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(generated from captions) ? Theme music eternity was within your reach. All young people, If you will just live faithful properly in marriage. so the prophet can place you I want you to believe these stories. The men have many wives. There are no monogamous in heaven. And that is the way men become gods become heavenly mothers. and their wives it's a sin to even talk about I want to tell you young people, because you know the right way. boyfriends and girlfriends, that turn away from Him? But what happens to people they will be destroyed. The Revelation says being back out there? INTERVIEWER: Do you ever get nervous know, it's just... No, not really, 'cause... I don't so I'm not really nervous. I've lived 17 years out here, they can't do anything to me. I mean, when I see my dad, though. I get nervous He was kind of physically abusive. me once and stuff. It just... Like, he started choking was just his way of showing me I don't know. I just... I think it that he loved me so much. to live forever in heaven. He wanted me and the first one to leave I was the oldest or any of my brothers and sisters. and I can't even talk to my mum To them, I'm... for me to die than to leave. To them it would have been better I'm from Colorado City, Arizona. I'm Sam Zitting. I'm the oldest one. I have ten brothers and sisters. that I wanted to be something. I left the Crick for reasons I wanted to become somebody, I wanted to think for myself. by a code my whole life. instead of just living In a way, you escape, you're leaving everything behind. but in another way, It's a tough decision. And they make it that way too. somebody else wants you to be. To choose between family and what That's pretty messed up. Grrrr. (Toddler giggles) Yeah. (Giggles) Nice. OK. Ready? One. One, two... ALL: Oooh! Three. (Head smacks) Eh. Want me to kiss it better? Hey, buddy, are you OK? Are you OK? Just sleeping on the couch. A lot of places I've slept. they give you a launching pad. The older generation, They know how hard it's going to be. and split the rent and everything, Usually we just band together kind of like one big family. 'cause everybody out there's to write your name I mean, you ain't going on a gallon of milk, really. I mean, I'd pitch in where I could. ? Don't forget what ever you do How does it go, damn it? ? It's fun trying to keep... ? My mum and his mum are sisters. Bruce is my cousin. they actually really do kick out. There's some people like me and Brucey did, But once you do leave, though, you can't ever go back. and all the mums are tickling Dad Came back in the house on the living-room floor like they're all They're all... all tickling him and shit. and my father had three wives I'm Bruce Barlow and I'm from the first mum. and it was a little family. We had 22 people in my family Family's everything. Your best friends are your family. when you come home, You know, every day are climbing on you, you know, all of them that can walk tickling you. to get them off of you. You're trying you gotta be there. Just so much fun, you can't explain, what kept me going. Every night that's I won one contest. I drew quite a bit out at the Crick. There was a whole fuss. Do you read any comic books? INTERVIEWER: Do you ever read comic books? Hmm? Comic books? What's that? so I don't read. I'm not a real good reader, I should. But I suck. two mums. I have 21 siblings. I'm Joseph Broadbent. I have And I ran away from Colorado City. in two wheelbarrows Gathered up my stuff driving them out there to the truck. 'Go, go, go!' Loaded them in. I was like, We left. into this little piece of earth Out there, we are so crammed that I thought that that was Earth. and we see the whole world... And once we leave What do you say to that? from the world, from the outside, You're so sheltered, what's going on. you don't have a fucking clue of the United States. I don't know the capital Washington. What is it? Washington DC. Oh? It is? Oh, I see, that's cooler than hell. on the bottom there. WOMAN: It has metal rails Ah, it's cool. (Chanting) out of Colorado City now My name's Kevin. I've been for close to 11 years. They practise polygamy there. polygamy illegal in the Mormon Church It came about in 1890 - they made that I was raised with, or in, and a group of them, the group also known as Colorado City, moved to the Short Creek area, and started their own religion. They call themselves the FLDS, Latter Day Saints. which stands for Fundamental never supposed to be outlawed, They believe that polygamy was no matter what the consequence. and they live it, has over 80 wives. Warren Jeffs, the current prophet, 'I've had a revelation from God Now, he went to them and said, And married 'em. that I'm supposed to marry you.' a religious place to more of a cult. He was slowly turning things from no more public gatherings, No more harvest fest, no more dances, not even church. they were simply told to leave. A lot of people that didn't like it, than five, six, seven wives. You know, men with more When Warren Jeffs took over, all their kids out of public schools. he ordered all the elders to take Boys are sent out to work at very young age. on construction sites There was really no recreations left, KEVIN: no TV, no bicycling, no sports. or newspapers or books. SAM: They can't read magazines no connection of any kind. Zero dating. Absolutely and chosen to be married, When you're ready that they see fit. you are given the person as competition for the brides, Some of the boys have been targeted but I think it's more like, 'Who is going to fit into our good-old-boy club?' You know. 'Who's going to be more likely? Whose son is going to be like Dad?' They keep putting more and more constraints on you and if you don't do what they say, then you are compelled to go. I mean, whether they say so or not. SAM: Since Warren Jeffs has come to power, well over 1,000 young men and boys have been exiled from the community. It's just like losing your whole family in a bus wreck or something. It's actually worse because you can't control the bus wreck, but you can drive out there and cause a scene and try to see 'em, but you're punishing them, you're hurting them, making them look bad. Oh, yeah, drive past the house and see if my dad's there. I actually want to see all my other brothers and sisters. If he's there, then I'm screwed. He'll just kick me out of the yard, out of town. I'm the most useless guy on the face of the earth. Hey, Fuller, we're in town now. Yeah, but, hey, could you, like, bring Wayne or somebody, 'cause I haven't seen any of the family for a long time. I won't say anything or do anything. I just want to see 'em. Oh, I see. OK. BRUCE: There's your dad, Sam. Where? Right behind me. Yep. Well, go talk to him, dud. I don't know. I want to see my mum, 'cause she's going to give me a picture of me when I was kid. Did he sign anything? Yeah. I asked him... I was, like, 'Come on. Isn't there any soup or anything from the house?' Dude, I miss my mum's soup so much. That stuff is good. My mum made me tuck in my shirt. I can't believe it. There's our whole family. Him. He's my father. That's all that he sent me. Hey, wasn't this preschool? Yeah, that's preschool, man. Oh, hell, yeah. Everybody got a reward. I've gotta get me a baby picture of myself. Oh yeah, there we go. That's it. Ha, ha. Good times. Yeah, these were good times. Those were the days. TV: You shouldn't be here. That's what you said last night. Last night was a mistake... MAN: So where have you been staying, Sam? Right there. On the couch. How long have you been sleeping on that couch? About a month. I don't think it actually settles into your mind that your whole family is gone until a little while later. That's when you begin realising exactly what kind of a choice and how deep it really was. Right when you get out, you're just so overwhelmed by this freedom and this awesomeness of life that you can live. And I don't know, just breathe air that nobody's already checked over. You don't want to see these. (Giggles) Not interested. Actually, I didn't want to give all my life to one man, you know, and let him completely dictate me. So that's one of the reasons I left. Well, it's damn nice to have free education and stuff. It's just I don't want it to be like a prison, control everything you do. I don't know, I just hope it ain't, like, way too strict. (Chuckles) That guy with laser gun, He can wipe out everybody. OK, come and see my room, guys. This is the entry to my room. I just hung up all my stuff that's cool like this. I got a letter here. My grades are behind. You can't see my grades. Ha, ha. And this is proof that I was born. This is saying here I was born. They're all my numbers. Those two right there. I go to school with them. They're nice. Don't write the number down. Don't get the number! INTERVIEWER: Do the kids treat you any differently because you're...? Oh, yeah. Hell, yes. For one, they don't ever come up and say, 'What's up, man?' They don't ever slug you around, like, 'What's up, dude?' They say... they go like this, 'What's up?' They stay like this, froze. 'Sup?' Just like that. Like, you know, first they'll be distant and hating on you, and then all of sudden, you'll be like, 'Yeah, I'm from Colorado City, you know.' And they're like, the person who's all dissing on you, then they just totally change. They have a thousand questions. That fast. 'Did you used to be married?' All this shit. I'm all like, 'No.' I think I have some polyg CD in here. Oh. I think that there has Crick music in it. Sweet. ? SOFT MUSIC Yes. I don't know why, but out at the Crick, this was my favourite song. This is my favourite song. It was. My favourite song. ? CHILDREN SING There's so many kids on this. Does it sound like a lot? Here, take this one too. I still know the words, dude. ? Father's heavenly smile ? He shines on everything. ? CHILDREN: ? Puts the sparkle in our eyes ? And heaven in our hearts ? For my father's heavenly smile ? Is forever in our hearts. ? (Whistles) Uno, dos, tres. Is this thing nailed down? Mm-hmm. Pop that nail so we can slide it over. JOE: I went and worked for my dad for many years, and I started when I was eight years old. Seven, eight. Welding. Equipment that I can run would be a backhoe, a trackhoe, skid steer, a loader, earth mover, road grader, water truck - almost any equipment. I can do concrete, I can do sheet rock, finish work like trim and doors. My money went to my dad and 10% of it went to tithing. And the tithing went to Warren. Out here, you go out and you work. That money's yours. Everybody falls. I've never fell... I don't know anybody that's framed and hasn't fallen. So, I know my time's coming. My time's coming too. That sucks. I wanted to get into school with Bruce, but it didn't happen. Son of a bitch. So, what you going to do with your money? I'm going to save most of it. I'm going to get braces and go pay a ticket and go to mall and see if I can hang out with some girls and... Things that you do in life like that. I hate these damn nails. You know, you have the prophet and he controls everybody. The prophet has a revelation from God. God tells him who these guys are supposed to marry. So, he'll give good guy number one let's say one wife. I'll draw her a pretty little dress. There we go. Oh, got to cover the ankles. Sorry. And if they do what they're supposed to do, then they'll get a second wife. And they literally have to be close to perfect. It plays a big advantage if you have a name, and if you pay your tithing and you have a nice house, have been successful in your business. You're going to get more wives and you're going to get 'em sooner. But if this guy isn't doing what he's supposed to do, he's gone and the wives go down to good guy number three, with this guy and all the children go calling him 'Dad' now. and they start children will change their names. And a lot of them... a lot of the a nice house and this guy doesn't, And, oftentimes, if this guy had he gets to take over this house too. not only the mums, Often he will end up marrying the daughters as well. but he'll end up marrying And that's his reward for being good for being bad. and that's his punishment his livelihood, everything. And he loses everything - his kids, each other. Oh, yeah. My mum and dad, they love But Warren broke up my family. He asked my dad to leave town. to move back with their mum and dad. Asked my third mum and my second mum house with all the kids. And then my mum stayed in the big when they got broke up. That killed my dad's spirit He just died inside. Ever seen your old man cry? He's trying to not, Just crying where... just crying like a big baby. but he can't, and he's are you supposed to do? And what the hell He's your old man, you know. You can't tell him anything. He was like my hero. my dad didn't say anything. When I left, 'Make the best of yourself.' You know. He was, like, 'Straighten your sons up Out there, Warren says, out of your house.' to get all the evil He just threw me around. I got thrown around in Dad's office. Oh, my God. and talk. He never would just sit down out of the kids. He'd just beat the shit many times, I peed my pants. One time he slapped me so damn One of the reasons why I left Warren take Dad's family away. is I didn't want him to have times with movies and music and... I got caught, like, six or seven tore our family apart, you know. If I would have stayed, it would have Warren would have took Mother away sickening-ass bastard. and married her off to some other that could happen to me right now One of the best things is to have Mother leave and just be herself. and just having her live out here he's not yours. You know when you marry a man He is not your only. He is not yours. with that man. You don't get true love the prophet and with other women. You have to share him with God, with emotions towards your husband You're giving up your physical when you're in the afterlife. for a greater glory and my mothers were sisters. I had two mothers My mother said it was horrible to a bedroom with your sister. to know her husband goes down It was anguish for her, aspect of her life after that. and you could just see it in every You're only there to bear children. a say, you don't have education. You don't think, you don't have and day out 'cause you have to, You just do it day in when you have 15 children? because what else do you do and bail my mum out of there. Going to go out to the Crick She wants to start her life over. I'm not sure what's going to happen. to go get some milk or something. Mother's going to get an excuse and meet us out there. She'll jump in her big van anybody about how MAN: If he thinks that you'll tell then he has no chance. he beats on the kids or anything, the legal system... WOMAN: The legal system, one your side, not his side. and your children. All they want to do is help you They're not going to take 'em away. Are you there? She's done with you. She's staying here. do with you and she's staying here. She don't want to have anything to She's done. Are you still there? He's going to be here. Lock the door. Here's your phone. Go. and talk to you. She will not. She doesn't want to come out here with these people. You've done enough to screw She's not coming out to talk to you. going to take her kids from her? Why'd you tell her that they're to anybody but yourself, You don't answer is that it? 'cause you're so high and mighty, to a domestic disturbance I need a sheriff to respond at 3555 East Silver Creek Drive. What did you say? 3555 East Silver Creek Drive. and I'm protecting 'em. They're at my house order and he won't leave. We're trying to get a protective because I called you guys, so... Now he just drove off I don't know how far away he went. He drove down the street, but any weapons in his truck or not, I don't know if he has whatever he had to. but basically he'd do haul her back against her will. He'll break in and tie her up and morning - the FBI just announced NEWSREADER: Breaking news this Warren Steed Jeffs in custody that they have polygamist leader in Las Vegas. in Utah and Arizona NEWSREADER: Jeffs was wanted on suspicion of sexual misconduct for allegedly arranging marriages and older men. between underage girls with various criminal violations, VOICE: Jeffs has been charged with a minor, including sexual conduct sexual conduct with a child conspiracy to commit and rape as an accomplice. three months premature in 1955, Warren, you know, was born by his father, and he was seen as this miracle baby the prophet Rulon Jeffs. So he got away with murder. and sexual abuse In some ways, it's the child abuse that is most repellent, it's all these little things but the more you learn, of just ripping off his own people. sign over all the rights Before his dad died, he had his dad as a sole beneficiary. to the UEP trust to him a house built on UEP property, Everybody in that town has the United Effort Plan. which is short for So, he owned all our property. on their homes and give the money He's had followers stop work into their own homes and family that they would normally put and donate that to the church. The leader says something. 'Is this the right thing to do?' You don't let your mind say, what God's asking you to do, If he says it, then it's basically I wonder if God's right or not.' and you just don't say, 'Well, and, in fact, This religion isn't going away of the Mormon faith that, it's the history whenever the prophet is persecuted, faithful and more believing. the faithful become even more I mean, it's been that way since 1830. And it will be that way forever. Since I've left, I've done it six or seven times. OK, sweet. You're done. What are you doing? Fucking spiking so it looks cool. Just comb it back. No, dude. That's lame. You want it to look like a fireball and shit. Pull the sides back like this. Alright, comb. OK, sweet. I like it. Yeah. It took so much guts to just leave. To stare at Satan in his face and say, 'I don't give a fuck anymore.' I mean, if I'm going to go to hell for being who I'm going to be, then fucking take me. The truck's not there, the minivan's not there. That means Mum's not. Let's do it, Sam. Right. Sam, we're not stopping at the house, because Dad could be there any fucking minute. I can offer you something the party guys can have. OK, mango, guava, raspberry, apricot. Mango. I'll have that one. I can do that. If you don't take it, I'll eat it. So, where are you going to stay? At my brother Jimmy's house. Right here, in St George. Yeah. (Phone rings) Who is it? Sabrina. Again. This is my big sister from the Crick, and she won't stop calling. Just turn it off. Yeah, OK. She still lives out there? Yeah. She has four children. So they're probably a little upset. Mmm. What an interesting situation. Yes, it is. (Phone rings) Now, hang on a second, Mother. Yeah. I'm not at the house right now. I'm crashing somewhere else. OK. Love you. MOTHER ON PHONE: Love you too. OK. Bye. Mother's like, 'Don't let father find Hillary.' WOMAN: Why? Dad has all the police. Let her stay here. You guys can both stay here. Might be a good idea. MAN: Yeah, that's a good idea. If she wants to go somewhere else, we'll work it out after things settle down. And that's her mum. Her mum's like, 'I just want to make it work with all my kids.' Yeah. The mother is locked into that society. She WILL obey her husband at the expense of her child. She will obey the husband first. When you have a woman with children, she's fighting a battle on many levels. 'Cause you care. But when you go over that line, how are you going to give that child to the priesthood? How are you going to take that child's hand in to that man to have that child abused by your husband? How do you do that? You have to let that child become an object. SHARLA: I'm sorry that she didn't stay. For some reason, your Mother was helping Hillary to move out. Then all of sudden, she switched and took her straight to her dad. I believe she'll come back. You think she will? She has to be ready. It has to be her choice. Absolutely. 'Cause, if she isn't willing to make the sacrifice, she's going to regret it. So... (Sighs) Sorry, man. (Giggles) You guys are still welcome to stay here. He's a piano genius. I can't even hit the key right. Sometimes... ? PIANO MUSIC (Piano continues playing) I'm magical. Whoo! I was able to become really financially successful and everything else, all on my own. And if someone had given me a hand in that time, I would have just done it faster and better. And so to me, I thought, you know, can really be something.' 'I know these kids of any of those kids I'd love nothing more than be a part going to college. They all call me Mum now. and I don't react, Sometimes I hear it saying it. because I'm used to only Allie that they're talking to me. And then I realise Oh, yeah. Yeah? Hey, Sam. Anything? You can eat anything here. Mm-hmm. a house that fancy. I've never even been inside but I've never seen really them done I mean, I've helped frame them, when they're all finished up. you're afraid to touch anything. And so, that lives there. You're afraid to talk to anybody so hard to grasp the concept I don't know. It's just of somebody giving me something everything to them. instead of me just giving Sing one of your songs, Allie. I should be eating it like a dog. SHARLA: You don't know Rudolph? No. I know the customised version. Don't think I want to hear that one. I'll teach you. OK, teach it to him. You're going teach Rudolph to Sam? ? Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer ? Had a very shiny nose. ? it ain't all about riches. Having a great house, There's a lot still missing. All the rules and stuff, so... I've been kind of slack and I'm... and it's Mother's Day. Kind of like saying I'm sorry with my mum. You know - trying to score points Yeah, like that. to put on it. I need some baby's breath It'd be perfect. better than 'Happy Mother's Day'. Nothing says 'Happy Mother's Day' Like, nothing. 'Dear Ma...' It's a good start, huh? Oh... Right. stumped on this Mother's Day stuff. It's all I've got. I'm pretty It's all new to me. WOMAN: Why is it new to you? Mother's Day before. I never celebrated First time. my first for everything. I tell you, this year's like... (Sighs) That's why 16's been, the subject or nothing, Not to get off of the Crick for a year and a month? but you realise I've been out It's crazy. got more and more depressed. If I would've stayed, I would've the more depressed I got. I swear, the longer I stayed there, That's why I hate going out there. the other day, I finally figured that out and felt depressed. 'cause I went there and seeing the town Just looking at it you're just depressed. and the way we was all isolated, Who sits in the house all day? Alright. 'Dear Ma...' Here we go. 'Dear Ma.' it comes once a year. I'll have 'One day, on not to drink beer. I know you're giving me good advice Happy Mother's Day.' Yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna write that! Love Brucey. that view right there. Mum's gonna love Just, like, bam! Like... Now I feel kind of weird. JEREMY: Here's the thing - all have a temporary restrainer. me and Joe and Suzanne she says, 'I don't wanna go back.' If we can get her to an officer and No problem. Then they can take her. and say, 'Are you OK? But the officer can't approach her Do you wanna go to the...' to tell you she wants me... WOMAN: She's coming (Chatter, voices over radio) (Man speaks indistinctly on radio) (Camera beeps) OK, I am right here. pulled her coat off MAN: Hillary just had a hold of. because that's all Sabrina I was waiting for, right there. That's the kind of shit you do keep an eye on everybody, WOMAN: When you're a young girl, to be your assigned man of God because you don't know who's going into the Kingdom of Heaven. that will lead you who's very successful, You could be married to somebody who is older than your father or you could be married to somebody and your grandfather and looks very bad. You could be a first wife. up to probably about the 50th. You could be a second, third on who have had 70 wives. I think there are some men so we don't cut it. They say a woman's hair is sacred, they called 'done up', It had to be what no dangling hair in the face. which means you can't have I didn't want to be a polyg kid, but I was just there, you know? People would stare and point at us and laugh at us, and it was almost like I wanted to scream, because I wanted to yell at them and say, 'I don't want this! Just because I'm like this doesn't mean I want to be like this.' This is the shirt that I wore the day I left. It smells weird. (Laughs) Oh, my gosh, I can't look at myself in the mirror. (Laughs) WOMAN: Why? 'Cause it's too creepy. WOMAN: How old were you when you got married? WOMAN 2: I was 17. The youngest marriage I've ever heard of getting done out there was about 13. And Hillary's 14 and Father already wants to marry her off. Ooh. I didn't know how to have sex when I first married. I did not know shit about anything. Nick, he's demanding. He went to his dad to get counselling on how to handle me, and he told him, 'Get her pregnant because she'll mellow out when you get her pregnant. She'll change and see things your way.' (All speak and yell at once) Let's find a drink. No! Yeah, what an effort. (Glass shatters) (Happy chatter, yelling) (Squeals) (Laughs) WOMAN: Holy shit! MAN: Hang on - I'm cleaning stuff. I'm not sorry for leaving. I don't regret it one bit, but I'll get missing your family... For 2.5 years I'd bawl every fucking day 'cause I missed her so bad. I miss my kids, big-time. MAN: Well, what could she be stressed out over? MAN 2: Dude, whenever she gets drunk, all the memories from the Crick come up. (Screams hysterically) (Cries) WOMAN: Do you want to go upstairs and hang out? (Cries) (Continues crying) JOE: Yesterday morning, we was all asleep... Yesterday morning, we was all asleep and he comes walking... 'Wake up, piss in this cup.' 'Right, OK.' Pissed in the cup and he did a drug test on us. I was like, 'Wow. That's weird.' They all tested positive for amphetamines, methamphetamines and THC or whatever it is. The only thing they didn't test positive for was opiates and... Actually, one tested positive for coke too, and the other two didn't, so I don't know. I know I'm clean, so I don't know what the fuck he's tripping over, but I can just tell by the way he's acting that he wants... He wants us to leave. I'm pissed off because he thinks I'm a druggie and shit. Just talk to us, God. Nobody will be a father like my real father, sorry. I mean, I can get close to mums, 'cause I had three mums. You can get used to that, but one dad. All my life... I'm not gonna get closer to another person. I won't be mad at them. I'll never be mad at them. I'll just... I'll be done with them. JOE: Me and Sam are joining the army. Fuck yeah! Dude! Kick ass! Damn! They gave me a bumper sticker. Did they? I want one too. Go get one. That guy's doing exactly what I wanna do. He's getting his pilot's licence, he'll fly choppers and big damn jets and shit. It's exactly what I want. It's what I'm aiming for. Be a mega-time airbase dude. Goin' 700 miles. (Imitates jet engine) Screw that. You wanna be a sniper and snipe fools. That too. (Laughs) WOMAN: We have 11 kids stacked on top of each other. I get, on average, two new ones I've never seen before every week. I think the community is in turmoil, and I think the kids who are leaving now are really young. That's scary to me when you have 13 and 14 year olds who are trying to bust out of their community. That's frightening. We don't have the resources to deal with those kids. BRUCE: I still look at Jeremy and Sharla as kind of like parents 'cause that's what they're there for. I just kind of wish that I had my personal family - my mum, dad. At least my mum and dad get back together now that Warren's in jail. WOMAN: Can they get back together now that he's in jail? Uh-uh. My dad has to get re-baptised and reinstated in the church, re-ordained, and then maybe. And who decides all of that? Warren. MAN ON BROADCAST: Warren Jeffs was slapped with two consecutive sentences today of five years to life in prison for his role in the marriage and rape of a 14-year-old girl. MAN 2: Most of the world knows Warren Jeffs as a convicted felon, but his followers still consider him a prophet, a seer, a revelator, a descendant of Jesus Christ. MAN 3: This self-proclaimed prophet now looking at life behind bars. The question is whether his influence will wane or whether he'll now be seen as a martyr with even more power. You know, they're always told, 'Follow us as if by a thread. Just follow us, no matter what. Don't ever look the other way, don't blink, just do whatever we tell you. So that's the way they live.' Dad tried to get Mum pregnant again. WOMAN: Really? Mum's like, 'I am not having any more kids.' How old is your mum? Almost 44. How many kids does she have? 13. Oh... Yeah, 13 or 14. I can't remember. Yeah, my mum's like fortysomething and Dad barely got her pregnant again. She's gonna have her 10th kid. And she already has heart problems, so now she's stuck on her bed all day long or else she's gonna lose the baby. What a fucking dick! Yeah. I know. Yeah, Dad's like, 'Oh, this is what Warren wants - to make our families big so we can build Zion.' And their fucking wives are dying - they're on their deathbed. They're fucking still getting them pregnant. Seriously, think about this - it's like a new modern-day slavery. It's always gonna be there. It feels like something just holding you. It's just... I have all these memories of me and my siblings, and I can't talk to anybody about them, you know? They're my memories and nobody else was with me when they happened. So it's just like, fuck. I don't know. (Exhales sharply) BOY: I don't think religion should ever come between family. Family should be your religion. That's your blood. You should love them, no matter what. Forever, you know. I mean, forgive them for anything. Because in all reality, that's all you have, is family. Some people are sure that they have God, but... I don't know. (Chatter) BOY: I get the phone call and I answer it and it's Hillary. I was, like, 'Me and Donna are gonna come and get you tonight.' OK, I'll tell you where to go. WOMAN: Are you gonna go get her? I'm gonna go find her, yeah. OK. (Several speak at once) WOMAN: How are you, sweetie? What's his name? Trevin. That's right. Trevin J? Trevin J. Hillary, is it true that Dad tried to marry you off? Oh, yeah. He was like, 'Hillary, you shouldn't be scared of marriage.' I just sat there. I was so dumb. I don't remember you with glasses. Take them off so I can remember. Oh, there she is. (Woman speaks indistinctly) JOE: A lot of kids think, 'OK, we're leaving, so we're gonna bring a piece of hell with us.' Like there's hell in our hearts. But in my mind, yes there is a God. And it is weird how I think about life now. Opened my mind to a whole new book, and I'm sitting there, writing down my new life. (Chatter) MAN: Remember that we're in a pagan society and they have rituals. They would take a goat, take it to the altar, slit its throat and the goat would sing - that's not a swan song. BRUCE: When I left, I worried I might be a bad person. That's what I thought - 'I'm a bad person.' Sometimes you make bad choices and they're tough as hell. But I'm not a bad person. I feel like I've achieved more than I thought I could have. By the time I graduate, if I go right into college after that, I'll be the first one in my family to go to college. You know how proud my mum would be? She'd probably be proud. I don't know. Pretty sure she'd be proud. What you wanna look at on here is you're gonna see the name. You're gonna see the last, and the last means... SAM: It's a huge moment in anyone's life from out there... ..when you actually accept the fact you are not going to hell, because you don't believe in whatever they teach you out there. When you finally come to realise who you really are and what you're capable of, that's when you start climbing back out. I can't really blame my parents for any of it, really. It's just so deep ingrained into you. I mean, I can't... I can't hate my dad. I mean, shit. I know somewhere he still loves me. He has to - I'm his son, you know? I'm his oldest son. He can't completely hate me. (Sighs) I just wish that he could love me as much as I still love him, you know? He'd at least come out and see me 'cause I'd make the effort to go there. I even told him I'd put on my polyg clothes and go out there and talk to him if I could. And he wouldn't let me go out to the house, wouldn't let me... It just sucks. It just gives me a better picture of what I do not want to be when I become a dad. So... (Laughs) I'll be the best dad. That's for damn sure. ? They want heaven ? I do ? They don't love you ? It's true

? They want heaven ? Give 'em hell. ?