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(generated from captions) policies. Fertile ground for the economic credibility debate. Well, the Lowy

Institute poll clearly shows

that the Government is still

not winning the hearts and

minding when it comes to

climate change. Christine Milne minding when it comes to

is the Deputy Leader of the

Greens and joins me now from Canberra. Christine Milne, does

the polling mean when it comes

to the crunch few if any people

money if affects its lifestyle

or has Tony Abbott's campaign

in something sew. Sewn real seeds of doubts

in something tangible. I think

there is some truth in statements but I would note there is some truth in those

that in the Lowy Institute they

were asked, "Would you pay

more," without households being told they would told they would be assisted.

Sceptic have run a campaign for

the last couple of years and

what we're seeing now is people

saying, "Well, I would still like to see action on climate

like to see action on climate

change," but I think they need

to be confident about a couple

of things. People need to be

confident about the fact that emission also come down and

that there is going to be

support for renewables and

getting on with it with energy efficiency and the like, and I

think we will see a significant

change in those polls once we can get

all the parties and we get out there and people understand

exactly what is on the exactly what is on the

table. Now, it's already a very

sensitive issue with the

to tread carefully. Do you

think therefore it's wise for

your leader Bob Brown to be as

blunt as he was yesterday on

TV, talking about the death of

the coal industry? Surely

long way off? I think what that's a big call and it is a

Senator Brown also said is that the coal industry is in Australia, it's in Australia, it's going

strong, that unfortunately if

we're going to tackle climate

change we ought not to be

pushing the coal industry as we

are overseas. I think the issue here we need to get our

emissions down and we need the

transformation to renewable

energy as quickly as possible

and that has always been

something the Greens have