitors for

what's been dubbed the

country's biggest ever party. New Zealand correspondent

Dominique Schwartz filed this report from Auckland's Eden Park. Nielters

the biggest party they had seen

and that's what happened today. Tens

Tens of thousands of poured on to Auckland's Tens of thousands of people

waterfront to welcome in Maori

water canoes and see the Finn

brothers performing in concert. So many people flooded the

waterfront that police had to

cordon off the area. Ferry

services were suspended because

there were too many people. As

a result a lot of travel a result a lot of travel plans

couldn't make went into chaos and people

opening ceremony. Those who did

were treated to a celebration

of New Zealand's history, its Maori culture and love of

rugby. This is a really important event for New Zealand. Not only economically

but because it has suffered a

lot over the past year with the

aerk earthquakes and the Pike

River mine disaster. It is looking for something to

celebrate. Indeed. With a look

at today's weather, here is

Mark Carmody. Thanks Virginia

and good evening. No more

tin roof. I was at a huge shed in Mitchell this morning when

the rain hit. It rained out the rain hit. It

there for a time.

The band of cloud that brought

the rain is moving into the Tasman

Tasman but there is some Arctic

air behind us. That will us tomorrow. A huge high moving

eastwards will push that air

over our region and that low in

the Tasman will deepen and

direct isolated showers and

cold winds over the

side of NSW so we will cop a double whammy.

Virginia, looks like it will be cold, wet and windy coming

up. Ideal weather for watching

the footie. It is a white

flowering japonica. It does

sound positively awful this

weekend but I don't care.

That's the news for now. Stay

with us for '730 ACT' presented

by Ross Solly. I'm off for one to joining you again mid-October. Until then, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI Live. This Program is Captioned

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