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Tonight - Britain's top cop

fights back saying absent politicians shouldn't judge the

riot response. After any event

that weren't there. A call for people like this there are always

an overhaul of sentencing in

the ACT. The danger is that we

enter into a situation where

parties are trying to outbid each other to be tougher on crime. Tony Abbott out in the

cold after backing farmers in

the rush for gas. And a record

breaking night for a league

legend as the Broncos beat the

Cowboys. And what a night for celebrations for Darren

Lockyer. Good evening, Craig

Allen with ABC News. The riots

appear to be over, snuffed out

by the sheer weight of police

on the streets but in Britain

the questions are just beginning. As police respond criticism of their initial

response, many people are

wondering what the unrest means

for British society. The ABC's

Norman Hermant reports. First

the riots, now the debate. London's metropolitan police have returned fire at criticism

of their initial response to

were on holiday said it's

acting top officer are hardly

fit to judge. I think after any event like this there are always people who will make

comment that weren't there. The

court appearances for those

charged in the riots keep coming and the numbers of

arrests are growing due partly

to public campaigns like this

one in Manchester. Police want those who recognise looters to

turn them in. The last 24 hours

two mothers have handed in a

15-year-old and a 13-year-old

boy, their sons. They've handed

they saw their pictures in the

newspaper. There was also more

debate now on the broader

question of what this means for British society as Opposition

Leader Ed Miliband experienced first hand. These people have

nothing to lose. They've got no

got no social mobility at stake in society and they've

all. This area, Clapham

Junction, was hard hit by the

riots. It's been calm going on

4 nights now but London police

aren't taking any chances. This

weekend once again there will

be 16,000 officers on the

streets, more than 6 times the normal street is already bustling normal number. Here the high

again. Businesses burnt out and

looted are reopening. Residents

are determined to get things back to normal. What

doing is we are making the

heart well again, getting it

beating firmly and strongly and

with great warmth. We will not

allow them to win over us, you

know, all these bad people

they're doing it and think

think this is the way that they will

that's will achieve what they want but

hope is the scars from these that's not the right way. The

riots will heal quickly. Canberra drivers who others on the road are to face

tougher punishments. Both the

ACT Government and the Liberals are

are tabling legislation that

would increase the jail

sentences for culpable driving

causing death. But the Greens

want all sentences in the ACT

reviewed and are calling for an

expert body to be involved. In 2009 17-year-old Megan Minney

and 20-year-old Steven Rial

were the back passengers in a

car in a tree that slammed with

a car. Both were

killed. Everyone's mother and

father dies but they're

supposed to be old. You're not

supposed to be killed in a car

crash by an idiot. The driver

Owen Creighton was speeding and

was sentenced to 6 months

full-time jail. The Crown went

to the Court of Appeal arguing

loss of two lives. The appeal failed. This week attorney-general will introduce legislation to attorney-general Simon Corbell

increase the sentence for

culpable driving causing

death. We had a low sentence

where the DPP appealed it, the appeal was thrown auz because appeal

the court itself said the ACT

legislate ive assemblies the driving serious enough. The ACT doesn't take culpable

The danger is that we enter

into a situation where parties are trying to outbid to be tougher on crime. What we

need is a considering approach to justice in the ACT. The

Greens want a sweeping revau of

criminal sentences rather than

changes for individual crimes. To achieve that the

Greens are proposing that an

expert body be employed like the Institute of Criminology to

consult with stakeholders and suggestions for sentencing the

advice reform. Look, you can take

advice but you can't pass these

things off to academics. This

is the job of law

Government agrees. The

Attorney-General says that the

ACT's sentencing laws were only

looked at in 20 - 2004 and

there's no need for a new

sentencing body to revau

them. A day is a long time in politics. Yesterday the

support Opposition Leader threw his

controversial debate over mining exploration on privately

owned land. Tony Abbott said

farmers should have the right

to lock their gates to keep

mining companies. But today he

refused to repeat that support

following a barrage of

criticism that he was putting

billions of dollars of mining

investment at risk. In the

resources boom-rich city of

Perth Tony Abbott was clearly

far yesterday, do you any? He far yesterday, uncomfortable. Did you go too

shunned repeated questioning

over an issue that's dividing

the country. I had something to

say about that yesterday and

again I'm happy to let that

appear to back farmers over stand. That stand saw

miners. If you don't want

something to happen on your

land you ought to have a right to

to say no. No, that is, to coal

seam gas exploration. Farmers

only own the top soil of their properties and it's the Government that controls what Government

happens underground and in recent years State Governments

have given the go ahead for mining exploration on vast

tracks of privately owned The Opposition Leader was tracks of privately owned land.

accused of putting at stake

billions of dollars of

investment and royalties. That

would take us back 100 years.

the The resources that are under

the ground of Queensland are the possessions of all Queenslanders. There are

already 4,000 coal seam wells

on some of Queensland's richest

agricultural way we look at it, it's about

actually opening the gate

rather than locking the

gate. In Victoria the Dandenong

ranges, gips land an area

ranges, gips land an area near the iconic 12 apostles have

been identified for possible

exploration. In NSW close to

two thirds is earmarked.

Farmers are concerned about the

impact on underground water

tables. We say good on you, Tony,

Tony, keep it up and keep

talking though to the State

Government because at the end

of the day it is the State Government laws that actually

guide this process. But I

think, you know, a major

problem for Mr Abbott here is

he will say different things to

different audiences. The peak

body for the coal seam gas

producers says it has a good

track record of coexisting with

agriculture and there is agriculture and there is no

reason why this can't continue.

As the backlog of asylum

seekers at Christmas Island

continues to grow, the Prime Minister says the Government still intends to send them overseas. A

overseas. A boat carrying 59

asylum seekers was intercepted near Christmas Island

yesterday. It's the the Federal Government signed the people

the people swap deal. But the

future of these asylum seekers

is in limbo due to a legal

challenge in the High

Court. Since the Government

first announced it more than

800 people have turned up.

Since they signed it, over 260

people have turned up.

One-third of this deal is done

before one person has even been sent sent to Malaysia. We are determined to smash the determined to smash the people

smugglinger's business model

through our arrangement with

Malaysia. Of course that

arrangement is now the subject of High Court proceedings and

we believe we have a legally

sound case. The Prime Minister

can't say whether the asylum

seekers will be sent to Malaysia or another Malaysia or another country. This week Papua New Guinea's

cabinet approved a deal for

Australia to reopen the Manus

Island detention centre. The

NSW Government has announced an

delayed response to the Orica chemical leak in Newcastle.

Interim toxicology reports have confirmed there was little

contamination of nearby residential areas but the

Environment Minister is still

under pressure to stand down

because of the way she's

handled the matter. Good news

for Stockton today. Only 3 out

of 36 toxicology samples show

any chromium full out from the Orica plume Orica plume and even then it's negligible and should break

down in days. In my risk assessment I've assumed

children climb trees, eat the

leaves, are wiping ledges with their fingers an

eating the dust directly in

largish quantities and still we

don't have a risk. But there's

still anger over the time it

took to alert the public to the

potential danger. Personally I

was really upset but I just

need to know what precautions

to take even for next week and in the in the future. Orica admits it didn't report Monday night's

leak of carcinogenic chromium 6

to the Environment

until 16 hours after it

happened. What's now under

dispute is when the Minister

was told when she informed the Premier why the Department was

left out of the loop until

Wednesday and why the public wasn't

wasn't warned until Thursday. I'm going to be

implementing an independent

review that looks at the

processes when industry informs

community of these events, when industry governments. The Premier needs

to stand down, Minister Parker,

over this matter until the inquiry is concluded. The

people of Stockton were denied information for 54 hours. While

the politicians argue over who

knew what, when, there's

concern that the licences for

Orica and other companies only

say authorities have to be

notified of leaks as season - as soon as possible without specifying a time frame.

Critics say that lack of

urgency spills over into the regulatory response so it needs

to be fixed. We have been lucky

this time but the fact is

this type of embedded delay in

the notification process is in

the legislation and in other

pollution licences. While Stockton residents have been

given the all clear, the 20 workers who were exposed

to the toxic gas were de

contaminated at the time and

suffered no acute affects but

their health will continue to

be monitored. The United States

is calling for more sanctions

against Syria as the regime

continues its violent crackdown

on dissent. Activists say least 16 anti-government

protestors were killed by

security forces in clashes

after Ramadan prayers. The US

Secretary of State Hillary

Clinton says the Syrian President Bashar al

lost his legitimacy and Syria

would be better off without

him. We urge those countries

still buying Syrian oil and

gas, those countries still

sending Assad weapons, those

countries whose political and

economic support gif him comfort in his brutality to get

on the right side of

history. But Mrs Clinton stopped short of directly

calling on the President to step down. step down. If climate

scientists are right,

Australia's farmers are facing

a grim outlook with a forecast

temperature rise of up to 4

degrees by the turn of the

century crops will be one of

hardest hit industries. But the

CSIRO is looking at how farmers

and their crops can prepare for

a warmer future. Sarah explains. Higher temperatures,

more extreme weather, and more

frequent droughts. For farmers

that's an outlook hard to

prepare for. It's for that reason scientists are stepping

in to get a head start. We're

trying to do the research now

because in about 30 years time

we're going to need new wheat

varieties to adapt to the expected climatic conditions in

the future. Here wheat is under trial and these 3 could hold the key to a warmer outlook. Each one replicates

different climatic conditions with temperatures ranging from between 1 and 6 degrees. We manipulate all the different scenarios

scenarios and growing in the

tunnels differing types of wheat with different

characteristics. As well as higher temperatures carbon dioxide is also being injected

to see how the crops cope. While it's still early days and

based on forecasts only, the

key to this research is in early and scientists hope that by identifying which wheat traits perform best that will

help farmers plan ahead. If the existing

existing wheat varieties

struggle that allows time breed new types that cannot

only cope but provide the same

yield. It takes between 5 and

15 years to develop a new wheat

variety from the time you make

the first crop. With farmers in Australia expected to be some

of the hardest hit, scientists

believe this type of climate

change research is a key part of the of the nation's preparation. The ACT Government has asked

the private sector to show how

it can provide new government

office buildings more

than the government itself. A

new $430 million office block

planned for Civic will be the ACT Government's biggest infrastructure project.

Originally it was to be built and owned by the Government but the ACT Property Council

insists it will be cheaper for

the private sector to own the

office block and rent it back

to the Government for 25

we've got the best delivery

model. There's been a degree of argument around what that best

model will be. We're going

market test. Let's see what the

property sector can deliver for

us. The Property Council has welcomed the decision. It says

owning and managing buildings

is not the Government's core

business and it's better done by the private sector. An

innovative collection of

self-portraits by Asian artists

has gone on display at

Beyond the Self examines how contemporary artists are using

their own image to tell a wide

variety of stories. This is self-portraiture taken to a

whole new level. It's not so

much self as a personality but

self as vehicle to express or explore explore certain

issues. Traditionally self-portraits simply allowed

the viewer to see what was

usually unseen - the artist.

But here artists use their own

image to make political

statements or relationship to their surroundings. A lot of these

artists are using themselves but not to really investigate primarily themselves and like it's

it's an available media.

They're there. Alwin Reamillo

wanted to highlight how what is

revered can be turned into something something banal. It's

considered as the national hero in the Philippines but it's

also been reduced to a matchbox brand. Nusra Latif Qureshi examines her cultural

development as an artist by photograph with classic

venetian art. I was trying to

explore my own relationship as

an artist with art history in

general and specifically my general and specifically my own

training, my own art train chg is

is heavily based in Western art

tradition. It's an exhibition

the curator hopes will help shatter stereotypes. We're working across-media, there's

lots of sculptures, works on

paper, video works, some works

are very small, some are quite

enormous and really are just intriguing. While self-portraiture might be seen

as a solo pursuit, at least one

artist has collaborated with

others. For me it's

with other people in creating

work that is beyond just one

technique. Beyond the Self

continues until early November

and will travel interstate next

year. To sport now and it was a

record-breaking moment in rugby

league that will never be repeated. Last

night Darren Lockyer celebrated

his 350th NRL game by leading

the Broncos to a 34-16 win over the Cowboys. As the team's

confidence grows so too does

Lockyer's desire to go out on

top. It's a record that may never be

never be broken. 350 games and

counting and a new ball to add

to Lockyer's memorabilia

collection. I've got one for my

300th as well but we got beaten

easily at Newcastle and lights went out that night so

this one, I will swap that one

with this one. The Broncos'

skipper still has plenty of

unfinished business an more celebrations ahead. Yeah,

it's been a big build up, it's

nice to come here and get a

win. It's only going to be

another 3 weeks until another

big build up but I'm getting

used to it now. While Lockyer

controlled the tempo of the

game the man of the match was

Broncos' full-back Josh

Hoffman. His second try saw the

score line blow out to before Matt Bowen also produced

something special. With the

Cowboys threatening to score a

come-from-behind win, the Broncos' full-back Broncos' full-back took matters

in his own hands. While he's

never been a player who gets

carried away, Lockyer senses that

that one last premiership could

be in the offing. We'll take a lot out of the last two weeks

in our performances and we'll

just keep pushing forward and

hopefully getting better as the finals

finishing his NRL career as finishing his NRL career as he

played it - one step at a time.

Also last night the Wests

Tigers had their 5th win in a

row defeating Penrith 32-18.

The Panthers were without star player Michael Jennings who was

left out of the team after

turning up to training under

the influence of alcohol. The Tigers took advantage of his

absence scoring 6 tries to 3.

In Auckland, Newcastle made a

promising start to its game

against the Warriors and Adam

McDougall try gave the Knights

an 8-point lead at half time. The Queanbeyan Kangaroos book

their place in the Canberra

Raiders Cup finals in dramatic style against Tuggeranong this afternoon. In other matches: The Kangaroos knocked the Bushrangers out of the

competition with the last try of of the match scored after the

siren. With a proposed referee boycott ruled out yesterday,

Tuggeranong and the Queanbeyan

Kangaroos took to the field fighting for their fighting for their finals

hopes. Tuggeranong got the

perfect start at home. Queanbeyan squandered some of their chances but eventually

got on the board in the free-flowing encounter. In a

high-scoring match Queanbeyan

took the ascendency defending

well. The Kangaroos eventually

earning a tense 6-point win to

weekend. In the NRL the Canberra Raiders will take on an

an inform South Sydney tomorrow at at Canberra Stadium. The

Raiders have suffered a raft of injuries this season. The club

expected to debut Michael

Picker off the bench to provide

support for Alan Tongue at

dummy hap f - half. Great

young kid and works hard on his

game. He's been playing some

good footy up in Souths Logan

and back locally the last few week. The Raiders don't have have some pride to restore. We

were pretty disappointed with our performance last week and

we need to improve and Souths

have come down here full of confidence and on a roll and

they'd be confident coming out

to Canberra Stadium but we need

to bounce back. Tomorrow's

match will be the Raiders penultimate home game of the

year. The Wallabies say they're

wary of a revamped springbok

line up ahead of tonight's

Tri-Nations clash in Durban.

Australia will face a vastly different South African side to the one in Sydney a month ago. The

Springboks have made 13 changes

to their squad bringing in more

talent and experience. How

that fares in relation to the game I couldn't we'll both be going hard at it

and again I can't really say

who's going to win that but

we're expecting a bit more from

them at the break down. The

match will be a last chance to

impress ahead of the World Cup squad announcement this

Thursday. In local competition

Royals have kept their finals

hopes alive with a 2-point win

over Queanbeyan. a draw in their final match

next week to secure a finals


Collingwood's victory over St

Kilda last night has come at a

cost with captain Nick Maxwell

sidelined for a month with a

fractured thumb. This afternoon

Port Adelaide put up a dismal

performance against Hawthorn

and Carlton beat Fremantle. The

Magpies' win ended the 6-match winning run. Dane 6-match winning run. Dane Swan

and the Leon Davis were the

main destroyers for the

premiers notching up 2 goals

and more than 30 possessions each.

The result could see the

Saints drop to 8th on the

ladder by the end of the round.

In the north-eastern football

league the GWS Giants gave

Belconnen a thumping in Wagga

winning by 66 points.

Australian golfer John Senden

is one shot from the lead after 2 rounds of the US PGA championship in Atlanta. Americans Keegan Bradley and

Jason Dufner are on top of the

leader board. Adam Scott is

within striking distance but

Tiger Woods struck out missing

the cut on 10-over par. Tiger

Woods spent so much time in the

sand and water that he may as

well have been at the beach.

the trees as the winner of 14

majors was reduced to weekend

hacker status. A step back in

the sense that I the sense that I didn't make

the cut and I'm not in the

tournament but it's a giant

leap forward in the fact that I

played two straight weeks healthy. Keegan Bradley surged

into a share of the lead with a

round of the day a 6-under 64.

Jason Dufner is the other

unlikely leader after shooting

a 65. one behind them until dropping

2 shots on the last hole. John

Senden tied for 4th in 2007 and is reving himself up for

another shot at the title. Step

it up, you know, go out there

and really want it. Jason Day

was one of 6 Australians to

miss the cut. Samantha Stosur

is hitting form ahead of the US

Open. The world number 11

defeated Italy's Roberta Vinci 6-4, 6-1 6-4, 6-1 in the quarter finals in Toronto. Once I got that

first set I really relaxed and

started playing really well. The Australian's semifinal opponent is the

Polish world number Polish world number 12 Agnieska Radwanska. England's Alastair

Cook dined out again on the

Indian bowlers during day 3 of

the third Test. Not satisfied

with 200, the opener cut his

way towards a rare triple

century only to fall 6 runs

short. The end of Cook's

marathon knock sparked a first innings declaration innings declaration on

7/710. What an innings this has indeed been. Virender Sehwag's

second golden duck of the Test summed up

with the tourists likely to

lose the number one ranking to

England. Dirt bike racing

exists in the shadows of its

more glamorous motor racing

cousin but the sport has

spawned some of Australia's

biggest sporting names

including Casey Stoner and Troy

Bayliss. Canberra's hosting the national championships

competitive on the track the

riders are in it for more than

just the title. monkeys, speed junkies or

thrill seekers, call them what

you will. They're a colourful

bunch. And there's no denying

the passion these riders have for their little known

sport. There's the best in

Australia here so there's a lot

of tense people around and people watching other people to see what where they're riding on the track. Just the people who actually get involved in it who

know about it and other than that people go "You're riding

dirt track, what es

that?" Though its popularty

pales in comparison to its road counterpart

counterpart these championships

are where some of Australia's

most famous racers got their

start. Dirt track doesn't get

much exposure but you see Casey

Stoner, Mick Doohan, Troy

Bayliss, all the good road

racers they come track. There are over 100

competitors around the country who follow the championships

around each year with their

bikes and families in tow. I guess they got into it I dragged them around the

country for 15 or so years all

over the place and I guess they

got it into them. It's like

taking them down the pub and

drink beer I took them side car

racing. I got into it through

the family. Not many people do

it. The Banks family have had

their share of success in the

unique form of racing and admit

it's not for the faint of heart. You're about an inch off

the dirt and you go ing 100,

200 ks, it's good fun. And

although it's a there's no love lost at the

starting line. It's probably

lining up against the rest of

them, they're not going to give

you an inch and I'm not going

to give them an inch either. We

all want to beat each other,

don't want to get dirty. A

dangerous past time for those

in need of a little adrenaline

on the weekend. To the weather

now and it was a mild largely sunny day in Canberra. Just some cloud creeping in

this afternoon after we reached

a top of 13. It's been a fine

day around the south-east with top temperatures

p A hint of cloud showing up

on the radar but the cloud

we've got isn't bearing rain.

That will come with a change later on tomorrow. There's high-level cloud over

Victoria and NSW because of an

upper level disturbance. But it's generally clear

elsewhere. There's a ridge up

through NSW providing our fine conditions around the region but a change will throw up a few isolated showers


The onshore winds will bring

showers up the east coast tomorrow and there's another

band of rain coming in west from a frontal system.

The showers will be mostly

east of the great dividing

range although they will creep

further west at times the day.

Possible showers and a cloudy

day, light frosts to start and

a temperature range of 0 to 15


That's the news for now.

We'll leave you at the Canberra

Craft and Quilt Fair at

Exhibition Park. Thanks for

your company, goodnight. Closed

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